WORLD LEADERS STARTING WITH XI IN CHINA – squandered January and February and in that squandering of time, sent 100 million passing through well known CHINA SUPER HOT ZONES assuring maximum transmission to the entire world. World Leaders also KNOW the CHINA SNAKE FLU ( coronavirus ) is a BIO WEAPON but they fail to tell the public we are inside WORLD WAR III. World Leader PROFITS OVER LIVES POLICY – POL POLICY OF NATION STATE and AGENCY we have seen until Mid March is a cost leaders will be held accountable for. Say in California 2.5 months too late is now in 50 million state lock down. California is the economic size of the nation of CHINA itself. Now that NATION is shut down. The state will be unable to pay its bond funds. Its state wide utility PG&E is in bankruptcy and may fail shutting off power in state. Oil has crashed state oil income. California will soon be unable to borrow to pay its state debt obligations. The Govenor states 25 million will catch SNAKE FLU by 2021. That would equate at todays death counts early still to 2.5 million body bags or deaths in ONE STATE ALONE due to the loss of January February and most of March by leader POL POLICY. We suspect voters will not be kind to liars in office no party will be excepted. NEVER ELECT an incumbent is becoming a world wide voter chant today.





OVER 100 TRILLION DOLLARS in State and Nation debts are coming due. Credit rating agencies in April will EXPLOSIVELY DOWNGRADE DEBT risk for all states all nations and many institutions over 50% we suspect perhaps 80%. This will raise borrowing costs enormously. Debt that always ROLLED OVER every five years or on bonds shorter time frames will find no one will refinance the debt at all and when they do its at 100x 200x 300x 500x the interest rate and the debt holder can not pay that higher soaring cost in a market wiping out all income. Companies and nations are needle moved from the BLACK POSITIVE INK side of ledgers into RED INK loss side of ledgers in a few weeks – a first – in time frame – a SUPER CHANGE EVENT taxing leadership who lack SUPER CHANGE thinking tools and tactics to remain out front of the Super Change destroying their models for 2020 and 2021 entity. SOARING CREDIT costs are already in the market space.




As we reported the FED IS:

  1. Like Opec a failed agency in shatters.
  2. Lost control and influence over AI markets today
  3. is in total panic as liquidity disappears and tens of trillions are flowing to reassure liquidity in markets freezing up
  4. Banks have lost cash to operate – the over night repo markets is in shatters since last September no end in sight.
  5. Bond markets for cities and counties is drying up liquidity now the fed will buy billions of those assets as no buyers are out there.
  6. Commercial bond paper for corporations dries up – no buyers only sellers – in comes the FED to buy those crap high risk assets as no one else will and markets die if circulations stop.
  7. T BILL government securities have more sellers trying to get real DOLLARS the NEW GOLD in crises – everyone wants US dollars and it would take a billion trillion US DOLLARS to satisfy demand which means – grid lock is coming as dollar liquidity implodes beyond FED capacity to effect liquidity outcomes inside a SUPER CHANGE EVENT outside their collective thinking process.
  8. The Fed is trying to keep liquidity with trillions of US DOLLARS it is distributing in free money loans to its banking shareholders, endless buying of bank paper to fuel banks with dollars as depositor runs on all banks to get dollars is draining tens of trillions of US dollars into home mattress and individual hidey holes and corporate safe’s. THE GIANT WHIRL POOL we reported as large as the state of California in the middle of the great PACIFIC is now sucking all dollars from all sources out of system liquidity. The Fed in a 440 trillion dollar circulation AI market space has zero tools to keep liquidity required at desired levels in just the RUN ON BANKS TAKING PLACE TODAY precisely like 1929 only now clients can CLICK RUN into gold click run into silver or click run into bit coin or click run into US DOLLARS and the great 2020 CLICK RUN OUT OF ALL MARKETS INTO CASH AND US DOLLARS ( the new gold ) is game on for numbers not seen since 1929. All at once world wide.
  9. The Fed lacks capacity to liquidity replenish the commercial junk bond market – the municipal city and county bond markets – the Government T bill debt sale markets – the bank liquidity crises for dollars a down bubble breaking the graph at the bottom of your white board than continuing in RED IN MARKER PEN to the floor on the wall graph – down down down the rabbit hole.
  10. The Fed puts out POL lies and fraud this will all be over by April – well May then – surely June – when “THIS CRISES” will be with us in December 2021 -the FED is obsolete and FED POLICY is 100% failure making it all worse and the panic worse – MERGING CENTRAL BANKS BACK INTO STATE TREASURY TO STOP PAYING INTEREST ON CURRENCY PRINTED IS THE ONE FIRST STIMULUS MODERNIZING FED’S UNDER US TREASURY THAY MAY STILL YET SAVE AMERICA. Liquidity is a spinning swirling circle in the DRAIN in America and in 200 nations today. LIQUIDITY HAS EVAPORATED.

The Fed continues to make the worst possible decisions – choices made in panic and terror to reaction emergency after reaction emergency having no prediction these events all reported here were the ONLY ECONOMIC OUTCOME POSSIBLE – the Fed decisions create far more HARM and system injury than any system cure or remedy. THE FED IS A FAILED OBSOLETE BODY out of Touch with the SUPER CHANGE EVENTS now re-tooling economics leaving the FED warp drive behind today – out of sight and soon as the system fails – out of mind.  Liquidity is failing in one week across all markets all at once. Monday the stock exchange is closed for the first time since 1850 going all electronic without experts and people – how massive a failure in trust and confidence Monday will the MASSIVE DUMP on Monday become? The EXCHANGES ARE INFECTED which does what as the floor trading closes down ( having owned floor positions with my prior brokerage firm ) how does this work in real time? In real time massive liquidity crises new problems now escalate due to trust and confidence compressions to National State and Agency leadership 100% graded F by voters and the public. NOW CONSEQUENCE follows the liquidity evaporation day – LED DAY the system fails. Globally.









As highly protected and secure platforms – say VERIZON and CISCO on internet NODES – move to home confinement ( state by state – NEW YORK AND CALIFORNIA ) followed by all 50 states – and the entire world – how does the INTERNET requiring density of engineers and never ending maintenance and upgrading failed parts – operate in DISTANCE SPACING of workers – or all home at work workers? Up to 5 million will be unemployed this quarter before the end of June – as America goes to a 20% unemployment rate – a 6400 Dow – and a crash in real estate deflationary values and demand of more than 50% – no parade of home or home upgrading in the GREATEST DEPRESSION OF HISTORY. All spending stops. Non essential elective spending stops. Do you schedule a teeth check up in Pandemic? Do you attend TONY ROBBINS EVENTS in Pandemic or concerts or Golf or comedy clubs or amusement parks or mini golf? From theaters to bars from stores to airlines from hotels to AMAZON profits from Apple to Google are SLAM DOWN CRASHING beyond any speed managers have capacity to manage inside SUPER CHANGE. Their old brain software can’t accommodate the new thinking processes required of leaders inside SUPER CHANGE compressed speeds. All of which is addressed in the 2020 best seller SUPER CHANGE I suggest you RUSH and BUY today. For your influence circle and your ten best customers not just your leadership team circle. As CISCO and VERIZON density workers get snake FLU two envents unfold. WORK AT HOME will not keep VERIZON up and running nor will CISCO keep the internet up and running with work at home ripping SYSTEM PROCESS to shred to keep CELL and INTERNET up. WHO has a plan of the scope required to do just that? Leadership at F grade today. No not them. Agency FTC at F grade today. No not them. White house at F grade today NO not them. Congress at F – GRADE election year fiddling while ROME BURNS to the ground. No not them. The Supreme court in lock down at their age – no not them? Who then is THINKING STRATEGICALLY? The US MILITARY AND NATO commanders? Well yes but those leaders spit in the winds of politics in election year as politicians nod YES GENERALS WE HEARD YOU when in fact they did not hear nor retain one single DOD warning or solution. Why? Well our GENERALS walk away knowing the truth of it all saying…..well now then there is some smarty pant young ivy league university idiots – filled with way too much self importance to act to save America – so we will have to use our authority and act over their heads because they are to an F grade today a CIRCLE OF IDIOT BRAINS. Military of the world you all know the truth of THAT…..and know…..we only trust you all today as we no longer TRUST NATION STATE AND AGENCY and you now know why. You either sirs – you either. Happy to advise your team send a plane. I wrote the book on SUPER CHANGE challenging your leaders to a brain today. Perhaps I can help you sort into SUPER CHANGE LEADERSHIP versus anyting less as without THAT even your models fail.






All predictions we have made here 40 right since December zero wrong or incorrect. Does your team have a 100% right track record on the CONORANVIRUS WORLD WAR III UNFOLDING GAME PLAN? if you want help do you assess who is more right and less incorrect. Our transparency track record is public and published right here. WORLD WAR III PANDEMIC SEQUENCES:

  • Host Chinese New Years cranking up HOT SUPER ZONES to assure 100 million people moving through the Holiday HOT ZONES would and now have maximally infected all 200 nations of the world in sixty days of time. A first ever Super Change global event.
  • The world commercially slows down on a hard stop. Activity meters move from black ink booming markets into red in crashing markets. Consumer and industrial spending shed more trillions in thirty days ( one month ) than in history since the FALL OF ROME – nothing not even 1929 comes close. SO GLOBAL IS THE MELT DOWN TODAY so total is the DEATH SPIRAL DOWN THE Rabbit hole – as a 100 trillion in circulation stops – for oil to corn for hotel rooms to concerts – for meetings to the Olympics ( canceling for sure ) as we stated first – for consumer buying on Amazon way way plunging for non essential – from malls to retail bars and stores – from 37 million self employed 50% in debt moving to bankruptcy by tens of millions – overwhelming health care courts and laws. THE WORLD CIRCULATION IS FREEZING UP AS EVERY ONE OF BILLIONS OF US IS CONVERTING INTO US DOLLARS ( life saver cash worth more than silver and gold ) a US DOLLARS now hoarded soar in value – but no dollars exist in quantity to keep MARKETS open. MARKETS are SUPER CRASHING IN SLOW MOTION. LED DAY will fail the post world WAR III system in 2020 if unchecked. The Fed is 90% too little and 99% too late in time creating more panic and no confidence as a failed agency today. Right again on Opec. Right again on Central banks failing.
  • The DEFLATIONARY DEATH SPIRAL is not stoppable. All asset classes are crashing. The DOW will land at 6400 DOW range. Oil will hit 19.00 a barrel in the TEENS. Worst week for oil in decades upon historic decades. Just one week though. Real Estate will lose 50% and buyer demand is falling off a cliff far worse than 2007 – 2008. The mortgage market securities are now contagion panic driven with SHORT SELLING like 2007 in mortgage paper. As the cost of everything DEFLATES the debt security of higher valuations is called. There is no cash to pay these debts as cash flow dried up in a month. For all us all at once. A 1929 event. You can feel the TRUTH reader leaders you can feel the truth and you simply KNOW what is right. YOU KNOW. Black ribbons around the may pole of world war II post war economic system so obsolete and not upgraded well since the 1930’s is now DYING. The world economy IS DYING before your eyes this weekend. NO SECTOR IS WELL AND OK AND SECURE and debt loading will now stress what is left.
  • Walking dead Nations States Agencies Institutions  Business Owners professionals in practice will all deny deny deny and try and pay their debts in April and may until they can not. What is CEO SPACE DOING? WE are moving ahead of it all. We have debts and hotel obligations and all a business ( now in home confinement ) has to face as new reality. Before you act we will file Chapter 11 to operate an PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLAN ( firewalling Pandemic debt loading for us at least first until this is over ). Courts can’t even hear the cases. PROTECTING OUR INSTITUTION FIRST IN LINE to rebound and recover after in the NEW WORLD ORDER ( what ever that look like ) is what CEO SPACE 32 years mature facing Super Change and leading inside Super Change is DOING. To protect our shareholders and our bright happy future. WE ARE ACTING while others deny delude and lie to themselves. If your business faces impossible debt loading and liquidity compression ( sales falling off a cliff ) do the following Super Change protection steps. Chapter 11 your business now not later. If you are personally effected go bankrupt NOW – first – all professional bankruptcy lawyers in your state. See if like Florida your home is protected as home stread laws assure. Get smart. Then act. No stigma in SNAKE FLU CORONAVIRUS none. Wait an millions will be filing and you’ll be lost in stacks. Also you can always withdraw it. Also you have a FRESH START and credit rebuilding ( faster than any prior time for the allowance of the VIRUS not being a creditors fault which is in fact true ). KNOW YOUR OPTIONS. KNOW THE RULES. Then ACT FIRST. If you don’t trust me as Prediction 41 you may well look back like selling out of stocks and bonds at 29,5000 all time historic PEAK like we SCREAMED AT YOU TO PROTECT YOUR NEST EGG AND YOUR RETIREMENT in December all during January all doing FEB the 2020 Peak month – and into March before the WAVES OF THE CRASH IN DEFLATIONARY ECONOMICS destroyed ten TRILLION DOLLARS we predicted to the WEEK. Read this weekend and do not fail to protect yourself world wide THIS TIME. Think different and ACT different. Learn earn and RETURN to the Pandemic Super Site – truth from lies.




  • Liquidity can not be maintained by NATION STATE AND AGENCY without a G 100 Game Plan. As months into the crises the G 100 is competing like DOGS in every nation for itself – versus HUMANITYs FINEST HOUR OF LEADERSHIP UPGRADING into unconditional cooperation and mutual integrity and trust – driven by the new solution policy NO NATION LEFT BEHIND solutions to liquidity world wide all at once. Compete G 100 and we all perish and soon. Cooperate and we all prosper together impossible though if we do not. Leader Readers seeing no cooperation zero should make their own game plan. YOUR NATION STATE AND AGENCIEs are in overwhelm F grade and lack any THINKING to resolve the crises. The leadership F grade is consistent score and grade- due to way way too little at each step so far behind he TSUNAMI PANIC WAVES and so way way way way way too LATE in Time accumulating the TIME DEFICIT until the F grade becomes system fatal.
  • This week the FED the lead central bank – offered its other global central banks – hey we MAY also buy your system killing crap assets so you do not liquidity crash – lets see how many 100’s of billions into trillions that might consume say only next week alone. Lets us ALL – try that failed policy too. The Fed does not nor can the Fed create the 150 to 200 trillion to accommodate the mutual economics now in unstoppable 1929 play – DEFLATIONARY ECONOMICS TO ALL ASSET CLASS REBALANCING FROM MASSIVE CREDIT ABUSE AND MARKET speculations manipulating and rigging market prices now no longer possible into any 2021 future market space. The WORLD ORDER SUPER CHANGED and your thinking does not in denial even of the fact – SUPER CHANGE IS THE PROBLEM YOU CAN NO LONGER SOLVE – and the Fed is toxic outside a merger back into US TREASURY. America needs Congress and administration working as ONE NATION UNDER GOD no party at all to save the nation starting with an emergency order to merge the interest charging Fed ( keep process that work retire processes that do not – and upgrade new processes TREASURY NEEDS ON LIFE SUPPORT yesterday ). DO THAT CONGRESS AND TRUMP and you just might save AMERICA fiscally. If you don’t you won’t. Economics is simple but unforgiving for abuse and errors as we all are seeing right now.
  • Massive Lay off’s in April and all summer will pass five million laid of in just California – 20 million nation wide then up to 35 million by election or in that range. World wide lay off will pass one billion. Not since 1929 have such compression to buying circulationa and economics imploded in such time frames or numbers. The ECONOMICS OPTICS are – trillions in spending is removing today from economics and circulations of the world all at the same time.
  • Debt Implosions we call CASADING. Sovereign nation debt and institutional bankruptcy will shock and awe the world as core industries from OIL to construction to manufacturing will perish and disappear. When DEBT CASCADE reaches more than 500 billion in the first only waves this summer, the system as in 1929 will see DEBT DEFAULTING ( the giant whirl pool ) suck banks and lenders world wide into instant bankruptcy as liquidity vanishes. Lenders are in this on gonig crises so you all understand. Lender money is on hand from investors or depositors. Both are cashing in asking lenders for cash they do not have. Lenders at banks in AMERICA five you drip droplets of your cash because banks do not have enough cash – your deposit funds are lost on bad bets banks made. So banks or all lenders are seeing a run on redemptions – Investors want out of BLACKROCK and Berkshire Hathaway – while defaults and stock crashes wipe out these funds on one side of DEFLATIONARY VALUATIONS WHICH “WILL” NOT STOP and none not one embrace a 6400 DOW or a 1929 system failure in buggy software of the leadership mind due to SUPER CHANGE outstripping their THINKING PROCESS to win. As they see a redemption white water become 100 year floods – they are losing value on loan defaulting cascades and valuation crashes to all asset classes not even reported YET on their cashing to the floor boards balance sheets. Like a GIANT VICE panic is beyond any model to win in this ECONOMIC VICE COMPRESSING lenders world wide at all lender agencies. Debt defaulting is the 1929 SYSTEM KILLER presenting LED DAY without any warning at all, Keep in your thinking you know the WHY and you know the real WHY first. It is an abacus lesson for a 7 year old who gets A grade while adults mostly get F grade stating surely this can not be reality? Denying reality is a killer for YOU versus a savior for YOU if you embrace the truth of NOW.
  • PANIC is RISING. The PANIC TSUNAMI rises with each FAILED NATION STATE AN AGENCY sound bite fully making it known they have no coordinated plan and they are still even now all LYING TO US.Panic is a leader consequence of failing to TELL US ALL THE WORST FIRST ( which YOUR PANDEMIC SUPER SITE has done since last year with over 100 reports since December 100% accurate and true for you ). Panic waves rise from 500 feet today up from 100 feet high in January – as all the dollars world wide suck out to show dry land where New York Bay and Long Beach Bay once had water ( dollars ) and now they do not have ( any dollars ) as the FED PUMPS 100’s of trillions of new dollars into the world liquidity each week of time but 100’s of trillions not billions are required – too little too late  like the FED in 1929 – causing the DEPRESSION and unmerged into US TREASURY causing the DEPRESSION ALL OVER AGAIN. STRIP OFF POWELL CLOTHING AND SEE HIM NAKED. THERE THERE NOW POWELL HAND GESTURES AND SWEAT ON CAMERA SHOW HIS OWN PANIC AS THE FED IS IN FULL PANIC AND DOES NOT “KNOW” WHAT TO “DO” AT ALL. AS THIS REALITY IS KNOWN BY BILLIONS OF US what do you THINK will happen? Will a 500 foot PANIC TSUNAMI rise to 3000 foot high rushing at over 3000 miles an hour to all shores world wide as an ECONOMIC SYSTEM KILLING WAVE. In the end WE THE PEOPLE KILL THE OLD SYSTEM ( corrupt and broken capitalism and socialism and yes we can create a new system of the best of both as neither is totally right nor totally wrong which requires COOPERATIVE THINKING to celebrate differences not punish differences. DIFFERENCES ARE INTERESTING NOT EVENTS TO PUNISH ! PANIC IS THE FINAL SYSTEM killer. As the PANIC WAVE Is rising rapidly in 2020 what time frame do you see fatal debt defaulting which must occur by summer in mass and failed central banker thinking requiring a merger back into TREASURY for reasons so well documented here in prior blog reporting on that data.






  • Growing industrial closings world wide with a billion in home confinement outside any known prior time frame.
  • Social security shut down as all workers are at home with Congress military and other agencies at home.
  • They can’t access government protected computers from home.
  • Hackers will now FIELD DAY on PREY do to home confinement like never seen in our history coming this Spring.
  • Case loading as testing in USA rises will shock and awe america as millions are infected by the summer.
  • Deaths will then rise to 500,000 than a full 1,000,000 do you see any panic or debt defaulting on that path.
  • Cures and treatments to contain the virus explosion is not possible for 18 months to 2022.
  • The home confinement will explode CRIME across the USA.
  • Marshal Law and MILITARY will be deployed to keep order as the way of life we all have none is ending for a very long time.
  • The TIME frame to get back to normal business will not occur in 2020 as many in denial and delusion believe.
  • The world order is dying and a new world order is going to rise up.
  • WHO CONTROLS that new world order is dice rolling with PUTIN/XI on one side of the AIA for that plan and USA on the other.
  • The EU and Asia nations will line up to the outcomes and as always favor who is perceived to be the winner.
  • Keep America Great is a failed campaign platform. It is high risk Trump can win re-election based on this report.
  • Both Biden and Trump are at super high risk to catch the virus and to not live if they do catch the virus. Think about that.
  • Think about a panic wave energy if 50% of congress and the Supreme court die from the virus and by the election.
  • Denial is comfortable – stay with that and plan and do nothing. Or pandemic prosperity plan against the worst first and win big with anything better. What is what CEOS SPACE COMMUNITY IS DOING with our next PROSPERITY VIRTUAL Tuesday to Friday live event ( on zoom ) occurs in APRIL. Click book mark to explore your own PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLAN – as you win with one and you fail and lose without one. So think about that being smart today. Options it is all about knowing more – knowing more first – and having options the other leaders lack – your options define you win in any market as you embrace versus resist SUPER CHANGE itself as reality.






Russia Doctors Alliance Trade union told the WORLD TODAY at enormous personal risk ( a hero ) that Putin is lying to the Russian people. Russia the largest border with China – the number one CHINA NEW YEARS cross boarder traffic with China as China’s number one trading partner next to the USA – has 200 cases most of them the last three weeks only. Until recently Russia reported 1 case only. The Russian Doctors Alliance states explosions in 13 million population MOSCOW hospitals are PNEUMONIA exploding and deaths are fast and daily. They reported in public we now believe based on hospital case loading – a far worse test kit break down in Russia than even the USA which seems impossible . WE DOCTORS CONCLUDE RUSSIA GOVERNMENT IS LYING TO THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE AND THE WORLD. Putin is caught in the worst Russa Petro nation economic crash in modern Russian history. Russia can not pay its debt or its military by the summer. Russia credit rating will fall to junk status across all boards and no one is likely to risk bet on Russia crashing into unknown economic quick sand of debt loads it can not pay without a SUPER BOND ( Search this site for SUPER BOND and solutions appear ).  Will Snowden Catch China SNAKE FLU and die. I think so ( wink ). Putin facing his criminal super wealthy mafia the real OWNERS facing loss they never faced before – will they kill Putin about to change laws to run for life. Will Putin purge and kill all of them? Its a mess and unfolding. NOTHING IS WHAT IT APPEARS. Russia IS lying and is every community infected now out of control to its very own bio weapon. As risk and unintended consequence.

Iran: Reports this weekend one death occurs in Iran this weekend every two MINUTES. This death rate may rise to one death every SECOND in April alone. Italy is out of control and Italian debt loading is fatal to italian systemic survival without a SUPER BOND. Send the private plane for your nation as TIME is the solution as WHAT for nations is SUPER BOND OPTIONS the one and the only on this Super Site to heads of state leadership. WHAT is Super Bonds. When is yesterday. How is presented on line in step by step blue print action. Exploration phase – execution phase – prosperity phase.  1 -2- 3 solutions in months while just the announcement secures markets over time for YOU immediately. Iran we are all praying for you make no mistake about that. What is the % chance senior Iran leadership as in the USA will catch the virus and many will die given the ages? 100% is the answer a 100% chance. Secure chain of command in all nations Iran your first. DO IT NOW.

GULF NATIONS: Gulf nations were inside RED INK debt at oil at 57.009 a barrel under the 89.00 dollars to 107 dollars Gulf nations require due to budgets and debt loading to JUST BREAK EVEN as states. As for years Gulf nations were in red ink as nations they borrowed to make up that difference. Now fighting like tribal divisions cultural to the community – it is every nation for itself. AGAIN I say to the King of Jordon and the leadership of the UAE and ABU DUBAI – click SUPER BONDS and send a plane. King of Joron I choose you first – your plane can move the solution to the rest with JORDON LEADING the community. Some one has to act. Saudi is in civil war long reported here. The civil war started with the duel actions of KING MBS in his slaughter of journalist KHASHOGGI attempting as a Good Saudi – to get state wedding authority to marry his muslim lady leader bride a great lady by the way. KIng MBS on video and audio tape ordered the head wrapped in a special clothe and brought back in a special case to his PALACE which was done and Saudi royals knew then – wow the boy is mentally ill insane and a sociopath. King MBS locked up 100’s of Royals and shook them down on threat of death to their entire families also arrested – unless KING MBS got 100 billion to pay his red ink Kingly bills. Which he got and bought a new mega yacht. KING MBS created the death of OPEC and Putin slammed the KING to the OIL carpet changing the world order of OIL ECONOMICS now firmly in PUTIN’s control not OPEC’s. Then KING MBS threatened his community in the Gulf to massively buy into ARAMCO fraud public offering long reported here pre IPO. Armaco is a failed IPO free falling where investors forced in by KING MBS have lost half of 34 billion with warrants the KING also forced buying for. The loss of oil wealth due to 4 million barrels a day on the seas over what buyers in crashing demand will buy – the crushing loss in 2020 in only weeks of the FRAUD ARMACO offering – next result in class action investor suits to KING MBS and SAUDI whose credit rating will now move to JUNK Next and no one will lend to SAUDI in political civil war. LAST WEEKEND KING MBS added to locking up his brother and immediate family who could replace the KING last weekend locked up 1000 more ROYALS. As all these royals have divided factions in the control of nation including Saudi Military a COUP by the MILITARY TO PRESERVE THE KINGDOM AND RULE OF LAW is required.  Saudi has oil revenue gone, tourist revenue gone, MECCA and the billions in pilgrimage or religious tourism GONE ( Mecca is CLOSED ). Of all Gulf Nations Saudi has by far worse economics than even Iran. The red ink from three failed wars King MBS started – none ended – the melt down in Saudi in lock down home economics – the red ink of massive cost soaring and income drying up entirely – make SAUDI on this side of a political civil war a failed state in the GULF. Everyone is thinking when dealing with KING MBS will he be removed next week or the week after. KING MBS has as much trust and confidence as CHAIRMAN POWELL and he is the most F grade in this world today. its a tie in my opinion for world disrespect. SAUDI CAN NOT RECOVER until the upgrade leadership – the KING HAS GOT TO GO. This is economics and not political. It is in process in Saudi who is increasingly just ANGRY over all the lying from the state. Putin now in firm oil control refused this weekend to even discuss with King MBS a solution to the destruction of OPEC. PUTIN Destroyed OPEC and has no plan to reset OPEC ever again dividing GULF NATIONS – USA side or Russia SIDE – chose. Putin is saying CHOSE.




New York passing 6000 cases this weekend and Seattle coming up on 2000 and California a tie catching up fast – are the lead three states with cases in the thousands today – soaring. Florida is static in the 300’s. Like Denver and Tennessee Michigan and LA in the South with 100’s as a base line for next explosions. States like Florida so spread out are not yet in lock down as you EASTER BREAK reported our beaches are full. Older state populations are first to adopt best practices. Older folks like say ME are home confined not by President Trump or my hero SENATOR SCOTT – but from our wives who say- you are so grounded. Woman you see run the world a woman leader globally would help all this as the gentlemen are getting it all 100% wrong.  Much of my hard data comes in because half of CEO SPACE in 200 nations are LADY LEADER LIFE TIME members sharing at the top loving this site and protecting the truth. As woman tend to do so well anyway.

HATS OFF TO YOU LADY LEADERS WORLD WIDE – do you thing ladies and protect your gentleman like say ME.

EU – The EU was in recession facing a USA trade war where recession across the EU slowing down as a fact. Today the entire EU is in budget cries. EU tax receipts are like oil SIMPLY VANISHED Out lays are in the trillions and the EU debt loaded maximally is now taking on massive new debt the USA and the EU can not in any ECONOMICS we know about – pay that debt off. So debt defaults of EU nations starting in ITALY AND SPAIN and cascading to the majority of EU nations promise what? Lacking immediate SUPER BOND solutions for Italy and Spain first the EU will sink into DEBT DEFAULT CRISES. The result will be a likely inflation of the EU to worthless and a break up of the EU where every nation restates a NEW WORLD ORDER of its own currency and economics and the EU died in 2020. Like Opec. Like old markets and post world war systems dying. The EU can become a tipping point for LIQUIDATION EVAPORATION day exploding to world news without any warning and a shock and awe for the world system super stress – all predicted in the best selling book at Amazon – SUPER CHANGE. Required reading to stay ahead of all this super change and to THINK DIFFERENTLY as is now required to win. OLD THINKING killed the EU more than anything else and mismanagement of DEBT loading.


SUPER DEBT BUBBLES – abuse of credit into super debt bubbles – consumer credit, student loans, corporate borrowing, commercial credit and mortgage paper, retail homes and failing mortgage markets – municipal city and country borrowing and bonds now on life support this weekend from the FED as the only buyer to keep the bond market open for even one more day – and state and nation debts and borrowing – have reached the end of the abuse period where the GREAT REQUIRED ECONOMIC REBALANCING OF SYSTEMIC ABUSE is taking place from simple implosion of economic system liquidity and circulation drying up killing the system a 1929 event in 2020 but larger more global – more like the fall of ROME in history for most accurate comparison to what is coming next. In any limited world war 100% of everyhting electronic will be fried and we are all back to the stone age – that takes a POWER HOUR in the new world war – one hour and nothing electronic you know of works or will work or is coming back on line. Why? Failure of leadership. 2010 to 2020 Kevin Freeman and I have lobbied the BELTWAY from MIlitary to White house to suggest the POLICY OF MADD from the 1950 brains – before the internet of things – mutually assured destruction NO LONGER WORKS IN 2020 WITHOUT MARS. Mutually ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION. As the USA does not yet have a MARS PLAN or strategy the USA is vulnerable to wipe out in one POWER HOUR and all our leaders know that and took no action to fix that. A shame to the world. MARS IS WHAT IS NEXT for Security in America. Joint Chiefs send the plane ( and a check I mean truly THAT ).







I would expect shock and awe in: into summer 2020 and along the way to get to summer…..THIS:


  • Market run down under 10,000 DOW next shock and awe
  • More liquidity crises hot zones in economics
  • More hot zones with some massively exploding confusing authorities
  • More discovery on SUPER SPREADERS with no symptoms at all.
  • More reinfection of those cured creating more panic
  • More geographies and industry going into lock down for extended time frames
  • Increasing military and national guard to reduce crime and assure order and supply lines work world wide

Tell you the worst first? You know i just did ( again ) right ?

This weekend you have not seen the worst. When deaths pass ONE MILLION DEAD by this summer – will the world blame leaders ? Who will get the blame in an election year  Can you not just feel it all rising panic and fury. The old world order is dying. The New World order is in labor – a birthing pain – and a new better order will rise up – before or without a world war which follows such economic system deaths 100% of historic record keeping suggests. Can we learn and not repeat? Sure would be neat?











Having been 100% accurate and correct in forecasting to today – with Nation State and Agency 100% wrong in every report to today decide who if any one you are willing to trust? Track record 100% as a public service paid for by CEO SPACE no cost to any leader ever? Or bought and paid for news and spin by election year candidates all fighting like cats and dogs where our lives are only one item on the leaders agenda – when we THE PEOPLE NEED “OUR LIVES” TO BE THE ONE AND THE ONLY ITEM IN LEADER THINKING. Know it an’t so this weekend…………


Berny Dohrmann – Fifth Generation San Franciscan sending prayers to my peeps and to YOU world wide this weekend ….




PS: We were WRONG AGAIN. We reported last night by end of weekend the world would have a QUARTER MILLION REPORTED ( always way behind by 10x to 1 real counts ) and deaths would reach 10,000 by Sunday. Wrong We passed those numbers on FRIDAY – which readers may rank as first again and RIGHT AGAIN – Nation State and Agency lulling numbers all wrong again entirely. Worse. These terrible numbers rose up in the past 45 days alone while leaders fiddled our Rome burned.  KNOW THE WORST and know that worst first – as our worse is so much worse than NATION STATE AND AGENCY lulling you into thinking this all wraps up before what? THE ELECTION? This crises is designed to peak in OCTOBER we have a long long dance to undertake with one another. The first CHICAGO “CLEARING EXCHANGE ran out of LIQUIDITY and the regulators stepped in to auction the sold inventory. As this is spreading to other exchanges like in 1929 the SYSTEM “IS” FAILING. RONIN in Chicago is the first weatch for the IMPOSSIBLE CASCADE as liquidity is GONE TODAY due to PANIC. 1929. Right again.  Lets DANCE FOR YOUR OWN PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLAN – THE SMART LEADERSHIP $ 950.00 dollar investment to WIN WHEN OTHERS FAIL to SEE OPPORTUNITY WHEN OTHERS SEE NONE – weekend tips – DO NOT TAKE TO LONG TO CLICK or search this site ( right now ) for CEO SPACE and read the stories on PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLANNING we lead in providing next is late April in four weeks for YOUR OWN. Second circle with WINNERS talking and brain storming as master minds – SUCCESS PODS of WINNERS versus whinners. Stop spending bad software mental time with WHINERS and start forming SUCCESS PODS SUCCESS CIRCES Master minds of ive to seven meeting on zoom every two weeks – CIRCLE WITH WINNERS REDUCE YOUR TIME WITH WHINERS. Do that this weekend and YOU WIN and click and phone or email CEO SPACE – for service you will highly trust and regard with the industry leader in crises for business. Your next. My winners.