We have argued for years the Federal Reserve Board is a complete utterly failed institution. The auspices of the FED need to be MERGED into the US TREASURY. The unique franchise to charge our unborn generation INTEREST to print our own money should be vacated yesterday by an act of congress. The FED is a leadership who has failed to understand the bubble, the real estate structured asset bubble, the market bubble anywhere, the solution, the cost to let Lehman go DOWN, and the never ending management of the aftermath. Today their insane free money policy is a bi product of obsolete economics from Chairman Bernake now at Princeton, obsessed with deflation. Deflation is a natural financial dust storm that clears out though bankruptcy obsolete under performing system waste over time.

The madness of free money is creating new bubbles far worse than old bubbles. How could free money not? The asset valuation of markets, of property in China, is so far past unsustainable, that the ripple effect of the CRASH in China is going to make Lehman look like a cake walk. The FED and its wrong minded policy are both the cause and the reason. Yet they are never held accountable by Congress or any one for the OUTCOME of their failed policy. They are simply an institution outdated by digital data. Today the Treasury can print money FOR FREE and manage the money supply using proven Fed AIA without the “interest” charge paid to a “contractor” who has an exclusive right to steal from us all. Which is the one thing the Fed does better than any other gang of crooks on earth. Until we end that franchise world war is the future. Financially speaking.

So today we have a property bubble like the world has never seen in China. Entire cities built and empty with no buyers. More on the way. Pollution beyond any spot on earth. Today we have China loosing world reserve assets at over 2.2 billion in one single months. Why? Because they spent 100 billion supporting their phony currency – and that is still going on – they spend their 3 trillion world reserves in dollars – to buy their junk currency and to buy their phony stock valuation =- loosing world reserves at the fastest pace in HISTORY – which does not stop the currency flight. Trillions are leaving China. Customers are leaving China to never return again. Quality is dropping in a China caught between higher valuation, labor, and related factors where Russia now has labor lower than China’s. Why make it and risk quality in China when you have so many better options. China is a run on the “market” where the market is in a death spiral. China will not recover and their crash is coming. China has lost control of its central control over commodity, stock, currency and economics. Unlimited capital is hammering China as capital flight continues unbated. Central control can’t stop the developing deflation. Nothing can. China may be like Germany in the 1920’s soon. Their huge crash is coming – their SUPER CRASH.

Will this lead to global melt down? The Fed long delayed in taking the world off FREE MONEY is sending oceans of money into the markets, ( free ) , where no one can control capital carry trade movement. Capital seeking best returns. As Fed rates rise the further deleveraging of third world currency, will explode. This means currencies down 60% against the dollar like Nigeria – will sink further – as will China. Their devaluation can not help in even the least – as free market factors will decide their fate. One can’t manipulate currency – commodities and economics much longer than a generation. For China time has run out. For the Fed time has run out.

The financial contagion the Fed has laid down as the world wild card in financial markets is about to be now corrected. The correction is going to be a time of SUPER CRASH and awful volatility. How will the world come out? Well the backbone of the USA will come out ahead but at what cost to the rest of the world. Can world war be avoided – we don’t see how?

Russia is calling more and more of the shots as the USA is marginalized by the policy of impotence. We watch others lead. Iran and the Iran deal is largely Russia leading Iran into the deal. Not the USA leading Iran into the deal. The USA has lost respect. Everyone wants the money hand out from the USA but no one respects the USA. Not after the last RED LINE in Syria with Chemical weapons which resulted in a Russia Solution to exit those weapons – while we rattle our baby rattle ( SANCTIONS ) versus our Super Powers ( nukes ) at ISIS. You can’t be a Super Power if you never use your SUPER POWER. Not really.

So financially the CRASH is still unfolding. The looming SUPER CRASH is next. The SUPER CRASH is a feature of failed Fed economic policy forced upon the global markets. Soon a contagion event will trigger SUPER CRASH. The SUPER CRASH will trigger world war. All of which appear in our blue print on these topics entitled REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION available at Amazon ….

Game Plan by Kevin Freeman tells you whats worse and he tells you what do TO ABOUT the coming repeat of financial history. Why don’t we learn? No history discusses why we never learn and why we always repeat the avoidable.

Debt and credit will tear markets to shreds due to Fed Ebola of free money. The EU even with untold money printing is not growing or building inflation – the EU is moving in the final terrible quarter back to DEFLATION. A EU DEFLATION economic can not recover for twenty years given their nation debt load. The EU is not survivable. No amount of money can save the EU. With China now declining there is no way to save the EU as a system. The EU is going to as it has forever wobble the world into World War III.

Germany is looking at 64 billion costing to just VW being crooks. This will take their largest economic motor and set that brand and buying back by trillions over decades. TRUST is shattered by what – by crooks. Cheating and gaming the system. Why? To make profits and undermine the environment. Criminals. Do they go to jail? It seems a poor person with the most minor victimless crime gets years of their life into slavery in prison where the SUPER RICH pay a fine factor come as a cost item to their balance sheet. The corrupt governments of Communism and Capitalism just collect criminal bribes known as fines scansions and the rest – funding their terrible monopolies against the people versus for the people.

The worship of the MONEY GOD when abused this long and this far – has a consequence. The consequence is contagion – super crash – and world war. That is coming next. WE have told you in our blog how we suggest you prepare. Those who did or are lose no sleep and have their assets in safe harbor.

The Fed free money disaster will not create blood bath currency movement from third world and developing countries. China will become a blood bath. Investors are not returning to China where no rule of law exists and where digital gun fights are the norm, as is digital theft. The President Shaking hands with Adolph saying ..hey I’m sure you won’t hack us no more …is not a comfort folks. America has no respect because we simply have a crises of leadership and policy. For so long.

We have had the Government, all our agencies – NSA – CIA – FBI – every government data base – all prime contractors – all major firms – all private and security firms – all innovation firms – all data bases hacked and the future IP of our nations – stolen and now in the hands of state sponsored terrorism. From engineering for weapons of mass destruction – latest stealth – latest missile technology – all hacked all stolen. Latest communication codes all satellites and drones – all hacked into and taken over by state sponsored terrorism. Read KEVIN FREEMAN and learn this areas impact on your life and future. We have no PLAN that is why Kevin suggests in GAME PLAN you develop your OWN PLAN. Although Kevin and I advocate a policy we call MARS – mutually assured reconstruction. But until such a policy is adopted the global system is at risk – in its entirety. The average citizen has no clue. Bad for you. Bone up and get a clue. You need to.

China is trying to avoid SUPER CRASH but the level of capital flight from China is beyond their resources to manage. The down bubble on deflation in China is going to SUPER CRASH. Property is going to crash – and hard. The ripple in banking will strike the world much more deeply than Lehman’s failure. Another group of economic criminals trying to preserve their own crimes. Today their corruption industry has become a legal way to steal lifetime work – just label the CEO corrupt and the party leader seeking the theft takes the corrupt branded CEO’s asset – no recovery from that. Worse than McCarthy age in the USA. Its going on now. Its spiraling so far out of any control.

China’s reform intention is venerable. The lack of institutions to manage the reform is legend and the outcome of the failure of these reforms in growing deflation and SUPER CRASH is beyond central planning. China lacks a PLAN for Super Crash containment. This will be their next test for China and for the world. The contagion from CHINA SUPER CRASH and EU BREAK UP will SUPER CRASH THE WORLD.

The Greeks have unsustainable debt. The EU can’t pay the debt load now or in any lifetime. Greece is a penny to the billions worse owed by Spain, Italy, and others. That can never pay their bills. You can’t have an EU moving into DEFLATION that many nations spend 160% of what they make each year. Their old debt is not sustainable and new borrowing is a comedy club routine versus an economic reality. Its all funny money. No one who KNOWS is looking at the EU as anything but a childs game of musical chairs. Now with the refugee crises and its mismanagement the EU is done. Toast. Capital flight is just starting but watch the pick up now. The capital flight flows will become enormous in October – just beyond any math we have seen yet. As the Fed raises interest rates. Its failed policy and no one is held accountable. MERGE THE ANTIQUE OUDATED FED INTO THE US TREASURY – vote for candidates that talk about this ONE MASTER ISSUE over any other issue. This one issue balances our budget folks. STOP PAYING INTEREST ON PRINTING MONEY. STOP IT because its insane.

The Fed is a private stock firm, owned by stock holders who are never disclosed, with books ever audited by the USA, and lacking any transparency to the nation or its leadership. They serve in any exclusive protected contract created by Congress as a super bad idea – 100 years ago – that needs to be reversed by Congress because the unborn generation require the lease on their futures to renew.

The Fed have killed us versus saved us – moving their war partnerships into new profits in world war about to develop next. Why? Profits and demographic realignments – an insane way to proceed. In the end AI will restore sanity to buggy code on our human brains – a flaw in our nature driven by mindless greed – the pope draw attention to. Can we relieve 72,000 on the streets of LA tonight? Yes. Will we ? No? Why? No profit in it. Well there is social profit but not immediate corporate profit. Is this system wrong then?

Yes. Competitive capitalism is evil – its about time we said it.

Communism and socialism are evil as well.

The revolution we require is COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM that creates a global economic constitution to glue the world systems into transparency, integrity, reparability, speculation free markets – without secrets. Tax policy must be uniform global and applied under a global G 100 economic constitution. Everyone agrees over a three year economic constitutional congress to develop the digital global new rules for COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. Some of the rules play by play include:

  1. Public reporting firms report earnings every six month – Jan and June versus every third week – that model is purely insane.
  2. Speculation – structured assets – ETF – Short selling – ( bets which way a price will go ) are felonies in Cooperative Capitalism and market manipulators go to prison. No fines. Jail.
  3. All Feds are merged into national treasury. Monetary policy is following box top rules of the new global economic constitution – a single world currency based on GNP – debt to income ratio – defines the standards for national interest by constitution by laws.
  4. All markets are fully reportable accountable and without secrets.
  5. Tax policy is uniform, global, consumption based and not income based. All income taxes are abolished as social slavery designed by elites.
  6. Fraud and financial crimes carry penalties worse than any other non violent crime.
  7. Drugs are legalized – state controlled as to issue – with black markets being given life sentences


The G 100 Economic Constitution in Hawaii – for three years – defines a structure for a one world financial system – within a tapestry of nation political system – funded by economic rules that work by agreement of all. These rules self correct and are changeable by mechanisms the constitutional founders define. Politicizing monetary policy is removed by systems replacing trust – by full transparency replacing opaque systems of today.

Sovereign debt would be refinanced by a class of security known as SUPER BONDS under the constitution, where these 200 year bonds, recapitalize nations – rescheduled debt – pay off all creditors – and define sustainable cash flow to nations within guarantees by the host nation – the IMF and the WORLD BANK under rules established by the Constitution for resetting debt bombs to debt alarms using TIME as the new asset to rest debt for nations.

Immigration policy can be advanced within the Constitution to repopulate demographics globally. Terrorism would be defunded in this model – and terror institutions would have no access to digital expression or media. Their black out would remove their source economically.

Delay on a G 100 Sanity summit to discuss an ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION to reset the financial modeling for the world is what comes with sanity – moving from the insanity of competition to the sanity of cooperation and its rule set. All these modeling suggestions are laid out in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – Hillary has it – Jeb has it – President Obama has it – but do you have it ?

Berny Dohrmann

Time is short – in my opinion



PS: I have suggested your exploring with licensed insurance investment professionals a diversified portfolio of whole life – index life – and annuities moving out of all markets through 2020. Looking at returns since the crash its not a bad suggestion – do the math – its a DO THE MATH safe harbor and when the financial storms hit – it is too late to create your own safe harbor. Think about it. I would register into CEO SPACE Vegas October 12th – to develop a much larger cooperative trading community to prosper in the coming periods of financial weather.





The EU can not recover now. Saudi just withdraw 70 billion of capital from funds that largely effect the EU investment climate. The refugee massive problem of more than five million on the move migrants – is sucking the life out of budgets and social services from Germany to France and there is no let up – recovery – or possibility of economic up bubble from this hemorrhage all at once of GDP to social support. It is massive wealth shift unplanned for in any budgeting.

Germany and France are now declining in economic GNP. The rest of the EU is in various denial on enormous unresolved debt items that make Greece look like a picnic at the beach. Greece will only present to execute the agreements it signed and as it fails to abide by the agreements the GREEK EXIT begins for real – and the total collapse of the EU unwinds for SURE.

Meanwhile Russia is writing the agenda against ISIS and trumping the Allied Policy against Syria. If the use atomic weapons he sets up a dominating agenda for the world as the opposing super power without consequence really.

The VW crime leaves millions of cars with a ripple effect GERMANY can not recover from. Now the engine of the EU is going to stall out. The after math will consume decades – all due to crimes against humanity.

These financial waves become financial storms that when combined with permanent shift away from China by firms everywhere – China has lots its steam period not to recover and the total combination of financial waves is creating the perfect financial storm for SUPER CRASH.

We have pointed out SUPER CRASH is coming historically. We have provided options as to what action to take. But in the end decision makers must make choices and make decisions. I suggest you stay tuned and if you can register into CEO SPACE October 13th at the Westin lake Las Vegas for a safe harbor. I would.

Berny Dohrmann





The third quarter earnings reports are anticipated to be down across the general board. Two back to back quarters of down bubble earnings missing growth expectations – becomes an EARNINGS RECESSION. An economic recession is the two quarter GNP contraction for a state or nation. Today from China to EU from North America to Africa we are seeing a period of EARNING RECESSION. This condition flowing into Holiday buying and consumer spending is NOT POSITIVE to share values. How far are shares OVER VALUED and OVER PRICED? We are all about to see.

The problem remains deflation. As oil continues down – all commodities ( the cost of EVERYTHING ) spiral down in a never ending crash – it is DEFLATION that dampens forward profits and growth in global economics. How to re-inflate the world economy? It is hard to imagine printing more than the TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS nations have invested to restart inflation. Usually WAR is the way you move from the depression of the 1930’s to the inflation boom years of the 1950’s but even then it took over a decade to move from DEFLATION to real INFLATION. For example Japan has not been able to fully inflate their economy since the Deflation and Asian Economic crises of 20 years ago – 20 years is a generation folks.

WE continue to advocate the rocky uncertain Super Change markets ( the new normal ) we face going forward together is best secured within a larger cooperative community in which to trade. The worlds largest CEO CLUB is inviting business owner entrepreneurs and professionals in practice to attend CEO SPACE in Vegas October 13 or Dec 13 or BOTH in the ideal to accelerate your business growth and to forge a vastly larger cooperative trading community.

CEO’s need to remain current – to stay ahead of the ever changing sea lanes of economic information and options out there -= which CEO SPACE is famous for doing ranked by Forbes as the one meeting in 2015 CEO’s simply can’t afford to miss – perhaps you should check this out and spread the option for greater security. There is safety in numbers join 20 nations of CEO’s coming together in two weeks – with four days of FREE BONUS CLASSES starting on the weekend – for registered CEO GUESTS. Check out the OPTIONS because you so deserve them.

Berny Dohrmann Proud Chairman of CEO SPACE 30 years and counting……..





How will you muddle through the coming SUPER CRASH? You know that SUPER CRASH is coming you just don’t really know why or when? But you KNOW its coming. So what do you DO in real terms?

First – you avoid market legal gambling in a purely manipulated market space – until equity and bond markets have a new global regulatory frame work. The markets today are worse than playing Vegas Table games and less fun. You move into Insurance diversified investing – part of your money into Permanent life investing – part in index inflation protecting investing and part in annuities. Avoid any one telling you TERM is a good value – it is so sick financially to buy term and once you do the real math you see that. Explore the option with licensed investment insurance professionals which is not your typical agent – and get the assets you wish to move forward in time to safe harbor – the best safe haven if history is our guide is INSURANCE INVESTMENT. If you delay you pay when the SUPER CRASH ARRIVES.

Second: You invest in growing the core asset for income and lifestyle stability – that is – EVERY ENLARGING COOPERATIVE COMMUNITY ideally of business owner CEO’s. The most exclusive club to do just that is to join CEO SPACE and attend the October 13 and Dec 13 programs back to back – growing a 30 year network in a week of time – this larger cooperative trading community will work to provide options in any more and greater customer base in good and shock based markets. Others won’t know what hit them. Use a tax dollar this year ( saving so many thousands of dollars ) and join CEO SPACE because the larger cooperate trading community is much more vital to your future than hard assets or other choices. The real asset you want to rapidly grow before during and after SUPER CRASH “IS” larger cooperative community. Nothing will carry you through the coming financial storms like this sea wall but you have to create that safe harbor NOW before it is too late. Play a much richer smarter game while the markets are working as they still are.


Third: Get OFF LINE and get IN LINE – stop spending endless hours on Face Book and social. Spend more hours in local community networking – entrepreneur networks – lady leader and entrepreneur networks – biz to biz networks – get off line and get in line to build your relationships.


Fourth: Guard cash. Keep reserves. Invest in things like CEO SPACE that as OPTIONS that grow community – as you earn from the larger cooperative community keep back a pure reserve account of 15% of all revenue until you have 180 days operational income – when the SUPER CRASH HITS take out all over head – fire everyone – drop your cost to the bone marrow then see how your really doing and hire back. Don’t wait too long – do it first time you hear the news. Then work harder longer hours and proper in the SUPER CRASH market space. You alone will be prepared. Your larger growing cooperative community will be a tide that keeps you and your loved ones in safe harbor. Your insurance investment assets will make high inflation protected real profits and returns – without risk. No loss. Others will from Gold to everything report blood baths following deflationary SUPER CRASH.


Five: Share this blog with your list and loved ones in your family and close in circles. Where have you read a blue print of how to create a time machine to protect your life style – grow your lifestyle – and your investments savings and assets are now protected from SUPER CRASH even if banks close for a time – as they will – so that you never felt any of that pain? How important is a GPS for the Wallet REALLY? This information is available no where else – and in our opinion – the self interested broker panic driven calls to trust them and invest in the items they make money in – are as false prophets. My readers know I have no financial interest in my opinions as a retired investment banker economist. I report financial history which is unavoidable as it repeats historically – but we can learn from the past and earn from the future. You have to get it right and get it right immediately. Time is not your friend. You need to use time differently. Time is your key asset. Use time wrong and do what you do habitually – place your head in a hole by your feet – and your ostrich ass will be blown till no feathers remain on your butt. In my opinion speaking financially. Don’t be surprised when it happens to you. You were warned. You got the information in time. Now you need to ACT.

I’d sell out of all markets on all basis. I’d move to insurance diversified investing as safe harbor. I’d invest tax money today to grow my cooperative community and I’d keep building that for income growth. I’d get off line and get in line. I’d be in October and Dec 13th CEO SPACE in Vegas conferences that will help you for sure on all these points.

There are ferocious disagreements with my opinions on this. Get your own information. This is in no way investment advice – such advise may only be given by licensed professionals. Your the only one who can make choices of whats right for you. My opinion relates to my personal views. Sort out your action.

I only ask you to explore one key question:


Most people do not appreciate insurance investing protects assets – you have access to your cash at all times – you can borrow and use credit lines against those assets – you can be safe with the highest returns where principle is protected safe and guaranteed – and you have no risk to market fluctuations like you do presently. You sleep like a baby when others bleed out the profits they thought they once had as they loose their core nest eggs of a lifetime and legal thieves steal their wealth by market manipulations. In my opinion.

If you answer the question – I CAN”T GET HURT – then why do you delay acting to protect everything and be safe?

If you can move tax dollars to CEO SPACE MEMBERSHIP and grow COOPERATIVE COMMUNITY Oct 13 and Dec 13 why would any business owner – earn less – fail to act – and leave the membership cash with the IRS? Are the IRS growing your vital cooperative community? If not why DO YOU NOT ACT?

Opportunity is all about OPTIONS.

Winning is all about ACTING on those opportunity options.

While information IS KING – timing IS everything.

The time to share this blog and to act is frankly –


Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE author key note speaker film producer radio show host




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Cooperation is moving into the world consciousness as the superior way to organize human beings, in family, institutions and governments. Competition is a destructive ineffective system to organize humans within.

Competition as the source of global problems, has continued to rally where it can. ISIS is solidified into the most horrific form of competition, the bane of Muslin faith having hijacked the core religion as it uses liturgy to support its Satanic actions. Cooperation defines how weak competitive thoughts are and how harmful competitive thinking is.

Cooperation has a right to self defense. The delete button on competitive thinkers is being pushed by the cooperative to remove harmful thought forms from the larger human consciousness ..but it takes generations to make cooperation fully cultural. Solving problems in collaboration and cooperation is the way forward for peoples, institutions, nations and for all of us. The master rule is never take magnificence away from another even if they are doing so for and to you or those you care for. There are cooperative ways to have outcome that is absolute versus the destructive words and actions competitive infected brains always use.

Apple today reported a wide spread malicious code inside its application store. Why do the Chinese perform these state sponsored HACKS against all of us world wide? Read GAME PLAN by by Kevin Freeman and become fully informed in this space. Need to protect your firm or institution from competitive minded hackers? Hire XTREME SOLUTIONS of Atlanta and you’ll have the protection only they can offer today. I recommend them and CEO SPACE endorses them for their members. Check them out.

Need development for software – super sites – or applications – check out SOLUTION STREAMS of Utah via Andy Marshall. We also endorse them. Great firm for solutions on any software mission at great prices and with robust testing. Your welcome.

In competition ISIS is soaring with hateful new members infected with the virus of Satan – competition. You will know them by their works. The Koran describes those going to hell – and ISIS fits the description absolutely – there is no authority for their actions except eternal damnation from their despair in accepting Satan ( Competition ) as their source of worship. The Holy Spirit and the Koran CELEBRATE versus punish differences in human thought and diversity. The Koran does not say “kill people of the book” it says Muslim’s must RESPECT people of the book. That they are one with ISLAM. Isis is heretical as the leading MULLAH’s suggest. History has shown really evil men use religion to further their own selfish aims for wealth and power at the great cost of others.

There is no building a great Caliph because the Russian’s are going to cooperate and kill every last one of them. The nations of the world are going to cooperate to see that take place. Its already agreed upon. Didn’t you get the memo?

We told you, when nations like China and Russia are in economic distress they have no option to get out of they typically use WAR to distract their people from their internal pain while the focus on and external and manufactured fear. What is surprising is today with information tools so duplicated and global and available to all – how do the PEOPLE of these nations get LED by the old state machines -= but they do and they follow that party line right off a cliff typically. We’ll see how it goes. China is next in the war zone in our opinion. How will they make the excuse? Iran? Korea? Vietnam? Japan? How?

Its coming though.

We think deflation and the spiral of unwinding prices and deleveraging is out of any central bank control, that they all lack tools to manage deflation, and that this spiral will lead to SUPER CRASH and world war. We believe this because this same cycle has always led to these outcomes without failure even one time in 5000 years. If we did something different maybe – like change the financial and tax system and merge the FED and its interest theft to the world – into the US TREASURY where that theft ( interest fee’s to print money for a nation ) is FREE and that cost simply stops by constitutional mandate. When you violate the constitution for greed – you get two world wars a process where only the elite already fantastically wealthy become even more fantastically wealthy. Its wrong. Its wrong minded. Its mind pollution.

First act of an awake President no candidate is speaking about -= merge the FED into the US Treasury by Presidential order or by an act of Congress. Nothing stabilizes our future and our markets more – social security is fixed in that single action. Then revise the tac system to a flat tax where wealthy must pay no loop holes and the budget o the United States is balanced with a surplus. Ideas like this are the new ideas that re-invent America instead of old ideas that lead to the decline of America. Folks this thinking direction is important for our unborn generation.

An informed electorate knows that their nations economic stability is their nation is the most important priority to their peace and security. Presently we are mismanaging our economic capital. The FED just sent the world market a message of fear and uncertainty. The market has responded with TRIPLE DIGIT loses this week and the volatility will not be increased because the FED led us into the crash – has led us into the bubble now occurring in speculation structured assets manipulating markets – and is creating the SUPER CRASH because they have truly lost their relevance to the market overall as they are structured. Their conflict of interest – to make profits for their own tribe – versus – execute a national monetary policy – is hopeless out dated and obsolete. The FED needs to be merged into the USA TREASURY followed by every nation on earth.

The result would be the start of a cooperative capitalistic global economic rule set that could advance humanity forward versus backward into world war. Which is our only history which is always financial and economic.

Read the tea leaf its laying at the bottom of your Cup America.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE