Berny Dohrmann


Berny Dohrmann lives by the golden rule that cooperation is the future, and competition is an outdated  model of human organizational principles. 

He believes that nothing truly wonderful occurs until an inspired leader makes a decision, and Berny lives his life to foster such inspired leadership to their point of legacy decision making.


Through the values of partnership and cooperation, Berny Dohrmann has spent his lifetime working to foster a new generation of enlightened business leaders around
the world.

He uses his knowledge, wisdom, and experience  to upgrade professionals to educated, skilled leaders with higher global integrity standards.


A master storyteller, Berny Dohrmann has graced many audiences from dignitaries to Fortune leaders and small business owners on the topics of economics, finance, personal development, business leadership, and more. 

Berny speaks for mid-level, large, and Fortune size spaces contributing to the elevated performance of these companies. 

In The Press

Berny is passionate about world change through economics, personal development, and global cooperation.  He brings a fresh perspective to all audiences through talks, blogs, podcasts, interviews, and news articles.