1. We told you what was coming for two months before it came – read and see yourself.
  2. We told you WHAT TO DO to avoid the losses people are now experiencing – its one of the benefits of BEING a lifetime CEO SPACE member – we keep business owners informed
  3. China has invested over 1 TRILLION DOLLARS to stabilize its stock markets – in 30 days – and lost the entire TRILLION DOLLARS.
  4. They have authorized their massive retirement plans at state level to invest their money in this crashing market next – untold state dollars will be lost as they try this – step as you can not manipulate a phony market that is state controlled – it doesn’t work in a digital age
  5. The lies from China on its out put production GNP and valuations are now seen as LIES and no one knows where the bottom of the market at TRUTH lies – no one knows.
  6. China firms are heavily invested in speculated to control world commodity markets – these markets are all in GLUT and now they have crashed as well – commodity prices are crashing from oil to soy beans – and China is the huge loser both in asset value ( over 50% and in stocks down 40% and going to 50% as we predicted ).
  7. China stock market rules preclude any one stock dropping over 10% in one single day – so all stocks are down 9% until tomorrow. This state control doesn’t help. Policy makers as we have said are finding that their old antique control tools no longer work and they lack NEW IDEAS as to what WILL work – we always wonder why they don’t fly us over.
  8. All of Asia connected in trade to China is crashing in equal measure.
  9. Contagion – a panic that is emotionally driven – has set in and everyone is selling all at once. The problem is in Digital Trading the Contagion begins with computer software triggers that automate protection of trading loss and begin to dump – no human controls the contagion now – as the dump begins other computers race to manage their loss and this digital uncontrolled dump continues until HUMANS over ride the programs really – which will happen later this week sometime we suspect.
  10. Error by policy makers at this time can trigger MORE contagion or stop the contagion but if policy makers error and make a mistake the result will be SUPER CRASH by September as many expects have been predicting.



What happens with Super Crash – Deflation of values – and realignment of world wealth and market shares? No one can predict accurately. We can give you our opinions as a self educated investment banker economist on such subjects – retired and above the fray. We chat with investment bankers globally to gather facts but its messy out there.

Contagion if uncontrolled leads to SUPER CRASH and a DOW of 5000. That will happen. But is it in 2015 or more like 2017? No one knows for sure.

The result of a major global market share shift – is wealth realignment. The shift in crashing commodity prices means Russia losses and America wins ( again ) because our system is more transparent and honest. Honesty wins. Trillions will return to American dollars and markets in the days not months ahead…watch. There is no other winner. America can feed all its own people and export food into the sea. America is the most productive nation and we can take all our manufacturing back home – anytime we wish – faster than a blink – and the rest of the world sinks into a financial stone age. Our goodness keeps the world afloat because America the UK and some EU nations still believe WE ARE OUR BROTHER’S KEEPERS.

The 2015 WEALTH SHIFT taking place now is realigning wealth between nations. Russia – Iran – North Korea – China – the AXIS OF EVIL aligned nations against the West – seeking to sink the dollar forever and to sink the west – forever – have lost ( forever ). The WEALTH SHIFT which is what is happening and we fail to see why news media is not reporting on WEALTH SHIFT has realigned the wealth into America almost exclusively – backed by our minerals – foods – produced goods – and internal consumption driving an economy little effected by the WEALTH SHIFT.

Tens of millions of small business and now millions of new small business being created by Congress and the Presidents JOBS ACT OF 2012 – become the new box top rules ( CEO SPACE has been teaching since they became law ) that are American shock absorbers to the WEALTH SHIFT. The wealth today comes from the mind field not the mine filed. The goods made from IP from the mind field are powering nations. America leads in the NEW WEALTH ESTATE of the mind field. Other nations only way to try to keep up is to hack us and steal our IP. But they only steal antique year old designs for America is REINVENTING its IP every three years. They can’t keep up. They don’t have the MIND FIELD we have – its like a giant mental field of cooperative energy in a state regulated competitive global world that must give up STATE CONTROL for free market collaborative and cooperative capitalism.

WEALTH SHIFT shows the world communism is a failed model for the now only handful of nations still holding on to this failed model. Shiate Capitalism is also failed at a STATE CONTROLLED LEVEL. Free markets preserve wealth and closed controlled markets create phony wealth that crashes. Phony currency and phony markets. Values are lies. The truth reconnects market space.

China lied about its wealth – GNP – trends – OURPUT – real numbers and the result of trying to manipulate and control is a crash of CONFIDENCE. Now the mega trillions of the global market no longer TRUSTS Asia and their math. They show the distrust by pulling out ( for a generation not a week ) the underlying capital required to build nations.

Make no mistake under the market crash is a real WEALTH SHIFT. Trillions of manufacturing contracts are racing into other nations – India – Thailand – Bangladesh – Vietnam – Laous – Cambodia – racing – institution by institution moving to protect itself in more friendly laws – nations – and quality to price they can count on without civil unrest and one explosion after another keeping goods FROM DELIVERY – no one can count on CHINA for the coming 25 years until new policies are created. It is clear the policies of the past failed and policy makers are now lost in a financial storm they created themselves. As no one wishes to take responsibility in such systems, blame shedding is likely to move to war to focus attention of the Chinese people away from a CHINESE SPRING and Peoples REVOLUTION – and into distraction of threats the military lie to manufacture and take attention away from mainland China – our own big fear from WEALTH SHIFT as this move is historic and never fails to appear. With state controlled media it may be impossible for the masses of Chinese to WAKE UP and see the manipulation of their markets was a ploy and a lie and that their system lies.

Even the anticorruption effort has derailed where the robber barons in charge are now using corruption labels on good leaders to STEAL THEIR BUSINESS AND WEALTH. This trend will accelerate in WEALTH SHIFT during the chaos taking place financially in China. They have LOST CONTROL of their state controlled economy and confidence trust and sustained capital required to grow all of ASIA will now be generationally lost as Japan experienced for over 25 years in its own DEFLATION spiral from the last ASIAN CRISES. Just last week experts were saying this was NOT A CRISES in China and we were bloging and saying OF COURSE ITS A FULL BLOWN CRISES and its now near over yet – just watch – just witness what loosing control of a state system breeds in horror for its people.

For the rest of the world what does this mean? It means goods will cost less not more because the spiral now is deflation. Prices for everything are crashing. Only pockets of the EU and America are immune due to free market transparency.

American stock markets sympathy drops are more than half market corrections that are needed following the huge run up in prices this year. The big traders are we continue to point out are all on VACATION. They return in September. WE anticipate a huge unknown. If third party events from ISIS to Israel from IRAN to China take unforeseen action that destabilize markets further – American markets could SUPER CRASH now versus in 2017 after the election.

If the markets WEALTH SHIFT over the coming weeks into September – institutional firms anticipating a buying power decline for the holidays – will begin to cut back in the following areas;

  1. Investment in plant and equipment – already started
  2. Inventories and buying ( already started )
  3. Employees and over head – tip of ice berg started so far

This would create a recession and worse – in which massive lay off’s world wide and considerable lay off’s back to our own recent terrible period – and it could lead to a global depression which we have predicted is the unwavering 5000 year financial history. My book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION defines the pattern and precisely what to do as this pattern unfolds as it is. GAME PLAN discusses digital warfare between nations by Kevin Freeman and suggests a worse condition and what to do one family at a time in that condition.

We continue to advocate small business owners come together in the markets of SUPER CHANGE ( the title of my new book ) inside CEO SPACE five Business Growth Conferences hosted in Las Vegas. We forge cooperative collaborative alliances between business owners to secure more stable trading communities to get through the coming financial storms inside a SAFE HARBOR we are creating for each of you. By cooperating all of us can life one another’s boats to safe harbor free of the worst effects of the financial storms – which works in every nation and we serve 140 countries with CEO’s who treasure our community. Grads should use their lifetime membership to return to five forward events in THIS MARKET OF SUPER CHANGE without fail as a life preserving for your LIFESTYLE. New members should join – save taxes and invest in a safe harbor for your financial future through collective trading communities cooperatively committed to help one another where no member is left behind. If this makes sense to you – we build the SAFE HARBOR and the next one is October 11th and I’d be on site and in that event – even October 9th for the vital option of capital under new law. Capital will flow into venture investing in record numbers in the months ahead and you should steer your small business into the super wave of capital coming into venture space – be ready to receive your insulation from the storms that are upon us today. No one can get through this time alone. Everyone needs better information.

If you read my blog back a bit – you will see a number of truths:

  1. We predicted what is here today exactly
  2. We told you why and gave you data
  3. We suggested what to DO and those who acted have zero loss today and those who did not act wish that they did act

We have been setting the stage for Small Business to have advance information to plan growth – to tighten down when that is required ( as we have at CEO SPACE ) and to secure the hatches to stay high and dry in the developing financial storm.

You will read the past blogs and the TRUTH will cry out to you – and you will come to see your not receiving the simple clear summery from world news today – you receive sound bytes but you need information on CAUSE and what hope there is for solution.

Today we pause. The leaders required to give us hope and solutions are today like deer in head lights in ASIA. Roel Campos of Locke Lord and Secretary of the Treasury Gietner tried t advise warn and guide China away from this hard landing  several years ago. They were suspicious of the advice when the USA was really trying to help the people of China and their planners fully unselfishly. As is often our way but not always.

Failure to act has led to an overwhelming ASIA FINANCIAL CONTAGION the seeds of all wars and depressions. Long predicted here. These financial contagions have a life and mind of their own. Policy makers have limited tools to fight explosive DEFLATION of values. China has a real estate SUPER BUBBLE of phony real property value. This market has had ten trillion invested by the Chinese Government. They can’t stand losing the market trillions and the property value trillions combined. Which is why we see them option for enormous military employment and build up as a last gasp and war as a way up and out. Not our model for a sustained recovery. In fact it dooms the people to a revolution in the end just postpones it.

Failed economic policy leads to revolution and wars. Follow the money in history folks – rise to a higher view of cause.

China’s policy makers have failed to a degree that they no longer have trust in or outside China. They are confused and lost – caught fully adrift in a sea of financial storm they have no way to manage or control. If they make wrong policy decisions now the markets will reply with a vengeance.

China has to devalue its currency more – and go to zero interest – and open a decade of monetary quantitative easing moving fully to free market deep sea ports to stabilize its unsustainable economic model of today. If they fail with reforms war is the outcome with a tragic outcome for the people of China and a revolution at the end inside China in our opinion. A Revolution the leaders now only 12% of the nation ( enrolled communist party members ) seek to preclude …but how really? How?

The time for China to act is almost gone. The housing super crash is coming now as everyone runs out of property and sells theirs and refuses to invest in new property on any basis.  It is not far more attractive to invest in India or Indonesia than in CHINA and the distance of return safety and rule sets is so vast the capital is not returning to CHINA. The WEALTH SHIFT IS PERMANENT.

Asia doesn’t see that a permanent WEALTH SHIFT is in process. America sought to avoid this as far better for the world to work out of this problem of a phony market to a fully transparent global market. China rather than cooperate financially with the USA has joined Russia in policies to replace the US Dollar as the world reserve currency as they become more dominant and influential in world wealth estates – driven by their phony numbers. Russia is in a full on depression caused by one man – President Putin. The Wealth Gangs in Russia at some point now loosing trillions versus billions this last week – have to decide is President Putin Policy of competition versus cooperation ( the source issue and cause ) worth the loss to THEM?

If Russia pulled back from Ukraine – opened cooperative collaborative discussions with the World community and G 20 the Russia People and their NEW LEADERSHIP would be so welcomed into the solution versus the problem. If President Putin remains in power his only way to take advantage of the WEALTH SHIFT out of his country – is to attack in Ukraine and other nations and seek to marginalize the EU even move to take over Greece and who would stop them? If President Putin choses war as his historic way forward the result will also be terrible for the RUSSIAN people, historically speaking, and lead to a full on revolution in Russia ultimately as it will in China. In War the world loses no one wins. WAR is insane and provides no solution that is worthy or lasting. WAR is an insane thought form preferred by a minority who PROFIT in power and money from WARS. The majority need to control the minority selfish impulse and insane suggestions.

Historically the minority never fail and they always create war as a solution – which of course it never is. War creates more WEALTH SHIFT and continues the economics of contagion. Historically speaking.

We are living in historic times. Getting through these times requires information. Better information. Accurate information. And precise ACTION to get through in reaction to unfolding events.

CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL is a market that thrives by brining business owner Presidents of companies together – large – mid – and developing enterprise globally – into one giant fraternity of President decision makers – populated with Global Fortune Adviser mentors – who stay ahead of all this for the largest firms and who tithe an donate their services five times a year to PRESIDENTS OF FIRMS to work with them one on one – individually- to map out better plans – better teams and resources to execute in ANY FUTURE MARKET so prosperity is retained – entrepreneurs are immune to market WEALTH SHIFT as their tides will lift all boats if they have the RIGHT INFORMATION to plan and execute smartly inside WEALTH SHIFTING market space.

How do you stay ahead?

How do you prepare your own safe harbor?

How do you take future action better action improved action?

Who helps  you?

Is your trading community large enough?

Is your trading community cooperative enough?

See Bob Proctors film on SUPER CHANGE and review CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL on line?

Has anyone else predicted all this and told you precisely what action to take or is this blog your most honest and truthfully comprehensive over view yet of what is taking place?

If you answer yes this blog is my best new source – make a favorite and come back often. Share this blog with your mail list of who you care for especially business owners as we alone create all the jobs all the hope all the promise for our communities and our nations. It is not up to our failed leadership it is up to us – each one of US – and just us.

Avoid the inclination to freeze up and just take no action.

REPURPOSE a tax dollar – reset your dates – and join CEO SPACE in October and again in December and grow your income and results ( guaranteed ) inside our BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCES designed for these times and for business owners and professionals in practice. Let us develop new action plans, new fresh marketing for the new markets – plans that will work.

Super Change means the way you worked a business to survive the recession is not the way you need to work your business in the new contagion now hitting markets. You need different tools. You can get them in weeks on a tax dollar. So you have your own solution. You must act. If you fail to act and forge better information for your own planning – better mentors who know all these facts – and more – and continuously adjust your business to the SUPER CHANGES as a CEO SPACE process for just you – the storms either sink you or your in safe harbor of much larger friendlier trading communities. Our members hire when others fire. Retaining your prosperity in these times is our only goal.

We are keeping a light on for you.

Berny Dohrmann – Monday of Global SUPER CRASH as the unfolding data washes to your shores. Read recent blogs to see just how far ahead we have been in this market. Keep in mind China is compounding the problem loosing untold TRILLIONS trying in vain to prop up its currency and its stock markets. These policies have failed utterly. Until we see new policies the worst is yet to come.

Berny Dohrmann – Investment Banker Economist retired – Volunteer Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL check us out folks and members – time to return in October no kidding.