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In 2018 voters who are informed – and financial markets who read this blog and CEO’s world wide – who subscribe ( free ) to this data – need to always THINK – BRAIN WASHING in Political Theater – or  follow the between the line tea leaves folks. Read with glasses we provide for you. Offices for decades in the Gulf and Israel we have some insight by living in the theater versus reading the news sound bytes. We interpret them.

Now –  Israel today released a trove of stolen intel from Iran. A level of embarrassment in Iran that is a crises in nation to their enemy – who just booed them Monday and took out 100’s of surface to air missiles and 100 of missions in ordinance and in Syria a lot of Iran figures – dead. Bam. Then the Israel POLITICAL THEATER for prime time consumption. Against what back drop?

  1. Well the Saudi Puppy King just saw Trump and captain of US industry and MONEY to secure his Kingdom’s investment and weapons. Billions upon billions. In weapons.
  2. France just met with Trump to secure a Saudi Balanced policy that unspun the Puppy Kings SPIN on Iran.
  3. Israel warming up to Iran buddies with Egypt and Jordon and Trump joined at the hip ( briefed before this went down for sure ) slammed France and Iran to the floor boards before the May 12th – days from now Trump BUMP on will he stay in or opt out of the Iran Deal.
  4. Whats at stake. Well Regional stability – oil prices soaring and sending the world into recession – trade wars – Iran defending itself against the Puppy King and maybe charging to take over Iraq and Saudi – which truly they can do if they act fast enough.
  5. What if Tump plays a DEAL CARD – he could stay in – meet the leadership and negotiate a deal with face saving diplomacy over a longer time line _ France’s plan – or he could ally up and decide to derail IRAN influence and favor the PUPPY KING as it is all Iran and Saudi today and for decades – we are caught in money and powers in the Gulf that have zero to do with us – at any level at all. Now as the # 1 oil producer at 11 million barrels a year in 2018 forward – we don’t need the GULF at all for anything really – sand?

But the Gulf needs US. The Gulf needs our trade our money and our police keeping so the entire Region doesn’t go crazy and if they had nukes – which frankly why make them they can buy them from rocket boy – rocket boy can negotiate over years to have zero nukes having sold them all to Iran or other buyers for so many billons it makes rocket boy richer than Buffer or Bezos in 36 months. I’m sure I’m the only one thinking along these lines. How many Nukes given Iran has pin point missiles has rocket boy already sold them for missiles he now can use to negotiate when the cards come onto the table REALLY in May with Trump? Real Cards.

Probably no one is playing such poker and I”m crazy to think this way I’m just looking at history say from Greece and Rome when the CROSS BOW was the NUKE. Hey the Roman Battle Field fighting say Cleopatra and Roman Mark Anthony would have say – 1000 telephone pole spears loaded in Cross Bows – firing 10,000 across the Charing horses and Chariots per hour – in syncrinized battle field saturation bombing – the weapon to end all weapons – and of course they won. Just looking backward to get an idea of looking forward folks as all this stuff is no longer taught really unless your a major in education and history – which is far from policy making. Sad. Really.

We learn from history or we are buried by history as the weapons of Rome only get more nasty year by year.

As the “barbarians” acquire the weapons of Rome – which they have – say in Pakistan and in North Korea and China and Russia and say Iran – Rome has well – what? Sea stuff that can be taken our in five minutes. Ports that are all gone in 30 minutes. Bases all gone in 60 minutes. Rome has what when “they” have acquired the weapons of Rome. It took 36 months for ROME to follow after those acquisitions. How long for Modern Rome? I guess your all watching CNN and buying in to the bought and paid for what we serve as news today and you have stopped THINKING? For say YOUR SELF?

So with agenda what do we know.

First – the Mossad is the most powerful effective intelligence agency in the world outside the Catholic Church and the Jesuits. I know I was trained by them. Supposed to be a priest as the oldest son a ton of years ago – way before my 9 thank you God children I’ve raised.

Funny really given how small Israel is how limited its overall budget compared to MI6 or CIA or NSA or many others. The Mossad like the Canadian mounties always gets their man and gets intel like no agency can or does not ever. In Syria we get our intel that matters most from the Mossad if and when they chose to trust our iffy integrity to give it to us. They are # 1 in the world in accuracy and unique proposition.

So the Mossad unleashed its pot of gold. Tons of documents. Digitally taken from the heart of Iran security. How embarrassing to Iran? Given billions – untold billions are at risk – to their people – depending on the spin flows from this POLITICAL THEATER at its highest level timed to DERAIL any forward Iran powers in the Region. To restart starving Iran into behavior or Saudi desired leadership change. Unlikely in our near term history.

Iran has its own PR problems. It conducts its PR for the internal consumption of complex faction alliances that combine to the power structure in place inside IRAN. This internal diet does not signal the model of global partnerships that actually gives Iran what they wish.

First – Iran is paranoid in extreme – and they should be – about strategy and attacks all over the Gulf on Iran and its people by Saudi and its leadership and Kingdom policy. As both nations are muslim and have more in common than not – it would be sane to see the parties meet and hammer our their own Regional Deal and treaty and trade agreements – and stabilize their own theater together. Nothing would bring American home and out of Region compared to that sane outcome.

The power shifted when the new tribe and King rose up and the Puppy King Apparent made it clear policy was to be at war with Iran from Saudi and why.

Since than – two years solid – the outpouring or state propaganda against Iran has been weighted and unbalanced. Iran has little PR to defend against the week week never ending attacks. Public opinion is framed up by these investments – say 100s of millions – against IRAN to a million trying to fight all that. Minds are bought and paid for to what outcome?

Why WAR of course.

The Saudi propaganda is:

  1. Iran or Persia was once the PERSIAN EMPIRE and controlled most of the world trade wealth and rule of law across the entire Region – encroaching on Europe where two world wars divided and set all that back into its present the victors drew new lines and created new frame works of nations.
  2. Saudi believes that Iran wishes to destabilize their ruling Kingdom to a mirror of itself. Saudi believes and influences other gulf nations to believe Iran wishes to RESTORE THE PERSIAN EMPIRE and rule the entire Region.
  3. Iran is a nation about the size of LA in population. Its economy is largely driven by trade with alliance partners in the Gulf Region and in Indonesia and Asia. Oil being a back bone but Iran is a diversified economy with growing strength across many fronts.
  4. iran has seen ISIS and the vacuums failed American policy left in Iraq and Region as threat to its own trading economic partner nations. When called on by its trading partners to invest to help them – Syria – Iraq and others – it acted and did so. In fact next to America and perhaps ahead of America Iran spilt the most blood and invested the next most money behind Russia in Syria and Iraq – to which both nations are so deeply grateful to IRAN their economy partner and their stability partner who died by their sides to stabilize horror from insane brains ISIS and the alliance of terror and extreme forces .
  5. Iran and its partners see Saudi as the bank for the insane brains. They see Saudi as sowing instability with endless dollars to propel their MASTER FAITH over the Region and their influence.

So when you read past Saudi spin you see that Iran is opposing Saudi instability investing against Iran and allies to Iran. Iran is also without interest to invade or attack Saudi but is well prepared – the best military in theater – a million person hugely well trained and outfitted military – to defend its own interest. Iran is not Iraq. If the USA for example were to set up a war item with Iran they can put missiles with non nukes but horrible weapons – into LA and New York city. They would lose any war but the cost to America would be greater than any cost since World War II….over say what? Why?

What is our WHY?

Is charing Iran by Saudi throwing sand in the world giants eyes – that is SAUDI home birth place and funder of exported terror region wide and  world wide. By charing terror upon Iran ( which may be all a real lie ) does Saudi get away with it? Have they in fact? Are that blind to the facts. Can we see clearly and balanced information today? Any nation can make a weapons of mass destruction case – we did and that was a lie. For historical example the GULF nations have far form forgotten or forgiven. Why should they?

So the theory that Iran is an evil might be reviewed to play at least a what if game – what if Iran is not Evil. What if Saudi is evil? What if both are not evil? What if both are evil?  What glasses will we wear and why?

So the world two economic theory was – keep the Gulf divided and fighting among themselves – a 2000 year old never ending generational tradition of historic proportions. Nothing new there. They have done all that to themselves. That has been world policy .

Since World War II the money poured into the Gulf – to stabilize nations – has been well – a tax on the world. The Gulf nations rest on mineral wealth where oil is actually the least important. When the Gulf nations fully exploit their mineral riches the economics of this part of the world will fuel education and economics for unborn generations. The hold back is politics – vision – and integration of resources over the entire Region. To get to this wealth estate for the region the home of civilization – needs to celebrate tribal cultural religious and political diversity and cease punishing it.

Competition – insane.
Cooperation – sanity.

The USA has economics to consider. If oil due to political consequence between the nations rises when the world requires low cost energy to develop and sustain prosperity for its peoples – starting with food security a product of oil price – the first economic reality is oil PRICE versus oil supply.

Moving forward oil supply is the post world war II politic.

If that model continues we are in a high risk for economic stress points.

The new model should be PRICE of OIL versus supply. Securing a world inclusive right price for a plentiful fuel is required. At worst the USA should move to produce oil and control price along with allies as a policy finally blocking – the FEW AGAINST THE MANY with cartel artificial price control. Today the world worries about 300,00 barrels of Iran oil a day – which should be rightfully 1 million barrels a day. The USA will rise up 10.4 million barrels a year to over 11,000,000 barrels a day – non opec suppliers will raise up over 300,000 barrels a day in the coming period – offsetting IRAN going to ZERO – which is impossible.

So sanctions – how can scansions impact IRAN?

Well as sanctions go – not really very much. Decades of Sanctions have not impacted IRAN Economics. Could Iran be far more prosperous. You bet.

If Iran wants a Nuke they can make one in 36 months or less. They can use plans from rocket boy or ally Pakistan who exported their nuke plans to Iran anyway. Starting it all.


Well first – we are not told by Israel how long they have had this trove? Say five years or longer? just in? WHEN? That is a big item to review reality against.

Iran says – all this was fully disclosed to the UN before the big Iran deal was reached which our Secretary of State Kerry negotiated to final form – over much pain pressure illness and commuting.

Teams of all NATO allies signed off on the treaty.

These are the best brains we got.

Was it perfect. Of course not. Iran is threatened by Saudi and they don’t have reassurance their government will be respected. The trade that they hoped for after the deal never came. The USA Saudi ballet worked against the deal with Israel from day one ink drying to stop trade – delay trade -which Iran saw dealing in bad faith.

Iran says – we stopped our stuff just like we contracted to do. Of course we kept our files and have our research like any nation who would not. We were never required to turn them over or to destroy them.

Israel ( from Iran’s view ) today – was just bored by Israel losing untold millions in munitions and many deaths – and then at Prime Time the other shoe drops with the INFORMATION DATA TROVE. Israel does its POLITICAL THEATER ( best in the world folks ) to label Iran a LIAR.

But is Iran a liar?

What lie?

They said they didn’t have a secret nuke program when they did. So secret nuke programs are state secrets of course they lie. Do we lie about how the NSA spies on us all – you bet. Do we disclose our real latest EMP and related digital war fare weapons – of course not. Do we lie – about our assignations – political influence on elections world wide and more? Do we lie? Does the EU lie. Does the leadership of nations lie?

So there are expected – so what lies.

There are bomb shells change the game lies.

So lets review:


Israel – love those guys – but I love all the gulf teachers who have made me better than I was before they taught me – too.

Israel says – here is this trove days before Trump – and Trump should can the Iran agreement.

Israel makes it harder for France to broker EU support to stay in the deal.

EU folks like Germany are now pouring over the INTEL and we assume our three letters folks already have it at Langley and are doing the same. Very smart brains are up late and over time for a sprint to the 12th to advise the President. What is really in that stuff.

It seems to be as Iran states it is:

  1. Old stuff – related to before the agreement was signed.
  2. That they stored their files after shutting down – what did we expect – the agreement ALLOWED them to of course preserve the billions invested into the research to that date in time.
  3. The Iran leadership stopped nuke development cold.
  4. Inspectors confirmed the cold stop – period – scouts honor.
  5. Iran says they disclosed this trove detail and it was all fully discussed nothing new at all here.

Israel Political theater timing says with a billion watching for sure Monday PM and now on it world wide – with all the consistent name calling – WE HATE THESE GUYS AND THEY ARE EVIL LIARS>

Iran say – yawning – SO WHAT – really – thats wall you got – old news. We have complied fully and we deserve full partnership from the nations that signed with us – why are we not trusting versus suspicious.

Syria – Israel says Iran is setting up permeant shop. Iran says we can’t wait to leave after helping our neighbor defeat terror. Years in with more manpower than the USA and more deaths than anyone but Syrians – last two months the Capitol of Syria was bombed again and again by a suburb. Like West Virginia to the White House. The DC folks in Syria were rally passed off and drove their resources from Russia and Iran and USA and Syria in mass to take the terror OUT completely – and radical muslim’s left by the thousands. The blood shed and horror was not SYRIA’ s choice – they agreed to the CEASE FIRE the Terrorist used to consolidate and attack.

Here is s fact. The Terrorist lie. They also can create gas attacks to frame Syria which is what Syria says. We don’t have the facts back from the world committee’s investigating YET. Russia says do not judge them based on terror input please. We did and we do though.

Who is really right?  Hassad says we ARE NOT USING THESE WEAPONS why would we – we are winning decisively why would we risk the wrath of the world – why? Those weapons harm.US not the enemy ? No one believes them and Saudi is spinning against Iran and Syria and funding the terror killing USA troops. Now that as a fact ask the King of Jordon for his take on this paragraph. The ruler in the Gulf that is in integrity and who never lies. Not ever. Trust the King gf Jordon first as mediator to these facts.

So Saudi wishes the Iran deal broken and the price of to soar. Its entire nation is on a the brink. In RED INK borrowing to fund. They are about to offer ( in my opinion ) a pure fraud public offering on ARAMCO to the world sucking in untold wealth to temporarily hold them over. The Puppy King has vision plans that have no basis in profit making to sustain the nations forward wealth if Oil dropped to $ 50.00. Bucks. Which I’ve told you after spiking into the summer the crash will be enormous shock to Saudi but not to Iran. Iran is going to elevate output to over 1 million barrels a day – in our opinion it is only time till they do. This will depreciate Saudi influence economically and in oil supply globally.

The oil war is real and it is on and the war is economic.

Saudi wants to depreciate Iran.

It is working to ramp oil price up to fuel is Aramco stock offering and to fuel new debt to underwrite massive infrastructure projects. The economic race is what wars come forth from.

We suggest Saudi and its political economic interest and Iran and its political economic interest – derail the tension. How?

  1. They agree by May 12th to hold an IRAN SAUDI ECONOMIC SUMMIT to establish a REGIONAL TRADE PACK where no muslim nation is left behind in Region.
  2. To stablze the Region between the two leading powers on forward policy.
  3. To advise Trump to stay in the IRAN deal until the Summit fruits are known.

This can’t happen because it drops oil prices and Saudi wants destabilized brink of war in the GULF or wars to assure oil prices rise to over 100 dollars a barrel – which moves the entire world into a sinking recession and economic contraction while a few make some bucks – but that fails. As the world contraction occurs against OPEC falling apart – which over market share – customers not wanting to bay bandit criminals higher price for their elite few to profit against 7 billion of humanity having to pay blackmail phony prices for energy – the cost of everything else.

OPEC and non OPEC producers will flood the market with oil to keep market share and price wars will create MARKET PRICE FOR OIL.

What we are seeing is the END OF OPEC.

OPEC is an illegal oil cartel of producers trying to maximize elite profits against economic fair market pricing for oil. OPEC controls a shrinking % of world supply and now lacks powers to long term versus short term spikes manipulate oil prices to stability at artificial price points.

Faced with economic stress in Saudi LAND from 50 dollar fair market price for oil – SAUDI fighting for survival of its Kingdom – at any cost must manipulate oil prices higher. It is working to do so on policy that like policy from 2014 is TOTALLY FAILED and only the final crash is waiting for the market blood bath of those holding long in oil – buying into spin and propaganda for profit making and failing to think the forward facts through completely.


Fact – the world is drowning in oil.

Demand is going to fall – the rate of growth in demand which no one reports correctly IS FALLING and has BEEN FALLING FOR YEARS. Demand is in a backslide which never ends now.

Price can not be cartel manipulated in a supply drowning the world in oil. We are drowning in oil The Earth farts and shits oil and gas and old wells renew – the earth is making oil. More oil energy than we can ever use is being made by the earth energy factory. We are burning oil and coal ever more cleanly – getting more energy out of less than any time in history – a trend just unfolding today.

It is crazy to favor participate or give political capital to those few against the many who would manipulate the cost of everything inside the world’s fragile recovery – to record new highs – for the elite few greed against the many.

Risk. Will Saudi have a Puppy King assignation or COUP? Will the Kingdom fall to a new form of government. Will the SAUDI present form of government – now in full out CIVIL WAR – while tribal factions the west has no clue about – recently arrested in 2018 – insulted – 100 billion stolen from them – move forward with salutes to the Puppy King who insulted them and took their wealth which unchecked is going on to this day?

Can all the PR in the world remove this inside civil war risk?

Bombs and missiles are falling in the Saudi Capitol in more frequent targeting. Saudi blames IRAN. But is it Iran? Or is it others who bought from IRAN reselling ? Saudi is funding wars against Iran that is fact. Why would Iran not defend itself? Who could fault them. Why again are we taking sides in a dispute spanning say 1000 years of time? Is this our fight to understand or take sides in. Why are we not friends with every single nation in the GULF removing ourselves from politics and remaining economic pure and simple?

When Saddam said – hey I’ll leave and you guys win – let me and my family depart – we would not let them and went to war. WHY? Weapons of Mass Destruction? Humbug. Who lied then?

So are we the people of this planet to be spun and make choices based on LIES.

The Iranian people are good people and they want full partnership with the world. They do not contrary to popular belief hate AMERICAN’s or the EU or any of us. They are wishing for full partnership.

Leaders are paranoid – and with good damn reasons.

So is the world marching forward to wars? Why? What is the real reason?

All of this is fact to help you think about todays’ political theater this way.

PUBLIC POLICY Is impossibly complex.

Leaders are fed good and bad information.

Leaders to the best of experience and competency charged to weight that information and to weight all sides and all perspectives to make POLICY that is secure and economically benefiting to the future of their nations alone and collectively with their partners.

The outcome is never right wrong or perfect.

There is no one answer.

Our advice. THINK FOR YOURSELF. Use the internet to get all the facts off shore and on shore to your nation. WE do that in our blog reporting. Global perspective always economic.

The Gulf is a mess begging to calm down into peace and prosperity That is in everyone’s best interest.

We do not see the present public MANIPULATIONS back and forth as of service to the people of the GULF the nations and the long term outcomes.

is Iran Evil? I don’t think they are.

Is Saudi evil. I don’t think they are.

Can both do better – I truly think they can and they should.

Will they?

We will see – right now it is a mess getting frothier and TRUMP has to part the Red Sea all over again – calm the waters – or bring on the storm clouds.

We’ll all know MAY 12th how our leaders land on public policy.





Link to Investor Daily Article published with permission from Scott Smith:


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Businessman and consultant Bob Circosta pioneered home shopping and found success in discovering novel products. (St Petersburg Times/Zuma Press/Newscom)


Bob Circosta Invented Home Shopping By Helping, Not ‘Selling’

Businessman and consultant Bob Circosta pioneered home shopping and found success in discovering novel products. (St Petersburg Times/Zuma Press/Newscom)





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Circosta, 68, grew up in Shadyside, Ohio. His father owned a bowling alley and entertainment center, and his mom managed a loving home in a supportive community. He attended Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, in the tumultuous years of anti-war protests of 1968-72, earning a degree in telecommunications. His original notion was that he would become a TV anchor delivering breaking news, but he loved interacting with people, so he headed out to Los Angeles to pursue his dream and ended up working in a men’s clothing store. There, he discovered that he hated selling.


Birth Of The Home Shopping Network


A call from his dad changed his life. His father invited him to come live with him in a town house near Clearwater. On arrival, Circosta found a job as a talk-show host for a tiny radio station. One day Paxson came in with a box of 112 avocado-green electric can openers, which he had accepted to settle an overdue ad bill. He announced they would try to sell these on the air for a bargain price of $9.95, if listeners would come by and pick them up.


Circosta resisted being forced back into what he hated, but by the end of the day they had sold all of them. Other merchandise was quickly offered, and they formed the International Suncoast Bargaineers Club. Members bought certificates they could redeem at stores and restaurants, which brought in new customers.


“For the next five years, we were making it up as we went, learning to sell by describing things to a radio audience in a way that became real to them, learning what would later be called relationship marketing,” Circosta said. In 1982, they bought time on a new Clearwater cable channel and soon stopped the radio simulcast, selling on TV in six-hour shifts, sometimes seven days a week.


One thing that sold well, which surprised even Circosta: the AM-FM Radio Telephone Toilet Paper Dispenser (remember, this was in the era before cellphones); 7,000 were sold in the first 10 minutes. Others he thought were great values, like the microwave cleaning solution in a tub, bombed. His longest-running winner is a water filter that only has to be replaced every 25 years, and in various versions has sold in the millions.

“What HSN did was combine two favorite American activities: shopping and watching television,” Circosta said. “These worked well with the rise of e-commerce because it gave people another option if they didn’t want to wait on the phone or go out to crowded malls. Now they can also just punch in the product number while they’re on the phone to place an order. They buy with confidence because they trust the host’s description of product benefits, they can ask questions of the operators, they know everything is very carefully screened for quality before it is offered, and they can read the online reviews.”


Mastering Sales


Many traits and practices separate the ordinary salesperson from the extraordinary. Circosta’s tips: Research customers deeply, treat the pitch as if it’s being made to only one individual, be authentic in stating the case for buying, make a succinct summary of the value proposition, and learn the presentation so that it doesn’t sound like a canned script.



There are many other aspects of becoming a master salesman, from overcoming nervousness and starting with a “grabber” statement to using variations of “power words” like new, guaranteed and fast.



In “Life’s A Pitch:Understanding the Secrets to Selling from Television’s Billion Dollar Man,” Circosta explains that too many efforts to sell fail to communicate the full value of the product or service. This starts with not thinking about how the features will benefit the customer from the customer’s standpoint.



It seems obvious, but most sales presentations analyze the details too superficially and don’t explain the benefits in a way that has an emotional meaning for the customer that will cause her to buy, he says. What product descriptions need is his WSGAT formula, pronounced “wizgat,” which stands for “What’s So Good About That?”


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The customer now realizes this is something she needs, because it would work well with several outfits that make her feel good.


Aside from sales training, Circosta does general business and brand consulting and has worked with many celebrities over the decades, including Bob Hope, Ed McMahon, Suzanne Somers, Jillian Barberie and Patti LaBelle. He’s on HSN with his own products a few times a month, a couple of times a week with entrepreneurs he’s discovered traveling the country for “HSN American Dreams,” and does the live show in Canada once a month. Helping him are his three children from his first marriage: Mike, Chris and Angela.


“I’m excited every day I get up and think about all the possibilities,” Circosta said.


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Nevertheless, he’s worth $400 million, according to CelebrityNetWorth.com, all from trying not to sell.


Circosta’s Keys:


Legendary host of the Home Shopping Network

Overcame: No model for how to sell merchandise on radio

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President Trump’s Accomplishments (4.13.2018) – RAW DATA 

THE CRITICAL TO DATE: ACCOMPLISHMENTS:Government Accountable to the People

• On Friday evening, at the order of the President, U.S. Armed Forces,

with Britain and France, launched strikes against chemical weapon sites in Syria. American and our allies will not tolerate the use against chemical weapons against men, women and children. God bless our courageous troops and allies.

• President Trump signed into law H.R. 1865, the Allow States and

Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, which makes it a federal crime to own, manage, or operate a website with the intent to promote or facilitate prostitution—and which gives law enforcement new tools with which to fight human trafficking.

• President Trump signed an Executive Order to set up a Federal task force to find best solutions for reforming the USPS.

Unleashing our Economic Potential

• U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue and U.S. Trade

Representative Robert Lighthizer announced that the government of Argentina has finalized technical requirements that will allow U.S. pork to be imported into Argentina for the first time since 1992.

• President Trump signed an Executive Order on Economic Mobility by

reforming welfare. New work requirements will be added or enforced

for able-bodied adults on welfare so they can regain independence.• The Trump Administration has taken steps to provide hope to

forgotten areas of the country by designating Opportunity Zones in 18 states.

o Opportunity Zones are a new community development program established by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 to encourage

long-term investments in low-income urban and rural

communities nationwide.
o The Opportunity Zones program provides a tax incentive for

investors to re-invest their unrealized capital gains into Opportunity Funds that are dedicated to investing into designated Opportunity Zones.

o This investment program connects private capital with low- income communities across America.

• Hiring in the manufacturing sector in February rose to highest level

since before the Great Recession began, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported.


• Optimism for American manufacturers is at record highs, according to National Association of Manufacturers.

• Number of people receiving unemployment benefits is at lowest level in 44 years, according to the Labor Department.

Eliminating Job Killing Regulations & Wasteful Spending

• President Trump signed a Presidential Memorandum directing the

EPA to make National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) pursuant to the Clean Air Act program more efficient and cost- effective, giving states greater flexibility and implementation of NAAQS.

• Seven cabinet agencies signed a Memorandum of Understanding

President Trump signed a memo of understanding to foster interagency coordination for the permitting of major infrastructure projects, in an effort to streamline the process.

Veteran Care

• The Trump Administration continues to take care of America’s veterans, providing $43 million to house America’s homeless



• President Trump rolled out principles to combat the opioid crisis in

the United States that will reduce supply, limit demand, and aid in

• The Department of Justice issued a new ruling effectively banning

bump stock sales in the United States.
• President Trump rolled out the immediate actions his Administration

and Congress should take to tackle schools violence, including supporting the STOP School Violence Act, Fix NICS Act, and advocating for states to adopt Extreme Risk Protection Orders.o President Trump made Secretary DeVos in charge of a

commission to look at longer term solutions, including age

restriction on certain firearm purchases.
• CMS and the White House Office of American Innovation rolled out a

new government wide MyHealthEData initiative to increase access to

health data by patients.
• President Trump was able to secure over $700 billion to meet our

national security needs in a 2 year budget agreement, after years of

harmful sequestration.
• President Trump fulfilled his promise to the American people by

nominating and, after Senate confirmation, appointing Neil Gorsuch as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

o Twenty-two judges have been confirmed, including a record- setting 12 circuit judges.

• CMS rolled out a new policy supporting states in allowing work and

community engagement among non-disabled, working-age Medicaid beneficiaries, excluding the elderly, those with disabilities, children, pregnant women, and victims of substance use.

• FEMA announced that private nonprofit houses of worship would be

eligible for disaster assistance retroactively applying to disasters

declared on or after August 23, 2017.
• President Trump reversed President Obama’s last-minute land grab,

by dramatically reducing the acreage of two national monuments.
o The order ends excessive federal control of Utah land, advances

protection of our national treasures through a truly representative process, one that listens to the local communities that knows the land the best and that cherishes the land the most.

• The Justice Department settled two lawsuits with conservative Tea

Party groups that were unfairly scrutinized by the IRS for their tax-

exempt status.
• Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt

issued an agency-wide directive designed to end the abusive “sue and settle” Obama-era practice where environmental groups were able to impose policies through litigation that they couldn’t pass through Congress.

• President Trump implemented higher ethical standards to make sure his Administration works for the American people.

President Trump signed an Executive Order implementing tough new lobbying standards for political appointees, including

a five-year ban on lobbying and a lifetime ban on lobbying for foreign countries.

President Trump has donated his salary, following through on his promise to the American people.

• To make sure the Government serves the needs of all Americans,

President Trump has called for a comprehensive plan to reorganize the executive branch and has used his budget to begin to implement his plan.

o President Trump created the Office of American Innovation to streamline and improve the Government for future generations.

• President Trump was the first in history to address the March of Life live from the White House.

• The Department of Health and Human Services created the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division of the Office For Civil


Unleashing our Economic Potential

• President Trump released his infrastructure framework to build America stronger.

o $1.5 trillion in infrastructure investment, of which $200 billion would be Federal spending.

o Investing in rural infrastructure, including rural broadband.
o Returning decision making back to state and local authorities.o Eliminating barriers that prevent infrastructure projects from

being efficiently developed and managed.
o Streamline permitting to shorten the length from 10 years to 2.o Develop America’s workforce to help more Americans secure

good-paying jobs.
• Under President Trump’s leadership, Congress passed historic tax cuts

and relief for hardworking Americans not seen since President Reagan.

o The Tax Cuts Act provides $5.5 trillion in tax cuts, of which $3.2 trillion, or nearly 60 percent, goes to families.

o A typical family of four earning $75,000 will save more than $2,000 in income tax cuts.

o The Tax Cuts Act nearly doubles the standard deduction.
o The vast majority of American families will be able to file their

taxes on a single page.
o The Tax Cuts Act will repeal Obamacare’s burdensome

individual mandate.
• President Trump received the Rural Prosperity Task Force report and

signed an Executive Order to help expand broadband access to rural

• March job report shows 2.9 million new jobs have been added since

President Trump’s election.
o Manufacturing added 22,000 jobs, bringing the total to 263,000

manufacturing jobs added since President Trump took office.
o Mining & Logging added 8,000 jobs, bringing the total to 76,000 mining & logging jobs added since President Trump took office.

• The unemployment rate is unchanged since October, remaining at an almost 17 year low.

• Institute for Supply Management said the manufacturing index rose to the highest level since May 2004.

• The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index jumped to a 17- year high in January.

• Wages grew by 2.9 percent in 2017, the largest increase in 8 years.
• Second estimates for the third quarter place GDP at 3.2 percent, despite


three major hurricanes making landfall. This is the best six-month

stretch of growth in three years.
o GDP grew by 2.6 percent in the fourth quarter of 2017.

• The Dow Jones Industrial Average has had over 80 record highs under

President Trump, including this week.
o The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up over 35 percent since

Election Day 2016.
o Closed over 25,000 points for the first time in history on

January 4, 2018.
• Small business had a record number of owners saying now is a good

time to expand, according to the National Federation of Independent

Business (NFIB) monthly Jobs Report.
• The National Association of Manufacturers’ Outlook Index had the

highest annual average in its history and reached a record high in fourth quarter 2017.

o More than half of manufactures said they would expand their businesses, hire more American workers, and buy more equipment due to tax reform.

• According to the fourth quarter CNBC All-America Economic

Survey, more than half of Americans rated the economy as good or

excellent for the first time in at least 11 years.
• Signed an Executive Order making it easier for businesses to start and

expand apprenticeship programs.
o A Department of Labor study concluded $60,000 was the

average salary of certified apprenticeship programs compared to

a starting salary of under $50,000 for a college graduate.
o 87 percent of apprentices are employed upon completion of a


Eliminating Job Killing Regulations & Wasteful Spending

• President Trump’s Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Action has exceeded the 2:1 mandate, issuing 22 deregulatory actions for every one new regulatory action.

o Federal agencies achieved $8.1 billion in lifetime net regulatory cost savings, the equivalent of $570 million per year.

• Simply cutting red tape and putting Obama-era regulations on hold have already saved $378 million since President Trump took office, and that savings is expected to jump into the billions next year when the administration’s anti-regulation campaign hits full stride, according to a report from the American Action Forum.

• The President signed an infrastructure Executive Order which will save billions of dollars directly by streamlining and expediting the permitting process for infrastructure projects


o The EO establishes a two year goal for the federal government to

process all of the actions required by federal law for the environmental reviews and permits of major infrastructure projects

• Withdrew from the Paris Accord, which undermined U.S. competitiveness and job creation.

o According to a study by NERA Consulting, meeting the Obama Administration’s requirements in the Paris Accord would cost the U.S. economy nearly $3 trillion over the next several decades.

o By 2040, our economy would lose 6.5 million industrial sector jobs – including 3.1 million manufacturing sector jobs.

Unlocking American Energy

• The Interior Department announce plans to open up 90 percent of America’s coastal water to oil drilling, proposing 47 possible auctions of drilling rights in nearly all parts of the U.S. continental shelf.

• The Interior Department announced it would sell leases for nearly 77 million acres starting in March in the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas drilling, the largest offering ever.

• President Trump has acted aggressively to increase exports of our energy resources to a global market.

o Updated guidance from the Treasury Department to allow the United States to export coal.

o Expedited the permitting and approval processes of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminals and exports, including the approval of the Lake Charles LNG terminal in Louisiana.

o During President Trump’s Administration, our allies have continued to receive American LNG exports in order to prevent dependence on single suppliers.

• President Trump has unleashed oil and gas development in the United States by expanding access to resources and the infrastructure needed to get them to market.

o Approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, creating over 42,000 jobs and $2 billion in earnings.

? Signed an Executive Order mandating future pipeline work to be done by American workers and with American steel.

o Expedited new pipeline approval and production, including the New Burgos Pipeline to Mexico.

• President Trump signed a bill that eliminated a Dodd-Frank rule that required oil companies like Exxon Mobile to publicly disclose the taxes and fees they pay to foreign governments, which was going to cost the industry as much as $385 million annually.

• The EPA has filed a proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan to facilitate the development of U.S. energy resources and reduce


unnecessary regulatory burden on the energy sector.
o The Clean Power Plan is estimated to cost oil and natural gas

operators as much as $530 million annually.
• President Trump, in keeping his campaign promise to coal miners,

rolled back the previous administration’s “Stream Protection Rule,” which had saddled the coal industry with estimated costs of at least $81 million a year.

Pursuing Fair and Reciprocal Trade Deals

• President Trump announced new tariffs, under Section 301, on $50 billion of Chinese goods for unfair trade practices that steal American intellectual property.

o President Trump instructed the United States Trade Representative to look into an additional $100 billion of tariffs on Chinese goods under Section 301.

• The United States announced amendments to the South Korea-US Free Trade agreement to better benefit American cars, pharmaceuticals, steel, and agriculture products.

• President Trump signed two Presidential Memorandums putting in place a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum imports.

• President Trump’s U.S. Trade Representative announced new tariffs on solar cells and residential washing machines.

• President Trump announced that he intends to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to better reflect our modern economy while benefitting all parties so involved.

• One of President Trump’s first actions was to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, fixing the Obama Administration’s failed attempts protect American workers.

• The President began the process of renegotiating the United States- Korea Free Trade Agreement.

• As of December 31, 2017, the trump administration has conducted 82 major actions protecting U.S. trade by initiating 82 antidumping and countervailing duty investigations, an increase of 58 percent over the previous year.

o The Department of Commerce announced the first self-initiated antidumping and countervailing duty investigation since 1991 targeting Chinese common alloy aluminum sheet.

o The President’s Commerce Department issued a determination that Canadian companies were dumping and subsidizing softwood lumber into the United States.

• The President signed an order to investigate Chinese theft of U.S. intellectual property:


o The IP Commission Report estimates that the annual cost to the

United States economy from IP theft could be as high as $600

billion, with China as the major contributor
• Negotiations President Trump started with China on economic

cooperation have already produced results for American businesses.o For the first time in 14 years, since 2003, American beef imports

have returned to China, opening up a $2.5 billion market to

American ranchers and producers.
o China is welcome to negotiate contracts to import American

liquefied natural gas.
• Initiated a probe aimed at determining whether Chinese and other

foreign-made steel and aluminum threatens U.S. national security.
o Chinese exports of steel into the U.S. has captured 26 percent of

the market, and Chinese steel imports are up nearly 20 percent

over the last year alone.

Transforming the Department of Veterans Affairs

• Announced plans for the Veterans Affairs administration to shift veterans’ electronic medical records to the same system used by the Defense Department, ending a decades old problematic rift in sharing information between the two agencies.

o Signed Executive Order for veterans to receive other care outside of the Department of Veterans Affairs medical system.

• President Trump issued a new Executive Order requiring the Secretaries of Defense, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs to submit a joint plan to provide veterans access to access to mental health treatment as they transition to civilian life.

• Signed the Veterans Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act to allow senior officials in the VA to fire failing employees and establishes safeguards to protect whistleblower.

o Under President Trump, the VA has fired 1,298 employees, suspended 425, and demoted 73, as part of President Trump’s efforts to restore accountability.

• The VA took steps to increase transparency and accountability by launching an online “Access and Quality Tool,” providing veterans with a way to access wait time and quality of care data.

• President Trump signed the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act after it passed the Senate unanimously earlier in August.

o The legislation streamlines the lengthy process that veterans undergo when appealing disability benefits claims with the VA.

o More than 470,000 veterans are waiting decisions regarding their appeals.

• The President signed the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act.

heroes with the support they’ve earned for risking their lives to ensure the freedoms of all Americans:

o The Post-9/11 GI Bill provides educational benefits to veterans, service members, and their family members, including tuition, fees, books, housing, and other additional costs.

• President Trump signed the VA Choice and Quality Employment Act of 2017 to authorize $2.1 billion in additional funds for the Veterans Choice Program (VCP).

o Veterans become eligible for care under the VCP if: they live more than 40 miles from the closest eligible VA medical

facility, wait times that are over 30 days from the clinically

indicated date, or they meet other special criteria.
• A new White House VA Hotline to help veterans will be fully staffed

by veterans.
• President Trump and Veterans Affairs Secretary Dr. David Shulkin

announced three initiatives to expand access to healthcare for veterans using telehealth technology.

o “Anywhere to Anywhere VA Health Care” allows VA providers to use telehealth technology to serve veterans no matter where the provider or veteran is located.

o Expand VA Video Connect, an application for mobile phones and computers, that allows veterans and providers to connect by video across the country.

o Nationwide rollout of The Veteran Appointment Request (VAR) application, which allows veterans to schedule appointments at VA facilities on phones, tables, or computers.

Giving Americans The Healthcare They Need

• U.S. Department of Agriculture announced more than $1 billion

would be provided to improve access to health care services for 2.5

million people in rural communities.
• President Trump is mobilizing his entire Administration to address

drug addiction and opioid abuse by directing the declaration of a

Nationwide Public Health Emergency to address the opioids crisis.• President Trump signed an Executive order to reform the United

States healthcare system to take the first steps to expand choices and alternatives to Obamacare plans and increase competition to bring down costs for consumers.

o The Secretary of Labor agreed to expand access to Association Health Plans (AHPs), which could potentially allow American employers to form groups across State lines.

o The order directs the Departments of the Treasury, Labor, and Health and Human


• President Trump concluded there is no appropriations for cost-sharing

reduction (CSR) payments to insurance companies under Obamacare.o CSR payments have no authority and are unlawful.
o The bailout of insurance companies through these unlawful

payments is yet another example of how the previous administration abused taxpayer dollars and skirted the law to prop up a broken system.

Restoring Law and Order

• The Department of Justice announced over $98 million in grant

funding through the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) COPS Hiring Program to allow 802 additional full- time law enforcement officers.

• As of November 16, 2017, the department of justice has worked with

Central American partners to “arrest and charger some 4,000 MS-13

members” so far this year.
• The Department of Justice announced it was scheduling fentanyl

substances as a drug class under the Controlled Substances Act.


o o


Now, fentanyl-related substances will be brought to the same illegality and charging level as heroin or marijuana.

In a billion dollar opioid fraud crackdown, the DOJ charged more than 400 people, including doctors and medical facilities,

who it said were prescribing unnecessary opioids to addicts and fueling the drug crisis.

The Department of Justice announced its first ever indictments against two Chinese nationals and their North American-based

traffickers and distributors to distribute large quantities of

fentanyl and other opiate substances.
• Operation Cross Country XI was conducted by the FBI to combat

human trafficking, rescuing 84 children and arresting 120 human

• After violent crime rose in 2016, the Department of Justice is

reinvigorating the Project Safe Neighborhoods to provide a framework for violent crime reduction. When first started in 2001, it reduced violent crime by 4.1%.

Achieving a Massive Reduction in Illegal Immigration

• President Trump announced the National Guard would be deployed to the Southwest border to make assist border patrol agents in securing our border.

• President Trump’s Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the state of California for their sanctuary status for illegal immigrants.• President Trump revealed details on an immigration framework that


would provide border security, reform of the chain migration, ending

the visa lottery, and providing a permanent DACA fix.
• President Trump released his immigration priorities to secure the

border, enforce immigration laws, and reform the immigration system. This includes:

o Ensure funding for the southern border wall and associated infrastructure,

o End loopholes that allow Unaccompanied Alien Children to stay in the country,

o Reform the asylum system,
o Expedite the remove of illegal aliens and discourage their re-

o Restrict grants for sanctuary jurisdictions,
o Provide necessary resources to enforce immigration laws,
o Increase employment verification to protect American Workers,

o Support merit-based reforms for our immigration system.

• The U.S. pulled out of the UN global compact on migration citing the declaration “contains numerous provisions that are inconsistent with US immigration and refugee policies and the Trump administration’s immigration principles.”

• Under President Trump’s leadership, the Department of Justice announced a final warning to jurisdictions suspected of having “sanctuary” policies. The jurisdictions include:

o Cook County, Illinois;
o Chicago, Illinois;
o New Orleans, Louisiana;
o New York, New York; ando Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

• From President Trump’s inauguration through the end of FY 2017, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) made 110,568 arrests of illegal aliens, a 40 percent increase compared to the same time period the prior year.

o Over the same time period, removals that resulted from arrests increased by 37 percent.

o Of the illegal aliens arrested by ICE, over 92 percent had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges, were ICE fugitives, or were illegal reentrants.

• The President is making progress building a border wall to keep out illegal border crossings and restoring law and order to our immigration system.

o The House of Representatives passed legislations that includes $1.6 billion in funding for a border wall, including 32 miles of new fencing, 28 miles of new levee walls, and 14 miles of

secondary fencing.
o To jumpstart construction on the border wall, the President

ordered DHS to use $100 million of its unspent appropriations in

for border security, fencing and infrastructure.
• The number of counties participating in the 287(g) program, which

allows jails to detain criminal aliens until they are transferred to ICE

custody, has doubled and is on track to triple by the end of the year.• The President ordered the hiring of 15,000 new immigration agents,

including 5,000 additional border patrol agents.
• In FY 2017, 36 percent more criminal gang members were removed by

ICE compared to FY 2016.
o The Department of Homeland Security arrested 796 MS-13 gang

members and associates in FY 2017, an 83 percent increase from

the previous year.
• Attorney General Jeff Sessions implemented new charging guidelines

to end catch-and-release policies.
• Created the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE)

office at DHS, in order to ensure that victims of criminal acts by

illegal aliens will no longer be ignored.

American First Foreign Policy And Military

• President Trump followed through on his promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and instructed the State Department to begin to relocate the Embassy.

o The State Department announced the new US Embassy in Israel would move to Jerusalem in May.

o President Trump’s Administration announced it would withdraw from UNESCO at the end of next year to show it would not stand for the anti-Israel bias of the organization.

• President Trump signed an Executive Order putting a ceiling of 45,000 refugees that may enter the country.

• President Trump signed an Executive Order revoking previous orders to close detention facilities at U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay.• The Department of Defense released a new national defense strategy

that reversed the previous administration’s objectives.
• President Trump released the Nuclear Posture Review he originally

directed Secretary Mattis to conduct, it pursues modernizing our nuclear capabilities, enhancing deterrence, and making the use of nuclear weapons less likely.

• The President has lifted restrictions that previously prevented the Secretary of Defense and our commanders in the field from fully using their judgement and expertise.

• President Trump restricted travel from eight countries identified as having insufficient security and information sharing measures.


Countries are: Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria,

Venezuela, and Yemen.
• Poland, one of the NATO member countries to meet its defense-

spending target of 2 percent of GDP, has agreed to buy and deploy

the U.S. Patriot missile defense system.
• Struck an airbase in Syria, after Syrian regime planes used the base to

conduct chemical weapons attacks against civilians.
• President Trump has stood up to Russian aggression at home and

o Under the President’s direction, the Treasury Department

announced sanctions on 7 Russian oligarchs, 12 companies they control, 17 senior Russian government officials, and a state- owned weapons trading company.

o The Treasury Department sanction 18 Russian individuals and entities accused of interference in the 2016 presidential election and undermining the countries cyber security.

o The United States expelled 60 Russian operatives from the country in response to Russia’s poisoning of UK citizens on UK soil.

? The eviction was done in conjunction with dozens of our allies and partners around the world.

• President Trump is demolishing ISIS and terrorism around the world.o In Iraq, ISIS lost its last town when U.S.-led coalition forces

retook Raqqa, meaning the group has effectively lost all of its

most important towns and cities in Iraq and Syria.
o President Trump is directing the State Department to send aid

through USAID directly to Christiana and other minorities

facing genocide in the Middle East.
o During his first international trip, President Trump supported the

opening of a new “Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology” in Saudi Arabia, which was created to better empower Muslim-majority countries in fighting radicalization.

o President Trump announced a new strategy for Afghanistan to protect the American people based on stability and security so terrorists cannot use the country as a base to threaten U.S. interests.

? The new strategy puts military pressure on the Taliban and sets conditions for a peaceful settlement between the Afghanistan government and the Taliban.

? Breaking with the status quo, the President warned Pakistan that no partnership can survive a country’s tolerance for militants and terrorists and they must take action.

? Our partnership with India is of vital important and they are

making important contributions to Afghanistan’s safety,

security, and development.
• President Trump is confronting Iran’s aggression.

o The Department of Justice issued indictments against 9 Iranians accused of cyber theft on behalf of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

o The United States announced new 301 actions against Chinese unfair trade practices that steal American intellectual property, the actions include tariffs on Chinese products, limits on Chinese investment in the US, and litigation at the World Trade Organization.

o President Trump in consultation with his national security team has approved a new strategy for Iran.

? Not certifying they are in full compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, known as the Iran Deal,

? Focusing on neutralizing the Government of Iran’s destabilizing influence and constraining its aggression, particularly its support for terrorism and militants,

? Revitalizing our traditional alliances and regional partnerships as bulwarks against Iranian subversion and restore a more stable balance of power in the region,

? Deny the Iranian regime – and especially the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) – funding for its malign activities, and oppose IRGC activities that extort the wealth of the Iranian people,

? Counter threats to the United States and our allies from ballistic missiles and other asymmetric weapons,

? Rally the international community to condemn the IRGC’s gross violations of human rights and its unjust detention of American citizens and other foreigners on specious charges, and

? Deny the Iranian regime all paths to a nuclear weapon.o Department of the Treasury sanctioned 25 entities and

individuals involved in Iran’s ballistic missile program in order

to further monitor and prevent any acts of terrorism.
o The first week of January, the Treasury Department sanctioned

more Iranian entities tied to Iran’s ballistic missile program and

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corp.
o The Department of Treasury put in place new sanctions against

Iranian companies in response to Iran’s provocative launch of a

space vehicle.
• President Trump is putting maximum pressure on North Korea to


o President Trump accepted an invitation to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by May.

? North Korea agreed to denuclearize.
? North Korea said it would no longer test nuclear weapons

and missiles.
? North Korea recognized the United States and South Korea

would continue to hold regular military drills.
o The Treasury Department released sanctions on 57 North Korean

individuals and entities as part of the Maximum Pressure Campaign to stop illegal trading that provides financial to the brutal regime.

o Under President Trump’s leadership, the United Nations Security Council unanimously passed new sanctions on North Korea for their continued aggressive behavior.

o President Trump signed an Executive Order that put new sanctions on North Korea trade and their financing to signal to the world that they would have to make a choice: deal with the United States or the rogue regime in North Korea.

o President Trump’s Treasury Department sanctioned the Chinese Bank of Dandong for “illicit North Korean Financial Activity.”

• President Trump is cracking down on Venezuela and Cuba.
o The Treasury Department and State Department are putting in

place new sanction rules to channel economic activity away from the Cuban government, particularly the military, and towards the people of Cuba.

o President Trump imposed new sanctions on the Maduro dictatorship in Venezuela, targeting the regime itself, and not just individuals, for the first time.

? The new financial sanctions prohibit dealings in new debt of Venezuela and its corrupt oil company.

? The regime will no longer be able finance its debt using U.S. banks.

o The Treasury Department put in place new sanctions on 13 current and former senior officials of the Venezuelan Government in response to the governments continued efforts to undermine democracy.

The US Treasury Secretary and teams are in China May 1st negating frame work to enact new trade deals and avoid trade wars.

The President team is setting up Singapore in May to meet North Korea and make a deal 5 decades of Presidents have failed to open dialogue upon.

The Commerce team is finalizing a NAFTA II agreement much improved for the USA.

MACON and Trump developed a frame work moving into May for Iran deal making and environmental re-engagement globally.

Considering a its 12 months since his first quarter in office – the data of deliverables – is just raw data. If you hate Trump you still hate him. if you don’t you still don’t.

The data is what it is.

It is not presented to be political.

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The community at CEO SPACE is cooperative. There is no competitive thinking inside. Every CEO helps every other CEO without condition. The Tuesday to Sunday experience is a master mind of unconditional cooperative cross support growing alliances JV partnerships and customer base to market including B to B at speeds impossible without a cooperation basis to the environment.

CEO’s tell us they are tired of the dog eat dog business environment and wish to be part of a movement to reform work space cultures from lower efficiency competition to higher yield and performance collaboration cultures. The tools and tactics to such outcomes is a cooperation movement in the work space led by forward thinking CEO’s today. CEOSPACE recharges depleted CEO”s with replenishment to go the distance.

CEO’s need a process to remain current in the accelerated stress of the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. Today the C Suite asset is brains not trained by Ivy League factory education but new brains that learn much faster – unlearn even faster than that – and relearn faster yet. Those brains are the new LEADERSHIP GOLD standard. CEOSPACE is ground zero.

Finally a process that CEO’s can run their empire while benefiting – paced for back home obligations every hour – while the boss is brought fully current to quarter – and using the process over time remains current to the SUPER CHNAGE stress we all must challenges ourselves to remain in front of or become obsolete because of.

The tools and tactics provides by CEOSPACE our leaders tell us are superior to their refreshers at post graduate institutions they pay ten times more to attend and there is no lifetime anything for the exchange. They leave those experiences drained, more confused, lacking forward improve plans, elevated team contacts, and growth alliances and to market oceans of connections – and feel betrayed.

CEOSPACE graduates all report to a leader – why did I now know about THIS – years ago? WHY?

CEOSPACE is not a mass market item. CEOSPACE is like the LOVE BOAT cruise for your EPIDTA or your wallet. We stack a ratio of crew to CEO’s attending to assure our FORTUNE GRADE contractors and mentors ( tithing their mentorship 15% of their lifetime back to the futures we transform together  in team mentorship no institution provides ) with a superior cruise each and every sail. This ratio of expertise in industry to CEO’s attending is hard work and requires quality control that costs fortunes to maintain.

We always ask you to TRUST the third party press that investigate long lists of market options and when ranking CEO SPACE the # 1 Business Conference in the world in 2018 – the one you can not afford to miss – their words not our words – and year after year ranking CEOSPACE # 1 you just can’t afford to miss the next one really.

Everyone who does – tells us and that is 100% of 30 years of CEO’s – why did you not make me come sooner? We let you decide.

Jeff Flam owns resorts in Kaui – a tech fim I believe will be a billion dollar enterprise and we all need to bring to school attention locally – called http://www.eyeq.com. Jeff has done large M&A deals and invested in owning the top OFFICE PARK in Utah State winning awards. A deer friend and mentee. Jeff explored CEOSPACE and did not attend for years. The money ( even though he was affluent ) held him back. He’d seen all the meetings. He’d projected CEOSPACE could not be all that different. Jeff like so many of you reading – just did not have the time. Check out his four minute regret.

Below is a 4 MINUTE – just four minute – take from Jeff on just how wrong he was to have put CEO SPACE off and he now returns often using his CEO LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP – so typical. Listen to the 4 minutes – it may just speak to your soul:


Thank you Jeff for your reflection as a leader in Salt Lake and in the world today. As family valued men or principle we share common ground of the VALUES coming in first and the tools and tactic coming in to follow.

I hope the four minutes from a global leader are pure gold for you today. I hope the implication in Jeff’s film just how much FUN that CEOSPACE is for leaders at the top always is – that is the replenishment from CEO depletion we talk about.

I believe all leaders are stressed as never before. I believe leaders have few options for a business oasis to upgrade their tool kit while they actually replenish their own leader cell phone batteries to full charge. Perhaps this outcome is the most prized of all by the leaders we serve. They needed that oasis right about now.

All our CEO SPACE dates appear on http://www.ceospaceinternational.com . One might call out to you. The QUICKLINK tab is the first click to browse our world and get some fast information – print page on that date information.

Make a book mark. You will share and use this URL over time. 

Many of you are familiar with THE SECRET. Over 1.5 billion have seen this film and read that book -a CEOSPACE winning story like Chicken Soup and Rich Dad and Think & Grow Rich For Woman and THREE FEET FROM GOLD and Men are from Mars and Woman are from Venus – from Harv to Bob Proctor leaders circle wagons around CEO SPACE. The film by the SUPER STAR of THE SECRET and head fo http://proctorgallegerseminars.com recently made a 2018 update film for the world on this work. If you want a deeper dive let me include a leader that coaches over 100 of the Fortune CEO’s and stands for acceleration in your journey.

May I introduce Mr. Bob Proctor on CEO SPACE current to this quarter for your thinking – its a GREAT to a good film clip:


I personally out of almost 200 industry specific films by leaders the world knows and trusts on YOUTUBE – just search CEOSPACE on YOUTUBE if you want to bookmark a large more in depth library on what we do – how we do that what – and we cater to every level of CEO from the Fortune Tribe to development space launch entrepreneurs. Try and discount pigeon holing CEOSPACE from any one video as the video defining your TRIBE at. JEFF FLAM level is on site as well – believe me – is available to you.

CEOSPACE operates a city Club System from London to San Diego. In cities everywhere we host free – very unique networking events we call GATHERINGS. The majority of our Club highly trained professionals who participate in weekly training that never ends – are service professionals. They serve our CEO and professional clients. They never sell.

The FREE – CEOSPACE Gatherings in Atlanta or Seattle in Utah or in New York City – the LA to San Francisco Gatherings are networking effective free contributions back to entrepreneurs growing their venture locally. Our Club Presidents meet with higher end CEO’s privately in no host meals to deep dive on their agendas.

You can phone home office Vice Presidents at 256 850 4716 or 256 850 4710 anytime East Coast business hours for address to your fact gathering and information needs. Our Club System and home office network in between our five annual BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCES ( BGC’s ) tirelessly bringing resources from our vast community of 30 years of CEO membership ranging from capital to markets – that never ends.

You can attend free to network in any city club weekly. Why mis out on that option. You can invite guests. You can open a CLUB in cities not served we welcome you to lead.

Our service level is reported to be more complete and comprehensive to CEO priority and agenda resolution that any other process. CEOSPACE is famous for lowering the time and the cost to reach owner growth goals quarter to quarter as those goals evolve over time.

Our customers tell us CEOSPACE was the missing mechanism to accelerate outcome results.

Not so obvious is the fact CEOSPACE is the world’s largest SUPER STORE for the CEO. Any agenda can be resolved from human capital to resource capital to capital itself in a more elegant cost accelerating manner inside the SUPER STORE than outside. Work that requires quality control – cost control – time issues – are resolved inside the asset of the World’s largest resource super store for the CEO to reduce cost time and outcome deliverables against.

Again our members report…iF I HAD ONLY KNOWN.

CEOSPACE is not a seminar.

CEOSPACE is not a workshop.

Time inside CEOSPACE is customized for each individual CEO – a process they never have seen before and which they appreciate greatly. All CEO grade level support missing in other venues.

A use caution. When you see a film and you see a BIG ROOM – which there is a BIG ROOM – you – are not inside that big room save for a few times in a week of time with us. You are working individually networking results – customers – markets – alliances – JV’s – B to B – real outcomes and transactional business is taking place the entire time. At CEO grade level. When you are in the BIG ROOM we are networking YOU to every CEO in that room. Those processes are frankly a blast.

Our customers report a) 85% of your asset value we could not see until we attended we only knew 15% of the value when we decided to join and b) we have no way to explain this CRUISE FOR PROFIT because the guest is pampered by our teams work their ass off in complex support the world has never known before and explaining all that you DO for us – would itself take a three day workshop just to transmit it all.

That of course it the value and why a money back guarantee is so rarely asked for and so happily executed whenever it is.

WE will NOT allow our clients to take a risk with their precious resource allocations or their time.

Most our clients earn large profits within three to five of our conferences. Our satisfaction record with CEO customers in their first BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE runs 99%. In quality control with the leaders at the top – that is as good as it gets out there.

Half a decade ago I turned over management to others generationally having led CEOSPACE for 25 years as CEO. I got us to # 5 on the most prestigious ranking list with Forbes.

The generational team managing CEOSPACE for half a decade re-tooled the product with CEO member upgrades as a master mind process to forever improve the SPACE. They brought us to # 1 on all the list…and they kept us there.

What founder is not ecstatic when they generationally turn over the institution to the next generation of management and see that they improved the core product so substantially and the institution is secure for unborn generations to follow.

As Chairman and founder I pride today our work with children. We operate the # 1 Teen Entrepreneur program in the market. We have seven year olds now on their fourth successful venture. Watching CEO families see their children fully blossom is a great consequence of this work to my own life. To have babies who grew up and went through our TEEN FEAST PROGRAM:

F – Free

E – Enterprise

A- Acclerated

S- Systems

T = Training

FEAST – and see those teens mature in business and now thirty years later as successful CEO’s themselves return and bring THEIR TEENS is pure legacy to the work.

LEGACY. CEOSPACE is my pride and joy. Super Teaching for schools and corporate government training systems ( http://www.superteaching.org is another.

I lecture all over the nation today. Donating my time and teaching wherever asked. Phone at the numbers here to book me to events in your community or at Universities as I so love teaching. I appear on the big gun shows now and again CNN FOX ABC CBS NBC and all of them globally. I’m asked – what is your greatest legacy.

I always smile and say – easy – TEEN FEAST and I tell them why. Our slogan in 1988 for FEAST – to mommies and daddies of the world who lead….trust us with uour precious babies and we will send you home the leaders of tomorrow….

Now folks – that is pure legacy when its proven to be true. What greater legacy is there than THAT in a life walk?

I’m appearing May 7th in ten cities in San Francisco. If you know folks in the Bay from Silicon Valley and our Club GATHERINGS I will host – one city a day – and coach individual CEO’s for free – bring a recorder and.a pad – as its high level consulting and mentorship – I’d just love to meet you or your tribe. Connect with any CEOSPACE Club President or call our City by The Bay Club cities via our home office numbers I posted here for you and our team will plug you or your contacts in for the free networking and consulting. No selling ever. it is our way today.

I went off salary in 2013. I donate my time today to give back in my 7th decade of life …mentoring as I can and spirit allows me all over the world – EU to India and everywhere in between in CEOSPACE world. Also I endless coach CEO’s and our team can set up free coaching if you wish by call or Skype or zoom as you desire. Always free. Always a give back pure and legacy to you.

I hope this helps readers understand a bit more about who I am and what motivates me. Leading the largest Entrepreneur CEO community in the world, our members by the tens of thousands tune into my blog – to plan – use data as a guide and GPS forward decision making to market risk and outcomes.

Members book mark items like this because they share CEOSPACE which is what keeps out events sold out every single time.and full with cooperative leaders wiling to master mind to help one another as their own tithe. The results remain outstanding and unlike anything else – anywhere else.

If this item found you…it just may be a divine appointment you were looking for. That will be my hope today.

Have a great year – it is the BEST of times and the BEST OF YEARS – go for the wins ! You so deserve it.

Wishing you effortless abundance and prosperity as we all SPRING FORWAR together…in 2018.



PS: Book mark this page UR for me and share CEOSPACE with entrepreneurs you know could use this information to ease and accelerate their journey into the best possible future.. Thanks.




May 1st and the US dollar is breaking out. We reported two economic events on this blog for three years. First we reported a correction to the market peak highs would occur in the Spring of 2018. It has occurred and is occurring.

Second. We reported the US dollar would fall by policy and strategy inside a global trade war, where all goods are priced in fact in US dollar terms. In the Spring of 2018 the US dollar would break out and then soar for a new dominant period in currency realities.

Now that the Dollar has broken out in the SPRING to a six month all time high ( say against the second currency measure the pound sterling ) lets look at the economics.

At the end of World War II there were winners, and there were losers and there were middle ground players. The big winner was the USA. Without the USA no assurance the world would not be a Nazis universe can be made.

The US engaged a series of VICTOR SPOIL issues and uncommon generosities. First the USA by agreement of all world parties at the time, created treaties and financial agreements in which the US dollar would become and remain the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY. This meant that the strength of the GNP and debt ratio and growth of the USA and its military domination – would secure that the US dollar would be exclusively used by nations to settle trade.

Said another way – there are not enough Swiss Watch and Knife and money brokers in a total population of less than a single America city to propel its currency to WORLD TRADE STATUS. Nor was there enough CIRCULATION of Russia Ruples ( its cities in shambles ) or the EU nations utterly ravished by wars ) where the only global currency, with enough trust, enough depth, enough in circulation already – to settle one day of say FOOD or energy trading was isn fact the US dollar.

This remains the case today in fact.

So nations settle trade with US dollars. If they have to many dollars they have trouble in their trading accounts. If they are in surplus in trading their dollar accounts rise as with China – imbalanced in trade – where it buys from America one dollar and sells into America 5 to 1. The trade imbalance which generates 3 trillion into the Chinese Dollar trade account surplus.

The Dollar was allowed to drop by 80% due to trading partner wars where they manipulated their currency and we did the unthinkable – we let ours fall artificially. This made US trade goods so cheap and their goods ever more expensive. Trade began to rebalance under the DOLLAR POLICY.

Today the trade with America is rising based on Saudi failed oil policy. In 2014 the US in a trade war with Asia let the dollar free fall – the price of oil is made in dollars. Deals were made to let oil rise to 100 dollars and above to offset the drop in dollar prices.

Today America had the OPEC cartel work to kill off its home grown oil industry in Shale. They brought the price of oil down to almost 30 dollars from 140 dollars in 18 months of time. The US let the dollar stay low and topped it further.

Saudi failed its members as America rose from 14 in oil production in 2014 to # 1 world wide in oil production in 2018.

Today the world is pricing the US dollar against our oil valuation which is soaring. This means the US dollar is rising and will rise for twenty years to be the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY AT ITS STRONGEST IMPACT ever.

Trade goods around the world can drop prices as the dollar rises and remain in the game as the recovery continues.

The US dollar RISING makes US goods more costly to buy in off shore markets – the US is returning to premium value.

Every nation wants dollars again in their pocket.

American tourism goes father as the dollar rises when we travel.

We predicted the Spring of 2018 would complete a market correction long over due followed by a run up to 30,000 DOW. We predicted the dollar would recover steadily starting in the SPRING of 2018. We took a lot of flack for these accurate forecasts in 2015 2016 and even last year in 2017.

Only we were right and precisely correct to the quarter.

Long term readers of this blog rely on this information.

New readers are a bit amazed.

The work behind the research to reach conclusions is impossible to share with our reader community. Our teams are tireless on data and seeking forward predictive indicators for each of you. We do this work for you.

The dollar will drop the cost of oil.

Oil will crash to the 50’s and remain there. Keep our prediction in your file to see if we are right on that item.

The dollar will create a USA influence globally, that returns the prestige and the leverage in deal making as part of the US Treasury strategy now the OPEC has been neutralized as a criminal market force on price – a crime against humanity. The oil market normalizing and the trade deals for fair trade normalizing economic account trade imbalances re-tools the US dollar into generational reliable trade account settlements.

There is no other:

  1. Settlement currency with the digital real time VAM – Velocity Accelerations and Momentums offered by the US dollar in circulation globally.
  2. Currency in circulation at required volumes to manage a day of trade settlements – there is no alternative of any kind.
  3. Stability – the currency resides within the worlds leading and largest economy ( by so far it is untouchable for 100 years into the future ) and the currency enjoys the absolute bedrock floor trust of the majority of all nations to make their trade settlements against.
  4. The dollar as a store of value at zero interest rate for a decade is now already returned to market rates of 3% shifting trillions from risk on equities to store of values in DOLLAR based 3% and rising compound store of value returns traditional from the 1900 period forward globally.
  5. Systemic integrations – within digital soaring valuations of trade goos and all asset classes the settlement currency integrated into digital daily automation is the US dollar WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY. Changing that bedrock foundation trade mechanism would at systemic levels create a global depression and in fact be impossible in any time frame of a generation.

For this reasons the pseudo economists self profiting from doom and gloom about the US dollar failing as a world reserve currency have had their theories shattered to broken glass in 2018. The US dollar is rising through record highs over the past six months…and in our predictions you “an’t seen nothing yet” as we say in the SOUTH.

Warren Buffet suggests in the middle of the US recession – that – it would be an act of extreme foolishness to make bets against AMERICA.

America within its new tax structure is sucking in trillions of new investment to plant – warehouse – assembly and job creation. All in 2018 and you truly an’t seen nothing YET.

America is THE SPACE to invest capital.

America is the market to profit within first.

Wealth building is “own America first as backbone ” and than diversify.

The US Dollar under President Donald Trump and team has in a year moved from a joke at sit coms to the prestige currency of the world every world citizen wants to hold SOME DOLLARS in their own reserve.

Said another way – in 2018 the Treasury can not keep up on US dollar demand investing. The time to normalize is self realizing – although we suggest go moderately and in longer time frames to anchor your growth systemically.

The risk in the world is debt defaulting by nations – looking in Asia and starting with CHINA as highest risk for a currency collapse and economic depression. Italy Span and Portugal make Greece ( endless bail out Greece ) look like a child’s wading pool in economics. Africa nations rise to the risk terror barrier. Defaults can cascade.

Debt default cascading is digital inter-linked to the entire system – and like a under sea earth quake – generate economic wave tsunami’s that make prior contagion seem like chewing bubble gum by comparison.

If central bank policy ( and it is a huge if ) moderates normalization as the EU just signaled they MAY in fact to – and graduate normalization over two decades versus five years – the expansion growth and “work out” of the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE may be manageable in fact.

If central banks profit their shareholder members – keeping in mind the light bulb reality – CENTRAL BANKS ARE PRIVATE NGO PROFIT MAKING SHARE FIRMS OWNED BY THE BANKS AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS THEY ARE CHARTERED BY NATONS TO GOVERN. This conflict is insane economics.


Central Banks in the modern digital interlinked world should have all their processes and procedures MERGED INTO THEIR STATE TREASURY – all debt to them paid off in a new bond class for sovereign nations ( phone Roel Campos at Hughs and Hubbard Washington DC ) – known as SUPER BONDS over 100 year pay backs – so that all nations are in the black and stay in the black economically.

Central Banks are the CAUSE of all global depressions, Super :Crashes and world wars. They and their members profit maximally in the organized chaos. This pattern is insane. This system is the FEW AGAINST THE MANY versus the MANY for the MOST.

Sanity in economics versus insanity.

The crises lay in two areas: Globally:

  1. The crises of social integrity and individual integrity.
  2. The crises of education that perpetuates the crises break down of integrity culturally.

We can fix all of it immediately.

ONE EMERGENCY ACT OF CONGRESS anywhere for any nation in 72 hours MERGES the CENTRAL BANK – say the FED’s 80 page charter ( Obama Care was 8000 pages ) – back into the US Treasury from where congress gave the FED its powers – a huge mistake.

Fix the mistake.

Treasury can run the money supply as it did for 400 years.

THE FED teams – are no accountable and audited. The Fed teams are keeping their siege book and their system models only now real regulation of criminal banks and investment banks takes place.

The world is a better place post merger.

Without that CASCADE of Central Bank Mergers – the historic rise of debt into default cascading for the first time in an AI software digital inter-linked market space – create risk with weapons mankind has never known before.


Sane COOPERATIVE CAPTIALISM systemically is obsessed with improving client customer benefits while making a profit.

Insane competitive communism and capitalism are obsessed with making insider stake holders maximum profits at all costs.

Sanity or insanity?

System reform or on going insanity and greed?

Integrity where systems replace trust or a world of distrust and negation ( the few elites against the many).

IT is simple to fix it all…..but of course given the money at stake it is never easy.

You are receiving a financial economic education on these blog pages no university or school imparts – which sets you free. You are free because you can act in authority and proactive economic wealth building from knowledge. Knowledge is power.

I was mentored by Napoleon Hill himself and by the tribe of the elites in Wall Street and the world economic capitols. I was a master student. I owned a global – publicly traded – investment banking institution that spanned the world. When my father became ill we sold the public institution and took over my fathers global training firm consulting to clients world wide. We in the 1980’s morphed that institution into CEO SPACE such that CEO’s would come to “us” versus our taking their desired work product to them in 27 hour airplane hops around the globe. For over 30 years CEO SPACE has led the industry from top to bottom on CEO currency in leadership – in strategy – alliance building – networking – and B to B success stories.

Our Graduates sign our praises on video as to capital infusions M&A success and IPO legendary outcomes. For decades. Read the blog on CEO SPACE published this same weekend just scroll. It is eye opening if you wish to engage the mentors even you can’t afford only now you can. You should. May 21st. Knowledge is urgent. Knowledge is the priority.

I suggest we do the following.

Lets bet on a long extended financial growth and boom period globally. Lets bet leaders become more sane than insane and cooperation and collaboration replace the insanity of competitive thinking moving forward in a new age of enlightened thinking.

Lets build a SAFE HARBOR from over the horizon economic storm clouds ( from rising central bank now out of control debt spirals in a debt global super spiral that is economically not sustainable ). Lets plan to profit in up or down markets and protect wealth as we go forward together?

Lets make smarter better plans and use a process like CEO SPACE or others you select of equal quality to bring your own leadership current inside a rapidly super changing market space the age of SUPER CHANGEs. To commit to the process you select to prioritize remaining current – keeping plans adjusted to ever more rapidly changing fully globalize market options – where those new options are continually coming into your radar by the process you selected – to BE BROUGHT CURRENT AND TO REMAIN CURRENT as a leader whose stake holders deserve your CURRENCY above all else.

If this all makes sense for you the following took place in our May 1st Weekend Blog 2018 – as we all SPRING FORWARD FINANCIALLY INTO THE LONGEST – RECORD SETTING – EXPANSION of our generation. We helped you to think differently and profit maximally with mind sets that now include:

  1. Your dollar strategy in trade goods now can hedge knowing the dollar is the # 1 oil producer nation petroleum currency and food current and leading GNP of all nations currency.
  2. Your Dollar backed by the full faith and credit of the Untied States ( all of us ) of AMERICA is by far the strongest world reserve economic currency in human history – ever. And so it will remain.
  3. The best managed economic system and the most entrepreneur diversified system on earth.
  4. The envy of the world – outside any press to say otherwise.
  5. Dreams happen everywhere on earth – but dreams happen in less time with less pain with lower cost in AMERICA than any nation – in any history – over 5000 years of human endeavor. DREAMS HAPPEN IN AMERICA AT A PACE NEVER SEEN FOR HUMANS OF ANY CLASS BEFORE OR EVER.

The great experiment of AMERICA is on going – self correcting and evolving to ever improving forms of HERSELF.

With all her great social debates – #metoo and woman full partnership where woman are never to be “prey” with Black Lives Matter where I started with Martin Luther King in my teens – with political economic and privacy on line and off line and rights and human dignity – America the imperfect is always faster than any space always raw open and in public view and accountable – debating how to improve herself. Always.

The pride of AMERICAN’s to simply BE AMERICAN is rising along with our US dollar and its strength and symbol of all the forgoing across the landscape of nations in the world today. America is rising up. American achievements are what the rest of the world is hacking and stealing as they simply can not match or catch up outside the theft as our IP and creation leads the entire world.

Break though upon break though.

Today the report is not about the dollar alone. It is about the soul and the heart space of the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Personally my pride rises most when Alabama beats Auburn but hey I’m a southern Boy at heart.

What is important?

US. We are important. We make the dollar and the strength of the dollar. US.


It is time to walk tall and be proud – no excuses – as we folks lead the free world for a reason of respect and honor. We are not perfect but we open all wounds and we heal them up. WE ARE DESERVING because we do that out front in public and before the entire world.




In AMERICA the pendulum also and always swings BACK as in no other nation upon the earth.

That experiment is on going and personally I remain proud to be a small bit playing contributing partner.

Berny Dohrmann – FOR THE US DOLLAR IN 2018 & BEYOND


PS: My standing ovation to the US TREASURY its Secretary and all the men and woman who make us what we are one dollar at a time.






For readers who own a business or are Professionals in private practice, in 147 nations, well known in May – that CEOSPACE is the top # 1 ranked by third party press in 2018- accelerator to grow your goal attainment faster. Entering our 4thDecade in May 2018, CEOSPACE contracts with new members who register after exploration in the following steps:


  1. Click http://www.ceospaceinterntional.com/– click “quick link” tap on our new web sites – and see a short video. Print Conference Date page from Quick Links. Members own a lifetime access to five accelerator programs spaced every sixty days for a lifetime membership fee set in 1988 and never raised. CEOs are in breaks every hour to run their empire virtually- so bandwidth should never block faster growth. CEO SPACE is not a seminar nor a workshop. CEO SPACE is a business building “machine”. We assist CEO’s to accelerate markets customer base and growth or we refund membership before the new member leaves their first program – results are guaranteed or your tax-deductible membership is returned to you.
  2. Call to deep dive on price packages – current special pricing – to 256 850 4716 or 256 850 4710 and our Southern Expert staff will serve you as you just explore. Get all the details. No selling ever just telling. Our home office team are experts in serving CEO’s and cannot wait to serve you today or tomorrow. Make acceleration a priority to just explore.
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Who declines a faster way to grow. What CEO or professional does not want more customers now? What leader declines the math of repurposing a tax dollar and earning the highest return of money investing of their recent years in time? CEOSPACE is profitable to attend. CEO’s expect their money back versus their money’s worth.


Bandwidth is resolved by CEO PACING where ladies and gentlemen CEO’s are enabled to run their empires by the hour virtually (zoom skype calls emails and text) no more than a single hour from the fires you manage at home. This CEO PACING process has been perfected by CEOs inside the most prestigious and exclusive CEO “owner club” in the world. Growing numbers of CEO use CEOSPACE as their single market to obtain clients and market positioning geographically as our members are everywhere. The pacing allows CEO’s to attend many times annually and run their business virtually which is programed in for you. We know how important that is.


The $ 7500 dollar one time LIFETIME membership fee – was established by our member CEO’s in 1988. CEOSPACE has never raised the price. The Price keeps out those that you would not wish to network beside and opens the gate to the most serious-minded CEO’s – half lady leaders – who attend from across the globe. Billionaires mentor millionaires who mentor everyone else. The community is worthy of your time and your tribe is inside – for sure.

All events are hosted in a 900-acre guard gate compound safe for CEOs and their families – Innisbrook Palm Harbor Florida. You transfer a few days to upgrade “everything” and you get new business impossible to develop outside the CEOSPACE # 1 ranked market place by third party press. Forbes defines in ranking in 2018 CEOSPACE as the # 1 Business Conference in the world – that the owner of a business simply cannot afford to miss CEO SPACE.


We operate the # 1 Teen Entrepreneur program in the world.


CEO’s attend with spouse’s children and families inside the only Business Conference we know of that is consistently family valued for over 30 years. Today teen graduates are returning as successful CEO’s and bringing their teens to the SPACE. Regardless of how you first attend we know you will return and bring your family once you are enriched by the family value environment. The cooperative community makes the most replenishing and safe environment for celebrities – athletes artists –  and the world famous as well and their families.


Four gourmet restaurants. All rooms are full suites with full kitchens for only $ 140.00 a night group rate protected for a $ 1,0000 private suite within a Ritz level private resort. 72 Golf Holes at PGA tournament level Tiger just played a 79 we just played 85 – go figure. Our members have fun while they learn earn and return.


Five award winning tennis courts. Four designer pools. Nature trails and open decks to forests and critters and nature – that is peaceful to the CEO soul recharging.


Environment is as important as outcomes. CEOSPACE delivers both to stress weary very over taxed CEO’s. CEOSPACE replenishes your depletion. You depart refreshed and invigorated.


The boss is trying to remain current in the market of Super Change. CEOSPACE is the upgrade for the owners they have been seeking to remain current as an ever-moving target today. You make your core plan improve in week with Fortune level mentorship – your teams elevate and your markets and customer base grow faster. CEOSPACE:


  1. Reduces time (by years)
  2. Reduces cost (by oceans)
  3. To reach owner growth goals for each owner.
  4. Everything else takes longer and costs more
  5. Nothing else is as fun and gratifying to the boss


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As an investment banker economist we believe oil demand self serving projections are bought paid for and wrong. Why?

We believe a transformation in oil supply is taking place. Consolidation normal to this level of a cycle is missing. In fact diversification in supply from growing shale technologies moving from China and mature in USA is opening NEW PLAYERS into the role of significance. Old players acquire new oil lakes or they perish.

Demand suggested to peak in 2050 is we feel in fact peaking right now. By 2030 demand will have dropped by levels oil forecasting has no new model for. The kilowatt hours moving from BTU oil and related fuel generation is plunging across the world. The most significant % of rising energy outside oil as source is dramatically expanding as to % and the GAP is widening.

So massive new oil supply is flooding the markets.

Historic down bubble in growth demand and over all demand is presenting forward contraction against flooding supplies.

Cartel criminal price controls as crimes against 7 billion human’s for elite greed agenda’s is a historic passing as market rate pricing plunges oil from the last CARTEL INFLUENCE ( ever ) in 2018 to the 50’s to stay there.

Long bets on oil will crash and burn in wild fires.

Short and Super Shorts on oil will make vast lakes of profits.

Oil is transforming from cartel control to market rate control for the reasons set forth.

Leverage in oil will reflect these economics and calls on credit on the wrong side of the bet will accelerate energy price moderation world wide for decades. The end of the criminal elite pricing scheme is upon us all – creating FULL PARTNERSHIP for nations across the globe.

The GIANT OIL TRANSFORMATION is taking place. Those betting in yesterday will lose it all – those betting on the future will win in fact. Thats our opinion for the coming 18 month tug of war on price controls.




Manufacturing shelter an work spaces for humans, is the back bone economic of nations outside food – food production movement and packaging to market. Automotive manufacturing is next. Education is a tie. Nothing happens until humans learn something.

Today in Australia to Asia record credit is driving record real estate. The price rising reflects massive leverage into constructions. Entire cities exist in China with no one living inside them. No one.

This SUPER BUBBLE can not end well.

When the economic climate of expansion, taking place in Asia through rising debt – first 80% of GNP – than 15 years ago 170% of GNP and today over 300% debt to GNP for ten solid years – again this leverage Super Debt Bubble can not end well.

As the climate from the debt rubber band super cycle reaches a break point and the expansion economies of Asia Rim move to contraction recessionary economics to rebalance accounts – the depth and scale of the REAL ESTATE CRASHES certain to hard land in Asia are the tip of the economic ICE BERG. Why is that?

Well WHY is that the SUPER CRASH IN ASIA REAL ESTATE will land when owners require to refinance. The upside down trillions in lost property value — against negative carry cost in higher interest rate to finance or refinance – drive the spiral down down down the Rabbit Hole Alice.

DOWN DOWN DOWN….will this fall never ever end Alice wondered?

The SUPER CRASH in forward Asia Markets will be caused by a sudden CRASH in Real Estate. The REAL ESTATE hard landing moderating decades of abuse in these accounts economically, will push record BANK DEFAULTS INTO A CASCADE that will turn into a run on capital out of ASIA and their banks. The Banks will likely fail and go bankrupt. The state will be unable to save them. The total cost will exceed 100 trillion dollars US and take 30 years to recover from without war – faster with war.

Is there a way to get out of this tunnel without hitting a train?

Yes. With SUPER BONDS and a core shift in Asia monetary policy. Without both however there are zero options.

As no one is working on the SUPER BOND solution and policy change to integration new modeling – the hard landing is coming and the end does not turn out well for any of us world wide.

Credit abuse to drive economics must rebalance over time.

Today the digital markets SUPER CRASH economic rebalancing at speeds no one has experienced before.

It is our opinion that with the best intentions and no on truly to blame the forward risk to the world order – is CHINA – experiencing a hard landing and a SUPER CRASH triggering a first bankruptcy of nation in the digital casino capitalism. The ripple will effect us all to our tap root in economics.

Accounts must rebalance.

There are solutions to all this pain …but no one is exploring those solutions – YET.

For nations seeking SUPER BOND Options as a way forward contact Hughs and Hubbard leading sovereign bond to market law firm in DC and chat with senior partner Roel Campos about the SUPER BOND Option for your nation.

Or wait for the other shoe to drop. Its a size 11 Texas size cow boy boot with dust flowing up like an economic hydrogen explosion.


Berny Dohrmann – May 1st – SPRING FORWARD FINANCIALLY $




This January my tribe of investment bankers thought I had lost my data and my mind. I continued to blog report data to support a Spring 2018 serious correction. January the market ran up more in one month than it runs up in a full year. Is that frothy enough?

We held fast citing error in central bank tightening – too soon too fast – and chart data. While the First Quarter is producing momentum earnings – the financial storm clouds had already taken out the SUNSHINE.

Guidance from those reporting all those earnings continued to note that the first quarter was the 2018 bell weather and forward earnings would be SOFT. The best is behind us now.

The expansion sinking to almost recession grade now – may take us to August when we have an all time historic record TIME FRAME for a growth bubble.

Inside this growth bubble are super bubbles – super bubble in bank loan pools or structured asset pools – super bubbles in asset class’ like Technology where Apple is far too high priced coming out of crises and a failed super cycle launch – losing its reputation in a number of critical brand areas. Brand building takes years. Brand slaughter takes one hour live TIM and you sure did that. Google Face Book and the rest facing regulatory head winds globally and shrinking margins ( if any one tore apart first quarter earnings ) such that forward value needs to moderate from peak – which is being done today.

Speculators will use STOCK BUY BACKS which at today’s ratio was a crime under pre 1999 laws – as manipulating stock price and value by stock buy back sucking up capital that could otherwise be invested for innovation and long term market growth. Capital invests in stock buy backs is a temporary stock price manipulation. Today the market is underwritten by stock ratio – to the all time peak earnings to share price ratio in recorded human history – exceeding all past abuse. Stock buy back in record 100’s of billions is why. Capital used to manipulate price and abuse the system itself at core. Until a RE-REGULATORY RE – THINK unfolds the digital casino capitalism of the world today is without a cop to police greed and abuse of the system price points. Allowing a Wells Fargo or so many others to FIX LIBOR – to commit garden variety fraud and earn 100 billion on those frauds and then pay parking meter money fines – and the criminals who brought you all that crime – they enjoy warm meals and their clubs – and no one goes to jail.

Justice reform.

Regulatory upgrading.

Both are late.

Capitalism can always afford survival.

Today Home Land Security begins with protecting the Financial system of the United States. Without a major congressional upgrade of the SEC and Commodities trading institutions – which should be combined into one SEC SUPER AGENCIES with a budget many times its present budget – to digitally police a digital world today – the system is at RISK. We are all at risk.

The Correction – driven by the largest drop this spring in EU confidence – in investing – in downward GNP adjustments – in Germany leader in EU taking hits and revising GNP down – Asia seeing head winds that are blocking its ability to expand and grow moving forward in 2018 – the profit taking – re-balancing portfolio’s on slightest news all driven BY AI SOFTWARE in the Spring not by Human perspective and judgement – is sinking markets.

Today some of the top TECH Stocks had the big boards suspend trading. In the past that would open Thursday to Friday with a total crash full on flash trade short everything ….

We see the correction – advancing until there is a new bottom floor on value.

Then as earnings entrench – and new normal is understood this summer – and especially if oil crashes back to 50 dollars – the world expansion should move into 2020 with 30,000 DOW.

However if Central banks continue to error and misevaluate as they did last year and this year – and raise interest rates to fast too frequently and by too much- versus patient graduation over a decade minimum and oil stays t 75.00 or above – the double cost to DEBT REFINANCING for every sovereign nation and their companies – and the higher cost of everything for energy and oil products – will create a head wind that derails the FRAGILE global recovery.

A condition then exist for SUPER CRASH say in 2020 when we know the outcome of these forward policies and the mid year election.

SUPER CRASH is a risk to monitor against

  1. Central bank aggressive and error ridden policy to normalize far to fast against economic demons that no longer are factors at all. Soaring interest creates soaring debt default cascading into the forward markets .
  2. Oil price manipulated by a few against the many – cartel gangs – for their greed – jacking up the cost of everything for no reason at all. Soaring oil and interest rates push the world into recession and economic contraction. Circulation of capital slows to a trickle.
  3. Geo Political triggers – the mid year election – can by itself married to 1 and 2 push the world into SUPER CRASH and Liquidity Evaporation Day. No nation comes out of LED without re-balancing economic accounts and war.

Why risk it?

Coordinated policy between nations is missing.

Trust was breached by markets moving from paper to digital so fast regulatory frame works could not keep up. Criminal manipulations created billions for a few in 2007 and then SUPER CRASH globally almost sunk the entire system completely. IT was close far closer than any of you truly realize. Read Secretary PAULSON’s BOOK and you’ll learn just how close – the day he cried and prayed in a parking garage.

That tearful day is a CAKE WALK against the speculation ramp up within financial institutions, the consolidate of wealth circulation, and the digital landscape of all markets and asset classes in 2018 versus 2007.

The top don’t see it coming. Why?

They believe their smarty pants internally have invented risk-less risk. A theory of trading ranges digitally. That theory is untested new and we submit flawed code. Buggy virus code. If you believe your buggy code is flawless though – you run it. Till it crashes.

Only this time it crashes all world economic institutions beyond any recovery – a real WORLD WIDE DEPRESSION.

We see that risk.

In audiences I where I survey thousands upon thousands of business owner CEO’s annually – I ask by a show of hands:

  1. Who believes we did not learn anything from 2007 and they are still doing the same stuff?
  2. Who believes the markets have gone digital and the regulatory laws are all designed for paper transactions?
  3. Who believes laws are local and trades fall outside local and exist in the geo politics of the off shore cloud itself?
  4. Who believes we are seeing unchecked risk rise for a super crash and system collapse?
  5. Who believe the time frame is five years or less – probably two or less unless things change?

Now when 70% to 80% of hands are raised in affirmation to all five questions – from Main to Seattle from San Diego to Miami from Jamacia to the UK from India to Being – I conclude the CEO small business owners GOT THIS COLD TURKEY.

The smarty pants running everything are deluded as there were in 1907 the the great depression that brought us World War I due to Fed failed policy – and again in 1929 when the Fed free money created the largest speculation bubble in economic history and brought us WORLD WAR II. Again in 2007 when the Fed supported its bank and investment bank shareholder ( thats right the FED is owned as private stock firm by the folks they are suppose to regulate – an insane policy itself ) – THAT the theory was in 2007 Real Estate could never go down really – no models existed for it going downward where in criminal banker models – and then real estate CRASHED.

Tax payers of nations then bailed out with a trillion in grants the inside central bank shareholders so banks would not go bankrupt – as they were all bankrupt in 2008. The Fed bought the worst crap and the worst bets they just gave grants to them.

If you read my blog on this – the Senate asked the FED who got 11 trillion of tax payer money. The Fed Chairman reported – 1000’s of members banks of the Fed. The Senate Chairman asked – will you tell this oversight committee by list who got the money and how much each of your member banks consumed of tax payer funding bail outs? The Fed Chairman said – NO SIR.

The Fed exists outside control accounting veto of oversight. Oversight is a fiction a fraud.

American’s are fed education to keep the truth and facts away from them. Economic education is far from transparent current or of standard and quality to involve voters in power to reform and upgrade.

Ignorance keeps the average income at below 60,000 in America and assures THE CITIZENS OF THE WORLD are wage slaves and just over broke JOB in their j.o.b’s – just over broke. One pay check away from disaster.

Can a modernized system of COOPERATIVE ECONOMICS – paying inflation adjusted incomes to every man and woman separately of today’s value of 65,000 each – so that – folks could work and earn lots more – or explore education arts and pursuits and circulate money creating an economic rebirth of full partnership for all?

Can education upgrade to assure the world celebrates diversity as first thinking art – and by culture dispels any punishment for human diversity. Hate expressions become social outrages – a form of insanity?

The world wakes up and is sane all of a sudden.

The problem is the world is asleep – fully competitive – and practicing insanity from K – 12 to Higher Education. We culture glue insanity.

Today insane smarty pants brains believe casino capitalism is safe, is risk-less risk – and is taking up to 50 to 1 leverage never known before to leverage the market price via manipulation in speculations. The speculation market is now the base of the pyramid many many times the point now upside down of economic stake holders – buying real assets and holding real assets. This wholly upside down pyramid smarty pants build and continue to consolidate base by 100’s of trillions in 10,000 super money pools – looks like 1907 and 1929 only far far worse in system abuse globally.

In past abuse of systems the inter-link between capital money pools was far more isolated. Today the risk link is shared and if China for example hard lands into debt default cascading – DDC – the entire system can go bankrupt.

The IMF has warned about this risk 15 times in 24 months.

The smarty pants running all the money think that is old foggies who have zero currency into the evolving AI markets.

Today the world in competition and distrust and negotiation – versus cooperation trust and collaborations – is unfolding a multi trillion dollar global AI WAR. President Putin correctly stated that THE NATION THAT CONTROLS AI will control the world.

Russia – just alerted our team they have stolen a current cruise missile and are using our technology to hammer us back now.

Today we ramp into SUPER SONCI WARS. In the past 70 years destruction was assured by counter strikes by super powers. It would take several hours.

Today with modern AI consider real eelf aware self learning AI that can steal all data base information because it simply smart enough to do that. It accelerates the super sonic war so strikes can and will in the evolving model:

  1. Strike total devastation first in 30 minutes then in three minutes.
  2. Somewhere in the three minute strike if AI can with new sensors in 3 minutes take out all enemy counter strike capacity – then that AI wins and rules the world.

Which is why we have lobbied for MARS. Mutually Assured RECONSTRUCTION that assures a 30 day rebuild of nation from any and all such strikes. MADD IS OBSOLETE moving forward without MARS.

But the smarty pants have the buggy software – THATS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT – marching through their brain computer.


The world order post WORLD WAR II is now in SUPER CHANGE.

No one can predict who the leaders on the other side of SUPER CHANGE are going to be.

In a global reframe into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM we sanely collaborate to get to the future together – no nation left behind. SANITY.

Without a Global Reframe it is every nation for itself – marching toward unknown risks – and the old system may collapse and require a new system on the other side of war – versus doing it all peace fully.

Now consider the likely short term:

  1. The Correction bottoms in the Spring.
  2. The summer claws back values.
  3. The 18 month rise up soars with one election outcome crashes with another.
  4. The RISK of SUPER CRASH to follow that elevates or moderates depending on Central Bank and election outcomes.
  5. Geo-gpolitics are a wild card like China Debt.

Mis-steps are so dangerous today.

Our advances in AI are ripped off by digital warfare and sovereign nations at digital war with the USA. The 2008 crash was a sovereign nation digital weapon fired at our markets. in case you did not know that and read that data the hour the attack began right here on this blog.

Could another economic weapon only worse be fired at the West Say all power and data disappears and no power comes back on. What happens ? If you think we are ready for that – think again. Smarty pants believe that can never happen.

We believe the Trojans are all planted waited for a digital firing switch.

We’ll see who is right.

Meanwhile we think what WILL happen is:

  1. Growing cooperation between nations.
  2. Correction of this Spring ends at a new bottom.
  3. Claw back up is steady and on going.
  4. With election and infrastructure legislation the boom can go on for years.
  5. Without Both – a serious recession in late 2019/2020 early – with a volatility roller coaster in between.

So thats the view and the date to consider carefully.

We have suggested exploring getting OUT of the DIGITAL CASINO at the next peak high – and move everything into diversified insurance investing. Explore that option with your licensed professionals and shop shop shop – as plans vary wildly on quality and returns. Get your best proposal and act.

Or ….join the majority who report…..why they told us and told us.


PS: The smarty pants on Wallstreet and in lobbies are smart to be sure they are just plain consistently WRONG and the cost is what they never pay for…..we all pay for that error…..



What could go wrong?

Well let me tell you what has already gone wrong.

China is a commuist economy. That means transparency as known in western market space does not exist- at all. Is Chinese currency worthless. That is the ultimate end game question.

Today we have a ten year recovery from the worst melt down and recession since 1929. The recovery is FRAGILE and not strong yet.

China had to devaluate its currency to stay Ihe game at all.

To sustain order and growth the two communist respected agenda’s they infused untold money following the crash into infrastructure. The problem is the Chinese system is opaque and outside customs of tradition and regulations.

So the loans developed from thousands of banks and tens of thousands of shadow bank lenders. Today 500,00 billion is known to be bad loans not repaying their principle and interest. This number however is a tip of an ice berg in China financial sectors.

The 20 TRILLION DOLLAR shadow banking industry is murky to say the least. In recent years the banks have packaged their crap loans and sold those as good performing real assets to shadow bank syndicates and banks around the world own those note packages today.

The problem – which I keep writing about related to the DEBT BOMB is liquidity. If the musical chairs of passion these bad loan packages around comes home to roast – meaning economics always rebalances from system abuse – banks will have to write off the bad loans.

Which many experts believe is untold TRILLIONS of Dollars. This sum is not manageable by communist central bank planners  educated at Cambridge and Harvard. It has gotten away from the central planners.

Today the growth in CHINA is 300% borrowing over what they ear in GNP output. A year for ten years piling up.

The bad loans to build out infrastructure are not being repaid. The IMF has warned about all this 15 times in 24 months – which we report right here on this blog.

The musical chair game has stalled any rebalancing. The tipping point economically is a whisper away now.

A TRADE WAR is the tipping point and AI software knows that. IT is that smart – say – smarter than I am with more data than I have.

You GOT TO KNOW WHEN TO HOLD THEM is a blog I wrote on this topic – did you scroll and read it.

So here is Trump at the poker table. He sells 130 billion to China each year.

China and XI at the poker table sell to the USA over 500 billion each year. That is 20% of the entire Chinese economic system by itself. Just that. And we influence another 30% among our allies.

Trump has a full house at the poker table – five to one we buy from China more than they buy from us.

Who negotiates from strength of the DEAL? Really ?

Five to one.

XI gets this.

The USA in a real trade war sinks China. China goes bankrupt in.a cascade of debt defaulting and a market roar out of CHINA with trillions in capital leaving CHINA. A trillion has already left folks. The RUN on China is part of today’s market space.

Liquidity in China is drying up even before the USA pushes its chips onto the table ( all of them if needed ) and says WE CALL.

You got to know when to FOLD THEM.

FULL HOUSE ( 5 to 1 ) over say XI and communist holding two two’s. Trade WAR?

China can’t pay its garbage removal – water clean up – or basic services. The military crashes into the dust in China Trade Wars.

No one wants this for the Chinese People. Or the World overall.

No one. Especially Trump who understands all this and respects XI trying to lead his nation out of the mind field of debt and the 10,000’s of institutions that drive debt to support the economy over all.

All that is required is FAIR TRADE. A reciprocity trade where trarriff’s are opened versus closed to each side. China will prosper in FREE OPEN TRADE not decline. America trade accounts will balance and re-balance slowly over time and the markets will go WILD. Which is what we expect.

But in POKER folks your tells give you away.

The facts and who holds what are known.

USA Full house.

China two two’s.

Trump and XI have audiences all around the table to please. Politics versus economics while the tipping point is a whisper into the future. Any mis fire and the tipping point is RIGHT NOW.

Trump has to bet.

XI has to match.

Trump has to keep those chips moving to the center of the table.

Xi has to match.

Trump has to be careful when to CALL.

When he calls ( trade war ) China falls. The Tipping point.

If XI can fold into long term free trade and fair trade the outcome is mutual prosperity for a new cooperation between all players.

XI has powerful forces that want to “go against AMERICA” now feeling ( falsely ) they have capacity economically they in fact lack.

The USA has powerful forces on TRUMP suggesting the time to PUNISH CHINA is now – which is actually a huge recession and market risk for the USA as we lack capacity to do that step without consequences that are horrific for the world buying all those bad debts – wipe out could span the globe as the IMF warns. The entire system is at risk here – says the IMF in 2018. The entire system.

On miscalculation at that poker table.

Not in the press is all the moves each sides is telegraphing in private to the other to moderate through the POWERFUL FORCES who lack all the information. Powerful on both sides non the less.

The IMF warned this week the critical card in the game is TRUST. If TRUST which XI and TRUMP have together as leaders – can be built upon to slowly impact the POWERFUL FORCES influencing the game daily – outcomes could be MAGIC.

Miracle outcomes.

If not – the tipping point is a whisper away. In all outcomes the USA wins but not well and not as if we have magic and a miracle from the poker game.

5 to 1.

We hold ALL the CARDS.

That is a fact.

Now the issues is – can China save herself?

New policies are required.

Can she?

Will she?

As there are no alternative options we have to wait.

Imbalanced trading – 5 to 1 – is not sustainable economics for the USA. WE are at the end of economic subsidy to China. We have to now have economic parity to continue. SO rich and positive for China moving forward.

Can she?

Will she?

In politics one must draw on the 11th commandment ….

…never assume leaders will do what is their own best interest – say see Hitler or Stalin or others history has marked for GPS today…..

IT all boils down to Kenny Rogers in America folks – regardless of your position over money today….

….you got to know when to hold them and you’ve got to KNOW when to fold them…….

Timing is everything in the art of the DEAL’s today.

Iran is getting a boast and Saudi is getting a kick in the knee’s today. Another set of cards here.

Folks – we have time. But time and the tipping point are coming to a point in tomorrow no one would wish for. We are that close.




So what is up.

Earnings this year are up 18%.

Many firms way ahead of expert estimates.

Average earnings up 11% best ever since 2008 – already.

Stocks up 1%.

Investors don’t care.

What is de-coupled today?

What is new?

Something is new?

No chart no history shows this model. None.

So what do we KNOW for SURE?

  1. The world market movements are not AI software controlled by trillions – small investors not in those pools and most are already – are no influence on market prices.
  2. Earnings are pulling the sling shot back. RECORD 2018 earnings after profit taking and portfolio rebalancing by AI itself – are massively taking profits.
  3. AI is “worried” about unknowns of TRADE WAR POLICY.
  4. AI is aware the central banks are tightening monetary policy with soaring interest impacting BOND YIELD and AI is rebalancing massively from equities to bonds – in what is today after ten years the GREAT RE-BALANCING – never experienced before.
  5. Capital accounts remain so CASH HEAVY a tidal wave of investing in the Bottom of this SPRING CORRECTION we correctly predicted over a three year time frame into January. Accurate to a fault against all other forecasting.

We see Apple down 64 billion in worth in ten days.

Our Blog tells you to buy in the Apple Dip ( which is far from over yet until the news of earnings is reported and then the run on the news bottoms this cycle on Apple ). Buy on that dip – check with your licensed expert on that item. Always with their input never mine. Just explore opportunities to buy low and sell high. If you ask do I take my own advice – yep bought Apple in the dip myself. My blog tells you why this weekend. Your decision of course.

What else do we know. Central banks are rising interest into a debt world at record debt for nations and corporations. The higher interest for many over debt burdened is not sustainable at the time to refinance those trillions in loans. Decade default cascade is a factor AI software is “considering” as a risk to equity investing.

If the central banks – and it is a big if – as their failed policy is 100 year historic and a 100% track record – they not once get it right. They error and that causes a wave that sinks all ships. Today IF the central banks define NEW POLICY to normalize market interest rates over twenty years slower and more gradually than any time in history – we can EARN OUR WAY as a global economic community out of this mess – maybe – and if they keep the normalization over five years – too quick – too much – far too rapidly – that wave as it is now – will sink economic growth.

Already against record earnings down grading in GNP is taking place by 1/3 to 50% across nations. This downgrading is a CONSEQUENCE of Central Bank rush to normalize too fast too soon within failed central bank economic policy.

Central banks seek to fight global inflation. That is a good thing.

However sustained multi quarters of real inflation can accommodate such inflation policy slowly and in consequence to real inflation.

Today we have only OIL in a phony baloney price path – manipulated by elite cartels – that is not sustainable. Oil will crash to the 50’s and zero inflation will result – in fact DE-FLATION the central bank largest HORROR will unfold. Central Banks need policy to accommodate Oil the cost of everything else is temporarily in a speculation bubble that will soon crash and normalize. Central bank policy removing oil from inflation can move much more moderately and deliberately with world fragile recovery in mind.

Today the national security of the entire world is largely economic. Central banks acting together as they do can better coordinate policy. Policy moving forward must be job # 1 – keeping the world economic system safe. Job # 2 is inflation based on multi quarter sustained real inflation rising not blips and graph spikes that are aberrations  and mean noting to real Global inflation. Balance in policy is required with new modeling and economic global adjusting. The old antique models are creating today’s pain – in our opinion – needlessly.

The result of BAD and FAILED central bank policy that requires a re-frame by very smart folks who see the issues clearly.

Much more important is the urgent need for a G 100 Economic Constitutional Conference for the entire world – to over three years forge a world TREATY nations ratify for FAIR TRADE AND TAX POLICY and ZERO TOLERANCE for unwanted system speculations of capital flows. This – REGULATORY – RE-THINK in an AI digital age where capital flows are software imbalanced is prudent. It requires a cooperation reset back to TRUST and SYSTEMS assuring trust is warranted.  Without a global REGULATORY RE-THINK the system risks are soaring toward a later SUPER CRASH.

But not yet and not now without geopolitical upsets we can’t see yet. Though they are also possible.

We think the Spring Correction is not over as we reported in our blog this week. You will know when it is over. Buy in that dip if your in to markets as many are.

We think it will roar back and stay roaring when it does.

Be looking for that roar.

Today is an anomaly in the Force.

A consequence of digital market transitioning – and central bank policy fire wall to growth creating unnecessary uncertainty to recovery world wide.

Perhaps they’ll read my blog?

Ya think?

This buds for YOU.