FOLLOW THE MONEY FOLKS….( personal opinions only folks take it as sand in the wind )


So world war III started with the digital weapon attack on Wallstreet in 2007. Read Kevin Freeman’s THE SECRET WEAPON and GAME PLAN and you’ll have the data on the war. The war next moved to plant trojan’s into the data base system of all Western Nation data pools. This was done with buried DIGITAL WEAPONS of mass destruction – hacking the CIA – NSA – White House – every national capital all 10,000 Fortune data bases and governments look silly as they loose the digital war and have no weapons to counter the threat. Meanwhile China deploys tests and can now execute SATELLITE killers that will leave western nations blind – as their entire digital world goes dark. No power. No transportation. No records. No gas. No pumps work. No water. No fuel. No ATM. No lights. No heating or air conditioning. No food. No toilet paper. Takes about one hour.

Our plan. We have no plan. Read GAME PLAN which tells you how to make your own plan.

Today the digital weapons are turned by Russia Iran on China for imposing sanctions on Iran and Russia. They have made one trillion dollars in eight weeks on China’s pain executing the digital weapon Iran and Russia attacked us with into China that has no defense. Their defense is to cut off Russia, refuse to trade in their phony currency, and isolate their nation from Digital incoming. The Chinese have no tools as lack the entire West to protect themselves. We have no defense for the Digital war.

We have weapons that can attack back. We are using them. Russia economic planning has failed. The rubles are now so scarce regular folks can’t get basics and the Super Crash in all commodities is destroying Russia. Iran won’t stay in the barn because they will DUMP oil on the markets to get cash, while they ruin the economic model of the Gulf Neighbors especially Saudi Arabia. Russia has to go to war because its failed communist model – is crony capitalism and corruption and is a joke to every thinking person alive. The Russian people could be so much abundant but the money never reaches the schools up – nor does entrepreneur economics floor board their futures. They are beyond stuck in a system the world knows is morally economically spiritually bankrupt – and WAR is their only last card to play. They started in Ukraine but to keep the light off the leadership – the failed leadership – they will kill off opposition – incarcerated masses – and trump up phony patriotism against no threats to manufacture threats they can WAR into and off of. They will manipulate people out of misery into death.

The deal with Iran is what Israel suggests – a deal to accelerate a) an arms rase to nuclear weapons in the Gulf b) a 24 month sprint to treaty violation and bombing Iran c) a growth of terrorism that destroys western markets before the Digital lights go out in the final firing of the Digital weapon. The Iran deal is not a bad deal. Its a really STUPID DEAL. The idea the options are this deal or war. Is stupid. It can be further tighter than ever sanctions and a deal they make to dismantle under ground bunker atomic weapons plants making civilian atomic energy above ground. Move those machines and parts. We’ll pay for it for them. They won’t. Why? You KNOW why. Liars calling others liars is an old model. THEY ARE CORRUPT BEYOND ANY FAITH OR OUTRAGE THEY THROW AT THE WEST – their leadership is the real SATAN on the earth. Everyone knows this and their people are in a POLICE STATE worse than NAZI Germany. These are NAZI’s in Burkha’s.

When the Digital weapon is fired will we nuke the nations responsible. I think we will. They will wish to throw that switch when they can nuke us. First.  Russia can hardly wait. Killing hundreds of millions of innocent world wide- would we World War III to such a level. You bet. Takes about an hour. However I think we will massively take them out in reply – takes 30 minutes – and the ships will pass in the night and Iran and Russia will be cinder blocks with no future of any kind in sight. Is that the future? Competition assures it. Cooperation defeats it. You see any cooperation REALLY – I mean REALLY? Cooperation is trust and integrity? You see THAT anywhere here? We are in distrust and negotiation thats not cooperation thats EVIL COMPETITIVE THOUGHT – the war breeder.

Long before that occurs the digital weapon firings will create SUPER CRASH and the world can’t stop it. Already we have no inflation – we have deflation – spiral downward of all global commodity cost – the death spiral – while this takes place and trillions are being lost – the worst unemployment for new lay off and claims in 4 years just took place. Some say 40 years. That is just the start. By year end the global unemployment dump will invite massive recession tendencies and a global depression potential. SUPER CRASH is coming and the huge CRASH of Chinese engagement is not repairable. Russia has killed China. China will not forget. Japan is watching all this so carefully. War in Asia is coming. Nothing to do with the USA. Either.

The poor nations get hit first. Investment is outflowing from Greece and From China in numbers that only Africa will see next. It is mind boggling how fast billions are being moved out of nations and back into the USA – the only safe place really. Of course. Interest rises by our Feds will return trillions into dollars which will SOAR and SOAR now.

What can stabilize this. Sinking Russia and getting real with Iran. Those two items. By Policy. It takes a united plan. Know who is behind World War III and get that out in the open in digital space. Read the books suggested here and NOT at your peril – share these books – and you’ll protect those you love most.

Who is best to do that politically. Who knows. Thats the truth folks. No one has a clue but investment banker economist in my opinion.

Investment bankers follow the money. The tea leaves are different for us. Greece may exit still. If it doesn’t you have Italy and Spain right behind. The EU is effectively dead and the model for the EU is not sustainable economically. Easy to confirm that. Russia wants the EU to remain divided and fall apart then they have no opposing force to their plans to expand territory marginalizing NATO and the USA. The EU either reforms or spiral into dysfunction and total distrust. So much has been lost on Greece there is no way ahead really. Giving them a new higher credit card doesn’t help the EU.

They are winning – Iran and Russia – in a new world order Russia hands Iran the Gulf and Israel – the EU is divided and trying to rebuild from financial melt down – the USA is rebuilding and isolated – China is fighting its neighbors and a fraction of what it was – and Russia fills the void. Do we go to war with Russia? They know we won’t and can’t. They are enjoying all of this – but their nation is in total melt down worse than any of their planners thought or saw. Could they kill Putin put in a new leadership and cooperate back into a Global Village – you bet – and will that happen. Putin is killing a lot of people to make sure it will not. We’ll have to see – Russia has a way of becoming sane from the insane in quick turns lets see. We love the RUSSIAN people and hate to seem them prisoners inside their own nation by a mad man with global plans to rule the world. Really? I mean REALLY? When Putin says like Hitler you have nothing to fear from Russia – its time to NUKE EM.

Can that Putin plan be avoided. You bet. But it takes a President reading the tea leaves and massively stepping up the digital defense of the nation – we have lobbied for MARS – Mutually Assured Reconstruction – and we will continue to advance this support for our Military planners.

Can we do it all in time? I mean IN TIME as the death spiral of deflation that creates all depressions has started in 2015 folks. Enjoy lower prices your about to have an economic collapse.

The digital war is unfolding fast – NOW.  There is only one MOST VULNERABLE TIME. The time between Nov and a new President next year and the transition into February. The ideal time to pull the switch. If they do – HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM. WE may well have a world war III digital warfare problem in months not years. Timing is everything. Perhaps I’m the only one on earth that see’s this window. OK then let it flow like sand into the wind then.

I’ve suggested exploring with licensed insurance professionals – moving all market investments into INSURANCE based investing as the safe haven on top of all others . For those who listened they have zero losses the last six days of market down bubble. But on SUPER CRASH day they sleep like babies in my opinion. Thats one opinion get lots of them. Insurance investment diversification I think is the ultimate safe haven but you need to move out now. Right now …get data yourselves and become self educated with license professionals.

I’m for safe high ground right now. I believe the Politican’s have no clue and the financial tea leaves are so clear. WE are flying blind into a Digital War Fare Mountain.

Follow the money Folks and make up your own mind on what is really important. It is not whether or not Trump is a bald man – let me tell you – not at this point. None of that matters at all.
Berny Dohrmann