In August the big traders are on vacation. Look at how low trading volumes are. The big boys return home after Labor Day. And Guess what? The big guns will see bargains. They will buy them up. You will see upward mobility unless some huge event takes place – from September into October. You may see another Crash in October home to so many crashes – and then flat and slow mobility to December.

America will raise interest rates. This will make the Dollar return to the strongest currency ( in this market – I mean really and of course ) as safe haven – on the earth.

You will never buy real estate in America again at these price levels at these interest rates again in your entire adult lifetime. The world will pour trillions upon trillions into American Real Estate safe harbor investments – starting in 2016. Following a period of cycle economics – volatility through Dec – China’s crises will settle down to a new low – and the world will adjust. Everyone will seek out America as interest rates begin to rise. The dollar will explode in value.

America is the most productive nation on earth.

America is the richest nation on earth.

America is by far the world military with unmatched power and might threatened by no one – Russia is a joke militarily.

America drives the rest of the world economies.

America is the most generous of nations.

America has the most transparent economic system and the most fully regulated and reportable system. Unmatched globally.

America leads in innovation and future wealth creation from the minds of our citizens – the rest of the world keeps up by attempts to hack and steal our IP. By the time they use it we are beyond it with new IP they can’t hack. We win. Always.

America is the most free nation on earth.

America is by far the most upward mobile nation on earth.

During the coming times invest in America. Diversity in:


1. Insurance investing strategy first for your backbone wealth

2. Bonds and Gov guaranteed investing next.

3. Tax free industrial and better commercial bond paper next.

4. Real Estate always

5. Equities last and only last

Work this plan into your licensed adviser game plan and switch advisers till you find agreement to execute your plan not their plan.

Be informed and make your own decisions.

America is the world investment bank – invest in America and you move wealth preservation into the future. Invest in other markets at your greatest peril in today’s correcting economics.

I would risk on AMERICA and invest in AMERICA to exclusion between now and 2030. Why risk it all anywhere when in America you always have the future …with the best promise for tomorrow. Look at the world and look at America? You should rest your wealth on the one nation that:


1. Can feed all its people without imports

2. Create all its energy needs without imports

3. Has more minerals than all other nations combined together.

4. Has self suficiency other nations can not hope to match ever

5. Populates the most innovative productive American worker unmatched anywhere in the world at any level period. Our real wealth after nature is our people.

Folks invest in America…its the time machine for your money.

In God we Trust. ( America has this printed  upon our dollar folks  you can trust that represents the majority view of one nation under God – our nation – the AMERICAN PEOPLE).


The one nation that whatever is wrong with America is and will be corrected by WHAT IS RIGHT about AMERICA …as the world knows and has returned to trust. For good reasons.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE