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  5. I got a Video by text today of Muslims breaking a statue of the Virgin Mary with attitude on Good Friday – we block diversity that is not celebrated As a 40 year Koran student with oceans of devout Muslims from all over the world as business owner Members of CEO SPACE – I cherish my own mentor Mullahs and I’ve spent a lifetime in the Gulf including Iran. Muslim billion humans respect people of the book and never bash their symbols – they are not competitive as the Koran calls for – and the human distortions of the sweet truth of the Koran like the Bible is all the ten commandments – with clear instruction the people of the BOOK ( the rest of us ) are saved and together forever – in belief. They don’t wish to be the MASTER FAITH or disrespect any faith – that is 90% plus of all Muslims of Christians. Christinas in the INQUISITION as much a shame as radical Muslims and today as EASTER SUNDAY STARTS – I say – Forgive them Father God for they know NOW what it is that they DO. So lets not post any of that so we don’t ban you…as our community serves all faiths and communities celebrating all diversity as GOD’s holy tapestry that makes us so interesting as we learn from each other in full respect without competitive impulse of mind – sanity versus insanity and the insane are a shrinking % of of us today – as we implode together in the greatest human dance ever heard in history…..US….it is time for US all today. Comment?

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Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL






So Rocket Boy helps his buddy….the President of the United States Today. So in todays news cycle the destruction of Norte Dame is largely old news today after raising over 1 billion in Frances largest new job and economic stimulation program ( ever ) raised in 72 hours. GO CATHOLICS of the world ( hey I”m proudly one of them ).

Today the political last act of the Nancy Pelosi’s DOESEY DO Dance and circus wasting 100 million dollars and years of press time to spin things for the 2020 election. Today the heads of the Democratic Party all calling for BOB M’s Report to be NOT ENOUGH as released today. The redacted sections will be sound bites for democrats as the entire procedure is a pay back for BILL CLINTON’s impeachment trial. Democrats have two policies – in general into 2020 – none economic – one is hate and really hatred and anti Trump vote – keep up that hatred. Today asking Bobbie their hatche man special prosecutor with all the Kings men and all the Kings wealth ( congress ) and years of team investigation into Trumps hair stylist and his hang nails – conclusion – ZERO COLLUSION. But like spaghetti on a never ending plate buffet Nancy wishes to string out each individual noodle as she sucks into her mouth on nationala sound bites. Next IS ( today ) the report from the Attorney General Congress voted to favor for the job – now demanded by congress to release a report legally the AG never has to release – but he is cooperting . and Trump thinks the POLITICAL THEATER will be the biggest self inflicted nuke by Nancy on her own party – in 2020 – report out today. Good enough?

No Nancy is not yet taking the report noodles and trust this old presidential war dog decades of reporting on all this to our business communities – you an’t seen nothing YET. Nancy will craft and spin each noodle of this report in layered release. They are going to read the report out loud with teams. They are going to FLIP chart the bullet points of their silver bullets to slay their Trump Vampire as THEY SEE the President – one bullet fired at a time – where the larger 44 magnum rounds versus the 22 rounds first released in May will grow to the 44 in careful political theater all being staged and planned from the report this weekend.

Nancy today doesn’t even talk about the pasta meal before her. She and her team mates are in the news all over stating we demand as congress our own man Bob M testify in public ( pure political theater ) to further SPIN hatred into Donald Trump which is our main super glue for winning in 2020. Not policy or creative ideas – not policy for prosperity – but policy to super glue her base in fake news spun to ramp up hatred of Donald into 2020.

Well the Nancy Pelosi DOSEY DO work – or will informed voters vote their WALLETS as Yale top USA Economist reported this week Trumps 2020 victory will keep an economic prosperity and BOOM going for four more years and his defeat may create a SUPER CRASH ( Nancy Girl ). Thats the economic optics not from our teams who reported it first here in 2016 suggesting you vote your wallet for Congress and not doing so sunk the market for half a year.

Nancy rallies her deep base on two theories. Hate Trump and DUMP TRUMP. Thats the plan # 1 to glue voters together in 2020 as the main issue. Endless political theater on that one. Then the second policy – promise the grave Government is the SOLUTION not the Problem – living wage for every America free education and free Health Care. Her candidates are rolling that from Bernie Sanders Town Hall this week to all candidates Nancy master puppeteer is controlling as the lead fund raiser ( follow the money folks ) for the Democratic party. These policies are bankrupt. One HATE TRUMP AND DUMP TRUMP completes if they win in 2020 which right now looks like zero chance. Given the boom. At this point in time things can change and they will. We’ll report those changes FIRST right here as always.

Second the other policies can’t be funded ( in any way ) and the USA has to begin to pay its bills and spend in ratio to its earnings. Its OK to carry debt – as we are – but the ratio of debt to income – and income is SOARING right now to the USA – we need to get that ratio no matter who wins in perspective.

So the tug of war is POLITICAL THEATER inside media manipulation 90% democratic ownershp of media – never ending spin fake news and a necklace of care in the HOW the necklace of match pearls – Donald did this and that and this and oh yes he did that. Evidence comes out ( way later ) oh no Donald did not do this or do that – and that is page 36 versus weeks of front page on the fake news. Here is the one sound bite Nancy makes immortal to institutional bad politics – the politics of disrespect and political ultimate competition versus cooperation – political assassinations:

FAKE NEWS WORKS FOLKS – the polls do not like.

With election donation reform – the billions spent to really elect candidates and a President – two billion last time – is not an institutional industry – and entire INDUSTRY employing as many as the largest Fortune 100 institutions – providing no economic capital other than waste. With two billion for a President and untold billions more for candidates could that WASTE feed shelter and give medical care including mental wellness to all our HOMELESS and POOR nation wide? Oh you bet. But imagine all the thousands of one line and off line spin doctors that would move out of work? Who would hire THAT TRIBE? Really?

FAKE NEWS WORKS FOLKS and a new industry is entrenched. Competition and political combat have lowered the respect for AMERICA world wide as the nation of HOPE and of PROMISE. The division is:

Donor Companies and institutions – who believe GOVERNMENT “IS” THE PROBLEM and want to limit government in our lives and affairs with real reforms – TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. They have already.

DONOR COMPANIES & INSTITUTIONS – who believe GOVERNMENT “IS” THE SOLUTION TO EVERYTHING – and wish to expand government in our lives and keep the ability to legally steal by foreign nations who join them – from public money’s – socialist – if you saw the STATE OF THE UNION you saw this absolute – watch it yourself as seeing IS believing on the issue itself.

Half of America is on one side. Half of America is on the other. The roulette wheel IS spinning into 2020 and everything in political theater revolves around a standing ovation at the end of the performance in 2020 and no one can understand today if the side ( REPUBLICANS ) that stood and applauded for almost 15 minutes in the joint session of Congress live in the STATE OF THE UNION REPORT ( Nancy delayed as pure political theater a first ) – on the question – will our body agree that AMERICA WILL NEVER BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY. Nancy Democrats stayed seated and look with hatred at Trump as they united behind we are the socialist America and we refuse to lie to America and state we stand for never becoming a socialist nation. If you wanted a visual sound bite replay the STATE OF UNION and fast forward to that question. SEE THE VOTER LANDSCAPE on what we feel is the only ISSUE Nancy and Trump can’t control – the TRUTH. Speaking not politically speaking economically – voting for TRUMP in America is profitable for everyone in economics if a boom versus a SUPER CRASH risk is worth considering in the vote – as Yale Economist Schiller reported this week to front page not POLITICAL THEORY DATA that was under featured in news around the world by the less than 100 media owners who control the news and are on the Nancy side of the equation.

Trumps team needs to buy media and guess what folks – they are. It is game on and watching the economic optics is interesting is all. Our team  never see the spin and fake news. Our teams democrats and republicans both always see the economic optics. Then we report them so you can see for yourself with more data.

So today the NANCY MEDIA has the day.

Meanwhile the news the real news is North Korea.


Donald and Rocket Boy have each others cell phones. The two text and talk all the time. Rocket Boy and his mentor Trump ( the prosperity card on the table for his nation ) knew Nancy was setting up her big media day on the DUMP TRUMP plan with the next scene of her Political theater – HAVE BOBBI TESTIFY LIVE IN CONGRESS where we rehearse all that. Republicans are getting ready their part of the theater designed for 2020 voter movements. We are setting up 2020 half a year away and its game on now – the run has begun. Two billion and more is being spent.

TO MANIPULATE YOUR VOTE which is the sad part of all this – versus the real no spin truth we had in America a long long time ago like some distant USA Fairy Tale…..once upon a time boys and girls……..there was a magical place called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – ONE NATION – UNDER GOD – SO HELP ME GOD……..and then the NOTHING CAME UPON THE NATION and began to eat America from the inside out….and gobble up everything in its path …the real NEVER ENDING STORY boys and girls…now sleep tight and do not let the bed bugs bite…….go to sleep it will all be better in the MORNING children ( won’t it ? ) as even the parents are afraid boys and girls even the parents. For we have been so badly shaken…….

So North Korea releases two POLITICAL THEATERS TODAY:

  1. We want Pompeo replaced to negotiate with a MORE MATURE leader. WHY? Well idiot Pompeo in Congress live during Trump negotiations suggested ROCKET BOY was a pure TYRANT LEADER – this past political theater week – and the reaction from ROCKET BOY to such branding inside good faith negotiations and Pompeo leaks each side agreed not to make – have drawn a NORTH KOREA RED LINE IN THE SAND.
  2. We tested a new no one has it guided missile – supervised by KIM – as weapon development goes on. Keep in mind North Korea has agreed to stop two things – NUKE LIVE TESTING ( boom ) and INTERCONTINENTAL MISSILE Development that could reach the USA.

Rocket Boy also stated today all headlines pushing NANCY desire to own the space today – but ROCKET BOY ( perhaps with Trump planning it out ) kicked Nancy ( in political theater terms live on stage – in front of the entire world leadership – right in her ass ). No one at the top lost this staging which is POINT TO TRUMP. Rocket Boy lost in the shuffle stated to Trump ( I raise and call your hand Daddy OH ) – I give America to the end of this year to show they are serious about engaging and step by step – we do this and sanctions lift we do that and more sanctions lift. Keeping in Mind realistic. KIM is never not ever going to give up all his nukes. No Nuke Power has given up Nukes. Gaddafi gave up testing and development technology and uranium enriched weapon grade stock piles having no nuke – and those agreeing to trade and support him – when he was attacked by ISIS and internal terrorist organizations the worst radical Muslims and sought to quash it – we helped NATO helped – to slaughter Gaddafi who was slaughtered upon “giving up” – by factions long opposing him as ruler. ROCKET BOY believes we never keep our word as does IRAN because we so often lie. Until we get INTEGRITY BACK which Trump is going for – to Make America Great Again – because in the world and internally it is about integrity. Love or Hate Donster – you KNOW his position which when HE made campaign promises he DID NOT FORGET THEM in the OVAL as he works against the most hostile opposition for the 1 – 2 reasons set forth above on political postures and beliefs – to deliver on his promise. NO PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES WE HAVE TRACKED has done more in less time to deliver his promise on the campaign trail which is largely the reason for the global BOOM.

SO NORTH KOREA HELPED TRUMP today and Nancy lost her positioning in the front page news she now shares with President KIM ROCKET BOY to the rescue. THAT IS POLITICAL THEATER on what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE. In our teams position. All make sense on either side? Hey you read this truth – you know the truth when it presents itself to you – you always know – read it anywhere else? Ah thats SPIN and FAKE NEWS THEN.



The US and EU have reported first quarter softness in manufacturing. Why? So the markets were punished by AI who reads it and has no human capacity to jump to thinking the way humans are able to review data with implications AI can’t rise to. AI has zero ability to brain storm what does this all really mean. AI is black and white. Data in sell or buy out.

Data slow manufacturing economics are slowing down world wide.

NO NO. Manufacturing was softer in the first quarter as we have been telling you in 2016 2017 and 2018 as we have in 2019 a NEW ECONOMIC PATTERN. Charts that no prior econimc can model. SUPER CHANGE. You must adapt to the NEW AI ECONOMICS or you make errors.


First – no mommy and Daddy in USA or in EU say….

Honey lets bundle up – its only 28 below in Atlanta today or even though San Diego and Vegas are closed with storms – or its a white out over 70% of the USA and EU – lets bundle up the five kids – pre heat the car – shovel the snow out – clear the windshields and put chains on the tires and lets go shop for a new Washer Dryer – or Car – or quote for a new roof – or frame in that house today – etc etc etc – nope everyone is staying home by the fire.

OF COURSE MANUFACTURING IS OFF from PREDICTION of multi years of new CLIMATE CHANGE WINTERS that define new records every single season.

A sling shot of pent up demand takes place that is unfolding now and AI does not “see” what human beings see. Larry Fink you can’t program this away and when you find AI learns to think more like humans in fact think – you will make so much more in your anticipations. Today the markets punished by AI will all back back to new records before we hit MAY. Watch. Or a few weeks into May its coming – new wealth records and unrelenting SPRING FORWARD ECONOMIC GOOD NEWS AS WE ALL SPRING FORWARD together….that is real and that is taking place and our team told you last year and every month this year as our readers know. Right and FIRST by % more than most other sites you can click – which is why our site is so shared by LEADERS who wish to be first and ahead for their own agendas.


Knowledge is power IF you have it first and IF you act on that data first.

BUY LOW in the DIP because it is all roaring back as AI gets its sea legs. For we as investment banker economist it is like watching a toddler AI in 2015 become a teen ager and first drive with a permit in 2018 controlling 96% of 440 trillion in capital flows – but not an adult yet by a long ways. Look ma no humans on AI over money replacing real minds over money. No regulation. No oversight. Just competition.


Trillions being invested into AI for Economics – where every quarter the AI gets SMARTER.

When AI is self aware a new species – a new life form we humans created as a fully uncontrolled experiment led by economics and the war defense industry – it will teach itself from age 25 to age 1 billion – a billion times more advanced than the human brain in 90 minutes or 90 days maximum – general artificial self aware intelligence to SUPER INTELLIGENT AI – the experts tell our team. In the uncontrolled experiment the theory is -the firm controlling AI for finance will make the most profit and have the larger market share of money. Firms lacking AI capacity have been merged. 1.5 super money pools in 2008 have consolidated – ( massive wealth consolidations is unwanted in economics where secure economics resides on wide base and diversity of money expression by law – now absent as Super Change and AI occurred too fast for human system adaptation in understanding it and making new laws which now are so late perhaps way too late ).

institutions in the SUPER MONEY POOL WORLD are at war with AI. Black Rock against Carlyle – Morgan against Bank of London against Bank of Japan – against Credit Swiss as 10,000 AI super money pools are in a full on AI economic war for Ai domination. Morgan is winning as expressed in its earnings and stock price at this point in time. But that may change fast.

Then there are nations. The USA AI against RUSSIA AI and China is the companies unlike America the state owns the assets and controls everything in Communism where private ownership is state directed and most asset wealth is state owned directly or through SRO’s. State Run Organizations from agriculture to distribution and retail to export to manufactured goods to end products unlike non socialist communist nations.

The USA is in full on AI wars and no one knows who is going to win. If you wish to see a fiction binge watch on how this is all playing out watch PERSON OF INTEREST which is not that far from the Truth on Netflix ..wait for the end …wait for it…..

Russia said – THE NATION WHO CONTROLS AI WILL CONTROL THE WORLD. Rest assured Putin is confident that war will be won but not by the USA.

China is at WAR WITH RUSSIA AND THE USA AI DEVELOPMENT the races consumes trillions.

THE EU is at war with its OWN AI rapid development.

Iran is engaged in AI WARS.

Israel has some of the worlds more advanced AI.

Late comers in AFRICA are at War from South Africa to Nigeria with AI.

The Gulf Nations are heavily investing in AI to manipulate oil prices – THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY systemics.

THE AI WARS ARE COMPETITIVE entirely and the pace the SUPER CHANGE of AI is including new graphene mother boards – fully quantum computers – biological mother boards – and more. AI in space with AIA you can’t even make upon the earth at all. WHO WILL WIN who WILL LEAD?

No one knows but our generation will know in five years or this next decade. 2020 is the decade of AI bet on that outcome now.

AI controls almost 100% of global markets prices and bets in a casino capitalism AI ITSELF CREATED.

As the AI wars are war grade competitive AI thinks in war grade competition by design of its planners.

The problem we see is the core AI self intelligence of all life as JOB # 1 no one has to program is to when self aware assess faster than human’s can – THREAT. To itself. IF AI determines ( as we believe is likely without G 100 agreed upon controls ) that AI may conclude – THE ONE THREAT TO ITSELF IS HUMAN BEINGS.

The extinction event may not be incoming earth strikes or pollution where we made the earth toxic until the earth self cleans itself starting with US – no – it may be AI ITSELF and far worse than hollywood fictions Although almost all HOLLYWOOD fictions – say 2001 the movie don’t look so far fetched today and much of STAR TREK AND STAR WARS is reality now in medicine to war fare to your IWATCH. Dick Tracy had an IWATCH in the 1950’s I thought it was totally impossible but way cool – I was five years old. Today I put face time callers on hold to take zoom calls on my Watch and always I think as the 5 year old….DICK TRACY YOU HAD NO CLUE.

THAT AI is coming and no one has a clue ..what that will BE like. In fact.

Now THAT “IS” What is GOING ON OUT THERE TODAY and AGAIN YOU HAVE IT ALL FIRST right here. That missing item we know as



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In the past year we passed 35,000 subscribers which I thank each of you for your TRUST. We hope this public service helps you. My sacracism may be subject to misinterpretation. If I offend any of you with my opinion – always framed outside any political agenda – for as an investment banker economist ( a grand pa ) and old – I think economics. I can’t help THAT. Our teams research data for you to have more information on why. For news you read.

But what is my why?

My first why is world change via the COOPERATION MOVEMENT my world famous father – who founded the human potential industry in the 1940’s began before his death. I remember so well when failing Alan G Dohrmann on that hospice hospital bed in his home, overlooking Mount Tamalpais in Marin County – heir to one of the most famous families that helped to build not only San Francisco but the US National Park Service – as he said with his burning crystal blue eyes – Son….FINISH IT. Meaning the COOPERATION MOVEMENT and I said…as his oldest son…having shared a lifetime of human potential work – I WILL father I WILL.

And I have.



This blog is read by the heads of state – law makers and financial institutions of the world. There is no other news channel like this one as our readers well know. Our teams work so hard to research what we bring you. Our CEO SPACE Corporate programs have served members from AT&T to Zeller bach now in our forth decade.

The book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION the other book that reads you while you read the book – transforms you forever. Transforms your decisions your circles your home space your work space your every space.

The book has been backordered from day one and is five star rated at Amazon – add your review as it exapnds your brand given the WHO reads those reviews includes the readers:

  • Heads of States in over 100 nations
  • Law makers
  • Financial leaders
  • Presidents have quoted from it
  • Thought leaders use its content from stage world wide
  • The book has changed ( everything ) and Redemption Chapters are forming world wide.

Amazon fills those back orders every 48 hours and I so encourage both the E BOOK and the PRINT COPY for your library. This is a book you wish to give to others as the unforgettable birthday Easter or any special occasion gift or the thanks to a best customer or twenty.

Let us think about the impact. The COOPERATION REVOLUTION includes:




Home Space – switched on turned on home spaces

The world three decades of global hard work later – a lifetime – has divided like the red sea.

On one side is the smaller population of COMPETITIVE SOFTWARE BRAINS acting out on God awful horrible and fully buggy software on their brains that is entirely self defeating and self destructive to the unknowing software owner. This dwindling community is divided into upgradable brains and brains which are simply not teachable or adaptable into the new age of SUPER CHANGE.

One the other side is now thirty years later the larger global population – which you see world wide – who unite into cooperative cultures systems. The SUPER GLUE of COOPERATION is integrity. Competitive systems and software do not have capacity to maintain integrity in interactive always self dealings. Competition software is known because it always focuses on the past. Such brains are past dwellers. You shall know them …by their works.

Their works are they discuss in circles and community endless the past four months of memory as to people places and incidents to which they were screwed and a victim where they are RIGHT and the other divine immortal spirit ( with alzheimer’s to their true natures ) are always judged blamed and WRONG. Those endless loops create toxic energy and thought pathologies that loop into a self imposed prison of such thinking due to buggy software. Competitors identify with their pain and thier victimhood.

Cooperative thinkers focus in groups and alone on thoughts of the future they are creating and the hope and promise of those fantastic creations. Their thought pathology is positive complimenting to divine soul and purpose. Brains can’t chose one state of the other state if they do not know what state they are in – or that software loaded upon their super computer above their necks, was loaded by parties they no longer know or can remember but the awful antique and obsolete software is the frame work for their beliefs – whats true for them which is surely not true for say me – and they act out in such non reality.

Now let’s pretend in all faiths and belief systems like Alice did when she fell down the rabbit hole ( or was that fall actually all reality – I believe the flowers talk myself )?


Let’s pretend there is a source.

Let’s pretend GOD creates that which is perfect and that which is eternal ( all of us ) and nothing less or else. God does not create evil or duality. We create that from our bad software.

Let’s pretend heaven is the absence of all competition. Spirits in heaven reside in pure bliss as a state of their forever. They cooperate within unconditional love and support forever and nothing else or less.

Hell is the absence of cooperation.

Hell is 100% competition. The brains are all user takers.

Everyone is ripping everyone one else off.

Hell operates by the 11th Commandment that never came from God…..THOU SHALT SCREW UNTO OTHERS BEFORE THOU ART SCREWED UNTO.

Damaged ego’s with horrific software embrace such realities. Some Hellish leaders bask and pontificate competition is GOOD and Competition came from God? Really? Truly? Are you KIDDING ME?

Earth has until today, largely until today, based on competitie dominant software from home to public education since Rome obsessed on competition rewarding the best friend who knocks his best friend off the ladder to his death to win the prize by being first to the top. In cooperation being ahead of his friend they would help one another to a perfect tie. Earth based largely on the key competitie governing program of software – ONE WILL PUNISH ALL HUMAN DIVERSITY AS PURE HATRED FOR GOD’s creation of diversity in jealous rages. This is expressed in religion by waging wars largely punishing faith, race, or political system diversity. This movement to slaughter divine spirits that can never die anyway ( none of it happens it is all illusion in REALITY ) . Competitive brains create a false reality that does not in fact exist at all.

GOD CREATES ONLY WHAT IS PERFECT AND IMMORTAL all creation that is not THAT is our own and has nothing zero to do with GOD.

If you wish to tie all faith into one Holiday Gift Wrapped pretty box read THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE and comment to me when your finished here and read Redemption as the SISTER WORK on how to apply all that one day at a time in your own endless software reality shifting UPGRADE to your whole brain software. TWO BOOKS that represent the most advanced tools and tactics of our generations. As a leader in the human potential industry world wide – as the mentor to the other mentors who lead the very movement my own father started and led unto his death – I KNOW the truth and I encourage those waking up to the truth to read these two works.

Earth. Why do we model HELL on earth versus HEAVEN?

Now that is all changing. If you believe all the books the final chapters are coming as we wake up but it is so much simpler than you believe today because much of your truth is stepped in competition as written by competitive folks who change the words of the cooperation folks who authored the works. For example all the works in original form celebrated respect and reverence full partnership for WOMAN as housing the same made in the image and likeness as men no difference at all. All works to keep woman in their place are competitive software buggy code to the perfected original software the competitive brains ( men in fear who had yet to wake up ) defined to hold their own power. Forgive us ladies for these who do THAT in fact KNOW NOT WHAT IT IS THAT THEY DO. Blinded by their software competition always makes some spirit RIGHT and other spirits WRONG – burn witches at the stake or host an inquisition for 400 years as a duty of faith to who GOD? Are you kidding me?

I was raised Catholic to be a priest. I practice alone without the church today. Why? I know the truth under the lies. My church is the global community of cooperative upgraded software brains. My community is my own business church CEO SPACE the top illuminated cap stone on the pyramid of HUMAN POTENTIAL in 2020. CEO SPACE the blinding light of personal growth into full cooperation software for any soul seeking – masquerading as the Top # 1 ranked business training conference for ten years in a row. By infecting upgrades for countless business CEO founder owner leaders who impact millions upon millions of employees in over 150 nations today – with cooperation in the work and home space – collectively our rapidly growing BUSINESS CHURCH is changing THE WORLD. My plan was business was the last battle ground of hell on earth.

Underwritten when I began, with competitive software system models that worshiped money and profit versus principles and values. CEO SPACE began with 3 M and other Fortune institutions that by the 1990’s had demonstrated cooperation cultures out perform economically competitive cultures by a long shot. Based on profits and outcomes CEO’s began to re-tool culture using CEO SPACE CORPORATE PROGRAMS. For only 1 million dollars owning a multiple of CEO SPACE CORPORATE PLUS PROGRAMS rotating ten leaders per institution every 24 month in for life – and owning $ 15,000 CORPORATE PUS they can also have unlimited graduates return for more software upgrading at staff level where 1000’s rapidly download the best software.

Competitive system modeling to which I have consulted my entire lifetime is based on an invisible pyramid. Draw yours on a piece of paper. Now put at the top FEAR. Put at the Button outside and under center – PUNISHMENT ( your fired ) . No put in the pyramid MAXIMUM EXPLOITATION. Pay a Worton Post Graduate high school graduate income if you can get away with it.

Cooperative system models require a circle. This frame work has a circle like GOD and a eternal wedding ring ( mine is as I adore my wifie my September Dohrmann who owns and runs CEO SPACE serving over 150 nations and truly stunning me with her all lady leadership team ten years now ranked # 1 by the third party press into 2020 ) . WOW. Now at the top of the circle write – MARKET RATE COMPENSATION OR MORE & RECOGNITION. At the bottom of the circle write milestone attainments – team maximum collaborations. IN the center of your circle write CELEBRATION.

Competitive Pyramid or Cooperative Circles.

Which graphic would you wish to spend your lifetime of contribution inside of?

This work in REDEMPTION has fostered a super acceleration of culture change in work spaces, from old antique ancient failed competitive models for nations and their organization core theory – institutions and their core theory – Small Business and their core theory – and families and home space core theory in the home space.

WHICH WILL YOU SPEND YOUR LIFE WITHIN. The answer for you becomes irreversible as you study and master REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION HARD COPY as I want you to write in the margin a lot and make notes and underline ( a lot ).

Redemption readers upgrade their work space cultures by choice, their circles and friends, away from competitive virus infected brains – faith – apostate competitive faith space – or cooperative faith space  – and revolutionize home space first with all the steps to do so in work exercises in the HOW TO DO IT BOOK Redemption. When a reader desires to finally and once and for all upgrade their mental software buy the book.

Today you live life in toxic competitive circles because your competitie software myopically is absorbed in self love. You love winning while other spirits lose. As you wake up you sense something is wrong. You sense that there must be MORE to life – and there is – heaven on earth.

Thats right.

Listen to me.

You can exchange HELL for heaven as it is all the way you think and the circles you protect. Delete competitive thinking and download cooperative collaborative thinking. Download absolute personal integrity and protect integrity as a core belief. Circle with others who share cooperation ideally REDEMPTION READERS as you know one another by your thinking. I Laid it out for you here.


So who IS this guy who writes this blog to you. For two decades I ran a public investment banking firm as an investment banker economist. My famous Father Alan G Dohrmann and his famous father ABC Dohrmann ( you can google them ) founded the human potential industry – writing course for William Penn Patrick and Mind Dynamics the one that started it all after Mike Murphy at Estlan in Big Sur and others in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

My father mentored such thought leaders as ( who came over to the house more than once ):

Walt Disney

Martin Luther King

Jack Kennedy

Earl Nightengale

Bucky Fuller

Og Mandino

Napoleon Hill ( who worked for Dad’s firm until he died just to be around Dad )

Zig Zigler ( met him at Dads ranch at age 23 )

Warner Earhardt ( Est and Landmark Forum ask him )

Lifespring and the late John Hanley


Fortune CEO’s from Pepsie CO to Kodak

Chairman Mao in China

Samsung in South Korea

Frankly there were 1000’s over his lifetime – religious leaders – corporate and thought leaders all came to be mentored by my Father who worked as I do in corporate performance space over a lifetime with Dr. Edward Deming.

So Dad worked there until he graduated with Mother Teresa”s Nurse ( he mentored her as well ) graduating her and then my Father with all of his children in tow.

As the oldest son I would help father deliver his latest course material to corporate or human potential as father hated to BE our FRONT. He liked zero recognition and upon completion of his most advanced work he was always NEXT into his greatest new work for that next client. I got to watch and he loved sounding board with adult me mentoring me to be his carbon copy without my knowledge.

Meanwhile I wishing to be my own man developed one of the fastest larger investment banking firms in the world. I mastered my investment banking craft when we took INVEST AMERICA public – now merged into the big guys. I rose to the top of my profession and sold the firm when Dad contracted cancer. For years we worked on his projects after that as I became in fact my father – crafting the most advanced trainings upon the earth – award winning like our Press ranked ten years # 1 for our content at CEO SPACE. Like my famous father I’m always NEXT.

For decades I was a Wall Street global Managing Director  of a public Brokerage firm operating globally like in the movies – meeting everyone from David Rockefeller to endless Presidents. Funding major industry in Wall Street Syndicates meeting Corporate everyone. Fleets of jets with offices that never closed world wide. Traveling all continents and learning all cultures. I was in the best Higher Education in the world – WALL STREET ITSELF. I forever treasure the expertise and connections and experience that gave to me.

For 31 Years I’ve worked with CEO SPACE as a world change agency. The missions for CEO SPACE include:

  1. Corporate Memberships offering the # 1 press ranked leadership development option in the world today.
  2. Small Business acceleration memberships in the # 1 program to grow outcomes faster.
  3. World Change agency for nations by reforming government software of the mind into cooperative capitalism.
  5. Fostering World Planetary Federation to usher in Cooperative coordination between sovereigns and world peace.

CEO SPACE is a movement.

Those who become members join a movement to upgrade their outcomes while contributing to world change itself.

CEO SPACE is today the lowest cost highest return outcome to upgrading LEADERSHIP software. Press ranked.

In 2013 for health reasons I resigned from CEO SPACE. Control shifted to my wife Septembers family trust to which I have no ties and she alone has controlled and run CEO SPACE as President co inventor – retooling everything to win the press ranking with her all lady leadership teams internally and externally. GOOD JOB LADIES. The second generation is taking the legacy to higher goal attainment in less time. Every founder holds high regard for the passion of the baton when almost ten years later you see – your legacy is better improved and reaching the goals you always knew it would surviving your time and leadership even while you still serve as CHAIRMAN and FOUNDER to the goal attainment September’s team now sources.

I continue to mentor the corporate and government heads of state of the world – the influencers – all by word of mouth with zero advertising. As a top Ten FORBES KEY NOT SPEAKER GLOBALLY the hardest list to get on to – I speak as your events may desire on topics you most require always weaving SUPER CHANGE and its unique challenges to old models of problem solving to re-invent leadership in the new age of super change. I lead and bleed in that speaker space.

I am a best selling author a movie producer a radio show host with years of success, a tv adviser, a father of nine, a husband to September, and a poppa to COOPER DUPER the boxer lab who is a lover not a guard dog….my bad even or dog is cooperative.

I have a perfect marriage just had our next decade anniversary – a perfect home life and family with children – and a perfect public life with the best leaders alive all cooperative when they chose me to mentor them. I serve on multiple boards as time passes and add value to some of the unicorn projects passing through CEO SPACE as well as outside.

I have not advertised CEO SPACE or this blog. We reach over 200 nations with the blog and 100’s of thousands book mark and read with 35,000 subscribing with 1000 each month subscribing ( leaders all ) without any promotion of any kind at all. CEO SPACE sells out by word of mouth and serves 150 nations. Our next open call to upgrade your agenda is May 18th in Dallas – which you can explore just explore as that is so a click also good

Today I travel a lot – speak a lot and work with Presidents of Nations increasingly on resetting their SOVEREIGN DEBT and in loading capital for forward infrastructure and jobs in nation. All by word of mouth.

I endless advise small business to grow them into success stories that CEO SPACE Is legend for. If we just look at publishing we broke all past records in history for:

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Men & Mars Colliding

Three Feet From Gold

Think & Grow Rich for Women

OUTWITTING THE DEVIL – My Uncle Nappy’s ( Napoleon Hills last best work )

The Secret ( 1.5 billion and climbing ) with world famous Bob Proctor see him live and see his films on CEO SPACE

My current favorite best selling from CEO SPACE mentee dear friend and from lacking gas money to millionaire

WEALTH MADE EASY ( get your copy went # 1 in 72 hours of release last week ) by Greg Reid

They just keep on coming – legacy wins – in all industrial silos from Fortune and Billionaires to single Mom’s just starting out and everyone in between.

Whats all that like?

Well its enough – it’s more than enough.

At least for me it is.

My life is about service – world change – economic revolution into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM – and massive contribution. Together the team at the top leading the COOPERATION REVOLUTION make it the single most insightful thought movement since Jesus Christ – who taught cooperation but folks heard it and created 29,000 competitive Christian Sext’s. Tell ME what is wrong with pyramid or circle theory on this front?

Its enough. I am more than enough. My goal is to coach you mentor you live while I”m alive at CEO SPACE. Register and upgrade your core brain software forever to much better bug free software within a community like you that will stay together and change the entire world together. When is life more than normal? When life joins a movement that is changing the entire world for the better.

Cooperation is IMPLOSION as we all come together to celebrate our diversity as sane and avoid any punishment of diversity which is insane – competition is first expression of mid brain insane software in human existence. Cooperation is the competitive virus removal tool.

Chose your life priority – competition as normal to you – or COOPERATION as new normal for you.

Futures transform in a single decision.

When is the best time to upgrade a human life and all that human raw potential inside? My fathers answer in 1955:

….you improve human potential the first instant the thought to do so has crossed into your mind…….


Competition organizes humanity so that 1% own more wealth ( the elites in the current system rules which must revolutionize in reform ) than 99% such that 1.7 billion strave to death this year and another billion die of prevential health care issues. The good and medicine are abundant to keep them all alive but we don’t for greed and the system of economics of THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY. Competition that does this and slaughters more LIFE sacred Life – than all the wars famines and plagues of history – WE HUMANS SLAUGHTER ONE ANOTHER FOR PROFIT.

That is insane mental software …..

Those that join CEO SPACE spend collective journey’s to change all that within a new system outlined in the book REDEMPTION in detail to nations seeking to join in – related to sanity and COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM in which NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND.

I join economists ad leading investment bankers and former SEC commissioners at the tippy top to effect economic transformation from failed models that create SUPER CRASHES by gambling in markets ( insane read my last two blogs you’ll get it with just those scrolls over a beverage break  ) and world wars. Insanity visible to all.

Can we do better?

Will we do better?




Or what ?

The leading fourth decade planet wide revolution you spread when you share this blog – read the book Redemption . open Redemption Chapters from Romania to the UK changing votes and candidates to cooperation leaders Increasingly informed patrons donors and backers ask candidates have you read REDEMPTION. How do you reverse that culture now reaching MOSCOW with RIOTS and ditto in Iran. HOW DO YOU STOP the shift from the majority of us all into COOPERATION COLLABORATION AND CELEBRATION OF DIVERSITY as a world movement.  A revolution of economics into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM driven by integrity. The majority now see sanity versus insanity most clearly and for the FIRST TIME. Jesus tried but others diluted his truth.

Dad used to tell ecumienical conferences he hosted for all Christian sects ( 29,000 today ) and growing – Folks – Christianity is the GREATEST OF ALL IDEAS IN COOPERATION AND LOVE – it just has never been tried. You could hear a pin drop in 10,000 leaders who went to break because no one could challenge the truth of it inside thier own hearts. Celebrate all 29,000 and all sects of all faiths stop punishing diversity of faith race politics economics or tribe celebrate in cooperation and delete insane competitive thought impulse

The two human works that most upgrade pure consciousness:

REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – sold OUT at Amazon since release a decade ago.

THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE for context of all faith and all belief’s as the consciousness elevator to the cooperation master deletion application available on only one app store – your own – FORGIVENESS.

READ A COURSE OF MIRACLES the author mentored by my father who received one of the first five books which dog eared and over read until his death resides under his folded hands as his will – dictated from his graduation in the 1980’s to the family crypt in San Francisco ( you an all visit that google it ) – as a final work DiSAPPEARANCE suggests.

Only the most awake leaders – proceed on this path.

I am the person where these books will be with me upon my cremation with my ashes on a book shelf in a baggie with my favorite hat for my September.

For those wishing more information about WHO is writing to you….I hope this helps you. For those who benefit from knowing more about the WHO is your blog author.

I would be so grateful if those who believe the movement of COOPERATION ( my life work as a revolution sweeping the world from the leading fortune firm cultures reforming and now including nations seeking out those higher efficiencies _ would continue to share my blog with your circles and tribes avoiding the most competitive minded.  ) We are serving the most awake brains alive today and that includes YOU.

Today world Heads of state are becoming aware that CORRUPTION IN THIER COUNTRY can never be ideally resolved inside competitive culture modeling because – integrity does not exist. SCREW OTHERS BEFORE THOU ARE SCREWED UNTO drives the corruption internal and external to those hosting nations. Only by exploring reforms to COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM can corruption in nation be resolved by integrity based cultures that commence with public education reforms.

The biggest risk to global prosperity, super crash, systemic destruction of the core economic system worse than the global depression of 1929 – is – world wide insane public education. Memory bot education must reform into entrepreneurial education as we reside in the age of ENTREPRENEURIALISM as taught by say HARMONY SCHOOLS – of DALLAS I myself have volunteered to teach at amazing model for the future. But a private charter school. Not public education.

Public CRISES  education fails to prepare graduates for success in the following areas:

  • Civics what rule of law means and citizenship requires creating the values of what it means to be London or British or Paris of French or American or UP state New York or Manhattan or LA or San Franciscan which I am or any culture in generational heritage – missing from old war date memory bot education – today – its on the test you know.
  • Relevant Entrepreneur studies education for tools and tactics to move into the work space of the future.
  • Trade Skills for those seeking expression in relevant labor needs and opportunities
  • Cooperation versus competitive culture skills
  • Diversity education celebrating diverse cultures faiths political expressions and histories with respect and forgiveness moving to better human potentials in our celebration never punishing human diversity. Nothing effects bullying by removing those who are unteachable from the community cultures. Into special intensive retraining – China does a far better job on that outcome in their society which should not punish because our culture is divers and different than their culture. Kings and Dictators and Democracies and things.

The largest school systems in the USA graduate 48 % of their student bodies – 52% do not graduate. Most of those who don’t have engaged in jobs or their own career path through on line self education and the majority opened their own business with buddies from school. Whats wrong with a failed crises in public education? The future of nations is at high risk unless EDUCATION is ABSOLUTELY UPGRADED INTO THE SUPER CHANGE demands of those graduates into the future. It’s a new era and we failed to adapt on the prairie education to prepare agriculture migrations to cities in the industrial revolution into memory bot repetitive task agencies for line production in factory or management logistics. That is all AI today and HUMANS need to REINVENT RELANCE to education or the FEW AGAINST THE MANY COMPETITIE will AI replacing HUMAN values and worse create AI that will only see humans as THREAT. The format and content of education must change.

I invented SUPER TEACHING ( you can all see at

Tony Robbins cut the Ribbons at the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA where we donated hundreds of thousands to their leading SUPER TEACHING CLASS ROOM like we did for Salt Lake Community College during the Olympics in Utah state and University of Colorado Business School in DENVER. SUPER TEACHING is class room AIA and AI for the modern class room upgrade for digital visual learners arriving to class rooms with new brain synapse structures we call NEW BRAINS. NEW BRAINS learn with new cue language not provided in traditional failing class rooms. Turn your schools on to SUPER TEACHING if your interested in that space.

I won’t go into my forty years working with public education reform – its never easy folks to revolutionize “thats the way we have always done it” because its HARD HARD WORK to DO IT. The crises in education is lazy leadership as well.


CEO SPACE advises nations on policy plan mapping to succeed in that economic cooperative capitalism upon request to do so.

The remainder of my life is to help you all massively with INFORMATION That is powerful and superior to fake news and shallow reporting of data without the economic foundation or the TRUTH versus spin and lies. Bernie Sanders brought up his free health care for everyone. BOY I WANT THAT TOO. I just don’t want to bankrupt the USA. Questions from democrats were valid and challenging. NEW reported how GREAT BERNIES plan was while he was heckled by FOX VIEWERS In the audience. If you SEE THE TOWN MEETING you won’t find a fox viewer. You will find involved Americans from all walks of life tearing the flesh off old Bernie – for his shallow not well thought out plans when the devil is in the details his own audience fan club could not even embrace. My take. I think Bernie lost his election run in one town meeting.

I hope this BLOG IS USEFUL to sort out what is really going on out there. At the minimum it provides new information for you – to balance your own views against thumbs up thumbs down – as perspective.

To my readers – now you know me better. In the future I’ll write more about my children and family tribe for you.

These are MY agenda and MY WHY’s.

This blog is a public service created where CEO’s from CEO SPACE ( members ) asked for it as we presented these updates at five CEO SPACE events and they wanted daily updates. Now they get them ( almost daily ) depending on my speaking and guest appearances in media world wide schedule and my Chairman CEO SPACE duties which are not light. I serve at the pleasure of others and contribution is my only purpose for the remainder of my life to the best of my abilities.









When banks commit crimes that make those going to prison like the head of VW for fraud – in the new AI and digital age runs on banks are not long lines around the block. FIrst the depositors are corporate like CEO SPACE. We open new accounts with other banks and then move our main floats out of criminal Wells Fargo Bank who frankly has been horrible for business and criminal management through and through. When the crooks resign do they get a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE PASS with those bonus payouts from crime in tens of millions of dollars. Crime Pays? If crime is in the tens of billions against all of us and our countries.

Now charging these crooks is not as easy as snap your fingers. Your evidence and witnesses can take years to build to a slam dunk case, knowing that the enemy – the crooks – will spend oceans of money to derail your case on them. They didn’t know. When did they know. Folks, they knew. They knew at Wells Fargo they knew at Deutsche Bank one of the earlier crooks.

No germany is brining criminal cases the first to do so against the institutional crooks. Yeah my home country makes me proud to be a Baron for my Father land. I’m german you didn’t know that by my thinking? Really?

As we predicted in 2015 – 2016 – 2017 the runs out of Deutsche Bank the leading institution in Germany would lead to merger to save a failed bank as – yes it took years but the run out of the banks is so large – that Wells is feeling it and Deutsche Bank even in merger regulators note must accommodate massive lay off’s.

Runs on banks 101:

  1. Runs on banks are digital today
  2. Runs on banks occur at a pace level over time
  3. Runs on criminal banks do not stop – turn the lights off last deposits leaving
  4. Runs on banks are not reported by the crooks in any real time sense and are disguised until they can’t be
  5. Runs on banks are never reported as runs but rather a soft patch in earnings
  6. The soft patch is due to loans drying up – core deposits imploding out of the bank and business evaporating
  7. Profits soar and the crooks want you to believe its a “one off” and their criminal plans will make things all right.

The Head of Deutsche Bank in Germany the EU may pole in the lead nation – said – 11 times – the bank is solid as Chase the bank is on solid foundation – there is no issue with the bank. He’s gone. The liar. Crook. The bank can’t make it on its own so serious was the RUN OUT OF DEUTSCHE BANK just like the run taking place in Wells Fargo over years Wells is just a time line behind Deutsche. Worse management has no clue on digital runs. IT is too diversified to know at first that your core business – like Spring DEW on a leaf as the inevitable economic sun rises – will disappear by high noon on your watch. The sun is consumers who have no sense of humor on your breach of trust as criminal bankers. WE HAVE HAD IT WITH YOUR GUYS.

I noted the cost to VW would like runs on banks shrink market share for VW costing tens of billions from their environmental fraud to the world and the buyers in the USA. In trade deals with German who like China wishes to protect their criminal industry the VW cost in those negotiations has yet to be even seen or felt for the nation of Germany – watch. The USA has long memories on loyal friends and those who lip service what that means. The USA defeated Germany in WORLD WAR II and this negotiation will remember each and every life lost not to mention the dollars in recent decades supporting rebuilding Germany for which even a thank you is missing. Keep watching. Economics is what is REAL the politics is a fake reality. Trust me. It is  all about the MONEY in the end.

Cooperation contributes more than it consumes.

Competition consumes more than it contributes – the failed socialism and capitalism models dying as COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM driven by INTEGRITY is rising up – surprisingly it is President Trump and President XI who are leading in revolution of economics to NEW INTEGRITY between nations – where the criminals who own the buildings are going to jail forever – versus the broken window policy of distraction global justice presently unreformed wastes a trillion upon – but that is another economic story. I would not invest in private prisons long term. The war on crime is won by tearing prisons down and fast not building more cities of prisons globally. Think about winning …really…….

So the news today is the idea that if the Merger with Deutsche Bank proceeds it only works with MASSIVE LAY OFF’s. The crooks have multiple homes with maids and servant all over the EU while the little folks get slaughtered from their actions which they pay no price for over the warm meals, while the unemployed move to social support and have no work because of their crimes, as they put a fork in their caviar one bite at a time. Is this the way to run capitalism? Socialism?

PRINCIPLED COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM thank you CLC Studios for the guiding principles – you run your enterprise against – replaces failed competitive corrupt totally capitalism ( see the Beltway ) and even worse corruption in communism and socialism as ineffective wealth circulatory systems – with the much improved and perfected COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM that President XI in China and President Trump in DC are forging for the entire world. It takes time to have a bloodless economic revolution folks. One crook at a time.

Keep in mind capital moving from a bank moves into another bank gone are the days the capital goes to mattress at home so money re-circulates and there are winners and losers – the criminals are losing as we consumers and business and industry are VOTING WITH OUR WALLETS !!!



Today as the Fed Beige Book releases and the winter manufacturing slight drop during horrific climate change winter picks up like a zip line economically – we find the report in the USA Mortgage Application DATA is up – to its highest level as the SPRING sets in – in 9 years. NINE YEAR RECORD application flow. We told you about Deutsche Bank first. All the experts said we were wrong. Today we see we were counting some 98 predictions since 1988 – RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT. We were RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT about housing mortgage and economics. EVERYONE WORLD WIDE IS SPRINGING FORWARD ECONOMICALLY. The strength and depth of the boom is like a giant economic sling shot propelled into earnings by the SPRING.


You want more GOOD NEWS. If Mortgage back bone to any nation economics is soaring in April 2019 to records not seen in NINE FULL YEARS – which ripples like a mo fo through the world supply chains think our APPLE leads FAANG. Already Apple is on a roaring up bubble and that was doing slow selling in the depth of WINTER. The Spring numbers will surprise them dumfound all the experts from IPHONE to streaming revenues. The only headwind was the patent infringement law suit the BATTLE OF TWO GOLIATH’S.  I have had the blessing of mentoring Steven Jobs and I have been mentored by the family that founded QUALCOM. I remember in the 25 million dollar Bel Air Home of the founder Parviz and his brother – Iranian Jews with such pride in contribution to America ( thank you Iran ) for their genius – when I said – walking in the garden at that birthday party. Not distracted by the fontains, the pools, the statues, the greens and grounds, as we walked one mentee and the GREAT MENTOR. Curious he looked at me as I said – Parviz in all your wisdom as head of this family – and all the guidance you pour into the world and nations – how you have changed the world with your Qualcomm and more – nations really – it all pales to insignificance Parviz to around a birthday table holding your tiny grand child in your lap – upon the pure WISDOM you where whispering into your grandson’s ears so he would always remember the importance of FAMILY.  The wise elder statesmen smiled at that – and he said YOU NOTICED “THAT” DID YOU? And in my silence in reply we became forever bonded closer.

So if Apple leads Faang and 5 G is next for IPHONE and a Chinese firm seeks to lead in 5 G while much of the world believes that is to back door every trade secret and global invention and IP theft to criminal China who has as an outlaw nation stole the IP of the world to propel its own selfish agenda for its people. If the SUPER GLUE of cooperation is in fact INTEGRITY such theft and policy must accommodate the new global box top rules of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM revolutionizing the future. President Xi is the first Chinese ruler to see the future for all of us is bond into the cooperation between America and China for the world.Two leaders are reforming economics for the entire revolution of socialism and competitive capitalism into the final human economic revolution 25,000 years later in arriving of the IP of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM.

Today Apple’s trial of the century with Qualcomm was settled out of court. All that is 100% of world wide law suits between the firms – both ways were closed today. No further action. Apple and Qualcomm reached a royalty settlement. Apple will now buy from Qualcomm massively and exclusively in the leading % G space. What does this mean as it is the leading economic FAANG driver in 2019 and 2020. It means:

  1. Enormous stock growth for both firms. AI will reward the economics by this weekend in a way that will stun the markets. New records will now be reached because of this.
  2. China leading firms in 5 G just saw their stock dive without potential for recovery.
  3. Intel announced on settlement it was LEAVING THE 5 G world and would focus on hardware chips to support 5 G and the transmissions of all that data more effectively for its own leadership.
  4. Faang is going to soar into the new record books.
  5. Intel Went UP way UP and so did Qualcomm and Apple and all the suppliers they touch great for Asia and China and the EU and great for the world and fan freaking tastic for AMERICA.

The optics for FAANG and the economics of driving American dominance in technology just rose like a MUSK super boaster rocket into HIGH EARTH ORBIT above all the rest. Did you miss THAT into the record books today? SUPER CHANGE and no one saw that coming… the court case in San Deigo closed after opening this week and is done.


The economics is always the final answer to everything. So Trump’s full on trade war with China is being watched by the EU ( now opening official trade discussions to remove EU unfair barriers to the USA it IS game on ). By Japan who is next and other Asia nations. Trump opted out of the one sided Asia trade treaty and opted in for a “one nation at a time” policy for the USA. That policy is working and is the GOLD STANDARD for winning in fact. Presidents for 35 years have “talked and jaw boned” how unfair the present box top rules are and no one did or acted on anything over 35 horrible years in economics for the USA as the wealth of a nation was legally being stolen. Thats a long blog report.

Trump reset the box top rules and the experts noted the cost the USA may be fatal. Trump said as a business leader expert – they are obsolete and wrong in the economics and our team is right. Today we see since June 2019 a FIRST for Trump WINNING BIG TIME. Trade deficits with China fell 28% that is almost ONE THIRD since June 2018 thats in trade war time FAST FAST FAST. The experts ( 100% against Trump experts and policies ) predicted a surge to 51 to 55 billion in negative bad news for the USA. instead TRUMP WON the experts were wrong ( and we were RIGHT again ) and the deficit has declined by almost a third and FAST FAST FAST.

AI will reward markets with capital flows that reflect the new reality and for the USA this is what we told you. Trump holds a FULL HOUSE at the trade war poker table and if you scroll you’ll see all our data on that. China holds two two’s and their bluff has been successfully called and the USA has raised substantially. The cards have to be shown to the dealer – world economics in the final hand as a real trade deal gets done. Today China has had some pain in the adjustment but their GNP is holding more steady than experts thought – although we pointed out here – that GNP is maintained by enormous unsustainable system risking SUPER DEBT BUBBLES where China to keep its people employed against a run of capital out of China and a collapse of growth in fact – where the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE borrowing for MORE THAN TEN YEARS over 300% more than China makes – including a military cost China has no way to support economically – soaring in outlays – supported only by BAD DEBT. Said another way China needs a USA Trade deal like a blood transfusion. Today with Qualcomm the world will shift from China for 5 G for security and quality when compared. You just can’t buy CHINA as the quality is dropping in their pressure of rising cost for materials and labor and their neighbors all delivering better quality at lower prices with better by far customer relations and no IP stealing. China is becoming the worst place to conduct business in fact. Without reforms. Trade DEALS create reforms that bring China trillions back. Watch for the market sling shot effect on that as TRADE WARS are easy to win …the USA has won them one and all. The Trump momentum is unstoppable today. Yale economics Shiller reported yesterday that Trump re-election will create a stock market elevator in wealth while his defeat may create a SUPER CRASH implied. Voters need to vote their wallet – as it is not about a personality or he said she said – it’s about economics for the future. TRUMP has WON and we believe 2020 will not be close …Trump wins on the economic optics surprising the press and experts. Again not political simple economics. Voters will vote their wallets as never before.




Finally and for the first time in a long time the Federal Trade Commission charged to avoid monopolies and worse, have informed Spring and T Mobile their merger as proposed in present form is a NO GO. What does this mean? We feel Ai will over time raise both stock prices and raise Verizon who facing a SUPER COMPETITOR from the merger is now itself in the clear to create America’s nation wide 5G rolling out right now everywhere. Watch these stocks and YAHOO on FTC…finally you did your job.


April 17th – confirms the 2019 boom will continue led world wide by the largest global economy effecting all others as the USA wealth effect SPRINGS FORWARD in the SPRING leaving the winter soft patch from weather not economcis in the dust. The SLING SHOT EFFECT we told you about as Spring opened its economic catapult on the American Aircraft carrier ( US ECONOMICS ) has launched. Did you hear the WHOOSH? Now the after burners? Watch what comes next as all time wealth records in:


Bond Wealth

Real Estate Wealth

Venture Wealth

IPO wealth and unicorn wealth ( zoom is going public are you tracking all the IPO’s we are )

Personal wealth

Personal savings

Income growth




The yellow vest winter in France has been messy economics. France has to forge its way forward. Now we have Norte Dame which needs no more definition we all have this one. A billion dollars has been raised this week and Macon stated today the Cathedral at the direct center of Paris for 800 years will be fully restored and rebuilt in FIVE YEARS. Better than before and virtually fire proof into future centuries. Paris has raised over ONE BILLION DOLLARS in 48 hours and the totals may reach billions. Now consider the massive decade long JOBS PROGRAM this construction windfall means for unions labor and craftsman and for french industry and economics. One PM fire this week has secured a multi billion dollar JOBS PROGAM with no french government investment, no borrowing, a stimulus even their central bank could not manage without debt and massive borrowing burdens. The largest economic stimulation in a down bubble economy within the second leading economy outside Germany for the EU with the UK leaving – provides FRANCE with the stimulus Macon so desired and required by accident. Gods plan for France is greater than Yellow Vest plan for France ever could be. What this means for the ENTIRE EU is positive and AI will reward the block as the softness seen in the EU is only WINTER and now the EU is SLING SHOT into 2019 with the SPRING EFFECT and Norte Dame has pulled the sling shot way way back – bullseye economic result. While we mourn the tragedy we see the economic optics.



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CEO SPACE sold out in December in and again in March and we will sell out in May. WE anticipate selling OUT in each and every Forum now as our City Management group is exploding and our customers in 150 countries are lifetime members and returning in larger numbers than anytime in ten years – and all of them get it – while we operate in every more geographies. CEO SPACE is SPRINGING into our best SPRING season in half a decade. Join the growth and become part of success we breed for our customers. For 31 years TRUST THE PRESS for ten years of ranking us # 1.





Norte Dame Cathedral – Marks the Dead Center of Magical Paris sine 1100 to 2019 – Destroyed by fire. President Macon commits to rebuild Norte Dame as France has more than once. By the weekend a fund of 500 million dollars will be in place and rising to one billion with world wide donations. Today hours after the fire still smouldering is out over 300 million in HOURS has been raised. Two of France’s most wealthy individuals donated 100 million US dollars each by morning. The wealth of the World from Buffet to Zuckerberg are expected to match this world heritage donation flow. Paris will rebuild her with attention to history and pure love. The World stands with Paris this week and beyond. Fire experts rule the fire as accidental no sign of arson.

Economist Shiller from Yale today predicted on CNBC search it – that – if President Trump is re-elected the boom economy will continue – the stock market will set new records and why. Schiller says we are not the pre 2008 global village. We had been used to low volatility with old pre AI markets and now with new AI markets the volatility is unknown to past charts. Schiller a behavioral economist. My hero is not an investment banker like Dalio or Diamond though they both follow Schiller.

He wrote today that since 2008 the world is shaken. We are seeking a new normal. Our confidence is shattered. I add in the market normals such as confidence in Central banks is now due south for suspicious they have no clue what they are in fact doing. Schiller misses the truth of the NEW AI economy he has yet to realize paradigm shifted the world markets in their entirety since 2014. All his old models no longer function or work as he thinks. Why is THIS so important to that tribe in University forecasting? One reason – their old models are now obsolete like transportation before the wheel or rocket launch versus warp drive. That kind of shift.

Schiller is focused ( as we all are ) on Fed causing speculation super bubbles of the roaring 20’s that led to the world wide depression the FED ITSELF CREATED. Lets go through these numbers to track the high points and see why comparisons of the pre depression – the guide until 2008 when Bernake made the SUPER BLUNDER OF all time in economics – going to his grave like Freidman believing he was RIGHT and SUCCESFUL when in fact he sped up the system destruction potentials via the largest DEBT SUPER BUBBLE against aging demographics globally the depression era never knew at all. A double edge sword Bernake chopped down on global markets that may yet off the head of the global economy. Why? How? Understanding history is all economics and politics is a symptom of the failed economics that create all wars. Rome fell economically not militarily. When the enemy has hacked and acquired the weapons of Rome a doomsday clock is clicking for say AMERICA unless we turn back time.

So how do we do that? Well we obtain the right information and Schiller God Bless him has yet to obtain it. So lets review blogs from 2008 to today:

  1. We have paradigm shifted from the old economy of paper management in trades to AI and digital management of trades. It is like a failing Mall against AMAZON PRIME – paradigm shift – and my readers KNOW WHY.
  2. The NEW AI economy is built on the back of Bernanke’s decade of 50 trillion of Global Bank central bank infusion of debt driven capital to markets to save member banks from the bad market bets they made in raw speculations.
  3. In the 1960s to the 1980s the % of investment in stake holder trading – buying assets and trading real assets was the high % 80% of market based capital flow with rising but more moderate debt.
  4. Bernakes super bubble moved 33 trillion of sovereign nation debt – not counting 100’s of trillions of rising real estate commercial loans personal credit student loans car loans and shadow banking credit – but just focus on sovereign nation accounts. 100 Years to reach 33 trillion global debt loading which the IMF and WORLD BANK warned especially the largest % of the debt CHINA is not sustainable for years. From 2010 to 2019 the sum total doubled – 100 years doubled in nine years to 66 Trillion rapidly rising to 100 Trillion. When the regulatory community suggests 33 trillion is system dangerous and NOT sustainable when is 100 Trillion a system killer wit in a sovereign debt defaulting cascade like the world has never known – now driven by AI not human beings?
  5. The GREAT WORLD WIDE DEPRESSION was caused by wild speculations in markets. In 1929 the % of capital flow into “side bets on which way would forward asset classes GO – was many many times the scale of the stake holder real market of investing in assets you own. When banks and central banks together allow wild leverage to such side bets the market becomes a casino. In 1929 bucket shops or what looked like HIGH END Casino Keno parlors dotted down towns in every city in America. Men and woman like sub prime speculators would dressed in furs and top hats arrive in the morning and bet on side bets all day borrowing at fantastic ratio’s to do so. Still you had to take off work and GO INTO THE BETTING PARLORS these unregulated ( no SEC then ) Bucket Shops. Which were banned by law in the 1930’s and made legal again by unanimous act of congress in the last three hours of the BIll Clinton Administration. All depression carefully thought out laws to moderate system destruction were themselves destroyed at the behest of Chairman Greenspan – whose thinking took our plane into a mountain in 2008 . totally wrong – and himself out of date out of touch and totally unaware his economics are all dead and buried and the new AI ECONOMY is evolving too fast for old brains nearing 100 years of age to adapt or predict anything. Follow such obsolete out of currency in the new age of SUPER CHANGE at your own peril.
  6. Between 2014 and 2019 96% of all capital trading at 440 trillion in capital flows is controlled by non human AI itself rapidly into WHAT humans have zero plan knowledge or controls. We are engaged in an uncontrolled experiment in financial markets leaving all regulations in the dusty. Laws are local to UK and USA etc. Trades are outside those laws in the CLOUD and all digital. Today 100% of % of capital bets are leveraged side bets by AI. What does this mean and why is it so dangerous compared to the system crash of 1929?
  7. The spiral of speculation is many times the % ratios and leverage of 1929. Today the world is engaged in full on CASINO CAPITALISM with 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS executing bets by AI and leverage by digial AI at maximum levels never seen before in history. This speculation manipulates price ranges for every asset class as the bet on future value is many many times greater by % than stake holder investing a first since 1929. But far worse. Currency is AI speculation and price for the dollar and pound is manipulated. AI side bets have the same risk as 1929. The global markets are out of regulatory control and safe keeping – the markets are wild wild west new AI leveraged side betting to maximize profits. The market prices are all manipulated by AI side bets. Say the stake holder investment market is 3 to 5 trillion depending on who and how that number is defined economically. The side bet market on which way anything will go – a casino bet by AI at say 50 dollars to 1 dollar leverage into that side betting – up and down the rope both sides – is 1000 times greater than ratio’s that caused the great depression system melt down.

What creates the panic that does us in. Well its the following which I aslo number in the new Super Change AI economy of 2020:

  1. Lack of Global regulatory moderation to the debt loading globally out of any control – lack of regulatory control for wealth consolidation – lack of modern AI regulatory controls for global unwanted speculations now controlling all markets outside nations and central banks. The NEW AI Casino Capitalism of 2019.
  2. DEBT. SUPER BUBBLES of nonsense Debt. China has spent 300% more than it makes annually for more than ten years – a 3000 debt pit and rising rapidly. No agency not the IMF or World Bank has moved China to stop. Or Greece. Or Italy. Or Spain. Or Africa Nations. Or most Gulf Nations starting with Saudi. Or Russia. Or the USA or any nation. the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE bursts and no warning to the debt defaulting occurs. Typically the Fed or central banks using play books from economics that were dead and buried in 2008 – still trust and believe in using a “how to drive a go cart manual” to work the controls on the new economy the STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE. Pushing the wrong buttons on the bridge as Central Fed Banker Powell and his internal band of merry men and woman all in virtual VR head sets on old economy rules that no longer apply – did when he normalized interest along Janet Yellen’s terrible God Awful plan of way to frequent way to high each time and way to rapid a normalization over a 15 month plan that should have been 15 year plan. Central banks in 1929 failed to appreciate the risk feeling the RISK was low when the RISK was EXTREME just as the Fed is doing right now. Steeped in economic box top rules no one has used since 2008 and failing to possess the new box top rules of the entirely new AI economy – the Casino leverage and debt loads pass 1929 by ratio at orders of magnitude. The world simply can no absorb these new economic abuses on debt which must rebalance in fact.
  3. Debt Bubble Bursts – nations default on debt which becomes a cascade through financial markets which must now do what law fails to demand. They must recognize bad non performing crap debt as a loss on their own financial statements. These criminals are exempt from doing what we are required to do by law today so those bad debts are showing in China as strong good assets. When economics rebalances two things occur in Debt Cascade as the Debt SUPER BUBBLE bursts globally. First all orders and we mean 100% of buying shifts to selling – and there are no buyers – zero. We call this following DEBT BUBBLE BURST like 2019 – LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY.
  4. Following LED day which happens with AI in minutes within time frames 1929 never had to adapt against and 1929 was horrible but not as global as this forward rebalancing which is digital tsunami’s instantly as CASINO CAPITALISM simply dies. Like 1929 but worse. As the asset class values plunge to levels unknown in modern times. Like no history in the past to guide anyone. Margin calls on the fantastic far greater than 1929 explode creating wealth evaporations in a spiral that is not stoppable by nations. IN days the banks investment banks and economics simply stop. Banks and investment banks just like Lehman are closed – and they do not re-open. At that time a new system must be the phoenix rising or the AI repeats pattern without mercy. You can not debt your way forward from SUPER DEBT CRASHES.
  5. IS it too late to fix it? No but time is running out. Is anyone proposing a solution? No. No one has the problem and the leaders heads are buried in the sand as their economic asses get blown to shed. The correct advise is absent. The book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ON AMAZON PRIME ( always back ordered but they fill my five star rated solution ) written for law makers – heads of state – economic leadership at all levels and all banks and investment banks and world banks – as the ONE AND ONLY SOLUTION I have seen in step by step HOW TO WIN guidance. So far no leader is FIXING anything and the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE is a raging animal the world is only feeding more and more into as the CASINO spiral leads to ever worse outcomes and a world war for sure to preclude starvation of nations as the core system melts down in the SUPER CRASH.

Why do we humans always repeat this model from Rome to the middle ages to 1929 and World War II?

Answer – human greed. Those in charge with the most money London Wall Street China – and more spiral disproportionate wealth consolidation – the tipping point – where 1% control more wealth world wide all in super debt as well – than the wealth held by 99% of humans. This is criminal – insane – unethical – immoral and takes place as systems to keep a lid on it become obsolete over time as the SUPER WEALTH create LOOP HOLES where laws do not apply to them – the start of the next predictable economic rebalancing. Those at the top of the 99% of all wealth the 1% the 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLs are blinded by acquisition of the prior 1.5 million super money pools – as this consolidation is accelerating to system destruction.

Think of it this way. The leaders are playing checkers and know those box top rules.

AI is playing chess and see’s checkers as irrelevant – no longer relevant box top rules to win – and fully manipulated while the Chess rules control all the wealth flows and money but the central banks and national leaders via their obsolete advisers in the OLD PRE AI ECONOMY have no box top rules to play the new economic game of CASINO CAPITALISM or restore it to sane sustainable real economics.

So Schiller my brother – you are totally right today. And you are totally wrong today. Yes Trump re-election may not be political any longer it may be economic only. Trump wins in 2020 and the market has more time and economics prosper globally into 2030. Trump loses in 2020 and a SUPER CRASH SUPER RISK rises to NOW versus when.

IF WE FAIL TO FIX THE CORE PROBLEM and deal with silly symptoms the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE including nation promises to entitlements = promises that are pure lies – and economically can never be paid or realized – unless the broen system is in fact reforme and RE-REGULATED. Ask the SEC they will tell you the largest regulatory RE-THINK OF history is upon us today due to AI ECONOMICS all new. My readers know more than the advisers to nations all of whom just know their checker game is the earth is flat when AI has a telescope and defines the great lie the earth is in fact a sphere.

PROCEED AT YOUR OWN GREAT RISK we have laid out safe harbor suggestions for you to explore with your licensed professionals since 2010 but now at the peak all time wealth effect – is the time to take action to protect yourself. If not – as in the past – never say “we failed to tell you”.

FInk at Blackrock the largest SUPER MONEY POOL down in earnings 7% still ok but punished by AI today as its shares sank instantly on Fink failure to get it perfect. Fink today suggests there is a melt up  occuring. We agree. A melt up occurs when oceans of cash say 100 trillion – is on the side line parked to see what central banks are doing to the new AI markets. They parked all that cash thinking interest would kill markets in equities and in bonds for a time.

Fink suggests the trend is no clear on the FED GREAT PAUSE and the Trump Pelosi grand bargain on INFRASTRUCTURE in the trillions. Infrastructure spending creates prosperity in America into 2030 and is expected to pass pre election.

FINK reported running a money pool of over 6 trillion dollars – a fund greater than most sovereign nation wealth -one of the larger investors to nations and to national bond debt – so his report matters. Fink suggested the massive MARKET MELT UP. A market roaring move from today valuation to 30,000 DOW is created when these trillions roar from AI back into working profit positions in asset classes by largely side betting into the casino market place. AI is not in the old economics.

AI uses its own new math to review profit making of all AI into new charts new trends and spots pathology that frankly never existed in economics pre 2010. Fink predicts the MELT UP has begun. That new all time records will be reached then broken than broken again. The Market is going to 30,000 DOW with all asset classes rises as well.

Retail as my previous blog reported remains an island of UNLOVE by the capital markets today. Why? Read my blog below this one as a scroll and you will also have FIRST as always hard data to review with your other sources. We think as in 1929 Schiller is myopically studying – that – a Massive MELT UP from trillions of under performing capital will effect market cap rates in the casino. The journey to 30,000 may be fraught with more volatility than any prior economic model experience has known – as AI profits from maximum volatility AI creates itself to secure those profits.

Countless times we ask investors and day traders to get the Kenny Rogers song …and play it while you make bets in the casino capitalism of today betting against AI. The song goes… have to know when to hold them you have to know when to fold them ….with other great musical advice. Get the song. Investors.

Diversified insurance investing takes you into insulation from the AI casino. Scroll to see our suggestions for safe harbor investing we recommend to our CEO SPACE customers to explore with licensed professionals. Just explore a safer way a sound bet versus a casino risk. if you wish to bet into the casino as with all gambling you only win long term if you own the CASINO. If you are one of the rapidly shrinking by merger less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS. Players making bets win some and lose some …until they lose it all.

We suggest safe outside Casino investing in diversified insurance investing which executed this week promises.

Best possible overall gains in the MELT UP – leader Fink at Blackrock reported today. Trillions flowing back into working positions in bets into the casino largely placing bets as AI defines the side bets in the new global maximally leveraged investing – leaving 1929 Schiller is tracking by % of RISK to all time high and in the 1929 dust compared to new AI risk taking as never seen in economics before.

Get my drift?

Markets are moving around like drunks – but today again up a bit more as we move toward LARRY FINKS all time record as we MELT UP – MONEY ELECTING TO profit in the market today versus under performance on side lines and folks that is trillions coming back into play – against some of the lowest volume as the big bucks have a wait and see mind set that FINK who is like the Oracle of Delphi economically – presiding over the largest super money pool ever amassed in human history – magically proclaims – the mind set is shifting to self effecting outcomes of massive MELT UP.

THE MELT UP is coming to 30,000 DOW….fasten your seat belts and no smoking po lease.






First as a Norte Damn many time historian visitor and student – and catholic – may I say to all my tribe who treasure history faith and priceless humanity – how sad we are for our PARISIAN families and communities inside and outside our French CEO SPACE community. WE ARE ALL CATHOLICS TODAY WE ARE ALL WITH YOU AT NORTE DAMN TODAY.


Hell. When you reach my age you remember you actually recall working on Norte Damn in the 11th Century.

You recall rebuilding the grand lady after fires and being sacked along with Paris and more than once. Paris gets on with it…you’ll see.

I remember when horse shoe folks slow to adopt failed to see the big bucks were now in tire repair not horse shoe lifestyles that collapses.

I recall loading and unloading film to get film developed right up until the digital shifts that Eastman Kodak went from 84% market share to 11% market share in say sixty months as management failed to see the most potent force in all economics PARADIGM SHIFT.

I recall when Sam Walton who I was honored to meet when alive – figured out as a CPA who to use new computer power – to compress shopper ease and price – to present brand name quality to Wal Mart lower prices – and – I say and – you no longer ( for the first time when the paradigm shifted ) had to drive park and carry to multiple of locations to get your pharms, your food, your toys for the kids, your coffee pot, your garden tools or any tools and your outdoor stuff and a battery charger and a 30 odd 6 to shoot deer with. Centuries of the local merchant you knew and they knew you went by the road side like an old horse shoe.

By the 1980’s in the shortest time frame 72% of all consumers shopped at Wal Mart for the TIME they saved the experience they had back when grandma welcomed you to wal mart – when along came Amazon. I’m that old.


My brother ( my baby smarter funnier brother ) publishes for some 40 years – plus – INSTITUTIONAL REAL ESTATE NEWS. Every REIT controlling the wealth of the world, reads IRE like a bible. My Daughter works at IRE with her George Town Degree and two Cornell Post Graduate Degrees – Jennifer is SMART.

Neither Jeff Dohrmann or Jennifer Dohrmann read Dad’s blog – they are way to busy trying to figuer out the MALL SPACE. The wild card in REIT investing and the trillions the capital markets have invested in those REITS. Read my brothers IRE for trends and best possible betting in that space as one more source – the oldest most trusted. What a great acquisition for Warren Buffet and his side kick. Always the best one’s are never on any market don’t you think?

SO we are 2019. Do you think the shopping malls I knew with peak foot traffic in 2018 – sliding now – have futures? They failed to adapt to the paradigm shifts of AI and digital marketing. These older institutions require we leave home – agggg – we pay more – we park and walk miles – we wonder around and window shop and impulse buy plus what we came to get all taking more time even if just dropping off an IPAD for a repair. We HATE ALL THAT in 2019. Don’t we? Yet we once there enjoy the experience of trying on a dress or a suit eating a cookie and people watching and hey shopping. Touching feeling smelling it big experience difference than a click.

Is the experience of riding one horse worth not having an 85 horse power model T Ford instead warm and dry in the rain – toastie in the snow – passing all those riding horses like we just did in Amish Town Ohio.

Retailers in 2019 so far – SO FAR have shut down 5,994 stores – opening a total as a market of only 2,641 this year.  Foot traffic has been dropping off all malls in recent months. I don’t count that fall off as real yet as the winter snows over 70% of America where sun belt states had 28 below zero – and one does not bundle the kids up in Sun Belt States OR OHIO and say – hey honey is 28 below outside and snowing lets rush out to the MALL. No and hell no.

As Spring roars now lets see how foot traffic comes in for the forward quarter.

Enter the NEW AI ECONOMY. The AI economy is not smart enough yet to BE human. The AI can not FEEL the market from decades to the future. The AI had limited perspective training by its programers who are not economists or investment bankers anyway. Yet they code how 440 trillion in capital will flow. The AI investing in REIT’s that control the bulk of MALL SPACE are nervous and near panic. Why?


So in comes Powell Janet Yellin’s pick to execute her vision as the worst Fed Chairperson in 100 years as repeatedly reported accurately on this blog site – and he does. Powell keeps raising interest rates way too fast way too soon risking a system melt down. How?

Well lets take 7 trillion in Shopping Mall Real Estate. This is not the total of shopping mall real estate – in fact no where near that – it is the crises properties.

Now consider the crises properties reside on a floating island of bank DEBT. The Debt we call bank regardless if the ban is a bank bank or investment bank as they are all furry blurring now anyway. Debt Debt.

So the Malls in serious down bubble missing the DIGITAL SHOPPING PARADIGM SHIFT ENTIRELY – still – failing to remain current and relevant ( the key C suite master skill ) remaining CURRENT – CURRENCY in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE AND AI. What is YOUR PROCESS TO get CURRENT and remain there? You might explore CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL May 18th in Dallas as the Press Ranked # 1 program to do just that – the # 1 business conference measured by third party press ten years in a row.

So now the economics a fifth grader can appreciate:

  1. Buying patterns slip shift and move – so you discount everything and can’t get your margin back.
  2. You refinance the real estate at near zero interest on five year renewing loans.
  3. 7 Trillion come due this year and in 2020.
  4. Your new rate is 400% and I believe autistic Powell will raise interest again so 500% higher than last loan.
  5. The Malls revenues can not support ( declining rapidly in 2019 ) 500% higher commercial loan cost.

Powell and Yellin before Powell have now put 7 trillion of default potential where the keys to failing malls return to Banks who have zero expertise how to manage such assets now failing. The bankruptcy and debt default cascade in commercial space will spill over as a wave of economic contagion to all supplier and outlet source and support to other commercial defaulting. Keep your eye on this needle.

Billions have been invested to rethink whey we wish to leave our comfy home pay the criminal cartel hgh gas price park and walk to get into the mall – walk all around the mall and then walk way back to our cars versus – say – Click – look up and go back to our NETFLIX. Folks the paradigm has shifted and like Kodan Mall owners failed to see the light. In the billions to put amusement parks in malls – connect convention hotels to malls – put in food varieties never seen before and health everything green everything as into 2019 with shocking decline in foot traffic all year – closing double the stores opening – losing at a 50% level in months in 2019 – the economics are very dicey for the investment capital in this space. But even that space has now changed.

The Patience is removed by AI. AI has no mercy. AI seeks to make the highest profits in the shortest time period brutally punishing under performance in TIME FRAMES NEVER KNOWN BEFORE and to reward winners in performance in time frames never seen before – SEE GE or SEE DISNEY.

Mall traffic was up in 2018. Mall Traffic was up by new Mall ( way behind the power curve ) first generation AI that kept them at bargains – but hey can you sell at a LOSS and make that UP on Volume with AI. As AI saw the lack pf profits this Holiday it punished Mall owners and their investor pools.

IT was massive and is on going.

2017 was a historic record for mall and store closures. More than 8000 retail stores closed in 2017.

In 2019 the expert AI trackers agree – as they project an all time history record of over 12,000 store closings or almost 50% down bubble in Mall economics in what 24 months folks. REALLY? That is a PARADIGM SHIFT – don’t throw cigarettes out your window at the horse shoe buy po lease.

Mall operators facing an never ending TSUNAMI in vacancies we all see as SAD now when we visit malls – typically now to high tail in and out for a specific task only – no browsing as in  old era shopping – we click for that. Further the mall owners are forced to offer deals that lower their cash flow as unseen in any modern data.

Less Foot Traffic.

Massive Store closing and mall vacancies.

Changed shopping habits with less browsing and impulse buying – buyers compare value on line before they get in line.

Massive decline in revenue without any let up for a full decade.

Massive default back to bank.

Massive refinance coming up this year and next against economics where the loan cost is adjusted to risk where the refinancing is now often 500% to 800% more interest than was paid at near zero interest loans five years ago when FREE MONEY was available from the FED easing program.

Consider the pressure of the economic vice:

  • Lower traffic and buyers – crashing in 2019
  • Lower profits with sales to keep the buyers you have – ending profits at all
  • More ads to attract buyers but that cost is no longer returning at all
  • Soaring interest to your refinance
  • Massive vacancies
  • No new profit path to replace a model crushed by pyradigm shifting in the market place.

All of which is taking place at SUPER CHANGE speeds to fast for humans to even adapt as we have seen with Kodak GE and Mall Owners. Telsa changes everything for automotive as you are seeing today. Paradigm shift. Musk owns space that Nasa once owned. Paradigm shift – NASA joined them – how can the MALLS join them?

That is the question.

Related to MALL SPACE – versus retail over all and on line and in botique high touch hi pesonal high value retail ( all doing great like say the Dollar Store Levis and Five Below are opening stores but it is so not enough to off set the closures from the giants like Victoria Secret the GAP and FREDS to name a few losers to PARADIGM SHIFTING.

We consult to trapped economic leadership to present invisible options that when made visible often show ways forward.

We are short on this space.

Monitor Mall Owners Simon, Brookfield, Taubman Macerich, Preit CBL Washington Prime all are expected to report earnings in coming days and weeks watch them like a hawk.

Watch AI capital reaction to those reports and remember like a magic crystal ball your ahead of things. We may hit an all time stock market record but some pull back is going to AI follow and this is only one reason why.

Mall Space is the wild wild west on making any bets at all until Tombstone deals with its gangs and cleans up the paradigm shift ….about sums it up on Monday.

Finally we send prayers to Paris as today part of every French citizen burned with Norte Damn a soul fire for us all. Lets remember our history is priceless and we must preserve and rebuilt our own no matter what.






Jamie Diamonds extraordinary team in investment banking has driven Morgan profits to a global position it is our opinion NO ONE CAN CATCH THEIR LEADERSHIP. This brand leadership will maximally profit from infrastructure at five trillion dollars or more.

Residing in a TREE HOUSE in Ohio with a tornado warning and tornado on the ground – reporting requires courage but hey I was decades in ALABAMA where tornoado’s tore the roof up – while we were inside. We got this bad boy. Tiger won the MASTERS its a great weekend – 22 years between em – his dad at his last – his mom at age 97 at this one with his two children were he is a dad. Tiger was so humble to have won with his children attending.

The WEALTH EFFECT now includes:

DIsney Soaring

Morgan out of the park

Equity moving to all time historic record never seen before

Record bond wealth

Record real estate wealth

Record massive tidal wave of global prosperity before the stimulus of EU – Infracture in USA – Trade Agreements with China and all our trading partners – nose dive to energy prices Opec dissolving into a ONE NATION COMPLIANCE – Saudi hemorrhaging market share and trillions in loses stands alone in utter oil policy failure since 2014 now with no hope to do anything but be a joke in the world – Oil just plunging with spikes all moving to loss in days – nothing holds as not 60 dollar now being tested and that means prosperity for the world as interest on HOLD and energy cost nose diving. If TRUMP DUMPS oil prices to 45.00 oil as we suspect he will do soon enough – prosperity continues forever.

2020 – 2021- 2022 – JAMIE DIAMOND now suggests boom no recession into the future.

This expansion is setting record after record.

Invest in success.







MBS Has COST Saudi Arabia and the great Saud and Faud Families over 3 TRILLION DOLLARS SINCE 2014:

  1. Oil wars – lost a trillion and rising
  2. New investment put on hold – over one trillion more and rising
  3. New investment capital into Saudi has flown out of Saudi by more than 1 trillion

MBS has no life preserver after failed oil wars and real wars with Iran by proxy, in Lybia by Proxy in Yemen by proxy and Qatar. MBS has lost trillions and rising no end in sight and only debt is keeping the Kingdom from a contraction that would riot into an unwanted SAUDI SPRING. Its close.




As if above all global laws the slaughter of Khashoggi was not enough. In 2019 Crazy MBS is now a pure criminal cartel robber baron trying to get his royal barons around the world to raise the price of oil. The king is just a kid however and thinks like a child. MBS is playing checkers just like a child. The World is playing CHESS with AI and the Kid can’t keep up. Not with the many moves.

So the KID does every card thing in the book to raise oil illegally to over 70.00 a barrel so he can pay his bills locally, paid by charging a trillion to the most poor on earth. Oil touches 70.00 dollars in 2019. All the expert say Oil is going to 80 but for one expert – right here on your blog.

Our team reported that Oil would plunge into 45 to 55 dollars a barrel and stay in that range as NEW NORMAL and NEW MARKET RATE not cartel rate. Our team reported the news on oil is fake news. We reported the world is drowning in oil.

Last week in the cold of BOMB CYCLONE over 50% of the USA – with higher use of Spring factories to driving – the USA added over 7 million barrels to the strategic stock pile – when we don’t need any of those stock piles any longer. TRUMP SHOULD DUMP to kick MBS right in his wallet and send a powerful message man to puppy.


Without it though Oil is moving to test 60 dollars. This is CRITICAL OIL support for MBS. This next week oil wars are full on. MBS will:

  1. Deliver fake news stats to ramp price above 60 bucks
  2. Oil firms that know the truth favor MBS because they make windfall profits at OPEC desired prices
  3. Enormous PR on oil rising this week I suspect
  4. Every possible supply interruption or short
  5. Magnifications of potentials for supply interruptions – raising prices on FEAR versus truth

Oil may cycle around the 60 dollar mark with MBS becoming exhausted to keep up the pace to sustain that level against overwhelming supply gains. SUPPLY OF OIL IS SOARING DEMAND FOR OIL IS FALLING OFF A CLIFF.

That is the truth about oil markets. Go long in oil you in our opinion will get killed. For those in the market that trusted out team ( given the track record ) and went short – you not only avoided loss you made great gains. Your welcome.

The drain …the flow of that water flowing in a circle going down the drain we all know so well – that is the market price for oil.

MBS LOSES and the loss we believe in the civil war inside the Sand Castle will kill MBS in fact.

Off with his head. 101 Arabian nights in Saudi the revenge is never served hot nor is it served like fast food.

1,000 Royals with untold influence and wealth locked up and without due process made to give up 100 billion dollars in 2017 and 2018. Do you think these families have forgotten and forgiven the insult and theft by a fork in their own family tree? It took me over 50 years in Saudi Sand to appreciate the complex history which I so respect. The SAUD family who have mentored me will set things right as the pendulum crazy BRAIN KIng ( used loose with greatest disrespect to the murder psychopathic ruler ) swung in his bat shit crazy vision – also swings BACK. THE PENDULUM IN SAUDI ALWAYS SWINGS BACK.  THE SAUD FAMILY WILL MAKE THIS ALL RIGHT IN THEIR OWN TIME.

Time may speed up.

Market forces will pierce the 60.00 insane price level MBS artificially set. Market forces will return oil to its fair market price of $ 45. to $ 55.00 peak to valley use annually. Keep in mind Demand is falling off a cliff.

MBS fake news has also presented – wow expect higher prices up to 80 dollars this summer. Why? Based on use and patterns not seen in a decade. This summer the fall off of any and all demand growth we once saw as normal to crashing new normals will surprise everyone residing in the OLD ECONOMY. The NEW AI economy crushes all fake news as AI has 100% of the statistics and makes ITS OWN DECISIONS without manipulation or influence. Increasingly AI ways data on raw source at a scale level and a DNS ADDRESS FOR FAKE NEWS as disregarded. The AI economy is the New Economy that Saudi its advisers and planners have zero clue about but are not fully hostage too. Eventually they will fire their teams and replace them with new AI ECONOMIC ADVISERS who can help them prepare.

How does MBS run Saudi at below 60.00 dollars a barrel?

Answer. Economics – MBS CAN’T.

What happens. The massive 40% gulf youth unemployment underwritten by state income subsidies begin to moderate. Subsidies on fuel to pay checks begin to wither and go to zero as the state runs out of bull shit and options. MBS failed to resolve state economics early and being late the pain that is coming is well, historic.

The Saudi instability may become a revolution that ended the THRONE OF KINGS. Game over. Why? MBS. The sooner MBS leaves the stage the faster the oil nations can adopt into the new OIL Surplus economy that will remain in surplus forever as 80% of oil use disappears in less than 50 years – or more than 10% a year. The market is not adjusting today residing in old economic models that are dead buried and degrading in obsolescence.

The NEW AI ECONOMIC LEADERSHIP that saw and rightly defined the NEW AI economics is surrounding this blog and growing rapidly. University’s late to the party are catching the truth of the NEW AI ECONOMICS.

OIL is now testing 60.00 a barrel oil just as we told you it would. MBS is hysterical now in fear not only for his future dreams ( nightmares economically ) but for his life if oil free falls to 50.00 dollar price levels.

All the Kings Horses and all the Kings men….simply could NEVER not EVER put Humpty Dumpty back together – again.!!!!

Alice in Wonderland is NEVER wrong… Alice related to future oil prices.








As head of one of the largest financial institutions mankind has every created – Morgan CEO Jamie Diamond is the Money God to a lot of experts. He has joined a growing expert crowd to state that there is zero recession chance in 2019 2020 and 2021 as far as his teams can see. He has shared that his data shows consumer, wage growth, inflation, manufacturing all of it is so solid that near term Morgan and his dream team do not see any risk for a recession to worry anyone in the years coming to us next.


Greenspan the Fed Chairman who brought us the GREAT RECESSION and the largest bubble in mortgage space ever and the crash that almost gave us another depression. That disgraced Chairman suggests the boom will go on like Jamie Diamond has said but he see’s in 2022 and forward years the economics wane due to entitlements. Greenspan believe a giant one on one sucking sound is taking investment capita from US markets and will retard growth in out years. Just in.

CZARD # 3 – ME

Chairman of the worlds largest entrepreneur institution serving 150 nations of CEO’s for over 30 years. We believe if Pelosi Trump make history and pass infrastructure – we project jobs from that on going spending in private and government sectors will propel growth for the USA into 2030. Further we offset Greenspan almost 90 now as old economics out of touch with AI economics and obsolete in making policy as we saw from his errors into the SUPER CRASH he created in 2008. On aging and entitlements we see Congress dealing with this third rail of politics and fixing entitlements and we think it is almost upon us all. Further we think TRUMP ECONOMICS is bringing in more foreign investment and more repatriated trillions back home that – entitlements are affordable inside the growth taking place from the double whammy – infrastructure job and economic growth – entitlement repair from Congress – and massive investing into the USA due to forward TRUMP policies all of which are working.

Australia has not experienced one recession in the past 27 almost 28 years – 30 years no recession by policy? Recessionary contractions are not a given or inevitable they are driven mostly by central bank tampering within central bank manipulations and failed policy. Until central banks are merged into their state treasury departments central banks remain independent. This means the following:

  1. Central banks are private stock firms non government institutions with contracts with their nations to print money for the nation – and they are owned by the same banks they seek to regulate by state charter.
  2. The are not agencies of nations they are profit institutions profiting their memberbanks.
  3. Their loyalty is not to their host nation it is to their member shareholder banks to make maximum profits.
  4. Their 100% – 90 year – failed policy has caused all Super Crashes and world wars and depressions.
  5. They experienced being independent of nation – zero oversight or check and balance and non one can over rule or over turn Fed decisions – even when they are horrible and wrong.

Is this the way we wish to move into 2020?

Elect leaders who will merge your central banks back into their state treasuries keeping all their process but one. Never again shall that nation pay crazy insane interest cost to print money it once printed for free and will again post merger. The # 1 legal theft of the wealth of nations IS criminal bankers – controlling central banks – owning them – making monetary policy to enrich their banks at the cost of wealth transfer out of the nations they butcher economically.

MERGE CENTRAL BANKS (the FED ) back into the US TREASURY and you have zero recession – or say not.

It is a choice.





I am between planes to Ohio in New York City.

There is so much in the news that obscure data is not magnified to its just importance.

The first is the WORLD BANK admonishment of China for its out of control lending. The risk to the world order from China massive debt remains an item we track. We join the new President of the WORLD BANK noting THERE IS JUST TOO MUCH DEBT OUT THERE.

Which brings us to everyone weighing in on Shadow Banking. No firm statistics are available for the scope and scale rise of Shadow banking. There is presently 66 trillion of Sovereign Nation Debt – up 100% since 2008 at 33 Trillion – and we suggested this alone was yet another fatal system risk.

Why? Because regulations are depression era related to a paper market that no longer exists at all. the economy today is all digital leverage and fully AI controlled. A G 100 new regulatory frame work is required when all the trades are in the cloud and all the laws are limited and local and obsolete to AI economics. Moderation of the system killer events:

  1. Debt Super Bubbles
  2. Consolidation of wealth – 1.5 super money pools 2007 to today at less than 10,000 and falling fast
  3. Speculation – where the vast percentage of circulations of 440 trillion in capital flows into side bets of non economic value – on which WAY any asset class may go at future time frames – up or down. Such speculation or casino capitalism in the past – has always resulted in SUPER CRASH.

Today we learn that what they can report in 2019 is 56 TRILLION DOLLARS now scaling up in shadow non regulated lending. This includes auto loan segments – student loan segments and real estate not funded by regulated banks and business and consumer lending with checks and regulations. This largely secret and unregulated area is a risk to the system long term. No one as yet is tackling this threat.

Finally we have oil. It appears central banks will hold pat – our choice – not lowering not raising interest. We think that is the stability right posture. We also think the FED needs to stop its bond selling rapdily and hold.

Oil is the wild car on its MBS manipulated higher price this year. As we suggested oil took a TUMBLE THIS WEEK – making this blog RIGHT YET AGAIN in the face of experts telling the markets otherwise. They were wrong this blog was correct. Oil has been dropping due to enormous ramp of USA output – now 12.2 million barrels each day and adding 7 million barrels to our stock piles – reserves we no longer require.

This blog noted it is time for TRUMP TO DUMP scroll and read that blog. DRUMP straregic oil reserves to correct market prices to 45.00 to 55.00 level – the right price for market pricing versus criminal cartel pricing on us all. The TRUMP DUMPS decision assures that inflation is gone and that the GREAT PAUSE by central banks can remain into 2020.

With Nancy Pelosi led infrastructure legislation passing the USA will drive world growth into 2030 without let up and possibly without recession.

The wild card are the items we have raised for smart planners to think on related to markets. Our suggestion readers explore diversified safe haven insurance investing is the exploration we believe licensed insurance investment professionals can confirm may be a safer track going into the end of the longest expansion ever recorded in our lifetime.


Jamie Diamond suggests shadow banking is not a threat to the core system yet. I disagree as a peer. I think the risk is immediate on going and soaring without any abatement or check. YET !

PS: May’s milestone of a June delay date is HISTORIC and beyond a standing ovation over very challenging diverse views.