1. Call your account rep searching locally, or call 256 850 4700 ext 0 and get all your questions answered noting you are exploring new first time membership.

2. Our team will walk you through enrolling and reserving hotel space for June 1st to Sunday June 7th on line – takes three minutes and your a lifetime member.

3. Study the pre program prep site on line.

4. Do what that site tells you to pack and get ready.

5. Arrive and enjoy – noting you can run your business virtually inside CEO SPACE – designed for pacing for this purpose.

If you need a mid year bottom line accelerator and a core skill business download tune up – use the CEO SPACE upgrades for the C suite and boss. You profit from remaining current in a SUPER CHANGE market space.

Forbes ranked CEO SPACE the # 1 event you can not afford to miss this year for a reason. Come get the benefits entrepreneurs have been receiving for thirty years – delay to higher pay – is a cost go great to play – enrollment is an executive decision on the topic – THIS is a more important opportunity than THAT !

Use a tax dollar , earn multiples back, within money back guarantee. No risk.

We are enrolling through June 1st when enrollments cut off AM at our registration Desk on June 2nd.

Berny Dohrmann

Volunteer Chairman ( retired )