We passed on attending the GRAMMY’s and had a family private time, noting this was the first year with our gram – a big loss for our family. Still we have a day of rest and fun with kids and it was all perfect.

We read a wonderful article in the Financial Times on my Birthday. The well researched item confirmed my predictions to you. The article noted that commodities including oil, were demonstrating “unnatural” behavior not connected to supply and demand aspects of any traditional market place.

The financial experts at the FINANCIAL TIMES then correctly reported, that speculators had taken over the commodity markets and were betting heavily in future markets, to control and make prices rises, when there was no tie to market realities for doing so. Central banks, suppliers and sovereign nations facing a HIDDEN TAX on their recovery, surplus to pay debts and bills, and a legal theft of resources from nations, into raw speculation. This is where those who are presently enormously wealthy develop strategy for even more fantastic wealth…creation and development.






Well it is snowing in Chicago. I’m on United. Flying to Tampa to change bags to give FREE networking CEO SPACE GATHERING events to small business owners in Southern California over my birthday the first week of February. And it IS Super Bowl Sunday.


Greece , having operated at almost 200 % more outlay for decades than they have income – has defaulted and refused to pay their bills and legal debts – over and over and over. Today after 100’s of BILLIONS – and you know for a small little nation – that’s a lot of global money – has again refused to honor the terms of reduced debt, huge write off’s by their trust partners, and now state they will not pay their legal renegotiated debts – AGAIN. They want the folks who they promised the line and buck stops here – to move the line and put in more bucks while they refuse to pay ld. bucks.


I mean really, again, the written legal agreements they made, are just lies. Again they are in effect legal thieves. Costing the world untold billions upon billions of dollars to assure, social programs that make no sense continue. Politicians were elected since the 1950’s on retired at age 64, age 63, age 60, age 59, age 57, age 55 I’m not sure if you can retire in Greece at age 19 as it seems none of their young folks wish to WORK for a living. No one wishes to REBUILD their nation in the world market space.


So now the EU will be forced to open flood gates with all their marginal members, or make Greece and example. By casting them out of the EU and allowing them to go really and truly bankrupt. The people of Greece will reside in a BLOOD BATH for generations if this takes place. They can of course reach a new set of legal understandings in which even more cost is taken by those who simply in good faith lent Greece money the Greeks never intended to repay. They just stole the money.


Everyone’s money.


Or the EU could unwind from all this creating a financial and economic storm that can plunge the entire world into world war. THAT is what is at stake in Greece and THAT is what is really going on. The EU having negotiated with the untrust worthy liars in Greece have little hunger to repeat the painful vomit. If you have a lube room hoist shoved up your rectum enough times – you cease coming back for another examination.


As always my advice is to FOLLOW THE MONEY – the “real” money and read news with a jaundice and informed eye as to WHAT is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.


Russia, is “protecting its interests” by fully invading Ukraine. There are almost 20,000 hardened Russian Troops with tanks and heavy weapons Ukraine has zero defense against no now proceeding in Ukraine. Russia has an energy based economy. This economy has crashed due to energy prices crashing. Russia can not pay its bills. Leaders are terrified. Putin’s buddies have lost so much money they may kill their own leader.


Meanwhile Russia sends all the energy to heat and power the EU through the Ukraine pipe lines. Why have Ukraine pay them billions on transit tax when they can and will – remove the Ukraine nation from the economics, and take over the entire distribution by force. Returning Ukraine to Mother Russia does what Putin wishes. Nato promised that – they would not expand Eastward if the Berlin Wall came down.


But they did. They are. The continue.


Russia, no longer amused, has elected to buffer itself against the WEST and its economics and thinking. Russia gains prestige, gains economically and truly buffers the West by the February invasion. Given other world threats NATO is not “doing anything”. Russia has called the bluff folded its cards and has a full house. Will we risk NUCLEAR WAR over Ukraine?


As Ukraine falls, other nations like Poland have enormous fear of the contagion spread as the desire for economic growth by theft, and prestige WORLD POWERS STATURE by EXPANSION is a Putin Addiction too entrenched to face withdrawal symptoms over. So what will happen? Really WHAT is likely to HAPPEN? The true answer – no one knows or even has a clue.


That is what is really going on OUT THERE.


While this occurs, Oil facing huge run up in stockpiles and no new demand pressures has continued downward. Keep in mind the “real price” of oil is a digital warfare between SPECULATION of the Sovereign nation funds of Russia, Iran, and others. The rampant speculation Saudi Arabia’s late wonderful King tried to warn the world over, required a UNITED GLOBAL EFFORT to smash. Those who have lost trillions now, are seeking to rush that price back up and recover their loses. Each time they position to ramp the speculation weapons they have fostered against all peoples of the earth, new counter weapons on OUR SIDE are fired to crush those price returns. So watch the price be VOLATILE. Watch the price cycle up and then down.


The Unions chose the most ill chosen time to strike Refineries in the USA. Their already high wages are seeking higher costs to oil firms, who have profited by trillions during the illegal immoral and unethical market manipulation. The oil firms now faced with long term REAL MARKET PRICING where a return to windfall profits from MANIPULATION and SPECUALTION are removed by NATIONS and CENTRAL banks from the market space, are unlikely to pay more when their long term margins are crashed to lows not seen in a decade. How could they. The 10% of refineries effected are now having alternative plans put into place that may BREAK THE UNIONS or weaken them forever. The Unions should have delayed their strike. Just terrible TIMING. The Companies have by far the upper hand in todays job and price markets. Bad news for labor. We favor labor and their right to FULL PARNTERSHIP in the results THEY CREATE and FOSTER. Human Capital is more important than shareholder maximum profits at cost TO HUMAN BEINGS. A balance needs to be managed for humanity.


In our opinion.


The new LOW FOR OIL we believe could hit fresh valley’s. We believe the REAL MARKET PRICE for gasoline understanding the smallest part of any barrel of oil makes fuel – versus other products – is following our studies on all industry factors, around 1.25 a gallon. Note that as oil falls in price the pump price rises. State Gov. and Congress need to return to Reagan Esk years and develop a FULL INVESTIGATION OF PRICE GOUGING with price fines and windfall tax fines. Not tax breaks. To an industry that is already too pampered – Oil needs to pay fair share and deliver at fair price and cease shareholder imbalance at the cost of exploited labor and environment and the community they should serve as consumers, first not last. Consumers are not cattle to bleed dry as they have permitted for years.


The world economic needs to continue moving OFF OIL so demand continues to fall, and oil will adjust prices when the community understands we are literally drowning in oil. We do not need premium robber prices for this or any commodity. The speculation in the markets requires G 100 global financial constitution where the speculation is made criminal and the criminals are locked away longer than any other bandit. THAT is what is going on out there.


Finally some notes on flying.


In my opinion of course.
United Merged with Continental. Then they moved their maintenance from Digital efficient record keeping, faster, precise, full accountability, back to paper where paper can come up missing or be “hard to find” when it is needed. It is slower. It is mistake laden. It is time consuming. It is insane really. Then United shut their parts depot down. They no longer store parts on site at critical airport depots ( shedding those costs ) at enormous new cost to passengers and we feel ( as I am a pilot ) safety risks. They no take parts from one plane to the next and prioritize all those issues – that is not a trend line I feel good about. I’m traveling Delta and other choices. I suggest you consider writing United if you wish to fly on this trend of cost saving while you are punished. I can give examples but you get it.


Airbus – I think the number of crashes speaks for itself. I will only fly Boeing as an experienced pilot on long term routes – on really any route. I feel the subsidized state model for airline design is flawed. I feel the buggy AIRBUS is killing people, lots of people with zero accountability or oversight on these issues. I feel the recent crash with the PILOT out of his seat – the far less experienced co pilot – fighting the buggy auto pilot as the plane jerks upward till it stalls – the pilot has to leave the seat as the reset of the auto pilot is not working and they seek to pull the circuit breaker which is not located where EITHER PILOT can even reach it by flawed design engineering – and thinking – and by the time the real pilot gets back in his seat he is too late to recover the death spiral of his airplane. The plane is not safe. No one can over come a flaw in design.


You fly Airbus. I’m not.


Flight is risky enough. I chose teams and choice and selection that puts the risk on my side.




And now you KNOW the OTHER side of my stories.


Keep on soaking up information.
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Chicago – thank you for those standing room only network gifts back to community. Stay warm out there GREAT LAKES and EAST COAST.


Finally ISIS. ISIS has suffered it biggest defeat last week as oil speculators tried to build the price back up. It fell by a ton this weekend and will fall next week. ISIS has suffered defeats to their illusion of being of GOD and the illusion they are the tough guys on the block. Surrounded as insane brains by 7 billion sane brains – one has to ask – do the folks that invented math still have the ability to count. One beheading for them, 1000 killed and 10,000 wounded by those who say NO to insanity. As time passes the math will become obvious to everyone. One little Piggy – Two little PIGGIES and finally BLOW THEIR HOUSE DOWN.


American’s have no sense of humor related to insanity. We delete it. One city down and a few remaining to reclaim, then its BLOW THEIR HOUSE AWAY.
Do the MATH


Berny Dohrmann

Flying to Tampa Bay


PS: Always hope journalist will do a SPECIAL REPORT on any of Whats REALLY Going on OUT THERE !