Super Crash always follows a 2008 market correction of the huge melt down we lived through together. What follows is trade wars where market speculation fuels a period of distrust and negotiation that repositions world trade. Currencies and tariff’s lead the tools used to levy one nation advantage against another. The resulting instability breeds the foundations of SUPER CRASH.

A contagion event triggers super crash. The panic that follows is like a financial fire storm no one can control in a linked world market like this. Historically the SUPER CRASH then leads to world war. These patterns never deviate ( to date ) and are well documented in my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION available at Amazon.

My blogs prophetically predicted it is time to SELL OUT OF markets in general, bonds and equities and move to safe haven insurance investing. I suggested exploration with licensed professionals to move quickly. Those that did are insulated from the 2% melt down already taking place. But in my opinion you an’t seen nothing yet.

The extent of the TRILLION DOLLAR ripple is beyond measure. Already from Puerto Rico to California nations and states are stating they are unable to pay their creditors and they wish debt relief. This means we wish to steal the money we borrowed and never pay it back.

As the number mounts to trillions the banks begin to fall. Real runs on banks all over the world are likely as the market condition known as CONTAGION beyond any nation to control enters the market space, due in this time frame to GREECE.

We have brought the White House, The State Department and JP Morgan solutions we call SUPER BONDS as a new class of investment to solve the issue. So far no wants to coordinate IMF – World Bank – Investment banks and Nations into an integrated FIX which is so easy and so smart. But drawing on old templates that NO LONGER work in the digital markets of today, the old models and tools need to be thrown out and new models created.

Game Plan by investment banker KEVIN FREEMAN suggests you better get your own GAME PLAN because your nation has not got a GAME PLAN and in fact the nations have no clue. They can’t read the modern tea leaves of the new markets of SUPER CHANGE.

We believe Greece will exit the EU. This will be a blood bath spilling over to other EU nations in worse shape than Greece. The collective defaults will sink the world economy, crush the banks into bankruptcy, and effectively be a reset as in the GREAT DEPRESSION for the entire world. All preventable pain. Old ideas won’t work. And we are too slow to adopt new ideas that will work.

I’ve tried to get a call with Secretary Kerry to extend a solution with my best State Department contacts ( heck my daughter worked in State after graduating from George Town ) but even with my contacts I can’t get the traction to the decision making. I’m still trying though. For all of us.

If you begin to hear of the fix ( SUPER BONDS ) the father of SUPER BONDS is writing this blog to you. Let us hope one of my seeds takes the solution on as their idea and makes untold fortunes solving this problem for us all. Its that good.

Meanwhile we all watch the blood bath of idiocy wipe out billions in the first melting phase of the CONTAGION but in July this could explode across the world.

I’m so sorry folks – we predicted it all here and gave tips on what to do …to protect yourself. Kevin Freeman’s GAME PLAN is now an emergency read at Amazon for your retirement plan.

Spread the word.

CONTAGION is coming.
Berny Dohrmann Chairman


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Well, contagion is the spread of panic wherein the CONFIDENCE backing a financial system is destroyed. Greece is a nation that has promised for decades to pay lenders who trusted the Greek Government and provided credit. Greece for decades failed to pay the debts and sought each and every time to pay a fraction of what was owed. Not only would the money the Greek Nation received NOT be repaid, what little was repaid was discounted as to net interest for the money. This was like FREE MONEY.

As long as they could get away with it the Greek Leadership spent more than they received in income. They did this while taxes were lowered. Income was lowered when the nation was spending 190% of what it makes each each – and every year. This model is unsustainable.

Behind Greece with have Italy, Spain, and a line of of EU members from the Baltics to Ireland. The problem is the debts to Greece, say, are interdependent. That means there are agreements with “counter parties” that when UNPAID, or even they THOUGHT OF TIMELY PAYMENT is not trusted, all trade stops. No one will move anything except on the black markets.

Greece going it alone, will be shunned by world markets. For Political reasons having scammed the West for as much as the West could stand……Greece may opt to do business as a new Nation with its own new currency, with the EAST…the Gulf, China, Asia in general and Putin specifically. However as the transition unfolds, which will take years and years, Greece will have 50% unemployment, zer0 Growth, and massive civil unrest. The contagion of pulling untold BILLIONS out of Greece Banks has been rising every single day through today.

The problem begins when Greece defaults and the massive billions owed by Greece, entrusted to Greece and spent by Greece, are clearly going to be 100% write off’s. Greece will never pay her debts off. Inflation in Greece’s new currency is likely to be destructive. The contagion in Greece will quickly spread across the EU starting in Italy and Span, with their massive debt burdens to resolve next.

Not in some far off time line, but this summer, in a few weeks, Greek Banks may be ¬†totally insolvent. This means the deposit holders will have their life of savings and liquidity wiped out. If Greece issues a new currency, no one will trust it for a time. The inflation in such beta tests is typically hyper inflation where cost of goods like food rise by 100% a quarter or a month. Average folks deal in surrogate currency pegging all prices to dollars, as the EU starts to plunge. Greek Banks may be closed for some time if the worst happens. There is no instance fix if Greece leaves the EU. The cognition is unfolding as we watch so follow the news on say BBC over seas daily as you won’t see it tracked properly in the USA.

While this is all going on we are facing, Africa daily terror carnage, ISIS spreading like a mental infection, EBOLA far from ended despite all the spin doctors, MERS spreading out of control globally, as Regional Wars increasingly involve global sponsors which are being drained to the bone marrow to finance all these local cost burdens. WORLD WAR III has started and is financial, first launched with a digital attack on our markets in 2007. Read Game Plan for the research. The war is on going and global and ON LINE not in lines. We are loosing. Every Western technology from critical defense, NSA snooping software and modules, all data bases in the west, from the White House to every power grid – hacked and open season on the WEST.

Meanwhile we have no GAME PLAN. No plan. We have done nothing. Really nothing. Now the DIGITAL WARS will move into the global markets as Greece becomes the next opportunity of moment to attack western financial markets in general. Last time Marlon Paz was able to obtain a global consensus to criminalize short selling as short sales were blocked on world wide markets for a time. New filters sought to back track our enemies making a trillion dollars on our pain firing only a line of code versus bullets blood and death. We have never struck back. We lack the digital weapons our enemies now have.

If you read Game Plan this blog site is going to mean much more to my global followers. Its on SALE make sure you spread the word about this book to families we love and wish to keep safe. MAKE YOUR GAME PLAN folks. Those who win take action. Those who fail to act whine. Be the winner.

We have put in some suggestions for solutions to the administration, but the avalanche of “advice” flowing through in historic moments like this, are always so conflicted. As far as we can tell Kevin Freeman’s GAME PLAN is still the Bible now on sale at Amazon get more than one copy as you will want to share this book. Develop your own GAME PLAN because your nation has NO PLAN at all.

Greece may be the firecracker in the burning building, that has zero fire escapes, ( the EU Itself ) that reaches all the rooms and ends the very idea of a trade unity. If a final deal is worked out, when the deal is not lived up to, what happens. Red line number fifty? Sanction number 107? Yelling at them? What?

Right now Dopey and Snoopy seem to be in charge internationally, and al the grown ups have long ago left the building. To be sure these “economic overhangs” of a multi decade of credit binge-ing by sovereign nations, creates new complex issues to deal with all t the same time to preclude contagion. Contagion leads quickly to SUPER CRASH which is followed by world war. These historic patterns have not varied much financially, in 5000 years. If we don’t improve the way we organize – the systemic vision – we repeat historic pattern, which given our weapons today is highly undesirable. For humanity.

It is our opinion, as with Lehman ( easily savable ), Greece can be made right as can the others. It takes some financial invention. However, with the kids playing tug of war over the mud pond, and everyone is now covered in mud, talking about financial invention doesn’t actually get heard as THE SOLUTION.

However as we let Lehman go down, who lost a trillion dollars? More importantly who makes a TRILLION DOLLARS? Do you realize the short and speculative betting now tearing Greek orderly market to shreds. The same creditors that lent money to Greece control the markets of Greed Speculation and Manipulation or Shadow Banking. This black financial market can rig any price, establish any trend, up or down, and punish those who transgress upon their turf. Like Greece. So enormous oceans of money are betting on Greece Destruction. The EU is at risk. A GLOBAL Super Crash is brewing….a historic completion to the current hyper debt cycle since World War I.

We feel Greece should be given more TIME. The markets can absorb this short window of timing. The EU is tired of bad faith dealings with Greece ( and others ) over time. Hence the higher risk of Contagion given these historic cultural feelings of national abuse. The German’s can not finance the bad faith loans and past bad faith thefts of nations like Greece, Itlay and Spain who have lied to their people for decades and failed to reform their economic failed models. Who will write the enormous checks required to make this right globally not just looking at Greece as an island?

We have suggested some FRESH OPTIONS into the Mix….we’ll have to wait to see if those ideas…the real capital….the real fix… ideas……get to ears where there is some traction to action. Meanwhile we are watching matters closely to be ahead of the pending SUPER CRASH for our membership. Another sounding board of information to use with your licensed advisers when making your own decisions.

We have suggested moving out of all markets and into safe haven insurance based investments. Insurance investments an be examined with your licensed financial adviser with major top teir insurance carriers. The options to diversify, remain liquid, have solid warranties on principle, never worry when the market SUPER CRASHES, and return to other markets following the next SUPER CRASH. Miss the peaks and Valley’s – take your profits in prime time. Check out this idea with a licensed insurance investment professional and check out what they give to you as options. We feel our membership should explore this option before month end due to the GREECE BOMB which no one knows what the future holds in this space. No one. Game Plan by Kevin Freeman is your best read and Brad Thor’s best selling book ACT OF WAR is based on Kevin Freeman’s Game Plan research ( they are buds ) get both books. You’ll be so far ahead.

Spread the word.


Berny Dohrmann – Volunteer Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL





The world as a whole is doing virtually “nothing” to step up to resolve the core issue of humanity COMPETITION VERSUS COOPERATION. Competition as defined in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION “punishes all human diversity”. Where as COOPERATION “CELEBRATES all forms of human diversity. Competition is a form of ignorance.

When the authorities tell you the financial tipping point is reached how is contagion of regional wars into a real world war managed? Historically the answer is NEVER. Not EVER. So what magic is required to predict SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR.

The cost to contain competition ( wars ) versus cooperation ( peace ) is always less in 2015 than say 2017 by orders of magnitude in blood and money burdens. Delay is the cost too great to pay with Boko and ISIS. While we all fail the competition gets stronger until we all have to cooperate to delete those damaged brains with their buggy software. Its just brain software. Without massive RE-EDUCATION about the ignorance of compassion we end up with this world record breaking event….from the BBC see their site for full details:

The number of people displaced by war, conflict or persecution reached a record high of nearly 60 million around the world in 2014, a UN report says.

The document by the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, says the number of people forced to flee their homes rose by 8.3 million from the previous year.

The continuing conflict in Syria is seen as a major factor behind the record numbers.

UNHCR head Antonio Guterres told the BBC the “world is a mess”.

“The drama is that if people think that humanitarians can clean up the mess. It’s no longer possible. We have no capacities to pick up the pieces.

“More and more people are suffering, and unfortunately for many of them there is no chance to support them.”

Mr Guterres said that the number of displaced people had increased to 42,500 per day in 2014, from 32,000 the year before.




The report says that at least 15 conflicts have erupted or reignited in the past five years, including eight in Africa and three in the Middle East.

This led to 59.5 million displaced people by the end of 2014, of whom 38.2 million were displaced in their own country, by internal conflict. Wars in Ukraine, Nigeria and South Sudan swelled the figures last year, the UNHCR said.

Of the 59.5 million total, the report said, 19.5 million were refugees. More than half of the refugees were children.

Another 1.8 million people were awaiting the outcome of claims for asylum.

UK International Development Secretary Justine Greening said that the latest statistics were shocking.

“I have met some of these people and they tell me they just want the chance to return to their homes and get back to normal,” she said.

“That is why as we give these families the basics they need to survive – food, clean water and shelter – we must also tackle the root causes of poverty and instability, in particular economic development.”

The civil war in Syria has made 7.6 million people displaced in their own country, while another 3.9 million have fled abroad, most to neighbouring Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Thats an entire NATION folks….in one of 15 conflicts just started over 60 months.

The next biggest sources of refugees were Afghanistan and Somalia. For decades Afghanistan had been the leading source of refugees.

Mediterranean crisis

The document also points to a 50% rise – to 6.7 million – of displaced people across Europe, which is struggling to deal with a growing crisis of migrants crossing the Mediterranean.

Europe is seeing a huge increase of migrants trying to get to the continent by crossing the Mediterranean

The authors of the report say their findings mean that one in every 122 people on the planet was either a refugee, internally displaced or seeking asylum.

Meanwhile, new EU data shows that in the first quarter of 2015 Germany had the highest number of first-time applicants for asylum in Europe – 73,100, or 40% of the total (185,000).

Hungary received the second highest number Р32,800 (18%), Eurostat reported.

The 185,000 total was similar to the last quarter of 2014, but compared with January-March 2014 it was an increase of 86%.

Asylum seekers from Kosovo were the biggest group – 48,900 (26%). Second were Syrians – 29,100 (16%). In many cases Kosovo migrants are considered to be escaping poverty and are not classed as genuine refugees.

The figures do not include the many migrants who have made previous asylum applications in the EU. They remain millions upon millions in limbo ……comments ?

AUGUST 2, 2015

AUGUST 2, 2015


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Well, I”m thinking informed California folks will see one million leave the state in 12 months due to water. This 45 year draught is just starting. The desert is about to become desert all over again. The perfect storm of California becoming the most HOSTILE BUSINESS AND ENTREPRENEUR nation on earth, is driving enterprise OUT of the State. The jobs that go with it. The property tax base and related that go with it. With these policies continuing, the State will bankrupt itself. As the first million leave a PANIC on property crashing will commence. This will rocket down tax base and revenues for the state already broke. No one will be able to flush in a hotel. So who is going? They now put reprocessed sewer water into your drinking glass? You going to drink that? I think as word gets out Conventions, well everything, is going to BOYCOTT CALIFORNIA and the policy makers did it to themselves. If this insane policy of reaction versus pro action policies that reset and rebuild the state continue – the state economic opportunities are just bleak. Those who get out first win. I’m pretty sure. I got out first myself. Today the handwriting is graffiti and its dominant on all the walls in California. Think about your California stocks, investments, and property about to crash. Think about no water for decades. Think about it.

Next I’m thinking about Ill. Without a debt restructure plan Illinois is going to BK following Detroit. That is going to shake up markets. Stay tuned on how bad it is in Illinois. There is no way out same reasons as California less the water problem.

I”m thinking about Greece. We submitted a solution to Locke Lord in DC to submit to policy planners at the national level, but they don’t wish to run a new option up the pole. Without that new option trillions will be lost as EU contagion sets in. What does THIS look like? It looks like predictable SUPER CRASH that I’ve been writing about since 9/11. SUPER CRASH is an item of financial history, always repeating and no one knows when. No one. I know about signals. And Greece is about to trigger real contagion for Italy, Span, Portugal and all of the EU. Russia is opportunistic to these events. We play hard ball with Russia but we have no ball and they have bowling balls and will use them. We have waffle balls and we won’t even use the waffle balls. It is so stupid and predictable. No one wants to pay for Greece. The solution is easy painless and everyone, EVERY ONE, wins. Only they are not thinking about options. They are thinking about failed policy on both sides. ONE NEW OPTION and they win. I’m waiting for the Gov to fly me over. Or talk to Roel Campos – I would.

I’m thinking about the MASTER FAITH and ISIS with their crazy quilt of former Sadam Generals, the real power behind the Caliphe – the boss is the second in command General and Sadam’s great leader. These folks have united the tribal majorities in Sunni land with a religious hatred that trumps Hilter and his DNA hatred of Master Race – with MASTER FAITH. They just kill off the Christian’s, Jews and brother muslims by the million. The likely hood some one will give ISIS a real weapon remains high. I think containing ISIS today is less costly than containing ISIS tomorrow. If we don’t celebrate our differences versus punish them we deserve the world we get.

I’m thinking Iran is going to get a bomb – stalling. Why did a “its only peaceful use” plan, spend 900 BILLION DOLLARS to develop cities miles under ground to conceal and hide their development of weapons of mass destruction? For power? For peace? Please. As in POOOLEASE. When liars call the truth lies you have to step back and consider the source. Insanity, those who punish versus celebrate diversity of humanity – are especially dangerous when they retard a great people. confine them to their internal propaganda, kill off their free press, and behead those that fail to agree with them – those folks are INSANE. You don’t deal with insane folks like you do sane. You don’t consider WHY. Why is because their nuts. You push your delete button. The world must delete Iran’s atomic war effort. Cost containing this is far less costly then having the cost later, say taking out LA and New York before we act. I think IRAN is the principle supplier of Gulf war and horror and I think we are at war with Russia using Iran and its proxies as the starting point. WORLD WAR III started with the firing of the digital weapon against our financial markets in 2007 – read GAME PLAN – on sale at Amazon and the one read for those who want the real data on hacking and the World War III Digital war all western nations are LOOSING to this point.

I’m thinking the time to enjoy this soft unreal market is passing. I have suggested you move out of all markets and into safer insurance investing ask your insurance broker for safe haven options. I would explore that advice from third parties. Time may not be on your side.

Remember when the ripples begin that we were thinking about you. Just you this month. We are thinking about YOU.

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Save taxes make money and protect tomorrow inside a more cooperative global community. Smart.

I’m thinking about you this June.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman


PS: Trust me the worst is yet to come.