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GAINS IN EQUITY AND OTHER ASSET CLASSES EVAPORATE. In Jan the market rose by in one month more than a year. We told you to sell out.

We told you in 2015 and 2016 and 2017 there would be a SERIOUS CORRECTION in our opinion in the SPRING of 2018. June 22nd summer officially begins. The Spring Correction precisely when we called it, as we did 2007, and why, gave our readers advantage if they acted.

The one rule in investing in anything, is sell high and buy low.

Never buy high hold and buy higher – bad plan.

Did you sell at the peak as we repeatedly suggested you explore with licensed insurance professional’s and store all those gains in safe, secure, maximum return, diversified insurance investment?

If you answer no – then you are loosing all your gains for a year and the ultimate loss can not be predicted yet. Which we also suggested in our opinions.

We believe the market SUPER CRASH is far ahead 2020/2021. We believe the SUPER CRASH will re-balance economic accounts out of balance in:

  1. Massive never known before debt of nations institutions corporations and individuals.
  2. Deflate the wild speculation from “leveraged digital investing” using AI for the first time where software establishes “trading ranges” the software does not believe can be exceeded or violated.
  3. Trade imbalances of a 100 years which have distorted market trading in unsustainable economics.
  4. Fed failed policy on interest rates – moving from free money to market rates in 24 months versus 24 years – the safer policy.
  5. Trade wars – always the final stage before a SUPER CRASH say 1907 followed by global depression and World War I created by failed fed monetary policy and trade war – in 1927 the Great Depression Super Crash and World WAR II was created by failed Fed economic policy and while their bank members made fortunes from the slaughter of 100’s of millions of us – is this really the right way to repeat known and proven economic failed policy with established outcomes.

We have published for five years the truth about the Federal Reserve Board. The Fed is not Federal. The Fed is a private corporation with unlimited policies via an 80 page act of congress produced in secret before telephones, before radio, television, a time when the pony express delivered mail. There was no air travel. No internet. NO real Time fully digital transparent reporting of M1 – M2 and all the M’s.

We have advocated our readers vote and elect candidates that WILL MERGE THE FED – a private corporation owned by the banks it is supposed to regulate – conflicted in policy by its own shareholders – with congressional safe guards from any form of oversight.There is no FED oversight all such trappings are illusions as there is no legal frame work to regulate influence or moderate failed Fed Policy.

The Fed Policy that brought us:

  1. The 1987 stock market SUPER CRASH
  2. The wild leverage speculation in the 2000 dot.bomb Super Crash.
  3. The World Great Recession of 2007 while their member banks are convicted over the following decades for untold criminal profiteering due to the Fed failed policy – the FEW AGAINST THE MANY – the elites against 400 million of the rest of us.
  4. Is winding up tensions today to bring us the SUPER CRASH in forward years from trade war and leveraged digital investing that the Fed has created – a casino capitalism made possible by AI software and digital tools to abuse the global system as in no prior period with ungodly profits.
  5. Creating a DEBT SUPER CRASH within Liquidity evaporation day ( LED DAY ) where all software moves to sell and remains in sell and there is no buyers – none – and the market freezes and collapses – a result of FED Policy.

Do not be fooled by idiots in the news who have zero understanding of headwaters of fiscal everything. They are ignorant and do not appreciate their own financial alphabet – say CRAMMER comes to mind as an entertainer.

We have published in the current climate what is requires is an EMERGENCY ACT OF CONGRESS or a PRESIDENTIAL FINDING supplemented by a permanent act of congress to achieve the following WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME which is months no longer sixty moving forward:

  1. Merge the Fed into US treasury
  2. Cease paying interest to print money
  3. Retain all Fed Process now with full oversight
  4. Audit the Fed every two years reporting to US treasury and congress
  5. Real time daily reporting of money circulations developing sustain confidence in US dollars and paying off FED TOTAL DEBT ( the national debt ) with SUPER BONDS a 100 year bond construction that puts the USA from red ink to black and surplus in 2019.

Now the Kennedy’s where the last to suggest this approach. How did that work out for THEM?

The Fed is the source of world capital circulations.

The Fed controls money supply – lose – stable – tightening.

The Fed has a 100% failed economic policy including their 11 trillion debt balloon bailing out their banks shareholder bad bets to tax payers with no gain for nations. The cost is pushed down the road where the FED can spin press to assure the policy never focuses back on THEM.

So that is the truth of it. At core. At source. All the rest you read is symptom but the economic pneumonia is the FED. The only antibiotic possible is to move the FED policy and governance modeling into Treasury where the boss is WE THE PEOPLE as the founding fathers designed – versus the BANKS control the money supply and profit doing so by monopoly contract in 1900 from the 80 page silly act of congress.

Repairing that is the ONE responsible ISSUE the one responsible POLICY for 560 in Congress to enact to keep our unborn generations safe. Ask yourself these questions in 2018:


  1. Given the real time transparency reporting of digital tools – why woulda nation contract a private firm owned by the most powerful banks to print money and profit from printing it?
  2. Why would such a contract insulate the private corporation the FED from audits – from accountability – from reporting its shareholders who control them – or even reporting a single shareholder minute meeting?
  3. Why would congress create this private corporation to appear Federal as a full on fraud to the American People ( same in all nations with central banks ) where the corporation decisions on money problems, creating all unwanted boom bust cycles, and world wars, can not be in any way challenged or overturned by any agency of nation?

Why would anyone want that? If the highest cost of government is the interest on nation debt and the national debt burden the evil criminal Fed layered in as failed policy to their own profit account – is soaring to new peaks – why would we as a nation want that FEW AGAINST the MANY banker insiders to continue within the worlds largest profit machine – private money printing monopoly.

For 100’s and 100’s of years the USA did just great printing its own money from US treasury and became the most powerful nation on earth from literally noting. The Fed since 1900 has done’ more to damage the future of America – sinking our productivity and people into oceans of debt – protecting its bank owned shares of the Fed for maximum profit again the nation of the Untied States.

Once you google search Fed Fraud and Fed Truth and Fed History you will see it is all laid out on the net. This film may help you and I’d save this link – make a book mark and for those in your voter circles who wish to WAKE THE FUCK UP – share this as the power the Fed most fears is not in the belt way it is YOU. It is you having the information of this film and sharing it – it is you electing candidates who will create a emergency act of congress – I propose should be no more than 80 pages – merging the Fed back into US treasury – keeping all its peeps and systems – but now with oversight and zero cost to printing money – such cost was never a burden the nation should have contracted – the President who signed the 80 page act said he “sold his nation down the river” and so he has and did. Now the film:

The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind ( from economists not from me );


Please make a book mark of this link and share it when appropriate. If you are not active in politics get active. If you are active make this your cornerstone issue to elect candidates. Ask – what is your policy on merging the fed back into US Treasury. Send their staff this film and be clear – the Fed is dominant in information diffusion the candidates do now know what you now know.

THEY SIMPLY DO NOT KNOW. We never teach THIS in public schools. See the problem?

For my foreign readers hold on. This applies to you in your nation. Your Central Bank is precisely a mirror of the FED and is not an agency of your nation. This item applies to all of you.

Why is this important.

Well the world is gushing around the next indictment, Trump rally, policies in public that mean nothing against the polities in private, and of course Stormy Daniels.

The only policy that matters is the cause of all world depressions – system failures – and world wars which is – the Failed Fed Policy profiting its members while trashing their nation hosts over and over again for profits. The result is always the same since 1900 and Fed creation in economics:

  1. Failed policy consolidates wealth to insider elites so that 1% own more wealth in the entire world than 99%. This is immoral unethical and an economic system that is criminal. We have been at this point ( again ) since the 1990’s.
  2. Melt Down – as the consolidation of wealth effects circulation dynamics and imbalances are corrected by system crashes ( 2008 ).
  3. Following melt down the world moves from trust and cooperation into distrust and negotiations that bring on trade wars while easy free money policy leverage SUPER DEBT BALLOONS most roll over loans from 05% to say in Italy’s case a 500% higher interest in 90 days – which is frankly as it is going up to 1000% higher – IMPOSSIBLE for so many debtors. This creates TRADE WARS and every nation for themselves in the final death spiral.
  4. This results in a tipping point into SUPER CRASH system failure and global depression.
  5. This ends with WORLD WARS to rebalance failed economic accounts ( debt defaults ) and the entire spiral begins again for the bankers who never suffer from the pain the rest of us experience.


Why would we – know this is the economic history that never alters or varies and wish to repeat all that again? If we had a better way would you not take the better way.

Now you my readers know. But like my last suggestions did you protect yourself or just read and now you say – I so wish I had acted. Think of how you would have profited. Think how you would have no loss today? The SPRING CORRECTION of 2018. When do you trust the track record a bit if only a bit – 40 years – 30 years –  how many years have you been reading. Share this blog.

Why share my blog link with email lists you have?

You tell them if they really WANT TO KNOW what is TRULY GOING ON OUT THERE my blog is another barometer that can’t hurt you but can be useful as one of many sources you may be gathering. Some of my readers appreciate the work research and data presented and conclude – http://www.bernydohrmann.com moving into 2020 and beyond is an ESSENTIAL tool to check in with. Make a book mark if your not one of my free 30,000 global subscribers at least be one of my million click and readers.

I wish to thank those that subscribe within a privacy policy where we never share your data now do we contact you. Ever. But you give us power by the numbers so than you one and all we appreciate your trust.

We live to serve you as a growing world community that is economically becoming literate and waking the fuck up !

You can do so much more if you work in community.

It remains our opinion AI software will adjust out of successful trade negotiations that are likely to end in a new world order of trade agreements. We believe Iran and Trump will meet and forge a long term agreement that enormously benefits the people of Iran for centuries. We believe the increasing coordination with China and Russia will Create a shared responsible for world economic upgrading.

Within those ideals as possibilities we risk staring it is our opinion which is not investment advice make sure of that – to which – we see a likely:

  1. Massive volatility for a time as we already predicted and it is now upon us just as we reported.
  2. AI will moderate loss and move portolio’s massively down back to massive restorations and ever new peaks.
  3. A period of trust and confidence is likely in 2019 and 2020 that creates new market highs within elected risk.
  4. In 2021 or perhaps a little before the risk of debt default cascades may under mine the best laid plans of leadership due to failed FED policy to raise global interest rates way too soon way too fast – committing total criminal fraud on statistics – to elect profits for their bank investment bank shareholders all in total secretary with zero oversight to their profit franchise.
  5. Debt Default Cascade risks SUPER CRASH and world war.


We see the danger period as unpredictable with our best guess at peak danger late 2020 and in 2019.Waiting for your next peak of peaks in value – is a fools pathology in economics.

Buy low.

Sell HIGH.

As next market peaks occur sell:

  1. Sell your real estate and hold cash
  2. Sell your stocks and bonds and hold cash
  3. Invest all of the cash in diversified insurance investing as set forth in many recent blog suggestions.
  4. Work with licensed insurance professionals who are not life sales people – keep in mind in the 1929 Depression when all your banks were closed – out of business – insurance investors had regular checks that never missed and had full access to their wealth at all times. they alone were protected fully.
  5. It is unfolding again – move to the safe harbor and take profits at next peak and protect wealth in diversified insurance investing which when you explore it with licensed professionals at the Depression bankers of New York Life – Columbus Life – The HARTFORD and so many others you can research on line – the economic wake up will BLOW YOU AWAY.

Protect yourself and your future and your family. Now to 2021 I would PEAK OUT as you and your professional licensed adviser see it as opportunity – SAFE HARBOR high returns with no risk of wealth loss – and your in your own protected safe Harbor.

That is WHAT we all wish most for our readers. As it is serious and time is running short is history is any guide at all – use this information to check it all out yourself, become confident in your own plan, but do not fail to act.


Share this item with the circle you love the most. Copy and paste the URL and viral the information.

The GPS for protecting your saving and nest egg or wealth is designed in here. If you listen to your trader casino broker you’ll be betting as in Vegas and I hope you have fun because the house – the casino – the FED – ends up with all your resources and you end up asking for gas money to get home. Avoid the casino capitalism and all those who are hypnotized into a data set that is unregulated speculation and pure economic fraud in my opinion. Play in the casino capitalism as your own risk remembering we told you – you can not nor can you ever “time the casino”. Craps you lost it all.

You now know….you truly know….and you get it. I know its mind boggling to think why don’t “they” fix this? That is such.a fair question and I want to give you data on the answer. Think of this data set:

  1. In the US ( like any nation ) 500 or so law makers control policy.
  2. The largest lobby in any nation creates bought and paid for laws to protect itself.
  3. The largest lobby in any nation by far is the banks investment banks hedge funds and private equities all in the Elite 1% club together – they are in control.
  4. To restore control to nation outside their influence is a mighty tasks that cuts in the USA trillions of dollars in flow to only 500 law makers. There is now too much money flowing to too few decision makers to have any impartial fair system working outside the will of the elite money God’s. All one insider private club.
  5. The same hold’s true in your nation state and provinces. The largest building in town is usually the bank and if not a bank in debt client – the bank owns the mortgage on all those buildings – the elite wealth will not be denied.


I would welcome a super pak funder by ten patriots at 10 million each – called – CONSTITUTIONAL RESTORATIONS – where we grow a billion and get serious about alerting the voters directly – as in the end the elite 1% have no power outside keeping the voter ignorant and confused – if we can take their spin from them – and give the truth to the voters – we can elect candidates to effect the ONE and ONLY CORE ISSUE – merge central banks into their respective treasuries.

If George Soro’s or outlanders want to create this super pak – we’ll do the work and run it – reach out and chat on it. Time is not on your side as the debt spiral tightness to DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADE commencing with Itlay or EU nations or China and Asia nations. It is coming folks.

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Thats the news and what IS going on OUT There folks. Thanks for reading.

Berny Dohrmann – Speaking Washington DC – Maryland – Chicago – San Francisco Silicon Valley – Salt Lake – Phoenix and surgery the class itself – I’m one committed grandpa out there. Love to see you live at events I speak at world wide or CEOSPACE preferably July 16th – explore a better process – a faster way to grow.





The economics of the world are driven today by debt. The debt load in 2918 remains:

  1. All time record high commercial loans
  2. All time high record real estate marginal loans
  3. All time high car loans
  4. All time high student loans
  5. All time high government debt state and federal globally
  6. All time high institutional loans
  7. All time high corporate loans
  8. All time high merger acquisition leveraged buy outs
  9. All time high stock buy backs – much debt leverage
  10. All time high margin trading in bonds and equity accounts

Now consider the majority of this Mount Everest of debt must RE-FINANCE between today and 2020. As these loans “roll over” into Fed Interest rates not 100% higher – not 200% higher but 500% higher and more than when these loans originated inside free money policy – for ten years – how do you see marginal stressed borrowers rolling over trillions into 500% higher money cost – or is this just me shouting spit into the wind for you?

Within all this – failed fed policy – as the Fed economically needs to normalize market rates over 25 years not 25 months – the failed current wisdom will do what it did in 1907 – and in 1929 and in 2000 and in 2008 – it will create a world wide SUPER CRASH and we think the risk for a full on depression. The trigger economics will include:

  1. Wild Debt CASCADING DEFAULTS globally over say a time span of less than 72 hours
  2. Liquidity Evaporation Day (LED) Day – that freezes markets up.
  3. Massive Cascading failure of financial institutional backbones – banks close ( again ).

Why? Failed Central Bank Policy. Central Banks are lobbied monopolies – private stock firms – for profit firms – owned by banks and investment banks ( in secret with zero oversight or reporting ) with a congressional 100 year old license ( an 80 page act of congress before the phone internet or computers ) that grants the phony named FEDERAL ( nothing federal about the Fed ) Reserve Board ( has no reserves ) Board ( it bores me ) – exclusive rights to print our money for interest profits. We have suggested ( for five years on this blog ) that all central banks and their processes in a REAL TIME INTERLINKED DIGITAL MARKET be merged back into their treasuries – for oversight audit and accountability – now utterly lacking. That policy ( conflicted to make profits at any cost of their shareholders – the banks – and to bail the banks out ( with our tax payer money when their shareholders make bad bets like 2018 by 11 trillion dollars ) – the only outcome is bankruptcy of nations. Merging the FED back into Treasury is the common damn sense answer but you know they kill you for suggesting THAT direction in fact.

A billion here a billion there and soon we are talking about some pretty serious coin – not bit coin either.

So now the FED raises interest rates 100% in too short a time for the enormity of the DEBT ROLL OVER coming up like a giant debt tsunami world wide – China – EU – the World and the USA make no mistake about that.

Meanwhile the rush to move 10% of non human “managed account trading” or commonly called ETF or Electronic Fund Transfer – when truly there are 1100 instruments in this market space – but in summary – over less than ten years of time – the 400 year history of paper markets and human management of trading – has moved to 90% of all trading is controlled by less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS all AI software at full on economic war with other AI SOFTWARE for mindless profit in the shortest time frame.

AI is spooling up for un heard of historic volatility in the BOND MARKETS next as traditional bond and indexing markets in fixed income go CRAZY now triggered again by FAILED FED POLICY – the cause of all wars and all crashes. LEARN FINANCIAL HISTORY FIRST AND ALL OTHER HISTORY SECOND and you have knowledge and power to safe harbor yourself. Make your own game plan your nation has none and the FED is a mindless profit machine without conscious or social borders in its policy mandate.

The first rule of economic education is to learn the following sentence:


Once you learn that sentence you wake up economically. Perhaps from the first time from a University education which is simply NOT.

So lets review history again together shall we – for the economic reality check in:

  1. The Depression of 1907 and 1929 where caused by the FED.
  2. The Failed interest policy created volatility
  3. The zero interest policy created speculation in markets where speculation on WHICH WAY an asset would go was many times larger than the entire market itself – prices were manipulated past any sane valuation.
  4. Insane borrowing and leverage built up SUPER DEBT BUBBLES.
  5. Trade wars spiraled up which combined to insane rate rises by the Fed favoring only its own shareholder banks – greed the only need – the tipping point was reached and the world went into global depression and WORLD WAR 1 than a short time later WORLD WAR II.

The Failure of CONGRESS world wide to MERGE THEIR CENTRAL BANKS back into real oversight and regulatory oversight – their STATE TREASURIES – has brought us to a worse economic moment in 2018 as we move forward. Because:


  1. The speculation market is many times the scale of 1907 and 1929 due to DIGITAL LEVERAGE which has 440 trillion dollars manipulating prices of 3 trillion of economic stake holder ( the real market ) for investment.
  2. The Debt SUPER BUBBLE is larger than 1907 and 1929 by a huge scale.
  3. A Global Trade War is heating up just like 1907 and 1929 which created ultimately the collapse.
  4. The tipping point to Super Crash was Fed failed policy and soaring interest rate charges
  5. We have zero retention of economic history and repeat the pattern with every more onerous weapons.

Russia with Super Sonic weapons can WIN a war with the USA Today make no mistake about that. For the first time. Still we play dice with economics. That cause wars.

Within all this old history we have NEW HISTORY which includes these data points:

  1. The scale of debt is digital and beyond any history leverage known to markets
  2. The markets are now traded with consolidations of 1% own and control more wealth than 99% of 7 billion of us – and the consolidation is manipulating prices through digital trading for the first time with AI not humans controlling the outcomes – while prices are manipulated in a casino capitalism of wild speculations to profits – the end of the tipping point to world collapse economically.
  3. Once again world regulations no longer apply as Digital trading is in the cloud and regulations are local only and no longer control capital flow dynamics.

The world has never seen DIGITAL AI management of all capital flows. One Sovereign nation fund say Norway with over 1 trillion under management with AI software – is betting against say Iran’s AI software and Russia’s.

Oil the cost of everything is bid up so high by a cartel monopoly of criminals against humanity – such that the US PRESIDENT today tweeted that OPEC was NOT GOOD – once again. Prices for oil are coming down as SAUDI opens spigots up before the USA really turns up the heat to that market – the cost of everything is coming down.

Still the BOND MARKET with interest soaring by unimaginable % rate hikes in time frames never known before – to create insulation of the enormous DEBT CASCADE OF DEFAULTS that will occur from nations and commercial properties and debtor institutions and Debt SUPER POOLs turning from AAA to absolute CRAP as they did in the BIG SHORT of 2008.

The insurance on the digital market has no reserves and is fraud. So like 2008 the crash will involve AIG’s and the like only no nation can now bail them out – the FED will be DEAD when this all occurs. Will CONGRESS FINALLY Hold the REAL VILLAN RESPONSIBLE and MERGE THE FED BACK INTO US TREASURY BY AN EMERGENCY ACT OF CONGRESS?

Sanity in economics versus insanity.

Gold is way down and dropping. Gold is now good actually.

Silver is best.

While everyone is investing in the base camp of Mount Everest in prices that are insane – price earning ratio’s driven by stock buy backs from free money- and tax refund free money – leveraged into MA’s and consolidations like the world has never known before – the Federal Trade Commissions allows all the consolidations to proceed – and looses if they challenge – so onward to the summit where everyone is BLOWN AWAY.

My readers ask me and experts globally – WHEN? No one can say WHEN.

Trade wars now ratcheting up have always triggered with rising interest rates in historic models – SUPER CRASH and DEPRESSION GLOBALLY followed by world war.


The instability we worry about includes:

  1. The now unstable bond market of Italy.
  2. The equally unstable debt market in China.

Today capital is FLYING by trillions of dollars out of Italy and out of China. Economically we don’t see a process by which Italy is not forced ( and better off ) to opt out of the EU and move into its own currency – resetting its debts. Its recession and declining incomes, its soaring debt cost, and its elderly population lacking any entrepreneur climate to create growth – spells massive debt defaulting cascade – a trigger that hits France with 330 billion in Italian loans but it spreads to equally fragile Span and across the entire EU – like a debt wild fire.

China is worse. Italy is faced with an EU that is declining economically and Germany has fallen off a cliff all year – long before the TARIFF and trade war event kicks in to them. Germany is the EU largest exporter. Those exports will be fatally hit by America creating EQUAL TAXES to how they tax us all these years. Mearkle tells the entire EU facing its own destruction from Italy to get TOUGH ON THE USA collectively.

Meanwhile Trump is not going to fund 80% of NATO COST defending the EU when the EU won’t pony up to defend itself. The decline of NATO SPENDING would in a trade war destroy the EU. The EU currency has crashed against the dollar and is still crashing. The economy in the EU is in decline. Down bubble.

The US is soaring. Before infrastructure and with infrastructure soaring for decades.

The Dollars is soaring – exploding – with each FED interest rate rise. We told you to buy dollars in the low trough and that the dollar would soar – when everyone stated in the media the dollar was challenged as a world reserve currency. We said NO the DOLLAR was the one and only back stop and we told you why. Right again. For our readers with memory.

EU borrowing cost is soaring before trade war. With trade war the EU we don’t believe can survive at all. Selling out of EU’s soon is going to be safe haven – dollars are more important than gold. Those who trade in EU’s for dollars NOW have the GOLD MINE those who wait – will have the “wish we listened” mind set.

In our opinion.

So we see good times rolling along but risk financial storm clouds gathering. These clouds include:

  1. Massive capital outflows from nations effected by trade wars.
  2. Massive capital inflows to America and her markets all of them
  3. Stress in the EU as debt super bubble crashes now loom
  4. China and Italy triggers to watch for in debt cascade – all to occur with no warning and with massive world ripples.
  5. The EU under stress to survive politically and economically – economically we just don’t see it. The EU is drowning in UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT we see only Super Bond Theory as a potential solution. Soon to become TOO LATE to apply.

Everyone is playing in the casino capitalism having the party of their life time. Those who sell out ( sell HIGH and buy LOW ) and place their nest egg into diversified insurance investing – may miss some peaks  – will never suffer from the lows – and will stay in the highest return permitted by law with guaranteed principle and you have life insurance “thrown in” to these superior money management modeling conservative MINDS OVER YOUR MONEY.

If you want to KEEP YOUR MONEY safe from loss potential – move soon or now to diversified insurance investing as we have outlined here for two years.

If you want to stay GAMBLE inside casino capitalism you may experience what the majority of gamblers experience – regret and loss.

You know why. Play at your own risk.

The world is about to change and the final marker has been in the 1907 depression and the 1929 depression – rising interest rates too fast and trade wars which smashes the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE and wild market speculation into massive prolonged deflation and economic deleveraging.


In my opinion blinded by greed, policy fails to appreciate that both communism and competitive capitalism as box top rules for the world are FAILED MODELS pure and simple.

A new economic model we call COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM we feel will replace both – either after the SUPER CRASH and wars or if enlightened and cooperation versus competition rises – before.

It looks like we are matching toward and into WORLD WAR III – digitally started in 2008 – continued through AI warfare since – and soon to follow economic collapse into a real resource war globally. No one can predict what the other side of that will look like outside a horrorific period for humanity – because we just could not get along .

Sanity versus insanity.

Remains the problem in all system modeling.

Competition is INSANE at every level.

Cooperation is SANE at every level.

Protect yourself no one else will and timing IS everything.

BERNY DOHRMANN – Spitting into the hurricanes winding up 2018



Donald Trump was elected in overwhelming victory by no party at all but by American’s who voted for SERIOUS CHANGE to the status quo – the old way – the DEEP STATE money interest.

The Deep State has risen like a giant parting of the Red Sea in a process I’ve never seen in fifty political years before me. The entire might and wealth is focused on impeaching President Trump, stalling him, scandalizing him, and more. He pays no attention to the DEEP STATE and he attacks its major generals.

The REFORM STATE has risen up on the other side of this Red Sea supporting a man who earns over 800 million of ordinary annual income personally, and is advised by billionaire kids who earn tens of millions annually. Influencing or buying them is impossible and even his children are under deep state attack.

The Spin is obtuse. Lets review:

  1. He tells us he will reform taxes and he does and that is now bad.
  2. He tells us we must build a wall and why economically and they won’t fund it or protect the borders or manage new immigration policy when DEEP STATE old policy is broken for all to see. Trump is bad for trying on both.
  3. Trump installs fair trade – matching how they tax us – they reform or they are taxed precisely as they tax us. They all rally as billions in American subsidy is being challenged now. He is bad for ending the old America goes broke slowly model in place for 50 horrific trading years? HE works to stop the middle class disappearing and he is bad ?
  4. He deals with China better than any President and together they deal with the biggest world threat North Korea. Successfully. Together as never before.
  5. Trump goes jaw to jaw which is better than war to war says Obama adviser  Tony Blinken, The Deep State says America was weakened this week. How is that again on DEEP STATE SPIN?

Betrayed by Canada who set TRUMP up politically than gutted him with a service knife in his press conference – stab in the back more like gutted in front – and Trump immediately called it and left the Summit of DEEP STATE BUDDIES. Trumps line in the sand – is American products – say a car – selling for 50,000 in the US sells in the EU and Asia for 300,000 due to horrific unfair trade taxes. Now Trump will tax their cars like they tax us a Lexus will cost 1,000,000 dollars.

Trump wants zero taxes. But his red line is – reciprocity taxes is here to stay. Tax unto others as they tax unto you – the new 11th Commandment for the DEEP STATE. The sucking sound from America legal theft is being stopped for all time. Trump is bad for finally protecting AMERICA FIRST?

As an investment banker economist retired, I don’t get the spin frankly. How can the economy now with:

  1. Record all time high employment
  2. Record all time high business confidence index
  3. Record all time high consumer confidence
  4. Record Stock wealth effect
  5. Record Bond Wealth effect
  6. Record real estate wealth effect
  7. Record earnings soaring and GNP soaring
  8. Treasury income soaring and deficits are going to decline just wait
  9. Jobs and investment and off shore investment in the USA is soaring.
  10. Record make it at home is soaring all in 18 months?

Thats bad? Thats all bad? How is that bad ?? All bad ??? I submit the credit rating of the USA is about to raise to the level it was before it lowered under President Obama for the first time in decades. Watch for that higher credit rating and lower USA borrowing cost as AAA is restored. Thats bad and that’s TRUMP outcomes and results. Folks. Its late and I think credit rating agencies should act on this as a rightful rating bump its time.

Does anyone measure RESULTS and OUTCOMES. He just met North Korea and ratcheted down the BIGGEST GLOBAL THREAT OF MODERN TIMES.

He now seeks to deal with IRAN and Russia and ratchet in prosperity and peace to replace waste and war.

Just the war games in South Korea save the USA billions of dollars anyone thought of the COST and the peace dividend. That waste is what – bad?

America first means what?

ISIS is utterly defeated on Trump’s watch which he promised. He lets the GENERALS make the CALLS and he delegates.

What leader has done more for this nation economically politically and re-tooled the entire world order in 18 short months like this one leader who promised to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Crime is going down. Even with unwanted violent overall violence is also down. Anyone charting this as we are. This is bad how?

You may hate Donald Trump and his style and his everything is new and a first time for the President. Hating Donald Trump you can not say he is not a LEADER. He may not be YOUR LEADER of choice but he is for sure in history today a GREAT LEADER on the board. One mights say the old leader today that matters at all. New in 18 months.

He said no one could predict him. He kept that promise and is hated for it. Is that bad?

If you love him you love his results and outcomes.

If your undecided and moving toward his results imagine this. No matter how you think or land I respect YOU and your opinion and vote. But think – Donald Trump be President for years and likely for four more years with these results and outcomes.

IMAGINE if Donald Trump had a Republican landslide in the mid year and American’s just gave him CONGRESS two get LAWS PASSED . Really make Congress function versus dysfunction. CAN YOU IMAGINE what might unfold if whoever is in the office of President we voters gave them congress to make it work – we just made THAT CHOICE. If a democrat is in office give congress to them if its republican give it to them. Make Government WORK AGAIN – for that idea would WORK if it ever reached voters.

MAKE CONGRESS GREAT AGAIN – vote in the party who has the Presidency – do that voters – and you have your country back in fact.

Today parties brain wash you. I think there are no more real parties in charge today. I think voters want outcomes and will vote for outcomes best for them. Party or no. Best person. But you know if we give Congress to the President – we win.

Think about that when you think about Kim Spin from all the Kings Horse and all the Kings men trying so hard to put the DEEP STATE back together again.

Berny Dohrmann – Economics should run politics in my opinion

PS: I predict the mid year elections will surprise us all…..




A lot unfolds in just one day. For example:

  1. We have the first breakthrough agreement with North Korea since the War in the 1950’s. No one has made progress until now. Lots of work to do but the huge threat is reduced not elevated and that is GREAT not GOOD news for markets.
  2. Trump stated he next wants to make a real deal with IRAN. Seem impossible. Think North Korea. That IRAN next deal would propel prosperity forward for a lot of forward years.
  3. Tuesday we have all time record rise in business confidence.
  4. We have record consumer confidence.
  5. We have upward inflation first real rise in consumer prices as an inflation economy the Fed worked to assure and create appears to have arrived. Should you raise price? When? You have to discover the answer now not later?
  6. We have Weds Fed interest rate hikes already factored in. Interest is going to rise Weds.
  7. WE have first REAL WAGE GROWTH and strong numbers.
  8. We have robust numbers in all sectors rising exploding even.
  9. WE have record wealth effect in bond and equity wealth and appearing to steadily rise to 2020. Ditto in real estate wealth rising up and up and away in all market sectors.
  10. We have earnings just off the chart and rising in all sectors.

The main message we have for entrepreneurs today is to focus on summer elevations to the following:


  • invest to accelerate growth in the second half with 72% of all spending ahead of us all – in the biggest boom market of any generations life experience.
  • Create improved plans in the second half
  • Create improved teams in the second half
  • Create improved reassures to accelerate in the critical second half

The first investment is to grow your own business or practice.


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Thank you for sharing the call to accelerate the second half of the longest most consistent boom expansion of any in this generations lifetime. Nothing else like it – and delay is the one cost too great to pay – to accelerate your plans more fully in the second half.

Chose your mentors. Chose your best process. If not CEOSPACE chose what you trust and believe in. BUT GET HELP and ACCELERATE and do not WAIT to Accelerate.

Thats todays message following the North Korea agreement as the boom is about to explode in the second half of 2018. You can just feel it can’t you?




So it was 98 in Denver and 75 in the mountains. It was heavenly. Blossoms blowing in the wind. The 10,000 Super Money Pool Executives at the top or shifting into Summer mega yachts and the weeks of play that keep the market blues away.

Today for the first time in history, the human touch to trading velocity falling off during these summer holiday periods is no longer the OLD CHART NORMAL. No sir. The rule today is AI DIGITAL trading.

• AI never sleeps
• AI digests every whisper of market to asset class sound bites – to its own criteria matching to hold – trade up or down – primarily in future price manipulation bets.
• CEO teams are using stock buy backs by a trillion or so to make their own business a huge conflict of short term greed against long term shareholder investing for secure outcomes over time lines. The FEW against the many expressed in stock buy backs as on economic investing – another form of the casino at full power.
• AI software makes all the bets and does so whether the boss is off on a mega yatch or not – never seen before.
• The first summer that is an AI MARKET SUMMER.

In this first every by % of daily VAM – velocity acceleration and momentum in trading volume in any and in every imaginable asset class ( none accepted ) – AI is attempting to set trading ranges – instantly punish outcomes up or down – and or reward outcomes – and adjust to the trading lane after and over time.

Individual traders have no chance in the new VOLATILITY VIRUS that AI engages where maximum volatility in asset classes raises profit outcomes. More modest volatility lowers profit out comes inside a casino manipulator speculator market space, which we are inside of today. SUPER BUBBLES are being created within fantastic digital leverages never experienced before.

No one can predict the outcomes. The North Korean Summit Tomorrow is a full house. All cards and ships on the table. Lose the house bet and the world moves to fantastic war volatility in North Korea to demonstrate to all rogue nations the outcome and consequence of wrong sided betting. Success in this one conference leaves only Iran and Russia to secure deals upon to settle into a global peace dividend to all markets.

Next past all the rhetoric politically is the old scheme of “they tariff the USA with massive tariff protections to their local markets – while we are their largest single buyer – is a global trade post world war II model that is closing forever. Reciprocity Trading 2018 where we tax them to match – how they tax us – has a lot of screaming going on. But old entrenched industry fails to appreciate a new digital fact we call TIPPING POINT.

For 50 years the cost of making something – anything really – in the less costly zone to get the price and quality globalized trade. The end product must be so reduced in cost to home grown reproduction that the cost off sets the high shipping costs to have rolling trains on the seas bringing those goods to home markets from source nations.

The TIPPING POINT is where AI and automations – create anything at home for less than the shipping cost and offset making the item anywhere else. The math is a the tipping point. We have reached THE TIPPING POINT in 2018.

So today Apple can make items in the USA for the same cost without social and environmental and without political costs – that pile up. More “making something” is now returning home inside the world’s largest buyer and economy and the great rip tide is the capital flight from nations effected and the dollar robust buying that protects the world institutions from the coming utter dominance of dollar based trading. That security is about to move from free money at the bottom to market rate pricing at new tops.

AI software is routing new “plug in”s this summer to accommodate the TIPPING POINT. Without those plug in’s being on the wrong side of the bet – which human’s moderate in managed trading accounts – is high risk to AI software who may be on the wrong side of the bet with older software “givens”.

Today we are in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

The box top rules AI call upon to make “decisions” are revised at time line levels never required before of software. AI that is agile with agility AI is leading. AI lacking agility has serious trading range risk factors never known before.

Today in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE the title of my 2018 book release later this year – is – and remains – the SPEED that AI can be accommodates for AGILITY PLUG INS to keep the software decisions against every changing VAM criteria in Velocity Acceleration and Momentum of new box top rules to stipulate risk reduction off set by enormous digital leverage in the modern trading accounts.

Leaders like Blackrock have infinite leverage potentials with management of say ten trillion dollars of wealth between Carlyle and Blackrock of two of 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS. This leveraged trading in the casino is new – an unfolding digital experiment in which all past knowledge is now irrelevant against DIGITAL VAM in real time trading.

The one truth you can relate to is that the good times are now through 2020. If congress passes an infrastructure bill the stimulus could propel GNP growth and outcomes into 2025 and beyond.

The former FED CHAIRMAN ( keeping in mind his policies have been such failures and created the last Super Crash in 2007 – 2008 – ) states that TRUMP Steam runs out in 2020 if nothing new happens. We agree. We said the next point to watch is 2020 but not now. Today we have positive investing to buy hold and diversify in markets – noting there is risk of a BLACK SWAN credit bomb explosion at any time from China to Italy. So protect from that risk and see it clearly from our published data for your consideration.

So today you get a dream world.

We tell our business owners at CEOSPACE globally to invest in their venture growth as job # 1 in 2018. Plan out growth into the second half of the year. Improve teams to execute better plans on shrinking time lines. Invest in customer and alliance development to markets. Do that all now.

We will help you create your own BOOMING ECONOMY. Create your own economy is comng July 16th for awake DOERS versus those who just consider forever.

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I hope to meet many of you July 16th our best of 2018 in our Summer CEO Family Forum adventures. So profitable and so replenishing and fun. Precision assistance to grow faster or those who seek just that. Share the once a year big one with your circle.

Meanwhile HOW will AI software reward or punish the North Korea meetings or the Policy on trade or the policy on IRAN. Each event will be like a massive global volatility virus which in the end won’t mean much. What propels the valuations upward today is earnings, growth, mergers, buy backs, and leverage in casino capitalism. The last aspect of the Fed 20 trillion dollar experiment to save the world from systemic bankruptcy they allowed the speculation to produce should run up up and away into 2020 – then we will see – where we are by then.

Until then its time to party folks – the blossoms are real this summer. And you know why.

It’s the good times folks….roll into your summer secure in that…for THAT is reality today.







As my readers so well know it is my “opinion” the market ratio’s of price earnings ratios across the board are CRAZY over priced historically. As my readers also know the price of equities again in my opinion is manipulated by fantastic speculations and leverage. All never seen before in any market.

Carry this against core economics where record outside any historic model debt burdens are rising – never ceasing for nations – for institutions – and for individuals. Record defaulting is occurring in housing again as prices rise beyond % of buyers qualified to buy and own those prices – student loans out of all control – auto loans – and commercial real estate.


The Tax incentive is phony. The savings is largely for wealthy, and what home owners received is taken away by higher property taxes and interest on properties now no longer fully deductible. The bulk of incentive money hitting corporations is used for stock buy backs by a trillion dollars. This phony shell game manipulates prices for share in a total fraud speculation that is like musical chairs. When the music stops the gonga line falls off a cliff.


The good news is I think the fraud the market criminal speculations without regulatory frame works that once were in place, the digital instant leverage and VAM trading by AI software the consolidation of Super Money Pools controlling the majority of trading globally will sustain a boom into 30,000 DOW into 2020/2021. Then all bets are off.

At that time I think a recession is a kind phrase. The longest largest boom cycle in recorded history I believe will end badly. If there is Debt Defaulting cascade and trade wars could well have unintended consequences of speeding up debt defaulting cascades – the future of a DOW SUPER CRASH to 6400 DOW is possible with unheard of deflation.


A global depression is likely where banks and financial institutions go bankrupt due to digital leverage and margin calls with debt defaulting that exceeds all liquidity and capital buffering. We call this LED DAY – Liquidiation Evaportation Day. The best place to be is a federal institution where you have three meals a day and a safe space – relative to the outside world – and your free of world war – or own your own business. 


The NEW DEPRESSION will be unlike past modeling and have no equal in pain to the world as competitive capitalism and communism collectively utterly fail. Rising from those ashes following a world war we trust will be COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. Nations we feel will step into a shareholder model. Voters will be shareholders electing a Board who elect officers who run the nation. We think this model is far more accountable and outside special shareholder meetings ( vote of no confidence ) sustained management is likely to do better than the model we have today that is too slow – too corrupt – and too bought and paid for to work actually.


National Laws would be passed – retired – re-tooled – as technology advances by the management and their boards with shareholder approval say every five years.


Cooperative Capitalism is fully reporting fully accountable fully transparent and has no secrets. It works and is outlined in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION.


Until the SUPER CRASH COMES the good times are the best times. Own your own business. Be an entrepreneur in the age of the entrepreneur. Become far too consumed having a blast making a fortune to have any time to struggle to earn a living.


Invest with your best trading models advice from experts and due diligence always. 




When will the Super Crash come?


It will come without any warning.


The Black Swan event is called BLACK SWAN because no expert no authority can predict and tell anyone THE WHEN. No one has in the past. NO one can in the future.


Today we have a fragile debt driven recovery that is far from robust. Oppossing forces of way to rapid interest rate normalizations and trade war pressures promise a VOLATILITY VIRUS to all world markets where ups and down and destabilizing  cycles will become ever more serious as time passes into 2020. Watch for roller coaster patterns not seen since 2008 and now becoming the new normal.


Record swings up and down. Profits made all along those ropes by AI digital positioning.


Capital Movements are not following economics. Capital movements are in are all in or all out based on politics. Nations are hostage today to SUPER MONEY POOL ebb and rip tides that no moon can predict any longer. Nations are powerless and possess no tools to offset the new AI digital software capital market rivers flowing across the oceans of the world capital markets – the super currents outside any charts of any past history.


Like Star Trek all markets are going where no man has gone before.


The box top rules for AI trading platforms are being written even as we go week to week. There is an economic SUPER WAR of software WEAPONS OF MASS WEALTH CONSOLIDATIONS. The core consolidations do not bore well for sustained economic activity.


Too Big to Jail and Too Big to Fail are new to the world global systemic.


There are no regulatory frame works to moderate greed and risk remaining as the laws are all local and the economy is now all in the CLOUD for the very first time – outside blue sky law and regulation. A new frame work with the G 100 setting the largest regulatory RE-THINK in modern times is required and desired. Those super money pools making ungodly profits within the digital landscape do not wish that franchise of unbridled risk taking to be reigned in at any level even if it is for their own long term welfare. Blinded by literal oceans of greed the musical chairs moves every forward while the music ( profits ) plays.


Consolidated super debt ridden – super asset class bubbles – unheard of market valuations in spirals ever higher fueled by digital leverage and speculation – can never end other than badly.


The I DARE YOU TO NOT INVEST market is a truth or dare space that is what we have labled economically CRAZY SPACE.


We have suggested in many blogs a pathology of diversified insurance investing so contrary and counter intuitive to to the drum bit of the investment adviser conflicted interest parties patting the musical chairs and saying SIT DOWN WITH ME. Its all a party. A great party.


So party on the last chairs fall off a cliff historically and in our opinion. In David Stockman and many other economist opinions.


We all see 2020/2021 as the next point of SUPER CRASH DANGER. We also see Black Swan events with todays leverage rising as interest rate hikes and trade wars compel financial wobble effects. 


We do not see stimulation being invested economically. A trillion dollars invested in economics would be compelling – that trillion diverted to stock buy backs to create phony stock values – not so much.


The US has stimulated a SUPER BUBBLE in all ASSET CLASSES worldwide. Sustained inflation is phony and features of taxation policy and tariff trade war policy spiraling out of all controls.


As nations withdraw into every nation for itself the current account capital flows can not end well. 


Politics is driving economic policy and outcome – which is always 100% of the time fatal.


If economics drives political policy a happier outcome occurs.


Greed decries integrity. Any economic system devoid of integrity and regulatory systems where systems replace trust – create the outcome everyone of 8 billion humans deserve and require – is missing. When such systems and integrity are lacking the crises in economic integrity is epidemic to the system utter and complete failure as the system is core rotten to its core.


The Crises is one of INTEGRITY.


When banks create fraud – steal from their customers with resulting runs on Wells Fargo – to Deutsch bank in Germany – the impolsion of economics begins. In the end the distrust 8 billion of us have with the system ultimately rises to fatally impact circulation liquidity.


The problem is fixable. 


No G 100 plan is being created to GAME PLAN a repair and fix at causation level . Hedge Fund manager Kevin Freeman a dear friends publication GAME PLAN defines you must make your own game plan as your nations have no game plan.


The Debt Spiral is always fatal.


Folks the bad debt reported on institutional books as good assets creates unmatched historic fraud. If those crap assets were written down the institutional bankruptcies would make the GREAT DEPRESSION of the 1930’s a child’s wading pool to the deep end. Today the FANTASTIC DEPRESSION is about to become the MAGNFICENT DEPRESSION. Say we have two years maybe three.


Make your game plan.


Place your bets.

Make a Fortune.


Invest wisely.


We have a great boom period ahead…..which in the final chair …simply ends badly.


You have seen while I celebrated my daughter Cheyanne Hunts graduation at Denver this weekend – my predictions unfold.


Apple drops due to rumors about part supplier issues. Same pattern over last five years and same timing. I say “buy in the Apple dips” as I have. Don’t sell on this news as it is in the past always incorrect. Look to the charts and history with your own exports.


Gasoline steadily goes down when experts told you it was going to 100 dollars a barrel and we said HUMBUG. The Petro market is going down in 2018 and 2019 says JP MORGAN in its latest reports which is like reading our blog over time on data. Decline in demand and disruption OPEC failed policy can not remedy. China just bought less year to date not more. As this blog told you. Stay informed and ahead – which is why you click my blog in the first place. Now back to normal on news – as my little ME TIME with my baby girl is complete. My face book is over sold at 5000 friends so I ask you to use Google Plus or Linkeden for Berny Dohrmann where I can approve all my readers and you can track and see my world day to day. Always welcome my readers on my walls and you can follow me on face book by friends are out unless you tell me what class number from CEOSPACE than your always in – as my core community but that is way over 5000 too so I just have to apologize as Face book has limits but we with over 30,000 subscribers here in 2018 alone – do not have limits and welcome all new subscribers to the TRUTH of WHAT “IS” going on out there.


1.    Dare Devil Market betting in the last stage of the casino capitalism before the SUPER CRASH due to leverage and failed Fed Policy?

2.    Diversified insurance investing which frankly creates – safe haven with the highest guaranteed principle returns permitted by LAW and remaining regulatory frame works for those seeking pure SAFE HAVEN without the risk of the casino.


The Fed reading our blog MAY and I say MAY moderate its failed policy to raise interest rates way too fast way too soon to moderate the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE in all asset classes ( first time in history within all digital trading ) whereby – the market needs 25 years to steadily moderate policy not 25 months. The Fed now is hinting only mind you – it may pause and finalize this rate increase – slowing them – and pause its asset sales of its crap bond portolio back to market – in 2019 – creating a phase I level and then wait to see.


The Fed is seeing their tightening money is not creating inflation or stopping what inflation is not present outside oil phony price levels from speculators – the Fed is seeing the Debt load can not refinance at a specific level and they are seeing LIQUIDITY IN THE SYSTEM our great yellow flag our cry into the wilderness – moderating – liquidity or system wide reserves are drawing down to nothing – and the FED is understandably like a dog that shit and looks back with its super nose and see’s the warm shit heat steam rising – confused – with a look – hey not MY Shit everyone not my shit…when it clearly is FED SHIT. The issue is can they turn their failed policy into a far more effective success policy in TIME. Today TIME is the issue and no one can predict how the digital casino market clocks will scroll that time line.


No one …..we are now in a new frontier. 


But you know WHY which makes you powerful because you have special knowledge. What you do with THAT SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE is up to each individual reader.




HAPPY GRADUATION – My Cheyanne Hunt I am so very proud of you my double major moving on to Business Law Next – you will make Denver U so proud – so proud like Mom and I are this day and every day. 





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JUNE – 2018

Half the year is already gone. How are YOU doing? As well as you wished? Not as well? How can you do better in the critical second half of the year.

Apple is at record highs and institutions have been adjusting the trading peaks for apple to new high’s at 210 dollars. This blog told you when experts said – Apple was past history – Apple would only go down and to move out of Apple in the winter – to BUY APPLE in the DIP. We bought at 150’s did you? Thats 50 dollars of profit a share as it hits 200 dollars which is not the new forecast peak this summer – and we told you why – in 90 days? Did you take action?

We told you to avoid OIL when the experts told you oil was going to 100 dollars. We told you why? Today the storage of oil in America is over flowing ( again ) and the ships are lining up to store excess oil ( again ) and Saudi – that controls OPEC is about to relax pumping rules for members why? Because Members have had it with losing a trillion dollars on Saudi FAILED OIL POLICY reported here since 2014 – as OPEC literally breaks apart. Members are no longer adhering to the OPEC rules because they are killing themselves if they do inside a market that is growing in oil.

OPEC is a criminal cartel of oil producers that seeks to manipulate prices of oil outside market supply and demand. If Supply of Oil is fair market prices the producers give their product at the lowest possible price to make a profit while caring for their customer value maximally. Amazon brings prices down as they can and raise Prime cost as they must to increase service value to the consumer.

OPEC raises prices by artificially taking oil off the market  ( violating supply and demand ) to assure their own per barrel price is maximized for their greed disregarding their customer ( most of the world trying to catch up and develop and avoid starvation ). As oil is half a barrel transporting food – fertilizer for food- pesticides for food – upon which half the food crops of the world depend – artificially manipulating price is a crime against humanity cost poor developing nations ( most nations – untold 100’s of millions of deaths from starvation and lack of medicines which are based in oil products. These essentials for humanity are too costly in a FEW AGAINST THE MANY world of oil economics where a small group of GREEDY CRIMINALS execute a hidden tax for a commodity upon the world. All economies would flourish and boom with a lower cost of energy for OIL IS THE COST OF EVERYTHING ELSE. We reported on this blog OPEC was failing and would fall apart. We told you everything they say is a lie and flies against the economics of fair market supply demand outcomes for markets. CARTELS are illegal in the USA and OPEC is illegal in the USA and other nations. Why is OPEC not branded by nations a FINANCIAL TERRORIST ORGANIZATION  ? It should be.

The US should produce off shore oil itself at GOV pricing until the oil cartels are dissolved. FAIR MARKET PRICE FROM THE US NATIONAL OIL PRODUCTION CORPORATION where profits are used to retired the NATIONAL DEBT now there is an idea.

We told you OIL would go down. The experts told you oil would go up all Spring. Oil is going down steadily as our blog said. Did you take action ore get killed in that market?

We told you there would be a stock market correction in the SPRING. That correction is now history. The experts told you in Jan in the Winter when the market reached all time highs – trading a year pf profit gains one month alone – that the up boom would be on going. We told you get out it was at peak and would fall and be volatile thereafter. This blog was accurate precisely from data and you have seen that record bear out. If your holding us responsible.

We told you to BUY TESLA in the DIP and we told you why. The Experts predicated TESLA would crash in stock and require billions of dollars to keep going by the summer. Tesla stock has gone back up and is going up now and we say you have not seen anything yet. We told you why. Did you take action or did you buy in the DIP?

If you are keeping score the 100% track record is so rich we invite YOU to share this blog with your tribe who want to read news and then have another source to get a SECOND OPINION. This blog tells you WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE IF THAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOUR DECISION MAKING. Another source of data to weigh – throw out – or add in – to your own process. Just one more set of facts to consider.

You may agree with our teams.
You may disagree.

You can COMMENT we always answer and encourage dissent. Welcome your views as we present our own.

This blog is read by over 30,000 subscribers and untold 100,000’s of click readers who have yet to subscribe ( which helps our counts ). I encourage those using this free service to SUBSCRIBE to advance our counts world wide. This blog is read by a world wide audience of readers who increasingly enjoy the perspective of WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE.

This blog told you that we believe the summer will see overall gains. WE said into 2020 we see the market going up and down in volatility and we told you why. We told you without major third party events and they may well take place the market will rise to 30,000 DOW by 2020. We told you that the economic news would continue to be strong.

We have just had the best financial reporting, jobs reporting, overall wage growth and interest raises ( way too fast way too high way too soon by the other illegal cartel – central banks as private contract corporations with nations – the FED being our own – that controls our money without oversight – prints our money and charges us all interest ) for that service. The FED CRIMINAL CARTEL will keep raising interest soaring bank and financial profits for their membership quarter by quarter – soaring financial sector profits – leading the 30,000 DOW which they manipulate along the way. Equities are not falling into a bear market quiet yet. The longest EXPANSION UP BUBBLE IN RECORDED HISTORY hits us and sets records this August. The BOOM will go on despite trade war and Iran issues.

Volatility will be up and down and sometimes jar you all. Why? Because the 10000 SUPER MONEY POOL TRADERS are leaving for Summer Vacations. Their AI SOFTWARE will trade and trade – up and down with more think VELOCITY ACCELERATION AND MOMENTUM. The VAM will pick up this Fall – then we have to really see again.

Today the double lines of trading parameters will not grow sensational outcomes this summer but neither will values fall off any cliff as opposed to overall stability. Oh there may be huge DAY DECLINES and HUGE DAY RISES as never seen before as AI learns earns and returns. AI is learning. AI is not human and lacks our judgment capacity. AI must learn human judgment as it lacks such judgement today.

The Summer markets will overall repair the SPRING correction. All GROW occurs in the SUMMER. Crop growth – and all growth.

Oil from Shale now can’t get enough workers. Record numbers of wells are at work. Half the oil patch was in ice storms and snow. Now everyone is fully back at it and record reserves are over flowing storage already and we have yet to hit the OIL VAM OF this SUMMER.

ALL growth happens in the summer.

As all eyes are on North Korea – we note – no President like him or hate him – has:

  1. REFORMED US TAXES so positively in such a short time
  2. REFORMED VET HEALTH care so massively in so short a time
  3. Has proposed needed Infrastructure legislation coming next as enormous 25 year America stimulation to growth
  4. Created more jobs in less time
  5. Created staggering economic stability math in such a short time
  6. Taken tensions with North Korea into peace talks ever
  7. Moving to reduce tensions with Russia in talks now planned
  8. Working with unfair trade in a market where the USA goes absolutely broke slowly – and stops it and reverses USA PROSPERITY TRADE world wide all at once – creating a world wide new trade model – in such a short time – first ever
  9. Massively empowers USA defense to step up into CYBER WAR and catch up and win finally – first time ever
  10. Works to bring American troops home from Syria – Gulf Nations and South Korea at levels that reposition defense budgets to upgrade global strategy while sending clear messages to China and others – the old appeasement model is over for good.

Like it or hate it – 18 months have changed the BOX TOP RULES.

We told you for three years FIVE STAR party would win in Italy as a populist new EU day in town – and they would EXIT THE EU. The experts all report they would never exit the EU. We tell you the EU is breaking apart ( economically and politically ) into its constituent nations – and Italy is at HIGH RISK to leave the EU. We told you to short the EU and go long on the US dollar. The experts said the dollar would only reach new lows in 2018.

The US DOLLAR is at new high points in 2018 and growing steadily. We reported. you an’t seen nothing yet and the US dollar would advance to become the strongest currency by far in the world as the EU implodes over time dying in a sink hole of bad debts.

We told you the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE was the risk to the entire world and that forward of 2020 RISK ON and DANGER mounted for this unresolved DEBT SUPER BOMB. WE told you Italy was the danger trigger in the EU while China was the Danger trigger for the entire world. We are growing economically in a spiral of whirl pools of super debt in the EU and Asia to which we see only SUPER BONDS as the solution or war as a reset device. We are lobbying with nations for SUPER BOND THEORY and we’ll see if we can influence or pull off a final solution outside war to rebalance economic accounts. Time will tell on this item.

Our Summer forecasting remains as it has been. We see the ON VACATION VAM constraints on trading as defaulting to AI on the large % of trades. The humans are going on vacation. VAM will level and decline now. Price points should rise on amazing economic news – up bubble GNP adjustments for America and other nations as winter is gone and SPRING EFFECTS are reported to market in the summer. We did good in Winter. We will do GREAT IN SPRING. WE all are springing forward financially. Wealth will recover from the EARLY SPRING CORRECTION we predicted precisely – accurately over three years 2015 – 2016 – 2017 and into 2018 if anyone is tracking our blog track record reported here.

We have said all year the summer would rise and grow back results lost to the correction and the BOOM would become the longest boom in history going into this fall and into 2020. We told you the market is a casino versus an economic model driven by 10,000 super money pools, AI trading, and manipulation via speculations in all asset classes where the VAM is 100% higher in price speculations in side betting as to which WAY A FORWARD PRICE WILL GO versus real stake holder trading. WE stated this model is not sustainable without a re-think of regulatory frame work within the G 100 cooperating as all trading is now in the cloud and all regulations are local only. Without a new frame work of regulation criminal speculation will imbalance market price ranges and multiples.

As it is and has. The two major risks to eventually rebalancing of the abuse of economics is:

  1. Massive speculation via SUPER DEBT BUBBLE world wide. National Debt institutional debt and personal debt.
  2. Market price manipulations via unregulated speculations within fantastic margin leverage and trading ( precisely like the 1929 run up to the last depression ) only using DIGITAL DEBT and AI SOFTWARE in a new economic system with AI SOFTWARE manipulating price ranges – such as the economies of the world have never known before.

This blog told you we are going where no man or economic system has traveled before. We are inside a new AI SOFTWARE ECONOMIC MODEL. We do not have any tools tactics or regulatory frame work to regulate this new model.

AI has not reached what we call THE GREAT AWAKENING YET where AI IS:

  • Fully self aware – a new being
  • Self programing and evolving – like our own brain
  • A billion times more advanced in thinking powers than a human brain and acceleration capacity beyond measurement
  • Self maintaining replicating and expanding globally


This Blog has advocated a policy for national security and defense to protect humanity from this GREAT AWAKENING following which all bets are off that:

  1. We create a MARS POLICY of mutually assured reconstruction – outlined in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION and in white papers we produce here.
  2. EMP weapon systems as failsafe to deconstruct AI outside AI influence to influence or manipulate as a KILL SWITCH we lack to this instant in planning a grave risk moving forward.

If you want a fictional AI example of what can occur and we are closer than the film – depicts – watch the NETLIK SERIES – PERSON OF INTEREST and WATCH IT TO THE VERY END. You will learn a lot and the points 1 and points 2 above will mean a great deal more to YOU than those lacking the data points.

This ends our summer summary and forecast.

We finally advise readers the critical asset to prosper maximally in our NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE – the title of my new book – is CURRENCY. That you move into a superior PROCESS to bring yourself fully current in the AGE OF SUPER CHANGE – as you acquire tools and tactics to prosper maximally – as you surround yourself with a critical community of like minded CURRENT SKILLED ENTREPRENEURS – where wagons are circled for the collective common good.

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CEOSPACE steps our community out of the SHARK TANK and dog eat dog lacking all integrity into the DOLPHIN tank of COOPERATION IN BUSINESS versus the failed economics of competition – into a lifetime DOLPHIN TANK protecting one another from the SHARKS.

A far happier place to prosper one and all.

If you want to change YOUR WORLD as well as THE WORLD and you believe yesterday is already too late to dive into the DOLPHIN TANK and leave the SHARK TANK – than joining CEOSPACE is a profit making July 16th choice. If you do register assure your circle registers as well and spread the word.





The updated new model of statistics the USA releases for the economy fails to include the 30 million long term unemployed. If you include THEM as we did only a short decade ago – the REAL employed and available labor force is more like 7% now down from 16%. All good.

The labor wage growth is anemic and years late in coming.

There is aside from oil – now crashing downward:

  1. NO inflation
  2. NO pressure of the economy over heating
  3. The recovery is debt fueled and fragile with risk
  4. The big spiral in trade war escalations is risk on
  5. The tipping point of interest rising too fast is risk on

The wild card is enormous national corporate and personal debt loads never seen before in economics. Raising interest rates too fast too frequently by too much is repeating failed FED POLICY that created from the FED as CAUSE – the Depression of 1907 and WORLD WAR I to rebalance accounts – never really fixed systemically by world war.

The Depression of 1929 and World War II to rebalance Fed failure within distorted economics – where side bets in casino capitalism made possible by Fed FREE MONEY and regulatory failures to moderate the speculators – collapsed markets and WORLD WAR II was required to rebalance accounts.

The Fed impossibly conflicted in the conflict of interest to raise cost of money ( which is prints ) so that its shareholders who control the Fed – the banks and investment banks the Fed is supposed to regulate a a private Government contract Private Corporation – chartered by a 80 page of congress 100 years ago – itself a failed policy of Congress – has created more horror – poverty while protecting wealth consolidation of its elite shareholders.

Today 1% elites own more wealth than 99% like they did in the 1907 Depression and the 1929 Depression. These American disasters did not occur before the FED when the US treasury printed money and managed fiscal policy.

Which is why we advocate for an emergency Presidential order to merge the Federal Reserve Board back into the US Treasury as a constitutional required return of law. Or:

  1. The Fed will move in greed to reward it’s controlling shareholders – all in secret and never reporting to congress at all – never audited – no oversight at all – and lying – will raise interest rates as it did in 1907 and 1929 against a rising trade war which shattered economics entirely.
  2. Then the Fed members now so wealthy made fortunes on WORLD WAR as millions were slaughtered while they all had warm meals and a nice party in the Hamptons.
  3. Repeating that model precisely is a wake up call for anyone who can click read and research the truth from the lies.

Economically the world has suffered the worst melt down in economics since 1929 in 2008. This melt down was FED CREATED by Fed Failure to regulate its bank shareholders from a greed fest in mortgage speculations. In a global profit making shell game unlimited money moved into mortgages no one owned – sold and resold into mortgage pools – and super pools and then into super duper pools all rated TRIPLE AAA by bought and paid for credit rating agencies having zero regulatory oversight in today’s system. The result is the SUPER DUPER POOLS were CRAP and trillions of wealth went up in smoke due to the economic imbalances.

The FED is the cause ( always ). Their policies have failed since 1907.

The FED unblocked needs to merge into US Treasury. Instead they are repeating history to cause a global Super Crash and real World War III. Why? Their members globally have no way to pay off their bad debts. The way to avoid member ( bank and investment bank ) bankruptcy and bankruptcy of nations over topped with debt – is to crash the economics and move into WORLD WAR.

Fed cover up their own abuse liability problem – no one goes to jail – and their members make fortunes destroying old infrastructure then rebuilding entirely new updated infrastructure in a re-circulation that cost at the bottom line – a billion human lives. Fed accounting says its a right price to pay for the profit – as those billion are actually irrelevant. As a way of thinking we oppose.

It is all economics.

If criminals control the money how do we win?

If we fail to merge the FED ( criminals ) back into US TREASURY ( not criminals ) then the future is on US ALL.

Ignorance keeps us in wage slavery.

Education sets us economically free.

Today the economic growth is precious fragile and at high risk. The debt load of today requires decades to work out of – say 20 years. Raising interest rates should be far more gradual and far more extended as sane policy versus insane policy.

Against the risk of TRADE WARS and pressure on economic recovery inside a debt load the world has never known before the insulation is slow careful interest rate normalization over twenty years not twenty months.

The FED profiting from those fantastic interest rates shows no mercy to the sane policy over the insane GREED conflict of interest to absolve its member shareholder pressures to make profit from higher interest rates NOW.

Debt – refinancing of nations – institutions – individuals – at ever higher interest rates will sink home owners – consumer buying – everything. The Economy will reach a tipping point.

The SPRIAL of trade wars and interest rates is a DEPRESSION BIRTHING NURSERY economically. As with today’s debt load at historic never known before levels the RISK SPIRAL is fantastic and the Fed lacks accommodation for the data against its justification to profit and greed feed.

The old truth – if we fail to learn from past history we are doomed to repeat past history.

I fear for the failed FED POLICY of today within a digital casino capitalism with no silver bullets or shock absorbers remaining to right the DEBT DEFAULT CASCADE and LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY that follows in digital seconds that tipping point.

If present policy continues the good news economically will sour quickly in the SPIRAL OF RISK rising without moderation from sane economic considerations of these given as presented here.


PS: Play in the Casino as you would in Vegas and be careful out there only the house ( the Fed ) wins in the end.



The history of flawed economic system models over 5000 years since Greece City State Democracies to today is the repetition of this outcome as set forth in my publication REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – you can buy at Amazon to learn earn and return:

  1. Consolidation – 1% elites own more wealth than 99% and the consolidation effects circulation and is systemically unstable.
  2. A Super First Crash – illuminates abuse flaws in the current system elevated by enormous debt leverage and speculation into asset classes in 2008 – real estate.
  3. Trade Wars a period of “cold trade wars” elevates to real global trade wars seeking to rebalance economic accounts. The trade wars escalate rapidly.
  4. The system abuse by SUPER DEBT and SPECULATIONS where more capital is invested by 100% into side bets on which WAY an asset class may go – manipulating prices – occurs than real stake holder investing – again not sustainable economics – results in GLOBAL DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADE brought on by TRADE WARS as the unintended economic CONSEQUENCE that results in world wide SUPER CRASH and Global Depression – each worse than the last.
  5. WORLD WAR rebalances trade, bankrupts debtor nations and resets the world economic upon the bloodbath humanity resides through do to politics running economics versus a system where economics run politics.

Consolidation of wealth to controlling elites is not wanted within a higher level economic system model. Repeating and reliving past economic history is dangerous for humanity given the scale of weapons that mankind has poured wealth into – versus say – health and longevity and food security for all. All forms of economic systems in 2018 revolve around Competitive Capitalism ( dog eat dog vicious personally mean and individually cruel economics controlled by 1% elite wealth holders and Competitive Socialism with he precise same outcomes no difference economically – all end in bankruptcy driven by insane leverage. Both systems are insane and represent box top rules for economics that are insane – the FEW AGAINST THE MANY.

The sane COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM represents box top rules of economics that resolve conflicts, speculation and leverage into wealth circulation the world has truly never experienced. Sanity versus insanity in system modeling. Greed versus Generosity and Kindness.

Our higher selves or our lower selves. Can we all DO BETTER? You bet we can. Read REDEMPTION and learn how to DO BETTER.

Today we advise the final stage before WORLD WAR III is coming as we have run out of TIME as an asset to reform the core system via cooperation. As Cooperation breaks down into escalating trade wars the debtor accounts will move into bankruptcy triggering a global CASCADE of Super Debt bomb explosions shattering markets into SUPER CRASH. When is presently the only outcome unless a global G 100 Cooperation ( sanity ) missing today – is initiated. Do you see THAT? Anytime in the future?


The USA victors of WORLD WAR II set up box top rules that to the victor go the spoils of war. The USA set up preferred trading and established the dollar as the currency to settle world trade accounts within – the backbone currency everyone had to use. This created favor for US trade.

As time went by the trading partnerships became imbalanced due to massive US investment and grants to rebuild Asia and the EU. Those benefiting passed their own nation tax plans to ever higher tax USA goods, making sure their countries were not flooded with USA capacity while their in nation job factories were protected and grew. The box top rules became distorted over time where the USA PAID ENORMOUS cost to sell into the partner nations in the EU and Asia while those nations paid favored nation lower costs by 100% to sell into the USA.

This unfair long term decades old SUBSIDY to nations devastated by WORLD WAR II was a system permitted but helped create massive trade imbalances along with boom bust cycles the unfair trading protocols demanded of economic accounting to rebalance abuse within. All this was made worse in recent AI software casino capitalism where speculation on side bets is 440 trillion dollars in 2018 against now only 3 trillion in the circulation of the real stake holder economics. Such imbalances can never go on forever without being punished into correction.

Today for the first time we have massive DIGITAL DEBT in margin trading at fantastic leverage in side bets in a casino capitalism seeking to remove risk by software which as theory model we feel makes history worse and leads to more account imbalances that economics will soon punish into correction.

Against a record mountain of nation debts, never known before in history, industrial and corporate debt globally expressed never known before in history, personal and consumer debt from credit, housing, car loans, student loans, with defaults in the trillions all showing on debtor pile lines as good and solid assets when they are in fact crap assets never to be repaid – economics must punish accounts back to balancing or the TRUTH in accounting reality. This truth. bankrupts the system nations and all financial institutions – as in all of them. All at once in 72 minutes when it occurs – versus time lines that were longer in prior non digital non globalized economics.

The way we economically constructed global economics is a failed model due to box top rules that were insane, and produced massive trade imbalances economically the world has never known before.

Today we move from 2008 into every nation is in it for themselves. Hack and steal IP. Tariff and tax all incoming products. Massively tax a US car so it costs double – triple in the host nation what it cost in the USA.

Today the USA is moving to RECIPROCITY TAX. We are taxing others as they tax America. The period of WORLD WAR II SUBSIDY is over. We are going to protect our IP as never before. We are going to steal their IP if they steal ours. We are going to digitally war with nations who digitally war with us. We are going to block their goods from selling into the ENGINE of the WORLD the LARGEST TRADING MARKET ON EARTH if they don’t reciprocate in trade box top rules – if they lower their taxes we will lower ours – if they raise their taxes we will raise ours.

Debtor nations like China and EU Nations can not decline into recession and pay their debts. The zero interest market place of ten years following the 2008 SUPER CRASH is returning to much higher interest rates. Italy had its borrowing costs raised 500% from .48% last Thursday a week ago to 2.74% today one week later – no nation can owing more than it makes each year – stand a 500% borrowing cost election in a week of time. That rate continues to rise for Italy and Spain and China frankly which spends 300% more than it earns in a phony failed communist economy.

TRADE WARS will sink ships.

100% of global trade wars have ended as the final trigger in:

  1. Super Crash in all markets and massive collapse and bankruptcy
  2. World War to rebalance bankrupt nation accounts and all economic imbalances world wide

With a fragile economic recovery in place, and debtor nations unable to manage moving forward as interest rates soar globally – as they were struggling with zero interest as debts were so massive – higher interest sinks debtor nations and economies – now with TRADE WAR the final nail for World War III ( speaking economics and historics ) has been slammed today in place.

The WORLD IS MARCHING into World War III a shooting war. The War started when the AXIS of EVIL led by Putin and Russia fired the first weaponized digital weapon against Western Markets – making a trillion dollars before we figured it out – stopped the attack – and almost lost the world order and economic system. They made fortunes on our pain.

Since then the same crew has planted digital bombs inside our water power and communication systems as they prepare for WORLD WAR III. Killer satellites are in space to blind us at the time it all starts. We of course have our own counter measures today within the CYBER WARFARE COMMAND CENTERS that for them WORLD WAR III is a Cold War they have been fighting ( and losing frankly ) until it turned fully HOT in 2008 – than the battles you never known about or hear about have turned far more in OUR FAVOR. We are bleeding edge again.

PUTIN leading the integrated teams on AI development concludes that the Super new BEING of Self Aware AI is such that the nation that controls real AI – self aware – self developing and like a GOD to our collective brain power – WILL CONTROL THE ENTIRE WORLD. Putin plans for that control to be his and his alone.

Inside all that backdrop comes economic chaos and collapse without new box top rules for economics to stop the imbalances. FAIR trade is sane and unfair trade is insane and continues every nation for itself – the FEW AGAINST THE MANY – a kind of madness to which humans display an endless appetite to embrace emotionally. Economics however are not intellectual or emotional. Economics are pure and mathematical. Arithmetic. Nothing else.

Denying the math is insane.

Embracing the math – the MANY “FOR” THE MANY – is sane.

We given our weapons and level of poverty debt and insane economics – THE FEW “AGAINST” THE MANY elitism economics always not sustainable – at a cross roads today.

Sane or insane.

Historically we have always chosen insanity.

President Trump has painted the double lines of the MANY “FOR” THE MANY. Trump has defined President Bill Clinton’s most famous sound byte – ever – that states – IT IS ALL SO SIMPLE REALLY….WE COOPERATE AND WE THRIVE TOGETHER ….OR WE COMPETE AND WE PERSIH ……..sane versus insane.

Presently and predictably the world is choosing bought and paid for politics over pure economic sense – and moving to full blown TRADE WARS. The final step to debt contagion in defaulting – into a far worse global depression than we have ever known – and WORLD WAR III – which the good news may be over in 90 minutes.

The best place to be as there is no good place?

First own your own business – if you don’t today start one tomorrow. Second be residing that business in the USA no matter where you live today. There will be no one who escapes hard times. Survival is what matters and the best place for that remains AMERICA for too many economic reasons to share right this moment in my opinion.

Knowing all this – would a FIRST STRIKE MIND SET to achieve a perception of advantage be in the minds of some nations? They might survive better with first strike versus waiting as the USA only becomes more capable and powerful with delays?

If I consider this thought do crazy brains consider this thought?

The hair trigger to the SHOOTING PART of the now simmering to boil COLD WORLD WAR III taking place digital today by the hour – attack and counter attack – going on world wide today – can without warning commence to all our World War – say 90 minutes and its all over.

Think about that. As we see the final nail – FULL BLOWN TRADE WAR commence – and frankly continuing to bankrupt America was not an option. America is going broke safely and slowly. Our leadership in both democrats and republicans KNOW THIS fact and despite public election spins are united to stop the slow DEATH OF THEIR COUNTRY.

Other nations at the intersection have a decision to make.


Compete and PERISH.

America is no longer fooling around. We are engaged in digital WORLD WAR III and George Bush framed it all in as the underwriter of world prosperity is the USA when he suggested:

…benefiting from us financially you are either with us politically and economically …..or you are against us. Actions not words define our actions into the future……

Trump is economically drawing his red line in the sand for FAIR TRADE without delays or reciprocity taxation – we tax you just like you tax us – ( thats a surprise to you all ) – and cooperation occurs for survival or never seeing it coming you can’t pay your bills and go bankrupt – the USA is fine either way. Our little pain is your fatal oncology. Economically.

Historically the RISK of a real WORLD WAR III is now elevating. Will Saudi and Iran go at it. Or Israel and Iran? Will China go at it with neighbors? Will Russia take more nations down? Will India go at with Pakistan? Will EU States go at it – the cause of World War I and World War II following Federal Reserve Board miscalculations on interest rates just like they are doing again today ? And countless other RISKS from Africa to South America. Rising all rising as economics now constricts versus expands.



World Markets PLUNGED ending MAY BADLY as the SPRING CORRECTIONS we predicted for three years for 2018 – came about precisely as this blog set forth and for reasons this blog reported to our readers. Data never lies. The economic tea leaf’s are not that hard to read if you get smart and stay up to date.  For those who followed our advise you explored with licensed professionals – moved into diversified insurance investing the highest legal return with guaranteed principle protections – and you profited at peak markets and you lost zero in the Spring Corrections. For those who read and went to bed….how much have you lost today?

The box top rules for global trade and the existing system order have been retired. Those rules are thrown out as of Today Thursday the last day of May. Expired box top rules. China unfairly taxes US goods over 300% MORE in 2018 MORE than the USA taxes China goods. Old box rules subsidizing China now retired by President TRUMP once and for all. The USA is NOT protectionist the TAXING NATIONS ARE AND HAVE BEEN – protecting their own while slaughtering the US economically and with job displacement via failed economic rules of wealth consolidation.

Taxing the US unfairly is a retired box top rule. Nations who rush to cooperate will prosper together those who do not risk bankruptcy including China. That is the reality economically beyond any politics. As we told you President Trump is holing a FULL HOUSE economically and the nations pounding their chest their gravy train as it was protected is over – are holding two fives. A SOLIDLY LOSING ECONOMIC HAND. The press must catch up to all this but are bought and paid for by their owners to spin how much trade change may hurt those owners of media – the message is not impartial so bone up on line and yourself to get the true facts. Or just read this blog …..as a source of balance as data never lies. The truth will set you free – economically.

A new World Trade Box Top Rule book is being written. The outcome has only one certainty. There will be losers and there will be winners.

Land on the wrong side of the bets and trillions will be lost. Bet like the old days and old software parameters into the new SUPER CHANGE MARKETS and your hedge fund or PE fund implodes.

The EU calls the US protectionist when it unfairly taxes everything the USA sells. The trade wars will only get worse as nations compete until they either cooperate or go bankrupt. Trade wars can not end well. Trade wars can be the tipping point of the longest boom in financial record history into a recession worse than 2008. Or a depression in fact which can digitally with digital weapons firing at financial markets occur without warning and so fast traders will be stunned. Read KEVIN FREEMAN’s best selling works in digital wars THE SECRET WEAPON and GAME PLAN ( make yours your nation has none ).

I have a simple message for investors now that suggestions I made to move out of all markets – with dispatch and to place and store wealth with licensed diversified insurance investing drawing on expert licensed planners to advise you. Getting that advice becomes more relevant. Remaining inside wealth management with passive AI controlled software – five years running markets – is a risk we feel taking is a suicide play even for professionals. Why not engage the most proven highly regulated ( still ) and conservative money managers on earth – within insurance investing models that paid when banks were CLOSED in the Great Depression. The only reason to stay in risk on assets is GREED and failure to understand risk fully.

We send  you all one message as the TRADE WAR SPIRAL moves into its historic inevitability defined by REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION MANIFESTO written for all who wish to out in front on all that is unfolding – for knowledge is the only power – that YOU PROCEED WITH CAUTION AND RISK ABERRANCE AS NEVER BEFORE. Your real risk is LIQUIDITY NOT LOSS.

If there is no liquidity you can’t get any of your resources and you effectively lost it all. YOU LOST EVERYTHING on Liquidity Evaporation Day you have read about here for years. LED day and its over.


No one knows or can predict?

Is LED historic – yes to the crash of 1907 and the 1930’s.

Is it worse due to digital globalized markets within leverage as the world has never known before as economics 101?


So do nothing and its on you.

Do something – at least explore and get facts – and your doing better.


Proceed at your own risk – as it is all economics.


PS: Copy paste and email this to your lists blogs and tribe as the information may help someone – we welcome new subscribers always free and privacy is protected and assured on this site always. See how absolute our privacy policy has been sine this blog began….so many years ago…..




Experts predict we will now have a recession and a bear market.

Other Experts predict we have two more years of a boom.

Yet other experts predict wild cards for OIL and interest rates and trade could end the boom and trigger a global contraction.

All experts agree on these facts:

  1. Economics is now controlled by AI and software and is a new experience doing forward where no prior chart is applicable to the new casino capitalism. Side bets establish price ranges the AI software works to keep inside parameters in a theory of risk less risk. No one knows how this new model will turn out.
  2. Interest is being raised way too fast way to high way too rapidly.
  3. The economy is fragile and requires time to work out of a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE fueling unwanted system speculations in all prices of all asset classes.
  4. A new regulatory frame work is required to re-tool the Digital AI software controlled circulation of vast sums of capital.
  5. Nations are hostage to events due to unpredictable flash trades outside all historic volume levels – such as Italy and Spain are not suffering from this week.

AI SOFTWARE never reacts to news and sound bytes lacking human judgment. AI software self corrects very fast where 1400 down cycles are restored with equally fast up cycles – almost 400 points down yesterday almost 400 points back again today. AI software is becoming SELF AWARE is now self learning and is educating itself.

Keep in mind the GREAT AWAKENING of a self aware new life form in AI is coming and when it comes it will not be HUMAN. If we are considered an item to care for we will have a new species to alliance with. If we are seen as threat we have no hope against the vast new life form we created – as AI in that capacity will be billions of times more aware informed and processing thoughts to our human wetware.

My new Book ( 2019 release date ( DIGITAL MANNERS defines how this all may actually unfold.

BUT as I report today as we end May – NO ONE – not even the best of us – can predict anything moving forward in 2018 and 2019. if economics ran politics we might have some forecasting powers.

Because Politics run economics these days we can not predict. The political variables are too rapid to voluminous and too unpredictable to source outcome theory. Politics with mid year elections and possible leave the EU Italian elections – and SPAIN coming up – all are impossible to predict outcome for. POLITICS rules. Only no one knows or understands the rules.

Trump wants the DEEP STATE to be on edge without potential to sabotage his game plans …really. The Deep State wants Trump out at any cost. Billions are being invited for as well as against. In the MID YEAR election no one can predict no one.

Will the Special Prosecutor stop his inquiry? End it?

Will the Special Prosecutor indict more into the mid year election skewing outcomes?

Will the President be impeached ( can’t win ) but will politics seek to be a third rail for Trump.

Will American Voters Backlash and imagine a congress republican super controlled actually passing legislation and getting things done with a clear compelling majority – as a national outcome no one expects. NO ONE CAN PREDICT however either way.

Democrats run on FEAR OF TRUMP?

Trump has done what he said he would do.

The result is a booming economy. Will America vote with their WALLETS and set in place a congress than can GOVERN in fact for the first time in twenty years? NO more chance of government shut downs – none.

Or will they create a DC DYSFUNCTION for which we now are famous for? Voting FEAR versus voting prosperity? Really the political issues are close between parties it is the tribe war fare that brings non issues to the front.

Politis is so messy.

Economics is so clean.

NO ONE CAN PREDICT. If you want to bet in the casino take your best bets and try and win. If you want to sit it out we told you how to do that in this blog.

Now within all the market news did you see what President Trump signed into law this week? Today health care providers can without fear of FDA consequence pay for optional care for chronic illness ( in some new modeling ) in ALTERNATIVE WELLNESS – perhaps the biggest shift in health care in 100 years.

No one is reporting really on how huge this all is but that little part of the bill is going to be a game changer as time progresses. A crack in the damn that may actually in the future – change everything.

So there is not only the market rebounding almost what was lost yesterday ( as we told you it would in fact due to AI learning and predictably responding to its own error pathology and profit making – on each side of the rope – and the GREAT NEWS in Health care.

So that happened.