CEO SPACE was honored to have made the list now published every two years, by Forbes Magazine last released in 2013. CEO SPACE was ranked as a top five category meeting that Entrepreneur Executives, Professionals and business owners, can NOT afford to MISS. As you can not lobby or promote your firm to make this list, and events are considered globally, it is “rare air” to appear on the list at all, and to be in the top five category is PRESTIGE for any firm ranking on that Forbes Magazine list.


In Jan 2015, CEO SPACE was honored again to have made the list. In 2015 CEO SPACE was ranked the NUMBER ONE meeting Entrepreneurs professionals and self employed business owners can NOT afford to miss in 2015. High praise indeed.


The link to read the “just released from Forbes Magazine” article and ranking in its original form is now provided in my blog: ( you are encouraged to share this link ):


We so hope you will take the few seconds it takes to click the link and review the ranking for 2015. CEO SPACE is vested in the notion we have entered a new market period for the Executives in the top suites of any size firm. The new markets are defined by CEO SPACE as the markets of SUPER CHANGE.


Many of us believed after a time, things would slow down and get back to old “normals’ we had been used to in prior decades. However the pace of acceleration itself is continuing to accelerate. The advance of speed has its own “needs” in the 2015 markets of SUPER CHANGE. Executives are increasingly ranked themselves and rated on their ability to adapt to lead in future SUPER CHANGE markets.


Those who fail to make investments to REMAIN CURRENT in the markets of SUPER CHANGE will simply be left behind. As leaders we all must calm down to “catch up”, and catching up is required. We must develop strategies to regularly advance our core skill, and synch that upgraded skill to management execution upgrades that are both regular and consistent. What is your process to keep current? If you lack one why not explore CEO SPACE as “THE” Process for doing so?


CEO SPACE is a business accelerator. Unlike other events or meetings, CEO SPACE is a process, differentiated by a PAY ONCE for LIFETIME membership access to five meetings per any twelve month period. Hosted virtually every sixty days, the next event brings EXECUTIVE DECISION MAKERS into new currency always bleeding edge leading better choice making. New tools and resources are off loaded to the CEO fresh to quarter in each Conference.


One executive who sold his firm to a major Fortune Firm for hundreds of millions in a successful Merger Acquisition, is on film suggesting to our readers – each CEO SPACE module is “kick butt” crazy practical and powerfully GOOD at OUR LEVEL, you can trust the quality is off any chart”.


CEO SPACE although entering a third decade, renews its franchise entirely every sixty days. The content is new. The faculty are rotational. And Executives who use our “business accelerator” a process – Forbes suggests you CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS regularly, continue to remain out front in bringing momentum to their industry sector. CEO SPACE is also differentiated by its “transaction velocity”.


Strategic alliances are made at every single CEO SPACE – BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE. A growing number of business owners use CEO SPACE as a channel pipe to open new profit centers. Executive Suite level players, use CEO SPACE as an opportunity matrix. They plan critical meetings “AT the Space” and use the dynamics of the SPACE to execute deal flow. Consultants are flown in to work with consultants on site to resolve time sensitive decisions, and advance momentum into the industry.


Demographically about one third of the guest are unusually qualified mentors representing some of the most important business cards you will forge relationship to over any lifetime. Around one third are mature business operations now moving into hyper growth as they use all five annual CEO SPACE events to speed up their growth goal attainment. It always cost less in time and in resources to reach growth goals inside CEO SPACE versus outside CEO SPACE. Another third of our guests are development firms ranging from enormous game changing new industry sectors with a smaller percentage representing lifestyle firms or solo entrepreneurs. This lower third includes ramp ups in biotech, technology, household, environment, biomed, nano, aerospace, novelty, games, franchises, agriculture, energy and alternative energy, real estate, on line, off line, high tech, low tech, and every industry category imaginable. Expert mentors serving virtually all the sectors are present.


Venture space investors, angels, hedge funds, private equity, and their representatives increasingly have resources on site for the Five Business Growth Conferences, due to the historic brand success, CEO SPACE is famous for world wide. Guests attend from nations everywhere. Capital resources are developed within a context of OVER COMPLIANCE fresh to new laws, imparted to Executives by leading global law firms.


We are a new space for CEO”s and Executive Professionals to accelerate their agenda’s in a fun exciting safe SPACE that is forged on transaction velocity. Our guests make a lot of money and keep coming back. CEO SPACE has never advertised or promoted its product to the 140 nations we service today. Our entire worth and value proposition is defined by our customers at the top referring to their tribes. The recent Forbes ranking of CEO SPACE as the “ONE” Meeting you can simply NOT afford to MISS is an exercise of customers satisfaction and referral over time.


CEO SPACE serves markets through a growing full time career professional market of Club Presidents in Cities everywhere. Call our office anytime by clicking on line to 256 850 4700 ext 0 or to foster an introduction to a Chapter President near you. CEO SPACE promotes our members to grow and join VISTAGE a global service CEO SPACE has endorsed for years, even as we serve a growing number of VISTAGE clients who seek a similar mentor platform that is longer format and transactional in B to B results that foster hyper growth.


CEO SPACE has become over its three decades a unqiue MARKET PLACE. Our leaders are devoted to the notion of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM versus the failed organizing model of “competitive capitalism”. The principles of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM are instructed in all Five CEO SPACE Business Growth Conferences and practiced to a point of proof of concept. CEO’s at the top are quick to adapt to a BETTER PROCESS when the results are clearly demonstrated. Some of the leading Mentors in the Fortune Entity Executive suite donate 15% of their lifetime in pure tithing to install COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM into your institution. We equally serve a professional law firm or medical practice to Fortune suite Executives.


Cooperative Capitalism advances human capital output and performance where competitive capitalism has absolute ceilings against which higher performance becomes unwanted waste inside the organization structure. CEO’s launching hyper growth firms forge their organization modeling upon COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM from their first experience with CEO SPACE and all others adapt quickly. COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM is simply a better way. A manual for corporate culture reform appears in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION at Order a handful of copies for your entire team and begin your own exploration of a BETTER WAY today. President Obama and Jeb Bush have both read Redemption as has a growing number of Fortune Space Executives interested in culture upgrades for their work space performance in SUPER CHANGE markets. World leaders from Russia to Israel are reading Redemption in the New Year.


Super Change is not going to go away. Refreshing brands, product and service offers, price formats, systems, and on line off line systems, require a new asset in the Executive Suite – CURRENCY. Remain current or become irrelevant. Internal REINVENTION is now a feature of culture drivers from leaders in the Executive Suite world wide. Old models are disappearing replaced by ever changing SUPER CHANGE challenges. Meeting these challenges requires new Executive Suite Tool Kits that are themselves constantly fresh to quarter. The SUPER CHANGE remains unrelenting and its velocity is ACCELERATING.


CEO SPACE is confident our ranking in the most recent Forbes Magazine release of processes you can not afford to miss…featuring CEO SPACE in the number one top ranked position, revolves around our leadership in CURRENCY for the EXECUTIVE seeking to upgrade.


One of our board members Mr. Ed Bogel a former retired senior partner in the M&A group with Arthur Young, suggested to Executives exploring CEO SPACE membership: “ what is the cost of the errors & missed opportunities you have suffered through the past several years as SUPER CHANGE accelerates? How low is the one time investment to subscribe to an on going process to remove many of those mistakes that cost so much in time and capital from the future executions you will soon be undertaking? CEO SPACE becomes a no brainer”.


We agree.


A growing Executive Community is seeking fraternity at the top in mapping out critical decisions. CEO SPACE is a leading confidential, IP protected, “process” to hyper grow any agenda, from mature brands to those launching next into the SUPER CHANGE market space.


We encourage all our readers to circulate the recent Forbes 2015 ranking article:


To their associations at the EXECUTIVE level critical connections drive business growth. CEO SPACE provides critical new network for the Executive to profit from. CEO SPACE membership may be the resource you were seeking but did not understand was available in today’s market. The forward vision of each BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE hosted at Lake Las Vegas starting March 22nd, presents a week of execution and growth. Your first time participating as a new Lifetime Member, acquaints the Executive with fantastic upgrades to their core skill set in todays SUPER CHANGE market space. When you return, now knowing how the Business Growth Conference works, noting each is entirely new from its prior offering, creates improved benefits from successive use.


CEO SPACE is operated as a PROCESS. A continued resource for the Executive to become and then remain CURRENT inside accelerating SUPER CHANGE. CEO SPACE is also seeking relationships with nations to advance entrepreneur class, in hosting nations. Our axiom is that no economy is secure save when fostering growth upon a strategic long term plan of ever rising internal consumption sustained by rapid entrepreneur class development in nation to secure the rising internal consumption. Every other model leads to social unrest and boom bust cycles. As a leader in nation see: for information on our program for government.


CEO SPACE offers a money back warranty should our experience fail to exceed the Executive’s expectation removing risk from the equation. The cost to join lifetime membership remains at the $ 7500 level first introduced in 1988. The price has remained unchanged while days of added resource value has been put into the benefit package of membership. Price packages for spouse, team members and group rates also are available on request from our Chapter Presidents.


Short films covering your specific industry ( select your category ) and see a short film at Keep in mind 85% of the value remains invisible to new members. These values are not transferrable outside a multi day workshop to explain the all important sequences and development that occur on site. Leaders in the training industry have labeled CEO SPACE the SUPER BOWL of Executive options to upgrade current skill and decision making. We strive to retain that title.


Forbes Magazine in the recent ranking report, suggests we can enter 2015 on the mission of “a job well done”. However we are motivated to work even harder to make our NEXT Business Growth Conference even better, hoping YOU will be attending.


Berny Dohrmann

Chairman CEO