Kevin started by reporting every man woman and child in every national data base in all western nations, have been hacked and are not properties of China and Russia. He talks about the hack of today with the largest data base of government employee’s every hacked at one time. He discusses these events are part of ASYMETRICAL WARFARE a theory based new model for global warfare developed by the Chinese. He asked you that you begin to serious pay attention to developing your own GAME PLAN because your country does not have a GAME PLAN.

He cites famous hacks of the White House, Power Grids, all financial market records, the NSA, the CIA, the FBI let alone Target and Walmart.

OUR small business CEO community in 140 nations forge over thirty years of tireless service needs to READ GAME PLAN to protect their financial lifestyle in all forward markets.

Make your GAME PLAN and spread the word.

Berny Dohrmann