Nations have histories. For example:

  1. The last Great Depression was caused by the fact that side bets in which way an Asset class may go up or down in the future – a casino capitalism – was many many times larger than the stake holder economic where capital invested in real asset classes whether a stock a bond or real corn versus a side betting on future corn prices up or down. When the dog is the side bet and the tail is the real economy you have casino capitalism. We made side betting a felony. In 1999 we made it legal. Now the side bets are larger by far than world economic investing just like the 1929 period only far worse as it is all digital AI trading in velocities and volumes the 1929 market never knew with leverage and borrowing ten times worse than 1929. That is the upside pyramid in economics in 2018.
  2. Trade Wars. the worst global trade war spiraled out of control as our markets soared to peaks never seen before. The Super Crash came without warning. It never ended. Wealth was utterly destroyed in all asset classes. Trade wars kept all nations any form of recovery and seeded the World War II.

To repeat this pattern seems odd if you know history. But humans fail to remember financial history and so they are destined to repeat financial history – the cause of all great wars – that actually rebalance economics that have been abused for decades.

Before nations go bankrupt they go into revolution and war.


I’ve reported the SPRING period of 2018 would represent a correction. I told readers what to do. Over and over again to protect wealth at the peak.

To date we have lost 9 trillion in wealth in the correction of 10% this Spring. Everyone is waiting for the OTHER SHOE TO DROP.

World Press is largely controlled by Donald Trump on agenda’s that distract the world from his real work. His real work is to break apart the DEEP STATE old way of conducting business and ritual and to reset the entire nation and world without a war. We’ll see if his real agenda, opposed by the super wealth of the Deep State can survive and win in any context. A class war and a philosophical war is under way.

The deep state seeks to indict and impeach President Trump.

President Trump seeks to indict and impeach the Deep State.

It is too early to see which side is going to win here.

The Wild Card remains DEBT and Super Crash.

We believe the world markets will spiral up into new highs a 30,000 even 50,000 DOW model. History defines you always have a super wealth spiral just before the SUPER CRASH and none occur without that. We are laying the ground work with massive speculation made possible by free money and debt borrowing to invest in pure crap – the AI computer markets of today. DEBT as it always does will destroy the world economic system of post world war II. The laws to protect us have all been vacated by law markets world wide as criminal congress is now bought and paid for world wide.

CRIMES against ECONOMICS precede crimes against humanity and are by far the cause of our own slaughter. ECONOMIC crimes come first while the rob us in day light in plain damn sight as we all smile and allow them to do it – never seeing it coming I the first place. They keep us economically ignorant so those real crimes are never seen at all.

We believe in the coming wealth  spiral’s driven by enormous never seen before debt in investing in all asset classes, will be the seeds of the next SUPER CRASH.

It is our opinion a debt nation leading with China will have a hard landing ( THEIR SUPER CRASH ) which will CASCADE which is faster and far worse than old models of contagion. If not China Italy or Spain as the EU Super Crashes from Debt. The DEBT BOMB DEFAULT trigger is coming and when it hits all casino capital will evaporate without warning in minutes. In hours it will be over world wide. LED DAY is coming.

We have reported here the ultimate spiral up and the DEBT BOMB exploding will due to digital AI mother board to almost 75% of all velocity and volume of market trading fed by less than 10,000 ever consolidating super money pools ( that was a felony but is now legal ) creates SUPER RISK for SUPER CRASH. However it is as if the media and law makers feeding on the money trough and greed machine, are blinded by the dollars and bought and paid for politics to actually DO SOMETHING.

So the depression laws that kept the world from another Global Depression were removed in the last three hours of the Bill Clinton final Christmas session of Congress by unanimous vote. Can you even remember a last vote – unanimous – and in only a three hour session before Holiday? Slow news day? All depression laws were shattered by Greenspan, who gave us the CRASH of 2008 – the Dot.BOMB crash – and led us in Friedman economics direction we a path that was wrong minded and tour the foundations from all nations.

Today we stand on debt piles of “bad debt” by the 100’s of trillions that can and will never be paid at all. Nations and financial institutions hold this crap as GOLD and legally report these criminal bad assets as GOOD AND SOLID ASSETS on their reports to say US and we the people. Criminal economics has been made legal. It is legal to report fraud now.  If nations and institutions  adjusted for the BAD DEBT in the current 2018  system – the world order would stop – countless institutions banks and nations would be bankrupt – and we would need to create a new system. The rules we must report under are rules nations and financial institutions are exempt from. They get to use criminal accounting but we do not. Seem fair enough to you or can you see through the smoke and mirrors now?

Media check out fair market  accounting rules – its not hard.

1000 trillion of global wealth would be evaporated on LED DAY – or Liquidity Evaporation DAY – LED DAY. No buyers only sellers. Every day. And the system freezes up as there is no longer circulation. The issue of the present economic model over leveraged is circulation itself. Liquidity as the corner stone asset. The canceled TV show HOUSE OF CARDS comes to mind on the economics. In digital AI software LED is a blip in time -it takes seconds for all switches to move from buy to sell with no buyers period – just sellers and no humans all AI in what we call ECONOMIC CASCADE made possible by digital AI that programing never considered at all as even possible.

So what can be done?

The Greed Machine has theory. They pay a lot to hear what they want to hear only the theory of risk-less risk made possible by software – the great lie in economics for there is NO RISKLESS RISK not EVER folks. They pay a lot to discredit what they don’t wish to hear – say like this blog.

They hold to theories that the market today is solid, and without a potential for a SUPER CRASH. Why? They have theories. There are problems with their theories.

The economics of 2018 are not like the economics of 1929 although the entire check list of warning lights is flashing RED – all repeated only worse due to leverage and digital trading.

Also the theory models on economics draw from prior economic charts tables and histories.

This theory model fails because in fact the markets of the world are now in new territory nothing like prior history. Why?

Digital AI trading – has in five years replaced humans in control of VAM – the Velocity – the Accelerations – the Momentum of the entire world market. The markets are controlled by less than 10.000 unlinked uncoordinated SUPER MONEY POOLS including over 100 Sovereign Nation Wealth Super Money Pools – inside a SOFTWARE WAR that is AI centered. One Chaps software against another chaps software to maximize profits at any cost.

The theory the big bucks wishes to hear and only has ears to listen to is the theory that AI and software have created riskless risk and that the potential of wealth wipe out and SUPER CRASH is a purview of the past – an impossibility in the new AI software controlled casino weighted for the house to win – SUPER MONEY POOLS consolidating all wealth playing inside the new economic casino globally.

Gamblers in all markets believe they have risk less risk. Steve Wynn just sold out of his casino and resigned from all his positions. Steve had no clue in a week he would be seeing his lifetime legacy become only scandal – but there you have it. One week. Steve now owns zero of his Wynn Casino. ZERO. 2018 is here and there is no risk less risk.

Facebook – Mark has never seen billions crash so fast as a RUN on the Facebook bank is taking place. Mark can’t stop the run.

AI is controlling the run and the price.

You can’t seen nothing yet.

Wells Fargo the CRIMINAL BANK has conducted crime after crime to steal money from its own customers. Does the leadership at the top collecting the huge bonus money go to prison ? Nope. They pay a fine of 1% to keep 99% and do the next crime. WE the People are RUNNING OUT OF Wells Fargo BANK – We are going to TD Bank.

Criminal Bank of America paid a 45 million dollar fine for crimes stealing billions they made profits upon. Parking meter money. Does anyone go to jail at Bank of America at the top. Nope they pay their teeny weeny fine while we go to jail not them. Not them. They make the laws and pay for them.

No economic system can survive when the core of those systems have lost integrity. The crises in the world is not a crises of leadership – no way – the crises is a crisis of integrity.

Rule of bought and paid for law?

As this level of economic integrity breaks down and those in charge are criminals using theories that self support their crimes to steal from the peoples of the world – price gauging and through garden variety of fraud – and the laws allow it to unfold endlessly – and no one goes to jail who does those enormous crimes – the system must SUPER CRASH and develop a revolution of itself.

The world system will speculate using 50 to 1 leverage to buy side bets in the casino making enormous profits at all cost to society. This spiral will place untold trillions into borrowed accounts holding asset classes of side bet paper that are not assets at all.

The system will reach a tipping point.

The debt will trigger the debt bomb.

Defaults will create SUPER CRASH.

No depression safety nets exist to protect wealth from total evaporation.

Circulation will become zero and the system will collapse globally. All trades will freeze up. Paper money will become worth less and banks won’t be open as they will fail and close. The LED DAY and super crash.

This is a ways out yet.

We have time.

As no one is working on cause and fix, while there is time, it is unlikely we can avoid world war.

The history is simple: and never ever varies economically since Rome:

  1. Consolidation of wealth to unsustainable levels 1% own more wealth than 99% ( we are almost there now ).
  2. Melt Down 2008 as this model of concentration of wealth effects circulation and is not sustainable.
  3. Trade wars which spiral up over years of time. Circulation is reduced further.
  4. A trigger event creates SUPER CRASH in the now unstable system of economics.
  5. World accounts rebalance via world wars.

We are entering # 3.

I reported this in my BOOK REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION with ways to move forward and avoid this model. Presidents have read it and quote from it. No one has political will to fight the SUPER MONEY. Yet.

The pattern repeats.

Economically we are moving into world war and you know why. Plus SUPER MONEY POOLS profit from the slaughter keep that in your thinking as well. Always follow the money not the press you read daily.



Build your own safe harbor and we tell you how to do just that at CEO SPACE.

Or not.

Do nothing – thats ok – as its pretty good really – until its NOT.

Either way – we’ll keep a light on for you out there as we track it. While we wish we were wrong over all our predictions since the 1980’s – to date – truly being wrong? Not so much as the accuracy our readers rely on is simple:


Berny Dohrmann

Just home from 10,000 Entrepreneurs and speaking west coast USA