So Isis and their little meanie logo was on my old web site. They hacked their brains out to defeat my baby security. Free speech. ISIS kills them for it. Nice group of insane brains.

Of God? God’s holy word commands us to celebrate what is diverse about us and love each other as we are so loved. Punishing diversity is a sin. Isis is sinning. Deleting Isis as a virus on the global computer is sane. Dealing with insanity is well INSANE. There is no reason.

Insanity seeks power.

Insanity operates within systems of fear punishment and exploitation.

Sane systems operate within protection recognition reward and celebration.

The sane celebrate all diversity in humans including worship diversity.

The insane punish differences and kill.

The sane do not take lives attempting to use the delete option only on the insane themselves. Boomerang effect for Karma …..

The real estate for the INSANE or uncooperative brains, is shrinking like a single ice sheet for the final polar bear.

ISIS and their insane suggestion an all merciful God would command taking a life that is not in combat and is not a threat and who is INNOCENT of any reason for murder. Murder is murder. Murder-ers must face their punishment. ISIS will be removed by the collective will of 7 billion people. As we have seen ISIS is not protected by any God ISIS is loosing and increasingly ISIS is dead. Choosing a LOOSING TEAM is simple. Satan owns the loosing teams.

The Holy of all Spirit owns the winning team.

ISIS made a deal with the devil and forward in time that liar and false prophet will reap what has been sewn. Don’t think about it or try to suggest WHY.

Why is easy.

ISIS is insane. If you are confused in ISIS reform yourself – leave them – find a community of faith that appeals to you and regain your sanity. Insanity like the flue is contagious and you can catch it.

Rather than walk away.

May I suggest RUN.

So it was flattering to have an ISIS hack, but folks, my Blog is back.

The Holy Spirit will take care of removing error code from its sacred creation. The insane are banished to the insane asylum – the padded safe house many know as HELL.

ISIS your rooms have been reserved and we have pre paid your mini bar which by the way is on fire.

Berny Dohrmann

Chairman CEO SPACE




Have you noticed prices going up when the price of oil is dropping. Why? Because oil firms refuse to do away with high consumer margins on their product.

Does gas price reflect real average cost to produce oil? No.

Oil Prices are a result in recent years, of wild unregulated market manipulation and speculation. A tiny conspiracy of Hedge Funds, Oil Firms, Sovereign nation funds, and institutional money – globally, devised a post crash 2008 plan. The plan was to “fix” the price of everyone. All commodities and currencies. To manipulate them. To use their collective trillions to make fantastically wealthy brains, even more fantastically wealthy, most of it in dark pool trading, off shore, with no oversight, and no regulations, because regulations are all LOCAL and trades at this level are all in the CLOUD.

Today we live in a  world of not crowd funding but of CLOUD FUNDING. In Cloud Funding Super Money Pools control price. In late 2014 the nations of the world and their central banks had enough of the HIDDEN TAX zapping their nations receivers. This false tax is a windfall profit made by criminals who need to be brought to justice and put into jail. Their market manipulation is illegal theft of national wealth.

When the largest producers like Saudi complain about rampant speculation removing all price controls from producers and into the hands of wild speculators ( look it up ) one becomes secure the market space for oil and other commodities is “rigged”. The fix is in.

Then a SURPRISE ATTACK on the short market holders too place. This resulted in the most spectacular drop in oil prices over a similar time frame, EVER. What happened.

Trillions went into defeating speculator price support. The market seeing there was no end to the OPPOSING MONEY BETS in the trillions – as it was and is – unlimited money from nations. The result was the attack worked. The speculator position for oil rising, lost 13 trillion dollars of oil bets and wealth. Their wounds will not recover anytime soon.

As they try to find new upward mobility the UNLIMITED MONEY POOLS opposing them whack their head off. They will not stop now that they have won this battle. Coffee is next. Every commodity will be READJUSTED from global illegal short selling. This time in stead of putting the criminals in jail, they are costing the criminals their wealth and running their business holdings and firms. Many are in wipe out mode as Oil holds for months at lower prices. Pump price will follow.
The proper price for oil is not Shell Oil’s 99 dollar estimate – that is a criminal discussing his speculation price that his tribe was unable to keep control over. The right price for gasoline is 1.25 at the pump and for decades. The world is DROWNING IN OIL !!!

100’s of millions of US have chose transportation that gets 300 percent more per unit when we travel. Mass transport takes 100s of millions more of us. Natural gas and electric transportation is rising like a graph going only up for everything from Bus’s to a baby carriage. We are leaving the GAS Market.

Stock piles in the EU and AMERICA are are record historic highs. No one wants the oil. Producers fearing if they cut back at these lower prices they can not finance their nation budgets and their best customers will get the shortages from new suppliers an will not return to them later. They do not wish to lose market share in a crashing market demand.

Market demand will continue to fall forever. We are going to leave fossil fuels in two generations. The clarity of the handwriting on the wall is ground zero for oil firms. Meanwhile the world is discovering more and more oil. In the ground. Under ice and oceans. Everywhere. The world is simply DROWNING IN OIL AND IN COAL. The false price since 2009 forward was a speculation price created by MARKET EVIL DOERS.

They have just lost 13 trillion dollars in wealth. There will not get this back in 2015. The nations will not let the speculation players to profit. Facing historic losses with no end in sight they must move into new markets with their remaining resources or face total ruin.

Remember when speculators win and bid up prices – those who produce and profit turn a blind eye and frequently join the illegals in price supports with their own wealth. True for coffee up from 3.75 US a bag at Target in April 2015, to 9.00 a bag in Jan 2015. Has coffee prices gone up 300% in six months to produce the product. Why hell no. Has coffee been effected so there is a coffee shortage – why hell no. Then why the 300% price ramp up? Speculator manipulation of commodity and currency markets.

Who is leading the speculation that bankrupts the western producer nations? Will start with President PUTIN. Read about his GAME PLAN in Kevin Freemans powerful book GAME PLAN and China’s. North Korea. Iran. And an AXIS of EVIL making ungodly profits by criminal manipulation of markets using the highest leverage and government money.

The profits from market speculation have been WIPED OUT by the adjustments already under way. The BACK OF SPECULATION engineered by President Putin is being broken.

Facing loses on a scale past any one man since Adolph Hitler to Create, President Putin is now placing 10,000’s of troops into a Ukraine to begin is ambition moving his former Soviet Republican Provinces back under RUTHLESS and TOTAL Kremlin control. Putin has created a SUPER SECURITY AGENGY worse and mach more powerful than the KGB. He has prepared for war and is now moving on UKRAINE to rest resistance of which there is just NONE.

Facing a loss of his global economic war, where he has failed to win, and lost fortunes of his internal supporters cash wealth, he focuses all attention on FEAR and manufactured false THREATS, where the only savior is President Putin himself. President Putin runs with the phrase – “it always must appear to be democratic while we consolidate absolute power and control to ourselves”. IN fact President Putin is a dictator and the idea there is an freely elected head of state is a full on oxymoron. Russia is going backwards thirty years in the family of nations. Russian won’t even permit adoption. They chose guns and bullets.

The world is entering a next super dangerous phase. Read GAME PLAN. The financial wars all come together in the final battle, full on digital war fare. Russia is ready. We are not ready. What is coming? Next? Its all inside Game Plan.

Kevin Freeman and I are working in the beltway to advance the single notion – MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION no longer works between nations with MARS or MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION. Without installing a US BASED MARS AGENCY of our NATION the risk to our own loss in this war remains HIGH.

Putin is turning to war and lying about it just like Hitler.

The good guys are playing catch up. We need to end run and get ahead of these mad brains. We can. And we will.

As Warren Buffet set – anyone who bets against America is simply a fool……on that we so agree.

Today America is booming as is no other nation on the earth. Russia’s annual GNP is 1 trillion dollars. America expresses GNP in the tens of trillions.

In the world today there is one Rome. There are no contenders. There is just one real Super Power on each today – just one. The responsibility that goes with that power is restraint inclusion and compromise. America is doing all that. However if called upon the armory of terror holding weapons never seen before upon the earth is so massive and considerable, why would President STUPID ever fail to do the math. Perhaps he requires tutoring?

My wife is Russian and I offer my services – although she did grow up in NASHVILLE ya all.

Follow the money is always my advice. Kevin Freeman is teaching on all this at CEO SPACE March 22nd with our once a decade RETURN OF THE SUPER STARS. Bone up on the history of it and consider coming and registering on line at anytime. You should be inside our money back trade show speeding up your business – Forbes ranked us # 1 for a reason – and you should enjoy that reason this year.

Come upgrade your downloads as a business leader and enjoy a better year fully aware of the decisions going on globally.

We will keep a light on just for you world wide.
Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL




Chicago at 7 Degree’s is far cry from Tarpon Springs Florida ( paradise but your not dead yet ). I never can understand why everyone does relocate to Florida – it is so wonderful. Wish I had done it years and years ago.

Our CEO SPACE Chicago Community is such a switched on turned on community of small business owner entrepreneurs. Everyone is helping one another – everyone is lifting everyone else into acceleration in profits and FULL PARTNERSHIP in opportunity.

The CEO SPACE Gatherings we hosted on Jan 29th, Jan 30th and Jan 31st TWO A DAY – filled to walls. We wish to thank our CEO SPACE teams in Chicago, and surrounding counties, for the faithful COMMUNITY SERVICE you are providing as a support to entrepreneurs in the Chicago area.
The FREE and every two week – CEO SPACE “GATHERINGS” Introduced in 2015, are huge hits with the business community. In our two week events, with referrals swelling numbers from Las Angeles to New York City, the format is the same in every CEO SPACE City served:

1. The meeting begins and in 20 minutes our teams and speakers have explained the BOX TOP rules for COOPERATIVE versus COMPETITIVE NETWORKING using our proprietary SEE ME networking over size cards for traction to action and follow up.

2. Guests proceed to help other guests – with an intention on holding UNCONDITIONAL COOPERATION for 30 minutes. Within 20 minutes questions are addressed and the group stands up and networks all over the facility. In thirty minutes the meeting is called back to order.

3. Guests got RESULTS consistently reported as IMPOSSIBLE to obtain in any form of networking outside CEO SPACE “GATHERINGS”. Plus in to a CEO SPACE gathering near to you and be networking for critical contacts in 20 minutes. All in cooperation versus competition. Its new. It works. Its fresh. It previews what CEO SPACE does in its week long retreats in Vegas five times a year.

4. A short 15 minute hard content lesson for small business follows. Last night we taught on referral marketing and crowd funding. The entire room stayed at the end of the POWER HOUR for follow up to the networking and host coaching on their business projects.

5. The meetings close on time and everyone gets home at an early hour and with results.


GATHERINGS from CEO SPACE the ultimate business club serving the world. Get involved in GATHERINGS near you and if your city is not hosting a GATHERING call and explore becoming a CHAPTER PRESIDENT – there is no cost – for your area and LEAD A GATHERING we’ll provide all the training free. If you love people and you love contributing more than you consumer, the GATHERING is your new core engine for growth.

Chicago is on fire – the new GREAT CHICAGO FIRE is all about multiple Gatherings taking place all over the CITY. Look us up and tell your friends who reside in Cities everyone in North America – your GATHERING “IS” coming…….plug in and get the juice.





On March 20th the Free bonus classes ( three days of them ) on the latest in Crowd Funding and NEW LAW on raising capital for small entrepreneur business will commence. These are the most comprehensive education exercises and practice sessions on raising capital in the market today – another reason Forbes ranked CEO SPACE # 1 – the meeting NO ONE CAN AFFORD to MISS in 2015.

The week to March 30th is non stop networking between President CEO”s of entrepreneur firms and professional practices. Short videos on define our money back warranty for our lifetime membership – pay once small fee and your in for five a year for life.

CEO SPACE is a business accelerator. Our five Business Growth Conferences are so highly ranked, because, the retooling of a trade show WORKS. CEO SPACE engages the CEO President of firms, with one another, over a ladies and gentlemen meal – three times daily along with multiple networking breaks over food. All included in the price. No add on’s. No upselling. Hence our highest ranking globally.

Guests attend because:

1. The CEO wants to upgrade skill and remain bleeding edge CURRENT inside a SUPER CHANGE market dynamic. CEO SPACE is the most prized upgrades for CEO’s world wide today.

2. The CEO wants more customers and larger markets now versus later – with CEO SPACE you just don’t have to wait to reach growth goals.

3. The CEO wants capital infused, attending for customer base growth, capital, or both.

CEO SPACE refunds member cost before you depart the hotel if you find CEO SPACE has not accelerated your growth plans. CEO SPACE lowers cost, lowers time, for owners to reach growth goals.

If your a professional see the professional videos’> If your a larger firm or investors, see those video selections. If your a mid size or development space firm see those video’s. In 100 films on line there are award winning short films in your industry category. The more films you review the more proofs you’ll have. You ll be stating I didn’t know they also did THAT for quite some time.

CEO’s who use three or so of our Business Growth Conferences in a row do 50% more growth than those who do not. Those who do five to seven are in heaven and thrive. Those who do enormous business globally attend 20 30 and 50 or more of the programs…some ceasing billion dollar venue and projects. All levels profits.

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Bleeding Edge current? You will be this March as the snows melt and business NEW YEAR begins in Las Vegas. Join the BIG ONE and be part of history.

Teen Entrepreneur Training ( FEAST ) is subsidized …parents pay good costs only.

Younger entrepreneurs attend YOUTH CAMP day care CEO SPACE pays for ( free to parents ) so families can attend together this SPRING – highly encouraged. It’ll be 80 degrees at Lake Las Vegas Westin Resort dress for the POOL.

2015 is YOUR YEAR.

Berny Dohrmann Chairman




Success Seeker in a Super Change Market Space, test the adaptability of human consciousness itself. Ever distracted by “incoming” the notion of simple systems to manage the incoming become priceless. For CEO leaders at every level might we suggest some priority resetting for your reformation of DECISIONS. Some of the following Rules apply arrange print and use them and share this item with those you feel will benefit most.



1. Digital communication is for praise never criticism. Plus and correct by phone or in person. Never in any other way.

2. Create a Friday shoe box for incoming. Place all mail, bills, and follow up activity into the FRIDAY BOX. Manage these non revenue growth busy tasks, Friday 9 ;00 to 12:00 – have a great weekend.

3. Avoid work after six save when traveling or speaking. Over taxing YOU is a bad habit and never produces optimum results. Work smarter not longer.

4. Reset your week – every weekend – so each new week is a new game hand. Create the largest percentage of your time – 50% or more in your priority reset to NOW MONEY NOW TASKS generating money in the next ten days.

5. The largest next percentage of your week is NEXT MONEY NEXT.

6. The smallest percentage is LAST MONEY LAST – a year or so for income to appear.

7. 10% or less of your TIME is reset to NO MONEY NOW task items – Friday 9:00 to 12:00. Freeze non revenue generating time to 10% of your week of TIME. Your world will enlarge exponentially. Play this graph every Monday with a goal to reach ideal percentage division of time over 180 days of practice making perfect.

8. Relegate social non growth time to after hours never during NOW MONEY NOW TIME.

9. Reduce meeting frequency and quantity for meeting quality. Have smaller meetings. Ask everyone for 110% support or leave. No wheel wobble. Unconditional cooperation. Ask for no competition in meeting. Everyone plus to everyone else – plus no critique. Make meetings clear – goals desired – summery at end of task and time lines – and hold work accountable. Create HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAMS and accept zero excuses. Performance MUST be HAD.

10. Lead. Pause when making decisions for a break. Don’t think about the decision during the break. If you are angry write down a scathing email and save it to draft. Then delete it. Never send it. Let 72 hours go by. Then re-think. Always have TIME and PERSPECTIVE to rise 12 inches above your head. Look down on yourself and your thinking process and give yourself more PERSPECTIVE and THINKING TIME. Meditate – be with source and classical music for 10 minutes – becalm – totally at peace – with empty relaxed mind and no thoughts – go to the NOTHING BOX – and stay there ten minutes. Then go back to the decision box with new calm perspective. In though decisions – say to yourself – tapping your heart there times – how can I make this a COOPERATIVE SOLUTION that is not COMPETITIVE. See Competition as evil. See Cooperation as from the Holy Spirit.

For personal mastery in Decision Reformation acquire Redemption the Cooperation Revolution and read it with notes in margin and a things to do book beside yourself – give the book to clients. It will change client loyalty and referral marketing.

The more you reside in a  cooperation culture and circle the more your thinking will skillfully mature, as will your momentum for success. Check out Amazon for the book..under me.

Have the Greatest First Quarter of 2015 and may effortless abundance be yours. Time is the only wealth you control make yours work harder for you.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL