Today is Friday. We start the FREE three day capital education class on NEW LAW and raising capital within an over compliance standard check list. Our members rank this free education and skills practice session as worth on average 50,000 dollars and all suggest our lifetime membership fee is repaid by this free stand alone BONUS offer. Members just show up. Existing or new members. Its Free. It is one of the only programs I still teach myself for which I am grateful. Working with multiple law firms specialized in this area of law, who also participate and provide guidance, the program remains the ONE AND ONLY comprehensive capital development program for mature and development space firms. We are so proud of that fact. Almost thirty years and still not one alternative product is offered world wide. We are working with nations to bring these entrepreneur products to other countries.

Sunday the main Forum commences. Our cut off for at the door registration is Tuesday June 6th. The MENTORS of the CENTURY in my opinion, specialized in every aspect of placing your firm into HYPER GROWTH and keeping you in HYPER GROWTH.

CEO SPACE encourages our membership to select three Fortune level mentors for their ACCOUNTABILITY TEAM. CEO SPACE in the ideal is used as a ten event process, under a single lifetime membership plan, to advance and accelerate any business, from where they are today to what the owners define is their next level goals. We work together to achieve that goal in lower time and cost footprints using the CEO SUPER STORE for resources. By the close of each Forum members can develop with THREE SUPER MENTORS a sign off on a milestone date line in which the August Forum is used to assess and measure how many of the deliverables, all team members including the owners agreed upon. In August a new DELIVERABLE chart for 12 months ahead is designed. What is not done is picked up and put back on track. What is done is checked off and new milestones are inserted based on what is taking place inside the business every 60 days. No FORUM offers this form of specific detail, deliverables and CEO time lines, where the CEO’s hold themselves more accountable to the phases and stages of HYPER GROWTH.

We construed in 2015 what business owners need from solo entrepreneurs to larger institutions, is specific details, precision in steps to reach goals within target time lines, and a GPS ROAD MAP to hyper growth. CEO’s note they are receiving hundreds of thousands in higher level consulting all for a low basket FEE ( the Lifetime membership cost ) to secure those values, and they simply DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT.

CEO SPACE is about practices and upgrades for the CEO. CEO SPACE is about customer acquisition and bottom line acceleration period. We remain alone in our the SPACE of a retooled trade show, where meals replace booths and traction to action is more accelerated in deal making. CEO SPACE is a week of networking to grow new 30 year trading communities if you had to construct these value based connections on your own. For this reason the leading thought leaders refer to CEO SPACE as the SUPER BOWL of opportunity for the CEO owner of a professional practice or a small business. Some small business’s attending are not so small as our films denote. Google CEO SPACE Jeff Flam or CEO SPACE Dr. Asher and see those short five minute films. For proofs.

June is historic as we upgrade the core product to the most interactive, advanced networking and deal making conference which is why Forbes Magazine ranked CEO SPACE the # 1 2015 conference you “simply can not afford to miss today”. Any of our City Chapter Presidents would love to forward you that article another proof.

We are over joyed to deliver this improved product to our members still enrolling and arriving from all over the world through Tuesday June 6th.

Having turned over management some while back watching the legacy team grow the institution in quality and quantity makes the forward security of this resource so valuable to our lifetime membership in 140 nations.

With Pride,

Berny Dohrmann – Volunteer Chairman having fun