The United States remains the sole financial engine of the world economy. The manipulated currencies of other nations are not free market honest reserve candidates. The balloon created in China and the EU has yet to SUPER CRASH as it has in the USA and in Greece. But they will SUPER CRASH.


Russia a huge trading partner with China is now locked into a contract for energy that has seen the value of its payment in its home currency fall by 70% in real buying terms. China has created commodity and real estate balloon markets that have only one correction -crash.

Their currency is a joke like monopoly money. Their incestuous bank lending practices are finally catching up to the State leadership. These bad loans all covered up completely make the Japanese financial decade of crash and moderation look like a cake walk as this SUPER CRASH comes to the world. For China with its aging population and four men to one lady policy, the only way out for China is war. Just watch. The war has stated digitally and the recent attack on Sony is a CHINESE declaration of War on The Japanese returning to a world war II that never ended for THEM. WAR is China’s only option. Again watch.

The missing planes? China hack experiments. Read Kevin Freeman’s GAME PLAN about the Digital wars taking place today. Imagine the power of a digital strike against all civilian and economic and military FLIGHTS all at once? Imagine that POWER.

Russia has civil unrest due to economic hardship from the illussion NATO is a threat to RUSSIA. Nato was inviting Russia to JOIN NATO just a few years back. Russia is led by a ┬áleader who is truly stupid and does not understand the world as it is today. The danger is he controls the magic button. Russia now has no way out but WAR and they want China as their partner. They will become enslaved by China ( financially ) if they keep going down President STUPID’s road to personal megapixels.

The markets in the USA are HAVEN MARKETS. Even at ZERO INTEREST the US Dollar is by far – and such a range of far – the strongest currency for global trade in the history of humanity. The markets in the USA will have corrections and volatility now that the have reached all time high records. The rule is so simple. By low and sell high. One does not buy at all time highs and sell at all time higher without disproportional risk. The Bond Market looks untapped in this frenzy rally – and we bet on Bonds long term as interest rates rise and coupons will as well. The bond come back is the next trillion dollar buy low sell high play in 2015. In our opinion of course.

If it were “me” I’d read Kevin Freeman’s GAME PLAN and buy ten and share it with ten folks you REALLY CARE FOR. I’d read it with a market pen and make a TO DO LIST for investing and diversification. Then I would move my plan into GAME PLAN and be far safer than you were before you read the book.

But hey – thats me – trying to keep you safe out there.

2015 is going to be a GREAT YEAR in the USA and the America’s and an OK year with risk in the EU and a higher risk of SUPER CRASH in Asia led by Chinese risk of job collapse and economic sink holes hitting province after province. Aligning with Russia’s President PUTFUCK is going to be the nail in the Chinese miracle. Wrong choice. Wrong partner. Wrong time in history.

Japan meanwhile is not amassed. Nor should they be. As the rest of Asai comes together ( against ) China’s new interest in war as the only way out of their corruption. Today the problem is not the problem – how fast you fix the problem is the solution and anything to disguise or delay that fix does not work for the police in New York City or for the leader of China. We wish them luck as they try.

Berny Dohrmann


PS: Five Billion of us have backed away from ISIS and they have no future. Cooperation is the spirit of God and competition is the spirit of the other one.