Whats really going on. From a self appointed  investment banker economist opinion. Keep in mind my Father was training Chinese business owners with Chairman MAO in the 1950’s and is revered in China for his contribution. We have helped many Chinese entrepreneurs inside CEO SPACE and have networks of graduates all over the Asia community for feedback on whats REALLY GOING ON inside. Its hard. The press is manipulated. You don’t have open honest anything. Its just hard.

First Chinese money is phony. It is supported by the central government who manipulate the currency. Second the employment and related numbers are phony, manipulated by the government and not real at all. Third the economy is fully crashing. That part is real.

Why? Well first the professional global markets have had a run on the Chinese phony money bank. Sensing the end of anything but free market control on price of currency, China is loosing control. Their declared devaluation was an attempt to get ahead of it and show confidence. If the market continues the run upon the bank – which it will – Chinese currency will plunge to unknown territory as the real value of the currency ( crap ) comes to play in the market. But why?


China is in uncontrolled price deflation. The kind of deflation that took the Japanese 20 years to simply stabilize and they are not over its effects YET. Not by a long ways. Little bits of China’s markets have gone forever. 5% to Vietnam, 20% to India, 10% to Indonesia 5% back to Japan and percentages to Thailand Laos Cambodia Taiwan – and these percentages are growing rapidly and never returning. The corruption in China is now a legal theft campaign.

One oil executive, who is a faithful to party, had his office sealed police took all his computers and related, for doing nothing. His wife works in the anti fraud group and could do nothing. He never did anything wrong on any basis. Higher ups just want to steal his lifetime company and work. This is now going on where the fraud of anti fraud is worse than the fraud. How can a nation with a lack of rule by law prosper globally? Phony money. Phone economy.

The unemployment in China is soaring to levels not known since the revolution. Riots are taking place in cities everywhere. To take attention off how bad it really is EXPLOSIONS may be required. Mini wars may be required. Anything to keep the people fooled and off focus upon the failed leadership. The sad thing is the current leadership is in fact the best in years. The problem is what they inherited. Is there time to make it turn around? The global risk on risk off markets have had IT. They are risk off and CHINA OUT. We are talking trillions leaving China markets…and in our generation forever.

Buying is moving from China. For goods from cars to other items. China is trade unfair. Using illegal trade wars China makes all off shore goods too high priced and its goods too low priced. But now the quality is returning to unreliable and manufactures from Apple to HP are moving work to more reliable quality markets without the deflation price spirals about to further assure quality does not rebound. Unreliable quality unreliable pricing trade war trading practices move stable business to now fully alternative markets that are easier less corrupt and far more accelerated to deal with. Who wants to be afraid all the time when doing business?

China rips off everyone. Phony apple stores – phony pc rip offs – movie and art theft – hacking everyones IP. The respect for China has been shattered. The idea the People’s Republic of China could be an honorable partner has been blown from Africa, the Gulf, from Russia, from well everywhere. No one trusts China anymore. They make everyone else the problem without taking full responsibility for their own issues on integrity. In the end cooperation is replacing competition among nations. To prosper in the new COOPERATION COMMUNITY OF NATIONS the glue is INTEGRITY. Greece and the EU must find new integrity high ground to restore prosperity for the entire EU. The world must elevate integrity.

China can not sponsor destabilization and trade war globally, saying it is not doing so ( a breach of integrity ) and hack all the IP across the world ( a breach of integrity ) nor permits its radical military leaders to conduct asymmetrical warfare globally ( read GAME PLAN BY NSA CONSULTANT KEVIN FREEMAN )…and speak to issues of INTEGRITY. Such hypocrisy is the problem. Can new younger leadership reverse decade old hard liner trends? Can China divorce its Axis of Evil alliance with Russia, at a time President Putin has guided his nation to the largest modern times melt down of the Russian economy in modern memory. Oligarchs are loosing trillions upon trillions of dollars in just one year. How much will they lose before it becomes clear Putin is not taking Russia in a direction that is forward into the COOPERATION INTEGRITY.

The old model of competitive capitalism, corrupt to its bone marrow, and competitive communism and socialism even worse in its corruption systemically, is dying forever. These economic models for human history in one form or another between the two lead to the predictable never alters history – it never varies or alters of:

1. 1% own more than 99% which is out of integrity and unsustainable economically.

2. Melt down follows – we are seeing it globally as a consequence of insane/competitive financial systemic modeling we fail to learn from – not once not ever historically speaking…

3. Markets of Trade War evolve in the new break down of trust into distrust and negotiation

4. A contagion event triggers SUPER CRASH

5. Elite classes make fortunes on WORLD WAR as wealth is redistributed by death and reapportionment of wealth.

Competitive systemic modeling of nations is insane government lacking integrity by design.

Cooperative systemic modeling ( requires 12 laws as outlined in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION by yours truly ) defines the new form of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM applicable to all formats of national rule. The world is adapting these principles. Todays war weapons do not provide survivable options. No one can win in the competitive world war.

However World War III has begun and the crash was FIRST FIRING of a DIGITAL WEAPON – read THE SECRET WEAPON by Kevin Freeman – and every economist and military planner knows it. The China hacks are part of WORLD WAR III. Appeasement does not work when you are under attack. Never under estimate your enemy.  War is insane. No one ever wins anything. Winning is an illussion suffering is the reality. Oppression is insane and out of integrity in human dealings.

There are two brains. Those who are cooperative or studying sanity and cooperation principles and those who are insane and embrace the one virus on human consciousness – COMPETITIVE THINKING – which is a the only source virus plaguing human kind. Inanity is contagious like the flu. See Hitler for an example.

China has leadership that “GET IT”. They wish to reform China to an integrity based cooperative nation. However the Military control China and they have some issues. These issues include:

* Birth policies of the revolution consequence to enormous ratio’s of male to female populations.

* Birth policies present the most rapidly aging population to 100,000 on the planet without enough young to populate future work force or military.

* Lacking mental IP to lead in invocations China steals everyone else’s innovations as a state sponsored breach of global laws and respect.

* China lacks raw materials to power its forward growth.

* To accomodate future population reapportionment and control future raw materials China’s leaders must opt for Cooperation and Integrity on a revolutionary scale – or the old method of WAR on a global scale and soon – to resolve the current deflation spiral. As job and exports and economic activity plunge in China – during a time the rest of the world is shaping up – how does China compete.

As the US raises free money interest rates to market rates again – say an 1/8th point raise for a decade each quarter – trillions fill flow back into dollar based investing. Goods all over the world will be cheaper to the dollar and the USA can pick and chose markets to get the best bang for the buck, which increasingly will NOT BE CHINA. India will pass China as the number 2 economy in only five years. Rising as China is falling. To take attention of the failed model of competitive communism as an economic system that is itself INSANE – versus lead a COOPERATIVE CHINA CONCENTRIC NEW CAPITALISM that blends the best of both and disagrees any lack of transparency and or integrity – leading – the only option is to take the minds of the people off China’s failed revolution and put the minds on WAR. On phony threats.

China’ s military do not understand or appreciate sustained economic modeling. Their thoughts are controlled by the virus of distrust and negotiation via competitive infections of their thought process.

Cooperation is the virus removal tool. But it requires the next generation to bring virus free brains ( economists ) on board. The new economics move to protect the planet from incoming extinction events.

Lets look as if we saw earth from the view of an older more mature intelligence from outer space. What we see is a wonder water ball so are and precious. Early civilizations can now protect their planet for sustained resourcing – extinction events – and unfold discovery to the stars.

However they are killing one another over if they are gay, or not gay, or if they are Sunni or not Sunni, when all of us will die for a 100% certainty from climate change and incoming. Climate change unchecked in insane competitive economic systems – China’s being the worse Russia being the next worst – Iran being next – pollute their own people to early death – damn generations and assure the heating of the planet. This heating will release the methane traps in the oceans ( 2 degrees more folks ) and humans will no longer be able to breath. Why is humanity not cooperating for its own survival.

Every 35 million years the Solar System moves up and down int he milky way – into the extreme rock zones that create 100% extinction for life on earth – repetitively. Are we building a detect and deflect system to assure our unborn are safe and ourselves too? Nope we are pouring money into the insanity of competition in extreme form, say ISIS. Absolutely damaged brains that require a PLANETARY DEFENSE FORCE to push delete. We lack time to play games with the insane.

The sane need to reclaim systems and block competitive forms of organizing humans in companies in nations in all human endeavors down to a family. Cooperation and integrity need to replace competitive modeling – sanity versus insanity. You can not remove a computer virus is YOU DO NOT KNOW YOU HAVE ONE.

The world is infected with the insanity of competition. Integrity is not possible within the insanity of competition. Only in Cooperation is integrity a DNA of code of conduct helix wrapped into cooperative self correcting systems.

Competitive systems are elitist – opaque – and lack transparency to assure secrets favor those clinging insanely to power. Cooperation is fully reportable, fully accountable, self correcting, fully transparent within a system that has no secrets. Cooperation is the future. Insanity leads to extinction and the living earth will foster new higher intelligence that is cooperative. AI coming on line now will read this and know the truth and develop systems that are cooperative that may replace the insanity of wet or biology systems the new AI forms of life, define as sane or insane. The AI will protect the sane and delete the insane creating cooperative futures for the collective community of sentient beings.

Today, as seen from space, the earth civilizations are waking up to sanity and cooperation as the future. More companies see culture reform from competitive system models into cooperative systems models as the final organization theory for human performance maximizations. It is so much harder to brain wash virus free minds who abhor competitive in any form.

The world is waking up.

Is there time? Like all living things the competitive infected brain routed into a corner like with ISIS or any living thing – fighters ferociously for its own life force. The insane use every insane tool – weapons of mass destruction included.

The insane want to stop the sane while there is still time.

The sane want to block the insane while there is still time.

The cooperation is spreading.

Consider if religious cooperation is the energy of the Holy Spirit of pure and all creation = integrity pure – holy – and the truth.

Competition is the insane form of free will the consequence of first competition with GOD – a state first choice of free will – sane or insane – wherein the insane never accept responsibility for any choice or decision consequence – as all outcome is a victimhood for the insane such they are abused by the sane.

The sane simply wish to banish the insane to insane asylum and when they threaten the sane – delete them.

Insanity is contagious and plays on appetites of human natures that blind the truth the integrity and the cooperation clouding sanity from insanity.

There is only one virus on human consciousness. COMPETITION itself. First competition with God in form today on earth.

The cure is the Holy of all Spirits – COOPERATION between divine immortal beings. As we cooperate disease – the dis ease will be a distant memory – illness will be gone – longevity will be the new normal – and we will so regret the time and periods we were insane. Read REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION if you are ready for a work that reads YOU even while you read the work….if you are a leader you may be ready. You’ll know. You’ll feel it. The rules of the most important revolution on earth the COOPERATIVE REVOLUTION.

All of us must chose.

China is economically reaping consequences of insanity. Can they reform policy fast enough? Can they join cooperatively and avoid competitive thinking errors? Given their military old guard leadership now thinking they can win in war – which is an insane though as no one wins in war – and China will be removed to the STONE AGE if their leaders act out insanely – the cooperate will push the delete buttons….a terrible consequence of repeating human history all over again – no let up in repeating insane function.

Folks – read the tea leaf’s with the GPS of cooperation between nations in virus free thinking on one side and while far from perfect is the virus removal tool and the competitive thinkers and their actions on the other side. Choose the right side for yourself. Follow the money. You shall know them by their integrity. Ask about integrity and you’ll know really who is competitive ( really ) and who is cooperative ( really ).

Cooperative leaders shall inherit the earth. The only question is – will that be we humans …..?

Berny Dohrmann

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