Is never investment advice. Always get that advice from your close in licensed professionals. My opinion as a retired investment banker is just my opinion from my own research.

I believe a SUPER CRASH IS COMING following patterns of pat global depressions. I believe the Super Crash is likely to begin in Asia with China or Japan leading the contagion. But it could start in the Gulf or in India or Elsewhere.

The leverage of 440 trillion invested to manipulate via speculation and shadow banking, all markets by setting false markers to the COST OF EVERYTHING, is a legal crime. In my opinion and must fall where 440 trillion dollars annually is in shadow banking Greed and Manipulation markets off shore with zero regulation, while two trillion is the honest annual stake holder market of actually buying a bond or a stock.

Until the G 100 develop a GLOBLA FINANCIAL CONSTITUTION that makes it a criminal act, as it was in 1999, to use grandmothers bank deposits in casino off shore capitalism betting side bets on pure speculations, the market is artificial and out of any central controls. The market is insane. Fundamentals will return to rule valuations. In my opinion.

I have noted the markets will go up for an unknown period. Driven by rising interest rates and speculative price manipulation which is not based on reality. In my opinion.

A contagion event, which is 100% historic to these periods of wealth consolidation wherein core deposits and cash reserves are largely invested in speculation that fuels elites who are fantastically wealthy, legal criminals, becoming fantastically ore wealthy. Playing a shell game with public money. Fully unregulated until the global new regulatory scheme comes into collaboration. Without those new laws making rampant speculation and price manipulation a crime, the market will disavow regulation frameworks by trading in the cloud and unregulated space.

The contagion event, following financial history, is due following global price wars going on in commodities tariff’s political posturing and taxation policies, core driven by currency manipulations, moves markets into SUPER CRASH. We don’t know when the contagion event will strike the markets. Panic is now driven by computer software that is too fast to moderate save for temporary market closures, which will also occur in our opinion as it did last time. Prohibiting short selling like they did last time, may help truncate the depth of the SUPER CRASH but not its length or after math.

We have suggested clients explore moving from equity and bond markets with a consideration of how SUPER CRASH will effect their plan and resources, into Insurance investment options, that provide the only safe haven our opinion leads to peace of mind, high inflation protected returns, with full principle protections not possible a other manipulated markets.

Those who see TIME as critical to protecting life assets, will examine, explore, seek expert insurance help upon, a transition of PROFIT TAKING NOW, missing the full peak, but near that peak, before the SUPER CRASH destroys profits. Which we hold the opinion all profits are now hostage to SUPER CRASH. ONE ISIS event in the USA or more or any combination. You get that picture we know.

So bumbling along following the herd was terrible in the stock market crash of October 1998, the after 911 crowd and the crash 2008 ten years following the October 1998 crash. Another date to watch as the triple witching hour reports hit the markets.

We hope to protect investments, retirement plans, and your hard earned resources, by examining is NOW like yesterday is almost too late the TIME to take profits from markets at the high now in Real Estate to Stocks and Bonds and move into the safe harbor of high return insurance investing opportunities until the market resets after SUPER CRASH – when you will hold cash to BUY LOW and SELL HIGH the only market GPS in any market. Buying at the all time high is not the desired risk bet in our opinion.
Read Game Plan which explains all this by investment Registered Investment Adviser Kevin Freeman.

Berny Dohrmann

Retired investment banker