As a necklace of major explosions is taking place over China’s landscape, one might ask if terrorism is now rising to a direct attack on the nation? As China fraud on its currency, having zero transparency ( or value ) as a world currency of worth – gov. manipulated printed money – and the government manipulated prices – wages – and stock markets all crash at the same time – the fraud is being seen for what it is. The Gov investing over one trillion dollars to stabilize its currency and its stock market discovers the 15 trillion of free market capital, is withdrawing by the TRILLIONS of DOLLARS from China and Asia community. The investment DRAUGHT is unprecedented in modern history. These huge sums are not likely to return for generations.

China is entering a global investment draught of proportions the post world war II order – has never seen before. The capital draught and pull back from China will last for decades and effect Chinese credit and more. Will Chinese soon begin to default on debt as lenders suspect? Confidence is the critical asset and confidence was shattered by the secret devaluation of currency without warning to all trading partners. The lack of transparency and pure manipulation has breached trust integrity and ethics. The fraud of China manipulation of markets is out in day light today and no one trust any longer the values the nation puts to anything – it lied for years about its GNP. Nothing reported is real. The reality is hitting China now as the phony economy crashes. Is this a crises? The IMF says not yet. We say – shame on you IMF – you know the truth – lead with truth and avoid manipulation of free markets through omission and word smithing. It does not flatter you in 2015.

China makes Greece look like a beach ball party with three year olds. Chinas ripples are crashing all world markets have you noticed – why? If China defaults it is not like Greece. The world system goes bankrupt – world banks go bankrupt – there is no way to isolate – China is bigger than Lehman going down. Folks China is in free fall and passing all floors on its way from the top to the deck. How hard China hits the deck will reflect the full weight years and economics of the fraud. The Chinese people as they understand their leaders and failed policies did this to them and now will effect their unborn generation are likely to react with a revolutionary spirit inside China. In fact the seeds of a massive change are now under way and unstoppable. In many respect the leaders inheriting the problems of past generations of leaders are confused and don’t see the momentum coming toward them. Their reactions using past tooling – no longer functions in the modern transparency markets – information is too fast – and they are seen in the open for such manipulations. They can’t control the PR ( the truth ) and the lies won’t help now. If they fail to restore trust ( by telling the truth and restating a new vision ) the crash of the elevator cart for China is going to dust the world financially. Folks the economic elevator in China is in FREE FALL and we call this the seeds of World War III and for sure the largest CRISES since World War II itself. Again in our opinion. You are living through HISTORY ..huge history ….right now.


If the leaders told the world and their own people – Folks we are in a crises and it will take time to work out of this – the crises is an accumulations of failed past policies we have been working to reform but ran out of time to repair – so now there is a cost to our people from the sins of our fathers and we will have to pay that price – on our watch – but our Children will inherit a trust worthy integrity based nation – and your leadership will tell you the truth as we work through the crises we are facing. We ask the world to cooperate with us and we pledge a partnership back to the world that collectively will become the prosperity tide to lift all our boats into full partnership globally. We are calling a global economic summit to discuss for ten days China unfolding a new vision to walk from crises to sustainable prosperity within a world trade collective that will remove the unwanted boom bust cycles we all wish to avoid for our futures – only working on these problems together can we all win global and China is leading the way into the new economics past corruption and greed and into a model the world can respect fully and trust absolutely. That is the goal of your leadership and we pledge to report accurately to you on each aspect of the unfolding crises which is far from over and will take years to adjust finally back into desired stability. It took decades to reach this point and it will take some years to repair the abuse from earlier decades into a far better system for our unborn generation. I ask for the nations strength, support and agreement, as we who REFORM come forward to adjust the unsustainable into the fully sustainable economy we all long to hand to our grand children. This in our opinion at some form or level is the missing truth unlikely to be heard in China and the old modeling traditions will lead to ECONOMIC IMPLOSION taking place now. The world knows the truth from the lie – they all just know.


China is being attacked by internal social unrest, riots, and a revolutionary uprising in an unreported but nation wide real and new China Spring.  The wave of this spring is now unstoppable in China as the people realize they have been lied to and are still being lied to. You are seeing the first signs for this organized opposition in the multiple public explosions robbing China of recovery and setting back financial growth by decades. Dive into what the explosions are destroying as we are speaking in terms of tens of billions already. Capacity – plants – goods – jobs – all lost and not replaceable anytime soon. China’s fraud is to manipulate information so the public is not told with integrity what is really taking place – but guess what – they know anyway. They know. Today they just know. No one can operate fraud today without discovery – no one. Its the nature of a button taking information global in a nano second. Now fraud has no shelf life.

China has over time attempting to preserve market share tolerated – manufacturing fraud – higher prices and lower quality – and options for suppliers to chose other nations is now a permanent shift away from China. The 40% loss in buyers will not return any decade soon. The resulting deflation spiral that china is only starting to experience is compounded by TERRORISM striking location after location inside China. The fraud is to report the terror attacks as Chemical “accidents” which is a failed attempt to now manipulate information itself. The lack of transparency in China IS the crises of confidence with the world and their own people.

CHINA is now in CRISES. The IMF says – “crises emmm wait and see…we’ll tell you later? THAT is an IMF Fraud. They know what a crises is. They fear panic. But panic is happening in world wide markets seeking shelter from the enormous China Cyclone now reaching maximum financial winds and striking the entire world financial model and order.  The IMF says the 7.4 % growth China has told us they would meet just in the last month – is actually at best 4.4 % or 3% less growth – and those numbers are staggering losses of jobs upward mobility and economic basis. China is in CRISES and its a FREE FALL CRASH.

China has lost almost 40% of its stock market value in a month while spending a lost trillion dollars trying to block the ride down. The ride down on the backs of failed China policy to restore order is on going and the market will soon have lost over 50% of its value. The currency in china devalued once will devalue again. The currency is in crises because it is manipulated phony money. Until the currency free floats in the market – which is what the US and all world partners asked for – China risks a financial depression when they begin to see RUNS ON THE BANK which are likely with Greece like controls, bank closings, and withdrawal limits – just as took place in Greece and Argentina – and we anticipate this could take place in September or October. The hard crash is becoming a full panic – China is regardless of the SPIN DOCTRIN from the IMF – now in formal CRISES economically. They waited to long. We warned them this was the only outcome of their policy but they refused to look backwards at financial examples and history. No one is doing this to them. They like Japan, using nepotistic lending policies and spreading money into markets that lost the money forever – now have to repay loans from countless bankrupt ventures.

Real Estate is going to lose 70% even 80% of its value. Only an insane person would buy Chinese real estate today ….waiting will only get property for less tomorrow. Sellers are screwed on value. The real value of real estate from the CHINESE REAL ESTATE FANTASTIC BUBBLE is about to correct like the rest of the world already went through and NO ONE CAN STOP IT. The spiral down for building supplies, commodity cost, labor cost, everything, is under deflation deleveraging now and economist advisers and planners to the national leadership were WRONG – plain and simple. Trying to save their failure will not help. Can Chinese LEADERSHIP see the sinking ship fully and prepare the life boats and the survival craft in time? Economically failure to take right action is going to make the pain much greater for much longer. Better to burst a blister with a lance.

If I could advise the Chinese Leadership I would advise them to:


1. Stop intervening in Markets and let them self adjust – as painful as that will be it will not be long.

2. I’d reset all Chinese National Debt using SUPER BOND THEORY to do so – resetting cash flow for the nation.

3. I’d Massively ramp up food production using modern hydroponic and growing methods – all organic and healthy – making the crop flows a main export backbone to the surrounding communities – control food control everything – this job program would include high rise agri growing in cities – making all cities self sufficient – exploring agriculture would include technology to move crops from production to market without spoilage using FOOD SOURCE technologies – now public patents and low cost.

4. I’d create a WORK OUT Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac approach to toxic real estate loans and work them through the system over time as the system re-inflates – as a government asset based program. I’d invest to destroy unwanted blights upgrading property value everywhere – better than investing trillions chasing a market in a game that is not winnable ….

5. I’d embrace COOPERATIVE Capitalism – a hybrid – China style – having public firms report every six months – and I’d make short selling of any kind and future trading a crime – in Chinese markets – all bets are stake holder bets not speculation bets. China would emerge the leading economic model in the world after a period of adjustment – far shorter than the one that looks like it is coming.

Any attempt to manipulate markets is fraud. Central banks are frauds. Ideally all Central Bank functions would be MERGED INTO Treasury of nations – same rules – only paying interest to print money is removed as a profit to private elite venders by the Central Bank Contract. Central Banks are private contracting firms where the banks regulate themselves. How is that work folks?

Central Bank law is a fraud ….the Federal Reserve Bank is a private stock firm that is owned by private share holders who are exempt from being audited or identified – no one has any over sight to the FED in real terms. Merging the FED into the Treasury stops the largest cost of nations – paying interest to Tony Soprano’s bankers who run the FED under a contract in all nations. MERGE CENTRAL BANKS in a digital age of accountability into the TREASURY OF NATIONS retaining their function and process management of money supply….paying interest to print money is a fraud on the people being cheated. WAKE UP….putting a name ( FEDERAL ) is like putting a holloween costume of the Virgin Mary over Jack the RIPPER ( the Fed Central Banks for all nations ). READ – look up the Fed legislation – look up the letters of how everyone felt the nation sold out to the bankers – stop paying interest to manipulators ( fraud ) to control money supply. Let nations supervised by Fed best practices control the money supply without the interest cost. Nations balance budgets over night.

There are solutions to move from Fraud based economics into Cooperative Capitalism – Cooperative Capitalism is forged on integrity – systems exude trust – transparency no secrets in system – no speculation – honest stake holder trading in real markets – and currency is not a speculation item. As the world adopts these rules globally the speculator manipulator ( say George Soro’s ) passes into a failed model and a failed memory of the great white shark who fed off entire nations until his age outlived his fragile wealth. Goodby George nice try though.

The world economies need a new model. Kensyian economic theory has not saved the world from boom bust and world war. Friedman economic theory has been far worse. Competitive Capitalism is corrupt opaque and anything but transparent – look at the tax code. Competitive communism and socialism is worse in abuse corruption and more opaque and manipulative than competitive capitalism. They are both antique out dated financial theory systems. The future belongs to COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM.

You kind of know when your reading the truth don’t you? You just know it. My book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – available now on Amazon – is written for University and Education reform – for Institution and nation reform – where with 12 laws a global collaborative system can revise a final fiscal revolution so all peoples are full partners in world prosperity. If we fail to clean out and clean up OUR MIND POLLUTION as first pollution, working within failed models of corruption, filled with secrets elites profit from , then depression and world war are once again our repeated history.

Do not the unborn generation require a better effort from all of us?

Finally, China is the canary in the mine. As China reaches a maximum stress point – to resolve the problem by shedding blame from the leaders who created it – war is the traditional solution. The focus then is upon threat – all manufactured like the fraud markets – within a fraud war – such that sufficient fear is instilled to create an outward versus an inward focus and the Chinese nation massively build economic capacity with military ramp up – which leads ultimately to bigger loss than the model we have suggested here – and by far. Facing impossible age and demographics war planners and the elites who profit from war are already well down the road to war – read GAME PLAN by Kevin Freeman to have your eyes fully opened up. Years of war planning with a false reality – a held notion by a few China can win such a war really – at the cost of lifestyle to billions upon billions of others – is a self fraud to those planners. The danger is when Hitler believes his own illussion and fraud. China planner shave their hitlers and they absolutely believe their own fraud. Billions are being invested in their vision – their war vision and GAME PLAN will help you develop your own game plan. I’d read that book folks – and share it – buy five. Its a must buy and share in todays world.

Can great leaders ( and China has great leaders many of them ) express their rule and vision sufficiently to show a NEW VISION for the national direction of the nation? If they can restore the integrity of the system from the past frauds – the result will be a huge restoration of the CHINESE authority to fully partner in global leadership. If not – China will sink into ever lower economic performance – watching nations like India pass it by – as China is seen as a ‘one off” economically that was a 25 year fire work never again to flash as brightly in the sky of human potential.

These and very complex elements are all in play…and watching the true motives of the decision  makers to either shed blame or reform – will become clear as time unfolds and markets respond with ruthless integrity to the TRUTH. The markets always know the underlying truth…always.

Berny Dohrmann _ Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL

Praying for Chinese Leadership