Kevin started by reporting every man woman and child in every national data base in all western nations, have been hacked and are not properties of China and Russia. He talks about the hack of today with the largest data base of government employee’s every hacked at one time. He discusses these events are part of ASYMETRICAL WARFARE a theory based new model for global warfare developed by the Chinese. He asked you that you begin to serious pay attention to developing your own GAME PLAN because your country does not have a GAME PLAN.

He cites famous hacks of the White House, Power Grids, all financial market records, the NSA, the CIA, the FBI let alone Target and Walmart.

OUR small business CEO community in 140 nations forge over thirty years of tireless service needs to READ GAME PLAN to protect their financial lifestyle in all forward markets.

Make your GAME PLAN and spread the word.

Berny Dohrmann




THE IMF announced its leading economists this week had concluded that austerity to national economics may be a cure more harmful than the problem. New process to allow breathing room for nations to improve tax receipts over time seems to be a new policy.

This will mean oceans of money flowing into world markets, inflating the system. Debt will repaid without negotiated haircuts but rather now through decades of longer term inflation. Gasoline selling for 200 dollars a gallon ( US ) at the pump, would make todays sovereign debt a discount in those dollars against todays face values for bond holders.

We assume the IMF will not throw fundamentals out the door or the world system would crash into panic and SUPER CRASH. This policy change is the largest in our opinion since the IMF was formed.

What does it mean for nations like Greece and others?

We don’t know YET.

We are studying the new directions carefully. We’ll give you input when we form an opinion of how this policy may fly or crush future money flows at the source level – nation to nation trade and financing.

We feel the new policy holds great promise. The details and execution will be the final driver for these choices.

Its new – untried and represents new economic theory.

Lets all follow this carefully. Its foundational to all our futures.

PS: Thank you Naiome Klien author of SHOCK DOCTRINE you did it on your watch.


Westin Lake Las Vegas


The Forum opened traditionally with the cutting of the ribbons to release massive balloon bundles into the sky representing the THINGS THAT HAVE HELD US BACK in our own journey. This week our alliance partner for ENGAGING SPEAKERS out of Chicago, Ms. Gail Brown, Chairwoman cut those ribbons – having build her institution with 20% of her heart functioning. She has more heart than all of us helping Entrepreneurs spread their message as authors on paid stages bringing their message to the masses through ENGAGING SPEAKERS a CEO SPACE Endorsement partner.

The Ribbon Bundle representing raising our hopes and dreams for the FUTURE and Tomorrow where all blocks are removed and effortless abundance manifests was cut by our 2015 Global National Sales Manager Ron Lober. The faculty was introduced with all their special areas as the MENTOR’s Of the CENTURY now working for all guests one on one.

The workshop matrix is now ONE HOUR TALKS making more time for networking with Mentor experts to remove your challenge list.

CEO SPACE introduced the new product the CEO ACCOUNTABILITY MATRIC FORM. The CEO ACCOUNTABILITY MATRIX FORM – provides – new methods as a product itself, for three expert Mentors to work for free on your MILESTONE ACCOUNTABILITY FORM. Over our week together the CEO and the mentor team develop hyper growth deliverables consistent with their plan upgrades this week to deliver specific results, by August, by October, By Dec, by March and by May 2016. A one year forward deliverable graph. Signed off on by the three mentors on your selected ACCOUNTABILITY TEAM and by YOU as CEO owner.

Now for the first time you can within a lifetime membership plan, return every sixty days to:

1. Remove challenge list items that came up over two months – saving them for the SPACE for solution. Putting better minds over your money and future. More help.

2. Review the milestone deliveries for August – assess and measure what has been done and what has NOT been done and move to put the TIME LINE back on track to reach the CEO goal wall.

This process makes you unstoppable, self correcting, and accountable to your selected accountability team, as a new value and product, inside the 30 year mature CEO SPACE product matrix, all at no additional cost.


I’ve been doing group coaching in a conference room, for limited access of FIVE CEO’s of their firms, tape recorded and rolling out sequence modules and prep for the values the CEO came to acquire with miracles happening in each session. Specific critical VIP introductions are being made and results are being tracked into time lines with details.

Everyone trust as I have resigned as officer and employee of CEO SPACE in 2015, remaining as a volunteer Chairman along with the rest of our all VOLUNTEER BOARD devoting the remainder of my life, to volunteer work to help Entrepreneurs. I’m so proud I started this plan two years ago when I placed September Dohrmann, as President, and owner of CEO SPACE, and late last year shifted the CEO title to September and her all woman Executive management team ( we stand for FULL PARTNERSHIP FOR WOMAN IN THE timeSECULAR WORLD ) and we now example that commitment. I feel as if CEO SPACE coming up on thirty years of unmatched service, ranked by Forbes # 1 in the world, continues to earn its place as leading Fortune Trainers describe CEO SPACE -as the SUPER BOWL for “us” to upgrade our own skills for the larger contracts we undertake for the largest employers on earth. CEO SPACE is our WATERING HOLE for the best o the best to simply STAY THERE.

The new format, shorter lesson plans, and 70% devoted to one on one mentorship, group networking surpassing any IP in networking in the world today, to forge customer base, client acquisition ( right as the program is going on as a new model of trade show ) on the planet, with upgrades in efficiency for any trade show offered anywhere – the only CEO TO CEO Trade show offered in the world market today. Another reason Forbes ranked us # 1 in 2015. We are working hard this week to continue to deserve such high praise in the global press.

What IS CEO SPACE- easy – CEO SPACE is a bottom line accelerator for any size enterprise. We help Fortune firms we help development firms and everyone in between.

WHAT does CEO SPACE “DO”. Also easy. We are the mix of until graduates over decades of time, serving as a business building machine. We place divisions or client firms into hyper growth and we help keep them in hyper growth.

WHAT “IS” the CEO SPACE Culture. The difference of CEO SPACE is that business in our enormous global market space is not profit motivated at our end. We serve to assure our customers learn new processes to conduct business in COOPERATIVE capitalism ( the new global modal introduced to firms like 3M and others in the late 1980’s. Collaborative business dealing between businesses helping one another grows everything so much faster and is such much more rewarding and FUN frankly, than the dog eat dog and economically failed model now being retired and superseded by far more efficient TQM processes in Cooperative Capitalism the subject of my book featured by CEO SPACE entitled REDEMPTION the COOPERATION REVOLUTION NOW available at Amazon. Get copies for yourself and gift copies to your best customers to RETAIN THEM enjoy greater REPEAT BUYING FROM THEM and far higher REFERRAL MARKETING by them. Do it now.

Today begins our brand promise where every day will double value until CEO’s become impressed by Weds THAT we truly deliver THAT result, for our membership each and every program. Thursday they begin to be stunned ahead of just being impressed thinking surely they can’t top this Friday but we DO and surely not again Saturday but we DO and for 100% of our CEO”s every single time, and finally on Sunday we do it again as you go home. We even present advanced training on how to execute remaining on track by Sunday. Again nothing comes nearly close in our stand alone leadership for rapidly developing  success, jobs, game plans, customer base,markets and global ACCESS.

CEO SPACE is also a SUPER STORE for buying anything from marketing, branding, patenting, import export, shipping results and lower costs, to anything your venture needs anyway. The value is our deliverable you just don’t have to WAIT. WE can speed it up in time and lower the cost in the market place with the highest quality maintained.

The CEOs attending will meet countless members returning FREE for LIFE Thursday through next Tuesday to accelerate their already rapidly growing ventures.

We accelerate bottom lines. It never costs money to use CEO SPACE but it may cost fortunes to miss CEO SPACE in lost opportunity cost. You can’t see the options you don’t know about. CEO SPACE increases options for CEO’s as the ultimate MASTER MIND for a full week, and open door to market access globally through CEO SPACE connections.

Our slogan WE JUST WILL NOT QUIT UNITL YOU WIN was true in the 1980’s and is even more true in 2015.

The pleasure is all ours.

Berny Dohrmann