We suggested you visit with licensed insurance experts and move from market investing to insurance investing for a period of time. Get out at the all time peak record high. Sell high buy after the SUPER CRASH. Lose nothing including sleep.

Today all the Kings Horse and all the Kings men of the most powerful phony market manipulator in stocks, bonds, currency, and commodities – CHINA – has had their shit hit their fan. Today the over supply of commodities is sinking their currency as they backed their phony money with commodities now plunging. Russia is seeing sinking oil and energy prices destroy their ruble. China investing a trillion to off set the sell off still can’t stop the slide. 30%$ and moving to 50%. The big money is out of Asia and India will pass China in 2020. Why bet on CHINA now – its sinking. Their model has been hijacked by Asian neighbors ..their growth is in decline as deflation in China moderates for two decades their game plan. Be smart and long term.

Greece is not done. Greece debt is NOT SUSTAINABLE and the IMF will not play until it is. Buying EU stability won’t work. Anticipate Italy and Spain will topple the EU. The EU is about to SUPER CRASH.

The world is about to SUPER CRASH. In our opinion. Consider the Summer market has the big boys on the sidelines until after labor day. The hair raising crashes have come in October. WATCH the triple witching hour in October. It will be brutal.

Again in our opinion.

WE suggest prune for year end results now and move to safe haven in insurance. Commodities suck too. Over 20 years August has been a horrid market for profit making and a big market of profit TAKING. Take yours.

Keep your eye on the money folks. The Fed will raise interest rates and the market is not ready. Everything will avalanche as the interest rises and global trade freezes up in response. WATCH.

We don’t see a silver lining yet – but we’ll keep an light on for you. If you stay in the markets – remember as you take blood pressure meds –



Berny Dohrmann – the opinion of a retiree