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So AI is going bonkers over Italy. Short sellers made big bucks. Those on the wrong side of these flash trades in the casino capitalism tables – not so much – as AI flash trades to profit maximally. UP and down the ropes.

Now then comes Ebola. In 2014 we lose 28,000 humans in months. Airports and trade between nations stops cold. Airports world wide screen arriving passengers coming in HOT.

Trade slows globally.

Now then we have a new EBOLA in Congo – the 9th.

The new EBOLA begins in a shit hole village on a river that trades up and down the routes. Over time those infected traveled and infected others. How many? No one knows. Tracking the rings and the rings is just beginning.

We know EBOLA has reached its first main city and spread there.

We know those sick with Ebola – were taken by their family- forced to leave the center and their family took them to CHURCH TO PRAY. At Church the infected transmitted Ebola with every cough and sneeze to untold new rings.

This spreading occurs when those infected by ring contacts have no clue it is Ebola in the first place. They travel on infected but no symptoms. When they have symptoms they think they have a cold then perhaps the flu. Health care is not so good in CONGO folks.

Mis-dianosing Ebola is common. Blood work has to be done to make sure and many facilities lack the ability to do that step.

Those with symptoms travel.

Some by train some by bus some by plane. As they do they infect rings upon rings that ripple ever outward. How bad could it be? Why last time we were a whisper from trading 28,000 for millions of deaths.


Do not be fooled. Experimental vaccines are just that. We don’t know their fatal side effects yet. We don’t know their real ability over time and numbers to perform and save life at all. Better than nothing but not a SILVER BULLET that times Ebola out. Further EBOLA strains mutate.

Ebola is a suvivor. One ancient enemy here for billions of years. Before humans and here after humans. THE ANCIENT ENEMY is always with us. Managing these body invaders who multiple and kill us as easily as mad cow disease kills cows – we have to watch our herd.

Economically an EBOLA EPIDEMIC let along a pandemic can make SPAIN look like a cake walk economically and Italy a cup cake.

Yet ever smarter AI SOFTWARE fails to advance the economic contagion to financial stocks first and effected stocks like food second if EBOLA hits markets. Panic would set in so quick.

Worst case – the Spanish Flu without help of airplanes and modern travel networks – in an age of sailing ships and trains – killed 20 million people in 36 months. Makes war look silly by comparison.

Nothing kills US like small pox or a virus. Nothing . Black Death. Dis-ease.

Are we doing enough to control EBOLA?

WHO KNOWS? They believe they are…but are they? Last time it took NATO and the US MILITARY. Can it be contained given the geo foot print developing ? Can it be stopped?

No one knows.

The most horrific killer of humanity on earth is now lose among us for Congo out break # 9. We still have not learned the simple reality if you have EBOLA your family does not walk you down to CHURCH.

So why do I worry?

Because it just happened – again.

They are burying their dead – spreading to every one who touches that body – again.

They are caring for their loved ones not knowing it is Ebola and not reporting it fast enough yet – AGAIN.

It is spreading for all in those closed small spaces with too many family members with the EBOLA effected – creating rings upon rings and when they travel to trade – impossible ring ripples.


The news has this? In Congo? Are you kidding me? Have you ever been there? I have …it is not your Wal mart zone folks with a Burger King and a. shake. it is CONGO.

One of the most corrupt nations on earth.

One of the largest not connected by roads cells or anything on earth.

It is Ebola.

Out of control.


We keep trying to put EBOLA back in the box – again.

We get lucky.

All Ebola needs is to be lucky ONCE and say ten players take Ebola on planes global to say buffet’s with ripples that reach millions across a nation like the USA or EU.

How fast does trade stop and isolation begin?

How fast does marshal law begin?

What happens to markets then?

AI HAS NO CLUE all worried about Italy and all as AI creates untold flight or capital out of ITALY and a crash of its bond and lending markets.

Betting short to make sure they profit maximally.

Meanwhile they might buy some long positions in Merak that owns the virus drug. Among others.

Mask and glove stocks should do well.

AI has no clue on all this because human’s are not in charge.

Software is in charge.

EBOLA – it is happening again folks all over again.

Stay tuned – its a cornerstone story for you to watch in economics across the world.

It is not possible to give any forecast today because WHO knows? WHO has no clue.




Long time readers expect to hear it first here. Like you did on this event today in the global markets. The more going on OUT THERE the more you see on HERE. To help you sort it all out.

The less going on out there – then we post a little less as well. We call them research breaks. We are hunter gatherers seeking the data to help you to know what is really going on out there.

So in one day a 400 point wealth drop. Financial institutions hit the worst. Why?

Well in the new global casino capitalism the wealth is controlled by the owners. The owners of nations and all wealth are less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS in wealth consolidation to elites the world has never known before. This concentration of wealth precludes the circulation modeling that would advance all nations together.

Wealth consolidation is always a problem down the road in economics. Always unwanted. When systems lack regulatory guidance to preclude wealth consolidation – wealth consolidates driven by human greed. With money and power you have the one commodity in which for humans possessing massive wealth and powers PLENTY IS NOT EVER ENOUGH…….

Consolidations ultimate impact circulation. When circulation impacts are significant enough the system typically implodes usually upon debt defaults.

Today the majority of all capital movement or circulation is controlled without humans in a new AI software global arms race of software and AI one chaps code against another chaps codes or ladies codes.

The AI arms race is now trillions of dollars invested and rising. Software over markets.

Today when news of risk such as Italy unfold, AI software flash trades vocality profit making across a range of asset classes. These enormous movements of capital are made without human involvement at volumes and speeds that would have been unthinkable in prior years even a few.

Human wisdom and discernment to the context – the balance of the data on say Italy moderates the kind of enormity in trade offsets we saw today. Profits were taken and portfolio’s are re-aligning away from Italian Bond markets. Italian stocks and bonds are crashing and super crashing. There is no end in sight even for that.

The market is punishing the politics of Italy.

Italy has no short term way forward. Politically.

The result of political uncertainty has been:

  1. Massive run out of Italy a trillion dollars since last week just gone. Investment and projects canceled on hold or stopped on a dime.
  2. Bonds crash in value and interest rates soaring to refinance Italy already stretched as credit ratings are trashed – and bond carrying cost soars by 100% in only days versus weeks or months. No time for Italy to adjust.
  3. The worst case is Italy bank defaults and or closures which could happen fast and next. The AI software is watching like volutes to wipe Italy out if this even begins to occur.

Spain not so deeply in the NEWS CYCLE is being hit just as hard. Money is running out of Spain. Spain bonds are crashing. Spanish Debt as unsustainable as Italy is now seeing no future. The EU is vibrating with handwriting on the walls:

  1. The EU is going to break up – we reported on this fact for five years with data to support it – with Italy and Spain the cards that bring the house down.
  2. The cards that bring the EU house down began with BRITT EXIT a vote to step outside the endless debt support of nations too far gone to save – Italy Spain Greece and so many others. TOO FAR GONE TO SAVE. As Italy will politically opt out of the EU and Spain right behind it the EU is economically and politically done. The EU currency is done.
  3. Now folks will buy dollars selling a trillion of EU’s next watch the dollar SOAR later this year as the RUN OUT OF THE EU currency begins as folks appreciate the EU is worth less than the paper it is printed upon. When that day comes the world will shift.

Meanwhile 400 POINT drops mean nothing. AI will punish the markets on any risk on news – than digest and rebalance and roar back to values that make sense to the AI software. Human moderation is no longer a factor – keep THAT fact in your mind.

We are now inside CASINO CAPITALISM. Capital controlled by AI SOFTWARE and placed for maximum gains and least risk by software. No human’s involved. This consolidation to digital trading is compression wealth as never known before, from 1 million super money pools controlled by humans 20 years ago to only 100,000 ten years ago to less than 1000 today with 10,000 super money pools engaging AI that control the majority of all circulation – that band of the hurricane eye is tightening and tightening in economic gale force winds. Flags up.

Will Italy be the CASCADE the DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADE? it could be. Too early to say YET. It could be. Possibly. be. Hard to predict the depth of political miscalculation. Or central bank mis reads of reality.

We expect enormous swings back on the rope to the enormous swings down. Today one can’t not predict the outcome in Italy because financial condition on the round are changing so fast.

Italy is now in full blown crises and no one has a plan or knows what to do.

That outcome is funny to watch as the outcome defies all logic.

400 POINT DOW DOWN DAY and that may be just the start. We’ll see what Weds will bring us next.





How many ventures are being created? The Kauffman Foundation reports over 560,000 each month or around 7 million a year. In the USA the diversification of 37 million small business ventures, 94% are solo entrepreneurs, only 2% have over ten employee’s – created indirectly and directly 97% of all job hiring over the past ten years of time. The largest 10,000 fortune institutions from robotics AI and productivity gains downsized a net 13%. All the employment shock absorber in America is effected by the back bone of our ENTREPRENEUR SPACE in the AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR.

Said another way economist had thought a symmetrical coordinated global recovery was taking place.

Today after the SPRING BLOOD BATH in markets we correctly predicted in 2015 – 2016 – 2017 and into 2018 when January stock prices set an all time record – we said DUCK – and those who did lost nothing and those who stood tall lost a ton….the market lost a ton again today as we predicted this weekend.

Today we see the asymmetrical growth of nations is a myth. The only thing creating a fragile global recovery with zero inflation once oil is removed ( a speculator phony priced commodity ) – that only the USA remains a bulk head economy. China is driven by 300% Debt a year made worse by trade wars looming. The EU is so debt founded it has basically now way forward. Without SUPER BONDS the EU can’t reset its debt time bomb ticking down in Italy as we see today.

The USA is Congress passes the infrastructure bill will move from the decline GNP of today back to over 3% and higher GNP in forward years. If the FED slows down interest rate rises – we suggest two a year for years – the result would be TIME INSERTED prosperity to America the engine of the entire world.

If Congress and the Fed BUGER IT UP as Winston Churchill was found of saying – well than as Glen Beck suggests – then not so much ….not so much moving forward. RISK ON.

If Congress and the Fed get it right then the world might muddle through.

IF Congress and the Fed get it wrong than the World War III sound is the end GONG you will be hearing.

Today the economics are FRAGILE.

The World is not asymmetrically in a recovery. The World is in trade war with advance stages at the very brink – moving into WORLD WAR. Why? Failed policy and vision.

Lacking a common vision.

IS there a BETTER WAY?

You bet. It is always about options. In a new digital casino capitalism driven by digital debt fuel – we need new options for the digital landscape. With them we can all prosper moving forward. Without these new options as policy – not so much.

The cornerstone two policies are:



We’ll see if old failed policy can upgrade to new improved better policy. There are many who see the rip tide of DEEP STATE and Revolutionary change agents as the real issue over which the outcome no one can predict or know.

Only the USA has real legs as a real economic backbone globally and that folks is a fact. You’ll come to see I”m right on this even within our blundering failed policies which truly can’t go on forever. We have to get it right eventually don’t we?

Anyway no one can predict against this landscape and with that;

I agree.




Ping Pong Ball Policy in the Middle East has vastly reduced American influence and standing. During the past ten years America has been a setting sun in the Middle East. The essential power in the Middle East is PUTIN and RUSSIA. Every card played right.

Think of it like this:

Who told Israel to “cool it” after their F-16 jet was shot down by Syrian forces? Russia. Who told Iran to knock off its toxic anti-Israel rhetoric? Russia. Who told Israel to stop airstrikes in Syria? Russia. Who told Iran to “calm down” after they lost seven soldiers in the attack? Russia. Who did Netanyahu meet last week to get Iran in line? Russia. Russia has even vowed to protect Israel from an Iranian attack.

Why would Israel turn to Russia, a country that backs its mortal enemy Iran? Because Israel is a savvy realpolitik actor, and becomes Machiavellian when facing existential threats like Iran. Jerusalem knows Moscow can influence Tehran and Washington cannot. It has become that simple. Winner or loser. Saddle up to the winner folks or is this all lost on YOU today?

Its sad. But we as America can’t return to Glory unless we in fact truly MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN in the hearts and minds of the world by successful policies versus failed policies. Plus we never say we are sorry when we are so wrong. Never. Take Saddam for example.

More importantly — and this is what most Americans miss —Israel has deep roots in Russia. The U.S. is not the only country with a “special relationship” with the Jewish state. Back in the early 1990s, Israel absorbed a million Russian Jews — a 20 percent expansion of its population — in just a few years.

Many see Saudi and Iran as moving toward war but now Saudi is also now  cozy with Russia and with Israel – who would have thought that? United in growing alliances against Iran. Russia in the middle of both sides. Not America.

Many see Israel going to all out war with Iran who publicly suggests all Jews should be killed and that the holocaust never even happened. The disrespect of Iran to Israel and back and forth is legendary. The stuff of wars. Russia is the war stopper. Not America .

So as Italy in recession with 11% unemployment dives into the DEBT ABYASS and may cause real global economic contagion – the GULF is a sphere of influence no longer of the USA but of PUTIN – who faces no election and has six years of absolute power as he restores the Soviet Union to its place as the offset to America the OTHER SUPER POWER and now perhaps superior in weapons over all.

At least for now. We’ll see as the USA catches up quick.

So today the Gulf sinking sucking sound is America being forced out like a bad bowel movement by the Fiber of PUTIN and Russia. Russia leadership has risen as American respect reputation and regard has diminished. In this environment America is also pulling back from endless subsidy and theft of nations of our own wealth. The political rip tides of losers and winners will go on for years as trillions of dollars are changing home ports.

In insisting on FAIR TRADE those who have profited from decades of  legal theft are now shifting to Russia where bribes rule of law and fair trade are not even considered. Hey American can’t be home port for our business model can you Russia fill in the ebb tide from America. Putin answers from China to Saudi – YOU BET WE CAN AND WE HAVE IN FACT. America never saw it all coming and our policy makers do not realize we lost and Russia keeps on winning. Win after win after win. We seem to make non reality our reality. WE LOST and Russia WON as Russia expressed successful policy and has 82% behind Putin in poles and the USA has unsuccessful policies and a 40% plus for our leadership in 2018. 6% for congress lowest possible going to zero it seems. 94% of American’s hate their congress failed policies.s

Putin is seeking to defeat America by advancing self aware AI as new living specifies that Russia fosters first. The notion anyone can control REAL AI is an oxymoron moron I feel as a programer. No one can predict outcome of AI developing. My New Book DIGITAL MANNERS out next year attempts to stab at what may be positive versus negative.

PUTIN states that THE NATION THAT CONTROLS AI WILL CONTROL THE WORLD and Putin intends for that to be RUSSIA no one else. THE AI WARS may be the final wars of man kind ever.

The outcome is beyond prediction.

So on Top of Italy over which the USA has no powers at all to influence – but Russia does  – we have PUTIN as the worlds power broker of choice – the leader whose words stands – and who is leading out front today.

Putin has won the Gulf wars.

The USA has lost them.

Putin is winning in the EU and America is losing.

Putin is winning In Asia and America is losing with its trade war policy. Watch. Watch RUSSIA.

Without a massive change in our policy with Russia – such as working with them – how can we advance in our failed policy model in the Gulf or EU and come out ahead – as we drift in failed policy ever farther behind in how the world sees our nation.

Without a massive change in our policy with IRAN such as WORKING WITH THEM how can we advance our failed policy with Saudi in the Gulf bringing us 100% oil rise in only months for no reason at all but Saudi our buddy. We lose they win. Russia sanctions mean nothing as Russia makes it all and more back with 85.00 oil prices. Russia wins the USA loses. At ever measured level. Influence prestige policy alliances and national alliances. Our USA footprint is shrinking and RUSSIA’s is growing rapidly.

RUSSIA is the perceived winner. America is the loser. It is new for America but it is fact. Some one needs to tell the belt way what is true as the world has it – but the leaders are never out of the protocolary office for their endless examinations as their time is spent up their ass on policy as they all FIDDLE while Rome burns.

Look at Congress with a 6% approval rating the lowest in history record keeping since formation – and one can see how outraged American’s are – and conversely how dismissed the world is to the US as a moral high ground today – see ME2 for one example or House of Cards for another.

Globally we appear to be losers in our polices – because frankly globally – we in fact are losers. If we don’t change our policies at the top we can’t change our outcome globally on the ground can we?


Comments? And you SAY?



The world markets are increasingly worried about Italy. Whats all the fuss about? Really?

I wrote you in 2015 and 2016 and 2017 that the Spring Election would be WON by Five Star. I also wrote that the FIVE STAR Populist movement is like Trump in the USA. Change against the in power EU power brokers – status quo – deep state in charge. Five Star now in power in Italy seeks to LEAVE THE EU much like the UK has left only Italy leaving could BREAK UP THE EU economically and start a run of nations out of the EU leaving only debt and a memory.

The EU breaking apart could lead to a global depression and a World War III.  These events are always exclusively caused by failed economic policies. Follow the money and educate yourself economically.

Italy FIVE STAR won but not enough to mandate a government in their system. They have to create parliamentary co-elitions with opposition and that is not happening. This weekend the PRESIDENT an EU fan club leader – rejected – which is constitutionally a rarity – the ruling party – FIVE STARS – candidate for economic minister.


Well it matters for these reasons:

  1. It put FIVE STAR in rage to hold special elections in September in which it may well win decisively.
  2. It contrasts the parties – from an EU economic minister to a LEAVE THE EU economic minister. Five Star choice.


Well it is all critically important to the survival of the EU itself. As one of the top tier EU economies – if Italy leaves the EU the EU is a shadow of itself without the UK and Italy. In fact the EU will implode.

We told you the EU was a building built too fast and failing to construct to solid ECONOMIC CODE – and as such the building of the EU is on DEBT FIRE and the builders forgot to put in fire escapes. The EU economically must burn to the ground. Today the EU looks prosperous. But in the EU as with the USA greedy central banks – each private stock firms owned in fact by the banks they regulate – itself an insane idea – are raising interest rates way too fast way too high way too soon – and economically the massive debts that have piled up to drive a very fragile increasingly weak recovery – forged on economic trade imbalances and nation debts that are no longer economically sustainable – preclude TIME to rebalance accounts.

As debtor nations refinance at higher costs – their debt saddle slams the horse itself to the floorboards – the debt creates economic implosion and collapse of nations. Because the debts are now inter-linked with counter party agreements all over the world in bank syndicates – the entire system can debt default CASCADE – a new economic event the world has never known before.

TRADE WAR would accelerate this process.

The largest Debtor nation in the EU is Italy. The EU has almost broken up and gone under with Greece. Greece is 10x less of an issues than Italy. Economically. 10 x’s. Less.

Greece is a nation that when it reached its limit to pay bills on its master card it asked the EU for a larger limit Visa card. When Greece would not pay that Visa bill – at a higher limit – it asked for a Discovery Card with a much higher EU limit. When THAT limit was exceeded Greece asked the EU for a Green American Express Card with a much higher limit. When that bill was maxed out Greece asked for a Black UNLIMITED CREDIT CARD and the EU is considering endless billions into Greece with no hope of having a repayment as the only thing taking place in Greece still spending 167% of its GNP in DEBT to run things – is implosion. Billions upon billions upon billions upon billions the EU did not have are now syndicated ultimately to have EU tax payers – assure banks – who made loans in syndicate and the IMF and the World Bank – are repaid by new money the EU endlessly pours into Greece to keep the nation from bankruptcy – which would bankrupt banks in a chain reaction all over the world.

Now lets consider ITALY. TEN TIMES MORE CREDIT in a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE than Greece. The entire EU can not save Italy. Italy plans to leave the EU and the EU currency and issue its own currency and muddle through within its own policies. One additional problem is the worst aging in the EU is in Italy. Some of its villages have an average age greater than 75. The young work force of Italy has migrated to best jobs and left the home state. Italy over taxed and with policies that stifle entrepreneurialism and job creation the back bone of growth and the way forward – all missing in Italy – combine to make the DEBT SOUP very serious for markets.

The bonds and bond debt market that sovereign’s require to survive is now in a GREAT UNWINDING IN ITALY. Friday 500 billion dollars left the nation. Now there was a required Senator Dirkson who said to his congressional brothers and sisters upon leaving – that his greatest frustration and he put the following on a white board back then…was:

Their failure to understand as a group of 100’s of primary lawyers not economists the single principal that:






That concept he felt failed to sink in.

It is worse in the EU and in Italy especially.

Decades upon decades of public policy forged on borrowing – where nations operate in the RED versa in the BLACK with surplus at the end can never end well. China is fueling growth with debt. China borrows 300% more than it earns. This red ink has now gone on for decades. The day of rebalancing economic accounts can bankrupt all financial institutions participating in the debt and no future TARP can save the banks for their bad betting. With nations and with corporations like say Mall owners.

As we end May 2018 Italy can not form a government. Special elections are being suggested for September. Such elections will vastly expand the FIVE STAR LEAVE EU Program. As the Debtor nations leave the EU the EU will be left with insufficiency to service economically. The EU IS A BURNING BUILDING BURNING TO THE GROUND ECONOMICALLY WITH NO FIRE ESCAPES.

Eventually the EU implodes into fiery ashes in the night – great idea but not well thought out enough to survive economically. Also a politically obtuse idea as the EU requires sovereign nation political assurances or imbalances in labor and migration sinks economic planning in nations. As it has now in the EU. So many imbalances too many to reconstruct into economic re-tooling due to SUPER DEBT. Super Debt of Greece Italy Span Portugal and even France is not immune.

Germany stands as a post WOLRD WAR II miracle, due to the Marshal Plan, with its education, will, and black ink and lower debt ratio to other EU nations and the UK saved by their exit from the fire storm that is coming.

FIVE STAR understands the debt and economic issues. FIVE STAR is seeking to reform – and exit the never ending DEBT CONVEYOR BELT the EU is – rising debt to its silo – where control of nations is defaulting to the deep state ( the EU ) who controls the debt. A central banker construction – ultimately the banks illegally created a process to print money for nations – as private firms owned in secret by the shareholders of the central bank who look like government agencies but are only private stock firms – and now the central banks in the EU have gained control of an entire group of nations. By controlling their debt.

The public really has no clue of the economics as they are a) economically illiterate and b) focused by media on political agenda’s versus economic agenda’s – like who screwed who or who is on Me2 next like Morgan Freeman. Who cares frankly compared to all of us …don’t eat when then system melt’s down.

So the slow movement of glaciers comes to my mind. Oh you don’t hear anything in the snow storms. You don’t see anything. No movement. No sound. Pretty soon all the trees fall down and the mountains move and the multi ton boulders are all deposited into the sea. Everything gives way to the glacial path.

Re-balancing economic abuse is like a glacial path. You may miss the sound – the movement – the flow – the fact that everything will be caught up in the TORRENT of SUPER DEBT DEFAULT CASCADING when that river flash floods digitally.

What could start the flash flood.

Ah yes. That is the subject of this blog education.


THE GREAT UNWINDING of the Italian SUPER DEBT bond market is taking place now that Five Star drew their line in the sand – leave the EU and leave their debt obligations in the EU – and failing to form a government since March hold special elections to elevate our powers now before it is too late for Five Star. The deep state and five star are in economic civil wars in Italy.

During this GREAT UNWINDING – Italy debt must refinance every month every week every day in fact.

Now comes the rub.

The market for bonds – debt refinancing is really smart. Really digitally fast. Unlike any prior market.

Italy now unable to extend a confidence of a government with solid known policies on its debt is having a FLASH RUN on the nation. A trillion dollars of capital, investment, bond funding, and more is running, out of Italy. Like a run on a bank with long long lines only the run is Digital and instant and there are no lines. Well there are – those clicking too slowly. Or whose AI is too slow.

The digital AI is punishing Italy. The cost for Italy debt – the cost to refinance its already SUPER DEBTS 10x’s larger than the GREECE Problem with no Black AMEX in sight to bail Italy out from the EU ( now in full blown crises over Italy leaving mounting to a real potential with the UK on its way to the door ) – the market is beginning to bet on Italy out and EU break up.

The COST TO BORROW in the EU for say italy and Spain is rising exponentially. At a time Italy can not pay its bill’s – it is in the red and can not keep going – like Greece – the cost to finance its debts is rising by 100%. A week.

Each week.

Staggering flows upward in interest rate sink Italy before Five Star begins.

In fact this alone may FORCE ITALY out of the EU to reset its debts and engage its own currency irrespective of the massive inflation sure to follow such moves.

Italy with demographic economic swamps one can not drain outside decades of time, with economic debts that make up those toxic swamps may start a DEBT CONTAGION OF DEFAULTS that ripple all around the world. Span may be next and is watching closely.

At this time with these restrictions on economics imagine now the aspect of TRADE WARS to remove the largest buyer on earth – many times greater than China or any economic – from the table all together – the USA. If you remove the USA as a customer and you remove the USA picking up Italy debt in syndicates – via trade war – I personally do not see a way forward for either the EU or for Italy.

Its early yet but there is no systemic way to mange this SUPER DEBT BUBBLE. Time is required. Central bank policy to raise interest rates over 25 years not 25 MONTHS. As the greedy bankers want profits at any cost they will get those profits shot tterm only to go bankrupt longer term. They believe in risk less risk and nations precluding their bankruptcy.

However in DIGITAL AI economics – the bankruptcy can occur in 72 hours versus 72 weeks as in past markets. 72 hours and the system could lose liquidity – LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY – and nothing can restore that liquidity in a massive global digital DEBT CASCADE.

If 10,000 Super Money pools now entirely controlled by institutional trading via AI non human software getting smarter all the time – and the software perceives risk to a level it switches all orders to SELL SELL SELL and keeps them in SELL – there are no human buyers to offset the AI sell orders. LED DAY. The system freezes.

Worse bank and institutional assets held as performing assets are now in defaulting cascade and margin calls across the world casino capitalism, vaporize credit brought to us by ( thats right ) central banks and free money to save their bankruptcy last time. To allow illegal booking of bad loans as solid assets. If all bad loans were recognized by institutions as bad debts and were not shown on their books are GOOD PERFORMING ASSETS the system would bankrupt today. Over 100 trillion of such bad loans held as good assets is the GRAND DEBT FRAUD that nations engage to keep the system bandaged together. However as greedy banks raise interest rates far too fast – far too high – far too soon – the refinancing of debt from FREE MONEY DAYS to market rate days at the fantastic SUPER DEBT required to save the system last time – lacks enough TIME to work its way out of the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE.

Italy is the point of the spear about to possibly “break out”. THE GREAT BOND UNWINDING IN ITALY would create digital debt default CASCADING world wide.

For this reason markets which are smart are very nervous world wide.

For this reason we are educating you about Italy all over again.

italy has become more important than GREECE and now you know why.




What did we tell you?

We told you that volatility created by 10,000 super money pools now fully managed by AI SOFTWARE brought the world in only 5 short years to a new economic we call casino capitalism. Fed by digital leverage the debt super bubble now applies to bank core deposits being assigned duties to trading accounts of the real owners of the world and these elites managing consolidations of wealth, apply software in a spiral of AI wars upgrading software parameters by the minute – globally – moving circulations at paces and processes within flash trades the world has never experienced or known before. Trillions are traded to manipulate all price ranges to risk less risk a theory – we feel a failed theory – which Velocity Acceleration and Momentum of AI trading in the casino control absolutely today. You didn’t know? Regulators have lost control of capital markets. Laws are local. Trades are in the cloud. Leverage is now digital. Without a global new regulatory frame work the criminals controlling money are in charge with no regulatory oversight what so ever.

We advocate for massive new G 100 regulations of todays digital casino a first in economics and the highest risk to all of us ever Our system could fail and fast. Without any warning at all. That risk. The risk the IMF and World Bank have been bringing to leaders with zero result in bought and paid for politics world wide. The Elites have consolidated control as owners of the world. We are only tenants. Renting our lives from them without realizing that.

THE OWNERS ARE IN CHARGE – less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS. That is the truth folks.

Today no model can obviate the market volatilities. The old charts no longer apply. Whereas eventually core economics always rebalances trading abuses in our opinion. We have argued for a regulatory re-think globally – double the budgets for the SEC – and a new digital ramp of regulatory frame work for the entire world versus one country – as trades are now in the cloud and laws are all local on the dirt of nations.

It is all so new. Regulation has not caught up to the five year shift. Today 440 trillion dollars of leverage circulation influences and manipulates prices in all asset classes of only 3 trillion in stake holder economic investing.

Stock buy backs by the trillions is a largely leveraged non economic investment to manipulate share prices artificially. Not that long ago such speculative manipulations were a crime. Today they are legal. Today banks and corporations conduct criminal activity flaunting laws of nations to pay small fines to get out of any jail or criminal consequence. Small players get wiped off the map for tiny violations that were a short time ago not crimes at all now they are crimes.

Four thousand non crimes are crimes now.

The too big to jail commit real crimes that make mob crimes small items compared to the crimes against humanity say OPEC exercises all for the Greed of an oil elite class which sinks the future of entire nations becoming full partners in prosperity. Its economics.

The May markets are being rattled by two events.

  1. Italy the leading DEBTOR NATION in the EU – so many times worse than Greece the EU can not save Italy – has a new government. This new government is shattering trust. The price for Italy bonds went up by impossible % points on Friday alone. Italy is seeing a run on the nation. Half a trillion dollars ran out of the nation on FRIDAY. THE AI software will not be kind to Italy that is about to have a credit down grade to borrowing cost – Italy can never pay on any basis. The market is smelling the end of the EU in this Debt trigger that may be market rattling globally. We warned about Italy for years now it is here.
  2. Venezuela is down in oil production 40% in only three years and falling like a stone. The total collapse of 1.2 million barrels a day ( right now ) from this larger lake of oil may be about to occur. This would spike oil to over $ 100.00 by speculators – versus supply demand issues – and that price would sink the world into a recession. A catastrophic event when economic recovery has not taken place and such an event would create massive global deflation all over again. It is close as Venezuela is a failed communist economic system – as that system has only failure in a pile of debt and declining productivity. The failure to invest – when they had money in their oil machinery is the problem – now with broken old parts and no money – they can’t ramp up – and their oil assets are being repossessed by creditors they cheated. Venezuela it is safe to say today is a failed state ( economically.) and the recent election advancing the failed team forward into economics, will result in a full collapse in nation and a civil war. In our opinion we see only a massive investment from some unknown risk taker to save this system. Without such a massive surprise investment the world economy is going to move into recession due to oil short term profit taking by elites.


As the markets move into the last of May the overall economic modeling looks surprisingly mixed. The USA has had durable larger goods and factory orders plunge for two months along with critical housing. Retail and consumer activity has been surprisingly robust and driving solid profits across most sectors.

Inflation is largely oil driven – the cost of everything – rising from 39.00 in two years to more than 100% by elite oil cartel manipulation versus supply demand issues. Oil is plentiful and demand growth is dropping as demand will drop at core for 25 years as a reveres in oil is now assured as demand plunges globally.

Only manipulation by speculators keeps oil artificially higher than supply demand would have oil at 50 range – which it will just plunge to when all this sorts out later this summer- as we predicted.

Near term the big AI trading issue is the hedge bets to secure risk out of contagion effects of the SUPER DEBT BOND DEFAULTING CASCADE that Italy may soon trigger world wide.

Followed by a total collapse of Venezuela as a failed state as a consequence of voters choices to support an economic model that has proven itself to fail. Core economics is the problem not politics.

Voters often fail to appreciate or understand economic influences and vote emotionally or upon issues that are anecdotal versus seminal to the outcomes desired. Economics is the only core issue for an informed voter. Keeping voters UNINFORMED helps elite classes hold on to their power base.

As it is easier to manipulate voter emotions using social and media today, than ever in human history, the self thinking voter who dives ever deeper is the minority versus the masses of brain washed voters following the channel flavor of their emotional capital.

Slowly voters will wake up. The same inter-connection that elites used to brain wash voters also can educate and inform voters. Some of whom are reading this blog to regularly assess with new deeper data considerations on the economic issues of all issues in the news daily – advancing ECONOMIC EDUCATION and think for yourself wake up to the endless spin which billions are invested to assure arrive at your brain center point.

VOTERS ARE WAKING UP and becoming self taught.

Merging the FED into their treasuries of nation is a wake up thought. A solid economic policy to elect candidates upon. If I had to ask a candidate one policy issue it would be first – DO YOU SUPPORT MERGING THE FED INTO US TREASURY – voting for those who say yes and avoiding the rest.

Who is bought and paid for? Those who say no and want the Fed as it is as they go. Big bucks for them.

Yes is a bless.

Find your candidate.

WOW a waking up voter scares the elites like no other power upon the earth. Given the billions to keep you all in the dark imagine how much it scares them to have you get information to vote differently?

This MID YEAR ELECTION may be the most important single election in American history. The DEEP STATE against REFORMERS. Avoid the spin and follow the economics.

Who gains really?

Who loses really?

Its never easy to discover THAT in bought and paid for spin news.

Today we have spin news – pick a channel pick any channel and dial back and forth and listen for yourself. You can just appreciate the spin at the channel click.

Still we are all waking up.

We are tired of the endless negative and vilification.

WE want COOPERATION NOT COMPETITION as a culture of governance for WE THE PEOPLE.

We want a giant national COLLAB in nation and between nations.

We want to rise to celebrate diversity across this tiny planet and stop punishing diversity of thought, religion, politics, race, or governance. CELEBRATE one another versus punish one another.

Punish is spin brain washed emotional reacting uniformed brains.

Celebrate is highly educated economically informed brains waking up from he spin news.s

This blog is a tool one of many …there are so many…find yours.

The markets are going to punish Italy. For greed.

italy is in crises and a potential spark to BOND DEFAULT CASCADE across the world a tipping debt point issue. Today the IMF and WORLD BANK are truly behind the scenes near a panic point. You’ll see why before May ends.

Combine that to Venezuela now having all options taken off its economic table – no new money coming in – and a run on the nation with capital flight moving every final option off the table. The failed state is soon to be in the global news.

We have Germany and China and the USA with 40% of world economic output. We have both China and Germany stating that the USA is protectionist seeking status quo – NO CHANGE. No change means that 65% last year and 62% this year in trade imbalance is taking place. Could China and Germany invest in AMERICA their 35% trade surplus and rebalance accounts. Sure they could and that choice would fuel world prosperity.

Not only are they both not doing just that – they are now making REAL POLITICS by Germany making China deals to invest their trade surplus with ONE ANOTHER against the USA – creating a check mate for the USA. Or trade war if not fixed. So Markel flipped Trump the finger last week and made her own deal with China feeling THAT is better for her prosperity – in a every nation go at it on their own.

China is now meeting IRAN to suggest – as with Germany – you don’t need the USA. We will use the 3 trillion we hold in USA Trade dollars as our reserve to nation to replace the USA and its influence and trade with you making sure your economically fine and we trade route around USA – they can do what ever they wish – as we China hold the powers.

Well this is false. First China is not near USA in GNP or output. it is almost tied with India and Japan. India will pass China soon and Japan may as well. If the USA creates MATCHING TARRIF to Chinese incoming barriers to USA goods – China falls off a cliff. Its 300% borrowing over GNP is worse than Italy for ten years as well. A debt bond default would and may well trigger a total break down of the Chinese economic model – a super crash of the Communist failed economic model held up only by US subsidy and debt. China has no sliver bullet – economically – the USA has a full house economically and China is calling our bluff holding two twos – a pair against a full house. Kenny Rogers needs to perform for President XI singing – “you got to know when to hold them…and you got to know when to fold them……I can hear it now.

ECONOMICALLY if we really don’t work out surplus laws and treaties – China is a sun that is about to SET economically. Don’t buy the spin. FOLLOW THE REAL MONEY as all this is way way over due – unfair trade is criminal theft and a crime against humanity as trade balances becomes systemically no longer sustainable exaggerated by SUPER DEBT BUBBLES world wide. We are trying to fix the core imbalance before it is too late economically. Politics running economics leads to a global depression and world war. Economics running politics can save us all.

When the USA puts matching tariff’s or the TAX LAW OF RECIPROCITY MATCHING – the USA matches their tariff on one of our items to their red tape and tariff – precisely matching – then their trade into the USA plunges to the floor boards and our made in America activity soars.

For far too long following WORLD WAR II when the EU did not exist America subsidized the rebuilding of Asia the EU Korea and the world. Today the world has a short memory and continues to demand “war subsidies” in 2018 for their embalcne debts and growth.

How do you feel the USA see’s China as it deals with Germany to isolate and hurt forward USA trade balances even more – and now IRAN as a direct slap to the USA while dealing with the USA in talk but not action – never real action to repair the legal theft they enjoy today. All coming to an end one way or another. The easy or hard way as the USA is changing the box top rules finally.

The USA is not going to be able to continue accumulating 7.8 trillion in off shore debt. Balanced trade to offset the HALF TRILLION EACH YEAR going out – over what is coming in – is not STRANGE as IMF Chairwoman suggested – no she is bought and paid for by member nations funding the IMF and afraid to draw the line in her own budget. Follow the money when you hear news folks follow the money. WHO FUNDED THAT SOUND BITE?

So in summary:

  1. Trade war is not off the table. Germany and China must rebalance USA Trade or Trump will force the issue. The on going legal theft is coming to an end. World War II subsidies from American tax payers is finally coming to an end via a leadership that is saying enough is enough.
  2. italy Debt run on the nation and THE GREAT UNWINDING of the Italy EU bond markets can create a global DEBT DEFAULT CASCADE sinking all markets into SUPER CRASH – watch unfolding events here very closely. We are.
  3. Venezuela as a failed state ( economically ) lacking a trillion dollars of capital infusion – by who would lose such a sum ?. Without which the state fails and moves into civil wars. The US and the world may have to intervene to stablize lives for so many versus slaughters.

All this MARKET INTERCONNECTED at a fragile time, in a weak fragile recovery from disaster made possible by debt alone, and now the FED way too soon way too fast is raising interest rates far too much far too rapidly – the result of which is a tipping point to turn the world into SUPER CRASH due to debt defaulting at higher costing – made real by failed Fed policy – which is historic and a track record we can all count upon.

Which is my WHY for the emergency act of congress to merge the Fed back into Treasury before it is too late.

So as a VOTER in a wake up call – stay tuned – add this information to others you are reading and studying as you make forward choices. This is all my opinion and may not be yours of course. So comment we welcome applause as well as dissent. Can’t not wait to hear


Berny Dohrmann – Memorial Day AS the real economics start up



MY PERSONAL Memorial Day GOAL: 30,000 Subscribers Plus 


I asked you all to help me.

As I reported ISIS hacked my web site last year and brought it down leaving only an ISIS Flag. They don’t have a sense of humor for my calling them a gang of crazy brains. They got mad when I said if they were from Allah why did Allah’s other guys win ? Seems obvious which side of the FORCE ISIS is really on?

But they didn’t get the data base because we military grade your data files always  off line with access to you – as in no way what so ever.

We secure and assure privacy like few sites on line. After all think about the economics of financial institutions and press that read this site. They rely on our privacy policy and your data is never used or in any way compromised not ever.

So I start all over with my first subscriber at year end. # 1. From scratch. In new even more secure world.

I wanted by five months on the Memorial Day Holiday to pass 30,000 signed up subscribers ( which is free ) Versus the click traffic we get on my way back to 100,000 subscribers and 1,000,000 to follow world wide.

You gave my a present.

This weekend while CEOSPACE was in session we could announce we in fact again passed 30,000 subscribers just as planned five months in – May on Memorial Day in 2018.

So back to 30,000 in 100 nations with my great gratitude from Moscow to Iran from the Gulf to South America from Island nations to the EU from Africa to Australia – you all rock and thank you America for sharing this blog as fast as you do.

Thank you for reading. We’ll do our best to keep the light on for all 30,000 of you. Hey if you share with three we’ll be at 100,000 in no time.

Thank you all and happy Holiday 30,000 milestone is done and counting.


A NOTE ON Memorial Day


A child of a famous father – retired World War II Commander in the US Navy – having every medal  but the Congressional medal of honor – a fact I didn’t even know until I was forty years of age.

A proud brother of multiple Military siblings from Vietnam and forward.

A proud father of a two time Sniper Team US Marine – two tours to Iraq – commendations and retired out as wounded warrior following multiple surgeries from war wounds in two tours in Iraq’s hell days –

A best friend of Khasan Survivor in Vietnam a US Marine who saw 97% casualty for his unit – still holding on to that hill when everyone one on it was already wounded – including him more than once –

Having every adult who has worn a uniform for the nation stand and come up front and be visually thanked than physically thanked by CEO’s from all over the world – saying as we started this Memorial Day Holiday at CEOSPACE in Florida –

….thank YOU for YOUR SERVICE and on ;this Memorial Day 2018 we have no forgotten your sacrifice …..

There as no a dry eye in that room on Friday as our Memorial Day weekend started for those Veterans’ symbolizing all veterans.

The children present for those families now KNOW that this holiday is about Arlington and the Vietnam Memorial Wall and not about hot dogs and mustard. This Holiday is about real freedom and its real cost and the everyday hero’s who walk amongst us.

They of course see only one hero – those who did not come back.

WE however see THEM as our thank you – for our every day gratitudes. Too many to count.

Memorial Day.

A holiday for every Veteran, every first responder every police uniform anyone in service to their nation in any country anywhere – one day – to say thank you – to recall – to display gratitude – real gratitude for rule of law – civilization – the sane versus the insane – and those who risk it all to make insanity have such limited real estate while our own is protected by who – by them.

First and always by that 1% who put on a uniform and serve.

Today we salute YOU not the other way around.


For many in that line up front at CEOSPACE – some prisoners of war – they never were thanked. No there were spit upon. Protested. As youngsters trying to do their best. This weekend was for many the first time – the only time – they ever experienced a citizen they served to protect – with tears look up into their eyes and on their holiday and say the words – I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE MAMME OR SIR – I REMEMBER AND THANK YOU TODAY.

If you saw THAT…..

If you felt THAT….

If you participated in THAT….

This Holiday carries new meaning in your soul….

if you were up front – you will never forget the experience because for you – that was holy an sacred ground that line up front at CEOSPACE.


This weekend is all about only THAT.

Just THAT.

I was forty sitting across my fathers desk asking him about his service as his men had been reporting my Dad to his son as I traveled – and I had no clue. None of his nine children had a clue.

The wise old wizard reached around his desk and moved an embroidered box that resided by his ship clock, there as my first memory from 1953 forward and never ever moved to my knowledge. A music box that played the Navy Theme song.

Over here Over there …….

As I lifted the top of that box – just as clear today as it was back then. Pushing my fingers past the varies medals from the US Navy from World War II. My dad the hero. Why DAD did you never tell me any of the stories?

He moved his glasses down his nose and said with his piercing blue eyes looking over at me…..

Son….the stories that go with each of those medals are none of them about your father. Each story is about a medal a great hero of this nation should be wearing who never came home from the war. Each medal is too painful to revisit as each medal is a frame work for hero’s for lives taken from an insanity you can simply never understand or know really.

And son that box contains some lessons for you.

The First lesson IS you son will never know or appreciate what it IS in reality to possess even one let alone a box of those symbols you just will never truly know.

The second lesson son…is you therefore can never know what it cost to give that box away as I am now giving it to you my oldest son. For your son.

He had my crying there and I was no kid by that time.

I Recall closing the music box and handing it back to my dad staring at me to see if I “got the lesson” when I said – Dad your right – I can’t know and so YOU KEEP THIS TREASURE in its private quiet space and when its right you chose which Grand Child is best to hold the lessons all the lessons for us all.

Then he took that box and was rubbing its engraved surface of jade as he said – Son the final lesson just happened. The lesson of the box of medals I had known would come.

For you see son in all my work to assure your fullest potential the greatness of my own oldest son in life, there is one thing I can never convey to you. It is the stuff of quiet sacred boxes best left unopened.

You see Son the one thing I always wished for you to possess I your father could never not ever convey or give to you. It is the stuff to this box.

Son that quality I can’t give to you for only you can opt to possesss it as so few do – is the quality Son of PURE HONOR – I could never MAKE you a man of HONOR SON. ( And here my famous father had some tears in his eyes as he conveyed the lesson home ).

For my precious B you have become and everyone knows it a MAN OF HONOR.

And son as man of HONOR no one – not nations – not anyone – ever – can take your HONOR FROM YOU.

There is nothing in this box that matters more son to your father who’s life is inside this box than the pride I have in knowing my SON IS A MAN OF TRUE HONOR. That is the only story you need to remember about this box and the day my oldest son opened it for the very first time.

He put the box back carefully by his ship clock.

He stood up and came around his home office desk and hugged his son and petted his head like he was little – and whispered – B I”M SO VERY PROUD OF YOU AS A FATHER SO PROUD.

Now that was Commander Dohrmann retired from the United States Navy a long time ago on that Memorial Day when I learned a lesson or do about a Holiday.

Berny Dohrmann – in Honor to our Vets world wide and to my son Ryan Dohrmann USMC Corporal Retired – I am so very proud of you Ryan – so proud just like THAT…..



So – how do we track and rank a Federal Reserve Board, a private non government institution chartered by an 80 page act of Congress transferring the constitutional restricted right to print currency to the USA Treasury – to criminal bankers who own the controlling shares of the private FED corporation – in secret – outside audit or review of any nature – now in charge of the money supply of nations. All their shareholders have paid billions for crimes more vast against the people of this nation ( not counting Fed crimes ) and – no one – NO ONE EVER – goes to jail for those crimes.  Have you ever even thought about your central bank is a criminal gang doing more damage than Crips Bloods or MS 13. Have you ever thought about the economic box top rules ?

The cause of the 1907 world depression and World War I was the Federal Reserve Board policy failures enriching their banker shareholders exclusively.

The Cause of the 1929 Great Depression and World War II was the criminal’s in the Federal Reserve Board greed – which sunk the entire world while their shareholder banks profited from the war and slaughters. You can google it all.

The cause of the 2000 DOT.BOMB super crash in global markets was FED credit and policy failure.

The cause of the 2008 Super Crash and real estate global melt down was Fed Failed Policy while their members made fortunes.

Today we have ten years of zero interest and trillions paid out to bail out the criminal bank shareholders of the FED for bad bets they made off shore – all all the banks would be bankrupt. Nations can’t pay the Fed policy failure cost I a digital world.

The Risk of World War III is rising rapidly. This is due to failed Fed Policy in 2018.

We have advocated for five years that the FED and all central banks be merged back into their treasuries with full oversight. The process is simple:

1`. Emergency act of congress merges the Fed and all its processes back into US TREASURY.

2. Zero cost to print money from that date forward takes place as we no longer pay interest to print our own money. We return constitutional powers on monetary policy to the US Treasury fully accountable to the US Congress. Checks and Balances the FED has none. Zero.

3. The Fed processes – are all improved and maintained – regularly meetings, data reviews, biege book all of it.

4. The Fed back debt is paid now – by a 100 year SUPER BOND a new class of bond to finance sovereign debt – where the USA is in the black versus the red ink in 2019 – and stays in the black for the future.

5. The deficit entitlements for MEDICARE and SOCIAL SECURITY are fully funded by the same SUPER BOND including infrastructure investments – securing prosperity leadership for 300 years by a simple act of Congress.



First the Fed failed in issuing trillions upon trillions to bail out their shareholder controlling banks from bad bets they made and are still making today. The leverage of the side bets has risen to fifty to one margin digital trading in a AI software risk less risk theory model that is fatally flawed. The FED encourages this economic false bottom as their policy in 2018. They have little choice given the pile of debt now 265% globally of world GNP. Not sustainable folks – its just arithmetic far far worse than 1929 as we spiral to collapse.

The Fed in 2018 is using social data reporting to construe we have an A level economy that can and will withstand their rapid interest rate elevations. However the FED policy here is totally wrong.

The Real analytics define a B level economy that is fragile in global recovery and which with record corporate – record nation – record personal and individual DEBT – record levels total – record rations – record % – just such DEBT RISK in a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE the Fed failed policy on FREE MONEY for ten years engineered – now that defendant Debt – which can NOT BE REPAID FROM CURRENT ACCOUNT INCOME – corporate – national – or personal – must be refinanced and rolled over.

That was workable when interest was level at zero.

Now interest has risen 300% in one year.

That rate of growth the FED Plans to continue as if the world economy can afford that rate of increase – a normalization that should be fragile gradual and expressed over 25 years not 25 months. The failure in policy by the FED will plunge as it has in the past the world into system collapse, and world wars.

Such economically predictable results – outcomes – are not negotiable in the economics. Do the math.

The Fed errors. The Debt DRIVEN SUPER DEBT BUBBLE global economy – supported by phony wealth economics of values made possible by FREE MONEY and trillions now in manipulating stock price with STOCK BUY BACKS that are truly crimes in valuation. No regulatory agency is doing anything about these SUPER CRIMES. Follow the money. Who wins. Who loses?

Now consider the ratio of manipulated equity price and value to off set super debt refinancing.

My prediction – by 2020 we will see a SUPER DEBT JUNK BOND COLLAPSE. Record defaults in first the junk Bond Space than climbing to B and A level bonds than aaa level bonds will default.

The HOUSE OF CARDS is coming down.


Fed Failed Policy – seeking in greed to make profits for their larger bank shareholders at any cost in a theory of AI software risk less risk.

Higher interest rates too soon will make it NO LONGER ECONOMIC to refinance Super Debts. A trillion dollars of Debt will default as this Fed policy unfolds.

Fed Data is wrong. Dead wrong. ( Nothing new there ):

  1. The economic globally is fragile and a B level recover far from an A level stronger foundation.
  2. The B level recovery is made especially vulnerable to SUPER DEBT that must refinance itself from zero interest to 4 and 5 % interest and the debtor lacks economics to make marginal current account accommodate the new debt load. They default and a DEBT CASCADE begins.
  3. AI software exaggerates the DEBT DEFAULTING globally in time compressions never experienced in economics globally inter-linked – where liquidity evaporates.
  4. AI Software seeing the cascade wave growing in red ink move to sell orders and zero buy orders – LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY – LED. Markets freeze and seize – trade stops and institutions collapse.
  5. Nations and economics super crash and debt defaults create a world war environment that always follows failed FED policy on the economics. All for their own bank greed because they are all in fact legally empowered criminals committing crimes against humanity.

UNLESS two events happen the final stage of communism an competitive capitalism’s decline always follows as set forth in 1-5 above – always. The two events are:

  1. Emergency act of Congress to merge central banks back into their respective treasuries – true for Kings as well.
  2. A G 100 three year ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION to draft a new box top rule set for the digital world we reside in – creating fair and transparent trade rules where no nation is left behind – and all unwanted speculation is removed from the economic model.

Today the FED has killed all economic hope by failing to regulate in the Digital world. I want you to THINK of the following as a FIRST TIME EVER – an economy going where no economy has gone before reality. Here it is:

  1. Five years ago the majority of economic transactions were human with human JUDGEMENT on trade accounts. Without regulatory oversight such modeling fails to greed – with greed moderation regulations things work better than worse.
  2. Five years ago the digital trading out paced the 1933 regulatory frame work for the entire world. We needed new box top regulatory rules but such rules never came. In 2018 the majority of all economic trade is AI digital software controlled by less than 10,000 elites in super money pools and that spiral is concentrating. 1% control more wealth circulation than 99% of us all – and that 1% has turned control over to SOFTWARE with no humans involved whatsoever.
  3. In 2018 440 trillion dollars – a money pool created by leveraging all banks and human capital at up to 50 to 1` ratio’s of debt to buy – speculation side bets – non economic gambling – as to which way a future asset may go – up or down – from currencies – to milk and sugar to oil and wheat to buildings or every asset class you can name on earth.
  4. AI SOFTWARE is in a Super Digital Debt spiral that seeks to consolidate all wealth even further, and manipulate price ranges using super digital instant leverage to set asset class ranges of value in a risk less risk theory AI software designers believe they have created in a new economic.
  5. In fact why is created it a final abuse of core economics – raising a tsunami of SUPER DEBT to drive economics in a new CASINO CAPITALISM in which side bets are controlling all circulations within shrinking super money pools controlling all the circulation. This will not and can not end well.

RE-BALANCING ECONOMIC ABSUE always will reset accounts. The longer the abuse, the higher the peaks of ratio wealth that are phony inside a casino betting machine – the more vast the correction SUPER CRASH and world wide depression.

For the first time a global SUPER DEBT CRASH can manifest a world wide depression greater than any ever known as all liquidity evaporates ( which no AI software has code to resolve ) and following LED Day – the scope o the depression and pressure to go to war to assure nation’s survival is over any prior top.

As all this march toward WORLD WAR III is preventable and the march itself is insane – controlled by Super Money Pool elites who like all in power – are blind to their own weakness and system flaws and simply proceed to KEEP THE STATUS QUO a great human thinking error.

Wealth always wishes to hold on to its franchise.

Leaders lack tools – tactics – education – and enough right data to trade in insanity ( the present normal that appears sane when it is far from sanity ) into new laws set forth there that SWITCH the insanity for sanity.

If 600 law makers in the USA are bought and paid for on forward economy policy – by the 100’s of trillions inside the 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLs, how could laws to roll back the GREED of the “owners” – take place. If the OWNERS who have all the economic circulation under their controls – outside any modern regulatory frame work – riding free an wild in the casino capitalism of recent years – made possible by central bank free money over ten years of time – how would those law makers as the few become a champion for the many when the only many they care about is the many paying their bills by the millions to packs? The system is broken.

The leaders are too broken to fix the system.

The party we have to the cliff is the final dance.

Put your arms up.

Sing a song.

Drink fine liquor.

Smoke a big Cigar.

Have fun into the night.

Make money and party to the end.

When the SUPER CRASH COMES ( and its a ways off yet ) we’ll tell you what to do then. Ideally now to then you will:

  1. Own your own business.
  2. Grow your own enterprise.
  3. Develop alliances with three to five income sources in entrepreneur space the only insulation for what is to come.

If your on salary when it hits your deader than dead.

If your owning a business an you use this time to wipe our your debts and pile up your cash you will go through this period like a boat in safe harbor behind a safe sea wall from the economic storms coming.

Growing cooperative community helps. WE do THAT at CEOSPACE by keeping our entrepreneur’s in best possible information we know how to share with you all. Collectively your safe harbor is stronger than without larger community to trade within. GROW YOUR COMMUNITY if not with CEOSPACE July 16th ( our largest of the year ) with some method you chose – Tony Robbins BUSINESS MASTERY – Greg Reid’s sold out SECRET KNOCK and other great communities. Guerillia marketing is another A list.


As you can elect leaders who have integrity and who stand on merging the FED back into US TREASURY. Do that and there is hope. You have the power.

Idea – Party Doesn’t matter any more. Don’t be brain washed. There is only one party – AMERICA AND ALL OF US – and Merging the FED into US Treasury is the ONE an the only POLICY that matters.

World peace is assured from one out come.

World War III is assured from the status QUO.

The enemy is YOU. Your apathy and railing to get active and create VOTER COMMUNITIES in the one party that counts – THE AMERICAN COOPERATION PARTY – we all talk up an act into. One issue MERGE THE FED.

Now if our readers just shared the data in the blog files right here – everyone woke up from media brain washing ( bought and paid for media to brain wash your brain ) – and thought for themselves – we all leave the bought and paid for parties and join the AMERICAN COOPERATION PARTY.

If you get excited in growing community to a future for America and the world – hey I’ll form the party for you – but you chose who runs it. I stand for you being in charge. I provide economic facts you can use or discard. My opinion of the data.

I believe this is the ONE HOPE or America today. Everything else leads to bought and paid for STATUS QUO and the outcome of that is economic – historic and tragic. the Bible was wrong I think. It seems the CRIMINALS WILL INHERIT THE EARTH?


Because we in our ignorance having no clue to what is really going on economically – WE THE PEOPLE ALLOWED IT.

Now there is a concept for you.

Berny Dohrmann – Standing up for every life lost for FREEDOM on Memorial Day 2018




Happy Memorial Day to all our troops and all families with a lost loved one …from a proud father of an Iraq US Marine two tours with Purple Heart.

Happy Memorial Day son.

Today we remember ISIS is not defeated nor is  ISIS gone. ISIS has moved into the cave system of Afghanistan. We call that nation TERROR CITY.

Terror City has developed 9/11 and most global terror events since. The terror city is funded by the war between Saudi and Iran. The proxy war is in TERROR CITY.

ISIS has strategically moved its new head quarters and munitions and complex planning centers into TERROR CITY. Today the ISIS band of crazy brains, is funded by mining. That is right and you heard me. Mining.

Their troops sweep in and take over say TALC mines in Terror City. Yes you heard me right. The stuff you make baby powder out of. Every time you pamper a babies bottom you are paying for terror action in Paris Spain or Rome.

Raw materials, owned and run by ISIS is a funding agency for ISIS today They roar in. Take over defended mines. They Harden those under ground tunnels to defend that area inside multiple mines a necklace of terror very hard to dislodge.

By day they mine and sell mining raw products to fund weapons training and recruitment. By night they tech up and create infrastructure for moving billions in smuggled items from drugs to contraband into global markets including their raw products from the mines.

No one can wipe this out.

Not Rome 2000 year ago.

Not The Iranian Empire or rule of 1000 years.

Not the EU in World War I and World War II.

Not America in 2018.

The beat goes on. Terror is crazy brains alive and well. Although less crazy brains are joining up – as a million Crazy brains have died but crazy ISIS brains are out there in 7 billion brain space – and they gravitate or their own kind – crazy. Life IS short has new meaning for ISIS community as their average age is 36 months. Only crazy brains would opt in for that crazy longevity plan.

So on Memorial Day our amazing troops are hunting ISIS miners and closing down their mines – bombing them into the next century. 36 Months to live. Live proud live well because you are all of you walking crazy brains. The delete button is the sane who are coming for you.

The network of mines in TERROR CITY is possible because in TERROR CITY you pay and pay and everyone will let you stay and stay. The most corrupt nation on earth is TERROR CITY. So why do we invest billions into Terror City?

We make bad choices on who to back and support historically.

Does Afghanistan share our values and our ideals?

No they do not?

Does Afghanistan meet us 50% of the way to secure their own nation now over half slipped back into TERROR CRAZY BRAIN control following a decade of American investments ( one trillion dollars and rising ) and untold death on all sides. No they do not.

What does America have to show for its investment in blood and treasure? Oh the Afghanistan people respect the crazy brains and absolutely hate the idea of America in all its form. We are to them the GREAT SATAN the snake the serpent.

So why again did we invest one trillion of tax payer money in a way that has no ending?

Bin Laden must be laughing his sea buried ass off screaming SUCK AHS as his bones are beyond recovery on this journey.

Learning history. Culture. Outcome measurement. Assuring profit to investment is all worthy revisits. Iraq wants us out. Lets get out of Syria Iraq and Afghanistan. Why?

In the past three years we American’s have seen”

  • Cost and death
  • Loss of ground by 50% of the nation
  • Crazy brain victory over hearts and minds
  • No future remaining

Against this we what?

Invest more?

They just steal the money.

Die more. They don’t care.

For what return?

No return just legal theft.

Why are we doing it?


In 2018?


The North Korean talks are important.

The signal America is NEVER AN INVADER never stays – is the answer.

Take all our troops out of South Korea – 30,000 of them and their cost and return them to the USA – welcome home. Its not 1954 any more.

Take troops out of the Gulf – Iraq – Syria – Afghanistan – all Gulf Nations not any military left but the navy which is all we need in 2018 2019.

Then meet Iran and say – HEY WE ARE GONE – lets make a real deal for a lasting peace and stop going forward in fire walled prosperity to your peeps.

Syria – meet them and make a deal as you have to live with they won we lost – backed the wrong folks – again.

We don’t admit to any errors.

Because we are AMERICA.

But the world judges us by our acts not our rhetoric the world is tuned out of and no longer hears at all. SPINNEWS is not news and we all know it.

I picked a channel today and hear trump bashed to boned mirror. I changed the channel and saw Trump praised to the throne room. I changed the channel and it was in the middle some where. All spin. No news. Not really any more. I have to listen with new ears and always follow the money.

It is challenging to be or to remain informed in the age of SPINNEWS. Brain washing is digital and is a social storm of spin news, fake news, and saturation of spin news on desired points. Brains adapt the repetition as reality having lost their free thinking free standing capacity as free citizens to think for themselves.

Blog readers have stepped out o the convention and secure higher level perspective and data to make their own decisions about WHAT IS REALLY GONIG ON OUT THERE.

So today 100’s of millions in raw materials China and Asia are buying in never ending demand for RAW MATERIALS are coming from ISIS mines over the past three years until today a network of mines is supporting the ISIS NATION inside TERROR CITY as a state that we pay for that fosters and supports the worst terror on earth.


Why? Why policy of course. The POLICY OF THE United States OF AMERICA – you tell me what is that policy. What is the policy of the United States of America?

What is the cost and fiscal policy? Is it a blank check for the crazy brains we are sending the wealth of nation into legal theft upon? Is it unlimited budget for unlimited times with no goal or mission for a return on the trillion dollars already spent with the outflow at peak and not cutting back in any way in 2018 and 2019?

What is the cost in injured and dead and mental damage and to untold uncountable lives shattered by the policy of what? Do we send endless never ending support, people, military and surrounding military endlessly to the TERROR CITY with no gain, goal or outcome we just send them? For what? Why?

To support crazy brains against crazy brains. Crazy brains who hate us and use us but who fail to share our values and our culture and our process of thought itself. We do this endlessly in wealth transfer and people cost without limit for what policy – why – for what ?

Oh lets look at the score card:

  1. We lost in Iraq – they just elected the most anti American leadership possible in the election. You didn’t get the voice mail on that item this month?
  2. We lost in Afghanistan like the Russian’s lost and now the country is half in hands of CRAZY BRAINS – all our cost gave us nothing but the single most corrupt crazy brain nation upon the earth TERROR CITY planning to harm America. No change after all the cost only its worse now than when we started.
  3. Syria – Russia and Syria won the US and its team lost. If that is not clear while you eat Popcorn on Memorial Day – you fail to do the arithmetic and report the score – Syria 10 and the USA zero. We lost. We are not winners.

Three strikes and your out. Not US. Oh no. We endlessly bend over and allow the legal theft to suck us bone dry. Why?

WHY on Memorial Day? WHY?

What I think is going on OUT THERE is every single family on both sides – all families who have a loss or an injury – you deserve from America a WHY outside of any spin news. WHY/

You deserve – irrespective of our best intentions we failed and we are sorry and apologize to you all.

That is what is required on Memorial Day 2018. It is not going to happen because the greatest generation on earth is everywhere serving their country and doing their very best as they each and everyone inside their deepest heart are asking – WHY/

If honor and gratitude is what America is all about is the WHY of Memorial Day as a Holiday – perhaps we should salute our flag and vote in the Mid Year for those who go up and represent us – who can answer the question WHY to those named here on Memorial Day.



PS: We started Memorial Day at CEOSPACE having all Veterans come up front and then we all thanked them for their service. Today there was not one dry eye in the building – not even one. It was a WHY for me to start my own Holiday at VET SPACE on Friday. Know a VET today why not send this on to them or the URL. We treasure you each and everyone – all nations – on this weekend.