Wiped out in just the Standard and Poor 500 – index – 2.1 trillion of wealth in just six trading days. In fact the US Economy now looks much better and stronger than the stock market is appreciating. The 600 point ROAR BACK on Weds gave markets confidence in the USA and noted our prediction bargains are only alive in the USA and the world IS going to buy them UP. The WEALTH SHIFT into the USA is the big winner from the melt down in Asia which is unfolding and far from over yet.

When you add the other markets such as the DOW and the trillions lost globally this crises is no small factor. However we believe this is a PASSING ENERGY and will move out of the markets like a storm cloud as overall stability of world trade ( itself down to record declines over the past four years- leaving one to wonder is globalization peaked out now for trade itself )?

The market is sorting out WELL SHIFT to the most integrity transparent markets with the USA leading in these categories. We see the influence and Wealth Shift to the USA as so deep that the prime authority of USA ECONOMICS will continue to lead the world….into the coming decade.

Berny Dohrmann -Chairman CEO SPACE