Experts have predicted 20.00 oil. At an 18.50 lifting cost I don’t see THAT. Yet no one can predict. The world is crashing out of oil use – while the price for energy creates a win fall to grow economies globally within. Oil has been at legal theft levels too high and this correction is market normalizing and removes the speculation greed market manipulator who just lost a trillion dollars from the equation. Saudi has long wanted to remove the criminal speculation that took the market over out of the market and …today they have done just that. I praise them for their forward planning and their new King for his policies.

The Fed. Uncertainty needs to get out of the market. Either raise interest ( I would and I vote for it – free money is a stone killer to real economic anything ) – and now they market knows. Lets get a real economy going again and the longer we live in a market of fear and manipulation the worse the transition will be. Thats my vote to the FED. We’ll see next week. If they cave to say they won’t raise till next year even that is good as certainty is returned to the market. Then the Fed should just raise and not telegraph it. Given the speculators using news to gain greed positioning till laws are changed.

Russia in Syria – the world seems upset that ISIS may be taken out by the Russian investment in blood and rubles. We should thank them. They are breaking peace into the Ukraine and we should calm things down. Will we?

China is suffering a shift from an unsustainable economic model to a long term real market. The transition will be very hard for so many in China. Deflation is going to run China for years and there is no market repair for that economic reality. The world warned them on this one point. Now central planners join market realities and have not tools for the deflation fight. The levers they have to pull they have failed to pull. In fact no news in China has reported the crash taking place. The real estate complete and utter crash is coming and will be the final nail. How low can the Chinese currency and stocks go – watch – we predict to new territory. Threatened with such massive pain historical most nations focus growth through military wars and expansion outside the internal pain. I suspect manufactured threats to China are on the way now. Japan will not be amused.

The Gulf is in a sea change. A united enormous work to destroy terror thought forms everywhere all at once is under way inside the Muslim Civil War where the West has no role to play at all in the ultimate outcome. Iran has its gigantic play. Egypt has its own. Saudi its role Jordan its role. Who will unite with who. Will the UAE be able to remain neutral? We are watching removal of our aircraft carrier fleets from the Gulf first time in decades opening our BOOK OF WONDER into what secret private deal was made with Iran to achieve this window and who will use this window – as Russia already clearly has. Deals have been agreed upon – how many are inside those deals and what do they promise for world peace or war? The markets must follow these evens.

We continue to decry competitive capitalism – competitive socialism and communism – are corrupt non repairable systems. Bone marrow corrupt with elite rule. The fix is outlined in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – for COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM wherein the system over the world – is reportable – accountable – transparent – and has NO SECRETS. Laws preclude manipulation and speculation in the system. The system is honest. Our world systems are frauds.

Everyone knows it. Yet critical leadership is bought or intimated off – or worse killed ….

To reform the world we all most vote for cooperative leadership. Find yours and vote.

Meanwhile the markets are as I’ve said to brittle to these and many other events today – to be safe in any context. I have advocated the option of exploring with licensed insurance agents diversified portfolio’s of



  • Whole Cash Value Life Permanent insurance investing
  • Index inflation hedging insurance investing
  • Annuity investing diversification

Using INSURANCE RETURNS ( high enough and totally safe historically ) with best firms only – as a TIME MACHINE you can protect your entire estate over the five forward turbulent years – and move back into buy low and sell low – at the defined new bottom after SUPER CRASH. To learn more about SUPER CRASH dynamics read my book.

Those how acted already on my opinion have zero loss and sleep like babies. Your welcome. For the rest of you its not too late – I’d explore folks – call a major insurance firm and act on the option for sale harbor – I can’t see any market more protective of principle – profits – and returns without the risk of devastating loss – so present today in all markets.

One exception – well bought real estate. I do not believe this generation will see real estate with some exceptions like California – at these prices – at these low interest rates – again – in our entire adult lifetime. Trade up and invest wisely in real estate with minimal leverage and you have another place to TIME MACHINE your money.

Together they are killer leverages for your portfolio with lower than other market risks but thats my opinion – get many others before anyone acts.

Berny Dohrmann -Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNAITONAL – next October 11th – register on line