Is a financial panic that is beyond markets to moderate. In today’s world with trillions of dollars of manipulating trading positions, controlled via automation, the spark to develop panic, distrust, and market SUPER CRASH is a long while building up – like kindling in a fire pyre – where the least spark sets in motion a chain of heat.

Greece voting to bow out of untold tens of billions upon tens of billions of debt, to never pay those debts back, ripples collapse to the entire Greek financial system and economic system, which via counter party agreements globally, begins to kindle the heat.

The Chinese Market CRASHED last week a full 30% but the Chinese are anticipating a SUPER CRASH this week. To preclude it as a panic last ditch effort, the Chinese are now permitting pension funds, state funds, and all reserves to buy dubious equity positions to shock the market away from SUPER CRASH.

Every index is DOWN.

This week the market will finally MOVE now that the Greeks have rallied behind leaving the EU, resetting up their own currency, and bankrupting their prior debt. The economy spending 170% more than it earns, with an income account CRASHING COMPLETELY in a full on economic death spiral, can not be brought back to life. The promises made to retiree’s are vacated. There will be zero ( versus cut back ) pensions – there will be none. Greece will be frozen out of the EU, including travel and trade. VISA’s will be impossible to get. Millions of Greeks are trying to flea – knowing – they have minutes to depart and that their children in their lifetime will never known job security at home.

World markets will begin to assess the ripple cost of the Greek Melt Down. Other nations with far larger debt balloons including many EU leading nations such as Italy and Spain to name two, are next. Germany and France will see trade move backward into recession now, magnified by the Chinese CRASH. The tipping point for Contagion is seeded in these ripples from Greece. The kindling ( Greece debt defaults ) triggers a firestorm as banks and funds holding bonds, lose their liquidity as panic sets in upon them as their true loss positions become assessed by the market. Which is automated. So those AI assessments are automatic and instant.

Will a SUPER CRASH flow into the market ? We do not believe the market will pass October without a SUPER CRASH. As we come up on September 11th our enemies will be gloating as the world of the West sinks into the SUPER CRASH and firestorm of contagion. Banks world wide could know runs and see bank closures. Ultimately confidence in fiat currency and printed money may evaporate where no one will trade with paper money. Society as we know it becomes transformed when such instances take place. They have occurred over and over but never with global digital connection as we have today.

NO ONE KNOWS how this will play out. On a risk on risk off consideration, betting on further upward mobility globally, with China in a CRASHING MARKET just as serious as 2007 2008 for us and the world – and the EU about to CRASH this coming week as the Greek Nation steals the futures of the world to protect their artificial economy that has no basis in economics – a billion will be effected by Friday. The Tsunami of CONTAGION is building. It will hit the markets ( land ) at a time no one can with precision tell you. The SUPER CRASH that follows places the world in real depression no longer recession and the only way out of world depression over human history has been – total and full out wars.

I’ve been predicting just this repeat of financial history since 911. Yet no law, no thoughtful new process, to prevent the repeat of history has taken place. In fact we learned nothing from the abuse of 2007. The speculation which caused the world crash, has risen out of all imagination due to the lack of a global regulatory re-think.

Without the conditions of contagion the manipulators in the market, smelling blood, will make fortunes crashing the markets from their all time highs. China will discover the leverage they have hyper grown upon, is impossible to control when it turns upon your central market space. The SUPER CRASH in CHINA is upon us and the time of panic is here as well.

The PANIC likely in the EU this week and China this week will begin to act like a human virus of the mind. The Panic will move from mainframes tying to keep up to human thought trying to get ahead of the growing panic. This is the death spiral. Everyone trying to get out before the new floor of say a 6000 dollar DOW, as I’ve predicted.

I had suggested and still suggest – smart money explore selling out of markets and hold into insurance based investment portfolio’s – permanent life – index life – annuities of various forms – diversifying from growth to liquidity to cash flow all under principle guarantee’s that never breach even when the banks are CLOSED in the 1930’s.

There is ( in my opinion ) only one market place free of unbridled speculation – and that is insurance investing. Talk to licensed professionals and explore this option fully – keeping in mind market experts get PAID when you keep money in their markets – and lose when you take money over to insurance markets that do not pay them. Keep the conflict in mind when talking to insurance professionals or market professionals who are licensed and worth full due diligence. Delay may be a cost to great to pay.

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Berny Dohrmann – Author