In Only December of 2019 China threatened to put MB doctors and health care workers in prison if the reported the SNAKE FLU CORONAVIRUS was fatal or a threat as a new virus. The cover up was state ordered and nation wide. President Trump encouraged President XI to cancel their Christmas season, CHINESE NEW YEARS, as 100 million would transmit the new virus to the entire world as in the Holiday they moved through the HOT ZONES in China. XI refused – lied to his own people – and the China Snake Fluf virus spread world wide. President XI told state media to report only that data that would warm the hearts of his 1.3 billion citizens. Data on Snake Flu in China went in February from 15,000 NEW INFECTIONS IN ONE WEEK to just 300 the next week. How? No one says how. No one.

Six weeks later the SNAKE FLU is infecting 1,000,000 we KNOW ABOUT confirmed virus in humans by lab reporting, with 50,000 dead in weeks of time , 50,000. This is not like THE FLU.The Death Count from 1,000,000 human infections also UNDERSTANDS the 1,000,000 have been infecting others for week, ten each, and that ten million are now infected but they do not know they are spreading the virus to 100 million between April and Summer. The death toll in humans will pass all wars by 2021. The cost to economics and to human civilization is like the SPANISH FLU and BLACK DEATH a seminal event in permanent change to global economics.



Economics in all countries revolve around:

  1. Liquidity and circulation normalizations
  2. Oil its cost and economics
  3. Food dependant on oil for pesticides fertilizers farm power and water via electricity
  4. Oil demand is down by 9 million barrels a day and falling fast as world industry stops all at once
  5. Commodity demand is down by trillions of dollars and cost is deflating in all asset classes no end in site no demand

OIl has super crashed as Putin pulled the rug out from OPEC. OPEC shattered into price wars with every nation for itself. Why? Oil nations are in RED INK. Oil priced below 87 dollars a barrel places the majority of OIL OPEC NATIONS in red ink. Oil nations must borrow the difference of what they earn to what they must pay out in annual budget claims. Red ink Opec.

OPEC in 2020 faced a PANDEMIC DILEMIA:

  1. Cut back revenue by ten million barrels a day at costs and price levels that will assure OPEC STATE BANKRUPTCY in debt defaulting or
  2. Pump and Dump at any price to keep cash flow sufficient to pay bills with red ink borrowing.

Opec has no game plan # 3.

OPEC can not cut back enough as demand has been shredded. Demand for oil is down in April by 10 million barrels each day. Saudi alone has increased production from 8.4 million barrels a day to 13 million barrels a day. Russia Iran and others all following suit. The goal today is to TAKE AWAY AMERICAN CUSTOMERS and WOE them back to OPEC.

The OIL PRICE WARS are over. OPEC LOST THOSE WARS and lost badly.

The price is now being paid by oil war LOSERS who are attacking the winner America for MARKET SHARE.



Today it is every OIL NATION FOR ITSELF in a new 2020 MARKET SHARE WAR. Opec Nations with heavy crude versus lite crude are losing that war and America is still rising to 14 million barrels a day still ahead of Saudi who is stretched to get production back to 10 million barrels a day up from 8.3 million barrels a day and no one thinks Saudi will get 13 million a day out of the ground with present infrastructure. Saudi Credit ratings is crashing to debt default JUNK risk level in world markets. Amaraco a fraud IPO has super crashed and is still super crashing. Electronic transportation in trucks shipping and automobiles is removing demand from oil as unseen in 100 years. No return in demand is expected – not ever.

We anticipate as part of the Putin War plan either IRAN makes a PROSPERITY DEAL WITH TRUMP or Iran closes SUEZ. The move by Iran would create another LEADERSHIP crises with minimum impact on oil price because demand is gone. There will be this SPRING ZERO PLACE to store oil then we will see the real issue – OIL is lower cost than a BEER IN CANADA today. Oil is a commodity of supply demand where demand can never support old phony criminal cartel fraud prices. That day is over now. Criminal oil cartels have lost control. We predicted fair market value of 35 to 45 dollars will range oil when this all shakes out. Down by 50% from February pricing. Forever imploded market sector now rippling into other sectors of deflationary economics in the GREAT PRICE REBALANCING as in 1929 to all asset class pricing in deflationary economics which consume years of time to base line.

Saudi is chair with criminal sociopath KING MBS that sucker punched by PUTIN who took oil price and market away from OPEC forever – where now PUTIN is the broker Trump is calling first – as UN CHAIRPERSON KING MBS murderer of Khashoggi who ordered Khashoggi’s head brought back to the palace on video and audio – then murdered everyone who could say KING MBS DID IT – and now attempts to have the world forgive and forget. Not us. Not here. Not ever. KING MBS has to go as there is no oil normal with King MBS pumping 13 million barrels up from last month of 6.8 million – where in Saudi can’t pay its bills with even that and its credit rating is going to low JUNK and borrowing to pay the GAP is drying up entirely. Until KING MBS is replaced – Saudi has a black line for credit and for investments. Trillions are running out of Saudi as the nation is in melt down. With MECCA a billion dollar a year tourist business closed – Saudi has too many pressures to resolve fiscally. Saudi may be a GULF FAILED STATE. KING MBS has locked up his closest family for take over attempts in January and 1000 royals within a CIVIL WAR inside the SAND CASTLE we have reported accurately about from insiders from day one. KING MBS is hated internally and is under threat increasingly from SAUDI MILITARY King MBS heads up for a coup. We’ll see. IT IS TERRIBLE IN SAUDI RIGHT NOW and PUTIN is turning the KNIFE using JUDO to trick KING MBS for his second pull down to the PUTIN FLOOR MAT in the PUTON DOJO. Our opinion. The Gulf is more unstable than at any period since the British drew up the maps when Lawerence of Arabia helped set up Saudi as we know it today. Never have GULF nations been under more pressure, more fiscal pain more instability than TODAY ……another challenge to global leadership completely overwhelmed by the DEATH LOADING OF PANDEMIC and THE ECONOMIC IMPLOSION rival and ahead of 1929 in fact. Ten trillion dollars of world wealth has been lost in days. Ten trillion more is likely to wipe out as the DOW sinks in stages and phases under 10,000 DOW yet to go. The outcomes are unknown. Can the system survive at all ? WE think not….as this all gets worse before we 1929 recover. A long road of pain yet to share together. Leaders are blind to the risk rising.








Auto makers have the sharpest contraction in sales in automobile history in similar time frames. Millions of automobiles not sold impact gasoline usage. Demand for oil products has crashed by % never seen in 100 years. The Oil demand will never return to growth as the most toxic extinction earth fart, is being replaced by lower cost energy non polluting alternatives at speeds no one saw as even possible. Consumers are moving off oil completely. Including plastic everything.

We predicted an OIL SUPER CRASH blood bath since 2015. Last year experts predicted oil would soar to over 100 dollars a barrel due to attacks by KING MBS on himself in the Gulf and in Saudi to get oil price up – a plan like 100% of KING MBS Plans failed. Oil went down as we predicted right again. Then oil tanked forever.

  1. Demand for oil will remain at new lows forever
  2. New lows will be bested yearly as demand withdraws
  3. The oil market space is evaporating liquidity and capital.
  4. Oil glut will remain in this commodity forever – too mutch production against crashing demand
  5. Value across the oil patch is deflating to new floor valuations unseen in 100 years.

If you feel oil will recover I’d bet on what we told you. Oil will hover at 35.00 to 45.00 for this decade. I would not bet on higher phony pricing cartels can no longer effect due to the glut size. Saudi once the dog is now only the tail at 10% of world output and that % is falling rapidly with new NON OPEC nations finding massive new supplies.

Be clear. As oil SUPER CRASHES ( 70 dollars to 19.00 – and in Canada 4.00 where beer is more costly than oil ) the ripple to all suppliers transportation storage and more collapses. The OIL INDUSTRY IS IN THE START OF A 1929 DEFLATIONARY REVALUATION FOR OIL to a new floor price we do not have yet and to a new share price for oil firms as a new low valuation reset price we do not have yet.

OIL is a 1929 Super Crash – where demand was a TRUMP WALL of ribar steel and concrete the oil tesla sedan at 110 miles an hour just self drove into at full pedal to the metal.

Florida just locked down its 10 million residence and its 10 million SNOW BIRDS from the SNOW STATES. All that driving stops. All that gasoline in the Nations # 5 Coronavirus state joins the lock down crowd. No oil use in Disney theme parks. No oil use at Floridas 20 international airports. No oil for the CRUISE SHIP INDUSTRY largest in the USA in Florida all idol and tied up at ports. No oil for Floridas enormous military based and presence as everything moves to HOME ARREST BY GOVERNOR ORDER. The industry and commerce in Florida state is stopping as it is in all USA states on a dime. The shift and change in consumer buying patterns will be the largest most permanent SUPER CHANGE event of our entire adult life time.

The new rule book includes:

  1. You have been and you are being lied to about this unfolding event. Do not be fooled by those lies.
  2. The Pandemic is the most contagious and fatal killing infectious event since the BLACK DEATH of the Dark Ages.
  3. Snake Flu ( coronavirus ) is nothing like THE FLU and is far more contagious and lethal in the end than EBOLA.
  4. The 1929 economy killer is ERRORS from NATION STATE AND AGENCY to mis manage this Super Change event.
  5. The SNAKE FLU will create global panic yet to come and bank failures and a mirror but worse of 1029.

Oil industry players will see the following confused as to the permanent RESET OF VALUATION across all spaces of the oil patch:

  1. Record merger and unwanted oil consolidations into 2022.
  2. Record bankruptcy and shrinkage of players in industry by year end 2020.
  3. Record downsizing and automation removing humans from the oil work space permanently at numbers never imagined
  4. An OIL depression which will not effect a demand GLUT impossible to reset due to the scale of demand falling forever all at once and never to return to a new normal not ever
  5. An oil blood bath in owning oil ( better to invest in beer today ) oil stocks and or debt or hybrids of both – blood bath right again.

Armaco investors got music man hood winked by con man KING MBS who already spent your 34 billion and is broke already in only 60 days now shaking down 1000 royals all over again in a SAUDI CIVIL WAR that ends when KING MBS is removed. The Gulf is in the largest economic political shake up since the 1940’s. NO one can predict the outcome of this maximally divided community today given the oil economic suffering. Planning the market will all snap back is an oxymoron of economic truth.



President XI and President PUTIN have used JUDO to pull KING MBS and OPEC s dictator to the MAT for a TEN COUNT and OPEC was OUT FOREVER – shattered scattered and dunked  – as we reported FIRST right here all year. RIGHT AGAIN. Putin took over oil NARRATIVE and now is soley and alone in charge of price. What PUTIN DOES not SAUDI is the price outcome to the world today. Putin and XI won.

Putin has put in place go around SAUDI and Iran oil by installing vast new pipe lines for crude and natural gas to markets in the EU and in China and the entire SILK ROAD from Russia controlled oil all along the SILK ROAD. A 20 year economic war asymmetrical warfare policy all outlined in THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM for leaders who want to bone up on the war plan more fully. As Putin IS winning the war he and XI planned and started with their BIO WEAPON SNAKE FLU released in November 2019 to circulate to the world in PANDEMIC in election year 2020. Game on.

It is HARD to advance a war plan in defense of your nation when the offense nation has many layers of plans unfolding and you are reeling from each new plan:

PHASE I – WAR PLAN – THE VIRUS – Release the virus in November – in China – use your kill switch in China and Russia in January ONLY AFTER Chinese New Year and 100 million people moving through the kill zone the hot zones in China – taking the virus to the entire world – in eight weeks every nation on earth is now infected. KILL SWITCH AT HOME as the world blows up in virus fires.

PHASE II WAR PLAN: March 2020 – AS VIRUS CLOSES DOWN ECONOMICS FOR 200 NATIONS ALL AT ONCE and the USA goes down all at once – 100% of counties of USA effected – massively hack data of CDC, NIH, Social Security, and Treasury and all economic markes. Hack insider information and us AI TO illegally trade and bring prices lower down the rabbit hole. Hacking phase II just starting rising to war level into election year summer.

PHASE III WAR PLAN APRIL 2020: Massive election year manipulation using AI for all media all at once never ending barrages impossible using AI in 2020 to trace – all cloaked to source – attacks 24/7 endless fake news starting with Putin Release AMERICA invented the bio weapon and released the bio weapon on China. Spun world wide dividing nations and voters maximal distrust for USA. Maximum division of US voters no let up in that. China next comes out into April the USA invented the bio weapon and the US ARMY dropped the bio attack into WHAUN PROVINCE. Just the tip and early START of WORLD WAR III PHASE III PLAN in execution Putin is winning. Still.

PHASE IV WAR PLAN APRIL 2020: Massive HACKING world wide – stealing trillions from banks – financial institutions – bit coins – payment transfer – identity theft – mortgage theft – IP theft of AI to military secret designs – CDC HACKED – WHO HACKED – and all nation state and agency and parties under DAY TO DAY ELEVATED STATE HACKING THREAT from the war planners. Winning. Destabilize currency economic commodity and asset class trade good settlements second by second creating liquidity gaps in core back bone markets by state war hacking.

PHASE V: Fall 2020 – Deploy EMP Weapons – massively run out of banking – create PANIC RUNS ON BANKS close the banks 1929 style leveraging weakness against RAW PANICS state manipulation can ignite and keep well fueled for the bon fire 2020. Pre election create maximum voter hatreds – manipulations – crash banks and 1929 financial institutions through state runs effecting liquidity – massively elevate bankruptcy and debt defaulting among your partners all at once – take the entire system down by firing all your digital war weapons all at once September to November world wide – terminate the Post World System into a game of blame the voters are whipped into super focus of hatred into. Divide and conquer. Putin wins.




Oil is your canary in your own mind shaft.

Think Differently if your mind software all loaded by others will allow you to think different.

Read up on the war on this blog site – scroll and you will all see – or read THE KILING OF UNCLE SAM  whose title should really be THE PUTIN WARS & under the ART – THE SECRET WORLD WAR III RUSSIA IS WINNING.

That would be a global best seller.

The authors are award wining journalist from my town in Tampa Florida.

The authors invested years to document every report data item with proofs.

Putin’s war plan assumes that developing a one EARTH FEDERATION for planetary governance into socialism requires weakening the USA the EU an Nato in that order. Putin is doing all that and more in a war plan Putin will win unless the West DOES SOMETHING. I believe we will.

Your waking up to the truth of WORLD WAR III is essential.

If you all deny there is a WORLD WAR III Putin wins.

As the majority do not believe this is the execution of a twenty year plan, war tested in 2007, now in 2020 election year in full WORLD WAR III execution. The outcome of the WORLD WAR III IS:

  1. Russia and China are now equal and superior to the USA in policy making for the entire world.
  2. The now WEAKENED USA and EU come to the table with tail between their legs to PUTIN healings post war.
  3. Socialist candidate wins in 29 elections world wide seed SOCIALIST VICTORY for political futures of the world
  4. Slowly a new EARTH FEDERATION replaces the UN with headquarters in SAINT PETERSBURG RUSSIA
  5. The future of the world is now in Russia MAFIA  war planners who won the WORLD WAR III without ever firing a shot.

BELIEVE in that outcome if you believe nothing less. In war FAKE NEWS is what wins wars.

Putin leads at FAKE NEWS we lose.

The world is divided just as Putin wished it to be divided. The divisions are being heated up into election Fall season. Trust me you have not seen anything like the divisions to follow.

Putin is profiting from:

  1. Trade deals world wide replacing the USA
  2. Oil deals world wide replacing the USA as broker
  3. Gulf Politics with USA diminished as never before in local trust
  4. Africa dominations while America is no snooze hold in Africa today
  5. Divide EU and divide NATO and UN – all done to levels never seen before by Putini winning on all war agenda’s all at once

If we all knew the TRUTH this is WORLD WAR III we would unite and play differently. As long as we fail to believe this is a REAL WAR we play divided as per Putin’s bet we will stay there this time and lose the WORLD WAR III Putin crafted for one world governance with maximum AI all Russia’s not the wests.

Putin is circling his oil along the China SILK ROAD the largest infrastructure strategic war construction project since ROME itself. The silk road is opening markets for XI and PUTIN crashing markets to the EU and America – economic wars.

Putin chose 2020 to fire all tactical asymmetrical war weapons all at once – as outlined in THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM global best seller on the WORLD WAR III WAR PLAN. Read that to know what we know today.

Or stay ignorant and Putin wins in denial and delusion of voter bases.

Search this blog site for sequence and over veiw data on the PUTIN WAR PLAN published here all year.

DO YOU BELIEVE IN LOVE ( the Cher song ) as we need a little of those lyrics today in the WORLD WAR III moment unfolding in April.

Putin has a world war III plan in execution.

Those being attacked have no plan and are reacting which never works.

IN the end – the news looking ahead is economically for a DOW at 6400 as a war victory for PUTIN – is bleak for the markets. The BEAR MARKET does not come to a close until ALL HOPE IS ABANDONED UTTERLY AND NO HOPE REMAINS. We are not there yet are we.






My advice to my tribe – super money pool leadership and management is:

  1. Bet this is WORLD WAR III and plan accordingly – read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM.
  2. Revise redemption plans and rights now into 2022 end of year suspending redemptions to your super money pool
  3. Revise your PANDEMIC ADVANTAGE STRATEGY for high return high profit to assure NEW FLOWS IN are secure
  4. Revise investing criteria it INTO PANDEMIC benefited sweet spots in WORLD WAR III and avoid the risk rest of the slate
  5. Monitor new policy executions with a PANDEMIC SUPER CONDUCTOR team that slashes through red tape

To insurance agency institutions and life insurance institutions ( I coach a growing CEO LIST on our leadership in the following pandemic prosperity planning:

  1. Health insurance actuary tables are shattered by Snake Flu Coronavirus. New actuary tables need to be drawn up yesterday. Or claims from SNAKE PLU in Global Pandemic will explode profits on FAKE NEWS ACTUARY tables.  All existing policies require a rider new actuary tables assure reserves do not evaporate from bogus health care math modeling pre Pandemic. Health care profits are at HIGH RISK for investors in sector and for management in sector. Yesterday is already too late to upgrade actuary into worst case outcomes for PANDEMIC upon reserve tables. Today HEALTH CARE REMAINS AT RISK OF FAILURE AS AN INDUSTRY FROM PANDEMIC – a never seen before super stress upon the health care global industry. Super Money pools investing into the industry need to assure the CEO’s cease taking advice from pre pandemic idiot advisors.
  2. Life Insurance – same drill. Your claims from actuary tables PRE SNAKE FLU are horrifically flawed models with enormous risk to your reserves and profits. Life claims from PANDEMIC DEATHS ( say in America a million new claims by 2021 violate actuary present outcome projections. Insurance companies are at HIGH RISK of reserve liquidity evaporation. Professor Craig Hampton and myself consult to leading institutions on the fix. The fix include HOW INSURANCE IS SOLD IN THE NEW PANDEMIC MARKET SPACE. Second all policies will no longer pay out if death is from SNAKE FLU without a rider new actuary tables define payment for. To secure coverage from 100% of your customers you now need a PANDEMIC RIDER to protect a death claim from SNAKE FLU coronavirus as protection to profits and reserves. No other first priority exists in time.

Super Money pools investing in these insurance sectors should GIVE YOUR OWN HEAD A SHAKE. Why? First your models are hostage to PANDEMIC CLAIMS OUTSIDE ACTUARY YOU INVESTED INTO WHICH ARE NOW FLAWED BY SNAKE FLU OUTCOMES TO DEATH OR HEALTH claims. At board levels your investment influence these models are PRIORITY JOB # 1 you can not hire from Accenture Booze Alan or McKinsey, as Craig Hampton and myself having created billions in premiums in the effected industries with four decades of advising CEO’s of major insurance institutions. Our advice to the leaders at the top is prophetic and each CEO says ” I Pay millions for institutional strategic advice and no one has presented the problem and the solution that you two have created which in a short term saves our ENTIER COMPANY and is easily and quickly installed as profit enhancers. We profit from Pandemic helping people more? Yes we reply. You will now.

Super Money pools need to themselves resolve stress loading into the following double whammy as we say in America to our off shore clients as we serve 200 nations today:

  1. Redemptions – RUNS out of your super money pool at levels no one could predict as late as February 2020. Super Money pools are advised to preserve liquidity. Board enact a legal ACT OF GOD force majeure suspension of liquidation claims from investors to the corporation until July 1st 2022. Stop liquidity gaps in your core pool and protect the pool  long term stability first.
  2. Pandemic Prosperity Planning ( new plans ): Cut over head cost and fixed cost to the bone. Develop a PANDEMIC NEW INVESTOR MONEY INFUSION MARKETING PLAN to assure new money flows in while redemptions stop entirely. Assure with NEW PANDEMIC PLANS the core pool expands during this time of super stress versus contracts if you DO NOTHING. Next narrow your deal flow. Pick a narrow PROFILE CRITERIA for your most profitable sweet spot – release the profile to deal qualifications and cease any UNQUALIFIED DEAL REVIEW TIMES. Narrow the funnel to the most profitable deal flows during the Pandemic stress loading 2020 – 2021.
  3. Plan Pandemic gets much worse on economic optics before any improvement. Plan for the WORST FIRST and benefit from anything LESS as best. BEST. Prepare in April into May your institutional pandemic prosperity game plan and throw your own plan away.
  4. Plan recovery will take decades. Plan consumer spending will not bounce back. Plan that we may NEVER RETURN to the world we knew in January. Plan that the PANDEMIC IS A PERMANENT MARKET CHANGE – A SUPER CHANGE EVENT. Buy and have your leadership read my smash global five star 2020 best selling book title SUPER CHANGE the most popular management reader of 2020. Buy your copies for your team from AMAZON at least book on audio for them all and yourself. Drive around or do email LISTENING to the book and readers need a library copy as this is WHAT TO DO not a scan delete read like fiction. Super Change leaders embrace versus resist Super Change. We create leadership upgrading.
  5. Plan with new CUE to Clients ( read CEOSpace Faculty Cheri Tree best seller WHY THEY BUY ). As the Pandemic customer mind set has changed forehead to toe nails your peeps need to market to WHY THEY BUY INSIDE PANDEMIC which features what? Done right for insurance and for super money pools being mentored here – Pandemic features new sales messaging Professor Craig Hampton ( father of the HAMPTON FREEZE which sold trillions in premium an unmatched record to our own billions in premiums ) where together we envision PANDEMIC IS YOUR GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY MOMENT. Properly UPGRADED your 2020 PANDEMIC MARKETING MESSAGE produces less repetition to get .buy in from your client and less time. Far less of both elevating bottom lines if applied instantly. Explore THAT with your advisers today.


Time is now more precious than Diamonds.

As an investment banker economist having run global, large, publicly traded, investment banking institutions mentoring and associating with Professor Hampton from the late 1960s to today – I remind leader readers in this space – that – ECONOMICS IS UNFORGIVING FOR MANAGEMENT ERROR. No mercy for mistakes.

PANDEMIC requires the following to win:

  1. Leadership upgrading starting with YOU ( I’d scroll and read about CEO SPACE on this site as a # 1 press ranked option )
  2. New Pandemic Prosperity planning
  3. Upgrading pandemic markting messaging
  4. Control and protection of liquid reserves from IP suggested here on actuary tables ( Duh ) and policies as the way up again
  5. Retraining of staff and marketing into the NEW PANDEMIC VISION PLAN to explode growth because you CAN

Maximizing profits in PANDEMIC is NEW it is never HARD.

Fresh creative thinking is required to step in front of SUPER CHANGE PANDEMIC versus being a VICTIM of Pandemic if you fail to step in front of the 2020 SUPER CHANGE.

Think Differently is all I suggest to my leader readers.

I encourage you all to register into a virtual leadership summit hosted by CEOSPace later in this month Tuesday to Friday which will be LIFE INSURANCE For your ANNUAL VENTURE REPORT AND PROFITS. Click https://ceospaceinternational.com/forum420/ to explore your participation and I suggest YOU JUST DO IT.




Treasury says business check relief starts Friday Morgan says its a mess and not ready at all. Who do you believe?

Relief checks to individuals ( right again as we reported here first ) is a complete mess and all that will be indefinitely late with no window the agencies can do what is set forth by congress – it will take months to execute supervision to administrate 2.5 times the military budget of the USA all with no staff or agency budget – to manage distribute and be accountable to all two trillion dollars ? Are you expecting instant executions? Not one dollar was included to hire staff to do the work of administrating a 2.5 times the entire military budget of the USA with NO NEW STAFF ANYWHERE. Congress is a worse mess than our agencies they under fund and over work. See that problem yet? Another crises in the fix to the major crises? It is not well thought out – it is way too little and it is already way to late and getting later than folks can pay rent upon – now. YESTERDAY IS ALREADY TOO LATE and in Pandemic leaders are failing. Truth versus all the lies. LEADERSHIP HAS FAILED AND IS FAILING AND what today?

Over 1,000,000 are infected not by the weekend as we reported by while we reported we ALREADY PASSED 1,000,000 and we pass by the time you go to bed more than 50,000 dead from the PANDEMIC in a total of 8 weeks only. Who reports the entire world is showing EXPONENTIAL COMMUNITY SPREADING OF THE WORST CONTAGION EVER PRESENTED TO HUMANITY with no end in site. Today we are told prepare this is going to take a very long time. Dispel this is a short term flip event that economics returns to some old normal immediately upon ending all this.

The Crises Inconvenient Truths from our daily reporting on PANDEMIC on the PANDEMIC WORLD SUPER SITE – the most accurate on line today – read and score us – as the world press reading this site has done – to appreciate the truth:

  1. No one knows nor can they predict the end of Pandemic. Experts state it will be with in 2022.
  2. No one knows how bad the economic implosion will be as time passes. The event is a 1929 depression event.
  3. No one knows if system core liquidity evaporating completely will fail the system like 1929 but risk is SUPER HIGH it may.
  4. Experts are reporting today to expect a very slow recovery which will consume years to return to anything like January 2020.
  5. Experts are now confirming our reporting the ECONOMIC SHIFT is both CORE AND UNIVERSAL and forever is shifting consumer buying patterns.

We report unlike 2007 following the GREAT RECESSION where recovery was spotty and uneven to industry and sectors many not recovering after a decade – the entire world community of business and individuals entered the PANDEMIC economic turn around on a DIME – a complete U TURN – with no reserves and no savings. The lowest reserves and savings exist while billions now have zero income or hope of any income anytime soon. Tens of millions will be out of work. There will not be new jobs for many EVER again in their entire lifetime. That is a new thought for many of you in denial or delusion. If you think this is a QUICK SHORT TERM EVENT AND WE ALL JUST RETURN TO THE EMERALD CITY OF OZ – I suggest consumer buying is derailed and will not remount on the tracks for a decade to come if that.

The GREAT DEPRESSION took one WORLD WAR and 12 years to get out of and that was 1929. The Pandemic 2020 event is potentially far worse than 1929. Why is too complex to go into here and would consume 100’s of pages. A short hand summary includes the why items as: a) The global nature of the system and AI today b) the debt loading of the world today c) the speed with AI that liquidity can evaporate – all far greater than economics of 1929 which served REBALANCING TO ABUSE OF THE SYSTEM in speculations side betting and leverage all far worse in all comparables than 1929 in 2020. FAR WORSE today.

Pandemic is the promise of the system unable to function with the liquidity gaps showing up before untold industries fail, record bankruptcy and debt defaulting all yet to occur – super stress a system already jerking from super stress of the past eight weeks only. The world economy has contracted SNAKE FLU. The lungs of the economy are double pneumonia scared and lack oxygen ( liquidity ) to keep the breadth ( economics ) of the global system going. As LEADERSHIP remains so far behind the unfolding events the desired outcome from FAILING LEADERSHIP is not the outcome deluded leaders in denial are in fact witnessing as outcomes.

Leadership failing to see the systemic risk and to plan to avoid it all, remains impossible in a every nation for itself competition versus integrity based cooperation. The lack of coordination and collaboration is now fatal to economic system survival. Plan around that as you model liquidity outside banking which may well fail and into Ai pools that survive any outcome.

We submit it is now possible in 2020 for the POST WORLD WAR II economic system rules, to as a 70 year old aging system, die and fail to function wherein a new system a better system will be born. The suffering in between is like PEACE – Peace is the period between wars……hopefully in a new better system we can forever remove systemic failure and war from our own matrix. Going extinct seems enough of a threat now we have PANDEMIC made possible from HUMAN ERROR DEC to February.

We are very sad to see the UNITED STATES NAVY released command for the aircraft carrier command CAPTAIN that begged for emergency help for 100 sailors diagnosed on his 5000 floating city – now in GUAM off loading a city into quarantine and punishing a CAPTAIN IN THE US NAVY AS HERO PROTECTING HIS MEN WHEN NO ONE WOULD HELP THEM NO ONE as so many got sick and ill. Are we like CHINA where those begging for help because none showed up on prior requests is FIRED because his private up chain of command LEAKED to reuters press and the world.  Write the WHITE HOUSE everywhere world wide to PRESENT A MEDAL to the captain of the air craft carrier. Do that and we all win no? ACT. Do what YOU CAN DO. Its only a letter – do not look back and YOU DID NOTHING AT ALL. We all must help each other in these times. That is the solution. Agree to that.