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Old readers all know this:


  1. WHO says Chinese SNAKE FLU coronavirus will become like AIDES part of humanity into the future
  2. Whistle Blower says early back to work will deliver the DARKEST WINTER IN HUMAN HISTORY
  3. Fed says it will be FIVE YEARS before we get over the economics and see a sustainable recovery. RIGHT AGAIN
  4. CDC is tracking mutations that make vaccine against so many new strains hard or impossible like THE FLU or aides RIGHT AGAIN and RIGHT FIRST
  5. The Fed said the future may not recover as planned and SOMETHING FAR MORE DIRE MAY BE UNFOLDING ( depression ) RIGHT AGAIN

That was RIGHT AGAIN  IN  EARLY JANUARY which seems like ten years ago in this PANDEMIC. My war weary I know you and we and all of us – WAR WEARY – of more bad news. It seems like we just can’t take MORE and then we begin to see the mental fatigue with senseless violence and acting out which is just as bad. Society is showing signs of cracking.

We told you to watch for a revolution and social unrest in CHINA. China has HIGH RISK of civil unrest.  A danger so unwanted by all the rest of us. This week nations passed 15 trillion in new stimulus. It took THREE YEARS to infuse 20 trillion in the USA as only one nation in the GREAT RECESSION 2007 to 2011.It took 90 days to pass 15 trillion in PANDEMIC 2020. No end in site. We stated in January a G 100 coordinated response with 100 trilion required to get economics through was needed and that the longer a coordinated plan took or if every nation competed like dogs versus cooperated like angels the risk of a DEPRESSION LIKE THE WORLD HAS NEVER KNOWN NOTHING LIKE 1929 – SO MUCH WORSE – IS HIGH RISK TO US ALL a consequence of leader denial delusion and lying.

Given the high risk of global bank and systemic failure can we do better than THIS as humans? Sure we can? Vote. Leadership is the answer inspired leadership – can we all do better? Vote your will and vote well …..





If China gets a SUPER BOND ( search if Chinese for SUPER BOND THEORY ) and print page on this blog site so you know. First. If they don’t  execute a SYSTEM SAVING SUPER BOND FOR CHINA, then the debts in China will implode both in industry and nation debts. China spends 300% more than it earns. For decades. This year China will need to borrow 1000% more than it earns. China revenues are gone. China cost are off all models. Soaring cost into crashing death spiral revenues. DEFLATIONARY ECONOMICS is a deal killer for China commodities hoarded and stock piled all crashing in value losing trillions for China – trade and commerce is a fraction of what it once was – supply lines are running simply running out of china. Trillions in factories jobs income cash flow leaving China never to return and it is 2020 TRILLIONS NOW. China is imploding. The outcome if ANY ECONOMIC MISTAKES ARE MADE ( and many are being made today ) will assure CHINA implodes in its own DEBT “SUPER BUBBLE” the IMF has warned of 22 times – will not death spiral implode. Real Estate will crash this summer in China. Commodity price will force CHINA dumping of crashing asset values in surplus commodities dumping them at any price to secure liquidity. China banks and debt defaulting will SOAR into the fall creating the DEATH DANCE AROUND THE MAYPLE OF PRESIDENT XI with all DARK RIBBONS OF DEBT. No nation can stop this death spiral in deflationary economics or none have to date.

China markets will super crash all yet to come. Bonds and Stocks and commodities all at once.

Real estate will SUPER CRASH into debt defaulting explosions.

This tipping point will bankrupt thousands of State Run Organizations struggling right now in May to survive at all – and more debt upon old delinquent defaulting old debt fixes zero. MORE DEBT DOES NOT RESOLVE TOO MUCH DEBT IN ECONOMICS 101.

It is now our investment banking OPINION that exploration of a CHINA ( and other debt nation like Italy ) have only SUPER BOND SOLUTIONS to resolve the issue of fatal debt super bubble imploding next. Time is not on China’s side in the SUPER BOND. If you are Chinese and wish to help on SUPER BONDS work with Michael Sung our agent for CHINA SUPER BONDS in nation and Waye Gan my mentor on everything CHINESE for five decades now. THE A TEAM FOR CHINA when explorations commence on SUPER BONDS as the way out of the pending implosion on China.




As in all economic melt downs of nations typically war distracts the people and steals money from war victories from other nations to save the war HOST. Will China conflicts in the SOUTH CHINA SEA and taking over TAIWAN be seen as appropriate to the ECONOMIC PROBLEM. So Super Bonds and Peace or WAR and we’ll all see how that turns out in the end. Very unwell in war for China I should think as the entire world is absolutely in blame to PRESIDENT XI for each and every cost in dollars ( 100 trillion and soaring up today ) and deaths with millions infected and a million dead by the summer. RIGHT AGAIN. In fact we said unchecked CHINA SNAKE FLU CORONAVIRUS with a 7% Kill rate in some nations – is the first virus to target AGE. More than 50% of fatal form and hospital admissions with terrible virus attacks, are over the age of 50 with kill rates from 50% to 70% in higher age groups. World wide.

We reported 1 billion elderly could be wiped out by 2025 planet wide. WE HOLD THAT CONCLUSION if a kill switch is not found for this KILLER VIRUS OF HUMAN BEINGS.

China might consider cost. By failing to cancel CHINESE NEW YEARS as asked by PRESIDENT TRUMP XI assured with absolute knowledge that the CHINESE SNAKE FLU CORONAVIRUS would reach all nations in eight weeks around he entire planet. It worked.

China is investing in the largest military build up ( hacking and stealing all the technology to leap ahead 100% hacking success going on today all advanced IT world wide ) . The economic depression in China the DEATH SPIRAL CHINA leadership fails to understand well, is now requiring delay to military pay projects and new planning all approved already. China funds the largest AI watching all humans from coffee poor to night lite. Humans get a SOCIAL SCORE on consumption. If they fail to spend enough they are reminded by the THOUGHT POLICE – ( social scoring enforcement agencies nation wide 1.5 billion enslaved ) – no open access to information – brain washed to what CHINA elites desire as community brain scrubbed thinking. THERE IS ZERO PRIVACY IN CHINA INCLUDING YOUR VISITING. if you fail to conform over your reminders you are moved – your entire family at 3.00 Am to the CAMPS. Some two million are in camps today. No due process. No human rights. China can not pay for a city of non productive two million citizens who are in daily brain washing for 18 months. CHINA is integrated the largest TRACK EVERY HUMAN EVERYTHING IN REAL TIME AI and brain wash millions to conform, and they do and they will by the majority. If you fail to conform at the CAMPs that 20% or less goes to the WORK CAMPS typically dying there. No attorney. No rights. No protections. You are GONE. Bam. This model in the world will fail to endure unless modified dramatically. There is no sign such modification is in the works. Lacking that of 1.5 billion the majority will revolt into a revolution to make GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PEOPLE. That could be the largest REBOUND FOR CHINA ECONOMICS in 2030 in CHINA HISTORY and the world. But before or after WAR as China is heading into war as it has zero economic choice today. I suspect China will take over Taiwan and Hong Kong in 7 days when the shooting begins. We and the world may well do nothing. We will have to all WAIT FOR IT and see if our RIGHT AGAIN comes up for you as it has since 1988 to this day in time. Read Monday WEDS AND WEEKENDS and simply know more …first.

China is BRAIN WASHING THE WORLD versus creating a NATIONAL PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLAN so lacking in CHINA today. The recovery will by pass China. Buyers punish China by shifting buying by trillions. Supply lines punish China on their enormous cost by relocating trillions out of CHINA in a reverse economic run OUT OF CHINA – running out of YUAN to US DOLLARS wherever Chinese with gov control of internet banking and selling out of YUAN its not easy. Running out of capital to invest in China. Credit ratings going to junk and below junk across China now a credit rating implosion. All occurring at once. Run out investment bonds and commodities. RUNNING OUT OF CHINA and it is not reversible due to FAILED CHINA POLICY GOING ON NOW. This week China has its A team millennials – 35 and younger world wide – attacking all CHINA ATTACKS. Propgrrhda from China that makes China a VICTIM versus the PERP. Lies. A FAILED POLICY. XI should have apologized to the world – accepted CDC and WHO help and been a nation that TOLD THE WORST FIRST AND THE TRUTH FASTER. China chose its old model of lying and hacking. China is hacking the world as never before including trying to steal virus late breaking treatments of which there are truly today NONE. Zero. Its all a policy of PROFITS OVER LIVES that will out leaders world wide and leadership in CHINA is no longer immune. That is what is true in China this weekend. CIVIL WAR RISING nation wide in factions. China is more divided today as are all nations over what? CHINESE SNAKE FLU CORONAVIRUS is the WHAT and CHINA is the WHY. No lie. The crises is LYING as we reported since January leader LYING. RIGHT AGAIN. China is trying to create a world election year narrative. GOOD LUCK with stopping the economic death spiral karma for your failure to apologize and just tell the real truth finally to the world. THAT IS THE CRISES.

In 90 days we pass rising to ten million infected. Our FEB 7th Carrier Article ( so famous and copied today ) Presented the worlds first table of pandemic progression. We stand with those tables. We predicted 10 million infected and over ONE MILLION HUMAN’s dead ( in 90 days ) into the summer of 2020. We predicted by early 2021 the numbers would unrelentingly rise with a huge second wave this fall into winter passing 100 million infected and soaring death counts rising over ten million in 2021. We stick with those RIGHT AGAIN tables we prepared for the world to measure with. Again nation state and agency we compare their lies to our truth and document the 57 RIGHT AGAINS to 100% nation state and agency lies and getting it all wrong horrifically wrong for death. Why? Election year in 29 nations. Profits over LIVES policy of nations. Verus LIVES OVER PROFITS. LOP saves lives. POL murders our loved ones. This is not rocket science. FAILED LEADERSHIP WORLD WIDE is creating a voter revolution. Wait for consequence to lying it is going to be VOTER CLARIFIED FOR US ALL in our forecasting. Pandemic election is like no other. The planners doing elections the old way will all fail.

We said Russia had a kill switch and perfected the PUTIN BIO WEAPON. Proof this is PUTIN’s bio weapon still lies ahead. Imagine when that proof occurs what happens?

Russia has the highest infections next to the USA and may pass the USA. Russia is the one nation not with 7% kill ratio but with under 1% no nation on earth has. Why? A KILL SWITCH like we reported in January and FEBRUARY when we Kill the virus is not natural and the virus is a man made BIO WEAPON – Jan Feb March April and May consistent – documenting the data. We stay with the data and conclude the BIO WEAPON was RUSSIA ENGINEERED with CHINESE help to effectively transmit the weapon in an election year to change the economics of the world. Who benefits? Not 6% kill ratio in AMERICA rising to 7% and maybe up to 10% while Russia has more infections and less than 1%. Putin says it is superior health care? In Russia ? Why do all Russia wealth come to the EU and America for health care and not get their elite wealth health care in the PUTIN SUPERIOR SYSTEM? Does Putin lie? Does his mentee President XI lie.

Do we lie? Are we accurate to a pin prick accurate?

Make your own mind up and stick with what is true for you.

Create a PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLAN for your own game and use CEO SPACE May 20th or June 16th with our full week PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLANNING FORUM for business OWNERS and OWNERS of practices as professionals – we serve Check it out as if your economic life depended on it. Why?

THERE IS NO RECOVERY AT ALL coming. What is coming is SUPER CRASH deflation deleveraging and a SUPER CRASH the like of which makes 1929 look like a child’s wading pool next to the high dive deep end far far out in the water of the olympic pool.

What is true for YOU?

Trust we are RIGHT AGAIN and urgently next develop your own pandemic prosperity plan as what is right for you is the worst in economics lays ahead not behind today.

Or conclude there is no need it will all come right back and your good. Just read and use the information we present to dodge the boulders in the white water as you rush down stream in your vessel. REMAIN SAFE OUT THERE one new boulder at a time. We’ll hep you on what is true for you.

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