In age over 65 infections double pneumonia and kidney failure are occuring. Rapidly. Explosively. Younger ages are having long hospital stay but are recovering. Younger children are not dying of the in normal ratio’s. The Virus has a % kill ratio that remains unknown YET. We predict the age 55 and higher group and men weighted are much more likely and at risk to perish from the new human virus.

There is no slowing.

Complete isolation has not stopped the spread in CHINA because CHINESE NEW YEARS was hosted and not canceled, the result is creation of global CARRIERS. No one can predict the total count of CARRIERS TODAY. It is relatively straight forward for nations to measure who came from CHINA since Chinese NEW YEARS AND TRACK THEM FOR symptoms- which take half a month or longer to show up.

When you get infected it may be 20 days before you KNOW that you ARE now with fever and lung distress.

There is ONLY ONE LAB in the USA – CDC that can perform the test for this virus and that test is far from flawless. WHY IS THE USA not having 100 labs perform testing. Today we have over 2000 under monitor. Of the 15,000 total infections world wide mostly in China and now in over 25 other nations – rapidly rising to al 200 plus nations as the PANDEMIC OF SNAKE FLU SPREADS rapidly. Science does not know the source. The speculations is bats to snakes or exotic snake meat in the market transmitted the illness first last DECEMBER in China. Than the cover up into the economics of CHINESE NEW YEAR the YEAR OF THE RAT took place. I was born in a leap year, in the year of the RAT generally a good year for ME.


We math out that over 100,000 carriers are now moving around the planet with zero clue they are contagious as a MO FO. We believe the 100,000 CARRIERS is a very lite number. We believe that over 1,000,000 carriers will be sharing this PANDEMIC by March if not sooner.

As the largest gain in infections daily was this Saturday to this Sunday – all the efforts of nations have failed to even SLOW THE RATE OF INFECTION. We called the SNAKE FLU:

  1. A world HEALTH EMERGENCY and issued SHAME ON CHINA AND SHAME ON WHO for early fake news on Snake Flu
  2. A declaration to our business OWENRS in over 150 nations that this was humanity’s worst PANDEMIC in modern time.
  3. Tips on common sense actions WE THE PEOPLE can take ourselves knowing this is super contagious as a virus
  4. Snake Flu infects by droplets airborne by a sneeze or cough and hang on surfaces – doors – escalator rails etc
  5. Contact by humans from a handshake, eyes passing through micro particles of virus infect humans without mercy

The spread of the PANDEMIC has not slowed in China. Not with CURFEW Marshal Law quarantine ( keeping people in their homes ) and 20 days is a long time not to go out for toilet paper or food. Chinese are approaching boarder guards begging the passage of their young children or grandchildren or asking their loved one with CANCER be allowed to leave as infected they can’t survive. High in the DEATH EFFECTED GROUP OF INFECTED is a large % that have MILD SYMPTOMS and RECOVER – a mid group who get pneumonia which is not progressive but more explosive double pneumonia filling lungs with fluid rapidly.  The % of older men and women over age 55 that have long hospital battles to recover or who DIE in high % to age infected. Kill rates as high as 80% are seen in age over 65 where more like 50% for age 55 and older and in younger populations the death rate is very low.


  1. Many pneumonias in effect feed on zpacks and many antibiotics where RESISTANCE is high in pneumonia infections.
  2. Many PHYSICIANS are unaware to date of just how resistant a rising majority of pneumonia forms now assume.
  3. Since 1996 having had 27 explosive double pneumonia myself and 24 ICU stays in hospital I know a bit about all this.
  4. Levaquin remains a critical pneumonia slayer as does Doxycycline and Amoxicillin and Rocepehrin .
  5. If you become lung infected move onto one of these antibiotics ( by IV in older age groups ) without delay.

All institutions in America will send BLOOD TO CDC to detect SNAKE FLU. The problems rising include: is there enough antibiotic to manage the SNAKE FLU PANDEMIC. I ask this questions early on as China has run OUT and is working with the EU and other nations for emergency resupply of many badly needed in nations medical supplies including depleted ( already ) antibiotics. SHOULD PRESIDENT TRUMP ORDER MASSIVE SUPPLIES OF THE RELEVANT STOCK PILES OF ANTIBIOTICS RECOMMENDED HERE as if you run out or are late getting antibiotic treatment the SNAKE FLU fatality level is without any mercy whatsoever.

How many CARRIERS now circle the planet.

No one knows.

No one is saying anything on Carriers.

Press are not writing about carriers.

We are the first we know of to present risk numbers of 100,000 CARRIERS infected at CHINESE NEW YEARS and all circulating around ASIA and China and the entire world and no one knows they have the SNAKE FLU VIRUS in most contagious forms as they go about life – buffet lines on Cruise Ships and land – church and public events where the SNAKE FLU VIRUS saw the largest rate of infection ( setting records ) for NEW INFECTIONS – nightly.

The numbers we presented early and first have held spot on the money so far. RIGHT AGAIN.

World Health Organization and its leadership team was WRONG AGAIN which made all this so much worse potentially.

CARRIERS on planes Carriers on Trains carriers on BUS’s carriers in offices planets and work space – carriers in social from concerts this weekend ( WE SAW STOMP WITH THE KIDS IN TAMPA BAY ) . Do you live defensively. Yes and know. We saw STOMP. Did I use tissue to open bath room doors? Yes. Did I use hand sanitizer and remain more conscious in the low risk venue we attended – still mindful of carriers – answer yes – we followed our own tips. Did we wear masks. No. Eyes will pick up the virus. Hands will pick up the virus and enter into you as you touch your nose face rub your eyes or just breath in. Just breath in.

Why IS massive information on SNAKE FLU CARRIERS not reaching the public?


Panic is here now and panic is growing.


We were first to predict the leadership in CHINA who sought to cover how serious this new virus was in fact – as they did in both SARS AND MERS – since December – to protect economics of NEW YEARS 2020 in ASIA would create a WORST CASE OUTCOME to economics in and out of China. DELAY IS THE ONE COST IN PANDEMIC FAR TOO GREAT TO PAY.

We stated the global markets would become SUPER VOLATILE AND UNSTABLE. We predicted a melt down starting by the end of last week. RIGHT AGAIN. We told our community at CEO SPACE world wide “tips” on how to protect their investments. Those acting do better than those failing to act. RIGHT AGAIN.

We have predicted that this week China markets would experience a SUPER CRASH like our 2008 and not seen in CHINA ever. China was slowing from trade war errors taking way to LONG to make a DEAL WITH TRUMP. The result was supply lines moving out of China to other options all over Asia – where:

  1. It costs too much to DO business in China.
  2. China does NOT protect IP they steal yours
  3. China quality for the buck has been crashing
  4. You can’t get profits out of Chine if you ever make profits in China
  5. It takes too long – it requires too much red tape – it is not FUN – and customers are backing up from MADE IN CHINA globally

Suppliers seeing this trend have reset supply source OUT OF CHINA since 2016 when it was clear the landscape of these 5 points shifted the ECONOMIC NEEDLE. The first phase trade deal with TRUMP is to be sure momentus for both nations but it will take MORE and a second phase and continued improvements – and TIME lots of TIME to return what has been a RUN OUT OF CHINA.

We noted Chinas stand on the economics was not the correct policy. First the election year meddling and hacks did not help China with Consumers in the TRADE WAR. Consumers vote with their wallet. Consumers are moving away from MADE IN CHINA. Between consumer wells drying up and supply chain shifting now OUT OF CHINA FOREVER ( in our opinion ) is policy error that cost China. In Irans case the SNAKE FLU may create the first failed state financially – entirely from failure to enter into an easy 120 page PROSPERITY AGREEMENT with Trump. Trump does not want anything but prosperity for the people of IRAN and for China. No regime change. No political instability.

We predicted China Failed TRADE WAR POLICY residing on incorrect economic assumptions. The World’s second largest economy is now being passed ( right now ) by JAPAN who has taken over now as the # 2 economy – tied with in size the state of California only. Tied with each other India passes both Japan and China as the # 2 economy by 2025 if not before. China went into massive slow down in the TRADE WARS. We estimate the trade wars BEFORE SNAKE FLU cost China in FAILED POLICY over 7 trillion in forward economic foundational circulations. IN THE GREAT CHINA MELT DOWN 2017 – 2019 – compression created a daisy chain of bank failures with the frequency of BANK SUPER STRESS In the State Controlled system soared. Is soaring now.

SNAKE FLU since the DECEMBER COVER UP ( whistle blower physicians trying to get the WARNING OUT ) now have the SNAKE FLU themselves in late January. The SPEED OF THIS PANDEMIC GROWTH IS NOT COMPATIBLE TO ANY HUMAN DATA OR EXPERIENCE. It is all NEW.

In January February and March we see CHINA ECONOMIC COST rising to 15 trillion in RUNS OF CAPITAL AND INVESTMENT OUT OF CHINA – as .a nation opaque in bringing the world SARS . – ( my wife caught SARS and almost died as one of first cases in America and nothing like infection rates of SNAKE FLU . Sars and MERS 9 months are exceeded in 9 weeks by SNAKE FLU world wide. There has been nothing in modern times since SPANISH FLU in 1900 that killed 20 million human beings. SNAKE FLU IS STILL MUTATING. Will it strengthen as the leading physicians in the field suggest IS TAKING FORM or will it weaken as many seem to do over time? No one can predict and SNAKE FLU is not DIMINISHING it is exponentially infecting more and more over night than the night before.

Charts for the entire world are sobering due to the CARRIER ISSUES this and no other illness in modern time pandemic is bringing as challenge to all nations and communities.

China has closed in effect 20 cities supporting 500 million citizens. Factories are closed. Stores are closed. Malls are closed. Streets are ghost towns. Monday China is IMPLODING economic super red ink as the nation of China in modern ties has never seen. Millions of airline and cruise passengers that spend money in China by the hour are now gone. Hotels are emptying out. Cities look like Ghost towns instead of like NEW YORK CITY 24.7.

AI economics is having its first ECONOMIC PANDEMIC?

WWAID – WHAT WILL AI controlling 96% of all economic activity in fact DO?

No one can predict with any accuracy as AI economics is a BRAND NEW ECONOMY RULE SET that no nation or central bank has tools or regulations to even consider. Most deny a NEW AI ECONOMY IS HERE when in fact the new since 2014 AI ECONOMY has well take over. And AI IS getting smarter. As retired investment banking professionals in economics we defined a NEW ECONOMY – AI ECONOMICS – is now a next generation economy unseen in prior generations and a first for the entire world. The lack of a G 100 rule based system to moderate RISK to the new AI ECONOMICS has not taken form yet. We have called for this step of nations to regain control in 2010 in our book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION.

It has been our suggestion to global leadership to:

  1. Get out of China investing
  2. Expect a BLOOD BATH in China starting tomorrow
  3. The largest market melt down in CHINA HISTORY is likely from SNAKE FLU
  4. Short sellers line up TRILLIONS to depreciate stock values and currency crashing values profiting on such cycles – which was in 1999 a felony and is today thanks to errors of our own congress voting unanimously to vacate depression laws from very smart economist.
  5. Central banks are now toxic obsolete antique and hurtful to stability versus helping stability with our call for an emergency action of law makers to merge central banks back into state treasury with real time AI currency data monitoring central banks INDEPENDENT of “checks and balance – over ruling – audits or transparency of any kind. After 2008 almost 20 trillion dollars of tax payer funds was used to bail out BAD BETS by banks too big to jail and the FED refused to give congress one dime of accounting as to HOW the FED spent almost 20 trillion dollars – which of their own shareholder banks they gave that cash to – no accounting – no audits no accountability. In 2020 Central Banks are as dangerous for economies as SNAKE FLU if merged back into full accountability and state TREASURY.

This Blog predicted a SUPER WILD WEEK IN ASIA AND WORSE IN CHINA as markets open. We caution again that market liquidity risks remain high. Said another way – if AI is selling Yuan currency and everything else in China all equities all bonds – only sell no buying – how does the LIQUIDITY OF ASIA MARKETS REMAIN STABLE? How unstable will ASIA markets become in the unrelenting selling.

It is now our OPINION Carrie Lamb who gave us HONG KONG instability with XI failed policy after failed policy – breaking the word of fire wall to two separate systems – choice to KEEP TRAVEL OPEN TO CARRIERS FROM MAIN LAND CHINA TO HONG KONG as XI ordered and wants – will flush CARRIERS into the entire world at numbers that will also make the NEW GROUND ZERO HONG KONG. Wait for it.

It is now our OPINION the markets in CHINA and in HONG KONG and all of Asia will IMPLODE NEXT WEEK. Over 15 trillion dollars of long term commercial activity is roaring out of CHINA in the GREAT RUN OUT OF CHINA and ASIA.

We now predict more manufacturing will return to AMERICA in the next five years than has taken place in the last 50 years on pure economics.

Stocks in firms from TESLA to APPLE to MC DONALDS to WAL MART will now be effected by CHINA mistakes in SNAKE FLU policy catching up with ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCE for early cover up and failure to act appropriately. No mercy from AI runs out of CHINA.


We see the risk ( right now in time ) as including:

  1. Market instability and core liquidity crises
  3. Deflation economics in a China Death Spiral to manage its DEBT LOADING
  4. Contagion in corporate and bank failures cascading out of China control possibly
  5. The run OUT OF CHINA has started and is picking up VELOCITY ACCELERATION AND MOMENTUM

No central planning can over come the SYSTEM INSTABILITY that occurs from economic implosion – panic ( click runs by Chinese out of banks to hold cash ) a condition that when it spreads is called CONTAGION. ECONOMIC CONTAGION as hurtful to we the people as SNAKE FLU is to our health wealth.

The stocks of so many firms relying on CHINA buying when CHINA cities are CLOSED FOR BUSINESS until further notice – 500,000,000 are not buying anything but food and toilet paper and face masks. Economic contagion will hit STOCKS and BONDS world wide and impact currency.

The US DOLLAR will remain the safe harbor to park wealth while this burns itself out. The PAIN from economics can be as fatal and costly and panic flame on – as the SNAKE FLU that causes all this.

The problem with SNAKE FLU includes its contagion levels, its newness, its unknowns still, the inability to develop a CAREER POLICY for the entire world that works – and until CARRIERS ARE ADDRESSED BY NEW POLICY the SNAKE FLU will continue to ravage lives and economics of the entire world.

Could a billion elderly die of this PANDEMIC? As the contagion doubles daily till it no longer doubles daily the answer is YES & YES.


Can a GREAT DEPRESSION BE AVOIDED – and the truth – to my leader readers – at this date in time – UNKNOWN TRULY.



Since I was age 7 in Catholic private school education, and we in the 1950’s prepared for a direct nuke landing on our school by required drills to sit under our desks – that was our game plan then. Really. A hydrogen bomb and you go at age 7 under your little desk in catholic school really? Your safe? Really?

Since the 1950s all of us have lived under a 90 minute to EXTINCTION from only 100 of the WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Any 90 minutes and its over. For all of us. 5 Billion of us. Kind of insane really.

And we all did what?

Putin hacking America has announced he can deliver 10,000 a mile 20 minutes to any city world wide SUPER NUKES that one takes out 100 miles and they overlap for hours taking out 1000’s of miles wherein the INSECTS shall inherit the earth> Kind of insane really. 20 minutes not 90 minutes 1950’s to 2020. Really? That is how our humanity expresses itself? What IS insane about that thought form?

So now you have also SNAKE FLU along with SARS AND MERS and EBOLA out of all control in Africa. Vaccines have not stopped or controlled OUT OF CONTROL EBOLA ( the press are not even counting today ) August 2018 to today in CONGO and other nations spreading. What do we all do?


We do what we do to have fun ( we saw STOMP and the amphitheater was full full FULL in Tampa Bay ). We go to shows in New York and San Francisco. We attend CITY GALA with Johnny DEPP ( my doctors do not want ME to attend and speak why? I am of the critical SNAKE FLU AGE FATALITY GROUP and with long history of near fatal pneumonia explosively reoccurring ).  We have to do RISK ASSESSMENT.



THE TIPS WE HAVE PUBLISHED LAST WEEK are the best tool and tactics we know of while you enjoy and have JOY i your life. Panic is not real. Panic is a set of brain triggers by your reptilian ancient core brain stem – your most primitive emotional soup to assure your own survival. DO NOT LET THE BROKEN PART OF YOUR BRAIN YOUR HIPPOCAMPUS CONTROL YOUR STATE OF BEING. Allow your cortex and frontal lobe higher brain state to control your personal STATE OF BEING.

Panic is a stampede function for human beings. AVOID PANIC STATES AS UNREAL BRIAN SOUP CHEMISTRY AND A FULL HERd mInd set to avoid. DO NOT FOLLOW THE HERD they run off cliff’s. THINK. Take appropriate not inappropriate action.


Get your copy and copies to your entire love circle.


The ACCELERATION OF SUPER CHANGE ITSELF is a new stress load passing human beings capacity to adapt to the SUPER CHANGE itself.

We have to all CALM DOWN way CALM DOWN and become much more objective about our home life and our work space lives. We can all do this step. LEADER READERS need to LEAD…and stay out front of SNAKE FLU. Lead by example. Change nothing.  Today your odds of getting EBOLA SNAKE FLU SARS MERS and others are as remote as your getting human beings largest killer MALARIA this month. YOUR RISK OF SNAKE FLU INFECTION IS LIKE A CAR WRECK TODAY and you still drive? The odds are one in a million folks.


Stay tuned.

If you influence in CHINA have their leaders SEARCH THIS BLOG SITE FOR SUPER BONDS the way to transition and they know the lead attorney – XI to attorney he trusts. SUPER BONDS is the way FORWARD for Japan China Hong Kong Taiwan and Asia nations and frankly Italy and SPAIN. Search. Nation planners email me . Email: bernydohrmann@gmail.com subject SUPER BOND FOLLOW UP.

You’ll have my priority time and attention as the exclusive law firm agency to the world for the SUPER BOND national debt resetting program. WORLD BANK AND IMF now under deep stress from SNAKE FLU economic CONTAGION might also explore SUPER BONDS and have a call for your own agency tool kit.

SUPER BONDS the great way forward out of the economics we will see like a GIANT FINANCIAL TSUNAMI hit China tomorrow. Will we be right yet again 1998 to 2020 February in my birthday week? I fear we will BE RIGHT AGAIN.

LEARN EARN AND RETURN ( subscribe click readers as the quid quo pro for counts in search engines and share this blog as the SNAKE FLU series is ahead of the ).

We will keep a LIGHTHOUSE LIT FOR YOU WORLD WIDE as the Pandemic unfolds in 2020.


Note: We are consulting to industry and nations on SNAKE FLU drawing upon our BUSINESS OWNER community world wide as resource many in health care at the top. Email or call for consulting on demand or on SUPER BOND installations for your nation or state. ASIA INVESTORS – next week may not be pretty at all….SNAKE FLU cost of deflating values inside economic implosion in Asia which WILL EFFECT ALL OF US. Today we are ALL CHINESE together – one people helping one another without condition. That is what makes a HUMAN – BEING ….

CHINA PANICS: What does FINANCIALCONTAGON LOOK LIKE? China issued into Monday rules to LIMIT SHORT selling in China stocks and Bond and commodity markets. As SHORT SELLING is largely GLOBAL and outside China this attempt to manipulate market prices we feel will FAIL and create worse outcomes as AI will punish values in all China markets all week starting Monday. Russia stopped all trains going into China as the GREAT CHINA QUARANTINE is isolation of markets capital and value in all markets. China panic is now a real problem in economic contagion. These are all breaking stories – China has so far refused Trump and American HELP to infuse billions of resources to help CHINA. One can hope such help will be coordinated as a COLLABORATION to stop the spread of the China SNAKE FLU. Twitter BANNED a news source with over 500,000 readers in publishing a story naming the CHINESE SCIENTIST suspected of BIO WEAPONIZING the current virus – first reported as theory circulating in ASIA since early January and first reported to the world here. Right again.