The answer ” no one knows”. It is always a contagion event. An act of War. Russia goes at it in its old provinces and NATO gears it up to respond. China goes at Japan in the rich China Sea. North Korea goes at it really with South Korea. ISIS makes a real event play for terror in the EU. Iran breaches its agreement in 24 months or so and Israel or we bomb them. There are so many unknowns. Most likely is a digital attack on the west by the AXIS of EVIL as they already made over one trillion dollars profits on their 2008 digital pearl harbor and no one did anything. Since they have stolen the entire IP of the world – so they have all future IP codes drawings everything. They have the digital DNA of the entire world – read GAME PLAN by Kevin Freeman if you want to be truly informed and develop your own game plan for SUPER CRASH. It is an urgent read in my opinion.

I think our most vulnerable time is not this fall. Noting most Super Crashes happen with the triple witching reporting in October ….or September leading up to it. September 11th the October stock market crash of 1987.

I think our most vulnerable time is the period after November when a New President is well known – and the old lame duck President is leaving and the Holidays are approaching. What will the transitional leadership do – to a real threat. NOTHING. they did nothing really to the last threat. We lost Sadam for ISIS which anyone can assess is a worse trade by far – its like a looser strategy. The world just waits to suck us in to vulnerability.

READ GAME PLAN and you’ll see the real threat at deacon ONE the military world wide is not prepared to counter.

There is a window to sink the entire west in less than sixty minutes folks. I see SUPER CRASH as next fall…but I could be wrong. I anticipate tests along the way –

Economically the USA is the engine. We have all the cards today. China has lost its royal flush. It now bluffs with three duces. They can’t win economically. So how do they win? They win with SUPER CRASH in digital war fare. READ GAME PLAN as its research has influenced our leadership globally.

My book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION and my prior blog summarize the financial history of competitive capitalism, which extends the corrupt and failed system of fuedelism, the only thing that is worst is communism and socialism, the most corrupt systems of all, and the only thing that is worse is religious elitism in Muslim or any form running nations – total break down of integrity into corruption.

We the people of earth deserve a global system of cooperative government, uniform laws, and equal opportunity, with full transparency and no secrets anywhere in our agencies of trust and public service. Cooperative Capitalism ( never been tried ) repairs the failed models used for thousands of years – always devolving into chaos and war. Why repeat that? The people of the Global village wish to be cooperative.

Cooperation is sane and celebrates what is different about us in all ways versus punishes it.

Competition divides and punishes what is different about us because it is an insane thought form – everything is symptom but the causation is competitive thinking – a virus of the mind. The one and only. Once you know you have it you can work on removing it by becoming cooperative.

Cooperation free thinkers talk and dwell on the future and forward construction.

Competitive infected brains dwell on the past and destruction to punish.

The people of the global village see SUPER CRASH as a preventable insanity.

Bill Clinton said it best on recent news shows – WE EITHER LEARN TO COOPERATE OR WE PERISH ( he read my book ) REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION and is a five star general to the revolution today globally.

Super Crash is coming because the virus has inherited the earth. If the sane wake up fast enough – system ramp up fast enough – the SUPER CRASH moment can be precluded. The clock is ticking. The time is counting down. Can we make it? There are those on both sides that see a first hope to break 5000 years of human insane patterns – but are their enough sane to dispel the insanity of competition?

Lets all vote for sane leaders who talk about cooperative problem solving really and debunk competition as an eye dropper of concentrated evil. Once these candidates who are awake take office integrity trust and cooperation can blossom quickly.

Berny Dohrmann


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