China Super Crash



We blogged to our readers – check with your licensed broker – about getting out of China and Asia Stocks. The China Equity market is now down in SUPER CRASH territory. The market dropped 8% today as the largest one day FULL CRASH in market history. We suggested firms funds institutions and individuals get up to date advice and explore moving out of ASIAN stocks weeks before the market went off a cliff in Asia. Those readers who actually do their home work may have saved a ton of loss from their lives- how cool is that. Information IS power.

The Government attempting to manipulate their equity market like they do their phony money currency – saw the global market begin to moderate the right market price. The bottom of the China Market – we simply can’t see it. The bubble is bursting and the market is as they say in the wizard of oz Witch….oh God I’m meltinggggggg. What a world what a world.

We feel the Chinese currency is NEXT. Manipulating markets in the digital age is a failed policy by itself. The 25 year ago tools China used to moderate its GAME PLAN are now off set by the digital market of equilibrium. The Speculation Russia has fostered and China made fortunes within, is now returned like a vicious boomerang.

China is failing at POLICY.

Its one child policy – failure.

Its agriculture policy – failure.

Its new city policy – failure.

Its economic policy – failure.

Its forward global policy – we’ll see.

China has the Golden Chance to forge the new economic model – COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. Cooperative Capitalism is a market where laws rule transparency as expressed in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION.

Cooperative Capitalism features market policy that includes:


* Naked Short selling is a criminal act.

* Insider trading is a crime.

* Public institutions report earnings every six months.

* All trades are fully reported – shadow banking and dark pools are criminal acts.

* All markets are fully accountable.

* All markets are fully transparent.

* There are NO SECRETS in Cooperative Capitalism.

* Kensyen Economics rule Friedman economics are replaced.

* SUPER BOND theory moderates prior decades of imbalances.

* Currency speculation and short selling is a crime.


In Dec of 1999 with old regulatory frame works still in place, stake holder trading that bought a stock or bond was just over two trillion dollars while betting WHICH WAY something might go in the future has risen to 800 billion. 15 Years later with regulations allowing banks to invest off shore at fantastic risk leverage of core deposits – stake holder trading has just returned to 2.2 Trillion in global volume from the crash period – while speculation bets on WHICH WAY something might or might now go – has exceeded 440 TRILLION DOLLARS ( US ).

The market of SPECULATION and GREED will correct. The correction we call SUPER CRASH. Global unemployment will reach 50%. Economic dynamic will virtually collapse.

There is no soft landing from the speculation taking place today.

We have recommended those who wish to remain in front of all this buy investment banker Kevin Freeman’s GAME PLAN. First to gain information of what the OTHER SHOW DROPPING sounds and looks like.

Second to move out of market based investments including hard assets, and move into insurance based investments with licensed brokers guiding you. If I were your age myself with resource elections – I would move out of all market investing by Friday and move into a diversified insurance based portfolio – high returns – fully guaranteed principle – and not to the limits of your FDIC.

If you were the FDIC with less than 50 billion in reserves in cash, to insure trillions of dollars of cash deposits, you would go to jail for insurance fraud. However by special exemptions those who contract to serve in such space are exempt from crimes and fraud. That seems a bit obtuse. Today the real criminals evoke sayings like I CAN’T BREATH and or are never even seen as they work in financial markets.

If the common sense rule is buy low sell high – then how does your broker advocate with common sense “buy at the all time historic high” plow forward?????

Sell high and buy insurance low. As interest rises your insurance returns will rise right along with the bank. You know the insurance firms paid during the last SUPER CRASH historically known as the GREAT DEPRESSION. Well the GREATER DEPRESSION is coming and its full on Global.

The trigger can be China if the crash becomes contagion and truly it might. We are watching China. This is ten Greece crises in one for the world. While the world is putting a hot dog together at August Holiday the smart money is flying into CEO SPACE on Tuesday August Forth – look up CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL and watch a film. You may want to join the SMART money and register to the conference Forbes says in 2015 you CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS THIS ONE.

We’ll set you into safer harbor for SUPER CRASH that is for sure.

Meanwhile as always information IS POWER !

Berny Dohrmann – just expression my opinions no advice implied. Always see your licensed brokers for professional advice ….




I’m a fifth generation San Francisco resident. My family forged the first and largest paper in the North Bay the CALL BULLETIN which was sold to the Hearst Family, but not until Mark Twain had died, as THAT was why they wanted the paper along with its circulation. My grandfather ABC Dohrmann promised Mr. Twain he would not sell “him” to the Hearst group until he had graduated. He kept his word. ABC also Chaired the largest department store chain the Emporeum Stores in the Western States and the largest Hotel Supply Group – DOORMAN HOTEL SUPPLY – and founded the National Park Service and served on its board the first four years. Forgetting his children’s contribution to the city, or my own, we are old roots in California. So I do not say this lightly.

California has politically lost its way from the time of Gov Jerry’s Brown’s father in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Whom I knew. Then California was number one in education, the number one business environment, the leading transportation system, and the envy of the world. Today California is down in the 30’s in fifty state education, and is falling lower fast. The road ways are one pot hole after another. The traffic is the joke of the world. The state offers its citizen the highest debt to income ratio of any of the 50 states. The state has no direction. The state is now the most HOSTILE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT in the United States.

Serving the largest Entrepreneur institution in the world we have offered to supply suggestions. In writing to leaders and Gov Brown. No one replies. But the actions of the state make everything worse and worse. Now Gasoline is the highest in the nation. While we pay 2.18 a gallon in Florida my home state is paying over 5.50 cents a gallon. Why? Legal theft is why. They can steal billions now and no one will stop the thieves. But three strikes and a guy stealing a loaf of bread to feed his six kids at home goes to prison for LIFE in California. The soul of California has been lost.

Seeing this all coming I left in the 1980’s for a more friendly state and there are too many to count. Chose yours. Avoid Nevada who awash in revenues just passed a corporate income tax on all the corporations housed there but operating else where – now those firms will be double taxed. Talk to LAUGHLIN USA ask for Scott if you have a Nevada firm and wish to “walk that entity” to WYOMING…I would do that right now if you read this or pass it on to a friend. Its the little things.

One little thing one tiny freedom until your in a completely controlled police state – thats what Hitler taught and California Politician’s practice. But now you have a bankrupt state that will soon default on its bonds, and debts just like Greece just like Detroit. You will wipe out pensions. You will reset your debt. You will cheat people on promises you made just like Greece saying its the mean lender who helped you out like it is their fault. You become souless then.

Dad always taught us – your a person if you keep your word and pay your legal debts. Illegal debts are something else.

California’s have the highest tax burden and goods prices and cost of living prices of all fifty states. It is now the most HOSTILE STATE JUST TO LIVE IN. In 2015 it crossed over to a state that people should LEAVE in record numbers.


You have no water for 25 years. This draught is not going away. Your going to be unable to flush.

LEAVE. Move to states benefiting from climate change. The earlier you leave the more you won’t suffer the property complete crash in real estate prices that is going to hit California. As hundreds of thousands of UNOCCUPIED HOME ( they are leaving folks ahead of YOU ) become millions of homes unoccupied and without buyers wanting no service, high taxes, roaring crime, no water to flush, quality of life that spends too huge and massive a percentage on shelter food and gasoline – versus other states where that percentage is half or less than half – as Bill Clinton said – its arithmetic folks its simple do the math.

It does not make sense to stay in California. The great gold rush out of the state to Texas, Wyoming, Colorado ( the number move in State ) follow the water. Move to the jobs, life style and mind sets. California is going to be a century to restore and it won’t happen for two generations. For the coming two generations untold millions are leaving the state. The tax base will fall as income earners by millions leave and property taxes plunge as property is abandoned in rental and ownership. People are walking away. For water. For futures for their children.

Your little ones will not find the jobs or the life they want by staying in California. You can leave before the route is front page news. But when it is the cost to you in new location jobs, new opportunity, better values, will be passing. THE TIME TO LEAVE is 2015.

California’s I speak from experience. I did it. No traffic. No taxes on business in Florida none – no b&0 tax no state income tax – gasoline is at 2.00 dollars yours is five – we can flush all day – electricity is cheap – roads are new – no traffic ever. Quality of life is amazing.

YOU ARE NOT A TREE. Replant yourself.

Business is leaving first by the scores every month. They need water – lower fuel and power costs – lower taxes – and they are taking their workers with them. If you stay your options will shrink. If you leave your opportunities will soar. LEAVE THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA and make sure the last person out of the state turns off the TAP !

Berny Dohrmann – Speaking about smart money living




CEO SPACE will help business owners navigate future mine fields, advance their second half of the year plan, load in more customers and clients, and accelerate your bottom line or we will refund your membership fee. We transform business momentum as Forbes # 1 ranked conference for business including our Teen Class and Kid Camps for Families at the Lake Las Vegas Resort. Take a tax vacation and join the business leaders coming from countries world wide. You deserve it.

Today the world is euphoric over the IRAN deal ( which may bomb in Congress after terms come to the full light of day ). If we release 100 billion dollars to the terror factory of the Gulf Region do we release a weapon of financial destruction? Has the agenda of Iran changed – blast Israel into the Sea – conquer all Gulf nations – control all Gulf resources and assure the first Muslim SUPER POWER returns to the earth….is the risk on or way off?

Greece is entering into a debt bomb it can never pay off. Did we kick that bucket down the road? Does it solve anything really? The failure of the Greek agencies to adhere to the agreement, or to follow the terms will result in CATASTROPHIC melt down for the entire EU. The world will not be the same.

While this is going on the melt down from jobs leaving China for other markets in Asia, is deflating Chinese Markets. They are experiencing a realignment of values from property to stocks to bonds to futures. Trillions are opposing government market intervention falsely underwriting markets creating a PHANTOM MARKET SPACE. One can not force investor confidence back. Once can not trick investors back in. Investors want out until there is a real floor. The bubble is busting and the real floor is unknown. This financial BOMB will effect the entire world. No one knows the extent. We submit Japan is once again the number two economy and China is slipping to number three. IT may take a generation for trust to return. The unknown risk on risk way off is HOW BAD WILL THE DEFLATION BECOME and how will China cope with the social unrest the DEFLATION creates with trillions of wealth disappear as it is disappearing RIGHT NOW in August. No one knows the answer.

How do business owners risk on risk off their own planning. These realities bit the head off consumer spending in July. The drop was shocking to economists and way off forecast. The FED may delay interest seeing Housing falter, jobs falter as unemployment spiked way up again and shows no end in site – the economies of the EU ad America are SLOWING and FAST and the IMF has adjusted its 2015 forecast for world economic activity DOWNWARD for the 5th time this year to its lowest level this year.

CEO SPACE will provide life enriching information to business owners wishing a planning GPS in SUPER CHANGE markets so you can plan, execute, mentor others, invest, plan, avoid unwanted risk, promote , advertise, and channel into perfect match to market attitudes at year end. If you lack these upgrades we fear you will do much worse. If you have these upgrades we know you will fare much better. We have assembled the experts that bring these assets to the leading firms of the world.

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Reward your key personnel and enroll them as an incentive and bring your cooperation to the number one ranked conference by Forbes in the world. Delay for your pay is not an option.


Berny Dohrmann




Greece has a long uncertain road ahead. The August Deal with the EU is conditional. IF and its a huge if reforms are actually pushed through without changes, money to save the Greek people from bankruptcy and total bank failure, should be effective. Greece will enter a long recession with 5% – further contraction – further pain and a long TIME a long long TIME to rebuild a market based economy that is sustainable. The worst is still yet to come for the Greek People. The pain of further austerity is required to develop a U TURN to a nation spending 170% more than it earns – each year – and that is the lie number – its much much worse than THAT. Bankruptcy is so much worse for seniors and all Greeks. This if approved and the IF is enormous will work.

Iran is making a deal. This will open oceans of oil into an over crowded space. Oil price will drop through 2016 lowering the cost of EVERYTHING and further stabilizing economic growth world wide. A nation as large as the EU will begin to fully spend 100’s of billions released from sanctions on EVERYTHING globally. All tides will rise with the IRAN settlement. Economic global prosperity is now assured and eyes can focus on the ISIS delete button – where one leader at a time is being deleted. 12 in the last 12 weeks. The supreme leader will be gone soon. ISIS is a insanity that is being swept from the earth by the sane.

Insanity has no place ….any longer.
Competition the source of all insanity has no place…any longer.

Cooperation theory principles and organizing theory is the solution and cure – the sanity to the insanity of competition. Competition as a thought form is being deleted.

The time to RISK WINNING to risk ACCELERATION is right now. August 4th a Four Day retreat for business owners CEO SPACE a the Westin Lake Las Vegas is in session. Enroll into the annual big one or register at the door with your entire family. Repurpose a tax dollar into acceleration.

If you stay home with all this good news in the market place you earn a speed bump of income. If you register to CEO SPACE you earn Mount Everest and if you don’t we refund your registration fee – which is one reason CEO SPACE is # 1 on Forbes ranking just for YOU in 2015. Don’t loose the better opportunity…..use the best opportunity always.

Decisions make miracles happen.

Make yours.

CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL on line – see a film and check the option OUT.

PS: The Greek Deal still needs EU nation approvals and Greek Approvals – no sure thing by any means – lets see and watch closely. Looks improved from the brink however.

Berny Dohrmann – Investment banker retired




The fundamentals, are rising in the wrong direction. In 1999, before new laws allowed bank deposits to invest at fantastic unregulated off shore leverage investing positions, stake holder trading to buy and own a stock or bond, was 2 trillion dollars annually. The speculation trades of betting on the side which way the markets may go, betting on the cost of every commodity including currency was 800 billion.

In the 15 years since the law change, that created the 1901 world depression and world war I and the law change that did the same exact thing and caused the global depression of 1929 and World War II that followed, followed the insane trend of law makers who NEVER LEARN from financial historic construction and regulation. In those 15 years, the stake holder trading account finally in 2015 returned to 2.5 trillion dollars US in global stake holder trading, buying and owning a stock and or a bond. The speculation market, side bets in pure casino capitalism on which way a price on anything really may go, has reached 440 trillion dollars, up from 800 billion when the laws firewall such side bets as criminal.

Today the regulations are all local, UK, America, EU, China, Japan etc. The trades are all in the CLOUD and are unregulated by any nation and mandate for the LARGEST RE-THINK OF GLOBAL REGULATION. We have advocated on our blocks for a three year G 100 FINANCIAL CONSTITUTION CONGRESS to advance a regulator frame work, that makes side bets criminal, and stake holder buying uniformly regulated. Without this new model in a digital trading era the MANIPULATION AND GREED factors will bankrupt the world banks, creating a collapse financially and a world war to follow. Financially history if unlearned is always repeated.

Greece has agreed to debt terms with strict and every more serious obligations, to receive money, they agree to pay back, on terms their economists say they can live with. Five times they failed ( lied ) to execute the terms of each of five bail outs. Five times they lied to creditors and never executed the terms of the loan. Five times they paid back none of the principle and only paid some of the INTEREST on these vast sums, asking each time for loans to be forgiven. This means I lend you money, you agree to pay it back, but you in fact steal the money, and keep the money, and never intend to pay it back. Five times. Each with more distrust and tougher rules each time lies and no repayment. Always asking for every higher new sums to pay part of the old interest but never all the interest and never any of the principle.

Only by borrowing new money can any repayments be made and you want haircuts, or theft of the money those lenders trusted to you -entrusted to you – such that you make the lender the evil while you the thief are pure and good – and need to be rewarded for your evil ways.

Today why should the EU trust the Greek people will change. Why would they take new money and pay their bills? Why would they take new money and execute cut backs and required firewalls to spending 170% more than they earn in income each and every year to stabilize their nation? The EU ministers experienced with five bail outs, five thefts, five lies and breach of legal written contracts – no longer trust the Greek people to do anything like what the agree to do. They lie. They steal.

The sum they wish is more than the bail out for Bear Sterns, more than the Bail out for AIG, more than the BAIL OUT FOR TARP, more than the bail out loans for General Motors or Chysler all of which WERE REPAID. The Bail out for Greece is the largest bail out of any nation creditor or entity in human record keeping. Who will pay such sums? Who goes bankrupt if those sums are bad loans and Greece as a nation of liars and thieves who feel entitled as if the world owes them merfor living LARGE when they can’t afford it – for decades – an underwriting. WHY WOULD THE EU RISK ITS ENTIRE SOVEREIGNTY AND STRUCTURAL WELLNESS for the liar nation of thieves. Six strikes and your OUT. GO BK.

If Greece wins the concessions, and the largest bail out in history, next comes Italy, ten time larger problem than Greece spending so much more than they earn, then comes SPAIN, spending so much more than they earn, then Yugo, and Poland, and so it goes. The totals run into the hundreds upon hundreds of trillions. The economy of the peoples of Germany, of France, of the UK can not support these bail out sums and these thefts of money that contractually nations agreed to pay back but as liars and thieves made ZERO PROVISION for such pay backs. They lied about their reforms. They kept spending like cocaine pipe inhaling addicts for money, and they continue to work for their next hit of the EU money pipe.

If Greece does not have to pay its debt, save for the revised terms where a one year debt moves to unknown term, and the sum may never be repaid, and new money is the only way to use fraud to book that loan as a GOOD LOAN, when it is a BAD LOAN ( we would go to jail for using EU accounting ) such that the banks underwriting these vast sums and pools and equity funds are all smashed to the floor when the “good loan” their fraud funny money accounting we can’t use, is taken from them, and fair market accounting applies, the ripple effect is CONTAGION. The entire system falls as the financial tsunami creates world wide depression. The cause of all depressions is just this. What you are seeing.

China has manipulated its currency, its markets and is doing so now. The bubble in China valuation is a fraud. The market knows the fraud. In 2015 the bubble burst. China began to manipulate a false market. They blocked all big share holders from selling in any form, that is market manipulation. IN the WEST you go to jail for that. They blocked short selling. They poured state assets and state partner assets into massive buying in the now CHINA FIREWALL MARKET a false market a market that is no longer a real market. Trillions of dollars are poised to continue to sell. The 30% crash is the tip of the bubble. We can envision a 70% China Market drop before the market stabilizes. China is well advised to free market their market. If they firewall a market of manipulation and fraud into the market as they are right now it will take THREE DECADES to get investment capital back into China. The investment into China is OVER. No one can expect anything but DEFLATION in China. It took 20 years for Japan to even begin to come to grips with their deflation spiral.

Property values in China are going to plunge till after 2025.

Stock values will now be volatile and eventually stabilize 40% down from where they reside today in the false market.

Debt will default.

New money will evaporate.

Unemployment will soar.

Economic activity declining by 50% over ten years will decline another 50% over ten years. Social unrest will create more riots. Eventually to get out China will focus on Military expansion, regional war, and territory expansion, deflecting the population attention to internal fraud and mismanagement and keeping their focus on fear, national pride, external threats, and a growing war machine as the economic engine the State of China will use to offset private sector deflation. The price of everything in China will crash including wages.

Due to financial constrictions quality from China will decline. Surrounding nations like India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore, and many others will soar and benefit from CHINA DEFLATION as work moves from China to stable more free market predictable supply sources. Big firms are leaving China in droves today to never return.

The rising sun for China has reached high noon, and today we are seeing the SUN ALSO SETS. It is twilight in China in 2015 due to policy errors. It can be fixed but is the political agenda even possible given the commitment to failed policy directions? It will take decades for China leadership to change so the policy can change. In our opinion the Chinese people are in for a very rough period next.

The world facing an EU that is past its zenith of stability, and a China that moderates all of Asia’s buying powers, democrats two thirds of the world that can buy goods from the other third are now ill, some fatally ill, and there is no medicine to recover from the illness. The illness is spreading like Financial Ebola. No nation will be untouched. When two thirds lower their buying the one third feel it and feel it deeply. Developing nations in Africa, Asia and South America will find the waves hitting America are financial tsunamia’s for their nations. They will wash across economic landscapes devastating economies, creating regional wars which may consolidate and blend into world war ultimately. ISIS is a Hitler level event that can create a WORLD WAR within these economic destabilizations.

We have advanced the notion of SUPER BONDS as a new sovereign class of Redemption to reset clocks into economic stability which is in the world economic leaderships best interest. As always a new invention is not embraced on the introduction date or even by the inventor. Galileo was locked up by the Pope for years suggesting the telescope proved the earth rotated around the sun versus the wrong view that the solar system all rotated around the earth. Busting old models into new models ( in economic theory ) is itself a tedious task. We have advanced the SUPER BOND THEORY to the White House, to their Law Firms, to Major Wall Street Firms, to the United States State Department and to economists at Universities interested to listen. We have advanced the theory to Warren Buffet asking for his support.

Eventually a PATRON will adopt the new theory and advanced the invention to market. The timing IF advanced SOON ENOUGH could roll back deflation for China, Deflation globally, re-inflate global economics – stabilized all national trade globally – and ushering in a century without war, or depression, protecting the unborn generation. The CONTAGION CLOCK “IS” Ticking. With 440 trillion over leveraged trading dollars in speculation market space, adding nothing to economic development, and acting as criminal financial weapons of mass destruction, the cliff we all fear is right ahead. Everyone is stampeding toward that cliff. The wealth of nations companies and individuals will be forever changed as a result.

Read GAME PLAN so you have your personal game plan, as your nations have NONE – no game plan – and what the book promises is taking place as I type. If you believe knowledge is power, read Kevin Freeman’s Game Plan ( get ten at Amazon as you will wish to share it with your circle ). Kevin is an investment banker, a consultant to many of your three letter agencies, and the top in the know planner for the future your facing. If you want to understand what is going on “out there” read GAME PLAN. Knowledge is POWER and you can act to protect yourself. But you had better get that information soon and act fast.

In my opinion. And yes you may share my blogs – copy and paste or share link as you wish.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL


PS: I do news shows globally on economic trends and what is going on news item by news item from Moscow to New York. 256 850 4700 to schedule your interview or key note talk.