FAMILIES SHOULD ATTEND MARCH 22nd Sunday to Sunday Together


Once every Ten YEARS the 140 country CEO SPACE hosts a Trade Show for small business where the thought leaders of the world return to their holy ground. Their launch pad. CEO SPACE welcomes Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, President Fox of Mexico, Les Brown, Sharon Lechter, David Stanley Universal Artist Gary Miller, Greg Reid, Sharon Lechter, Kevin Freeman author of GAME PLAN and too many to name them all here. Historic. Once in a lifetime. Worth your giving the gift to yourself.

CEO SPACE produces trade shows that accelerate any scale of Entrepreneur Business = ranked by Forbes as # 1 in the world – in 2015 and with a money back warranty if we fail to grow your business faster. We also host a three day skill transfer on new laws for raising capital through private placements, the most advanced successful program today for those seeking future capital for their venture growth.

Register at www.ceospace.net with a site filled with video’s that demonstrate results for any business niche. With 27 years of global results, should you not grow faster and enjoy a family value event that is truly historic this Spring? When all of the worlds business goes back to work following a bitter winter?

Spring forward financially. CEO SPACE subsidizes family members, children, provides free day care we pay for and a low cost teen program that is transformational. Spouses LOVE CEO SPACE.

The one and only family valued business King of Mentorship and connections. Make your NETWORK your future NETWORTH with all of the world coming to participate in those SUPER STARS. Grads we so encourage your full week participation in this once every ten year opportunity.


Berny Dohrmann
Chairman CEO SPACE