Never lies and always gives you the tea leaves. The interim period is a period of relative recovery and potential to earn a great deal of money. Entrepreneurs – this is your time. There will be huge ups and downs in world markets that is for sure – you have seen it – and its still going on. Ignore it. Position your investments into your business growth. In the future markets of SUPER CHANGE the CEO boss of any business or professional practice needs a fail safe place to remain CURRENT to stay on top of the sea changes. The safe harbor for the BOSS is over 30 years – CEO SPACE. CEO SPACE five meetings annually keep the boss:


1. Skills updated

2. Plans updated

3. New channels for clients and customers

4 New joint ventures and alliance partners

5. The TRUTH fresh to quarter – to improve plans and forward action against.


Staying on top of INFORMATION is the main responsibility of the boss. The shortest cheapest way to do just that – while getting new business – is the CEO SPACE # 1 ranked by Forbes conference series in the world. A series versus an event to grow business faster to accelerate goal attainment. Explore CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL so you do NOT fail to maximize every possible opportunities or to secure OPTIONS you do not have today as these options are priceless for your future.

October and December programs await your registration as you repurpose a tax dollar to income acceleration. Guaranteed.

Berny Dohrmann