What IS CEO SPACE? CEO SPACE “IS” A bottom line accelerator with money back warranty if your results are not superior. You can acquire a one class pass to a full CEO SPACE week long program for June 2nd, with bonus classes on the weekend, for $ 3950.0. CEO SPACE holds that one class pass as a credit for life, to upgrade upon return to the $ 7500 Full Gold LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP Plan, or the Platinum $ 40,000 Plan. Members may chose the plan they believe is right for them on enrolling.

June 2nd the FREE ENTERPRISE FORUM commences networking CEO business OWNERS within a private exclusive CLUB to secure, customers, clients, affiliate partners, alliance partners, and bottom line accelerators. Every aspect of the core business is reviewed by world class mentors and upgraded including – branding – marketing – advertising and pr – on line – off line – systems – personnel – key missing resources – capital – everything the business see’s as challenge even as new opportunities impossible outside the global CEO SPACE market place, are presented to the owners of the business.

CEO SPACE started as a not for profit and even today earns gross income of only $ 400.00 on average per member and maintaining a 1988 price plan, continues to serve at near break even for our world entrepreneur clients. CEO business owners and heads of professional practices tell us CEO SPACE is the largest pay increase they give themselves in their adult lifetime. They also report that CEO SPACE is the single most impactful download of business skill upgrades they have every received at one time in their lifetime and many are MBA”s from prestigious Universities.

Deliverables our customers desire include:

1. Better near term plans to secure long term goals

2. Resolution of the current business challenge list

3. Improved teams to execute the now improved planning

4. Accountability partners to secure the business goal deliverables remain on time for each check list item.

5. Installing missing resources and mechanisms to reduce time and cost to reach owner growth goals. Guaranteed.

Member CEO’s relish they have engaged a large college of world class fortune experienced MENTORS to check off their current challenge list. Every 60 days the CEO can return ( for free ) and re-engage the CEO SPACE MENTOR COLLEGE – the largest on earth in entrepreneur support – to resolve the current last quarter challenge list. Mentors are CEO SPACE pledge the only items we will fail to resolve…..are those items you forgot to write down in the first place. Each CEO receives six figures of private one on one mentor consulting as a business deliverable during a CEO SPACE week, for their one time, lifetime, membership into CEO SPACE.

Films at will define the value proposition – copy and paste into your browser and see the video section for films in your work space area – there is a library of short films covering every industry. If your a lawyer see lawyer films. A doctor see physician films. A whale more mature business owner see that category – an early stage development firm – see that category – service or tech see those films – etc and so on and so forth. Easy to navigate and click. Due diligence.

It never costs money to use CEO SPACE but it can costs fortunes to loose CEO SPACE. Use a tax dollar knowing you’ll get it back. Guaranteed. No risk.

CEO SPACE does not advertising no promotions. Our grad base shares our story with others and we are always without trying attracting the better CEO’s because our next “FORUM” may have you inside. We hope so. June 2nd is a far better week inside CEO SPACE than at home. Far more profitable. Check it out.

We welcome all our grads sharing the Summer Harvest FORUM with those they know. The Forum belongs to its membership.

Since 1988

Berny Dohrmann ( retired )

Volunteer Chairman