Greek Leaders for decades lied to their voters, tell them there was a responsible way to pile on cradle to grave social benefits that no nation can pay for. They borrowed their carry forward. Until the debt saddle became too large to maintain. The nation was bankrupt. Its banks were bankrupt all on life support.

Will they tell their voters the truth:


1. Income is in a death spiral

2. Tourists are no longer coming

3. No one is buying anything or trading with us now

4. Unemployment for our young work force is 54% and rising rapidly.

5. Unemployment in our mature adult population is 27% and rising.

There is no income to pay the social costs.

Greece must be reorganized. Their voters need to hear the truth.

You can’t keep stealing money from other nations and creditors who trusted you once upon a time ….but whose trust is gone. Your policies suggest eternal theft versus responsible pay backs.

The time of reckoning for Greece and frankly the world of nations just like Greece is upon us. We either get this right with SUPER BONDS or we go to war following SUPER CRASH.

I chose Super Bonds…we’ll see….some pretty big players are working on just that. I’m proud to have given them the solution.

Berny Dohrmann Chairman CEO SPACE