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Hong Kong run by Carrie failed XI leader created more civil unrest than any leader in HONG KONG in modern times, kept borders open to Hong Kong while SNAKE FLU CASES soared now has closed of 13 border crossings only THREE remain open to Chinese HONG KONG as nations from RUSSIA TO THE USA close BOARDERS with China. Hong Kong Universities confirmed out numbers that over 100,000 CARRIERS are infected and moving to over 1,000,000 the infected. This is NOT SARS OR MERS. Both started In China due to negligence in animal product sales creating the mutation of virus from exotic animals into the human population. CHINA policy – FAILED POLICY – is the why of this cost in lives and to the world.

China today ( predictably ) attempting to unite its population behind CHINA communist leadership politicians at a time the CHINESE are holding dictator for life XI personally responsible for the economic and health mess going on – BLAMED THE USA TODAY as its stock markets SUPER CRASHED.

China infused 22 billion on Monday into its banking system. We estimate the SNAKE FLU PANDEMIC is unlike any prior human pandemic. First we see growing evidence the SNAKE FLU is fatal to elderly ages in % not seen in younger populations. We see younger populations surviving – often with long hospital stays from massive lung attacks – into recovery for the higher % of young. The elderly ( the largest COST to China is elderly care with 60% of China population entering 65 age and up and only 40% younger ages to repopulate the CHINA RETIRING LABOR FORCE. Immigration policies to bring in the YOUTH and WOMAN inside a younger four ME to one LADY in China demographic – with Pakistan and Iran and North Korea – is not repopulating WORK FORCE sufficiently to stabilize CHINA ECONOMICS.


Regardless the fact is:

  1. China not the USA or UK or EU or RUSSIA ( all blocking travel with Chine ) covered up the early days of the SMAKE FLU going into NEW YEARS and through FAILED COMMUNIST POLICIES  assured a maximum global spread of the SNAKE FLU BIO WEAPON to the rest of the world.
  2. China has failed to be transparent, understates the infection rates to avoid pure panic, such that true death rates, % and infection rates are opaque in CHINA which the CHINESE PEOPLE when they find OUT the information is not current and accurate will see through any BLAME ON THE USA.
  3. Communist BLAME THE USA for every policy failure to distract the PUBLIC spoon fed information by CHINA information control agencies – wherein MIND CONTROL is essential to preclude revolution in CHINA.
  4. As in IRAN a cleric information control over an entire population the CITIZENS are to a person smarter than the information agencies. THE TRUTH ALWAYS leaks in. Iran citizens protest recently until LIVE ROUNDS slaughtered unknown numbers as their geriatric leader with OBSOLETE OLD WORLD VIEWS – also inside the new POLITICS OF NATIONS BUILT ON PELOSI POLITICAL STRATEGY OF HATED AND DISTRUST as a weak glue to unite populations of base – saw protests in record post revolution numbers of cities and populations in protest chanting – THE US IS NOT OUR PROBLEM “YOU” ARE OUR PROBLEM. Smart. Citizens see through the lies and see the TRUTH.
  5. The USA is not the cause of CHINA’s anything. China negligence in the early stage of the SNAKE FLU since December 2019 cover up activity by the COMMUNISTS into Chinese NEW YEARS compounded CHINAS problem in contagion of SNAKE FLU and China isolation from the third – MERS – SARS – SNAKE FLU to flow out of CHINA to the entire world. China is the sole cause. China lack of SUCCESSFUL POLICIES and China FAILURE IN POLICIES is now having consequence for the leadership as not seen in decades. BLAME GAMES will not work we predict with the CHINESE PEOPLE. See HONG KONG for what is likely to follow.

CHINA as we predicted melted down in its markets in the first open market day at 8% of its market share cap value. Trillions were lost today by investors. Tomorrow and this week we do not see a stablization. The compounding problem China seeks to blame on the USA is 1.4 billion Chinese in panic. Not in panic from the USA in panic from failed CHINA POLICY. How does that failed policy look:

  1. China knew the serious scale of the SNAKE FLU in December as the SNAKE FLU was public for the first time versus private in state ordered information CONTAINMENT ( failed public policy choice ).  Negligence to the Chinese People to Asia neighbors and to the world at large.
  2. China failure to terminate NEW YEARS and quarantine CARRIERS early enough to stop the world wide PANDEMIC.
  3. China INFLUENCE to delay WHO declaring SNAKE FLU a WORLD HEALTH EMERGENCY. Which it is of COURSE today.
  4. China iINFLUENCE to delay forever any quarantine of China borders – a failed policy.
  5. Now isolated the infected that ARE UNDER REPORTED BY 100% in our opinion move from less than 50 ten days ago to 25,000 ( we think 100,000 ) and soon 1,000,000 in CHINA ALONE.
  6. NEW INFECTIONS rose by almost 3000 doubling ever 24 hours – DOUBLING AND EXPODENTIAL IN CHINA.
  7. SNAKE FLU is OUT OF CONTROL IN CHINA AND THE RESULT IS CHINA PANIC NOT FROM THE USA FROM Confidence in its leaders 100% failed policy on SNAKE FLU to protect its own people -way too little way too late – and now trying to catch up once the GENI ( SNAKE FLU PANDEMIC GLOBALLY ) is out of the bottle.

China has lied and attempted to make the SNAKE FLU far less important and fatal than SARS OR MERSA. FAR LESS when in fact the rate of SNAKE FLU INFECTION in 9 weeks has doubled and passed infection rates and deaths of both SARS AND MERS combined over 9 MONTHS – 9 weeks versus 9 months.

The 8% SUPER CRASH of China Stock markets with a first day infusion of 22 billion in US DOLLARS from its just under three trillion of held USA DOLLARS – we feel will rise to whack 1 trillion of USA DOLLAR RESERVES. China will need in our prediction over 1 trillion and perhaps its entire 2.7 trillion rapidly evaporating trade cushion – to secure CLICK RUNS AT BANKS. 80% of the Chinese stock market is owned by 1% wealthy individual Chinese investors – now loosing a trillion in wealth wiped out in ONE SINGLE DAY. What happens tomorrow? Panic will rise when the public understands CHINA FAILED POLICY IS NOT WORKING AND IS IN FACT MAKING THINGS WORSE.

China refuses USA HELP than blames the USA today ( to distract attention from 1.4 billion of its own CITIZENS ) as to WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? Failed leadership XI will have to sack or kill to set examples. Before this is over in our opinion as to the CHINESE WAY of things. So much to still unfold. IF YOU KNOW A CHINESE MAINLAND OR HONG KONG leader share this blog with them so the truth leaks in.

CHINA IS RUNNING ON ITS MARKETS AS WEALTH FLEE’S LACKING ANY CONFIDENCE. CHINA FAILED POLICY WE REPORTED ON SUNDAY OF THIS last week – TO ATTEMPT TO STOP short selling in CHINESE MARKETS did not work and can not work in fact. Why? AI GLOBALLY MANAGES 440 TRILLION IN ALL ASSET CLASS PRICING AND MARKET CIRCULATIONs noT human beings. While AI is less in control of CHINA more narrow markets with a narrow population of wealth owning 80% of markets in China – that wealth is now evaporating. Those who want to sell out don’t care about PRICE any longer in panic they care that when selling over whelms buying – LIQUIDITY freezes up markets and they close due to lack of liquidity – no one buying in a daily down down the rabbit hole market. How low can CHINA BOND AND STOCKS GO?

The Debt loading in China was IMF and WORLD BANK not sustainable. Borrowing 300% more than you earn when your earnings and income is collapsing entirely from SNAKE FLU – is now in DEBT CRISES. We have suggested CHINENSE LEADERS and XI’s team trying to get on top of pure CHINA ABJECT TERROR AND PANIC – over spilling OF COURSE into markets – sees the pressure. SEARCH THIS SITE FOR SUPER BONDS the solution in 2020 for the down ward death spiral into a DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADE.

The Risk in CHINA IS DEBT Loading.

Today China is infusing a trillion dollars in February ( our prediction ) to stabilize markets in abject panic. NO SUM CAN OFF SET PANIC of 1.4 billion citizens. China in panic runs out of markets ( the 1% want to get what they can before the markets close and they can’t get out at all ). The smartest global middle class ( say 250 million the size of the USA in adult population not counting children ) are RUNNING ON BANKS. CLICK RUNNING TO GET THEIR CASH OUT before banks CLOSE IN CHINA. BANK RUNS ARE THE ISSUE and the ONLY WHY – 22 billion was infused to banking today alone. Ten days it is 250 billion if it fails to rise we see over 1 trillion of reserves in US dollar being lost to support the crises in banking and circulations. LIQUIDITY IN CHINA IS NOW THE MAIN CONSEQUENCE OF MISMANAGING THE SNAKE FLU EPIDEMIC.


We reported Sunday THAT – China communist attempt to MANIPULATE MARKET PRICE AND LIQUIDITY by internally precluding GLOBAL SHORT POSITIONS ON CHINA ECONOMICS COMPANIES AND NATIONAL FISCAL STANDING IS A FAILED POLICY. AI globally has no mercy to such a policy. THE SHORT SELLING BY AI is now in the trillions into CHINA. The death spiral for China looks like this unless things change and American help now rejected by CHINA is accepted by CHINA to include:

  1. Global market run out of China – in capital – in investment – in cash – in banking – in supply chains leaving forever – in closed plants retail stores ( Apple Stores to MC Donalds we are not sure on WAL MART 5000 STORES IN NATION ) where all American and off shore and related companies in CHINA are long term effected FATALLY DOWN In values.
  2. GLOBAL MASSIVE SHORT selling into CHINA EVERYTHING as Chinese currency value to trade with SUPER CRASHED IN ONE DAY and will SUPER CRASH all week. Failed policy. Too late and not enough in time.
  3. Confidence in CHINA planning and planners is SHATTERED.
  4. We advised companies in 2017 2018 and 2019 to GET OUT OF CHINA POSITIONS and WHY as the melt down was our prediction with a trigger event which is now SNAKE FLU.
  5. China death debt spiral relates to a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE that has hoarded commodities at peak all time high prices world wide into China. These stock piles of assets in DEFLATION 2008 to 2020 – and on going – has lost over 50% of its core value. The DEBTS to own these assets remain at full face value with no security of value to underwrite the debt. Companny growth in China is built on SUPER DEBT BUBBLES. Today China is massively lending MORE in the DEBT DEATH SUPER BUBBLE SPiRAL TO CHINA’s GREAT DEPRESSION – long predicted in this news site ( with sadness for the CHINESE PEOPLE ). China planners are dealing with modeling into an old pre 2014 economy of the world that no longer EXISTS. AI super changed global economics. Central banks and nations have lost first control and then even INFLUENCE over financial price and markets world wide in only 5 short SUPER CHANGE YEARs. Today the NEW AI ECONOMY IS RAPIDLY REVOLUTIONIZING GLOBAL ECONOMICS and China denies a NEW AI ECONOMY EXISTS making failed policy after failed policy for an old economy that is frankly gone – a model T Ford in a Starship ENTERPRISE WORLD OF AI ECONOMICS. China planners are like our own FED and Powell ( a total economic idiot ) driving at warp drive economic SUPER CHANGE SPEEDS INTO THE FUTURE – while steering looking only in the REAR VISION MIRROR OF THE SECURED IN STORAGE ABOARD THE AI STAR SHIP NEW AI ECONOMY – HAVING NO CLUE THEY ARE NOT ON THE ROAD ANY LONGER AT ALL.


China will see its credit rating lowered once twice and a third time. The Borrowing costs to roll over trillions in bad non performing debt – bad debt shown on China books as good performing loans ( fraud and criminal reporting in other nations ) will cease to have market value. As bad debt is recognized finally the China banking and corporate system is bankrupt.  1929 style bankruptcy. Why? SUPER UNRESOLVED DEBT BUBBLES. Is there a way to reclaim CHINA CONFIDENCE as my report to the world today is that the entire world and all Chinese have LOST CONFIDENCE In their leaders to plan the economic fire wall around the DEATH CASCADE OF ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCE – WITHIN OUR LONG REPORT ON CHINA – ALL ECONOMIC ABUSE MUST one day rebalance. It is with great sadness we reported in February the GREAT CHINA ECONOMIC REBALANCING IN ECONOMICS HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN. Trillions in BAD NON PERFORMING DEBT – 100 trillion in bad super debt bubbles bursting – is now entering the economics of the GREAT CHINA REBALANCING. All in new AI economics with speeds and velocity acceleration and momentum never seen in the world of economics ( not yet anyway ) VAM unfolding. The risk in CHINA with negligent policy making to date is that the PANDEMIC IN CHINA OUT OF ALL AND ANY CONTROL – WILL FOSTER INTERNAL CHINESE PANIC – THAT MAY AND CAN DESTABILIZE DEBT SUPER BUBBLES BURSTING. THIS ECONOMIC IMPLOSION WOULD RIPPLE ACROSS THE WORLD DUE TO COUNTER PARTY AGREEMENTS sharing CHINA DEBT SUPER BUBBLES WORLD WIDE – that the IMF AND WORLD BANK since 2010 have warned CHINA ABOUT over 21 times without any slowing of the economic DEATH SPIRAL OF SUPER DEBT.

In massive deflationary spirals debt super bubbles do explode. That is the great risk to CHINA if the situation does not burn out in February we feel XI – doing the extraordinary work  – may now be on top of finally.

Ground zero province had soaring deaths with 64 new fatal deaths on Monday alone and still counting. The total infected are soaring no slow down at all thousands added daily and reporting of this statistic is always way way behind actual infections. We report the total infection rate has passed 25,000 world wide and deaths now exceed 500 up from 7 – in less than ten days. 7 to 500 dead. We suspect many thousands must yet die before this VIRUS in China is contained. China distracts its population saying AMERICA IS MAKING IT WORSE when all nations including land border BUDDY PUTIN AND RUSSIA closed CHINA BOARDERS to train – planes ships and land based travel – IRON CURTAIN CLOSED TO CHINA. When you consider the nations with travel fire wall to China now isolated into its DEATH SPIRAL of economics from the SNAKE FLU economic contagion – the future in China is very bleak. We assume the markets will go up and down but generally down with a 40% fall in market valuation in trillions of wealth lost triggering MARGIN CALLS and loan calls and triggering potential DEBT BUBBLE BURSTING DEFAULT CASCADES. If China panics and their citizens distrust banks and get cash out of banks – feeling like whoever does so first gets theirs and fuck the rest of China’s population family – the banks in CHINA WILL FAIL. The crises today is overwhelming for China. China refuses America help aide and coordinated support which Trump offered President XI and China with full resources agencies and knowledge – such offers were rejected. This decision to REJECT AMERICAN AIDE last week and again this week then BLAME AMERICA for the growing in CHINA PANDEMIC – one can see – if China fails to control this the WHY other nations have taken FIRE WALLS to limit contagion in their countries. One can not blame THEM any of THEM. China is now economically in shut down and isolated. THE RUN on wealth flowing out of China during this shut down is the LARGEST ECONOMIC DISINTERMEDIATION IN MODERN HISTORY without precedent or rule books to guide anyone. We suggest the SUPER CHANGE ACCELERATION OF THE AI RUN OUT OF CHINA will continue to be far more massive than XI and his planners stated from day one to today.

We also suggest the TIME to accelerate a SUPER BOND SOLUTION TO SAVE CHINA ECONOMICALLY is as easy fast and simple as clicking SEARCH ON THIS BLOG SITE and SEARCH FOR SUPER BONDS. Save and Book mark that page China leadership and print page. Follow up is easy email me for an exploratory due diligence call. Note your trusted advisers are and have been wrong. They protect their own money against China long term interest. Our team will secure CHINA’s economic outcomes with SUPER BOND installations. The future is better with SUPER BONDS repairing the melt down that can take years to recover from already and if BANK CONTAGION and DEFAULTS rise next – decades to return to where CHINA was in 2020 – decades of enormous pain and social unrest. The ripples of this PANDEMIC IN CHINA are massive and without precedent since the DARK AGES and PLAGUE wiped out so much of the EU at that time. The DARK AGES followed the economic gut punch in the pre Plague EU. China under estimating the ECONOMIC CONTAGION and impact of SNAKE FLU is the decision that may be the worst yet for China’s future. We will continue to report in as the number of NEW DEATHS the number of NEW INFECTIONS is out of all control in CHINA – soaring every higher – as CHINESE use applications to avoid infected ADDY GPS and neighborhoods further isolated the infected.

The problem is CARRIERS. No symptoms no temperature. Super Contagious and over 100,000 going to 1,000,000 in a month and no system to know where they are world wide how the infection is spreading is known to exist. Not until the NUMBERS EXPLODE ( or they do not explode globally later in February ) will the world know if the ISOLATION OF CARRIERS TO CHINA as host source nation to SNAKE FLU has in testing PANDEMIC PROTOCOLS in fact worked. We’ll know in 20 more days ….but not before. THE RISK GLOBALLY is the risk of explosions of cases from carriers world wide….that risk remains fully open. UP to Monday night the explosion of China death and new infections speaks for itself – and fully under reported in fact.


Let us trust our leaders actions to protect our citizens.

Today we have less than 10 SNAKE FLU infections all quarantined as are their computer tracked contacts. We have no deaths.

This year 64,000 will DIE OF THE FLU. Bad FLU season and bad flu.

Young are dying. Old are dying. From FLU Season in America. Say 64,000 deaths from FLU.

Less than 10 deaths from SNAKE FLU and ZERO DEATHS SO FAR.

Do you cease doing your life in FLU SEASON?

No way.

Should you change your life for SNAKE FLU 99.9% less deaths than say regular FLU in FLU SEASON?

No way.

We have told everyone world wide – trust your nation to manage the SNAKE FLU and – do your life.

This is a BOOM YEAR.

Markets corrected – we predicted a 2020 correction in ELECTION YEAR as such corrections in ELECTION years are normal.

A good measure of Friday’s sell off was regained today. Tesla stock we told everyone to BUY in the DIP in 2017 and 2018 when shrt sellers and GM predicted TESLA would go bankrupt – we said MUSK is the Super Change Technology leader of our age – the JOBS the TESLA the real deal – today TESLA stock passed 700 dollars per share an all time record with no end in site ( right again ) and Einhorn and other SHORT SELLERS lost a BILLION IN TESLA BAD BETTING attempting to manipulate price down to make a profit through felony market price manipulation – never ideal – until regulatory frame works are revolutionized to manage AI economics versus economics that no longer exist at all in today’s AI world of AI managing the money.

This is a BOOM YEAR. In America especially. The trade agreements occurring with China – with Canada – with Mexico soon with Japan and EU and with UK – promise a decade of HOPE AND PROMISE FOR AMERICA FUTURES. Congress passing infrastructure which post election and Nancy Pelosi being replaced as HOUSE LEADER ( a totally failed leader for America ) will in our opinion – portend a prosperity in America into 2030 and beyond.


Snake Flus is well managed by the nations of the world who are testing PANDEMIC controls for a far worse event than this SNAKE FLU which primarily targets elderly with pre existing conditions like say mine. Death outcomes to SNAKE FLU are better than death outcomes from regular flu season or the new strains of MALARIA the # 1 killer of humans in Asia and the world. Are you afraid of getting MALARIA ? No.

DO NOT FOLLOW HERD MENTALITY. Prosper. Invest in your own success. PUT THE SNAKE FLU IN A BOX that simply DOES NOT EFFECT YOU.

China is doing what needs to be done to contain a PANDEMIC inside CHINA where SNAKE FLU STARTED.

As Glen Beck would say – the rest of the world….well not so much …not so much at all.

Trust the nations making sure NOT SO MUCH continues to apply by a test of the world PANDEMIC RESPONSES.

Ebola is also out of control in AFRICA since 2018 August. DO YOU HAVE FEAR YOU WILL CATCH EBLOA in America? Of course not.

You are far more likely to catch the FLU in FLU season which given 100 million will catch the FLU will not effect YOU or kill you.

Truly 64,000 flu deaths versus say ONE SNAKE FLU DEATH outside CHINA and that as a Chinese traveler of 44 years of age with other health problems and they caught it late versus early. ONE DEATH OUTSIDE CHINA.

Are you changing your life in FLU SEASON?

Given the MATH modeling why would you even think about SNAKE FLU …a non issue for YOU in America and EU today.


America is booming. Snake Flu will elevate:

  1. American prosperity with supply lines returning to America forever from China
  2. Agriculture product sales to support CHINA with FOOD desperately required now
  3. Health care product support in billions from America to China
  4. In todays CHINA SUPER CRASH OF MARKETS ( right again ) health care companies rose 10% in China.
  5. It was not all bad in China and the PRC is flooding China with cash to secure liquidity starting with banks

Will markets in China stabllize?


The CHINA PANDEMIC is doubling in new infections every single night. Deaths totaled at less than 10 9 weeks ago only have risen to over night totals of more than 50 in China ever 24 hours soaring. We feel until:

  1. Factories return to normal work schedules
  2. Shops stores and malls reopen China wide
  3. New infection rates decline versus explode
  4. Runs out of capital investment and circulation in CHINA stop – the runs of trillions moving out of China stop
  5. Market prices rise because of 1-4 above – the turn around is simply NOT YET PRESENT to secure CHINA



BLAME GAME to the USA holds no water. This tired deflection of communists is no longer working. Why? The controlled news state where all information is state filtered to promote communist trust and power can not keep the truth of of lies to its own people. THE TRUTH IS LEAKING IN. We see Putin now in a PETRO STATE SUPER CRASH IN RUSSIA has so few options. Another cut back in FAILED OPEC will have zero impact on the glut. The decline in DEMAND is far greater than the price bump from yet another cut in supply.  At this stage of FAILED OPEC the cut of supply only forces market share of oil buyers to move from higher cost higher to recline  dirty sulfur OPEC OIL into much lower cost per barrel – lower cost to refine oil from other NON OPEC NATIONS. Non OPEC nations control 70% of the supply and price. OPEC market share has fallen by over 65% since 2014 – with trillions lost to OPEC from failed OIL POLICY by the sociopathic KING MBS.

OPEC is a criminal cartel of oil elites who tax the world of 5 billion poor folks with energy cost that assures they can never be full partners and enjoy food and shelter security and health wealth as they are impoverished by OPEC CRIMINAL OIL PRICE MANIPULATIONS. Such price fixing is a crime against all humanity and no longer works at all. OPEC is done.

Russia with GNP falling to 1.7% as their highest lie number down 50% from a year ago – now sees with OIL PRICES CRASHING almost 40% in a week – that – they can no longer operate in the black. Russia moves to RED INK and a recession as Putin failed to diversify and Putin is stuck with economic consequence from SNAKE FLU.

We now predict:

  1. Russia credit rating and borrowing cost will soar as credit scores for RUSSIA are seriously adjusted down by rating agencies.
  2. We predict the same outcome for CHINA but much worse in lower credit rating to debts coming up next.
  3. Russia a PETRO NATION seeing 40% of price in deflation economics disappear for Russia revenue in a week – Super Crash.
  4. Russia debt super bubble implosion may follow China bad debt impact to the economic whole. RUSSIA is in serious economic trouble in 2020 crashing trade with China – fire wall to ships – planes and even trains closing BORDERS with CHINA. Crashing in other trade the CHINA RUSSIA TRADE NOW ON FULL STOP FURTHER SUPER CRASHING RUSSICA ECONOMICS.
  5. TURKEY FIRED ON RUSSIAN TROOPS IN SYRIA – many salvos last night and PUTIN now has to make an example of END GAME and make no mistakes PUTIN will act. That cost comes at a bad time for RUSSIA economics imploding.

China and RUSSIA economics in 2020 look dismal.

US and EU economics look like light house prosperity in the developing storm.

Iran failing to make a deal with the USA risks a needless war with total “right” on our EU and America side seeking to make an honest prosperity deal which Iran and TRUMP. Time is running out for IRAN to elevate to the # 1 spot in GULF INFLUENCE. Iran is a wild car. North Korea with its own SNAKE FLU pandemic is another WILD CARD unfolding in 2020 economics.

What we know:

  1. Election years create market over pricing corrections historically.
  2. Election years create volatility.
  3. President Trump is likely to have a decisive ACQUITTAL OF ALL IMPEACHMENT CHARGES in ten days or less
  4. SNAKE FLU has an impact as CHINA imploding effects nations world wide as this gets worse before it all gets better.
  5. America is a boom economy with outcomes likely to surprise on the UP SIDE all year long into the election which if TRUMP WINS will promise a market AFTER GLOW of further growth and prosperity to America and to the entire world.

Failed China Policies. Covering up the December outbreak of SNAKE FLU. Extending NEW YEARS and not canceling NEW YEARS to place Chine lies ahead of CHINESE profit in NEW YEAR. Fake NEWS blame to the USA for creating panic – not true At all. Rejecting American experts and teams to sus

SUPER CHANGE events are in the air this February. We wrote the global best seller SUPER CHANGE. Get your copy to leap ahead of SUPER CHANGE in 2020. We are inside the longet most solid boom expansion driven by ecoomic conergance defined in my GLOBAL BEST SELLING BOO SUPER CHANGE – drivers to world economic growth into 2050 not seen since 1850.

TAKE THAT TO THE BANK as the CHINA PANDEMIC created in CHINA – spread nation wide due to policy misakes early on by leadership in China is also fire walled and CONTAINED NOW TO CHINA.

NO NATION HAS HAD ECONOMIC FIRE WALL AND BORDERS CLOSED IN MODERN HISTORY due to state created SNAKE FLU in CHina – so that outcomes are unknown. The RISK TO CHINA is continued wealth deflation that triggers a panic and runs on banks to cash and from that a cascade of DEBT DEFAULTING A COST TO THE WORLD SYSTEM and an unknown outcome how far the bouncing ball could DROP low in resetting CHINA WEALTH.

For sure this is not temporary as China suggests.

It is our VIEW in China the sun also sets. Japan will now return to the # 2 economic spot as CHINA tied with Japan loses its credit rating and experiences MELT DOWN from BORDER CLOSINGS where in it will take YEARS if ever to recover stress on IF EVER. A global run of 15 trillion dollars started in 2014 is now in control of CHINA FUTURES and no one can predict the actual outcomes today. CHINA ARROGANCE TO REFUSE HELP FROM THE USA is short sighted – failed policy – and will soon have a confidence shattering effect to the very smart citizens of CHINA who may rebell to get open information and the truth over state controls of thier lives. FREEDOM IS A DRIVER in economic melt down of REVOLUTION.