I thought everyone grew up like I grew up. Dozens of kids always around. Playing on the merry go round and swings. Playing base ball on the flats with the chalked out diamond and dug outs. Playing in the Fort – no girls allowed – club house. Playing in the tree fort and the tree swing and it took a ladder even get up on the swings. The tree fort was three stories up – with running water and a Fridge. That was 1955 folks. Yep. I thought every kid had the same set up. We would sneak off to the Boulders and Rocky Mountain and most forbidden ( by mom of course ) the MONKEY GRINDERS.


Now the Monkey Grinders was a pushed over area of larger bay tree’s growing side ways now from the slope and field clearing Piambo Construction had created in the huge enormous open field outside our fence line. These side way tree’s we could walk out upon – where the slope when 100 feet down below – and just jump. We disappeared in a shower of leaves and fell to the many tiers of trees’s also growing ‘side ways”. Yep we got scratched and bruised. But hey the new kids and especially the girls shrieking and gasping as we fell to our certain deaths made the MONKEY GRINDERS simply legendary.


We just thought everyone had Monkey Grinders. Why go anywhere else to play? We have multi tired gardens. We had orchards and tall pines to climb. We had base ball and play grounds. We have well we had everything. Think we were spoiled? And we had no clue I’m telling you. We just thought this was AMERICA. Play ruled our day.


Still we would complain to the old man of the house, my famous father, when ever he came home – Dad there is just nothing to DO. He would tell us to go play in the sprinklers and turn them on for us. We would get down naked ( if the girls were not around ) and play and run and fall and swish down the super wet lawn slopes.

The girls, and with five sisters and their friends there were lots of them were better at everything. Better climbers in the tree fort. Better record holders on the tree swings. Better base all players. Better runners. We hated them. All. We just could not beat them. And they, Lorded it over us. Like – one day at a time keep coming back you JERKS kind of thing. They taunted us. But eventually they got older and got Boy Friends and all of us boys were the brothers simply left behind. No child left behind? Hey I felt it. Maybe we didn’t hate them all that much.