World leaders failed to cooperate. Cooperation versus competition is the problem versus the solution in everything we see today. Economies are hostage to failure by leadership – a crises of leadership globally. Leaders failed to take on serious structural reform of the Global financial system. The same structural problems that caused the crash of 2008 – remain with us today largely checked in any fashion. The consequence is a far more BRITTLE GLOBAL environment.

The single issue – the BUBBLE created when nations pump trillions in the global system – finally must burst. Central Bank monetary policy never solves the problem – in fact it makes it worse often far worse. You buy time at a cost that could start world war III.

We see crooks at the top of the financial system pay 2 billion in fines and no one goes to jail for until theft. It is like pay the cost and its legal theft is OK today. Competitive capitalism is dying. Communism and competitive socialism are already dead. Both failed totally bankrupt systems of corruption and elitist. The world is far too transparent to lie through these realities. Cooperative Capitalism promises a more fair, equitable, moral, ethical, sustainable, self correcting and fully transparent system.

We have advocated for years now to host a G 100 Constitutional Economic Summit to reframe over a three year term a new Global economic Constitution. Without the most serious rethink of the global regulatory environment for global economics – the bubble will burst, SUPER CRASH will complete this cycle – no change to past history and no learning from past history – and typically WORLD WAR unfolds to reset wealth and politics. How horrible and insane is that cycle?

The sane should inherit the earth.

Berny Dohrmann – For Cooperative Capitalism