The over pricing of the manipulated and false market space of China in commodities, equities, bonds, debts, and real estate, is a thirty year bubble about to burst. The speculators with trillions upon trillions have moved in for the adjustment. As they create the adjustment China and its central controls are trying to stem the tide.

The nation that brought you untold hacks of our IP, and world productivity, stealing all that value, and who participated in earning so much on the crash for the West they and Putin exploited as a digital weapon, has a flaw in it. The opposite side has digital weapons as well. Now everyone is playing with their new toys.

The massive artificial market manipulation by the Chinese machine to buy into its market in the face of Holiday short selling is nothing compared to the MASSIVE SHORT SELLING the rest of this week will bring. Greece and China are linked. Russia is now making money on China’s pain, as they refused to dump their dollars and US debt to crash the USA so Russia is now punishing China. Or as Putin said privately to a comrade – nothing personal we just need the money right now.

So the trade wars, we long predicted with sanctions here and a  red line there or a trade barrier here and there have got us moving toward SUPER CRASH and contagion globally and a world depression followed by SUPER CRASH. Everyone knows it.

We have demonstrated some economic modeling for way into a better future but thus far new ideas are not wanted and the old models that do not work are being followed like Gospels for the damned. Millions are being scared and hurt financially for no good reason.

Competition is the source of the pain.

Cooperation is the solution to the pain.

Giving up competitive thinking is the NEW IDEA that needs to foundational change the affairs of nations. Increasingly inhumanity to humanity must be deleted from the field of play. Collective deletion by the sane against the insane.

Today the world IS insane and the sane watch insane decisions choices and leaders competition insanely versus with sanity. Its frustrating for clear thinking.

Distrust and negotiation can not take us where we need to be. Only in cooperation with trust and agreement can we land where we need to be.

China is a weather vain on the level of competition taking place in the world today. Although China has started this rising escalation China is the leader that can end it as well and together we should find a way to protect China from their own Super Crash.

Because sure as sunshine and weather a SUPER CRASH is coming to the world….preventable but so far ….no takers.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman of the Sanity


PS: China’s enemy’s will earn over a TRILLION DOLLAR profits on China’s pain….whoever loses check out who is gaining …financially follow the money.