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The Lies Are Never Ending:

  1. The Puppy King years ago in his 20’s, went to full on attack the American Oil Shale Industry lying – stating OPEC WILL DESTROY YOUR INDUSTRY. In 2014 the rare non renewable ( lies all as the world IS in fact in 2019 simply  drowning in oil – as demand falls off a cliff in a wealth shift not seen since the 1800’s  ). The Puppy King in only one year created the largest oil GLUT in history ( as oil is not scarce and high price is a manipulation of the elite 1% owning more wealth than 99% – with five mile tankers off shore as no where could oil be stored on land world wide. OIL SHOULD BE 50 dollars which is more than enough. Everything else is market criminal manipulation killing 200 developing nations from prosperity they deserve.  This insane oil policy set forth by the PUPPY KING in his 20’s  –  put the Kingdom and Opec in MASSIVE DEBT as oil was  sinking to 39.00 dollars a barrel bankrupting OPEC if it stayed there. American Shale improved technology and made profits at 39.00 dollars a barrel and the PUPPY KING OIL Policy failed miserably in 18 months and had to reverse. The PUPPY KING BET OPEC LOST TRILLIONS IN WEALTH AND MARKET SHARE FOREVER AND AMERICA WON THE OIL WARS pure and simple economics. Today America has risen to become the # 1 OIL PRODUCER IN THE WORLD from around # 14 in only 2014. Passing SAUDI In 2017 and passing RUSSIA in 2018 and creating a DOLLAR VALUE That will soar and soar for years underwritten by UNLIMITED OIL RESERVES far larger than OPEC and discovering ever more yearly.The Puppy King gave OPEC its largest loss in history of trillions a debt the God King will still have to one day pay to those who are not amused and who hold long long memories.
  2. The Puppy King lied about crushing antique WOMAN suppression laws centuries old and while letting them drive a car this year ( finally )  locks up woman for dress speech and minor infractions of Whabi codes. The Puppy King loves his falcon more than his woman his camel is more important to the King than a woman in society, and who believes he is a GOD in his tiny nation of sand. Without oil what is Saudi? I mean really?
  3. The Puppy King policy lies about his people’s wealth sharing  as another   lie – he  has removed subsidies to the population oil subsidies and more as the Kingdom sinks into a pile of Debt while the elites own more wealth than 99% in an economic Kingdom that is not of the people for the people or by the people rather it is a estate for the Puppy King of the Puppy King and By the most autocratic Ruler since Adolf Hitler.
  4. The Puppy King lies about IRAN attempting to tar and feather Iran as the center of Terror in the Gulf. In fact Iran leads in the fight against Terror and without IRAN the fight against ISIS would not have been won. Saudi financed terror from the beginning did not die by our side like iran has for years in both Syria and Iraq for freedom of their peoples – while Saudi stood on side lines and pumped money into those who would kill Americans, and in fact Saudi financed planned and executed 9/11 – Bin Laden – is Saudi – and financial backing to win a proxy war between SAUDI and Iran is the plan and execution of the LIAR GOD KING. Iran is not entertained but has been patient as we all learn the TRUTH. Iran wants peace not war and the Puppy King is on record wishing WAR with IRAN and wants AMERICA in that war for its own financial political profit.  Saudi has more locked up than Iran by 100,000 and far more human rights violations than any nation in the Gulf and perhaps the WORLD on scale of atrocities now embolden into Turkey – you never see such actions from IRAN not ever. Saudi tars and feathers Iran and its all a LIE in the GULF the world and especially in PR branding to IRAN. LIES.
  5. The Liar KING is a fraud on oil pricing moving into a sea of soaring  debts the nation never knew before the PUPPY KING ( at the people keeping score )  from his failure to CRUSH AMERICA OIL PRODUCTION  in utter failed OPEC POLICY – now to his horror the # 1 producer ahead of Russia and rising and rising with no end in sight ever  – as the LIAR has OIL at over 80 dollars a barrel but America sells its oil for much less. 80 dollar oil is a crime against humanity and a fraud to markets. OPEC IS COMING APART FROM THE TURKEY FINAL FAILURE OF MBS – MORE BULL SHIT – NOW EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT MBS STANDS FOR IN FACT.  A SUPER CRASH OF OIL is economic and unavoidable due to the massive global GLUT as demand goes down for a new industrial revolution to AI DIGITAL ENERGY which no longer includes OIL at all – too earth toxic from plastic to fuel burning as the source of CLIMATE CHANGE the FEW AGAINST 7 billion is the OPEC LIARS. Everything they say about oil stats is a lie including their own reserve lies. 200 year old wells are FULL as the earth FARTS AND SHITS OIL which is renewable as the earth is an OIL and GAS never ending factory. Gasoline should be 55 cents at the pump where NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND versus 1.5 billion starving to death this year because the PUPPY KING FRAUD on oil price damns developing nations to food and shelter insecurity for billions while the PUPPY KING resides in his palace slaughtering Washington Post Journalist. Every word out of his 33 year old mouth is a pure lie because he believes he is A GOD KING versus a sociopathic  Hitler brain with powers.
  6. Over the last Ten days a 15 man hit team under the PUPPY KINGS orders, flew into to Turkey – tortured  Koshaggi to get names inside the Royals as sources – a Washington Post journalist critical and reporting the truth of the horrors of this sociopathic insane ruler as a damaged sociopathic brain in power – damaged goods – then the hit team murdered the tortured journalist –  cut off his head after the hours and hours of  insane tortures – all on video and audio tape soon to be released along with the cut up body – and the15 person team left that same day – all evidence and on film and as to who is who on the sociopathic hit team from MORE BULL SHIT. The Turkish Ruler knows now that SAUDI AND THE PUPPY KING planned and engineered the COUP seeking to slaughter the President of Turkey his wife and his children. Turkey has NO MERCY NOW and Saudi will be required to sacrifice the EVIL and put in a GOOD RULER to replace the sociopath. That is the BIG STORY you heard first here which will sweep global press soon enough when it comes out- fireworks on economics as trillions run out OF SAUDI. A wealth shift such as in this time frame the world has yet to witness.
  7. The Puppy King reported to global press the sociopathic lie – that he and the King his father watching State TV in the Palace never reporting on Turkey to that sound MBS bie –  ( at that time last week ) – KNEW NOTHING OF THE MURDERnone of the Palace knew anything. In 72 hours Saudi State TV saturated the Turkey horror Saudi story in nation and the real King saw for the FIRST TIME the lies and what his son had done. Then the family circled into COVER UP and the lies continue as the KING well knew his own life was NOW IN DANGER. ( Read my blog TROUBLE IN THE SAND CASTLE to see the full political theater going on today ). The TRUTH in fact.
  8. Turkey is bank balancing a historic  pay back for the failed COUP Saudi PUPPY  financed and then  tried in lies where the PUPPY KING MBS actually framed and  blamed America to keep Turkey totally being the fool – which did not last long. Trump ought to land on the NSA reports on all this with a firm Trump foot as betrayal is not an item America takes in lightly. Set UP lies frauds and total betrayal. The Puppy King lied and lied he knew NOTHING but this weekend the Real King reports ( in the cover up where now Daddy is forced to lie and in the end his Kingdom will FALL on this lie – trust me ) that: hey my sons lie that Kossohaggi went into the Embassy and walked out minutes or an hour later ( the PUPPY KING LIFE OR DEATH LIE ) – was a LIE and now the NEW LIE from both GOD KINGS is – hey we had it all wrong the guy came in and got in a fist fight so we killed him – sorry about all the fuss .
  9. Puppy GOD KING then has bots flood social until in one day TWITTER BANNED THE BOTS we assume Facebook will report soon they banned the bots – reporting everyone believes and trusts MBS – which is his name in fact MORE BULL SHIT.
  10. The next MBS  lie is then  saying FRIDAY that  Turkey does not have video and audio surely they did not spy on the Saudi Embassy. However ENDGAME who almost had his family slaughtered by the SAUDI PUPPY KING has NO MERCY for destroying his attacker and assuring the Saudi PEOPLE learn the truth of their Hitler sociopathic KING. The GOD KING will see “ALL”  the evidence released including evidence on the COUP. Further the GOD KING is having OPEC nations ( today ) based on more MBS  lies – put into the press this weekend  that – factions in those nations SUPPORT THE SLAUGHTER OF KOSSHAGOGGI today in the news nation after nation – those supporting THIS CRIME AGAINST ALL PEOPLES OF THE EARTH including 80 dollar OIL will live to be sorry for their press sound bites today.

If you read 1 to 10 you see the END of the PUPPY KING and we believe now in the cover up his elder FATHER a far better man than his son, but in sending our pure FRAUD the press of the world and the leadership of the world economically will not STOP until the SAUDI PEOPLE have a new honrorable leadership they deserve. Abuse of power can no longer stand a global free press and slaugher truth never results in victory for the MORE BULL SHITTERS.

THE LIES FALL TO THE TRUTH and this blog reports the truth on the largest wealth shift in history.

Today China is moving oil from Saudi to Russia and Iran.

Nations are shifting investment in Saudi now on hold by a trillion dollars and that sum is rising. Saudi has no clue in its present Kingdom of the cost. Saudi economics awash in rising debts can – is fatal in its financial out come because the PUPPY KING has cost the nation untold wealth in failed policies and now a RUN OUT OF THE NATION OF CAPITAL. If short sellers attack from OIL to investments in Saudi monday the markets will speak louder than the lies and the press to the truth we report here first on it all. In the end it becomes economic as Turkey returns the FAVOR for the failed coup attempt in their nation from the source of all Gulf Terror SAUDI failed Kingdon and not IRAN.

SAUDI is NOW  a failed KINGDOM and the replacements are going to occur as you shall see from my forty plus years of being a student of the nation’s wise leaders and my time in the sand box personally. Ask Chuck Vollmer IN DC –  CEO SPACE FACULTY – and DOD adviser as my own teacher in this reality if your in the  White House and want real expertise. At a Booze Allan General Dynamic and Lockheed Board level resume and my mentor as we share truth versus lies.

So economically the punishment for the BRUTAL CRIME AGAINST ALL OF US in the slaughter of a Washington Post from Washington DC Journalist is now  a blood bath for Saudi economics. This Tsunami  starts Monday AS AI protects itself on investment.

If President Trump acts and releases  USA reserve stock piled oil NOW  oil we no longer need at the levels we hold today as the # 1 Oil PRODUCER with ouput soaring and soaring into the largest  new OIL glut of all time for oil -the price would drop to 50 dollars by December. Saudi has no way out economically unless they put in a KING of truth and HONOR versus lies a King of HONOR for the PEOPLE who have honor and who are  wonderful. Shamed by the PUPPY KING.

The authority to rule is shattered to the entire world who will move to buy oil from outside SAUDI in a shift the world has never seen starting MONDAY trust me on the economics. Lower priced better oil is everywhere else.

THE WEALTH SHIFT taking place because TURKEY played its full house to Saudi as pay back.

This political theater has taken over from the America Election itself and all world news.


Read TROUBLE IN THE SAND BOX for the inside the Palace Story. As the Kingdom of shame now reorganizes its secret police internally to circle wagons around the COVER UP LIE.


SHAME ON YOU…just SHAME ON YOU ! Readers make sure SAUDI people read this truth ….

Berny Dohrmann – Speaking on behalf of the Saudi people who may actually see the truth

PS: To the world Press and People of the World all 7 Billion of us paying a criminal OPEC high  tax on energy the cost of everything because of the GREED of this PUPPY KING – I say that you have got this – and job well done to the global  press as you assure the story dies when the KINGDOM of HONOR is restored in Saudi. It is one of your own and you are next if you don’t fire the fire to the final completion of this political theater. The Puppy King might study Richard Nixon and …Resign for his PEOPLE.  MBS has hurt 70 years of prestige and rule for the SAUDI PEOPLE – this weekend the NEW YORK TIMES Lead story defined WHY MBS HAD TO GO AS KING….period.



The Puppy King in Saudi age 33 has consolidated more autocratic power than any King in 70 years. MBS ( ever more bull shit as he is known everywhere ) has talked reform all the while:

  1. The kingdom throws gays off tall buildings live
  2. All deisent is arrested no due process most disappear
  3. The reports of torture are beyond human rights violation
  4. Same for arranged marriage – run off with your real love of a lifetime – off with your head
  5. Lock up opposing Royals – what due process – and rob them of over 100 billion of wealth
  6. Jack up oil prices from 39 dollars a barrel to over 80 dollars a barrel destroying 200 . nations economically for your own greed when oil is a renewable non scare toxic fuel
  7. Torture – on audio tape – then behead – than dismember – a Washington Post Journalist to find out all his sources so you can kill them off in the night as well – your 33 and King

Why you think your A God. What utter Bullshit and thanks MBS=MORE BULLSHIT – TROUBLE IN THE SAUDI CASTLE the BBC for the story we reframe here – as you drew the map lines and set up these nations in the first place – you should know as our teachers WOOT WOOT BBC ! Job well done here.

Turkey released this weekend facts and sources also confirm facts are supported that:

  1. Video and audio yet to be released to the world, define that a 15 person hit team sent under authority of MBS personally arrived in Turkey and went to the Embassy.
  2. The team is on video and audio arresting Koshaggi and torturing him to get his sources in a savage live you can’t fail to understand MBS and his hit team – and then they behead Kossaggi while his fiance is getting full into panic – then dismember the reporter and clean it all up where the body is not seen again.
  3. This weekend dog teams search the forest Turkey Video shows the hit team went to see if they can find the party parts.
  4. Other videos of the team coming in and out are evidence.
  5. Other video of Kosshaggi going into the embassy but never coming out are evidence.

Witness Evidence is being gathered as well. But wait there is so much more this weekend….



The GOD KING is real….in his very own mind…….

We and all the world  befriend the the 33 year Puppy King to get his money and orders. His Royal Tours were the stuff of movies this year world wide beating Trump Ratings because after All Trump is only a President like May but Puppy King is a real living GOD. But He is  MORE BULL SHIT than any ruler since Adolf Hitler – an apt comparison only the King is NOT targeting JEWS no sir, rather  he is targeting IRANIANS. ( Well he IS targeting Jews and we believe Saudi not Iran is the bee’s nest of all terror funding them from 911 forward – all of them are Saudi if you look under the rug. Iran has been dying by our side to wipe out ISIS while Saudi funds ISIS under the carpet and our CIA well knows that.

MBS playing war games in his soap sud bath tub, as all young boys do,  wants all the Kings men and all the Kings ammunition suppliers from the EU to Russia to America to line up in war against Iran so he can own the largest OIL pool o earth dictate economics to the world and restore the Persia Empire under an Arab banner. Iran knows all this but no one has heard them from the MBS billions spend to falsely label them while Syria nerve gases the Iran troops working to save the ruler over their. Did Saudi do the nerve gas I wonder in the Arabian nights to blame Syria? Punish Iran further?

American history is locked to George Washington Cutting down a Cherry tree and fifty miles around a Burger King GO LARGE and a Cookies and Cream Shake PO-LEASE After that we lose perspective to everything in say a Nuke Holding  Afghanistan which our shake and fries guy believes in is Roll Tide little heart land heart –  is a nation more like Rhode Island where 9 out of 10 Americans could not tell you where Afghanistan IS on a Map or that this one nation our folks have no clue about –  is in fact  as LARGE AS THE USA and has the same population of 300 Million only the % that is Muslim is more than half the voters. That kind of Burger King limitation….leads to how we set policy with smarty pants in think tanks having limited time in the dirt ( sand ) itself – where those of us with decades in the sand box see it all differently with more correct 20/20 vision.

Sad really we lack respect…..

So the Puppy King is ruthless and avoids Rule of Law like an unpleasant hemorrhoid upon his little 33 year old Puppy King’s ass. The Washington Post writes that he is autocratic and abusing power with inside information from the King’s own Castle. So that reporter of the US Washington Post  has to be “acquired” tortured to death, beheaded, and then dismembered inside an Embassy in Turkey who’s own secret police out foxed the PUPPY KING ( a vowed enemy of Turkey as the GOD KING that in fact was  backing the coup and  take over in Turkey  not long back – yes that was all the Puppy King and they all know it  was the PUPPY KING today ) so Turkey is saying Puppy King – CHECK MATE. Game over.



So the story breaks. The Puppy King does nothing knowing all the Kings men and all the Kings Horses will put Humpty Dumpty back together again and the “story” in obscure Turkey will just blow over. But END-GAME who runs Turkey is high end AI software running a nation and is not amused even today that the Puppy King ( the real story under this story ) tried to kill him, his wifie and his children – even while letting American in blame shifting – the young do that – to America. Good effort to throw sand into the Giants eyes. But in this fairy tale there is no happy ending for reporters. The God King is so deluded he has no idea ENDGAME has all the proof and knows like in the God Father KISS – ALFREDO I KNOW IT WAS YOU – I KNOW IT WAS “YOU” ALFREDO…..the PUPPY KING does not see himself ( yet ) on the lake in a fishing scene blown the fuck up. God Kings die hard.

Now then Bezo’s who owns the Washington Post and is wealthier than the Puppy King could ever hope to be, knowing all this, forms a new Teamster Union of Reporters globally. His smarts ( also greater than MBS or MORE BULL SHIT could ever begin to be ) forms the tightest global union of reporters to rally into THIS STORY WILL NEVER END – YOU KILLED ONE OF OUR OWN SLAUGHTERED THEM AND WE COULD ALL BE NEXT – YOUR TOAST – A TRAIN WRECK – A RIDICULOUS FIGUER I 2019 AND YOU HAVE TO GO PUPPY KING YOU HAVE TO GO..NEXT !

The God Kings unfolding horrors IS THE NEVER ENDING STORY and the world can not get enough of the fire storm in the sand castle.


The world has not seen a PRESS GLOBAL FIRE STORM like this story since World War II and Adolf Hitler himself. The MORE BULLSHIT KING MBS –  hidden away off media today – is a  tax at 80 billion a barrel for energy – the cost of everything else – is now  effecting prosperity for 7 billion humans on the earth for the few elites racking in the cash under the PUPPY KING as also become  too insulting too much death from starvation due to obsolete cartel manipulations of energy  price – an evil against humanity – and The Puppy KING’s slaughter of Washington Post Reporter Koshoggie trying to get married is all. The Puppy KING PRICE up from 39.00 dollars to almost 100 with a glut of oil in fact – and demand falling off a cliff. China’s largest slow down in 5 decades – reported this weekend – has oil use in China moving to Iran at prices the Puppy King can’t match because they have to as China is free falling without making a trade deal into their own possible SUPER CRASH and riots. All due to the PUPPY KING spreading misery around the entire world for greed because he is a GOD KING. I mean after all…a GOD?

The Billions of us are inflamed with this story out raged with this story and we CAN NOT GET ENOUGH of the FAIRY TALE in the Saudi Castle. In state controlled news the story unfolded this weekend as follows in case you missed it all as your in other nations and don’t BBC enough ( we do though we do WOOT WOOT ) for their reporting. Click BBC and SEE.

So the Fairy Tale and the BULLSHIT IN THE ROYAL STABLES:

  1. More Bull Shit ( MBS ) has his aides make sure daddy ( the 80 something King giving sonny all HIS powers ) is watching news glowing how well things are going in state controlled MBS controlled TV.
  2. The raging FIRE STORM does not die down – it explodes to be the LEAD FRONT PAGE STORY in over 200 nations and stays the LEAD STORY consuming more press time than Britt EXIT or USA Elections – drawfing all other stories as humanity has come together as one against a 33 year old Adolf Hitler.
  3. MBS has the heads of nations visit him in Saudi and hit flips them the finger and says to Trump the US People the EU and our own secretary of state – FUCK YOU I don’t wish to talk about the details and I’m the KING – go fuck yourself. To death for all I care.
  4. While this is going on even state controlled Saudi TV can not keep the story out as Arab news also watched on STAR BROADCATE in Saudi is filled with one story – MORE BULL SHIT and Puppy King MBS.
  5. Pretty soon days and days into the FIRESTORM ripping across 200 nations of the earth consuming 7 billion of us till this weekend – the KING who has all the real power until his death – see’s the story on his sonny PUPPY KING. He has trouble understanding his own insulation.

The King turns off his TV and acts..the movie …you can’t write scenes like this. The SAND CASTLE billions would watch it next year.


So the REAL KING sends his # 1 guy he trust the most – who is kiss ass buddies WITH END KING  to END GAME In Turkey. There the real KINGS MAN the MOST TRUSTED –  receives an ear full and videos and audio’s of the TORTURE and cruel MURDER of a Washington Post Journalist. The half a TRILLION DOLLARS Bezo’s was discussing investing in Saudi and the Kingdom may move to the KING OF JORDAN – one cost of MORE BULLSHIT MBS the PUPPY KING. END GAME then shares the proofs MBS was behind the coup in Turkey that almost killed Endgames WIFE AND CHILDREN – their end game was close. The Kings Man does respect the proofs and returns to tell the KING. MBS has not read the memo – CHECK MATE. But a GOD can kill a KING even if it is his own father – stay tuned folks.

The Kings MAN also gets proof’s of the PUPPY KINGS sponsorship of the take over attempt on the END GAME FAMILY. that is absolute This evidence is creating quite a weekend in the Fairy Land and the Castle I’m here to report to you.

The King has called a prosecutor into play with  his own man. He is taking charge to get the close buddies of the PUPPY KING ( assassins Saudi’s best whose voices are on tape and of course so are their pass ports and photos all presented to the KINGS MAN ). The Puppy King has never known FEAR. Gods do not know fear. God’s take out their opponents see Khashoggi for a reference. Will Puppy King kill his own daddy ? Himself perhaps?


Do you believe in a place that regards life as worth a penny that the theft without due process from the protected ROYAL FAMILIES of over 100 BILLION IN WEALTH THEFT – this year folks – and the shame of being labeled without any due process TRAITORS TO THE KINGDOM AND CORRUPT by the PUPPY KING stealing their money – will go unpunished? Have you ever studied their culture? I”ve had offices over in the Gulf for decades. I’ve been mentored by older Mullahs and prior Kings on history culture faith and tribal respect. I have never heard of a worse tragedy though in 1001 Arabian nights there are stories ……Sinbad wins though and the Puppy King finds MORE BULLSHIT will not save him. Mythology in Saudi defines that GOD’s die hard.

The KING now knows his son as repeatedly in fact  lied to him – worse kept him in the dark on matters of the throne upon which daddy sits – he is getting real information now – first time – and he is finding his alliances are all canceling the HUGE SUMMIT on investing in Saudi this month including the WORLD BANK the USA and institutions controlling trillions of dollars. But that is not the LIGHT AT THE END OF THE OLD KINGS TUNNEL.

The LIGHT AT THE END OF THE OLD KINGS TUNNEL may kill the the OLD KING the YOUNG KING and a significant part of his own family. The MILITARY IN SAUDI may actually reset the stage for all the Kings Horse and All the Kings Men and put Saudi Arabia back together again.

The Leader Senator supporting Saudi financial supports from the USA has done a U TURN this week our very respected TRUTH SPEAKER – Senator LIndsey Graham from the conservative Carolina’s – just our of horrible HURRICANES – Senator Graham became MORE BULL SHITS very own political HURRICANE. Daddy got to consider how Saudi support for HIM and his leading family members became:

…..your son is  wrecking ball and your son has got to go…you have better leaders great wise leaders over there to represent your wonderful people – support for Saudi from the US congress IS over – done – until you clean hose with MBS…….

Ah that was THIS WEEK folks. The King was not filtered on TV to watch sit com’s by MBS the real King actually saw KINGLY SURVIVAL IN PURE AND UNGUARDED TERMS where MBS has put his daddy in harms way…they both may not survive. Royals hold the KING responsible for giving such unbridled powers to a 28 year old Puppy who grew to believe he is a GOD. Even today the problem unfolds why?

MBS is a sociopath as the world now knows, precisely like Adolf Hitler. Running a war with his neighbors playing in his bath tub with weapons of war from buddy nations, EU RUSSIA and USA and firing these terrible weapons at schools, hospitals and residential non combantent targets slaughtering in human rights violations the world is mounting cost for. It has gotten so bad that for the first time those being slaughtered by the MBS ruthless puppy King playing war games in his bath tub sud bath – fired missiles more than once at the KING’s Castle.

Binge watching this story is now keeping over 7 billion of us from Africa to the Gulf to Asia to South America glued to the story. Trump has a breather as no one cares about Stormy Daniels as the sit com of 2018 is MORE BULL SHIT FROM MBS we all can’t wait to hear what lies he will tell us all next.

The KING has an absolute mussel on the PUPPY KING he put in charge of running  the entire Kingdom and all the Kingdom Agencies. The People of Saudi supporting this GOD KING are in for a huge surprise as the world will hold them all responsible if they do not fix this the Saudi way.

Typically the King and His Puppy are removed – not like you think – they are removed into a sandy bottom that no one hears a sound bite from ever again.

Saudi to Saudi.

MUSLIM’s may not KILL MUSLIMS – its in the Koran – nice if we had faith where in all the books we actually loved ourselves as we loved the source and next we loved everyone else just like that love….all faiths are great ideas but they have never not one been tried. Perhaps we could TRY FAITH you know the song…GIVE FAITH A CHANCE.

Saudi is history. One looks back to look forward. I do not see a history where the KING does not understand now Puppy King has put HIM in a LIFE OR DEATH SURVIVAL MODE. What he does how fast he does it will determine if he will rule by year end.

As I reported all year.

There is a CIVIL WAR taking place inside Saudi Arabia. The CIVIL WAR is between thousands of Royals on one or the other side of tribes and families – then alignments of all tribes into the side that appears ( Saudi style of decision and choice ) to be WINNING. That is not the present King any longer.

The Military wishing stability over anything else may be the wild card. While the two families at the top wage war over GOOD AND EVIL the Military in Saudi representing ALLAH the SOURCE and DESTINY may shuffle all players around on the board and the NEW GAME begins.

Going into the High Holidays this story will rise to make Saudi and the Royals in power the HITLERS of 2018 who will not be appeased or made to enter 2019 with this ONE STORY UNRESOLVED.

Message to King as YOUR MAN RETURNS with all the bad news – evidence in – its all on tape and media has yet to appreciate its all on VIDEO. That story is another story and no one cares about END GAME having NO RULES for the Kingdom that supported a take over in Turkey and his and his families own death. THERE IS NO MERCY TO MBS FROM ENDGAME – for MBS it is though he has yet at 33 to understand it – GAME OVER.

Check Mate.


This weekend the Old King is not watching Television as his sonny had him do as the story broke out. A royal may read this and bring it to the King. He can phone me I’ve advised those that came before ask Scott Smith journalist.

No the Old King also see’s his Puppy as MORE BULL SHIT today and the Puppy King has been told to go to his room and ponder that his SHIT DOES STINK. But God Kings are plotting hey if the King ( my poppa dies this weekend ) then I am the GOD KING. That kind of thinking error fails to appreciate the KING himself is no rinky dink ruler in fact. His wisdom spans experience the PUPPY KING can’t begin to appreciate falsely believing himself to be a GOD Savior.

Dillussion is dangerous to self and to others.

So this weekend factions are aligning. Inside many have no clue the scope or the depth or the risk in this rising story sweeping the entire world. All attention of 7 billion human beings in on the DRAMA in the SAND CASTLE.

Will the King whack his own son?

Will the King arrest his son and hold him to a trail for crimes against humanity?

Will other ROYAL  factions remove the KING and the PUPPY KING from the Sand Castle all together?

Will the Military sensing public riots and instability nation wide with Iran finally in position to punish Saudi for all they have done to the Iranian people – remove the KING and his Puppy King announcing the New Rulership?

Will the people riot?

The nation of Saudi due only to MBS has lost all respect and is no longer able to hold alliances.

Will Russia act to rebalance powers against America.

Will America act as having more than enough with its 80 billion a year protecting Saudi from becoming a democracy.

Will the PEOPLE CREATE A SAUDI SPRING a NATIONAL REVOLUTION Into a republic a democracy as all KINGDOM’s END and the Sand Castle is NO MORE. The final Arabian NIGHT?

Will the CIVIL WAR inside the SAND CASTLE taking place within a ROYAL INTRIGUE like no script writer can imagine.

Hey why does Hollywood not hire Kevin Kent and I as award winning screen play writers to WRITE SAND CASTLE and create a movie about all this ? In a Jewish controlled film industry making billions off a fairy tail seems just…imagine the lasting impact of the ROYAL abuse of wealth and power being seen from Play Boy Royals in drugs sex and alcohol from the Puppy KINGS 80 dollar oil run up – over 100% rise in price in months not years for greed because why – the why is MBS is a GOD and because HE CAN.

The Gulf Forces are all taking sides and new ROYAL lines are being drawn as you read.

There is no story bigger than the CIVIL WAR inside the Sand Castle in Saudi Arabia – why – why is easy – More Bullshit has a tipping point.

Slaughter of a WASHINGTON POST JOURNALIST by a GOD KING – Bezo’s himself was about to invest untold capital into the pipe dream – IS THE TIPPING POINT.

Sand Storms are legendary in Saudi Arabia a fact of nature …human nature and history.


Have a Nice weekend – as you binge watch the SIT COM of your entire lifetime – the only show with higher ratings than a mid year election or and TRUMP. Trumps election results may well hinge on this story versus any other at all….wonder if the White House gets THAT TRUTH?


Note: What would “I” DO? I would sweep this weekend the old ruling family into power with the proper traditional lineage of power – lower the price of oil from Saudi to 65 dollars a Barrel on Monday as the New Kings first order of business – noting the Military has retired the old King both of whom are obscure to never be heard from again……..for the people ….as the people may move to a revolution in Saudi as a SPRING they have never considered at all for when the PEOPLE have had enough of God’s….Gods in fact die hard. The West has no power of any kind to resolve either the CIVIL WAR INSIDE THE SAUDI SAND CASTLE THIS WEEKEND or longer term the civil war inside the MUSLIM faith between Lap Top Mullah  moderate 70% full on global leadership versus stone age radical Muslim Minorities. It all must self resolve as is their culture their way their history – we are only observers in the end…..only that…….we should do so with respect while holding sociopathic insane brains accountable to the world.



The Fed in 2007, left open a digital attack. Allowing leverage to mortgage pools and super pools of trillions upon trillions of borrowed dollars world wide a Super Bubble was created. The Fed using old models and charts fully obsolete as a new AI digital market was whirlpool sucking money into ETF and electronic trading – for the first time in history – were laws were all local to nations and electronic trades were all in the cloud without monitoring or over sight. By apply old rules the Fed became increasingly antique and obsolete as a body to regulate anything.

The Fed “is” a private stock firm owned in total secret by the banks they can’t regulate anyway. In 2008 to 2010 an economic beta to bail out BAD BETS their banks made and global banks made to save the system melting down was initiated. Tens of trillions of tax payer borrowed money bailed out BANK BAD BETS and created a new problem a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE world wide. No one knows YET how that experiment will turn out for the entire world system modeling.

During the period from 2010 to 2018 the world markets of leveraged circulation spiraled into a 440 trillion capital flow dynamic from 80% controlled by human choice and decisions in market BOX TOP RULES from 1930 to 1999. Today 90% of Capital dynamics move outside central banker control or influence by AI super money pools with AI wars spiraling ever into new frontiers that have zero history.

From 1933 to 1999 Short Super Selling to manipulate asset prices was illegal and controlled by depression laws. In Dec in the last three hours of the Bill Clinton Administration we see A ( three hours before Christmas congress break ) a UNANIMOUS VOTE OF CONGRESS to tear down all the Depression rules of law. Now unlimited leveraged margin trading would propel digital markets with AI including stock buy back manipulations – two trillion in just the USA in just 24 months with zero history to guide investors the SEC or anyone to what is really going on in real time. Without the most significant REGULATORY RE-THINK since the great depression some economists and me believe the global financial system is at risk beyond any prior period in human history.

Short Selling with AI has transformed from a hedge ( and it was always a bad idea buying stock you don’t own or pay for as you are short that stock as a side bet upon which way future markets in any and in every asset class you can name – may go in the future time frame ). It is gambling that created the Great Depression but not with global AI in consolidating money super pools – the risk today within SUPER DEBT of 100’s of trillions in the system is terrifying.

The Fed is racing to create a cushion for the next financial shock. They need interest at market rates normalized to 7% up from less than 1% over the past ten years. So they can crash it down again to preserve the system. Untold Trillions would be required by the debt allowance to do another bail out of Bank BAD BETS inside casino capitalism no longer exists from any source. The OVER LEVERAGE can sink the system. Totally. IN a week of time now with AI.

Panic creates zero liquidity we call LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY or LED DAY. All AI trades to sell and no one is buying as values move from todays DOW to 6400 DOW with 100’s of trillions in world wealth lost and deflation as prices and wages crash create  what we call THE GREATEST DEPRESSION of human history as a risk.

It seems to many economists and Crammer and me – that – it is wise to normalize the ten years of FREE MONEY SUPER DEBT BUBBLES world wide over say ten years versus ten months as the Fed is now doing. The Fed information is simply in error using old models that no longer apply today.

The crash of 2008 was created by a weaponized digital attack using short selling. We advised planners they had to outlaw SHORT SELLING for a short period of time ( forever would have been wise ) which in fact they actually did to stop the digital warfare attack. You can read Kevin Freemans THE SECRET WEAPON to see data and proofs for this reality not theory.

The problem is the digital weapons since 2007 have become far more mature. Far more economically lethal. As with super sonic nukes we have no defense for flash nukes to our financial trading system when digitally fired. They are being test fired off and on right now.

No one wishes to have the system fail not even those who can execute the failure as now we are all in this together. Still messages can be sent to world leaders. China can assure Trump knows a DEAL must be moderated to their needs not just the USA needs. Trump has all the cards but they can destroy the system itself and in their ( Axis of Evil ) asymmetrical warfare modeling  their advisers are convicted they can win such a war with the west.

The Fed is not considering these elements of the new CASINO CAPITALISM that have no historic data to draw from – economically – the world from 2008 forward with 100 trillion of money flushing into the global system to prevent SUPER CRASH and the GREATEST DEPRESSION ( billionaires refer to globally as THE EVENT today preparing themselves and their inside circles for it ) – we go where no economy has gone before.

If one over simplifies, we have a giant PIG in the world money python ( system ). The BIG is a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE of short term debts at 1% where it is impossible to raise interest this fast and frequently – say 300% up on all loans turn over now in ten months – and rising to 500% for the turn over in 2019. Economically it can not be done in such a short time frame.

As the Fed is backward looking to charts and graphs and the new economics looking forward require new vision, discipline and rules, with greater care for UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE of market distortion and manipulations outside any regulatory frame work in the all DIGITAL CASINO. Until a new global NO NATION LEFT BEHIND G 100 PROTOCOL is invented we are running totally blind today. The system is spiralling out of any control – can you not feel just that?

The Fed as cause agency is raising interest too high to fast to allow the DEBT PIG the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE to work out of the system. TIME. Time is the economic asset missing. Time to forge a REGULATION PROTOCOL – TIME to make profits to retire debts – say a ten year normalization over a ten month normalization. The risk is gynormous to Fed mis calculations. The majority suggest they are antique in their policy and simply wrong.

Market instability inside a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE greater than anything known by humanity disallows for errors with Digital AI trading velocities. It will take years to even begin to appreciate the moving issues of AI against AI manipulating market prices which is unwanted and not outside brilliant folks to RE-REGULATE moderating unwanted wealth consolidation and pig in python SUPER DEBTS – which over time – can work out. Time is the asset of economics to be most respected.

The Fed in fact has no urgency and can make normalization more elastic and they must or should given the MEGA RISK they are forcing upon the system right now. Also keep in mind pre election why NOW why is all this taking place pre election. If you believe election manipulation is a facebook post you are so naive. Manipulation is economic by global capital flows with AI controlling it all. We are not aware of under the table messages being conveyed right now between leaders but it is frantic to be sure.

Trump has been consistent and unyielding in messaging. Trump has FRAMED IT RIGHT such that future global system instability will hold the Fed responsible. The Fed has a zero sum game in raising interest to market instability today. The Fed gains prestige confidence and support by suggesting TIME is required to assure stability in market normalization as a core policy asset. A ten year normalization plan defines a pattern to normalization that permits the Debt SUPER BUBBLE the market is seeing in 2019 as not sustainable moving forward, against the old chart data in the new digital global casino capitalism, to which the Fed must also regard with accomodation with other central banks. The IMF and World Bank seeking stability first and prudent normalization second, would provide greater perspective of the Debt Super Bubble globally as the lenders of very last resort most impacted by error in Fed policy to rush normalization.

The house of cards is real. The Debt Super Bubble is the weight on the economic systemic. The nations of the world and their enterprise attempting to accommodate the 2019 Debt Super Bubbles they all must manage, against a soaring 100% percent interest elevation in only ten months with an equally soaring Dollar cost burden as world reserve currency are nearing a brink from which there well be in fact, no return as a zero sum game of the ultimate unintended consequence.

The new factor of DIGITAL LEVERAGE presents a potential of new economics for a digital LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY whose panic as the core system seizes up entirely, globally, without customary time or any tools to recover from becomes the principle new risks moving forward in new digital economic modeling over which no human system has gone before today.

The house of cards needs re-enforcement systemically. This is NOT our fathers market place and AI controlling it all is evolving far faster than regulatory frame works. Consideration for TIME as the core economic missing asset to normalize we submit is the missing equation requiring very serious Federal Bank consideration moving forward on policy.

Submitted by: Berny Dohrmann – Investment banker economists joined by many others

Note; To see stocks submitting record all time earnings dis-rewarded with profit taking and massive price destruction is not normal or customary defining new weapons of short selling manipulations for political versus economic factors not seen in markets of the past. Consider the new history unfolding to charts never seen or experienced before. Pundits attempting to place data into old models and boxes remain increasingly frustrating in the new digital market place.



CHINA HEADWINDS – The China Markets continue to crash from the RUN of trillions OUT of China in 2018. The China markets are down a trillion dollars of wealth over 25% lopped off the entire market cap value. Today the market plunged in crises as the run continues. Making a DEAL is the one and the only way forward for China economics or a SUPER CRASH and China GREAT DEPRESSION with massive debt defaulting already starting will ensue. Do the central planners even see it coming? There IS urgency to make the deal – if they did it by the election helping TRUMP the political pay day will extend for decades. As an idea file. If not the deal will be more to Trumps side for sure and take China to the brink they stand upon at Holiday 2018.



The Fed locked in its independance – as a stand alone private corporation Congress – laws – the Administration can’t touch or do anything with – even when they bring AMERICA to the FINANCIAL CLIFF – may come to an end. Why?


Trump understands the 80 page SHAM AND FRAUD law the Fed was build upon. In our BLOG if you scroll DEAD FED’S DO NOT LIE – perhaps our most bookmarked and clicked blog vialling the entire world – with video proofs that can’t be denied – voters are finally waking up. What the FED tells you is a LIE. Once you KNOW that as Trump does and Congress is discovering the notion of keeping all the Fed’s men and all the Fed’s horses as Trump puts the Nation back together again – by MERGING THE FED with an emergency 80 page mirror act to their formation – back into US TREASURY. Then oversight, audits, real time transparency, no more secrets conflicts of interest self enrichment and policies that follow one rule set – FED policies are made BY THE BANKS OF THE BANKS AND FOR THE BANKS PURE PROFITS as a pure conflict of interest to the nation itself. Want insanity, here is insanity in an 80 page act of the fed rule book ( the video repeats below for your self education on the truth of the Fed Fraud ):

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ne91qNFws9s 7 minute over view

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ocz32wymwDg 3 mins

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uMrWxZsrOA two minutes

As you get the TRUTH ask yourself if an 80 page merge the FED back into real oversight to the US TREASURY as a FIRST POLICY TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN for all parties – a reason to vote your wallet and make CONGRESS WORK for YEARS versus GRID LOCK is:

  1. America is in the BLACK if we cease paying interest to print money – to fraudsters Feds
  2. American has audits and accountability to fiscal policy now we have none
  3. America has zero conflict of interest – bankers regulating in secret themselves
  4. American has no conflict to pay interest to bankers on every dollar you hold
  5. American can pay the FED OFF with SUPER BONDS 100 YEAR BONDS and be in the black with oceans of new money for infrastructure saving tax payers from the FED crimes

You vote your wallet or vote in ignorance and keep the LIARS in power. You viral this or you do not. But now you know – DEAD FEDS DO NOT LIKE and they alone as Fed’s don’t lie. if they live they lie wear new glasses to see through the con job. The Fed is a con like a movie.



I have the New IPHONE MAX GOLD 156 Memory and it is the BEST IPHONE well its the best phone ever. The battery life – I’ll die before it is empty. The speed is like a next generation. The ease of use makes everything else a sherman tank where you reboot your phone and lose so much data versus a ballet dancer where you never do. Its more fun. The screen is to rich for words. The play speed and all speeds to fast for words. The getting multi task done it is a lap top in your hand like my old buddy Steve told us would occur. Also Downloaded new MAC Mojave IOS and its the best upgrade in recent years. Puts Apple ahead of windows by a decade. If your not using Apple your productivity is lower and your fun factor is lower and your not in TOMORROW LAND. Trading UP to Apple is simply a decision for leaders …where YESTERDAY IS ALREADY TOO LATE.



Congress passed a tax credit which is huge for electric cars. Now staying in oil is no longer a financial option. You might wish to buy a Tesla by year end for the math and economics using the tax credits check with your CPA. Today.

Brain Science – discovered that the brain has up to 11 dimensions in processing CPU power with almost 100 BILLION neuron connections creating consciousness where the Brain is a QUANTUM COMPUTER with unlimited depth of realities to explore. When Christ suggested to miracles…all this and more can yea do…you can move mountains…well if reality is a hologram you sure can….and soon we will.

Musk is buying 20 million of his own stock in the DIP and those who delay fail to fry short sellings speculating with all auto makers left in the dust by TESLA doing the only thing they can – SHORTING THE STOCK – but as global buyers GLUT INTO THE DIP BUY they will make untold fortunes and the Short Gamblers will lose on the table – very likely with the new tax credits – wrong bet short sellers wrong bet this week.




Saudi and its people are such historic prides to the world the home of:

  • Written Language
  • Time
  • Math and Calculius
  • The Wheel
  • The engineering that built Rome
  • The art predating everything
  • The home of civilization from Alexander the Great who could not leave
  • Long Before Muslim faith and forward to today

The TRAIN WRECK Is an individual – a bad man personally – the PUPPY KING. The solution is for the great PEOPLE to install an ACCEPTABLE LEADER to the pride of history the future and the world and retire the PUPPY KING to falcon hunts. What do you do with a bad child acting out…you finally put your foot down and say GO TO YOUR ROOM. There are Royals that are truly ROYAL and a THUG ROYAL leading a THUG GANG and now murdering a WASHINGTON POST JOURNALIST needs endless reply to the THUG IS BACK IN HIS ROOM. The King is running out of TIME to be a GREAT KING. Bezo must come out and state – oh that half a trillion dollar investment into your nation is going to JORDON where rule of law is an example and you lose – murder she wrote DOES HAVE CONSEQUENCE. The LIE of the Puppy King brings memories of HITLER being appeased until the blood bath required his own life shattering his own people into shallow graves. PUSH TOO FAR and how long would it take America to take over Venezuela ten days max – and in ten months swing oil prices where OPEC didn’t matter let alone in ten weeks take over SAUDI ITSELF. Enough is enough folks and we treasure the SAUDI PEOPLE who only know state news – because opposition news or the truth is murdered off. FOLKS THE PUPPY KING IS THE MOST AUTOCRATIC RULER SINCE ADOLF HITLER un-blanket the human rights – torture – killing – arrests – and total abuse of power which is only getting worse as the PUPPY KING as an individual not the SAUDI PEOPLE flips the finger in total disrespect to the WORLD and to the WHITE HOUSE and our Secretary of State. The SPOTLIGHT ON THE CRIMES OF THIS ONE BOY THE PUPPY KING IS GETING EVER BRIGHTER and as Senator Lindsey states – THIS TRAIN WRECK MUST GO – SAUDI YOU CAN PUT IN AN APPROPRIATE LEADER AND YOU MUST. So think on that truth.

Berny Dohrmann – Watching The Markets and Reporting the Truth



We all can see something “FUNNY” is going on out there. Earnings were beating all expectations. I know from all 70 years as in retired investment banker economist that – charts have secrets buried inside. Its a lot of work most won’t spend time to 3 am digesting globally. It is never easy for our teams and for me in final copy.

As the hit play MY FAIR LADY Suggests in the SONG…BY GEORGE I THINK SHE’S GO IT and so do I today.

The elephant in the Chart house appears to be the absolute – the market IS smarter than then the smarty pants at the Fed by say a good deal of forward common sense. So the item that has concern to AI making all these high volume trades that see’s details humans no longer in real time can appreciate ( until it is too late ) which actually works to or attempt to moderate long term downward spirals is the combination of FED INSANITY ( read the blogs on Fed insanity this last week and see the hard data ) concludes – the ELEPHANT;


The Old Model – and the New.

  1. The dollar is just soaring in value if you chart it for 24 months.
  2. The cost of everything is paid against the world reserve currency our US Dollar.
  3. The cost of American made goods is soaring with the dollar impacting exports.
  4. The interest rates to trade American goods is soaring a double cost to American biz.
  5. The dollar soaring makes liquidity in 200 developing nations fall off a cliff pinching them
  6. Their sovereign nation debt soared with ten years of free money to record all time highs
  7. Now soaring borrowing costs from the FED way to fast impacts all these national borrowers and their companies starting to show record defaults
  8. Huge players are bankrupt TOYS ARE US SEARS and others are downsizing now with 1,000,000 lay off’s this year while we sit reporting all time record high employment
  9. The Fed error in policy is soaring interest in ten months versus ten years to normalize
  10. A tipping point occurs which no one knows when and AI is taking a protective view now

Add in 11. Oil should go way down when demand is falling say in China alone and dollar price is soaring making OIL cheaper requiring less dollars to settle oil accounts globally. But the Puppy King who stole 100 Billion from his Royals in brutal no due process rule of law theft – now killing journalist to send his message to the press world wide – starving for cash due to Saudi Debts keeps oil prices CARTEL MANIPULATED HIGH over fair market pricing.

Finally China has lost a ton of its world reserve holdings and is going down down down so rapidly its a risk on in China – but it has invested a trillion to stock pile commodities that its slowing growth crashing off a cliff in 2018 – makes commodity crash likely when those stock piles have to dump in the market or China will lose untold 100’s of billions taking place now.

Now all that is Jamie Diamond a pretty smart feller ‘s – record earnings at Morgan – caution as he talked about all the GLOBAL STUFF. The Elephant in the economic global room.

Now you can see the ELEPHANT.

We still see record all high earnings by year end and value in prices reaching records into the first quarter of 2019. Why? The Holiday Global SUPER CYCLE will show results in all sectors like we have just never seen not ever. Forward of that there is some risk the tail winds may not be greater than the head winds this ELEPHANT BREADTH with Fed SLAMMING and WHACKING Stability first and all growth next for no reason but their own banker member greed.

What they tell you is wrong in error and in my opinion all lies.

So lets believe Police State Saudi PUPPY KING knew NOFING about the slaughter no one would do especially his own personal assassins fully identified by the Turkey Secret Police – a competent professional team furious that slaughter occurs inside their Embassy for Saudi as if they were on home soil showing a disrespect for nations that is on going. Congress is not going to financially continue as usual with a RULER THAT HAS TO GO period.

Saudi has to put in a new KING apparent and that race is game on. The White Elephant in the global room.

If the independent privately owned corporation named the Federal Reserve Board – that has zero reserves – and whose share holders are secret as are its real earnings – working as an ANTI AMERICAN CRIMINAL GANG OF BANKERS against the welfare of America would ever see the risk – of its own MERGER BACK INTO US TREASURY ( sigh ) it might pause its insane interest RUSH to a more economic prudent responsible ten year accomodation to normalize to the entire world.

The misery the lost lives the wars the economic wealth loss from the Fed is simply impossible to convey. The Elephant is trampling the financial village.

Can anyone stop them? Trump can’t. Congress Can’t. The Supreme Court might.

They like Saudi’s Puppy King are so insulated and so arrogant they can not see the PEOPLE rising up as they become informed to Head Shot the Elephant merging the Beast back into US Treasury stabilizing the entire world.

Why does no one interview me on all this truth?

Bought and paid for news has a problem interviewing the crushing collapse of its advertising.

Which is why sharing the news that voting this year is NOT ABOUT PARTY any longer that is all both sides pure manipulation – brain washing a billion dollars on one side and a billion dollars worth on the  other. The truth is on line.


IT is about CONGRESS WORKING or STOPPING. It is about insuring prosperity for all of us.

We either BACK LASH TOGETHER to make AMERICA WORK for PROSPERITY and VOTE OUR WALLETS or we grid lock congress and sink prosperity for years going forward.

The entrepreneur class led 6 to 1 in 2018 by WOMAN will all be fine – so says CEO SPACE. The salaried class being laid off by 1,000,000 in 2018 will begin to see the “not so much” in 2019 we suspect and 2020 it will be really clear – unless we have a CONGRESS THAT WORKS.

If we pass infrastructure we can be PROSPEROUS into 2030 and if not…well buckle up.

I’d say the ELEPHANT ultimately for economics – is simple – it is the mid year election in every single district. How many CAN YOU INFLUENCE TO VOTE THEIR WALLET VERSUS PARTY this year?

Do your thing then.




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Berny Dohrmann – Chairman of the Board of Directors CEO SPACE & FOUNDER 1988 to TODAY WORLD WIDE 


LINDSY GRAM VOTE YES ON Supreme Court NO on Puppy King


Senator Lindsey Graham joins departing Senator Orin Hatch Shelby and a dozen leaders as those in office who just can’t be BOUGHT. As a leading advocate voice for small business to congress for 30 years, we would place our highest endorsement to Senator Lindsey Graham’s  ethic’s

Speaking on GLOBAL Fox News following:

  1. Certain FACTS including witness reports and multiple live audio’s that assure the Puppy King knew what was taking place and the brutality of a leading FREE PRESS JOURNALIST butchered for critiquing the PUPPY King is evidence nothing like the Supreme Court Diane Feinstein SET UP a political theater. This is a crime against all of us and follows a criminal crime spree by the PUPPY KING OF Saudi Arabia ready the blog on the facts.

  2. Khashoggie FLED his home land as the PUPPY KING rose to power having written warning about him all along and then he became THE TARGET of this ruthless narcissi in power.

  3. Kasshoggie was tortured to death to learn his sources and contacts so they could be rounded up and be killed.

  4. Others in the Embassy on tape in panic – said do this outside – and were told SHUT UP OR IF YOU WISH TO LIVE WHEN YOU RETURN HOME TO THE KINGDOM. The Puppy King knows precisely what took place in a police state he rules upon absolutely in real time.

  5. Mike Pompeo was told by all in Saudi as our Secretary of State – we know “nothing” and we refuse to discuss details – even as Turkey Newspaper released from the tapes the HORROF that a reporter suffered inside the PUPPY KINGS Embassy under his absolute rule. He knows nothing? Liar. Butcher. Murdered.



Leading Senator Lindsey Ghram swung the Supreme Court to TRUTH due process and what is RIGHT. This week she did what was RIGHT AGAIN with the OVERWHELMING HARD EVIDENCE not from 30 YEARS AGO as the weakest evidence – but the ACTUAL TAPES VIDEOS AND WITNESS TESTIMONY and press reporting on facts – of less than 30 days ago. DAYS AGO.

The PUPPY KING was caught as the emperor that is NAKED waving the finder to everyone.

Mike Pompeo came. over to get facts. He was told we will put Oil at 200 dollars a barrel and move our orders of billions to Russia and your enemies hows that don’t ask us about this we have zero to tell you . FUCK TRUMP and FUCK AMERICA we have all the power.

The Puppy KING can’t see SAUDI bankruptcy civil war and absolute chaos like Syria or border states are way say Libya.

The child thinking he has all the toys is a GO TO YOUR ROOM MOMENT.

Senator Lindsey Graham seeing the DISRESPECT TO AMERICA and our SECRETARY OF STATE – was quick to reply. Keep in your MIND Senator Graham has been the # 1 supporter for Saudi Policy and money. 80 Billion a year wasted for their defense as a horrible human rights nation sharing zero of our values and the source of 911 and terror to us – more of our soldiers die due to Saudi terror than Iran or any terror….by far.


1 Saudi as your # 1 supporter I tell you the PUPPY KING has GOT TO GO !

2. You have great not good leaders over their PICK A REPLACEMENT.

3. The Puppy King is a TRAIN WRECK and the Puppy KING has go to GO.

Now policy on Saudi shifts – no replacement to the bad boy – no future for Saudi and the Royal family. Hello Saudi Democracy good by Saudi Kingdom. While the Puppy KING threatens the most powerful nation on earth keeping HIM in power at 80 billion a year.

The Puppy KING just shit on the world stage and tells us all his shit does not stink while its smoking on audio video and press reports as the LEAD NEWS STORY IN THE WORLD and it will NOT DIE.

The Puppy King did not kill a journalist in his arrogance and abuse of powers, he actually has committed suicide. The Kings life is at risk now and his boy must be sacrificed and in the end I believe the King dead of alive will be relieved.

Watch Saudi traditions rise forth as the truth sweeps into their state news…as for example they can not keep this blog out…of their Kingdom.

I will remain having been mentored by Saudi former KINGS with respect – assuring my readers I will not visit a Saudi Embassy anytime while the PUPPY KING is in power. That should be…let me look at my IWATCH – and set a timer – very soon to my alarm its over.

By By Puppy King you have created enough pain in the world to include:

  1. Lies to your people on their rights and reforms

  2. Removal of their subsidies

  3. Massive new debt to nation to float your failed ideas financially

  4. Wars the nation can not afford

  5. Massive rise in oil prices creating pain and suffering for 7 billion impoverished humans

  6. Rising tensions with Iran for no reason but your own ego and narcism

  7. Dealing Russia against the USA for your own Powers alone

And now you have slaughter in public a journalist who fled as you rose into power fearing you would butcher him …and you arrogantly did just that and shelter those who did it whom the tapes all present are your CLOSE IN HENCH PERSONS LOYAL ONLY TO YOU YOU YOU.

You lie to world governments and to the President and you take his son in law into shame and embarrassment as the world knows you are a criminal leading a nation today and your respect is stripped from you by Senator Lindsey Graham equally in PUBLIC as a billion people see you as a liar flipping the FINGER to all of us individually.

All of us will break that finer off.

Well your own people will without mercy break it off – they are coming for you PUPPY KING a footnote to not be repeated in history. No event has more undermined Saudi global mid eastern stability than the next to Hitler leadership of the PUPPY KING with his MASTER FAITH Ideas.




Saudi is about to enjoy economics never known to their Kingdom ever – if they continue to lie to the world who well knows the TRUTH…this story journalist to journalist globally will not die will not fade will not go away until THE PUPPY KING IS




PS: My highest regard and respect from one of the larger small business voices on legislation for 30 years in America representing all fifty states of business owners – Forbes # 1 Ranked CEO SPACE – our hats off to you for the TRUTH of your LEADERSHIP thank you from all our community….just thank you….for standing up.



Regulated Cannabis use in nations. The facts:

  1. Cannabis and Hemp were legal for 100’s of years in the USA.
  2. Criminalizing DEMON WEED was a policy by drug alcohol and paper companies
  3. Trillions were locked into toxic addiction alcohol drugs and toxic paper versus hemp
  4. Today Drugs and alcohol primarily oppose legal Cannabis and they are now failing
  5. Canada today is the Second nation to fully legalize recreational use of Cannabis
  6. Washington DC is legal for legal cannabis as are more than half the USA States
  7. Toxic Alcohol and drugs create epidemic crime – fatalities and health harm to millions

Cannabis in 100 years of science over the entire world has less health harm than legal coffee legal alcohol and legal over the counter Pharm drugs let alone prescription drugs the largest killer in the USA is drug interaction and over use. Cannabis smoking has caused zero cancer as a natural and claims that there is harm are by % 99% less than alcohol and drugs legal or smoking legal or caffeine legal. Making Cannabis a Class A restricted felony like Heroin or Crash or Meth is a crime perfected by lies by killer drug and alcohol distributors creating the majority of all crimes, and spending 100 ‘s of millions to “mind control” populations to assure the TRILLION DOLLARS they will LOSE with LEGAL CANNABIS in nations, as their user base switches to more healthy non addicting, Cannabis.


The highest incarceration per 100,000 is by 5 x most nations and 2 x its closes comparison nation is the USA. The most locked up citizens on earth and the % trend of population locked up is soaring for 100 years in America. As hedge funds and private equity firms OWN an increasing operators of PRISONS now Prison is a FOR PROFIT INDUSTRY in America. the profit czars seek to over crowd prisons and keep them over crowded to mature profits for their shareholders. They want ever longer sentences for ever minor sentences. The largest incarceration category is cannabis users or small dealers – larger dealers distributers and then drugs increasing pills and new designer drugs including new MDA Meth and Heroin mixers. The least lock up category is violent crime. 80% of populations are non violent offenses mostly minor drug and alcohol offenses most with no victim no violence with sentence times that are cruel and unusual punishment to human beings.

Of the more than 5 million locked up in America’s fastest growing City today PRISONS – now bankrupting states – as it takes 150,000 dollars to secure a prisoner for minor offenses versus say 30,000 for a program rather than long incarceration for Hedge Fund profits.

America has no clue its way of life is being robbed from them, and they may be next, if they do not exercise JUSTICE REFORM and elect CANDIDATES that will assure they vote for Justice REFORM which is so needed in the land of the once FREE and the home of the cowards now more afraid of their own government than their grandfathers ever where.

No one report the truth you read in this blog. Why? Follow the money. If Oil and its 11,000 products ( toxic to 100% to our earth ) pays for the majority of press advertising, including Pharms ( how many drug adds dominate your prime time all petroleum based chemistry ) ? The “free” press is not free and can’t report against the pay day that supports the under stress industry today in a world of digital conversion to news itself.

Those seeking to be informed must turn to blogs that are not political and are purely economic to gain from data pools and research statistics the truth to make up their own minds. Without this effort your mind is a CPU programed by others with a financial agenda and you never know their software which is god awful buggy has infected the computer above your neck and you believe the lies as your own truth and you don’t even know why.

Lets look at Crime:

  1. Legal Cannabis use removes a trillion dollars of illegal cannabis from the market because users can get higher quality brand consistent more healthy product legally at LOWER PRICES than buying crap from the illegal criminal market at higher prices.
  2. Legal Cannabis shifts a trillion dollars from Pharms alcohol and toxic drugs creating a healthy product – tax base – and sane policy versus a monopoly in drug companies and alcohol and PETROLEUM oil firms losing untold dollars in the shift – just from oil based hypodermic needles alone – so they unite to tell you lies taking attention from the growing horrors of their own products upon society and humanity.
  3. Law Makers as there are only 600 controlling trillions upon trillions of money pools into markets are paid by the UNHOLY ALLIANCE to keep cannabis criminal when it never should have been criminal creating IMMORAL UNETHICAL incarcerations and family destructions. BY BAD LAW.
  4. No one tokes on a doobie and says – I’m going to knock you off that bar stool. They say CHILL OUT MAN. No one tokes on a doobie and plans a crime because the munchies take hold they lose track of time and they watch NETFLICK’s see their earnings. No one tokes on a doobie and picks up a knife or a weapon for anything it makes them laugh to the floor …
  5. Now on Meth, on Crack, on Hard Drugs from Pharms, drunk on killer addicting legal toxic alcohol the largest murder drug of them all – crimes soar. When their use switches to DOOBIE’s legal use crime falls. Kids on doobies versus the buffet any 14 year old is offered at any party today in America – if they say hey I just do doobies – they are not going into to school and whacking their buddies. They feel more loved.



Crime is huge business for Alcohol, Drugs, Oil, and Prisons are the largest employers in most communities they house into, all BIG PROFIT BUSINESS for Hedge Funds and Private Equity in an unholy lobby up ramp with law makers as the public has no clue of the TRUTH.

CRIME IS BIG BIG BUSINESS and no one wishes to damp any conveyor belt Cannabis being the largest. In all states legalizing Cannabis although we don’t have half a decade yet of stats crime plunges.

Cannabis being legal is ethical moral and removes the CRIME of making it illegal in the first place for profit by killer providers of toxic soups of stuff for their profit. Cannabis removes toxic crimes from society and has 99% less health harm than coffee caffeine in foods and drugs and alcohol that are legal in the law.

Cannabis is recreational legal in the District of Columbia where fully hypocritical bought and paid for lawmakers by oil drug and alcohol lobbies and their wall street funders and prison monopolies – smoke doobies in our capitol while they joke and laugh in smokey cannabis rooms bars and restaurants ( all legal in Washington DC ) as they plan out laws to keep Cannabis use from the rest of FREE CITIZENS for the PROFIT of it all.

The Truth – it is all economic nothing to do with harm from cannabis they all know that is just a lie. They KNOW they are smoking it – the majority of Congress can ‘t pass a urine test as it is all LEGAL FOR THEM while they lock up folks all over the nation STILL for the PROFIT.

This is NOT AMERICA this is a Justice System 100 years gone bad, and needing URGENTLY a REDO –  REFRAME – AN UPGRADE – under the phrase can we do better? The Light house of HOPE AND PROMISE I want for my America to the World is more like Holland with the lowest crime rates with all drugs fully legal for decades. Doors are not locked. Everyone feels safe. The enlightened example is HOLLAND.

If you are brain washed the being a NAZI is good and that there is:

  1. An insane master race – than your brain is insane
  2. An insane master faith – than your brain is insane
  3. Cannabis is like Heroin than your Brain is insane period.

So there are numbers who have brain food of the PROFIT MONSTERS and they are manipulated against POT.

Folks – your law makers can smoke a doobie in your capitol while a single mom in Utah gets 11 years in prison of hard time and her children are put into foster care for trying to relax from two jobs with no child support to keep her daughters in a private Christian school.


Follow the money and vote your wallet and put out hypocrites law makers on this issue. Ask them all before you vote – WHAT IS YOUR STAND ON LEGAL POT?

If the fall to the profit prayer rug they pray upon – vote them OUT.

The truth will give you …AMERICA BACK where the lies and hypocrisy never will.






The Saudi King has told the world the mind numbing spoken word…I KNOW NOFING. So the Puppy King suggests:

  1. One of the most total police states since Hitlers Nazi Germany has slipped a gear.
  2. The Journalist the Puppy King HATED because the Journalist told the TRUTH about the abuse of human rights and crimes against humanity the Puppy King was embolden to commit one after the other in full view of an impotent global bought and paid for press. No he murdered that journalist and knows everything about the criminal orders.
  3. This Journalist went into the Saudi embassy – sought to get a marriage  license – was tape recorded being tortured and murdered inside the Saudi Embassy, and the journalist never came out and was butchered. The tape is the real deal folks.
  4. No one in the Saudi policy state Turkey Embassy knows anything and the Puppy King knows nothing as well – and the tapes defining the murder are the public record that confirms the Puppy King is a sociopathic criminal and a liar. Everyone who knows reports to the King and the Puppy King is in charge in fact. Dad is furious I suspect.
  5. The Puppy King has flipped a finger to the entire world including President Trump. I think the sociopath has lost his mind in fact as he resides in illusion he can ROYALLY ORDER IT ALL AWAY as we subject bow before the boy. Think again puppy doggie.

Given the incest relationship of the oil institutions with the gulf oil cartels on price collision, we have suggested in this Blog that enough is enough. We suggested the President:

  2. The NEW massively like NASA discover recover and refine oil products with new technologies that are environmentally friendly and with end fuels that are less polluting.
  3. The President while that ramps up release strategic oil reserves and direct the NUMBER ONE OIL PRODUCER – no not Russia not not Saudi or Iran or Iraq – but the USA and move oil down to 39.00 a barrel…which bankrupts the Puppy King and creates a civil war that returns the founding family to Saudi rule.
  4. The USA might make a deal with Venezuela or just take it over ( the largest lake of oil is then joined to the USA ) and we control price and swing supply and the CRIMINAL CARTEL is broken and irrelevant.
  5. We massively with the NEA elevate renewable non polluting fuels to market with the largest crash of demand for OIL as fuel versus other products – in history. Demand for polluting plastics and oil by products makes oil so plentiful as demand super crashes that oil is sold for ten dollars a barrel in five years.

The economic blackmail of the Gulf Criminal cartel is taking 7 billion humans in developing nations and robbing them of a future of food security, rising prosperity, and health and shelter security while OIL makes Climate change and we are paying a CRIMINAL PRICE TAX to the Puppy King engineering all this. Oil policy requires a NO NATION LEFT BEHIND PRICE that breaks the criminal OPEC CARTEL into shreds as a sin and crime against humanity all led in 2018 by the murder – the Puppy KING. The savage who has no shared values with all of us.

At some point….the notion of going to war with Saudi and Iran is silly. We should make peace with Iran and allow massive oil flows from Iran as  sinking Saudi’s monopoly on oil from a criminal price fixing cartel. Some one needs to stand up for 7 billion people.

Is the time NOW.

I truly realize my readers do not hear what I’m suggesting in the data….

As I truly insist I will not write what my readers  would prefer I report to them….

They will however walk away with the TRUTH. That is a promise so finally they have a site to get the truth from the bought and paid for journalism of today. This blog is not sponsored by anyone. Look mom no influence or bias. Just the truth and nothing but the truth and then you decide once you have it.


What is going on out there – is that the Puppy King slaughtered  an opposition journalist that insulted this ROYAL  by reporting the truth. The truth is the founding family that has run Saudi Arabia for 70 years has been taken out of power by a fork in the family tree. The lucky one off King took the heir and replacement back to the long rolling family out of the line up and put his puppy King then in his 20’s to secure that the ruling family would never return.

Then the Puppy King ruthless arrested 100’s of the Royals and stole from them with no due process of any kind, over 100 billion dollars for his family and the state and that theft is on going no where near ended. Those having their lifetime estates and fortunes stolen from them are not asleep nor are they like the journalist dead. In fact these powerful families have enormous powers and influence inside the growing SAUDI CIVIL WAR.

The SAUDI CIVIL WAR Is heating up not calming down and this lie makes Royals of pride and integrity FURIOUS.

The Civil War has been far from CIVIL and a great deal of terror death and awful tortures are also escalating and on going. The Puppy King talks about rights and relaxations but in fact the Puppy King popular with youth brain washed by state media lacks political maturity economic maturity and advisers are ripping the royal family off at levels never seen before. The cancellation of the Saudi Public offering is just one disaster for the Puppy Kings failing policies.

As OIL super crashes – which it will as demand is falling off a cliff – the Puppy King is out of all options. The Civil War in Saudi – trust me on this – is likely to become much less Civil coming up which everyone in Jordon and the UAE well knows and Iran of course – cursed by the PUPPY KING and insulted beyond imagining – is well advanced in anything to bring the truth out about the Puppy King real agenda – WAR WITH IRAN. A young mans mistake.

The Puppy King is now hemorrhaging billions into a slaughter in Yemen to keep Iran influence out of his neighbor but it is all not working and the VIETNAM of Saudi Arabia is their war now entrenched without any end in sight. The financing of the war is not possible outside borrowing which aside from directly STEALING from Royals is saddling debt layers into the Kingdom and state.

Will the Civil War reset the ruling families in Saudi?

It would not be the first time.

One thing is certain. The West has no powers or influence and even the truth is spit on by the Puppy King saying to President Trump and his son in law – hey FUCK YOU GUYS. FUCK THE USA and all they rode in with.

That is their real position and saw the short sighted puppy king flipping the finger to the Congress of the United States. Their 80 billion to defend the Gulf Criminal Cartel may come to a close and allow Saudi to fend for itself. It might be interesting to see how that would all work out as our teams got to come home and get a Big Mac with a shake again.

Fuck the USA?

We’ll see how that works out for you Puppy Boy……you are a murder sir and you are caught on tape dead in your flowing robes as the LIAR LEADER that you are today.

Now there there – the truth you won’t see on CNN.

Berny Dohrmann – 45 Years of Offices in the Gulf suggesting BAM the Truth will set us FREE !

PS: I’m not worried about going into a Saudi Embassy anytime soon – but I am worried how sucking this Puppy Doggies ass hole to permit him to raise oil to criminal high times is worth bending that finger over and dropping oil prices MERRY CHRISTMAS AMERICA…I suggest MAD DOG is all over the problems…..I feel secure knowing that the A team is all over the truth. WOOF WOOF Puppy Doggie – enjoy the lull before the civil war you yourself started.




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Berny Dohrmann
Founder Chairman 30 years & counting
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