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Is the global Debt Super bubble led by China about to burst in fact? Always a risk of trade war confidence interruptus. Will the Meddler in Chief be able to jaw bone his way out of this unintended consequence of his mis timed sanctions on Turkey – the economic silver bullet that triggered DEBT CASCADE potentials the market is now factoring in.

So Trump’s team sanction Turkey for its NATO lie and its direct opposition to USA alliance criteria. Turkey shoots down a Russian plane. Turkey arrests American citizens with zero due process. Turkey was given to last Weds to release a US Pastor held illegally in Turkey. Their leadership again refuses the USA demand. Trump on that red line sanctions Turkey – and sanctions Russia ( also debt ridden with its currency in the toilet right now in August ).

Turkey currency since last week dives to record 2018 lows a complete crash of its currency. Why?

Turkey has been one of the highest growth miracles in the EU. However Turkey is driven to its growth destination by pure debt just like China borrowing 100% more than it earns over years of time.

Today with the economy mismanaged for years, with economic activity in decline unable to sustain forward debt super bubbles – international investors suspect a default of Turkey Debt will be like a child’s wading pool to Greece Defaulting. The ripples to EU banks and then American banks will be significant as a phrase.

The rising cost to pay Turkey debt with currency now down 40% from last week and diving even lower today – is a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE burst sooner than expected -by a nation other than China as expected – but the beta test defines the outcome of say Italy or China reaching a debt super bubble global moment – when confidence in the fiscal policy and teams is shattered completely. The confidence shattering is the BURST OF THE SUPER DEBT BUBBLE as you can’t repair it. The team that brought you the problem remains in total power. That team lacks competency to bring you the SOLUTION to the PROBLEM they created and just want more of – more debt to keep things going and growing. 

For Turkey debt is now over. There is from 100x their GNP debt to fuel growth and expansion no money for growth and expansion. Consider that AI investors moving in flash trade volumes the world has never seen before – that:

  1. Turkey has zero new debt
  2. Turkey must default on current debts coming up
  3. Turkey is issuing a new 90 day debt bond to stay in play
  4. No one knows if the Turkey new debt will sell well or at all even
  5. Turkey has zero new lenders willing to play but they don’t know it
  6. Turkey has zero new investors willing to invest – only they don’t know that fact yet fully
  7. Turkey has a run on the bank that is so large their bank stocks are being trashed world Wide anticipating bankruptcy in the bank sector

There is no only NO TURKEY confidence there is anti matter – there is distrust and protect yourself from Turkey failed state out comes against all other super money pools that wait and see.

Today AI is 100% of super money pools are out and none are waiting to see – a new experience in modern markets.

So today – nations that look like Turkey – Italy – Spain – Greece – China and India are seeing their currencies ravaged as AI projects how Turkey will effect them – each a look alike DEBT FUELED NATION.

Today the Fed with some 4 trillion of dollars in circulation 2018 say five times the total of 2008 in the last financial crises – has limited tools to effect any forward outcome. The Fed interest rate ? Really? Coming off free money at still under 2% at Fed rate – we have with low inflation – a yield curve no one expected right now. Confidence in the Fed managing inflation successfully ( the yield premium charged by Super Money pools for ten year long term Fed Debt notes being held ) has declined versus elevated. Capital investors are receiving a yield on short term government debt that is almost the same as long term – meaning the confidence capital holds for FED planners to do well over time – is almost non existence.

The crises therefore is in global investor confidence in nations and their leadership fiscal policies.

Seeing a drunken sailor spend everything he has than gamble his watch to get a final beer – one lacks confidence in that sailor to plan his future and have a positive forward outcome. Same for drunken nations using debt to drive their forward economics. At some point nations must operate in the black or a world system failure unfolds as historic outcome.

Is this the start of world system failure? It happens so fast with AI today unlike prior periods?

Turkey has triggered a sell off of RISK DEBT ASSETS in the EU and in Asia all at once in trillions moving.

Do to leverage the 4 trillion of dollars in circulation plus the super money pool leverage to invest exceeds 440 trillion dollars I 2018 manipulating prices for less than 4 trillion dollars. A Casino Capitalism the world has never known since 1929 – but digital debt makes casino capitalism driven by AI today even worse – and that is far far worse – than 1929.

Can the banks and investment market close into bankruptcy. Yes? When  ? In 72 hours of global debt defaulting cascade.

Cascade is when Turkey say – defaults on billions and billions in loan repayments and such loan due dates are called into account but have no way to be paid. Turkey is bankrupt a failed state. Happens in hours not days with AI in casino capitalism. First time for everything.

Simultaneously capital runs out of banks in problem nations and investment withdraws starting with their currency the world super money pools vote thumbs down upon. As is taking place now in India – currency crashing – China -currency crashing – Italy currency crashing ( EU ) as the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE BURSTING CASCADE ripples across the entire world.

Now keep in mind that actual defaults ( which are coming to Turkey by year end – an inability to repay its debts ) will match Iran defaulting Venezuela defaulting and now Turkey with China not far behind. As China fails to make a trade agreement and India too with the USA the USA dollar rises and rises as their currencies crash and crash. Their lower currency makes repayment of dollar based loans impossible in fact. The spread is now too wide for debt containment. The IMF worst fear of all to the system at core.

The system contagion is spreading into the new financial outcome we call DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADE the cause of system melt down to system crash – all banks world wide close and all currencies of nations are worth less than the paper they are printed upon. Untold numbers starv and a world war to rebalance economics is the only way forward based on history.

The cause of all system crashes looking to the first global depression and the outcome WORLD WAR I to rebalance economies of debt – then a few years after that horror 1929 and the System failure and global depression and world war II with over 100 million humans slaughtered and a billion wounded.

The cause:

  1. The newly formed Fed a private corporation acting like a government agency when it is so far from it – owned by the financial institutions it is supposed to regulate – silly really – FAILED POLICY – raising interest to high – too soon  – too frequently causing all great crashes since its formation – the FED is the cause and its policies are 100% wrong – with zero accountability. The Fed must be merged into the US treasury before it is too late if it is not already too late.
  2. Trade War – rising interest from the FED into global trade war created DEBT CONTAGION in the age of the pony express and telegraph with no phones – tv – fax – internet – email – in those times the FED and Trade war killed global system economics deader than a doornail then the Fed and its insiders made fortunes during the slaughter of war – where today the largest economic of nations is the military industry complex borrowing from nation to project wealth into the future. Largest employer in leading development nations – government over private sector. Economic doom.

Blindly we go where no man has gone before. What does that data look like?

  • Free money world wide for a decade to extend time from system failure due to debt.
  • A new world market where 90% of leveraged capital speculates on price manipulation in all asset classes bar none – via 10,000 super money pools engaging AI wars to advance AI software to manage 90% of all capital flows world wide – the dog is not speculation and casino capitalism side betting on which way assists will go – betting long on oil betting short on Tesla all with a mind set of GREED AS THE NEED for ever shorter term profit taking.
  • Trade Wars present risk to Ai confidence in nations spiraling up debt wars with no end in site versus making profitable deals – protectionism by the majority of nations kills world economic flows dead  – trade wars are digital today and capital flows respond to sound bites instantly in the markets. New to world economics.
  • AI software manipulates prices by deployment of 440 trillion in circulations that by pass central banks of the past and national treasuries of the present – as ladies the lying stops here – SIZE DOES MATTER and in fact – the 10,000 super money pools are greater in outcome influence to system in 2018 than all nations combined together in policy making. But all nations are divided and not combined together so their influence is splintered an less effective to system confidence than 1929.
  • Confidence to nation planners with debt imbalances too great to manage moving forward is shattered by Turkey and cascading globally.
  • As DEBT DEFAULT CASCADING UNFOLDS across digitally linked lender space the RED INK upon balance sheets – good assets going bad – will soar. THE AI is already taking profits to protect its own enormous money pools – two leading hedge funds in New York control over 11 trillion in capital flows and there are 10,000 more of them – making up THE MARKET PLACE. Today. New first time in economics.
  • Capital flows with AI to make the maximum in short term profits at any cost – a wrong minded axiom for capitalism – competitive capitalism is as corrupt and broken as communism – both lead to elite 1% controlling more wealth than 99% which impacts core circulation. Both default into a casino capitalism of speculations manipulating price ranges for all asset classes into a Debt Super Bubble that feeds the short term profit taking until it no longer can – than the economics rebalance from enormous distortions by Debt Super Bubbles – into Super Crash – core system failure – and world wars. 
  • WE are NOW repeating past history although it remains early yet. It is likely we will fibrillate the dying Turkey heart and move to the next debt super bubble crash until the feeble ability to restart the economic walking dead is no longer working – confidence is shattered to never restore itself. Every nation for itself in the worst melt down in economics yet from the worst longest abuse of economics yet.
  • The solution is SUPER BONDS and a G 100 global regulatory reform into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM that precludes consolidation of wealth and unwanted speculations or debt into the now re-regulated new world order.
  • The promise of the G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS re-sets world confidence and infuses the missing core asset of TIME to complete a 30 decade WORK OUT of the aging demographic of nations today – and the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE of today. Without TIME to work the debt pig out of the belly of the python the beast suffocates and dies in its own debt feast.

Which of course we have been telling you all about for years. We suggested you explore  in January:

  1. Sell out at peak highs of the market – all time highs 
  2. Reposition into diversified guaranteed insurance investing 
  3. Earn the higher returns permitted by law with principle guaranteed 
  4. Invest with firms that paid when banks were closed in the 1930’s
  5. Protect yourself and forget casino betting in the market in 2018

Those that did it – have protected profits and enjoy high returns even in August 2018.

Those who did not are experiencing some unexpected loss in August.

What do do now?

When in doubt…….do nothing.

Wait till year end record profit making and we suggested markers as to why economically.

The wild card.

DEBT DEFAULT CASCADE which has not even happened yet but could be only weeks out from now. Wait for it…..

If we see Turkey defaulting you will KNOW the SHIT has and IS hitting the fan.

Then all bets are off for anything normal in the casino capitalism and we suggest you read this blog a lot in such times if they unfold. if not you can read less and your good.

Meanwhile we will do our best to keep you informed on what is going on out there.

Today Super Money Pool AI is taking profits across the national landscapes and rewarding economics the AI has confidence in and punishing economies the AI has lost confidence in. To read the tea leaves look at currency prices plunge in Debt infested INDIA about at its own end game on DEBT – Turky that has reached its own END GAME – in not making a deal with President Trump the leadership is risking revolution in nation for lies and failed fiscal policy over years of time – now confidence in leadership in TURKEY is shattered – I’d fly to DC and make a deal – hat in hand – or your last coup will look prophetic – economics trumps politics in the end game Turkey has no reached –

Nations in failed economies like Italy and China are shuddering and India as they see their own futures in Turkey. They simply can’t maintain their debt loading. All economics must reliance remember that one sentence folks.

Folks – the world is testing DEBT CASCADE THEORY whose first taste may be so toxic to system failure – that there is a huge pull back and profit making on the way back to the top.  A collective breadth.

However once tased that poison is known and mindless AI will repeat the horror until the core system fails. How and why?


AI will create all and permanent sell orders. There will be virtually no buy orders in such a Super Crash. The liquidity of the system will evaporate LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY. While this created the 1929 last super crash and global system core failure – all banks closed – today the system is much richer in debt imbalance and digital so trading to LED day is seconds with no recovery. Lacking liquidity with runs on all banks all at once – world wide – the system collapses into bankruptcy. All banks fail all markets seize up and world trade stops completely.

In 1929 we had news papers and radios in only a small % of homes. There as no 24/7 news cycle with real time reporting making any event reach living rooms in a nano second. Digital trading and real time news on runs on banking present first Time in human history and economic events.

  1. AI controlled capitalism a 60 month spiral to 90% domination.
  2. Real time news cycle to present crises in real time
  3. Zero ability to control global panic as all of us get the truth of it 

First time in economics.

LED DAY could occur anytime – wait for the debt defaulting which has not yet begun accept for Greece which almost brought the EU down and still may trigger the EU total destruction in a sea of bad EU debt.

Bad debts in the EU zone now pass 100 trillion dollars. Bad debt in Asia China and India leading now pass 100 trillion dollars. That is 200 trillion of 300 trillion in overall global debt – 2/3 carried as good performing assets when in fact 2/3rds is not performing and is no longer paying at all nor will ever repay or are paying partial and way late and have no ability to repay – so crap is booked as gold when in fact balance sheets of financial institutions need to move that crap to shit status and when they do they and nations are in fact bankrupt – China – Italy- India and so many more. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE and so does AI today and so do we.

The truth is catching up to real time and 2018.

Can we insert time to work out the bad debt?

Time IS running out as the Turkey BETA to AI sell off as confidence in global economic abuser including Russia today also in debt free fall – is cutting cords fatal to the economies effected.

How will this first ever AI work out moving forward.

The truth?

No expert has a clue as all their models are silly and relate to givens that are incomplete and lacking full data sets to make any accurate forecasting.

No expert can predict and none known including our teams. Our CEOSPACE teams serving small business – some pretty large – in 140 nations – know a LOT more than many – and we don’t know enough to predict outcome in the first ever global casino capitalism.

The money big boys and girls are on vacation to Labor Day. They are on it but apart letting AI take profits.

Any system save takes place after Labor Day.

Experts give their opinions based on incomplete data with zero understanding of real time trading by AI until after those trades execute. All within gamblers in short and long plays manipulating prices with the majority of borrowed capital placements. In the end unless reset by A G 100 convention – and all it promises in reset to economics – the world system super crashes into LED DAY and all financial institutions close and fail as do nations.

Then we start over in world wars.


You bet? 


Education as outlined in my urgent and important work for law makers you need to assure have the book: https://www.amazon.com/Redemption-Cooperation-Revolution-Berny-Dohrmann/dp/0692646051

Now no longer an option to read a necessity and buy one for your law maker and become a SOLUTION ACTIVATOR versus passive watching Rome burn world wide. Yes we all matter if we all take action – considerations leads to untimely financial death. Nations are all considering. Time the one asset to save the entire global system IS running out. Yes I remain available to consult to national planners on their way forward. Inside todays mess.

Sanity? Cooperation between nations – TRADE WAR DEALS VERSUS TRADE WAR HELL.

You are the 7 billion of US all. The WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED EARTH FEDERATION that has all the power and rights no one can take from us all for any length of time. What does you collective intelligence tell you is taking place between nations – the 12 decision makers I the loop at the top – its only 12 folks like Apostles in any nation – only 12 decision makers set all the policy at tops – 12.

ARE THOSE 12 possessed by the competitive virus of the mind to fatal outcomes?

Are those 12 waking up to COOPERATION – the virus removal software for the brain deleting the competitive virus from loading – is that what your seeing?

Comment on the bottom of our blog and tell us all what DO YOU THINK?

Sane of insane when any political miscalculation to economics creates unintended ( insane ) consequence as we see the world suffering today from Turkey errors on economic policy. ALL ECONOMIC ACCOUNTS MUST ONE DAY REBALANCE it is the LAW. Sane or insane? DO you see it with 20/20 new reading glasses. Helpful right ? 

Monday we have AI slaughter to so many nations topping with Turkey Italy India Spain the EU as a whole – China and Russia – with the USA being rewarded by the market for last court of confidence in forward planning remaining for the world – and even that trust may be misplaced in fact.

We all must wait and see now……the dice are rolling early and hard to the wall of the casino crap table – lets see what comes up for the world?

Shall we?

Berny Dohrmann – The Truth the Whole Truth and nothing but the TRUTH ! 


TRUMP must be laughing in his phone calls with President XI of China. XI now has endless state bashing – much like Trump has from the majority of press – no more silk gloves – no more pretty and make it nice – but full on bias you can see tastes and relate to emotionally. Mostly about their character implying the worst of humanity is the leader when in fact the leaders are both pretty great in person and very well informed on the issues.

So Trump has told XI as he got elected for LIFE in China – that – the taxation of American goods at many many 100 x’s what American’s tax Chinese goods – IS PROTECTIONIST old policy that must fall to forward looking fair trade policies. XI agreed in Chinese typical nodding that yes President TRUMP I HEARD YOU which Trump took to mean yes we have a deal. Not so in Chinese head nodding.

I heard you Sir. That was all. Our of respect and you won at golf which is disrespectful – no one told you big guy of our culture rules? I win at golf even when playing on your course sir.

Trump nodded yes sir I heard you and still beat XI badly next day at golf again.

Now then forgetting the bad game cultural manners between world leaders the issue is that Trump has suggested if you proved to talk and not walk into new trade rules – I will take action on my end that will look like this.

I fear this list of actions because it creates for China the following problems:

  1. Only Debt and borrowing now 300 % over your income – will grow your economics in trade war – that will create debt contagion risk.
  2. The combination of recession – massive loss of jobs and employment – all will create debt defaulting cascades.
  3. This will create a growing number of riots in your cities which can lead to a revolution in your nation.

The riots are going on now and growing rapidly. Riots related to P2P lending between and among State Run Organizations or 1,000’s of entities that half are in loan default and dysfunctional or no longer in business but still booked as good loans.

The load defaulting is reaching 100’s of SRO’s at the first baby step into the trade war economic pool of GREAT ADJUSTMENT. All economic accounts must re-balance in time. Is the one rule no leader not Trump not XI can over rule. It is after all economics.

The imbalance created by short sighted China trade policy creates boom bust cycles. China has only had boom. A upward cycle. That cycle can continue into 2030 with a trade deal. Without a USA China Trade deal the PRC faces a new series of multi front battles from its own people due to economic contractions going on I the entire fabric of China economics – having talked the economy to death – internally – and now the debt defaulting in P2P lending is rising to 100’s of firms in just August so far.

Riots are breaking out and those disgusted with P2P insolvency for SRO’s in China are now investigating other Chinese reported Assets as frauds. In fact the anti fraud scheme in China appears to be an elite Communist at the top FRAUD in which the head of Fraud labels anyone a fraud and takes their toys away – the Fraud leadership ends up owning the assets using Fraud to tarnish reputations destroy family and opposition and accumulate assets in further consolidations. As 1% in the Communist economic now own more wealth than 99% of 1.5 billion people – say less than 1,000,000 own and control 99% of all wealth in nation which is an economic imbalance now effecting debt defaulting and a condition in digital economics we call CASCADE – say many x’s worst on the Richter scale than Force 8 – Economic CONTAGION as an earth quake that spans the world financially. CASCADE IS FASTER MORE GLOGAL AND MORE TOXIC THAN ECONOMIC CONTAGION.

CASCADE is starting ( already ) to occur in China. Leadership in Federal and State are now divided and becoming unglued ( already ). Leadership at the head of the Chinese Party is divided and fracture is widening in part to fix BLAME for the problems to losers versus winners in the party – second to fix fall guys who will suffer from problems they did not cause nor do they even understand – and third to lessen economic burden on communist winners versus whiners.

A secret top tier communist leadership meeting of winners winners and losers is taking place by the sea this month. Are you invited? Policies will be revised. The future will be discussed. What comes next will come out of that conclave of the 1% wealth manipulators in China. In the end the ruling outcomes is not the party purest – our those espousing doctrine – as with all nations with human captains steering their ship of state – the policy outcomes will be made by the wealthiest the elite the 1% capital key holders – follow the money. 

Time is running short in China. Very short indeed. The wealthy failing to make a trade deal with the USA will fall into the following traps:

  1. Economic slow downs taking place now will reset Chinese economics into a managed downward recession spiral.
  2. The slow down will create a growing spiral of debt defaults that will begin to self propel into the 100 trillion of bad debt in Asia where defaulting cascade may trigger a global freeze and collapse of the entire world financial system itself – as warned by the IMF.
  3. Riots and a revolution from 1 – 2 are likely if leadership does not make a TRADE DEAL in TIME. Time becomes the asset no one accommodates that if used properly will permit a work out of the debt pig in the python at 300 trillion in global debts and rising – and if not the debt rot will sink China into a debt default snot the like of which has not been seen since 1929.

The problem is that crooks run the top tier of nations to secure their own wealth franchise forever – the few against the many. As the criminals believe their own lies are true and they are in fact not criminals the rest of the world in their eyes are criminals for not protecting their wealth franchise forever. Spoiled children will not share their toys.

No trade deal – world depression and the best economy remains America as others crash and collapse in the GREAT ECONOMIC REBALANCING. We rebalance with trade agreements and time or we lack time and trade agreements which over stresses the debt super debt bubble to burst starting in China.

Chinese leaders see their economics ( which are phony but they don’t see THAT ) and consider that it can never stop let alone stop like it hit a mountain at 100 mph. But it can – just like hitting a mountain. Directly.

Policy errors are unforgivable at a given level of imbalance economically. As we are reaching that imbalance stress point a revised trade agreement is required to avoid Chinese melt down and revolution. The leaders having their US Bashing by the Sea party have their mind on the wrong ball.

Everyone is trying to help China. However when the leaders who have the facts and correct data are out numbered by wealth franchise holders who wish to preserve their wealth accommodations at all cost – all costs – the overwhelming numbers of criminal leaders at the Chinese table is 1000 to 1 and the good news of a safe way way forward is never given weight sufficient to preclude Chinese economic disasters moving forward.

Trump is smiling drinking his 22nd Diet Coke tonight in his rocking chair at the card table on the White House Porch over looking the gardens. He looks at his USA Cards again. Full house Aces high. Perfect winning hand. He can see the Chinese behind XI and XI’s cards – his two two’s a two of hearts and a two of spades – nothing else as China pushes all its chips to match the USA and XI says we match YOUR CALL TRUMP.

Eventually XI knows Chinas losing hand must be exposed to the entire world. When that occurs in fact the trillion dollars that will run out of China will effect the China Super Crash – and resulting implosion of its debt super bubble. END GAME.

Trump well knows the advantage to China is TIME itself. Time is not on China’s side to delay a trade agreement. Delay is the one great cost to expensive or China to Pay – as it runs out of the only saving asset – TIME ITSELF.

Today the press bash’s Trump and the USA as if we started and keep trade war going. CHINA started the trade war by a 100th time talking and talking with zero change to improve the unfair tax of USA against almost no tax to China. 

Trump cares less about China press lies. OR USA press lies for that matter. Trump has marginalized press who are ranked lower than the USA congress in America polls of citizen outrage at bias press gone bad generations of media today.  Manipulation by media is failing or the first time in history as click media is out valued to spoon fed mass media – by the tens of millions we no longer watch and fully disregard bought and paid for media and news that is not longer news at all. It is mind control.

Time is passing.

The old way is on going – thou shalt screw tax upon they brother before thy brother ( or sister ) screws the new tax upon thee…….

No 11th commandment but we are all living by it…..are we not?

At the greatest risk to the world system. What do we know:

  1. Two trillion in capital is leaving China in 2018 alone – one trillion out entirely already – a run on the nation of China is underway.
  2. Plant bankruptcy and bank bankruptcy is rising in China 
  3. Lay off’s are rising in China
  4. Riots are occurring in cities even with state restricted internet
  5. Criticism of government policy on trade war never seen before is rapidly rising into a movement nation wide 

The elite 1% communist super wealthy – who control all power and who is labeled a fraud and who is not – sit at the top of the economic fraud upon the people. Their system is driven by DEBT SUPER BUBBLE FUELS that can not continue and which are now becoming impossible as policy.

As the FUEL in CHINA dries up the outcomes may include:

  1. Multiplle currency devaluations as the Chinese currency implodes in a debt super bomb exploding.
  2. Inflation like Venzeula as all Chinese who are far from stupid run – completely run – out of state currency into safe currency  – dollars being most desirable. Further sinking China economics.
  3. Debt cascading freezes liquidity as the bank system closes and the China communist era and revolution sink into a new China revolution the outcome of which may be emperor again or democracy and open boarders and press – or something new. We’ll see.

Communist with trade deal in 2018 have TIME to grow into the future.

Communist without a trade deal in 2018 – run out of TIME and 1 -2 -3- above already now in in economic COUNTER SPIRAL to Chinese control models which are failing completely – RUN OUT OF TIME and the SYSTEM FALLS.

Core melt down.

That is what is happening today as Chinese wealth elite are busy at the sea this month reminding one another just how all powerful they truly are even as their ceremonial gowns have caught on fire while they sip tea and chat – unaware the are burning to death economically as they discuss the gardens.

China politics and China economics two distinctly separate items. We’ll see if any Chinese leaders have 20/20 reading glasses on their own economy as some of our tribe in nation does – but we lack confidence in the self delusion of the wealth in nation not creating an economic mental illness for outcomes.


Meddler In Chief & Oil Prices

The Meddler in Chief and world oil markets plus the PERFECT STORM in Bond markets.

Two givens. First oil IS the price of everything else from energy to transportation to packaging all oil domination in market spaces world wide.

Second the BOND market IS the cost of money for everything including oil reaching markets and that cost is soaring say 100x of what it was just last year at this same time.

Double cost impacting the market space, yes or no? You tracking the powers over the forces of every other thing?

Now yield curve you keep reading about or should have in bond costing – the price of money circulating – more or less – on bond pricing.

So over time yield curve tell us that 100% of the time we have a yield curve inversion we have a recession where growth and prosperity stop for the entire world. Why? What is yield curve?

TO help the press here:

Yield curve in the multi trillion dollar global annual bond markets – circulation of all money starts here – relates to two interest rate averages.

  1. The average for higher risk shorter term bonds of say 90 days or so in maturity paid off in 90 days. A market rate is set.
  2. The average of lower risk ten year bonds paid in ten years carries a higher interest cost due to time- than the short term.

An INVERSION occurs where the premium for ten year bonds is lower than the three year bonds or vice versa and the curve between the two charts inverts on interest rates to market – one normally higher is now lower and the other is higher – inversion.

The cause is typically the real economics. A recession slow down is coming. But not in 2018.

Today the yield curve is flattening into growth no recession in sight or indicators of a recession brewing world wide.

There is market concern about:

  1. Fed interest rate rising to create a false yield curve first time in history.
  2. Trade war creating a yield curve inversion by itself a first in history.

The yield curve flattening is occurring outside any prior chart or graph while the market suggests – a recession is coming without proof’s.

New frontier. Why?

The Fed bought 5 trillion of bonds from their bank customers during the horrible Great Recession that Fed Policy created with those same banks.

Now the Fed is selling those bonds – and higher interest profits them over time – in an experiment no one knows the outcome for. Examples:

  1. Can Fed policy to print free money by tens of trillions of dollars be normalized to market rate interest – and in what time frame – to not create a Fed policy error ( we say has already taken place ) by raising interest way too often – way too fast – way to high.
  2. Can the Fed at the same time it ceases to buy bonds – it ceases to offer free money anymore – also – sell five trillion dollars of its acquired “assets” back into an already stressed bond market space without market disruption – a yield curve inversion caused by the Fed actions while the market seeks to sustain solid growth from a weak global recovery by all our charts tracking?

Enter the Meddler in Chief. Seeing the problem he and his teams come out to moderate FED TIMING and to insert ( if he can do it ) the asset of TIME into normalization policy to preclude unwanted Super Crash and market melt downs also a possible outcome in the Fed first time ever – experiment with no model on how this test is going to work out for us all.

Next comes OIL the price of everything.

Oil is bid up to margins of 100x cost – 1000% profit Margins by a few greedy producers inside a fully criminal cartel. If you give crooks who manipulate oil prices artificially respect you are doing the entire world of 7 billion who face food security without lower oil price – 1.5 billion dying this year while the food is in wearhouses RIGHT NOW to save 100% of them from dying – but we humans inside failed economic systems we hold on too – are creating without a system upgrade – all this death. For no reason.

Enter the MEDDLER IN CHIEF. Mr. Tweet himself. He suggests:

  1. Like interest – oil is TOO HIGH to maintain global stability which if lost costs oil firms the most in pain for the longest period of TIME.
  2. And he suggests of the tens of billions of stored oil America has in reserve we might pinch some out to market to lower unfair Cartel price manipulations.
  3. The world is drowning in oil and price is a manipulation only.

So volatility in oil has been higher in 17 months than in 17 years.  But wait for it……should only get much worse.

Spikes to 100 dollar oil a barrel could occur than back down 50 dollar range where I said it would remain and stay once the manipulation factor is reduced or removed which American production is doing all by itself – its arithmetic – just do the math.


  1. Rising supply for 25 forward years
  2. Lower demand for 25 forward years – like off a click in five years
  3. Prices remain high by cartel phony price manipulation to markets

How long can that math last do you truly think?

Note oil has gone down for weeks and weeks setting a down record which to me suggests a huge political non economic up spike to plunge again in volatility like OIL is suggesting – you can’t seen nothing yet.  I think as I have blogged it goes down to 50 range and stays there as it settles to market rate versus manipulation rates 

With Meddler in Chief all over it – minds over money but it takes time.

The war is economic.

AI will reposition portfolio’s in the largest wealth management repositioning in living memory – by December pushing all wealth to new record highs without a black swan event also possible. Oil to play a role and bond pricing a role in whatever comes next as foundational economics. And you now know why. 

Every nation is lining up to be Aligned and Cooperate or not align and remain competitive ( insane actually ).

Sanity is winning.

Insanity is economically dangerous – as nations – but dying off for self enrichment.

I see a new casino capitalism with speculation by AI software controlling 10,000 super money pools for the first time – with AI races and software wars every quarter racing to control 90 of all wealth and capital circulation in 2018 a first for human system modeling.

The economic outcome – is far from certain. 

  1. Without enough TIME the system risk to failure due to 300 trillion in global debt is at a record in history – not a risk to miscalculate.
  2. With enough TIME ( the missing asset to economic planning today ) the outcome can be sustained global prosperity for decades truly.

One is sane the other is not …sane.

Why do we toy with insane outcomes?


Immediate greed gratifications by those who profit from the 90% control of all circulation.

A) They do not know they are insane and they believe their own lies to themsleves even – totally in a fog how what they cause creates the system melt down like 1929. Again.

B) They are not in their dilution economics teachable by those not diluted by their false economic theory model. Untested . They see risk-less risk moving forward – we see SUEPR RISK moving forward without a policy change.

So a regulatory global RE-THINK is required to preserve the system.

Without it – folks – the risk is far greater than yield inversion and you know why now.

BERNY DOHRMANN – Teaching what IS really truly going on…out there ! 


What do “I” think is going on “out there” really?

You mean like Crammer? 

Only he is so old. Isn’t Crammer old?

I mean Crammer was old when “I” was a kid?

Was not Crammer on when there was a test pattern and TV was only on for a short number of hours – with all that static unless the nine kids in a daisy chain got the antenna turned just right toward the station I fact – that Crammer?

Announcing with Edward R Murrow ( oh you don’t remember Ed? ) Or Goodnight Chet? Or This IS Walter Cronkite? That Crammer? Was crammer not here when Jack Benny and the Honeymooners was a radio show with the Long Ranger? Or is that just me? Crammer was broadcasting when I kept my tushy warm from the tubes in the furniture we called a RADIO?

You don’t remember? Before the internet or any of that when a call was pick up the large black phone head set – no dial – and you got an operator and IF your PARTY LINE ( don’t remember party lines either ? ) were not engaged you could have the Operator connect you to your number – if you had and new the number – in those days like GARFEILD 9-er 9er 9er – seven.

That number.

Oh you don’t remember?

Fast was a week delivery by the US mail. No Fax – no apps – no App Stores – no internet – or email – or cell phones or virtual reality – though cartoon character DICK TRACY ( don’ t remember him either ) had an IWATCH even in the 1950’s when Crammer was broadcasting and hey Crammer was old then.

First of all I don’t give investment advice ever. I give my opinion on data we report here from third party data sources – and to which we give our opinion on what that data means. Then you all work with your licensed professional experts to get actionable future choices you will make for yourself with those professionals and you have your best advice – real advice – which can only occur from licensed professionals versus opinions of a very old guy who may have some expertise left…but who knows I’m writing you from an assisted living center in Florida listing to the bald eagle babies about ready to fly for the first time this season….say that level of expert ? Ah that is the caution is it not …in the Super Change age to which we now all reside.

Everything that seems to be real is not it is Fake News and that we thought was REAL is in fact illusion and the reality is far stranger than anything we thought was real and all that reality was fiction anyway. Today we are truly inside our own living matrix are we not? And in the end for God’s plan, you are NIEL, yes it is you, as in the Matrix …for you and only YOU….are in FACT….the ONE !

So what “I” personally think in my opinion what does it matter really to anyone? I presuppose the track record since the 1980’s is becoming alarming in accuracy, but one day I’ll be WRONG you see and what then? You call take 99 rights and 1 wrong and move to the new pundit? Every 30 years plus I get one wrong and your gone? Is that our new age?

Really inside the new casino capitalism it is all dice rolling.

One Chap has super shorted Musk and Tesla. I said buy-in the dip. I think going private is ideal for Tesla itself a trillion dollar firm in the marketing given its diversity of invention and scope of product line depth. But thats my opinion on Musk you may have another with your experts. I think the Short seller I first sent into wealth with posts about the 2008 real estate Super Duper Pool of debt risk – made the shallow end by today’s nothing is fixed 300 Trillion Global Debt Super Bubble of today. 

What do “I” think…as in thinking….really? Like at my age I can still take a blue pill and then THINK for any good at all…but I’ll try. My wife says I’m ok without the pill but she’s younger what does she know?




Are you kidding me?

So this weekend what I think is chart concentric from data and track history –


  1. I think – the market will go down this summer before Labor Day in an AI profit taking others may brand as a correction.
  2. I think there will be a market shifting from FAANG leadership stocks in 2018 to more broad well performing stocks many just off peak earnings but not by much – punished by the market for making record earnings just not the earnings peaks the market expected in their own expectation drug they take before earnings are reported – I don’t do drugs. So data looks more pristine to me – don’t drink either accept once a month when short sellers drive me crazy on their side betting in the casino markets of today.
  3. I think the big bad boys ( and girls ) are on vacation as minds over 10,000 super money pools controlling 440 trillion of fully leveraged capital circulations side betting to manipulate all price ranges into super bubbles all asset classes in a spiral rising globally now to secure mindless profits in the shortest time frames.
  4. I think the big guns will assure there is record wealth profits across the market boards of indexes by year end as a portfolio manipulation to stock price including record stocks buy backs by year end.
  5. I think if the election goes Republican to the Congress we will have a congress that WORKS and a 2019 that will set records. Again. If we have Infrastructure legislation the other tripod leg of economic stimulation I think we will have prosperity into 2030. If we have a Democrat Congress – total government dysfunction Grid Lock and a congress that NO LONGER FUNCTIONS – I see Super Crash and recession if not debt default cascades and a real depression unfolding globally – as the outcome of this years CONGRESS ELECTION upon the world due to economic tipping points that no longer can be remedied within CONGRESSIONAL DYSFUNCTION and SUPER CHANGE Globally. Voters may fail to vote prosperity or poverty and vote by political manipulation with billions spent for that outcome.

Politics running economics has become fatal for any nation moving forward in the current global interlinked economy – casino capitalism – the phase we are in today preceding a potential G 100 Economic Constitutional Congress – for without that – a DEPRESSION AND WORLD WAR “IS” COMING IN MY OPINION – due to the items of data I presented in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION book you can buy on Amazon for your library. 

Click and know what I think; https://www.amazon.com/Redemption-Cooperation-Revolution-Berny-Dohrmann/dp/0692646051

Great Gift this Holiday season as a stocking stuffer for family.

6. 2019 is a feature of the Congress as Politics running economics will crush prosperity ( I think ) and economics running politics will extend prosperity.

7. 2020 will be a horrible economic period ushering in Democratic politics into office – by design and plan – or Republicans will be in extended prosperity and they will extend into the future as will prosperity which is no longer political – it is how we vote our wallets is how I think.

We vote in economic ignorance …

Or economic 20/20 vision and see finally our way forward….

Thats what I think is going on out there.

A race to the bottom or top and no one knows which way ….wins.

We are about to find out for the future of America and short term Crammer does not matter …its long term that matters folks.

Berny Dohrmann – Weekend Reporting just for you all…today 


Buy in summer dips? The grown ups are not home until after Labor Day. The AI is playing the markets as a new model. Sound bytes – say Turkey today – trigger flash trade than sustained trade profit taking – all the way down with shorts hedging on all the way back – in Turkey Currency – and in global equities – as AI over 10,000 super money pools makes profits on news.

The market volatility will move down and up in wild cycles and we have said buy equities for 72 months not 72 minutes. If your day trading in an AI casino with billions on software out gunning you and your trading program you just love – personally I see gambling in the AI casino capitalism – the global system today in 24/7 trading markets where the sun never ever sleeps on trades – I don’t believe YOU can out pace out bet or out perform AI. I think holders will win and gamblers will lose. Speculate or wait. That is strategy – invest or gamble – that is outcome. Win or loss.

If your investing I would dollar cost average in dips today with a mind set to record high’s by year end – but – I would work a careful diversification plan with your licensed expert adviser always and legal. Protect yourself. Be safe out there.

So AI see’s profit options anytime uncertainty rises. So Turkey pounds its chest and gives the bird to America. America taxes Turkey who is over taxing America – matching taxes – which it just hates and those “matching taxes” taxing THEM what they precisely tax the USA ( which is all that is taking place out there reciprocity trade tax – matching them to what they tax us – or a new trade deal with zero tax or as they low as they will tax us – matching tax. So they see NEW TAX on Turkey as uncertainty – and they take profits off the world cake of holdings in an AI review that humans would take days to complete on position options – AI has the answer in a fraction of one second and keep in mind AI is trading in enormous volume – in time frames of second fractions ever known before in global markets.

So the volatility can be sensational to prior age charts PRE AI but in the new AI Casino capitalism – such volatility down – woe is us – than way back up ( look at Face Book and Fang all creeping back toward record highs and it is not even Labor Day yet ) – so buy the dip. The volatility is not chartable to past charts as the volatility is NEW AI in new patterns that savy investors on top of casino new charting will profit from in the DIPS AI leaves in its wake for we the small fry.

Invest avoid gambling. Win investing lose gambling always the best advice from Daddy.

Ny # 1 advice this weekend:

1.Scroll and read THE SLING SHOT EFFECT – I’d print those pages and read them – because they define how urgent and priority driven your assuring you earn maximum income at the final Holiday Quarter and do not miss pulling YOUR SLING SHOT BACK to assure you drive results and our performance to BULLSEYE this final quarter of this boom cycle – not to be missed.

2. Share that item on your social and walls as the high point of opportunity for any blog reader this year end – it is the ONE.


Berny Dohrmann – WHAT “IS” REALLY GOING “ON” OUT “THERE” !!


My last blog on SLING SHOT THEORY is a “print page” and read item if you own a business or you are a professional in practice or your on salary but you know the other two and wish to share with them read. I appreciate your sharing that item as we wish to price protect at CEOSPACE our once a year value package ( which is so many thousands with tax and savings by August 15th ) we have sand in our hour class to PRICE PROTECT the CEO who wishes to grow outcome and profit higher faster into the final quarter. CEOSPACE does that one item – acceleration for business – in unmatched quality to outcome. Results are guaranteed in fact. # 1 program globally ranked by press. Worth a click after this on Ebola.

First Zika is becoming the pandemic of our time and is now global from Brazil – in just 36 months really.  Is EBLOA the killer of human’s next? Now in a second EBLOA outbreak the World Health Organization is all over in the nation of CONGO.

First some facts related to what kills Human beings and where should we invest more of our precious attention and money? So consider:

  1. Sharks – they kill six a year or so
  2. Ligthening kills 100’s of us.
  3. Elephants kill 500 a year ( see a war on elephants ? ) 
  4. Snakes kill over 1000 of us globally each year.
  5. Humans ( drugs included ) kill over 500,000 of ourselves slaughtering “us” punishing diversity versus celebrating it.
  6. Hospitals mis- diagnosing – and drug wrong utility by professionals kills 400,000 of us more than all cancer heart and related organ issues combined into one times x x x x.
  7. Mosquito’s starting with Malaria ( which CEOSPACE Grad Dr. Jerry Thornthwait former NIH research scientist doctor ) has the cure for – absolute cure – but over 1,000,000 will die from mosquito’s in 2018 versus say six from Sharks.

It might help you see EBOLA in perspective. Facts:

  1. Ebola has various strains – some we have vaccines for some not so much.
  2. Ebola kills a maximum % of human beings it infects.
  3. Eblola is a tough virus and survives a long time on door nobs and surfaces and utensils and in the air from projection of the ill.
  4. Ebola is one of human kinds most contagious virus’s that vectors to human’s in the air or via fluid and can infect untold numbers without their even being aware.
  5. Ebola has moved world wide in days weeks not months in prior epidemics from planes ships and ground transportation moving the ill to infect the innocent in days and in hours.

Ebola broke out in Congo in May.

The break out was contained and ended by August by the World Health Organization as the outbreak took place in a tiny rural outpace along a river. Primitive.

In late July early August a second outbreak unlinked – same strain – broke out 1500 miles or 2000 kilometers away from the tiny village. The new outbreak is more urban. Over 100 tribal sects inside an election year end process in Congo with 20 active “cells” of armed opposing tribal leadership – may or may not allow World Health Care Workers into the infected ground zero areas. 

The more the delay the more we pay.

Tracking every human with contact to ground zero infected with ebola – human # 1 the PRIME – than moving all circles to other primes and their contacts to get them all – is – early enough say 30 to 100 humans – later – 100’s to 1000’s – and later – 1000’s to 10,000’s and all the manpower and dollars later costs – also it can move to millions and all of us in 180 days if not contained –

Also economically it works like this:

  1. Not contained in Congo – Congo trade in and out stops and the economics die till its fixed 
  2. Not contained in Africa – due to borders on second outbreak – and trade in Africa with the world – in and out – stops – as does all capital investing and circulations – Africa begins to economically die 
  3. Not contained beyond Africa – trade with EU or ASIA or North or South America ( whoever is infected without absolute controls on spread ) is quarantined as a nation – all trade and in and out stops to that nation – isolated and their economy begins to die from Ebola.

The second outbreak is being SET UP right now. The time is passing and others are infected rising up to 100 today from 30 or so 48 hours ago and not a flat line number yet from WHO.

It is too early to know how bad and how fast this one is to the nation and world. It is border cross and how many nations will be infected in August alone and by September how bad economically on markets will EBOLA be.

The biggest risk to prosperity are now ranked by has as:

  1. Congress – Democrat Grid Lock and Dysfunction the USA government ceases to work – or Republican and Congress works infrastructure and prosperity to 2030 
  2. Ebola – rapid containment or economics super cash over the opposite
  3. Interest – too fast too soon too high – always creates Super Crash. Already 500 billion of world liquidity is removed from first half of 2018 and another more than 500 billion for second half by FED – or over ONE TRILLION OF SYSTEM CIRCULATION INVESTING AND LIQUIDITY just evaporated by the Fed Risk matching Ebola in capacity to Super Crash. 300 Trillion of record world debt can not flip over at 500% interest and more elevations in a few months versus 15 years of time – without time – the Fed failed policy kills the prosperity. 

Trump with a Republican Congress may merge the Fed back into the US Treasury for oversight audits and check and balance – its lies about being “independent” when it is far from that claim – we can discount as all Fed leading banks are criminals who have pled guilty and paid criminal fines – since 2008 – because the Fed that the banks own controlling stock in – ( scroll its all data laid out with third party proof on this blog site just scroll Fed truth seekers ) – yep merge the Fed into USA Treasury and you have the future of integrity for prosperity back and hey – Trump with a win in Congress may be the one to do it – Kennedy’s were exploring it but that didn’t work out so well for them.

So EBOLA not reported in news across our land because we are focused on the important issues of our age – the issues that effect us all:

  • Stormy Daniels chat room access and cost pricing 
  • Tweets by Trump and his tribe 
  • Response by Journalist about how bad Trump tweets 
  • Fake news as our new normal
  • Emotions – either Nancy or Trump pick the hand puppet you love to hate most I suppose 

EBOLA can bring the system we benefit from to live our lives down – closed – walking dead like the movie no kidding – and fast. Why is this story with a timer ( ebola infected count ) not the lead BBC and global story of our time – until it is resolved. Why?

Congo can not fix this with WHO not having a G 100 economic response and support to manage the miles and primitive zone of no roads no power no water and massive personnel to protect first – then those infected to heal second and those who are now carrying the illness to keep safe and out of infection all the rest of us. 

Lets say a terrorist cell gets infected and divides up as vested suits with lap tops at a breakfast and lunch and dinner buffet all you can eat – buffet place in say – three cities a day – times 9 of those infected – is 27 – infected spoons and labels to others – and the space and rest room door surfaces and etc and so on – in those 27 restaurants infecting say 5000 each and every day in 9 countries – with 40 countries in ten days and 50,000 moving to infect in the next 20 say 10 million and then month 2 100 million – you see the progression and that is 9 with intention what about 30 just trying to get out of danger – which created the world’s worst ever Ebola with President Obama making the decisive resource choice early enough – to really stop it – that was lets see 2015 – 2016 bam. WORST EVER.

Now a VERY TROUBLING second out break and where are YOU reading about Ebola risk – New York Times ? Washington Post? Fox News? BBC? Israeli Post. Gulf news given their traffic with Congo? Nope no one is telling you – the world – how dangerous this is for human beings.

EBOLA is wildly out breaking in a second in 90 days unliked out break from traditions of eating fresh caught bush meats from the forest where that meat is infected with the virus – and eaten not fully cooked to kill the virus which crosses to humans who have no Clue they have it – as entire families are infected at the meal. Then those family members go to work or play with circles that get infected but they don’t know it – and the circles move out and out – continuously until The Who gets “set up” with technology and resources required to TRACK HUMAN VECTORS from the PRIME FIRST KNOWN CASE to all connections that case has made – down the entire line missing not one – or mosquito’s won’t be the largest human killer – EBOLA will be – potentially killing over one billion of humans – virus the ancient enemy is our RISK to markets and economics today.

Are we on TOP of Congo Ebola # 2 in 2018 as what WHO leadership states is a very TROUBLING HIGH RISK OUTBREAK?


No news tracking.

No resources elevating.

No G 100 ALERT.

Business as usually as if Ebola the most fatal of human virus infections upon the earth – bar none – is a common cold we recover from with aspirin? Folks you bleed out form your ears your eyes your nose your mouth and your finger nails – all organs are bleeding out inside you – and its very painful so you spray enormous clouds of snot and blood particles and EBOLA live virus on your clothes – all utensils – health workers and in the air you contaimenht with everyone else suffering in your Ebola death rooms – WHO Sets up to keep that air – that contaminated air zone and surface of everything in that zone – as HOT ZONE. Read the book HOT ZONE if you want to understand what it is like to work HOT by those who KNOW what it is like – their greatest fear – is their own breach in a HOT ZONE.

Read the book – its the most fringing book ever – because its all true.

Pultizer prize true – get HOT ZONE On Amazon to follow EBOLA.

Last Ebola:

  1. We were first 
  2. We forced news to track it
  3. We encouraged the President to fast track resources. It worked.


The outbreak is ON and its GO TIME in CONGO.

Worse than out break # 1 in 2018.

This story is THE STORY because if they do not control it – and tone of voice to those in charge for WHO does not sound high optimism here – it is going to rise to become THE STORY because markets will crash over this story – one way or the other.

So the market is talking:

  1.  Tables and chart and earnings to price ranges and ratio’s.
  2. That super money pool leadership is on vacation to Labor Day.
  3. Volume is Low and trading is inside ranges with profit spikes up and down for reporting to daddy as they return from Holidays.
  4. We predict record year end wealth growth if a republican congress is held and if not risk rises for a super crash all laid out here in blogs just scroll for hard data on it all.
  5. Now ebola is a factor – controlled by November – we are record high wealth effect in our vision of how it goes – may be wrong of course – and with Ebola not contained by November and cross boarder – SUPER CRASH and world recession or even worse if the math unfolds like it can – was we told you FIRST right here .

Ebola not front page in weekend news – is THE STORY economically to the world – not Trump Tweets – not Special Prosecutor KGB web nets of crimes they invent – outside their mandate to keep the GET THE PRESIDENT mis-use of American Justice – as we have never seen its misuse before – save in Russia or North Korea or Sudan. Never in America until now…..that trial news – he said she said” is not the lead story folks – it is EBOLA than Congress or prosperity stops cold – on the economics.

Keep in mind we told America – 

Vote your wallet and republican law makers. Congress WORKS and we have infrastructure and prosperity to 2030 and win trade wars.

Vote emotions and democrat congress – Grid Lock like last 16 years – prosperity is LOST going from 5% growth to no growth Super Crash and Recession.

Ebola wipes both votes into super crash and depression globally.

Which party will stop Ebola cold in its tracks? I think both actually.

So follow the Ebola story – or – just book mark this site or better FREE SUBSCRIBE which helps our global count with so may 10,000’s of subscribers in over 100 countries as our reader tribe.

Share the Blog as Ebola is no kidding around spreading while our law makers world wide fiddle while our fabulous Rome ( world economy ) BURNS – so easy for it to flourish if we just stop setting ourselves on fire.

First kills as much as sharks – elephants and snakes but no where near the death that humans create this year for one another – versus versus which slaughters millions of us – preventable if we were not so focused on TWEETS and killing each other for no good reason what so ever.

We’ll see if together we can change all that …I think we can…..I know together we will I fact….


PS: Read my prior Blog on SLING SHOT THEORY and you will help improve the world – starting with YOUR WORLD – think about that read. Its worth sharing on social ….bless others and pay it all forward. 


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Competition depletes us.

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China: Red Tape – Tax – Lying  -Theft – What “IS” going on Out there. So for years doing business in China required what it requires today. First lots of time and money to set up “Local partners”. The Local Partners and law firms quote you X $ to Start but IN fact it will take years more time and oceans more dollars – as they will consume as much as they can steal.

While your SETTING UP ( almost ready to launch ) your going to have all the paper work for each Province passing on each line of each paper before it is official and stamped – including as if  your  Chinese law firms are in fact protecting fully  your protecting your IP in China which is when they tell you your protected ( I have patented in China – a  joker wild card in your own deck. Legal IP protection in China is an economic oxymoron – look that up.

You’ll also be employing your partners family members and perhaps family members of the officials approving your “permit” and then their family as long as they get MORE out of your AMERICAN wallet. On more brother – two cousins at only this per month ( low see ) and we get the STAMP. We will. They tell you. Smiling. Because they know what an idiot you are – big firms do it another way but they spend millions an shrink five to seven year launch cycles ( delaying your launch to assure Chinese rip off’s are out first and thriving protecting their internal model )….to say three years and still the big firms brands are ripped off from Coke to Cars.

While  your employing the family of the circle that is SUPPORTING your Launch in China a paying out for nothing economic every which oh way – the partner is STEALING your product and service and setting up a launch for a Chinese Based competition usually series of firms so you never know who ripped you off as that was internal anyway to the system – which will be the BIG BRAND in China in fact – happens to McDonalds – Apple and Merry Jane with a unique baked item.

Years into your LAUNCHING IN CHINA you do in fact way over time and impossibly over budget  launch in China. This ramps up costs monthly that grow for years never to decline so far above what you anticipated you are in profit pain as there is no way to make a real return on time and money at all.  As you grow you have staggering city state and federal new  cost “your attorney” did NOT fully explain to you. You may have to start and stop as you manage all the required state communist requirements – which are often made up year by year at all levels as you go. Depending on who did not get paid.

If you go after the Chinese firm that stole your IP you have issues. Your car is damaged. Your multiple little reminders let you know that you as an American are not in Kansas any more Dorothy. Your Partners have a very serious meal meeting with you  and share with you how well things are going and growing – although you can’t get any real return on your investment back out of China . They also as you pay the check for the fancy meal they set up – remind you that they themselves have been threatened and their children by “unknown” players – and it would be best to leave that competitor alone – it is not effecting YOUR BUSINESS. Plus all these new costs ( they drop a file of huge sums ) go AWAY if you let that item go away. Even you from Iowa get the farm boy logic and turn away from rule of law in China – your broken into the Chinese success story.

Eventually – ten years ahead of your start you may discover – you are losing money and wish to close the operation down.  The loss is too great or the margin and profit is painful and not worth the distraction of focus and resources many other areas even near by could profit your firm versus the SINK HOLE THAT IS CHINA 2018 until a TRADE AGREEMENT occurs. You may decide if your making money by manufacturing in China and delivering where you can make a real buck – that – it is better economics in fact – to make the whatever – in KANSAS Dorothy. You make more money and you have no one telling you their kids are threatened.

What takes years in China takes clicks in the USA.

Labor is cheaper but robotics don’t have quality issues and are just as cheap as made in China.

So China is on trade a place:

  1. That taxes USA goods 100% and 100% and 100% and 100% MORE than we tax their goods making it impossible to sell in China on fair terms as a market.
  2. For 70 years our support to China has created the economics of China transforming 100’s of millions from the lowest human poverty on earth to middle class within miracle modernization and upgrading ( on our trade all protecting their minerals industry and business against the USA and UK ).
  3. Remains filled  with corruption nepotism cultural barriers in cost rule barriers to do business all protecting Chinese ventures to win in China and to assure other ventures have unfair barriers to open and develop markets in China.
  4. Until even now a partner was needed in China – your data base has to be in China – your IP is in China and China steals your IP and sells your invention on product or service back to the world having illegally and immorally and unethically extended a disrespect for intellectual property – which is all we have on earth – and its OWNERSHIP – as a nation that remains barbaric in civilization due to a failed economic systemic model – communism – where this form of desert to integrity is the culture not an individual fault of course. 

My Blog and this item would have me visit prison in China at my age for life for expressing the Crime in America we call THE TRUTH IN AMERICA.  

Armies of Americans from all parties are working as a united 10,000 to usher in a new world order of FAIR TRADE AGREEMENT IN 2018 –  from the lack of rules today in a digital world – where unfair trade creates bankruptcy for nations who are its victims. Because the bankruptcy ( trade imbalances say to the USA with China having Mount Everest of dollars flowing in from its PROTECTION POLICY of the past – and the USA having a Death Valley below sea level sink hole growing into a new Grand Canyon as all our sand ( dollars ) flows one way – into China.

This model is economics not personal not political and LIES from China have no water drops stick to the Trump Ducky as he is oil coated for the China RAIN. China was asked, invited,  requested, demanded, threatened, to upgrade their ILLEGAL UNFAIR IMMORAL TRADE POLICIES as economics 101 by the past five Presidents for almost 50 years of time. 

The talk was never one act as the actual in fact outcomes was layer after layer of more trade barriers to USA firms.

The RED LINE Trump placed down at the Golf Course to President XI fully understanding President XI is not a dictator and President XI has buttons all over the China Star Ship enterprise to push to make a turn in course at warp drive. Teams on the bridge have to act together. Not easy.

Trump is removing the DILITHIUM CRYSTALS that power source the China SHIP OF STATE. Since no action and more talk till Chinese spit flew over Trumps Red line occurred – Trump – simply stepped back and did what the Red Line promised. 260 Billion Dollars of TAXES on 100% of what China sends to the USA in the worlds largest ROLLING PIPE LINE.

Trump knowing China is never in a hurry – is on his White House Deck – sitting in his rocking Chair – smoking a very nice CUBAN I am sure cigar related to their Red Line – rocking and rocking in the summer evening in Washington DC – thinking how much he likes his FULL HOUSE In Chinese Poker with those Aces High – and projecting how those billions will now pay off the National Deficit for the National Debt in the USA.

Thats right. Listen. $ 260 BILLION IN TARRIFs ( can add up annually ) and Americans buying Chinese goods pay off the national debt without a tax – because you keep buying Chinese. Now you could stop buying Chinese – delay your IPHONE SALE THIS YEAR just because you ARE AMERICAN and China – would feel lay off ‘s if you bought:

  1. No clothes first
  2. No Electronics second
  3. No Steel or heavy manufactured goods
  4. No produce or agriculture ( look before you buy on labels )
  5. Chinese food by American Chinese is OK folks lets not hurt them

Nothing would effect TRADE POLICY like Consumers united as Americans to help send the message – drop your tax on us and we’ll match you. Go to ZERO we will match you. Reduce the red tape in a digital world – stop the lying and theft – protect IP – stop partnership issues – make trade AGREEMENTS that create a NEW WAY FORWARD – INTEGRITY FAIR TRADE versus the FAKE NEWS you print in your press. This Holiday buy noting made in China Americans and watch TRADE AGREEMENTS rise forth.



Today Chinese Communist Press reported for example of their fake news to over 1 billion people who have no open access to the internet or world news at all – that  in their nation wide press today 1.5 billion folks read and heard this communist propaganda – APPLE HAS MADE RECORD EARNINGS AS THE FIRST TRILLION DOLLAR INSTITUTION AND THIS AMERICAN COMPANY MADE THAT PROFIT OFF CHEAP CHINESE LABOR “VICTIMS” AND THAT APPLE PROFIT SHOULD BE RE-DISTRIBUTED TO THE CHINESE PEOPLE ( which means the elite party bosses ).

Now this creates hatred for Apple as Chinese stop buying Apple. State news is showing TRUMP – FUCK YOUR READ LINE BUDDY BOY we will take our buying power off the table and your Trillion Dollar Baby will crash to the floor board.

Today China flipped the Finger to Congress and to America.

More likely Apple will move its entire supply Chain to India and work where folks speak English and agreements are solid versus China agreements where like quick sand once the ink is dry they are starting – just beginning to RE-NEGOTIATE as the agreement is never solid never binding never solid never over. Doing business in China is economic QUICK SAND there is no “there there”. If no trade agreement is reached wait for it…..

Donald Trump is a President with business all over the world who unlike prior Presidents has oceans of experienced in China himself. He knows the wealthy leadership and respects the culture and choice of pride in their communism. However as an American Trump wishes to assure real trade reform occurs.

The outcomes include:

  1. Massive business returns to the USA and we grow and prosper and China moves into its deepest modern recession ever – debt default cascading – inflation one can’t imagine – and a decline back into poverty and a full on revolution to the system.
  2. Or a Fair Trade Agreement is reached soon as # 1 is rising up and can’t be stopped if the Communist talk on the BRIDGE but fail to push any buttons and act. Their star ship will come out of warp drive inside the SUN. Flame on and be gone. China as we know it will be gone as their economy is the MOST FRAGILE IN THE WORLD versus the most robust. They will lose their # 2 economic standing soon to Japan or India and sink to # 3. Trade war is already a spiral of unemployment and lay off and cut back about to advance riots and social unrest. TIMING IS EVERYTHING but Chinese leaders do not grasp economics they grasp social protection of internal firewalls to their own modeling – which is antique broken and is not a road that leads to the future in fact.

Trade War.

XI is now in endless consumption on managing the trade war and strategy on all sides of how this unfolds or comes out. I think they will walk around like Roosters to October and announce a TRADE DEAL AND NEW WAR FORWARD to assure future prosperity for all and also cement a Republican Congress – if that is all planned out between XI and TRUMP. But XI powers inside China may Derail the best of plans we’ll see…wait for it folks….

Trump has team managing ( over 10,000 of em )  going forward around his red line may pole in a summer breeze –  all that as THE PRESIDENT OF THE FREE WORLD  is smoking his famous 1 AM  cigar – rocking at the White House in a big white rocking chair with that creaking sound on the old wooden floors of the porch outside  – looking at the stars and considering – how to get the Mid Year Election to BE REPUBLICAN return to A CONGRESS THAT WORKS to pass infrastructure which once passed – prosperity moves to 2030  and the budget of the USA will have a debt DECLINE over time and with SUPER BOND THEORY be balanced in years not decades – and the USA will have 300 years of leadership assured. He smiles thinking of HOW GREAT American is becoming globally in only 18. first months of work.

It is all  economic. He is so grateful he knows how to read the economic play book globally.

China is enriched by Free Trade and impoverished without FREE TRADE.

America prospers either way and China is a one off anomaly the USA created and then withdrew support for allowing a self sinking of a nation – their choice not our choice.

All the lies all the fake news all the PRESS IN CHINA ( today re-distributed invented and globally made with parts from China only ) our USA APPLE WEALTH should be re-distributed to the CHINESE PEOPLE. This is the Communist leadership INTEGRITY TO THEIR PEOPLE in a RULE OF LAW world.

The DISRESPECT CHINA DEMONSTRATES for their SOURCE of Wealth is to assume that China economics are SELF SUSTAINABLE.

As an investment banker economist I beg to set the record before the people’s court. If the 500% buying from the USA to the 100% buying from China of USA goods stops – the USA sells that 100% to the world markets and China is bankrupt on a dime. Economically.

What China does not see is not political or economic but effects both. China in failing to make an agreement they have lied to us about for 50 years – an agreement facing a 260 Billion Dollar – you guys pay off our national debt with taxes to get in to the USA we charge you – unable to cross a REAL DOLLARS AND CENTS USA RED LINE IN ECONOMICS AND YES NOW WE “MEAN BUISNESS”  China is in panic.

Their tools – all the Kings Horse and All the Kings Men can’t put President XI’s trade team back together again ( our USA law makers they are trying to assure are DEMOCRAT to stop TRUMP – with untold wealth transfer to political races – with on line massive influence and fake news leaving RUSSIA blame and foot prints so we never think it is all STATE HACKERS FROM CHINA who have stolen every single thing we have period in a disk drive ) – and none of it is working – the count down to the economic IED Trump has laid into their economic heart pump – just ticks and ticks and Trump smiles at the BLOOD MOON and shakes his head over the Clear clean lights of the nation capital.

CHINA is in a LIFE or DEATH decision.

Revolution as outcome or stability and prosperity as outcome – one or the other is inevitable based on pure time to choice.

There is no lack of prosperity in FREE TRADE and rule of law protection for IP. There is sustained prosperity in partnership and FAIR TRADE and impoverishment for China without it – red lines after all matter – when red lines are in fact REAL. Trump red lines are the absolute REAL DEAL. Ask Syria with billions lost from chemical testing Trump red lines. 

There is partnership for CHINA in opportunity  to join Russia in strategy for the world as a COOPERATION with EU to the WORLD PLANET FEDERATION OF NATIONS.

China has historic choice making to reset world trade – there is no cost to China there is only up bubble prosperity – all American trade in China markets creates massive jobs inside China just as China does for us in reverse we all win. When its fair and open both ways.

Economically never assume those who are insane ( some communist leaders are controlled by the brain virus of competition the first form of human insanity – competition is buggy god awful brain software a virus of the mind the first pollution – is mind pollution – and those powerful leaders  are unable to see sanity or cooperation and collaboration into a way forward ) – they  will act in to destroy their own best interest economically while saving “face”. They don’t see the economic outcomes and they believe ( false data ) that the Chinese economic model is sustainable and will never spiral downward into SUPER CRASH and massive debt defaulting cascades.

You see China has tables projections and smarty pants providing information to leadership – HOW BAD COULD THIS REALLY HURT US. That data is in error and biased.

They look at given’s which are not complete and lack full data.

So decisions are made on projections that are wrong.

The Chinese fail to see that without press of any kind – even a tweet – American’s may simply stop buying Chinese anything. Apple would more rapidly than folks believe re-tool – and shift its supply lines and bam – along with a trillion in trade and commerce – China is an island of poverty never to rise up as it once did again.



AMERICANS as ONE stopped buying anything from a nation that is by action a full on enemy to us economically and in fact. They seek to engage asymmetrical  warfare documented in Kevin Freeman’s vital book THE SECRET WEAPON for those who wish to read the leadership in China’s quotes and defeating America and reducing us to a third world economically. 

The American teams – Trumps teams of over 10,000 democrats and republicans understand the war is a real war and after loosing 16 years of battles and almost everything in 2008 when China fired their digital weapon at our market space – we are now winning the WAR and the battles are being fully engaged. The TRADE WAR is a declaration the WAR has to end so that both nations prosper – or American prospers and China moves into revolution – as WE WIN THE REAL WAR.

Your Choice China. Those who have won the battles for 16 years find it hard to appreciate they have LOST THE ENTIRE WAR.

Who wouldn’t ….

American’s and most of the world does not KNOW what is going on out there. Putin knows Russia was SET UP but can not afford to have China stop buying its PETRO products. Trump and Putin know the truth while America makes Russia a political ( GET TRUMP ISSUE  ) which is pure ignorance of what is really going on out there – and a few at the top know – but most law makers do not and they circle where their political packs with too many millions coming in to count – tons from CHINA in their financial war to GET TRUMP under the card table ) – but all anticipated by our war planners.

Voters are getting so pissed off that soon they may STOP BUYING CHINESE FOREVER Huge risk to the competitive insane brains delaying a trade agreement in china as their legal theft has to STOP. No one can put that genie back into the magic financial bottle. Already enough pull back is taking place BY Americans – FOR Americans – and INTO AMERICA MADE that China is in a decline spiral they have not seen in decades and decades. DOWN BUBBLE CHINA and the down bubble of that submarine is picking up VELOCITY ACCELERATION AND MOMENTUM as TIME is the asset and China planners are loosing the one item more precious in economics than DIAMONDS…..TIME.

So Trump is humming on the porch of the White House at 1 am – rocking this warm summer I can hear him hum now ……. – round and round the mulberry bush round and round it goes round and round the mulberry bush  than….POP GOES THE WEASEL. And he butts his cigar and blows a fresh smoke ring into the air…..10,000 are winning the battles and the war decisively – the WEASEL is a Chinese full on SUPER CRASH AND  REVOLUTION due to economic SUPER CRASH and DEBT DEFAULTING.

I can hear Trump humming now….

Chinese planners and XI working on their spread sheets all in error – into the same deep night…..humming…..ah not so much. As famous Glen Beck would say….ah not so much…..no sire reee bobbie as we say in America. No summer hum in China tonight………

REDSTRIBUTE APPLE WEALTH TO THE CHINESE PEOPLE – hey those who wrote that today – the Chinese people 87% not members of the communist party who can’t click onto a free open internet and who are brain washed with only state in nation edited news and entertainment – are about to REDISTRIBUTE POWER ITSELF FROM CENTRAL COMMUNIST FAILED  GOVERNMENT MODELING  TO SYSTEM REFORM AND UPGRADING  TO ASSURE FORWARD PROSPERITY OF THE  CHINESE PEOPLE OR NATION IF A TRADE AGREEMENT FAILS TO SIGN ITSELF AT THE POKER TABLE>

Miscalculate and the communist revolution is a one off that came corrupted itself and died. Economics here never politics.

That is the ECONOMIC  RISK ON IN CHINA – Apple is just GONNA BE  fine folks….and CHINA is running out of time with the American consumer buyer – as the Holiday approaches TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

What if Humming President Trump pulls out his cell phone and tweets to 300 minion reading it as the sum comes up…

my fellow Americans this holiday if you would buy goods that are not made in china we could together effect a real path forward with a trade agreement that is both fair and sustainable – this Holiday lets not buy made in china anything and we as a nation win – vote with your wallet America and help us win.

Round and round the mulberry bush Trade Agreement before – POP GOES THE WEASEL.

Trump’s team has a full house – Aces High – China has two two’s of a mismatched suite ….and Trump pushed all the chips of America against his RED LINE in the center of the global POKER TABLE for all nations to watch the game and leaning back within a poof of smoke – leaned back offer with that Look Trump has and he said……in 2018…..To China…


China’s reply today – from its hacking and theft of our own aero defense technology was to launch a success like Russia in Hyper Sonic Delivery systems to atomic weapons to US cities in 20 minutes outside any detection we have today. But the call is still on as Tump is putting in new sensors to take them out and we already have them in case you dit not know that plus weapons none of the others have yet stolen or know of in fact…..

AND AMERICA STILL CALLS…..as Iran today said to Trump we’ll meet you anywhere any time without condition – thats new ….and it is all working …all of it – scroll some recent blogs and get on top of WHAT IS REALLY taking place out there – expect a CHINA DEAL that will lead a path into prosperity for the entire world coming up next……

AMERICA CALLS the economic BLUFF……VW Rabbit ( China economics ) and USA Star Ship Enterprise – if you compared the chips on the table ….super sonic weapons of PHOTON TORPEDO’s –  no one wins it is all nonsense …in fact…the future is cooperation not extinction…..

AMERICA HAS CALLED….finally the talk stops…..show us your cards ?


PS: I CAN THINK as a fifth generation San Franciscan from Silicon Valley anything that would make Tim Cook a republican but Apple may join technology to assure CONGRESS WORKS versus Grid lack as INFRASTRUCTURE is worth billions to them as is winning this trade agreement……REDISTRIBUTE APPLE WEALTH TO THE CHINESE PEOPLE – Apple Employees are more to less likely to vote to keep republicans in charge so CONGRESS WORKS versus GRID LOCK and dysfunction as it is beyond party and plays right into Chinese game plan we feel is going to …..fail utterly.  After all WE ARE AMERICANS and WE ARE PROUD OF THAT…….


Today Saudi expels Canada Ambassador and stops all trade and financial investment in Canada. Why? Because the real King running things is a kid full of hormones in his early 30’s.

The PUPPY KING represents a fork in the Royal Family Tree if your tracking Saudi History from Lawrence of ARABIA ( rent the movie ) to now – one family forged the nation of tribal alliances and ruled as a family until the Fork a couple years ago. Now an entirely new tree the PUPPY KING and his Daddy are King and KING NEXTIE’s – and they took 100 billion bucks from the old family TREE calling them corrupt.

Then the Puppy King moved to liberal laws – say for woman – and the old agency heads are in civil war arresting the reform for woman rights activist into prison ( like rape and torture Saudi prison ) giving the finger in Saudi culture to the Puppy King.

Now the grown ups who paid well over 100 billion in state legal theft one family tree to the other reside in an eye for an eye culture that spans generations. To consider that 100 billion is enough in a Saudi world where $ 5,000 completes a hit on about anyone till death do us part – that the OLD family tree is not planning plotting to unseat the new upstart family tree in power and return things to the old way is a like TRUMP in the USA. Go figure.

Only Saudi has executed 100% people in 2018 than in prior years as the PUPPY King see’s the finger coming his way – fuck you – and he at 3 am kills em deader than a door nail. That is rule of law Saudi decides and understands.

So factions. Old and new.

So Canada says our citizen female right ABUSE folks you just put in prison PUPPY KING have to be released. Puppy King gave the FINGER to Canada. Not realizing that in fact the USA is closest to Canada in every way as a national alliance that present trade war resetting of THEY TAX US 100x more than we tax them – is being modernized finally – lots of rhetoric as old guard wants to PROTECT while the new world order is COOPERATE no more competition – we all help each other get ahead.

Those having their 100 billion taken off by state protections coming off are not amused and create financial bullets in the press to mis direct attention and keep the unfair benefit as long as their bought and paid for law makers can execute such insanity but the insanity is coming to an end.

SO Puppy King does not realize the entire world of buyers is united to two realities. First the criminal over charging by cartels for the price of everything led by the PUPPY KING is coming to a permanent end – and the only thing preserving a real two way street here is Puppy King lowered the price not for Trump by to flip the finger to IRAN the enemy he wishes SAUDI to go to WAR with but he needs the USA to take over Iran and put it under his Puppy Kingdom. Nice plan never going to occur though. 

Second the entire world is united in woman rights with Canada against the recent flip the finger to Canada – which is a 30 something running a nation on hormones versus wisdom. Adults take time children never do.

Mistakes occur when Children act out. A spanking is sometimes not enough.

So its complex. The Puppy King is in full on civil war in factions and tribes diving and splintering as not seen in Saudi in 70 years. Saudi’s danger is never from neighbors or outside it is implosion from within which is historic. Tribal uprising in culture divides and religious divides. 

The Saudi Kingdom requires 75 dollar oil to stay in the black at levels of buyers it used to have. Today America and others as the larger oil producers during the period Saudi PUPPY KING error by trying to SINK THE USA OIL INDUSTRY – leaves him totally fucked economically. How?

We’ll Saudi crashes prices from 140 dollars a barrel peaking to 37 dollars a barrel it never saw occurring due to failure to CRASH AMERICA we just kept on coming. But economically what does KEPT ON COMING MEAN?

In the error in oil policy that totally fucked Russia the # 1 producer till passed in 2018 by the USA – and all OPEC – where the lower oil price caused customers – of Saudi – to buy easier cheaper to refine oil from AMERICA than always PEAK priced opec much higher priced oil much higher cost to refine crude sulphur crude – where even the specifications in bills of ladings are also OFF and LIES – adding cost – but what can an OPEC customer do – buy oil cheaper from South America – Canada and South America.

So imagine a lake of budget spending – subsidizing citizen income with revenue and keeping gas cost almost free – in Saudi – and building with debt money that works at $ 75.00 a barrel and fails at lower – where Saudi is annually in the RED INK borrowing more than it earns now annually – 2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2018 – due to economic failures of PUPPY KING POLICY. 

Puppy King promise trillions in new economic diversification with plans for an Amamco IPO we say will be a fraud and the most failed IPO in history following the Facebook Morgan fraud all the law suits are still in court over at billions.

Now investment capital is flipping the bird to Saudi. Oil demand is going to crash off a cliff in all forward years. The old guard knows this and is letting PUPPY KING hand himself. Family tree stuff internal to Saudi. Puppy King is now fighting for his life in fact. Daddy too. A coup can take place here. Or worse.

Hope it doesn’t but hey – young policies lack economic depth. 

Saudi NEEDS SUPER BONDS as the one and only way out and up of the piling debt burden as oil will no longer be enough for two reasons:

  1. America will bring oil down to under 50 dollars and keep it down. Saudi economically goes into a depression with this number.
  2. America is taking enough market share from Saudi due to the PUPPY KING MARKET SHARE WARS that OPEC lost forever – OPEC members HATE THE PUPPY KING for the billions being lost – no end in sight either – its follow the real money – in the cost of everything oil – so that with lower price and lost market share ( enormous market share ) Saudi is debt fucked without a way up and out – which is only SUPER BONDS. We presented it to the Puppy King hand carried by he never read it years back. There you go.

The Old King whom I knew would have read it.

So think along economic compression and powers working on the money really not the public displays. SAUDI is not what it was in stature influence of unification to OPEC despite ceremony and show. Today the splintering inside SAUDI well known to all of OPEC is splintering OPEC. Russia is lip service to policy while every nation for itself in oil.

OPEC is breaking up as we noted in our blogs for years now and will soon be a thing of the past – a criminal cartel that had a short overall shelf life.

Competition is dying.

Cooperations is growing.

The aligned nations will prosper indefinitely.

The non aligned nations will bankrupt out into revolutions internal to their failed economic modeling.

Saudi is in full on civil wars brought to critical internal division when the PUPPY KING arrested the wealth of the old family tree of power and raped those folks – now without power – now labels corrupt when the PUPPY King is stealing from that recently in total power family tree – and how long in SAUDI culture does such offense last?

Ah I’d see the Academy Award Winning movie LAWRENCE OF ARABIA and you’ll come alive with new understanding of powers and forces and tribal pride and community and culture that go back 2000 years of time and like the desert stands shift and move but in the end those mountains of sand never ever really change at all.

Having offices in the gulf forever – with so many mentors from the community having taught me – I’ve done it all to a Beduin caravan – but first nation to SUPER BOND – Jordon I hope as I love the King and His Wife’ policies of sanity in Region – my reward on my bucket list is a FALCON hunt. have not done that yet.

So this may seem disrespectful. 

My Global Readers need to get the rising CIVIL WAR IN SAUDI is serious internal and without end now – the dye IS caste and why – which this absolute full clarity helps you to appreciate the history and the WHY:

  1. Economics – Puppy King has put Saudi on a possible course to bankruptcy – every investor outside see’s as RISK ON and everyone in the world still things its business as usual – far from it – see CANADA today a PUPPY KING over reaction – 
  2. CULTURE – Saudi old family tree will not forgive or fail to consequence PUPPY KING Financial rape – social labeling them corrupt as INSULT that can not be forgiven in SAUDI CULTURE and now record slaughter of PUPPY KING enemies – at 100% more killed by Saudi this year than last year and rising – in the civil war – making it all worse versus healing it all – because – short term policy has long term consequence that is not fully weighted appreciated by YOUTH in leadership. Chess versus Checkers.

The USA and EU back the power on the oil – as our interest. And always against say IRAN until IRAN joins the world community which it economically must or they face a revolution and PUPPY KING is funding Iran like a digital war is in full swing. The USA wants to deescalate and Iran may make incorrect choices economically as they are this quarter and they may be fatal given the depth of IRAN economic decline and currency crash.

Iran may elect to FLASH ATTACK SAUDI FULL OUT and take it over.

That will be a moment ..and PUPPY KING can’t win that war without the USA and we are not ready for that war as a FLASH FULL ON move.

Remember I told you about the economics to this potential first.

So we watch what is really going on. 

SAUDI CIVIL WAR. The investors are lining up but all investment will be delayed and delayed for years and years because the RISK is too high today until the CIVIL WAR internally finally resolves.

If you read Saudi Tea leaves differently – well – you just haven’t been on the dirt with the folks. I have.



The Peoples Bank of China – PBOC – is not the Federal Reserve Board and you know as an economic  investment banker that I believe the Fed should be MERGED into the US Treasury. Keep all existing FED SYSTEMS that work as a  system modeling and US TREASURY really will change nothing but three things:

  1. Remove FED  stock ownership by banks and investment banks and its secrets – audit it – check and balance its operation with accountability and oversight protecting policy and  dependance Treasury already has – AND – pay off the debt owed ( its power over the nation ) with 100 Year Super Bonds issued to market by Hughs & Hubbard of Washington DC led by Roel Campos. Bam the US is in the Black – look ma no recession for 50 years – and found money for US infrastructure. WE merge assets and liabilities but we don’t merge the fed corporation that banks and investment banks in secret actually own the shares of – never audited in 100 years – a fraud on the American people scroll and read my data rich blogs with third party proofs on the truth of the FED SCAM.
  2. The US treasury no longer pays interest to PRINT MONEY in a fully transparent fully accountable Fed, with AI and on going open policy to the world creating the strongest most stable currency upon the earth – with debt now fully managed for infrastructure and forward upgrading of the nation into the future we all believe in. The USA returns to the first 300 years of Treasury printing currency as constitution required with no depressions and no world wars until the FED created them by horrors in economic policy taking place now in 2018 for the greed feasting of its criminal bank OWNERS. The FED is NOT A GOV AGENCY FOLKS google and see for yourself.
  3. The corporate shareholders of the private not independent Fed ( A pure fraud inside a rushed 80 page act to congress when the pony express delivered the mail and high bandwidth was a telegraph ) – is paid via the debt repayment by a new  class for sovereign nations we invented now reaching sovereign nations world wide called  SUPER BONDS ( 100 year bond terms available only with conditions to sovereigns )  and the nation is placed on the sound foundation of monetary policy the constitution and founders set up – never did they want a privately owned corporation to have a contract to print the peoples money for interest and free profit as a contractor. Today the world believes central banks are government agencies accountable audited and managed – that is a pure fraud. You can’t have criminal central bankers controlling money supply as shareholders of the FED private stock firm –  without having the banks and investment banks be criminal as well. For you see the crises in the world is systems not people – bad antique old system modeling – that the new AI modern world needs to upgrade smarter systems  – but greed and the truth conflict with INTEGRITY – the crises is integrity – and interruption of greed franchises ( central banks and all global cartels as crimes against humanity ) – starting with Central banks merging back into their national treasuries – with future policy that is systemically accountable fully reporting and transparent in real time with AI to markets that moderate any monetary policy that is unsound for a nation. We no longer need the greed – take heed. Economic ignorance enslaves 7 billion people and economic revolution outlined in Redemption The COOPERATION REVOLUTION brings us Cooperative Capitalism – the final upgrade for global economics. I strongly urge your education by reading a copy: https://www.amazon.com/Redemption-Cooperation-Revolution-Berny-Dohrmann/dp/0692646051

THE Peoples Bank of China is not the FED nor does engage the tools the Fed engages. First issue – the Communist Chinese economic model borrows 300% more than it makes – every year – for decades and the mountain of debt now includes – estimated because the opaque centrally controlled communist committees operate SECRET MONETARY POLICY – 100 trillion in bad loans.

The BAD DEBT in China is like a teeter totter economically and has two outcomes based on historic models:

  1. The teeter totter breaks in half and no longer functions
  2. The currency is worthless like Venezuela’s currency at over 1,000,000 % inflation this year – a dollar to buy a loaf of Bread in communist Venezuela in only January of 2018 would cost $ 1,000,000 by December. Which is why millions are leaving a nation of 30 plus million and those remaining can not eat three meals a day including their own military now splintering and bring to kill the boss – within Police state crack downs like Nazis Germany on its own people.

For some time China is as a whole doing the best they can as over 1 billion people compared to the USA with 300 million and a large % children – to get our of their yuan and get into other currencies. The Yuan as sunk 15% in a month and is sinking more now. The PBOC which stabilizes Yuan globally is off setting Trump Tariff’s by cheapening its own currency – US dollar goods cost so much more in China more than Tariff’s and Chinese goods dropping in quality an rising in price are cheap cheap cheap – take that Trump.

This policy has problems as speculators who understand the debt issue and risk issue for the teeter totter breaking are RUNNING out of China. This means that trillions are betting against the currency recovery. The currency may I. the end CRASH if a trade agreement is not reached very soon.


Now if I start with the Communist opaque phony baloney monetary policy tool set I think I will lose many readers in jargon.

Monetary Policy is HOW central banks – in China’s case managed by the leaders of the communist party which mean President for Life XI. Absolute control. They manage how much money is in the system circulation in China.

Here is the thing. China has not even had a computer grid to manage the various circulation liquidity of currency accurately and the PBOC does not in fact KNOW how much currency is out there – what the circulation index in Provence or nation or off shore truly is and management of the entire cake mix is a mess and all top secret. No one has a clue and the currency is not a currency like the EU or Pound or Dollar ( the best and most complexly reporting is why ).

The PBOC OPEN MARKET COMMITTEE is titled to look and act like the Fed. The Fed publishes minutes and full transparency reporting that the treasury also then republishes on M1 to M 6 on monetary flow dynamics to assure the US dollar is the world reserve currency of absolute trust – the currency of last resort always.

BUT the UN-OPEN MARKET COMMITTEE is a mess and fully in secret. The BPOC issues short term bonds their banks buy – they tell em what to buy and they must in the communist system buy them no free market or choice – and when banks across China all lending like crazy chickens with their heads cut off at ratios to deposits that are crimes in the USA and the PBOC has no reporting in real time or control over this spider web of commercial lending institutions – they buy bonds and money is transferred from the banks to the PBOC issuing those bonds. When the PBOC buys the bonds back they high tide money in China or low tide – as one tool. That works not at all in fact.

Then the PBOC has what is known as reserve ratio requirements. This means they can tell that spider web of banks they have no clue how to really control in a land mass larger than the USA within a complex financial grid forged in only 50 years – with five times that is 500% more people than the USA not counting all of us who work and live there too  – anyway they can tell the entire spider web to lend more by % to deposits are levels that would be crimes in the USA or shrink that ratio and banks may or may follow that guidance as it is far from real time supervised digitally yet.

Bench mark interest rates are another tool – much higher than USA rates – and keep in mind the nation Borrows 300% more than it makes and this drives its phony growth – take that borrowing to default a bit – and the miracle of China sinks into a depression economically in a sea of bad loan debt – and the nation of China is in revolution. This is resolved with SUPER BONDS – 100 year new bond class developed by Roel Campos in the sovereign nation leading bond firm of Hughs and Hubbard – China needs to retain Xi’s buddy and friend Roel to work out the debt issues with TIME as the asset – or China will Super Crash in a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE BURSTING.  Monetary policy by the PBOC is trying to FED LIKE but has really 100 years to get even close if ever they can. So interest is also a market issue – too low and the world runs on China too high and the world still runs sensing risk and instability. The PBOC like in Goldilocks the fairy tale tries to keep the hot cream of wheat being served just the right temperature or world markets. The recent manipulation of the currency to keep unfair price advantage to China state dumping – required to keep jobs and the economy from RIOT AND REVOLUTION  is creating a RUN out of China of trillions upon trillions in capital at all levels as an UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE of failed policy by China leadership – the new rule is – what worked in the past will not work in the future – the big super money pools are profiting from your blunders and punishing you China for failing to make a trade agreement and NOW.

REDISCOUNTING is my favorite communist follow the shell game in economics. They will take a bank loan for $ 10,000 dollars, paid back over time at $ 12,500 dollars and buy that loan for $ 11,000 at a discount making the difference to give banks going bankrupt added cash. Like the Fed did in buying 5 trillion of utter crap contracts they even now can’t sell back to the market in the time frames they desire. Normalization needs to be a 25 year process not a 25 month process and that would end with LOOK MA no recession – expansion like Australia for 25 years up bubble. Aussie Aussie AUK go Aussie.

In only 2013 for the big lenders nationally – to get them more in system – the PBOC lends their buddies at the top when assets to secure the loans are pledged as security – huge sums at the lowest interest expanding money supply. Or not. This is known as SLF or Standing Lending Facility – a currency manipulation tool to money supply they have no clue about what is really in play in their huge growing yuan ocean and rising tides.

MLF was the big invention when the recession really hit China in 2013 and in 2014 the PBOC introduced the Media Term Lending Facility. This let the unlimited stars in the sky of China phony baloney banks – lending by state order to too many thousands and unknown total number of STATE RUN ORGANIZATIONS or SRO’s – as well as their inner families – uncles aunts nephews and brothers and cousins and nepotism is alive and thriving in Asia – where 1,000,000 of all those loans are years not paying at all never will repay but are kept as good assets on the bank balance sheet when they are in fact crap. Why is this important at all in the failed communist economy of today ( trying to reform folks with great positive intentions ) ? Because the bad debt is climbing to 100 trillion as a weight on the communist economic teeter totter from past idiots of generations past – to HARVARD trained economists trying to fix it all today. So the MLF introduced in 2014 allows China TIME by taking bankrupt corrupt banks at unlimited numbers you can’t imagine and lending them cash for assets – in longer term and higher interest than the big guys get in preferred SLF’s because these mid and small institutions in outlaying states cities and locals lack PRIME ASSETS to pledge as security – so the MLF allows CRAP to be security pumping cash into the system so the banks that ARE FULLY BANKRUPT by the 10,000’s do not fail and the system appears ok as it borrows to keep itself going 300 to 1. This is not a real economy yet folks no where near it. Idiots around the world keep lending as if it where though which the IMF in 12 warnings in the past 24 months suggests – a) the current debt model of China is not sustainable and b) the current borrowing model puts at risk the entire financial system of the world in a China debt default cascade – a new event in world economics worse than 1929 due to global integration of the world systems of loans.

PSL is my favorite brand new tool – the big smarty pants in China leadership created – to save bankruptcy from the nation and to keep the JOB and economic system rolling along inside real accounting bankruptcy. You see without SUPER BOND RESET for current debt and forward infrastructure investment – China the nation and its entire systemic is at the end of the debt teeter totter – bankrupt utterly and risking break in the debt loading – there is not five ways forward there is one and only one – SUPER BONDS. Happy to Fly over to President XI and his top peeps to Assist to really model a way out and a way back up – TIME Is required to work out the debt loading TIME is the missing economic asset.

So the smarty pants create PSL’s. Pledged Supplementary Lending.  PSL.  This THEORY being tested now – injects ( forces ) money into selected banks – state banks – to loan to segmented industries having problems are preferred interest rates – SRO’s included – stimulating key industry food production – manufacturing in sectors desired – skewing money flows to AI – Defense contractors – Technology – electronic transportation motors electric production and more – preferred industry stimulation and as the PBOC prints money the total of which out there is not transparent or known and the PBOC is far from integrity in assuring their public is CONFIDENT of its economic and does see the DEBT reality or panic. Which is getting close now as THE TRUTH CAN NOT BE FIRE WALLED – CENSORED – OR CONTROLLED from a smart phone population as the world is going to find a way IN. WE THE 8 BILLION demand freedom and will no longer tolerate its lack – we will REVOLT even Saudi now is reforming just in Woman rights its incredible to witness freedom.

So final teeter totter failed economic policy at near PBOC panic level is PSL ( in my investment banking economics opinion that is ). 

In 2018 fully in panic the PBOC abandons its control of money in circulation ( which frankly it has no clue about the real lake out there it printed over generations when records where well – more opaque is a kind way of saying it ) . It is replacing that failed POLICY with a theory of INTEREST RATE CORRIDOR.

Now here the smarty pants are not filtering the INTERNET ( good lock on that folks ) they are filtering currency – money they print. They wish to CONTROL ITS RANGE OF VALUE IN WORLD MARKETS internal to the their POLICY.

For example Fed policy is defined by market reaction of the dollar going up or going down. Successful policy such as raising interest more slowly will sustain dollar world pricing so developing nations say 187 of them can join prosperity with TIME as the asset inserted. If they raise interest too rapidly ( as they are ) the development nations will fall backwards into poverty and possible loan defaulting – unwanted by the Fed who has blinders at looking ahead versus close in ) and the dollar will move into recession and fall in value – which is historic.

China believes ( as smarty pant policy error ) that they an internal range control their currency to world markets. Let me explain this fact to China in the new 60 month all capital flows are now AI controlled by consolidating less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY pools in the world today. Never happened before in economics and all outside regulation frame works ( which need G 100 upgrading collectively for the world ).

The total is high margin leveraged trading.

So China with x trillion in circulation and more being printed at 300 to 1 to keep the phony growth going artificially through debt that can’t be repaid – sets a trading range.

The real smarty pants have 400 TRILLION circulating in Ai software with currency policy on buy or sell no nation can influence of control. The AI digests all I’m reporting and so much more that I’m not and places its own RISK on the YUAN and then makes profits and can sink the YUAN out of any range – SEE VENEZUELA and its state communist failure as a future model China is trying to avoid so the 30 million inside the largest lake of oil on earth who can’t eat today – are not 1.5 billion in China not eating. They are trying everything they can grab as they NEED TIME to manage the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE and Super Bonds is the only way out and up.

So when the YUAN sinks by PBOC trade war response to Trump versus removing their unfair high taxes on our goods and ceasing to steal our inventions to fuel their own nation – crimes against the USA one normally goes to war over – trigger SUPER MONEY POOLs the 400 trillion to make bets on how bad things are in China. Supporting China is becoming impossible if a trade deal is not reached – the smarty pants in China delay or risking this trade re set are risking the break in their own teeter totter because TIME is so now running OUT in the China mess of currency management.

1,000,000 % inflation? Could happen in China if the trade deal is not set by 2019. In my opinion and you know why.

So UNDERSTANDING  CHINA economics and one Central Bank change after another since 2010 consumes a lot of our team research and review time. It is so important and my Father was a mentor to Man and assisted in bringing TQM process to China manufacturing in the 1950’s which in fact was the light at the end of the revolution tunnel for China full partnership with nations. So our family has a long standing respect for everything China the birthplace of the technology revolution and civilization contributions equal to Rome/Greece laws and cultures. We have so much to LEARN from CHINA if we can COOPERATE into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM as Trump and XI wish – but that takes TIME to evolve into.

Imagine if the FED changed core policy eight times since 2010 and introduced new tools and tactics without transparency and real time accurate reporting of outcomes – how the market would trash our Dollar like a Venezuela worthless peso today inside the largest oil asset on earth. Why ? Communist corruption breeds untold wealth moving to the 1% who steal it and in Venezuela the investment to keep its oil wealth flowing to market at record wealth to nation was never made as over 25 years the ports – the refineries – the storage the pipe to ship all deteriorated and as the nation bankrupted it can’t pay its debts and bills and the run out by the Super Money pools leave on revolution as the way out and up – Super Bonds won’t work in the nation without a change of leadership. The Bus Driver at the top of the nation they tried to kill with drones this weekend – is not going to smarty pant his way out with his elite 1% insider state police who now own and profit from what remains of State oil and manufacturing – yes the Military was given the wealth remains to preserve the BUS driver in power at the cost of 30 million people seeing their support for communism have an outcome that is 100% of Communist run nations that do not hybrid into a form of social capitalism like China is leading to try and create – with our help.

It all takes time.


We have reported to you that the world is engaged in WORLD WAR III which is digital. The USA lost the first “battles” like 2008’s digital attack on our markets –  but we are catching up quick now and still its wild out there as digital weapons are fired.

China is trying to influence our elections to derail Trump trade policy with them and assure if Congress goes democrat that their integrated attack – including blaming Russia for manipulation so no one see’s it IS CHINA – ( follow the money folks Russia wants to heal relationships China does not want RUSSIA and USA to define world policy they want China and the USA to define world policy ).

Also they want to send a digital warfare signal to Trump and to Taiwan – that Taiwan is Mainland China”s nation – and by negation digital war or real shooting war China will reclaim Taiwan. They wish it to be like Hong Kong by negotiation but it is absolute for President XI.

So this weekend CHINA Fires state sponsored digital weapon in WORLD WAR III into Taiwan’s largest manufacture – infecting its smart robotics – factories nation wide – all at once – at TSMC – Taiwan Semi Conductor Manufacturing Company. The largest maker of APPLE proprietary chips for IPHONE ( outside China note which infuriates China communist just infuriates them historically to their culture ) – so bam. Now delays for NEW IPHONES right in the pipe line peak sends the following economic message in WORLD WAR III to President TRUMP and his vast teams working on China:

  1. First – we can do this to your entire infrastructure our digital weapons are impossible for you to stop – we can stop your manufacturing – electricity and water. ( Trump doesn’t care he’d nuke em and they know THAT – you have a red line President and his head of Military MAD DOG whose Red lines in the USA are real and crossing them has consequences ). Still China sent a message – as this is an attack on AMERICA and our TRILLION DOLLAR institutions HOURS after it passed that mark – sinking value so AMAZON peaks it up next – to SHOW AMERICA as well as TAIWAN – 
  2. Second a message to TAIWAN leadership – join us negotiate coming home or we will ruin you economically without firing a shot – noting the NSA is not only not amused but will COUNTER ATTACK for our ALLY going on right now – this minute and you can COUNT on THAT in absolute terms. The smarty pants in China made a bad call on timing as this will have unintended consequences in trade war which sinks China totally – teeter totter breaks -in debt cascading default – and digital war fare is about to see our USA new superior weapons for the very first time.

So China and the USA are no kidding like wrestlers in pro wrestling entertainment on the World Wrestling shows – strutting – shouting out – calling names – and flexing those muscles. In the match even rehearsed as to who wins in the end the entertainers can get hurt in the act – and some pain is about to flow.

We hope it does not break the TETTER TOTTER. So the USA is all over this national interest “message” sent by China via perhaps an ally like Iran for saying NO TO USA SANCTIONS noting we will buy ALL YOUR OIL fuck Trump screwing you – we will sell you nuke ( perhaps ) as another untold billions to China as a game chip. Perhaps played quietly to the TRADE WAR TEAM -which again Trump will say – may I say again our chips are a pile you have to now match and I call your fucking BLUFF smarty pants now what are you going to do – go to war and fail as a nation into full on revolution ? Game over.

Full house to two twos in China.

Still the Game Trump and XI worked out on the Golf Course is playing out and their our surprises even for Trump.

I hope this helps you set the landscape for the NEW WORLD ORDER being set up by the USA and CHINA as new policy – an example to all – that despite present posturing – is working forward because for CHINA it must or their teeter totter will break – 400 trillion will break it to shreds past the PBOC ability to do anything given the economics are phony dying in a sea of bad debt over decades of time and time is required to WORK OUT the debt super bubble and the world needs to help China. Fair Trade is the start that will MAKE versus BREAK CHINA if the smarty pants can get it right over there.

I apologize for Jargon here but for readers globally that deal with CHINA economically knowing must some of the complex background to China economics – helps you to plan – execute and make better decisions. Why?

BECAUSE YOU unlike the great % of say world population or American’s pounding a Beer on the Table and saying ROLL TIDE within 3 year old economic ignorance of what matters when they vote – have economic literacy.

Finally if China influences Democrats winning congress which is not political today – it is old system protection super money – wishing to stop having billions taken from them by Trump on their over charging as a USA ECONOMIC REFORM creating 100% higher GNP in one single year – if China wins which is NO LONGER POLITICS the issue is only economic this happens:

  1. Democrats win – prosperity stops – the government of the USA and reforms stop – the markets super crash – the economy moves into a great recession – world debt defaults make sink the entire system starting in China ( they don’t see it because they are smarty pants ) and we move to GRID LOCK and billions into impeachment and investigations of Trump as our life and world – the political warfare of reform versus no reform with super money managing the mood of the nation – Russia is not our issue that is FAKE NEWS the problem is election manipulation internally folks and ignorance of the economics – we say VOTE YOUR WALLET.
  2. Republicans win as all parties vote with their wallet on the one single issue – all others are fake – all – which is PROSPERITY SOARS GNP roars to 6% out pacing China which is sinking – infrastructure the final leg to propel prosperity into 2030 as the USA upgrades itself to lead the world ( or not ) depending on the VOTE from manipulations or vote from your wallet to vote for prosperity throwing politics out the window today.

Who will win? If Democrats win back congress China is confident its bought and paid for law makers ( not Russia Folks set up by China and no longer amused as they learned the truth of it and how in digital war fare ) – asymmetrical warfare China invented – and is winning still – will BLOCK TRUMP TEAM AUTHORITY FOR TRADE WAR BY LAW or at least distract and challenge PRESIDENTIAL AUTHORITY including impeachment waste of governance where the USA just STOPS …on a dime.

Voters who get to appreciate the ONE REAL ISSUE IS ECONOMIC PROSPERITY NOT POLITICAL will VOTE FOR AMERICA. Those blinded by the digital propaganda to manipulate your vote won’t? How many Americans can viral this blog?

Subscribe lets see if we can jerk ten million to understand the truth from the fiction.

DIGITAL WORLD WAR III is real – it is about economics and power – and we are going to win the war. So much longer and harder one way so much easier and faster another.

Americans need to come together and win this war.


Berny Dohrmann – KEEPING IT REAL FOR YOU ONLY HERE ALWAYS FIRST …go news readers the story is now your own.