China owes more than the USA or say Germany – and their deflating economy as yet to have the PROPERTY CRASH the rest of the world has already had. Couple the projected trillions lost as Property enters the China DEFLATION spiral – and the economics do not look good for China. The ripple to the world is the attempt to risk mitigate the exposure to the DEBT BOMB China presents as it becomes a market value versus artificial value –

The Chinese central control plan, as with all communist entities has no shelf life. Over time the central control is adjusted by real economics and market factors. It is no one’s fault. Our USA best experts have been advising China and suggesting their economic theories lead to a hard landing versus a soft landing. We want to help not hurt China as a stronger China is a value to the world as a whole. We need one another. The People of the world need one another.

Competitive capitalism is flawed and failed to inspire the world toward a trust and confidence to rally all nations into a single systems that has harmony. Communism and socialism are worse. Economically speaking.

The future belongs to COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM which is evolving and will end up the THEORY upon which the future for our unborn generation are constructed. We need to come together in crises not divide apart. We need to avoid panic.

I have suggested during times of pending uncertainty as serious as we are engaged in today where the entire global system is fragile a product of COOPERATION OR COMPETITION – Stability or Chaos – that one explore insurance diversified investing as a time machine to get through the pending financial storms in safe harbor. Those who acted and are acting sleep like babies. In my opinion.

Turbulence is the new normal.

I have suggested a G 100 ECONOMIC SUMMIT be convened to outline a MANDATE for a three year SUMMIT to secure a global ECONOMIC REGULATORY FRAME WORK a first global ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION. This new COOPERATIVE ECONOMIC THEORY would bring the world together. Just announcing the SUMMIT was in play would be stabilizing.

Right now we have computer hair triggers that move trillions of dollars without human intervention. As human’s over ride automated risk moderation the wave of global disintermediation subsides. The main players coming back from Vacation now will open the Fall Trading cycle. We are still nervous about the TRIPLE WITCHING HOUR and October when so many SUPER CRASHES have taken form.

If we move forward on this market through and into the Holidays in tact the future looks especially bright for America. If the Fed raises interest rates right now it may sink third world recoveries placing a global recession into play. That will pause the US recovery and the entire world resets.

When our carrier group leaves the Gulf ( and why again is this not backed up as a stability item ) one also pauses – to think – what private deals have been made for this to take place given the stakes. Something is going to happen. Its already decided. But WHAT? We will see and its a plan. But who are the planners. Stay tuned because this is real intel. Taking our main hammer from the gulf during an all our AIR war for “maintenance” is not what it seems. There is something hidden in the mix. We’ll all find out and the press will be all over it. I hope.

Meanwhile, we continue to watch and keep a light on for you. Up and down is the new normal don’t you think? What a ride.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE



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