Readers of my blogs, will find historic suggestions that my readers explore moving out of bond and equity markets for the remainder of 2015 and early 2016. We have suggested you explore with licensed experts inside INSURANCE INVESTMENTS as what we feel is a last SAFE HAVEN investment – the best money time machine on earth. With principle guaranteed. Those who listened and who took appropriate action are not suffering from the worst stock market melt down since 9/11. You are immune. Your money was inoculated. If you held and ignored the tea leaves ( and my many blog postings on point just go back and look ) then its all on you – the loses you are now suffering. You have to hold through now don’t you?

The silver lining?

Everyone is on vacation. Professional traders are on holiday. Trading volume is unreasonably lite. No heavy bets are on the table YET. Trading volume will return to normal next month. Will there be a SUPER CRASH event? No one knows. Many of us think YES but none of us can say WHEN.

We continue to suggest explore SAFE HAVEN INSURANCE INVESTING.

China is now fueling the downturn. China is crashing. The Crash in China will restrain billions in buying for the EU all Global Markets and the USA. Growth from Wal mart to Apple will now be effected by the CHINA CRASH. The CHINA CRASH is a spiral – it is still unfolding – it is no where near bottom YET no where near.

Commodities China stock piled and hoarded now must be disposed of in a crashing value market place. A trillion dollars are being lost by China on these bad bets. Trying to corner and manipulate markets always back fires as free market realities take hold. There is a glut of commodities from Oil to minerals and the crash in value is sweeping the world. Asia is now entering a DEFLATION and DELEVERAGING long term new phase of economics. The change for Asia is like pulling up with full climb power into Mount Everest. The crashing sound you hear is the Chinese economy. The lay offs and unemployment by year end will create 2016 riots and political instability in China. This situation will ripple to other nations also deeply effected. People will suffer by the millions upon millions due to failed policy of the leadership.

Blame Shedding will be a game the top plays to an endless tune, while failing to fix the underlying issues of Corruption, theft, and economic mal practice. Chinese banks are bankrupt. If real market accounting rules were applied to banking as it is in every other industry sector the result would be insolvency for the banks. Only through EXEMPTIONS from REAL MARKET ACCOUNTING are the books for banks cooked into appearances of well being when they are fatally ill from financial cancers so long spreading through the entire financial body. One can not repair these issues with talk and platitudes. The public gets it. The banks are bankrupt. Only fuzzy accounting we all would go to prison for using – keeps the banks appearing to be solvent when they are not.

The public knows though. This is why the US dollars is the only safe haven currency on earth. The single hope of the world.

Russia was in recession before the recent commodity and oil and gas crash hit. Now Russia is bankrupt completely and no way back.

China and Russia face war as a distraction to the impossible problems their leaders lack tools for resolving or will be able to fix in any of near term  execution reforms into the mix. War is the traditional way to focus attention from populations away from failed leadership into the loud distractions of war.

How can they work out not he problem:

1. They lack a free market open economy and are now paying the price for decades of manipulation and abuse.

2. The age bomb of too many aging into no work and to few young to create self sustaining economics.

3. The money weapons of mass destruction leave a currency that is devastated by years of abuse and manipulation without fundamentals to grab hold of, as the final back bone – commodity values are now crashing with their currency leading.

4. Spiral in deflation, massive unemployment and hopelessness – to one of the handful of failed communist systems left standing – as they like a spinning top running out of speed – whobbles and falls over – what do the leaders DO – say like bugs bunny cartoons – ahhhh sorry folks = thats all folks?

5. With weapons of mass destruction and enormous military ambulances the BLAME SHEDDING is more likely to blind the public to the issues taking place from failed systemic modeling – and move into war to distract the masses from their own fatally spinning top now hobbling off the game board.

Facing life or death economics, war is always the final playing card.

We have asked you to read GAME PLAN by Kevin Freeman. Those who have may save themselves yet. Those who have their head in the hole by their feet will have their ostrich asses blown to shreds. Financially speaking.

Folks in every generation the credit abuse and financial abuse of generations comes home to roast so unfairly on a current population. In communist and socialistic economies – from Greece to Cuba, from Russia to China, there is no salvation against reality and free market economics. The piper for abuse and manipulation must be paid. The payment is bankruptcy and start over. But for nations this typically is precluded by WAR. The nation goes bankrupt in defeat. Taking so many innocents with them. The signs on the tea leaves are all present now.

WE told you so ?

Read the blog histories.

It is not prophesy.

It is economics folks. To deny economic history is to walk toward a cliff blindfolded knowing the path will never end.


As President Clinton said in the last election – its not hard folks – its arithmetic – just add up the numbers.

Politicians can’t add and feel their path will never end…right up to the cliff and war. The Blame game is the source of political abuse.

Expect a spiral of blame shedding…and watch your own financial tea leaves.


Berny Dohrmann – keeping light a on for you


PS: I would not sell out today – I’d hold through now but if you recover to old peaks – I would sell out if it were me – and move into insurance safe haven fully recovered on y0ur own portfolio… an personal opinion – as always get advice from licensed professionals before you every act in the area of investment decision making – obtain many view points then make a decision that you are feeling fully informed upon. Only then act.