There is nothing certain in the economics of the Gulf. Can Lybia factions reach an accommodation? Can the Arabs united against ISIS? It seems Iraq and Syria are “new map” nations divided into ethnic communities. The lines the British drew on papers decades ago have been redrawn. I don’t see going back to those lines again.

Iran, is likely to not pass the United States Congress. Why? Because once accepted when the Iranians breach the agreement, which should be in months not years, the binding aspects of the agreement hobble the US CONGRESS and the PRESIDENT even when a breach occurs. But the allies are already trading and the embargo and sanctions are being lifted by one country after another. Iran as a nuclear power would stop at what? Any ideas ?

Russia wants the Greece coastline. If the financial bail out stalls, Greece can be saved by friend Russia. Russia gets the coasts, divides Nato, and further marginalizes the USA while massively strengthening ally Iran. Israel is watching all this without amusement.

Meanwhile production all over the Gulf comes into play, with ever shrinking demand. The supply of oil is soaring and as a commodity, we are not running out of oil, we are drowning in oil. The price has been phony, fully manipulated, and now market forces are setting prices for oil, all commodities, China’s currency, and its stock markets, and all the kings men and all the kings horses could not put humpty dumpty back together again – or phony prices. So a spiral of DEFLATION and leveraging is still unfolding now in Asia starting with China. Attempts to control price will fail, as they always do. The hard landing in China is occurring despite the PNC mission of distracting its people, say from the real issue to a port explosion. The PNC sets the agenda for the minds and hearts of its people.

The phase we call trade war  is what is taking place in the world today. Trade war follows wealth adjustment from the crash tracing 5000 years of financial history. Today trade war is country tariff’s barriers, currency manipulations, wherein one nation seeks to normalize its trade which causes issues with other trading partners. The spiral of the trade war continues until a contagion event triggers Super Crash and World War. This economic history never varies or deviates. In human systemic histories of competitive economic modeling, we always arrive at the same end game, world war to redistribute wealth and world trade. Is there another way?

Finally there is. The better way a is Cooperative Capitalism. This era is ushered into the world in the following manner, using the book Redemption the Cooperation Revolution as the modeling tool:

1. Form a G 100 World Economic Congress ( over three years ) in Hawaii – to develop the first GLOBAL ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION.

2. Onc currency and trade rule platform shapes the world.

3. The Central WORLD TREASURY prints money – without interest or central bank intrusion – global monetary policy is monitored by the global central bank a division of the new WORLD TREASURY.

4. All Sovereign States operate with regard to sovereignty and monetary policy is confined to the Constitution precepts, GNP and economic formula’s for each nation individually.

5. A new class of bonds known as SUPER BONDS reset all debt for all nations, over 200 year amortizations with sliding interest rates, such that, Central banks are merged into national treasuries and all national Debt is paid in full, and rescheduled over 200 year time lines. Each nation and the World Treasury guarantee bond repayment, no haircuts.

In Cooperative Capitalism short selling and investing to “bet” which way a price will go in “so called future markets” is criminalized. Buying real goods in future markets as a hedge is regulated, globally, and speculative betting is a crime in fully transparent markets.

Cooperative Capitalism moves public firm reporting to bi annually, versus every three weeks to an analyst review. Long term investment planning is encouraged. Short term earnings are reviewed every six month removing another unwanted element of price manipulation and speculation.

In Cooperative Capitalism under its economic constitution IP protection is regulated globally, and theft of IP is considered the crime of the century. State Sponsored digital theft is deemed an act of war by nations conducting such digital warfare. Terror organizations are precluded from getting news ( a global black out ) and from getting on line in any form or platform. A Global Planetary Defense League would police the new constitution with power and force from all nations aligned as one.

The rules of integrity and cooperation between states would be defined in the economic constitution to which all nations would approve and vote upon, providing a uniform global financial system that removes the distrust and and corruption from the system, with a uniform global Constitution and rule set – government is local and sovereign – economics and trade is global with policies set by its membership – using cooperative versus competitive modeling systemically -defense remains sovereign to each nation while common Global Defense of the Constitution is a collective effort as set forth in the Constitution – and coordinated by the UN or a new global agency charged by the constitution for this purpose.

As Bucky Fuller suggested – we can’t have a single star ship the planet earth flying so fast through the Milky Way and piloted by 271 heads of state who have 271 rudders and oars all rowing in opposing ( competitive ) directions and anticipate we can arrive safely to any desired destination. With a NO NATION LEFT BEHIND and policies fostering maximum social mobility and a world trade forged on cooperation, integrity, and rule sets the world can rely on and police.

Having NO SECRETS and a ZERO TOLERANCE for Constitution rule violation makes the COOPERATION CAPITALISM transparent and reportable….removing secrets from the financial system creates a reduction of breaches of integrity.

The tools to forge a system that does not end in SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR and then repeats its cycle every 70 to 100 years, never failing to breed a destruction that is simply avoidable and not required. The unborn generation require nothing less.

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Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL