CEO SPACE celebrates the live of Will Mattox, great mentor and ark angel of the Lord, who graduated to GO HOME today. Will ends a long painful battle with cancer – so surprised in his prime to have this condition not GO AWAY. The party not he other side needed him more than we do and we shall miss him so profoundly.

Berny Dohrmann









As you know I have been writing since 2008 on the topic of Economic History, relate to my opinions, views, and research on historical SUPER CRASH’s. We have YET TO EXPERIENCE Super Crash in this generation. Globalization creates risk elevations for leveraging future SUPER CRASHES to as yet to experience deleveraging as global monetary collapse is TOTAL. What does this event look like? What is the causing agency? What can in individual DO to protect themselves? What can an institution DO to protect themselves. If knowledge is power, my hope is the return of my BLOG to the world markets, will provide some data upon which to take future action, as a comfort to the world market of my readers. With high pride my prior multi decade blog “theceospace” blog site was hacked by ISIS following my comments that all six billion of “us” are placing “you” on global “time out”. Which is not a survivable event. When minds are insane from the mental virus of competition – with its primary attribute to “punish” all differences been humans – versus the Holy Spirits sanity and virus removal tool of COOPERATION whose first attribute is CELEBRATING ALL HUMAN DIVERSITY in every context. You shall know them by their works. One is insane. The other is sane. Slowly the insane are being banished upon the earth to the appropriate insane consequence to being unteachable. The insane would crash the world economics – for selfish gain – that results in their own destruction. THAT is the insanity of it all. Knowledge IS power. Being aware of threats, living life to the fullest with regard for “if” a historic repetition event occurs you will have a plan to resolve what to do. The CEO SPACE Community is a bulk head, a second society, bonded and connected to manage as a global community the response to any real threats. If you lack a community of this strength, you can use the community to prosper during times of stability and thrive during times that challenge the old normal into new normal. Life insurance for lifestyle – is joining .





My book, read by heads of nations and corporate institutions entitled REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION sets forth a blue print of financial history over thousands of years. This blue print is predictive modeling for the future. Competitive capitalism, an extension of feudalism, is a failed for nations and peoples of the Earth. The product leads to 1% owning more wealth than the 99% – a position Citicorp has reported we have arrived at ( again ) and today. As this economic position is NOT sustainable, competitive capitalism always leads to melt down. Trade war between nations follows a period of readjustment. A contagion event then triggers SUPER CRASH and world war. There is no break in this model from Greek and Rome until today. Given hour terrible our weapons of truly mass and total planet wide destruction have become, CEO SPACE has been advocating for a new economic system, between nations, we call COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. It is our opinion Cooperative Capitalism through inspired global leadership, advances the one great possibility to preclude World War III. Will we see new inspired leadership? Will we see policies between nations that favor cooperation versus competition? Is Iran creating an atomic potential to take down the west? Three space based EMP pulses and the Western Way of Life as we know it goes up in no smoke. It is gone and will not come back in your children’s lifetime. Takes two minutes. Russia and China can effect this result. More nations able this same result, like India Israel and Pakistan. As the capacity spreads the human math on the 100% chance what can happen will happen, is so likely. We have no GAME PLAN as the book by Kevin Freeman – GAME PLAN – defines. If you want the SECRET KNOWLEDGE also read Kevin’s THE SECRET WEAPON. Then you’ll will know what I know and our leaders know. Educate yourself. Its urgent. Do it this Holiday for 2015 Game Planning. If you want to develop a plan for your family and business for the near term ( maximum profits and hyper growth ) I’d look into the Dec 7th LAST chance to lower your income tax this year in any nation – and your FIRST CHANCE to hyper grow your 2015 INCOME which we guarantee you will do just that. Worth taking a look if divine right timing placed this Blog information into your possession for a REASON.





I advise my readers to study the book GAME PLAN best selling book the President of 20 nations has read by my dear collaborator in this work of FREEDOM author Kevin Freeman of Dallas Texas. You will acquire data that reports how the Crash of 2008 was in fact a test of a digital weapon. Our enemies made over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS in profits from our digital pearl harbor and almost sunk the western world. The future attacks will not be a test. Imagine waking up where all digital records are erased. Where there is no power and power is not returning to “on”. There is no cooling. There is no lights. There is no internet. Communication or TV. There is no transportation. Manufacturing. There is no fix to the attack. The attack takes hours. And it is completed. You may think “they” are protecting us from this evil? Since 2008 and the digital test, every single data base of any importance has been hacked. The largest power outage in American and EU history has taken place from a digital test. No one is protecting us. No one has done anything to take the steps to develop a Mutually Assured RECONSTRUCTION PLAN to the damage about to be inflicted upon all of us – as a an entirely NEW WORLD ORDER – develops. World War III will begin with this level of SUPER CRASH and digital attack. Read GAME PLAN to map out your game plan as “they” do not have a game plan. Why? For silo leadership it is simply not “their job” it is always “some other phantom’s JOB” and there is no phantom leader of responsibility. None. The world is not facing an economic crises. The world is facing a crises of LEADERSHIP.





I believe when the music stops, the only investment that makes sense is ammunition and seeds. I believe ammunition and seed packs can be more readily traded with less risk of theft, than hard assets. Diversification into Diamonds the “final money” of the world is the hedge bet. You can’t carry $ 40,000 of cold anywhere and its so easy to steal. You can carry 100 million in Diamonds inside inseams of your clothes or one hollowed out table leg. Always the final money always accepted by all. Easier to verify as authentic than metlas or other forms of asset choices. A mortgage free farm which secure borders is always an ideal refuge for circles of influence. Band together to develop your own. Time is unpredictable.





Ebola – forty Ebola cases in 40 states would in opinion – which is not many – trigger Marshal Law and a SUPER CRASH in all global markets. THE USA continues to permit Ebola nation travel into the USA. We see Ebola isolation as the worst human threat in all of history remains out of any control in the poorest nations on earth. Most ends – of peoples and societies – have taken place from disease. We believe illness played a role in extinction events. One ancient virus slays all the dragons and inherits the earth all over again. They have been ruling the planet since the beginning. A cocktail of Super Virus and Bacteria are likely to the out of balance species – Humans as a herd – from uncontrolled specie growth. This reality is a 100% historic WHEN not IF.


CONTAGION EVENT – Russia invades – China and Japan go at it – the Gulf blows all the way up – and SUPER CRASH Follows with World War. We have 100% historic track history, contagion and Super Crash and World WAR is a matte of near term WHEN not IF. If the war escalates to atomic and why would it not – the future is one expressed in tens of thousands of years to rebuild what we know of as civilization. Or a surprise a contagion event none of us every suspected. Weapons of mass destruction fire at the west. Bio weapons fire at the west. Digital Ebola fires at the west. Local wars turn into real wars and spread. A Super Solar Flare wipes out all digital and power systems globally. An incoming comet strike ends life as we know it ( 100% assured if we do not build a detect and deflect system – which requires global cooperation versus competition to produce ). Climate Change weather breeding storms like on Planet Mars and others. A combination of these trends. The real issues we avoid spending imagination and capital upon. The reactive issues – say ISIS and IRAN we invest billions upon billions into with no return that can be measured as there is no change in pathology from these efforts including our failed policy in Iraq and other nations. When do we call a policy like the “war on drugs” a human failure and tragedy versus institutionalizing the errort and over funding a financial boon dogel that has zero profit for society? Gays should marry because we celebrate love in the market space we never engage competition related to love – we demonstrate we celebrate what is DIFFERENT about us human’s versus punish it. Any other mind set is competitive and insane. You now have your yard stick for mental GPS. Protect your circle to engage cooperation minded circles and guard against competitive thinkers getting IN. War should be a defense response and always massive so the time is reduced and those untrained brains that are not teachable are DELETED. Bad Buggy Software. Real estate for aligned peoples and nations expands globally, while real estate for non aligned nations and people ( those who demonstrate they would PUNISH others who fail to think like them ) is forever reduced globally. This trend is the healthy hope of the world’s unborn generations.



ASYMETRICAL WARFARE – There is only one Rome and that Rome the West can not be defeated militarily. However national interests seeking a NEW WORLD ORDER can align to defeat the West economically without firing a traditional weapon. The new DIGITAL INTERDEPENDANCE has created the opportunity for a Digital Attack as presented in GAME PLAN by Kevin Freeman. The result is SUPER CRASH without effective response by the targeted nation, whose wealth options communications and fiscal ability to pay say a military pay check – has been wiped out. Takes one hour. The following define ways and methods and there are many ore cited in GAME PLAN by which non aligned nations ( the competitors ) in their insanity – can via asymmetrical war fare engage EMP pulse – weapons – mass destruction weapons – digital subversive system killers – bio terror – weapons in the polar caps to create mass destruction to the coast shipping zones – and so many low cost – easy to execute and highly effective challenges to create what the insane desire – A NEW WORLD ORDER. There the Master RACE failed the new model is the MASTER FAITH as we see from ISIS. All such mental ideas are insane. I have two copies of the Koran on my telephone which I study. I could easily BE MUSLIM by what those books print and suggest is the way of life.



EMP PULSE – firing three weapons in space which a growing number of nations of the world can in fact execute, creates an Electro Magnetic PULSE that wipes out every electronic component in transportation, communication, manufacturing, distribution and all financial ownership and legal records. Super CRASH of world markets results. Its cheap its fast and it is an option for a growing number of nations. The West has zero defense today. Retaliation is an oxymoron. We can do it back to them all in the next hour – but would we – and if we did everyone is toast. Everyone is done.






If there is no food restocking shelves an dno one has toilet paper in say North America. What happens to 300 million guns in private ownership when the owners – can not eat or communicate. How fast does chaos happen? Who protects anyone? Do you have your GAME PLAN. Your one hour from needing one. You have more time with Ebola and illness – but not much more. What is your game plan for Chaos? Perhaps you should buy ten books and circulate them this Holiday. I believe Kevin Freeman’s Game plan and REDEMPTION the COOPERATION REVOLUTION are the two most important publications of our century. One offers hope the others options when there is no hope remaining.





The first Black President of the United States seeks to exit office making history and presenting a spirit of hope to billions on unborn across the world. Who can fault that desire? The President is a good man doing his best. He is not as some depict the “great evil”. In fact we must adopt a new respect for the office of the President of any and every nation even when we disagree with the decisions or policies of the individual. In my opinion President Obama is far from the doom gloom and awful leader his mean spirited attackers define him as. Is he a GREAT President on the level of Kennedy or Reagan. As leaders. NO. He is not. He is good but far from GREAT. However we needed GREAT and we don’t have it. The cost may be generational and irreparable historically – luck of the draw. His Attorney General stating any critique of the policies of the President is bigotry is itself fascism. The Presidents use of Executive Orders to by pass Congress creates far more problems than solutions long term. The lack of deeper experience in the affairs of nations has shown up domestically and in foreign policy. While President Obama gets credit for the economic stabilization it was actually George Bush’s team that he kept on and the policies he evoked to continue from Bush’s team, that stabilized global economics. In the Murky World of Politics I call upon all of us to respect the OFFICE of the PRESIDENT and to conclude the intention of the first Black President is to set a hope of the world into stone for billions of color in unborn generations to adopt “if you can dream it you can DO IT” historicaly. He is DOING THE BEST HE KNOWS HOW. You can see how the global crises is aging him. Just look at his last two years of photo’s on the net. You can see premature aging. TRYING is not DOING. The crises is not in effort or intention but in experience and core competency. There is no TIME to develop core competency on the JOB in the White House without a cost to the future unborn generation that is fantastic.





The new World Order seeks to develop a NEW WORLD ORDER. The pain and agony to billions in following such policies is competitive and not cooperative and establishes the political dividing line. Aligned nations in cooperation are forging deeper permanent alliances. The non aligned nations are accelerating ever greater policies of competition and vision in the world. ISIS is a symbol of advanced competitive virus infection on human brains. Such brains are insane. There is no need to invest emotional capital on the WHY. The why is easy. They are NUTS. They are known by destruction, force versus powers, and to define them – as Hitler advanced upon the philosophy of the MASTER RACE the ISIS front for Iran and the AXIS of EVIL advances upon the philosophy of the MASTER FAITH. Such competitive thinking is itself insane. If you can not isolate insanity you when threaten by it must advance an elimination policy in self defense. To protect the common sanity.





The world’s greatest Super Power ( ever in history ) the United States of America has advanced weapons of which the public has no clue. On occasion with restrain the USE of that SUPER POWER is required to retain the global perspective of what SUPER POWER means. ISIS is the proposition for use of SUPER POWERS. Iran is another. Permitting IRAN to become a SUPER POWER is negligence given their stated competitive philosophy which remains to DESTROY the WEST utterly and completely, and to destroy Israel FIRST. Such a thinking pattern issues from the ONE VIRUS on the human consciousness – Competition. Competition is CAUSE. Everything else is only SYMPTOM. The cure is to deal with the CAUSE versus the SYMPTOM in a holistic manner versus a reactive incident manner. The lack of effective holistic POLICY is the problem and remains for all cooperative trading partners advancing their cooperation – a single CRISES – which is defined as a CRISES OF GLOBAL LEADERSHIP. It is time for the USA to apply its SUPER POWERS to the benefit of cooperation and self defense.





Today there is a tiny envelope to go the beach and enjoy pure water and eat enough foods. Although billions lack food security itself instantly removed with inspired GLOBAL LEADERSHIP. Why should over one billion die screaming under age 35 this year alone – while sufficient food exists in wearhouses to feed them all and keep them alive? How many Bill Gates – Eli Whitney’s – Mozarts are dying on our watch because we lack the WILL versus the means in a crises of leadership? Is that SANE? How would aliens view us from orbit on such choice making? Sane or insane?


The first pollution is MIND pollution. By curing the virus of the mind we adance to new level of sanity. Education of the people to history and threat and discovering the opportunity behind very barrier and obstacle is the sane way to THINK.


I tell my students to return to the bible regardless of your own belief’s. My guy suggested – take no heed for tomorrow for you can add not once cubit to your stature – focus on how well cared for the flowers and birds are by my heavenly father how much more will he care for his direct offspring? Enjoy the day and tomorrow will take care of itself. Be informed. Read the books we suggested for you – REDEMPTION the COOPERATION REVOLUTION and GAME PLAN. Live out front and ahead of everyone with more data and information.


Live in happiness and delight within the TINY ENVELOPE.


Today is a time to celebrate the envelope we see in 2015.





Berny Dohrmann




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I got word famous when ISIS hacked my block and shut it down. What a world. I liked that. All I said was that SIX BILLION OF “US” HAD PLACED THEM ON “TIME OUT”. THAT CELEBRATING OUR DIFFERENCES VERSUS PUNISHING OUR DIFFERENCES WAS “OF” GOD”  – SANITY VERSUS INSANITY. Hey I stick by that. My Blog focuses on MY PERSONAL OPINION as a former INVESTMENT BANKER commanding a public global investment banking firm and in my recent almost thirty years running the worlds leading Entrepreneur support organization for small business owners ( although Fortune firms increasingly send us their management teams ) to secure CURRENCY within an ever accelerating SUPER CHANGE global market space. Currency IS the new CEO Capital in any “size” Board Suite. CEO SPACE with five upgrade to currency offerings annually keeps the decision making at PEAK POTENTIAL ( also an alliance partner ). Join CEO SPACE as a lifetime member and you will always remain current. Just click and your set to go. Paste into your browser.

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