My long time readers look at my 92 financial predictions over almost thirty years as some what prophetic. Actually it is more of an economist investment bankers passion for research. As a long time CEO of a Public Traded Global investment banking firm in the 1970’s and 1980’s for almost twenty years of my life, Wall street to EU, I’ve seen the headwaters of financial markets change so much. My passion is financial trends and my core advisers are pretty special with footprints globally. We check our current conclusion before we publish them.


As Chairman of CEO SPACE serving customers in over 100 nations for decades and Forbes number one ranking in 2015 ( see article at the base of this blog ), we collaborate with leading global law firms, heads of nations, economists, investment bankers, and CEO’s globally. My next book SUPER CHANGE – Prospering by keeping current – mandates we all must work harder to know the truth and predict tomorrow. SUPER CHANGE is hear. See the Bob Proctor world famous Super Star teaching at CEO SPACE this March with his film on SUPER CHANGE: when you next take a short beverage break.



In my prior history I’ve warned that all competitive capitalistic models as well as communistic and social capital models, move in boom bust cycles through long periods of crash and SUPER CRASH. The revolution we lead at advances the financial theory expressed in my book, REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION revolution, Jeb Bush has it, President Obama wrote me a hand written thank you and quoted from it, and the book provides a conclusion. You can get your copy at .


Redemption promotes the notion the correction required to financial organization in a globalized world is COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. Within twelve legislative laws and some University support for theory advancement, the COOPERATION REVOLUTION we started 30 years ago, is now the rage in all state capitals, and everyone is leading this progressive way to operate in a globalize imploding world of collective collaboration. The Global revolution toward COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM has become unstoppable. Perhaps without the crash fostered by digital warfare the revolution would have accelerated more slowly. The enemy – like ISIS on Paris creates greater world unity with 3.5 million marching on a single Sunday and seven billion of us stepping back from 3 million of them. WE HAVE THE INSANE SURROUNDED is my motto. And now this:




The crash occurred as a consequence of the first weaponized attack on global financial systems, using purely digital “photon torpedoes”. This generation did not have our shields UP. The result was the worlds financial pearl harbor. Read Kevin Freemans GAME PLAN to see the research on this or Brad Thors best selling PLAN OF WAR to see Kevin’s work expressed in a novel form. Kevin is teaching at CEO SPACE in the March program ( Live you should be there ). The real Axis of Evil made a trillion dollars on the digital weaponized attack and as with pearl harbor cut us with our light house out. Today we are well awake. The attackers are paying a huge price today, as the USA is the single engine driving the world, and nations like Russia have a pay back day. Pay back is a bitch in war. World War THREE has started and its all economic and digital at this stage.
Included in their plan were strategies that failed. President Putin in our worst crash moment when our banks without TARP would fail, and trigger global banking collapse, suggested China and Russia and the Axis of evil “nations” already shorting the market and profiting using those new trillions made from the crash ( they created digitally ) all on other peoples wealth loss, BLOCK DUMP and SELL all US DOLLARS – crashing the dollar – globally – wherein they become the new WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY for trading all food, commodities and related transactions. The world order as we know it would have stopped. The banks would have folded completely globally.


This plan, suggested by President Stupid, as ill an economic idea as his fatal check mate Ukraine strategy ( costing him a trillion dollars and collapsing the Russian economy completely ) – called for a second tier strategy to use one of the largest money blocks ( sovereign nation funds ) now pooled and largely trading through “legal dark pools” where their manipulation of markets can not be identified. For you see without a G 100 Nation economic “convention” over a three year Global NEW AND NEEDED Economic world Financial Constitution, the regulations are all just local in 2015, and the trading falls outside regulation in the CLOUD. You can trade a trillion dollars an hour in the DARK. The regulators are locked locally. The trades are invisible and made illegally but legally until a new global legal scheme to block criminal manipulation and speculation is collaborated upon – the most important collaboration for peace in our generation. WE NEED A NEW GLOBAL REGULATORY FRAME WORK THAT UNITES ALL COOPERATIVE NATIONS ON FULL PARTNERSHIP LAYING FIELD.
You can plan and bid up the cost of every commodity in the world. The cost of everything. Speculatre to bid or crush any market from currency to oil. The big money now unable to enter the Real Estate Structured asset pools so lucrative before the speculation artificial crash, had no market to go into. The brokers were loosing billions in bonus and monthly trading revenue, in all nations, without some NEW FRESH market to absorbed the SUPER MONEY POOLS. Hungering for sensational insane market profits in short term speculation destabilizing cooperative nation recovery.


What evolved from the crash and digital warfare was a second level strategy to bankrupt the aligned nations. An old market form of structured asset was restructured in the unregulated cloud space. For decades the ETF market was a sleepy market space of narrow focused risk managed assets trading aggregate totals of around 800 billion dollars globally a year in the crash year of 2007 and 2008. In 2015 the ETF and related new structured asset market is aggregate trading now in excess of 400 trillion. In WHAT. I would ask in what? How enormous is this bubble?


The SUPER POOLS got sucked into the strategy by phantom profits. They falsely placed a tax on illegal, immoral, unethical, trades to purely SPECULATE in non ownership of anything, influencing prices and manipulating markets across all commodities. Oil. Gas. Foods. Minerals. Water. Transportation. Currency and national economics from Spain to EU and African and Asian nations who became “targets bringing collective crises into crush recovery plans of our smartest thinkers) . In less years than any historic period but the OIL EMBARGO ( oil switched off then ) of the 1970’s – gasoline went in American terms and global terms from 1.25 a gallon, and 99 cents in some areas to five dollars. The cost of the market had nothing to do with that rise. The world was drowning in oil and new discoveries. The market was declining and the supply demand math had no basis for the price rise of 100% of percent. As half a barrel of oil is pesticides and pharms the cost of medicines and foods soared behind oil. It was digital war. Again speculators ( our enemies ) made trillions. Financial institutions got sucked in.





Well first we had to stabilize US and our allies from the continued on going attacks. The situation in the EU nations, say Grease was another digital attack on Greek and Italian and Spanish bond and debt markets markets. Profits made from the crash and commodity speculation could be used to SHORT NATION BOND FUNDS AND DEBT MARKETS and force article crashes – wherein betting all sides of the market the SUPER MONEY of the AXIS of EVIL ( competitive nations against cooperative nations with those on the fence playing both sides ) – made money – now extending bail out financing – to sovereign nations – at a ROBBER BARON PREMIUM – keeping such nations unstable. But this was not going on where these manipulations were invisible to central bankers or to national planners and digital warfare authorities. Kevin Freeman rips all the clouds apart in GAME PLAN.


Building a global consensus, the USA with its allies, prepared for a sustained attack that the GULF NATIONS new was the only way forward in their own future. Either risk a repeat of 4000 years of history which always runs down like this ( until we reform capitalism into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM ):


  1. 99% of wall wealth is owned by 1% of the population – a point we reached in 2007.
  2. This is unstable and leads to end game in rampant speculations, creating bubbles which cause “crash”.
  3. This leads to global distrust with trading partners, into future markets of distrust and negotiation leading to slow rises in regional trade wars, via tariffs sanctions and speculation remains unmanaged by new laws.
  4. A contagion event occurs, China faced with sliding downward economics, environmental impossible unsustainable, unsustainable aging demographic, work force issues, infrastructure issues, four men to one lady issues, so China goes to avoid riots and revolution focus opinion on war. War with China over the Red Sea. Or Korea. Or Israel takes out Iran’s nuke planning, or Baltic States like Ukraine home to all world wars, flare up and contagion begins.
  5. Super Crash and WORLD WAR – the pattern has never varied. We are in stage 3 right now. 4000 years and this patter has never been defeated. YET. We’ll see – world war or we win the battles and the entire war. We’ll see. Peace and Global collaboration and full partnership is what we are fighting for.


To preclude this condition, the Gulf and Allies laid plans to crush the speculation of SUPER MONEY POOLS. It is hard to unwind the “cost of everything” hidden tax to he world bleeding to recover from a digital warfare attack series perfectly timed planned and executed in the dark, fighting a double edged sword, never before seen, reeling from a new form of warfare. Then the counter attack. UNLIMITED MONEY from all aligned Sovereign nations, including collaboration from some of the former AXIS OF EVIL PARTNERS who wanted financial “protection” from the counter attack – flew into crush price levels of artificial pricing. Speculators had control of the markets. They now lost that control and lost trillions of trillions of wealth dollars in 120 days and their bleeding is on going in 2015.


Since the summer of last year when the COUNTER ATTACK was digitally fired ( a surprise as big as Normandy for the warring partners in digital space ) the cost of commodities starting with oil and food ( soaring till the summer ) began to fall. Fringe products like Coffee up from say 3.50 a bag at Target in March and 8;00 a bag in Dec – are next. That 100% speculative price wise will now bust to market levels. WATCH.


Oil has failed from 5.00 to 1.84 in Florida today and its still falling and fast. Prices change week to week at the pump. TRILLIONS are moving back into the cooperative economies. World collapse will be forestalled and if we win the wars not a battle – via global regulations that work in digital market space – moderating speculation that is criminal market manipulation – we WILL preclude global war and sustain world peace.


The aligned nations saw that loosing price on oil protected market share that would cost the nations MORE if the world system was destroyed without any order to fill that void. WORLD WAR was not to their advantage. They did the math. The enemies who attacked all of us globally have seen the following occur in a sea change with the counter attack: in 2015:


  1. US JOBLESS claims lowest in 17 years
  2. Real Estate back to 2006 levels and transaction volume setting records
  3. Interest locked low fueling recovery momentum
  4. Record stock wealth in all financial markets globally
  5. Highest consumer confidence in 7 years
  6. Highest new business starts in five years
  7. Highest small business confidence in 7 years
  8. US Dollar restored as the only safe haven global reserve currency
  9. Debt and trading account issues for US coming in far better than any forecast
  10. The enemies are loosing trillions by being non cooperative and competitive, from Russia being crushed to Iran and North Korea, they have had the counter attack hand them back their financial IED.


But the war is digital and on going. GAME PLAN is must read to remain ahead of the issues and read the news with new glasses. Paris is a recent example of the problem. The last world war was fueled on the super crash of global depression and the insane competitive philosophy we punish what is diverse about humanity versus we CELEBRATE all diversity between human beings ( which is cooperative versus competitive ). Competition is the only virus on the human conscious collective. The virus removal tool is to:


  1. Know you have the virus
  2. Know you re-infect wirelessly
  3. The virus removal tool is cooperation overcoming all competitive tendencies.


Competition is a learned behavior. Cooperation is a learned behavior. My book REDEMPTION outlines a public education reform globally for COOPERATIION reformation for culture reform of a family, a community, a state, a nation, or an institution or a dentist office. Focus on symptoms and we never cure the illness. The illness is competition itself.


Today world war III has been launched digitally using the insane idea not of the Master Race but of the single MASTER FAITH. Punish those who are diverse from your view versus celebrate the diversity. Competition is from evil and cooperation is from the Holy of all Spirit. John Nash proved it in Physics and Gandhi proved in in faith as did Mandela.


So in 120 days the enemy has been crushed with their strategy to destroy the world order and dollar based economic basis for the present world market order. Slowly since 2007 the Bush and Obama teams and scores of Allied nations worked to defeat the digital strategy even as the early wars were lost and commodity prices swelled the enemy trading coffers. Today the enemies are seeing no safe haven as their investments turn to enormous unlimited losses.


The Bush Obama policies have with continuity and Congress support with stealth collaboration created the largest oil and gas boom in history in the USA. The USA has gone from almost 70% energy import hostage and reliant to almost 70% energy independent and now exporting fuel stabilizing a dollar now based on reserve USA based energy asset resources. This trend is unstoppable.


The Gulf knows if the US Dollar remains the only strong global – reserve currency period, at zero interest rates, with soaring recovery now possible from trillions going back to economies versus dark pool speculation – and we made back our losses from the enemy in this current battle ( more than flush on our end to their crushing digital battle loss ) – interest rates can rise to more market worthy levels. A USA interest rate slowly rising will pull trillions upon trillions back into the US Dollar – and convert speculation into lower but safe yields for the SUPER POOLS outside the premiums further the dollar will rise like a kite.
The rising dollar will offset lower oil prices as oil price trades were exclusive to the dollar and will again be – as this condition enters the market NEXT. Crushing other currencies who attacked the dollar. Warren Buffet said – knowing all this when he talked about FINANCIAL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION – “it is foolish to bet against the US economy “. He was right but our enemies thought different bet and loss their futures in the bet.


The world is dependent on the cooperative trading partners and illegal speculation into the cost of everything has been handed a terrific permanent loss. We have won this level of the counter attack Normandy Battle and the world is collapsing into less and less real estate for competitive master faith punish diversity national philosophies – ISIS to North Korea – into Cooperative thought and celebrate diversity as “interesting” as we cease forever to punish it.


Cooperation requires integrity. Competition never expects integrity.


The world is waking up.
But the wars go on and all living things die cornered in fight to the death viciousness including die hard competitive thinkers. As in Paris the enemy united Muslims across all spectrums to proclaim – even if you resent the message of disrespect free speech satire creates in your bone marrow – your expression of this conviction does not include illegal immortal unethical life taking which remains the mark of INSANITY – competition infected brains are insane. Never before has the sane Muslim majority so expressed its collaborative united outrage of the insane. They identified their own virus as NOT FROM GOD.


Master Race or Master Faith they are both insane competitive evils and wholly not of any creator.


So you shall know them by their insane works and words ….
Evil punishes diversity in any and all forms.
Holiness celebrates diversity in all forms.


The war goes on. There are more battles as GAME PLANS outlines for you. The world leaders are reassign alignments. When the Berlin Wall game down our Regan deal with Russia was Nato would not move eastward. As Russia made cooperation noises and the EU came into existence ( never imagined at that time ) Russia was in talks to join NATO and COOPERATE in world Peace Keeping.

Now Russia is acting out on the Nato Creep to the East promulgating a WORLD WAR and CONTAGION that will forever break apart Russia as we know it. Sane leaders and cooperation minded Russians are likely to replace President Stupid Power with a reform leader who moves the nation back to a cooperative collaboration policy. Putin is reassign as well and the world waits to collaborate with integrity in a FRESH START with Iran, North Korea and Russia. China trying to rule competitive power factions and cooperative leadership factions into cohesion has both public policy and secret policy working at odds with one another with no certain outcome known yet. There is such promise and hope in all of Asia and China especially. America will never forget the China rejection of the Russia bet to dumb dollar holdings and crush us as the digital attack peaked – which long term has protected their entire economic model. Smart cooperation versus competition. Hillary Clinton historically invited FULL PARTNERSHIP with China in new collaborations to police the world order, peace and safe guard both. She said it takes us both now.


Magic is unfolding.


Your magic.
The magic of the unborn generation.


In future Blogs I will tell you about Kevin Freemans future publications dealing with the unfolding global digital war from Paris attacks this week to Sony last quarter – sovereign nation attacks that have huge pay backs in the counter attacks. You will learn and become we hope supportive for the GAME PLAN of Mutually Assured Reconstruction – that wins this war absolutely with a Presidential order and an single act of Congress we are lobbying for at CEO SPACE.


All this of course may be my opinion only. I respect your different view.


I am betting on Cooperation breaking the cycle of war in generations.


The World IS waking up.


2015 is going to be a year of enormous recovery globally.


The counter attack continues. We are now winning. Again.


It’s a huge global win. But the Global Economic Regulatory Constitution precluding unregulated market “cloud transactions “ must in all central markets criminalize and punish market manipulation that is pure speculation betting.


The world is watching.







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Berny And September Dohrmann


PS: Forbes Magazine ranked CEO SPACE the # 1 meeting globally business owners and professionals can not afford to miss in Jan 2015:


The Las Vegas lead paper featured this Jan 2015 story on CEO SPACE: