So my ex Wife Lynn and her husband Michael ( we’er buds its good she’s at all our CEO SPACE events since the start ) gave me the Jonathan Kahn Book the Harbinger? Have you read it? The book predicts September 13th will be the week that the world as we know it ends. The week we remove our protection via our aircraft fleets from the Gulf. The week Kevin Freeman’s Game Plan may be actualized. The week life as we know it is over and gone. Could it be true?

The premise from Jonathan is religious. Kahn defines prophecy and count time from the time America turned its back upon God being first in our nation and the deadline of punishment for God removing his protection FOR AMERICA. If enough of us turn to God and pray will that stop the HARBINGER?

The book opines that 9/11 was a divine warning. Right on the spot the first Capitol of this Nation America – swore that God would always first authority in this new nation of states. In 9/11 God removes his protection from America because the nation has turned away from holding God first int he nation, accounting to Kahn’s book. Kahn documents the promise and the reality.

As God’s plan for OUR LIVES and our salvation is always far greater than our own plan, one can not undo the obvious – God’s plan wins.

I say – do business as usual. My book John Kahn, is literal os you suggest – and it says NO MAN no can know the hour or the time – that is NO MAN KAHN John – NO MAN not you and not anyone. I suggest the TIME is not man wise to create. I suggest when it IS TIME the time will come as a thief i the night according to MY BOOK, in which no man may prepare. There will no signs and no warnings. It will be in the blink of an eye. Thats quick JOHN.

So I applaud John for writing a call to return to God within the American experience. I also decry locking up a little girl for her religious belief. We allow a muslim man within our courts to beat a woman ( his wife ) senseless over and over because it is his religion but we would lock up a Catholic of Mormon and now we make it a CRIME to stand up for your religious belief and the courts lock up a non violent elected official for expressing HER RELIGIOUS BELIEF?

My book would not allow this and those who do it WILL BE PUNISHED.

Also my constitution would NOT ALLOW this.

Also my America would not allow this.

So what country are WE LIVING IN?

I have no problem with laws the couples are legally enabled to same definitions of union or separation 100’s of year of laws have created for couples. I do believe non violent religious expression can not – just may not – result in INCARCERATION and Criminal Labeling. I do not believe  82% of us who worship can see 12% of us weigh in making this lady leader for her belief in GOD go from HERO To ZERO as a criminal. She is NOT a criminal. She is an AMERICAN.There are many options. She could have been ordered ON LEAVE as one option.

I suggest that that the wrong minded JUDGE is the CONSTITUTIONAL CRIMINAL and we the Christian Majority of this nation make a CITIZEN ARREST – we remove you from authority and your bench and we ask for immediate arrest of the ruling judge and the immediate release of the innocent angel of the Lord.

I call for a HOLY WAR in all our cities that WILL NOT STOP our HOLY WAR because we are the MAJORITY of this UNITED STATES and we are now mad as hell and we are not going to take this nonsense…one hour longer. Want to see a CRUSADE. Let me show you a CHRISTIAN RIOT ACROSS OUR CITIES as America has never seen before – just watch this unfold.

This time folks they stepped over the line WE THE PEOPLE will cease to allow them to cross. If we allow this to stand – you have lost AMERICA forever – as you have loved it so. Truly.

I join the silent 100’s of millions now coming into Christian FIRE STORM For RIGHT and GOD and we are going to make this pendulum ROLL BACK… the focus rising as from sea to shining sea we are really pissed off now – all of us are ONE over this. WATCH THE MAJORITY FOLKS – this is not about Gay anything any more – this is about CORE AMERICA.


We all of us will not stop until you hear us. As George Bush suggested – we hear you Honey and we will assure the ENTIRE WORLD HEARS YOU and hears US…the U.S. the real U.S.

So help me God.
Berny Dohrmann Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL – we start in prayer and end in prayer for a reason for 30 Years – Forbes ranked us # 1 in the WORLD because they pray with us. Perhaps we’ll see you October 9th -Happy Holidays everyone.