The illussion of a boom market continues. Market Manipulators have moved the 2007 speculation of investing in “which way” a commodity or price in anything from currency to coffee may go in the FUTURE which was in 2008 – only  800 billion – annual investing – to 2015 where it is 440 trillion in annual investing. There are 2 trillion dollars of stake holder trades where you buy and own a stock or bond. The rest is pure casino capitalism wherein computer software rolls the dice in the market space.

The largest run up in the cost of everything from speculative investment by bank deposits – typically 11 to 1 leverage for loans – is now in  off shore ETF investing 50 to 1 leverage in pure speculative betting. The fastest growing part of this shadow banking markets is executed through DARK POOLS that trade to keep their clients invisible for their manipulation crimes.

As the regulations are LOCAL – USA – UK – China – Etc and the trades are in the unregulated global CLOUD the only way to regain control of the now out of any control or regulation speculation market, the market of GREED & EVIL, falls into two choices. One, we either rethink global regulatory frame works with a fully Global financial constitution, or as Kevin Freemans book GAME PLAN defines, another digital attack will take place to forever bankrupt the world economic machinery as it is today. The leverage will collapse in panic and world war three will begin as it always does in the history of competitive capitalism. History always repeats when greed is unrestrained.

Greed is now out of control.

The best place to invest in our opinion is to GET OUT OF ALL MARKETS. Invest in INSURANCE PRODUCT LINES with the superior money managers. This will provide ample inflation protected returns without loss of principle and you have life benefits in addition to liquidity, and the highest SAFER returns money can acquire. You either understand compound interest returns or you become a victim to them.

Financial ignorance can be over come. Class 101 – buy low sell high. Do you buy at the all time historic highs? NO. You get OUT.

The phony interest rate is soon to move to market rates. The 1/8th point IWATCH upward, will rush folks to buy real estate before the next one and keep an inflation economy moving until the SUPER CRASH HITS. No one will get away clean within SUPER CRASH save my INSURANCE protected investors – talk to your top ten tier insurance firm senior executives about this plan – they are ready and prepared with their best products in decades for this market protection.

If your retirement plans, if your core dollars, remain in the manipulated markets of stocks and bonds your likely to loose principle in the future in my opinion. If your repositioned into insurance diversification, whole life, index products, annuities, your inflation protected, principle protected, liquid whenever you need money, residing the last court that went through the last GREAT WORLD DEPRESSION Paying out even when the banks were closed – the only banking going on was for insurance customers who bought what the others were selling and made fortunes. Think about it. Learn about it. Share this Blog site.

Read Game Plan by Kevin Freeman a Registered Investment Adviser and you’ll see the best manual for planning your future on the market. BUT do this all fast because SUPER CRASH is coming. ISIS strikes Saudi Arabia do you think they fear the UK or America – they are planning terrible blows to us right now. Full on war only we are engaged in a 7-11 war on the cheap while a new world power is engaged in a full court press. The Movie Dumb and Dumber comes to mind.

Saddam killed 1000 year or 20,000 over 20 years. The USA killed 250,000 and injured terribly 1.8 million more – in 36 months leaving behind – failed schools – failed roads and health care – a country imploding – half the nation already gone to ISIS and the other about to FALL to ISIS where what we did was sow hatred and bigotry to our own people for generations to come. Over which time oil went from 89 cents at the pump to 4.00 dollars at the pump. HOW DID THIS FORGE A WINNING POLICY? When do we admit we are dumber than dirt clogs? That we failed. We failed to win anything of value. So why did we engage in going into debt to one trillion dollars, to loose everything and gain nothing for our people? Who is responsible? Why are they still in office? Ask yourself are we getting what we deserve for failing to rise up and restore America? Vote in 2016 and do just THAT.

If as Game Plan the book documents, all your data is hacked already, all of it, and a digital war fare attack is about to make the WEST a third world nation, setting us back 200 years, in 200 minutes, are you ready for whats coming. Your government knows the danger. With the largest lobby being WALLSTREET the market of GREED & MANIPULATION is not about to lose its franchise. What caused the crash of 2008 is on going and has not been fixed in any way. Did you know that? Read Game Plan as if your life and future depend on it- because it does.

CEO SPACE seeks to meld more and every growing cooperative communities to trade within as good times continue, and to survive easily when bad times arrive…which they will. The Dumb and Dumbest are leading our nation. There is no policy that is working. Look yourself.

Nations like Greece and Argentina give the “bird” to their lenders, saying we never have to pay you like our contracts and loan docs said. We have a legal right and we are entitled to cheat you to your bone marrow. In fact you are bad for asking us to pay your loan after the fifth extension. We stole all that money and its spent lost and gone now. So what. Your never getting paid. Go fuck yourself. The response is all money and credit moves away from such criminals and frauds to lenders. The lenders trusted the nations and the nations are crooks like individuals. Learn that one fact. Criminals are running nations, just like ISIS. ISIS worse than NAZI Germany ever was, cause the precise same reaction of appeasement of all nations the Nazis used to start and execute World War III.

It always costs 100x more to put out insurrections later than early. In man power and money and death. It is always economical to stop them early. We continue to wait at a cost that will be in trillions and we can never ever begin to pay that back, unless we own all the oil. Which may be the plan actually.

We are in wars with Russia and Iran. Iran is in proxy war with Gulf Sunny communities and nations, and with Israel and USA. They are developing weapons to destroy us and our allies easily, and we are giving them the time and opportunity to do so. Always cheaper to bomb them out when they started than now. Always. China is now in the stage of sensing the death of a great SUPER POWER and is stepping up to fill the Russia and America great VOID. Who will stop them? Us? We can’t afford it and they control our purse strings. We have lost our most important asset – influence. We can get it back by like sand slipping through our hands the time to get it back through inspired leadership, is leaking through this generations fingers.

Folks..we need to GET AMERICA BACK. The 2016 election will become the most important election in modern history since the 1930’s and world war II.

If I was going to strike the USA what I would do is map out my game plan for after the Nov elections when we are in between presidents at Holiday. Can you think of a more vulnerable time while we riot against law enforcement shooting un armed no violent innocent citizens…with zero consequence to murdering even our children? Do you think WE will DO anything when they attack us …and who would we do it too – we won’t even know where the digital attack came from for sure.

No power. No digital records. No food. water. Gas. No anything. All stores empty. Marshal law enforced. Concentration camps returned. Export by millions those we fear. Live in a police state. 35% unemployment. World Wide GREAT DEPRESSION. World War III is how we get OUT. No social security payments. No med care payments. Life as we know it stops. Read GAME PLAN which suggests, your nation knows what is coming, understands what is happening, and refuses to develop a game plan of mutually assured reconstruction, advanced by Kevin Freeman and his teams, so that as the book outlines, you must have your own GAME PLAN as your nation lacks a GAME PLAN.

Is there more non fiction priority reading? NO. Share this item with those you love. You know when your reading the TRUTH.

CEO SPACE prepares a community to self rely on one another and help one another through in cooperation without competition. Learn unlearn and relearn and you prosper during the coming crises.

We are all going to become digital toast.

How you PLAN around that day is a matter of financial life and death. GAME PLAN is our personal GPS to win in the coming markets of SUPER CRASH.

We hope this over view has been useful noting the details and research are all appearing in GAME PLAN. I’d get a copy.

Berny Dohrmann – Volunteer Chairman CEO SPACE ( retired )