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Well if you paid taxes you really could have lowered that dollar out by investing in a lifetime membership with CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL – the ideal Business Growth Conference to accelerate your income graph. Guaranteed. If you received a REFUND you should lower this years taxes and use some of that refund to attend CEO SPACE.


You can join as a silver member, with a one class pass, at $ 3950.00 . This sum is held as a credit to your gold Membership.


You can join as a full Gold Lifetime Member at 1988 Prices, $ 7500.00 which includes meals and breaks with food from Monday to Friday of each program week, the programs run Sunday to Sunday.


You can join the Platinum Prestige CEO group at $ $ 40,000. Dr. Richard Kaye a 17 year Platinum ambassador will explain those benefits to you upon request.


Which way do you wish to join? If you have reasonable credit financing for 12 months same as cash NO INTEREST is available, or longer terms with market rate interest – approvals take one hour upon submission of your application details. Talk to any Club Presidents in cities everywhere to help on this choice.


Credit trashed by the long recession as it is for many business owners, and out of options? Use Fund Busting which has helped 10,000 to get double the sum to join CEO SPACE Gold over more than twenty years.


Forbes Ranked CEO SPACE the meeting you can not afford to miss in the world today – # 1 in 2015 by Forbes One Line check it out. Google Forbes and CEO SPACE you’ll see lots of articles.


Our web site provides plenty print and video proofs of our money back guaranteed program. If we don’t help you accelerate your business we refund your LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to our five Business Growth Conferences a year. The most common questions we are asked include:


  1. What IS CEO SPACE – CEO SPACE is a business building machine. For any size enterprise we bring the CEO “current” in skill sets within a modern SUPER CHANGE Market space whose challenges are unmatched. We develop networks that would take three decades to forge in one week. We develop bottom line income growth over five programs each year, advancing business in phases and stages. We close each program where you have a one year MILESTONE ACCOUNTABILITY GRAPH which is signed off on by you and three CEO SPACE mentors. You hold yourself and your firm accountable for agreed upon forward deliverables, one Conference at a time, one year at a time, one accountability review every sixty days at a time. The missing mechanisms to remain in hyper growth are all provided within CEO SPACE. CEO SPACE is a Gigantic SUPER STORE for the CEO, with every resource the CEO requires in one space at one time, five times each year. It makes slowing down an oxymoron.
  2. Who mentors at CEO SPACE – CEO’s can never outgrow their mentors income. CEO SPACE Choses more successful mentors who advise larger firms with substantial experience in the C suite for Fortune firms. Better mentors provide options to secure “pooled consulting” wherein each mentor is tithing 15% of their lifetime back to global entrepreneurs. For 30 years in 140 nations CEO SPACE provides five times a year in Vegas, the most comprehensive Growth CEO challenge solving option in the world today. Hire mentors you can not afford, they provide superior mental IP.
  3. What is the typical enrollment process? CEO’s define they need to invest in lifetime “currency” in Super Change Markets and select CEO SPACE as the fun and more qualified venue for their C suite prestige. CEO’s see selected videos on our web site, and benefit from an expert free coaching call to define the benefit grade. Upon receiving value at this level CEO’s elect to enroll and chose the plan that most fits their immediate budget for attending the next opportunity event.
  4. Explain Club Presidents. Club Presidents provide free community service to our members, hosting networking events we call CEO SPACE “GATHERINGS” open to members and non member CEO’s, in cities being supported with community service. Members may attend Community Service events for networking every two weeks in cities everywhere free for life. Club Presidents are full time, represent CEO SPACE like travel agents represent cruise bookings noting the ticket price is always the same but the service is superior with your agent selecting the lake view rooms and other features tailored to each individual. Club Presidents job description is to grow the local CEO SPACE community focusing one class at a time, one Gathering at a time, one week at a time. Growing and serving each local community ( for life ) is our mission of quality to our membership.
  5. Explain the member benefits. Members get a money back guarantee for Gold Memberships only, if CEO SPACE failed to help accelerate your business we refund your money before you leave the Westin Lake Las Vegas hosting resort. Lifetime Members may return Thursday PM to Tuesday of each program week Free for life including full access to all functions but prepaid meals, which also may be acquired program to program. Lifetime Members may return to extended programs at cost which is averaging $ 1000.00 and includes all meals, break foods and print items for the longer program. Members may advertise to the entire 30 year grad base in 140 nations free. Members may participate and network in any CEO SPACE Club City at Gatherings free for life. Free expert mentor consulting every two months year after year for life. Pretty cool and no one else does it at Space grade which is why Forbes ranked us so highly.



Our next program features 2015 format upgrades. These upgrades create a process wherein compression for deal completion is increased in May 31st 2015 conferences and all forward conferences using the new technology. Deal compression is our ultimate customer objective, securing more deals, in one week of time, than is possible in any other application of your opportunity for resource and time application. Our objective is to have our members define that there is a COST a solid measurable lost opportunity cost, to missing even a single Forum or Business Growth Conference.


It is our forward MISSION to produce the ULTIMATE BUSINESS TRADE SHOW replacing costly and ineffective booth trade shows, with a new model. CEO SPACE uses meal and proprietary IP networking for CEO to CEO relationship building and cross mentoring. The result is a five time event CEO’s can run their duties on site and virtually, while picking up contractual business only the CEO can spot and upgrade into their acceleration this quarter. Each quarter the Space upgrades CEO life long learners to quarter to quarter “currency” in a SUPER CHANGE market space.


CEO’s can not match the business opportunities flowing from the space by remaining in their other duties. A growing number of CEO members use CEO SPACE for critical meetings, hosting board meetings, contract meetings and other key events, AT CEO SPACE killing many birds with one week of time, where the resources at each CEO SPACE propel the deals in progress. CEO”s juggle all their balls during the Space via virtual management with plenty of time for these executions, while picking up acceleration opportunities only possible inside the growing CEO SPACE market space.


CEO SPACE has never advertised or promoted. Full events are the sole property of the happy CEO lifetime member sharing CEO SPACE with those they work and affiliate beside. The Space is the most advanced way for CEO business OWNERS and professionals to remain “current” in every challenge issue for growing their ventures, within an imploding SUPER CHANGE global market space. The Space is the fastest lower cost way to use a tax dollar to earn ten profit dollars back within money back warranty on performance. The SPACE is the exclusive Ceo business owner CLUB within an on going business building PROCESS versus a single event, priced in a lifetime membership – pay once enjoy access for life as a value proposition. The membership is tax deductible.


We hope this supplement to our main web site is helpful as you examine the fit, to accelerate your results. Our slogan is “we will not quit until YOU win !”. Our brand promise is “if we fail to accelerate YOUR business we will refund your membership before you leave our hotel, and we insist”. We will never knowingly make it harder for any entrepreneur including the not for profit space versus making it easier for that one entrepreneur business owner and your next.


Berny Dohrmann – for my blog








Dollar UP and Gas Down



As you know we believe the Fed will raise interest rates from near zero – free money – to normal market rates an 1/8th to 1/4 point a time – raising money costs for the coming five years – back to market rates.

As the world with TRILLIONS of US Dollars residing in high return positions – see’s – an ability to make market rates in the best guaranteed returns – the USA – return of so many billions will flow into the dollar – now moving from zero itself still by far the stronger currency – moving the US Dollar higher – for years – securing how strong the US Currency position is – and gas relative to dollar pricing will go down – but only in relationship to US DOLLAR buying power which will move back up –

This plan, secures dollar dominance as world trade currency, while assuring the hidden tax from wild speculation on oil prices is defeated will speculators loose a trillion dollars trying to protect their criminal profits and loosing as they try to manipulate the markets. Producers have had it with the speculation. . Iran coming back into full oil production and the family of nations,  will further remove price pressures and other nations are expected to follow in this producer group. A shift of major proportions is going on removing unwanted commodity price manipulation due to speculation we often write about in our blogs here – from the future market space. It took years to factor in this speculation cost and it will take years to remove this unwanted influence to market prices of nations.

We believe profit taking in stocks will take place, but over all “free money” in the market is a manipulation to stimulate – but is not a long term solution. Free markets will absorb market rate money supply costs, and prosper along side of that move in our opinion. So we believe following some profit taking the equity side will remain strong in the remainder of this decade fueled in no small part by American inventiveness.

Wild cards include Greece and other unstable EU economies that spend over 100% more than they make by huge ratio’s – always unsustainable for a house hold or a company – or a nation. Watch these shake outs as the EU could be rocked and that remains a huge wild card to world and global recovery. Unpredictable till the EU gets its own house in order and the rest of the world can only watch. It can only be resolved from the inside EU out …..

We remain bullish on the economy globally and in the US specifically.

Berny Dohrmann – CEO SPACE May 31st Next event


MAY 31


The June Forum will introduce the new formats:


1. More networking and deal making time

2. Starts later ends earlier

3. More time with all faculty mentors on site

4. More deal time in evenings

5. New flow and pacing – at member requests


We are so excited for the NEXT one and Teen FEAST will remain the leading young entrepreneur program on earth. Families are so encouraged to attend together.
Thanks Everyone

Berny Dohrmann