WHATS NEXT ? WHATS THE TIMING LOOKING FORWARD? Hell no expert knows THAT all we can do is guess. I’ve always noted – never take action until you gather a number of expert input opinions and sources – then work with your licensed expert to advance real action to final copy. I have suggested you explore moving out of markets at all time peak highs and into diversified insurance investments to maximize profits without principle risks, in a safe haven high return investment a SAFE HARBOR investing model> Just explore THAT option is my suggestions with a licensed professional. Just EXPLORE IT !

I predicted after a Spring Correction ( which took place right after January weird build up really highs to new records – than the losses followed ). I predicted high volatility this summer that would mean nothing – we saw Apple down to 150.00’s – ( I know because I bought it and told you to explore doing the same with your licensed advisers ) – and FaceBook in the dip – good on you if you bought low. Now sell high like I”m doing.

I predicted following record volatility from AI trading the period of year end portfolio readjustments would be made by the grown ups returning from Summer Vacation. While I noted this would keep volatility higher than comfort on given days up and down – the year end numbers were likely to be record high for portfolio wealth.

In 2019 we have:

  1. If republican’s keep their congressional majority – a likely infrastructure – health care and wall – and immigration bill. Congress will work and function and the boom will be extended up and down to 2030 in my opinion on data.
  2. If democrats win the shift is to the Presidency and destroy Trump – so congress will grid lock – we will move to impeachment and worst and we will move forward in dysfunctions we know well from 20 past years having nothing but.

I’ve suggested we all vote outside the brain washing as follows:

A) Elect a President of party x – give that President a congress of party x no matter what

B) Vote – your wallet not your party – no more party anything – vote what works – we control it

No More GRID LOCK and GOV dysfunction. Its like a bloodless revolution. A vote for America Prosperity and what works versus a vote for what has proven to be horrible for America. A congress off setting President in grid lock – dysfunction – endless gov shut down’s – and a lack of vision to move America and Keep America in prosperity – whichever party is in charge.

No more political grid locks because we voters control it all – only if you divide us on issues that are not issues at all -versus unite us into the real issue -these policies work – 1.6% GNP for 20 years is now rising above 5% GNP. This is simple math – give the policies creating the rising wealth effect – security to continue those policies and – prosperity moves ahead. Take their powers away ( in congress ) and you have GRIF LOCK DYSFUNCTION and nothing good but a downward spiral in markets into recession.


The recovery is fragile. We have balanced risks. We have 5 Trillion in the Fed asset block they acquired with our tax payer money in effect . They have stopped buying bond assets in the bond market ( billions upon billions now removed from bond market liquidity way too fast ) and they compound a TEN YEAR NORMALIZATION into TEN “MONTHS” which is a time line that becomes FAILED FED POLICY just like 100% of their past same exact pathology on failed economic policy.


Australia is 27 years without a recession. Japan is 20 years never getting our of recession or deflation after trillions – spent – just like the FED for the USA following 2009 to 2017 of FREE MONEY almost ten years. We need ten years to normalize not ten months as the Fed is tipping world economies into crash – like Argentina and others – due to ignorance of TIME as a core asset to outcome results they desire and require. Over ten years FED current policy works. Over ten months Fed Policy assures we are not going to match Australia. The Recession is coming. Why?

The Election and a billion spent to HATE TRUMP crank up emotions on what a demon from the dark pit of hell Trump is…at ever level….total lies just like Trumps lies about Obama being a US citizen – politics has become dark and mean and cruel – and it is a great shame on US all as a people. Media doesn’t control the news we do. Stop watching stop buying – go on line but don’t click American news go outside the USA and get your ore balanced news…still biased. Filter discern and value. Respect everyone in office who may not be your cup of tea – is a good person doing the best they know how. Men or woman working with three Horus sleep and 100 plus hour weeks in public service – may have an affair and take the stress down a bit – George Washington did Jefferson did – lets not be hypocritical folks – Kennedy did – so what. They are all GOOD MEN and WOMEN doing the best the know how – they should never be penalized in their work for the price “me time” Bill took with Monika because the measure of the work ( leaving office with the USA in the BLACK surplus versus red ink ) is far more his job and A plus grade rating – than 45 minutes of me time – who CARES. It is none of our freakin business. WE control it. Don’t buy Woodwards gossip political MANIPULATE YOUR VOTE BOOK and you read it vote republican as a BACKLASH to stop this sort of thing.


Hey if you all sent 100 bucks to AMERICAN WALLET PARTY – My Name Chairman – I’ll use it for a PACK with Prosperity billboards all over the nation still in time for voters to GET they can stop the party on both side brain washing and VOTE PROSPERITY – drop out of politics and make history – all their billions don’t work – we vote our wallets. We’ll look at it again in two years and give you more guidance. 3030 Starkey Blvd – Trinity 34655 – 100 Bucks or more some of you a lot more – helping a new COMMON DAMN SENCE PARTY dropping out of PARTY and dropping in to our own wallets. Hey I like that idea.

We can do more than PUTIN China and Woodward. From all nations we ARE THE PEOPLE OF THE GLOBAL VILLAGE and if we get this right – we win big time. All of us world wide. Think about joining a real revolution in THOUGHT ITSELF. Read Redemption the Cooperation Revolution on Amazon – – always SOLD OUT my book – – but they get it to you quick after all they are AMAZON and Jeff Bezo’s has read the book they tell me.

As so many leaders at the top of trillion dollar firms or nations have read this global change work and your next in your own human potential development.

The famous sound byte from New York Time best selling authors and my dear buddies – Greg Reid film producer as well with WISH MAN coming to box offices near you soon – and Bob Proctor with 1.5 billion readers from THE SECRET a CEOSPACE launch win – when they came to together ( another CEOSPACE win ) and wrote THOUGHTS ARE THINGS.

Thoughts are Things when YOU read it defines why the SECRET does not work. Why? These human potential faculty members OF CEOSPACE define – that – THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS ONLY WHEN THERE IS ACTION.

  • Consideration does not make thoughts things
  • Never end brain loops without decision to act – does not make your thoughts things
  • Only action on God’s holy capital – endless inspiration – transmutes thoughts into things.
  • Action makes thoughts things.

We have told you what is likely. A brain washed American population – led by special interest press OWNERS where the OWNERS are telling the wage slaves how to vote and why where it maximizes their own agenda’. I’ve always told you to follow the money because bought and paid for news is not news its propaganda to get outcomes the money that opens the outlet brands and the advertisers who have agendas in the final vote come together to assure your brain is washed them what they desire. Don’t see it really?

Lets say one of the largest industries in the US is Wallstreet and the largest lobby of banks and investment banks. More criminal plea guilty’s have taken place with fines totally over 100 billion from the endless frauds of the banks and investment banks bosses – who kept their bonus money and who to a little fine and get out of jail pass and on they go into their next crime pays plan.

Pharms have had billions and billions in price increases taken out of their profits by the current team putting press and ceilings onto their prices rolling back and freezing prices.They hate this legal theft is gone.

Defense has had untold billions on contracts rolled by the largest prime contractors. They hate losing their traditional legal theft price rises they always were “entitled to” now in 18 months they have too many billions to count – serious money – taken from them – as to how they feel.

All these OWNERS ( advertisers ) are united with the Entertainment industry – same story – in investing millions even 100 million in packs – that will stop Trump and Team from taking this money from them – pay back. It is not what the voter brain washing is endless being exposed to as a strategy ( HATE HATE TRUMP AT ALL COSTS ) get that vote – grid lock this bastard and he can’t nor will he – block any more of our ENTITLED PROFIT MAKING and if we invest wisely after stealing his congress with effective VOTER BRAIN WASHING – Putin needs to just study how WE DO IT ALL in voter manipulation – we will get TRUMP totally out in two years if not before as OUR PLAN to return to our LEGAL TEFT ENTITLEMENT FROM THE TAX PAYER.

The Owners include the banks and investment banks that own the Fed controlling shares as the FED is a private stock firm using a gov name when it is private company that its board serves banks profit making not nation profit making.  We know this by their criminal conspiracy in 1907 just after formation that led to way too high interest way to fast and global DEPRESSION and World War I that the Fed GUILD controlling nation money supplies – made fortunes on the slaughter.  Then again in 1929 they caused World War II easy history to check out even on this blog if your interest – you act – and you get smart before you vote.

The the dot.bomb speculation super crash and wipe out of trillions in stolen wealth due to casino speculations.

Nothing like 2008 though and the tens of trillions to bail out bad bets the banks and investment banks made – that is the FED’s PLAN? THAT ? Really? Letting Lehman go down so Morgan’s could pick it clean for assets – 600 billion dollars of them? Legal theft. That almost sunk the nation into bank closure – as they all made speculation bets that lost as they are doing right now and it’s all digital and no one has over sight or regulatory authority in digital space no one – until laws upgrade.

Today the Fed is creating WORLD WAR III – economic risk of systemic failure – banks closing and a shooting war they profit from maximally – keeping in mind the truth is not good for these criminal bankers because if you illuminate the elephant in the room – the FED is the CAUSE of our economic disasters and never fixes them hopeless greed conflicted for. its own shareholder members -we need – to merge the FED into US Treasury – so simply but assuring prosperity for generations.

So the FED and all OWNERS are united to return LEGAL THEFT to casino capitalism globally. Nations are united to help. GO IT ALONE TRUMP is pushing the noodle up the PRESS MOUNTAIN of avalanches and ice grand canyons breaking away into midnight – with winds and storms to blow you off the mountain – trying to plant a flag – like Gandlaff I the Trilogy to the Demon……sending his golf club to the bridge line – until it breaks into that grand canyon of flame and fires…as the Trump screams to the deep state OWNERS…..



See the movie.

Hate Trump and only read brain washing – easy to do.

Hate Trump Team policies and you lack data as these policies work and are working like nothing in 70 years – so the policies are worth a vote – firewall how you feel about the person – who cares about that entertainment – lets look at hard economic outcomes. The Trump Team is working for our prosperity – and deserves to have a congress that WORKS.

That is our vote – our choice – our thoughts are things …or not. Vote no emotion – vote prosperity or kill prosperity – vote that – because that is not brain washing and you know the difference.

VOTE YOUR WALLET – OR VOTE PARTY …..the choice is our private decision in that voting booth. Vote smart folks …vote for our collective common good – grid lock or no grid lock?

THAT IS THE QUESTION ……Nov 2nd. And yes you may share my blog always.

So with 45 days to Vote – which is years in election time – the billions are invested on dice rolling – to brain wash voters on both sides – and win the election – one for reform one for status quo and voters are all brain washed frothier agenda’s – mostly magnifying various destain we all have for Trump as an individual as to style – versus the data output of his 10,000 person WIN TEAM that has reset GNP and prosperity to 5% growth and climbing and trade war is helping – to reset the legal theft of nations ripping off the USA for 50 decades. Finally a red line that is a real red line. You can not brain was head space. You brain wash emotions – Nazi emotions or any emotions from Napoleon to now – as the way to get population support.

Today we have digital level fields. OWNERS do.not know nor can they predict today that YOU will not BACK LASH and if you VOTE YOUR WALLET it is not about party – it is about policy and we reward policy working and do not create grid lock and recession and super crash when we vote any longer. Brain washing is billions wasted if we VOTE our Wallets and take our power back.

The middle party of the mass majority is about prosperity and our wallet. Agenda’s are the same that can pass anyway – not much difference – and the party fringes that do not matter – far right – far left – have to be thought about. Why/ The smallest % of the population was communist that took over Russia in its revolution.


Voters are brain washed or not. Same for Hitler.

WE voters prevent a Hitler no one else. US.

This year will we take responsibility.

If you think congress is lost to brain washing – you will have grid lock dysfunction – impeachment and more – waste beyond waste – years of time – a likely Trump victory and four more years – with such limited consequence. The boom stops – the SUPER CRASH Hits and the recession worse than 2008 due to global debt loads – creates – unknown risks for wars.

This vote economically – is all of that risk.

Risk winning – vote prosperity back lash for our wallet and stop legal theft…by criminals.

Risk Super Crash and global depression and world war – vote brain washing and emotions and congress will no longer WORK at all – sinking into dysfunction and grid lock – an insane choice really – for voters if only more fully informed versus brain washed by untold dollars paid out over 45 days by the OWNERS to control versus win your vote….there is THAT.

BACKLASH record year end wealth and prosperity globally and into 2019 and 2020 for sure in my opinion.

Brainwashed vote – Super Crash recession into depression risk and possible world war – as a for sure in my opinion on economics.

The sliver dollar thrown I the air by a Kansas voter is spinning in the Nov 2nd air sparkling in Dawn early sunshine…..heads BACKLASH and PROSPERITY TAILS Brainwashed Super Crash and grid lock with GNP crashing

Which way….which way…..the cowboy from Kansas will tell us all on that famous ranch when the silver dollar slams into his glove and he shares like on Groundhog Day – the result.




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In the United States this week the SMALL BUSINESS Index came in at its highest small business owner OPTIMISM looking forward ever recorded. The index at 108 surpassed 46 years of prior records creating an all time high for small business optimism about the future – ever recorded – in human history.

Lets put this in perspective of data not politics. Lets put President Trump along the side lines as the Coach with a head set talking to the owners ( SUPER MONEY POOLS ) while the players – teams of 10,000 experts and mixed with democrats independents and republicans I call AMERICANS working collaboratively. This team is doing the best job in decades and the data shows that best job with two so far TRILLION DOLLAR USA companies leading the entire world.

Today the FBI reported it is focused on CHINA criminal theft of American leading IP in all 56 six state FBI Offices – with 1000’s of active investigations – of China criminal theft of our trillions in protected Intellectual Property ranging from new tubing technologies to make lower cost electricity to hybrid seeds that out produce all other crops of the world. THE CHINESE ARE STEALING 600 BILLION DOLLARS OF OUR INDUSTRY a year. The Trump Team is working finally to stop that – and to put those doing it in prison. To stop the ASYMMETRICAL WAR FARE

As an investment banker economist of some undesired reputation from almost 100 predictions that proved accurate over more than thirty years ( right here as my long time readers so well know ) including the Spring Correction 2018, I continue to advise caution looking ahead. There is just so much that can wrong.

THE PROBEM – WE NEVER FIXED THE Great Depression of the 2008 Super Crash

The Great Depression followed the model – economies grow and are stable when government spends – consumers spend – or both spend. Economies contract when consumers stop spending or Governments stop spending or both do. Depressions are not predictable on timing but the cause is predictable – which is always the same:

  1. Speculation side bets become greater economic stimulation that real economic stake holder investing by enormous economic imbalance ratios no one reports or tracks for you but we do right here. We have passed the 1929 ratio of speculator insanity in 2018.
  2. The Fed raises interest rates and tightens’ monetary policy and circulations too fast which triggers Super Crash and potentials for recession or depression.
  3. Debt Super Bubbles of nations and industry and consumers that is not economically sustainable – a predicable cliff everyone walks over extending the cliff until it breaks and the system falls into the GRAND ABYSS. Dies and a new system has to be raised.

In the Great Depression of 1929 these 1-2- 3 where the cause. We moved to massive Government spending in WORKS PROJECTS rebuilding our infrastructure. This did not bring us out of 27% unemployment and depression as the banks that were closed re-oponed in great distrust in those years. Only WORLD WAR united us from focus on what is wrong and with almost 30% of GNP moving to Government war spending we rose out of depression by DEBT – massive national debt that moved the can ( never fixed ) down the economic political road.

With various returns to the 1929 problem – most massively 1.2.3 in 2008 we almost lost the financial system. The trigger was not 1.2.3 however. The trigger for the first time in human economics was DIGITAL WEAPONIZED WARFARE ATTACKS ON OUR FINANCIAL SYSTEM icons – Bear Stern then Lehman and all banks and investment banks in SUPER SHORTS by sovereign nations. China was the CRIMINAL MASTER MIND to see if the via proxy exported weapon software exporting – could BRING DOWN THE WEST and replace America as the global economic super power. This DIGITAL Pearl Harbor failed to win the war but they won the battle.

To save the nation Gietner and Roel Campos Bernake and Paulson – not very many brains really – came up with counter defense measures to win the first economic global digital warfare battle. First ( with my continuous recommendation ) they finally made it criminal for a time ( should have been permanent ) and they globally banned SHORT SELLING – the digital manipulation making China and our enemies a trillion dollars upon our 2008 – 2009 global pain in the West. We almost lost our banking system.

Then this team did things no man has done before. They put the USA in debt to tens of trillions of dollars. Why? To bail out banks and investment banks bad profit betting – now huge losses in the new digital casino capitalism evolved in the 2000’s – a first – seeking to save these bad bet institutions from collapse. Then they for years made banks re-liquid ( putting cash into bankrupt banks ) at trillions in new debt layered on the emergency debt which created MORE DEBT FOR THE USA IN 24 MONTHS THAN IN 400 PRIOR YEARS – most of it under President Obama.

Was this the right move?

Could we have saved Lehman ( I think we could and I think we failed when the should was left to damn them to hell and 25,000 lost their jobs globally on one single day from the mistake ). Plus the confidence of the world shattered ( the Goal of China and asymmetrical warfare ). The outcome the IMF accepted China into the basket of World Currency which in my administration would have the USA pull out of the UN and the IMF to which the could not remain afloat without our funding- all now debt provided . Does this economic look ok to you?

  1. We bail out criminal banks for taking speculation side bets to make profits so large so fast it is criminal – and when their criminal speculation enterprise caught up to them they enjoyed warm meals in the Hamptons and sails their super yachts because in the USA Crime does pay – and tax payers bail you all out from your casino betting going bad.
  2. When new crimes occur to replace the lost Sub Prime profits – where you make up phony accounts to shelter your rich and famous from taxes ( criminal ) you make up phony accounts to show profits that are criminal and not real – you just garden variety fraud to steal hundreds of billions – then pay a little fine and enjoy your warm meals and mega yachts because in America crime at the top – is status today. Admit the crimes pay a fine and you get out of jail to sail. America does not want to create distrust for financial institutions still to fragile with digital warfare attacks likely again at any moment in time. We never fixed the problem.
  3. The Debt Super Bubble surpasses 1929 today on data – with over 300 trillion in Global nation debt – corporate debt and individual debt – all time record debt by all tables charts and graphs. Spiraling upward.
  4. Inflation – there is none. Despite going into debt globally by tens of trillions in so short a time frame – deflation is returning with a vengeance and as with the 30 year Japanese crises – trillions has failed to restore inflation in Japan and tens of trillions in the world. DEFLATION IS THE TRIGGER TO SUPER CRASH SYSTEM FAILURE AND DEPRESSIONS – in this century in 1907 and 1929 and the next date soon. No warnings and with Digital velocity a LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY – LED DAY – murders today’s economic vampire with a silver stake pound right square into its economic heart – as the current casino capitalism is no longer human -driven by AI trading 10,000 super money pools at Velocities Accelerations and Momentum ( VAM ) the world has ever known before in a pure casino frenzy of price manipulations – speculations – to all asset classes creating CASINO CAPITALISM without real economic discipline;e applying at all. Risk is becoming GYNORMOUS as economic storm clouds like Hurricanes to the Carolina’s promise in their destructive forces – where your own personal sefe harbor is now advised – BEFORE THOSE STORMS reach your shore when it is just too late.
  5. The Fed raising interest rates too fast. is the trigger for past DEPRESSIONS in this model the 100% CAUSE and the FED is rushing to do it all again blind to its own past causation. Was the Fed SUPER STIMULATION from 2008 a good plan. No. It is the cause – the beginning of the end of the system as we know it. Mark you heard that solid prediction here as time goes forward. They are doing it again.

This year tax laws rebounded over a trillion dollars into corporate accounts. 60% of that money was never invested into the economy. No. In Casino capitalism in 2018 alone over one trillion of that “found money” was used to manipulate stock prices I the casino – through STOCK BUY BACKS which have no long term economic value – but to phony manipulate stock prices higher. Qualcom announced an 80 billion dollar stock buy back this week. To name another one. This casino use of precious capital for casino non economic profit betting, creates a fantastically wealthy elite class who get more fantastically wealthy while wages and related income rise in economic value to nations – is passed by entirely. Insane economics lacking upgraded regulatory upgrades to the digital world leave us all hanging.

The Security & Exchange Commission in our opinion requires the largest upgrade in regulatory authority – reframe globally with expanded powers and a 5 x improvement in their budget because – the SEC is our first WATCH TOWER TO NATIONAL SECURITY NOT THE DOD FOR IF THE SEC IS NOT EMPOWERED AND SOON WITH SUCH UPGRADING – THE ECONOMIC SYSTEM OF AMERICA WILL FAIL AS WILL THE ENTIRE WORLD ORDER AS WE KNOW IT.

The roulette table is spinning and the SUPER DUPER DEBT BUBBLE WILL SPIRAL OUT OF CONTROL IN A CASCADE OF DEFAULTS AT DIGITAL SPEEDS TO FOSTER LED DAY AND THE SYSTEM DIES – say in 72 hours – with 8 billion going – how oh how could this pain and suffering occur – while bought and paid for law makers do the BLAME GAME to dance all blame away from them because the crises is in the end from environment to economics not in leadership – but in INTEGRITY. The global crises is one of integrity in my opinion.

The competitive system models that brought was the greed the risk and the pain thresholds is sufficiently complex today that the only solution – is a reform into COOPERATIVE SYSTEMIC MODELS outlined in my work on Amazon REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION buy your own copy as a bible to the way out the way up the way forward.

The risk in 2018 Casino Capitalism as recovery globally is not equal is distorted and the core weakness of the system from 2008 needs TIME to resolve as the debt pig in the python is without that time ( due to Fed insane interest rate normalization speeds ) fatal to the future. Finally the FED errors are:

  1. Employment is too full – there are 90 million out of work in America yet to join the recovery we have plenty of depth to labor markets – and the Fed lies to raise interest and profit themselves and their members is crimes against humanity. They know the truth and lie because they are criminal bankers representing criminal bankers all of whom pled guilty to the most serious economic crimes of all history since 2008 to today. We trust these criminals at our own peril – which is WHY – I advocate to merge the FED by an 80 page ( their act in the first place ) emergency act of congress back into US Treasury.
  2. Interest Rates must rise to off set inflation – another lie there is no inflation outside criminal manipulation of oil price which is a short term event before oil price falls off a cliff into a super crash. The Fed knows all this but the public never gets it.
  3. The economy is over heating ? The economy is finally developing a very uneven but exciting promise of rising GNP and any criminal action to selfie profits for self – at the FED level – is a crime against humanity and a fraud …why do we believe the FED?

So the biggest economic error of all time was the insane debt bail out of criminal side betting by financial firms to make insane profits in insane time frames – where tax payer debt paid off the bad debts. This did not fix anything while the world continues to digitally attack our industry and markets.

WORLD WAR III began when China fired the first digital weapon at America with the axis of evil in 2008 ( read Kevin Freeman DOD contractors great data work THE SECRET WEAPON so you finally know the truth ). The World is engaged in digital war soon to be a shooting war as economics crash due to FED criminal license to steal as no criminal gang has stolen in history before. Ignorance allows the sex criminals to be dressed up in fine robes and look like say bishops. Only it is economic abusers in suits and ties we call high priests of money the FED board.

WARS and BORROWING do not fix core economic reforms required to preclude system abuse and casino speculations. It is not hard to upgrade laws to fix it but the largest opposition has all the money to block those laws. See the problem of remaining ignorant.

Voting in free democracy can never fix these problems. Only INFORMED VOTERS voting can fix these problems – my readers are the minority report – of INFORMED VOTERS – and that my friends would be YOU. I’m so proud of YOU.



If Congress remains PROSPERITY with picks up for the republicans – so not about party – or ideals – it is about WILL CONGRESS WORK or DISSOLVE INTO DYSFUNCTION AND GRID LOCK. The slogan on all bill boards from all American mind and soul political action committees’ PACS – should be nation wide:







So the storm clouds include:

  1. The majority of nations are development and in massive debt. They can not trade and prosper and pay debts when their currency’s are crashing as Fed interest rates are way too fast way too soon way to high each time ( just as Trump’s team told us ) and these nations are in spiral melt down today – effecting everything – oil plunged today just as my Blog told you – ( short oil ) – due to this economic reality. Right again this week.
  2. Trade Wars – the plunder of America is stopping and without trade agreements China loosing the trade war which can happen so fast creates a loss of digital economic warfare and China – failing to fair reciprocity tax policy and real IP theft preclusion – ( admitting they lost the digital war ) – creates a CHINA SUPER DEBT BUBBLE SUPER CRASH – MASSIVE DEBT GLOBAL DEFAULT CASCADES – AND A POTENTIAL FOR IMF WARNED SYSTEM FAILURE.
  3. The digital time frame for DEBT DEFAULT CACADE from Italy – the EU – Asia and other players is higher than in 1929 within a digital casino leveraged to levels the world has never known where all prices for all items are phony – manipulated – and casino influenced by speculation side bets – which when such imbalance to core economics corrects – deflation crashes upon the global system – the wave of all depressions in history. The next occurs at SPEEDS the world non digital – never knew before. It will shock 8 billion people who scream woe is me woe is me and how could THEY let this happen. THEY made this happen.

They know.

How do we fix it: We have told you in this blog and in my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION in sound economic blue prints the NOBEL COMMITTEE needs to study for the salvation of humanity in our generation.

  1. A G 100 Economic Constitutional Congress to reset global regulatory frame work – taxes – trading box top rules – no nation left behind – and zero tolerance for system wealth consolidation or speculations.
  2. SUPER BONDS to reschedule sovereign nation debt starting with China before it is too late. Italy read this blog and my book your time is running short.

Meanwhile post election moving into a DEPRESSION RISK VOTE VERSUS A PROSPERITY VOTE based on emotional manipulated non issues that matter not at all ( Woodward entertainment non news gossipy manipulation of voters ) ends badly for economics.

Or not. BACKLASH Could surprise us all – ARE AMERICANS SMARTER THAN MEDIA Manipulations. We’ll see soon.

  1. Small Business Optimism is at an all time high.
  2. Apple is at an all time high. I told you to buy at 150 when I last did. I am going to sell Friday probably. Monday for sure.
  3. Stocks all time high.
  4. Bond wealth all time high ( yield curve to invert soon due to fed crimes on interest ).
  5. Recession and a SUPER CRASH is coming and no one knows precisely when.

The time to safe harbor from financial storms is NOW. I’ve suggested exploration of diversity insurance investing and why all outlined here.

But remain in the casino. Gambling is fun and exciting because you can lose more than everything with margin leverage. Risking your life in sky diving is an ultimate thrill. I’m a pilot and I don’t fly without a plane myself – enough risk for me. Enjoy the dive and play at the casino and as you lose your ass….I hope you have the time of your life.


PS: Hey I think real entertainment occurs IF Jamie Diamond runs for President and you know what – despite President Trump – I think JD has the smarts to do a great not good job. Non starter as he has no plans to suffer what Trump and his family are going through – when all Presidents are doing the best they KNOW HOW and all how hold public office ALL and I man 100% – deserve our respect not personality bashing….our disrespect of the office of the President diminishes our America more than China war fare…ever could.






So oil is manipulated by criminal cartels as a tax on 8 billion humans who because of the cost of everything else – energy – oil – 8 billion lack:

  • Home security
  • Food security
  • Health Security

1.5 billion die of starvation that would be alive if a few elites did not profit maximally in oil speculations to manipulate price for the elite account and greed.

So lets look at hard data:

  • The largest decline in oil is taking place as we read
  • The speed of the shift is beyond any market in history
  • The speed is like the horse shoe to the wheel and car
  • The decline in demand is ten years out only its ten months out now not ten years
  • 1,000 Institutions have removed 6 trillion dollars of capital from oil in 2018
  • The trend of zipping capital out of oil is soaring
  • Oil must invest in massive alternative energy for years and years
  • Oil’s monopoly and toxic polluting business model is torn to shreds in 2018
  • The tipping point blew past the market in 2017 – you didn’t see my blog on it?
  • The return to shareholders in oil is over its peak as investment to new business modeling must now consume resources across the industry
  • Some will die out
  • Some will just make it
  • A SUPER CRASH in oil is going to occur
  • Trillions will be made by SUPER SHORTING OIL
  • Oil price will fall from 80 dollars to 35 dollars and say in the 50 and under if that
  • Demand will continue to plunge as too many producers fight for fleeing customer base – shrinking markets for 50 years – as a toxic polluting crime against us

Oil as an industry has been a criminal monopoly disregarding the needs of humanity for low cost non polluting energy for decades – only maximizing profits – supporting criminal cartels to manipulate a HIDDEN TAX UPON THE PEOPLES OF THE WORLD while they advance say China into a pollution non sustainable geographic killing its own people as oil prices soar.

American Oil now the largest oil producer on earth has discounted pries China once paid to pick up all the business China cut off – so that China now pays much higher oil prices than the cleaner oil from America – a sign of non sustainable economics – paying billions to avoid making a integrity based trade deal that would become the example for the world – that is real leadership – failure in leadership is punishing human diversity versus celebrating it – I win you lose is insane – we both win is sane – which is China doing as they try and manipulate the US election before their huge crash hits later this year not 2019.

Super Shorting OIL and China as my last blog reported is going to attack the global super money pools to rebalance accounts, destabilize markets – shifting – and reward energy at lower kilowatt hours like Hydrogen we are bringing out at the lowest kilowatt hour many times lower than oil energy – along with thermal power almost a tie – and oil dies as the economics of the non polluting shift are irreversible.

The SUPER CRASH in OIL is near …as is the SUPER CRASH IN CHINA …due to SUPER SHORT PROFIT MAKING – without an immediate trade deal with the US – as economics is unforgiving for error and we fear a significant error in policy has taken root in China that the consequences for their people and leadership are just not clear to them.

As my blog and the truth on all this is blocked in China as a media outlet they control block and ban how does the TRUTH get into CHINA decision makers?

The longer BIG OIL and China favor their current account ( this month ) over their long term reality ( Holiday 2018 not far away ) their head buried in a hole in the sand will blow their asses off.

With AI and SUPER MONEY POOLS it is not like 2008. No.

Today trillions can move in minutes and the SUPER SHORT can occur in less than 60 seconds globally and recovery from those profits as the old model dies – the business model yet reformed is not born – leaves options to planners that are limited to their own survival from the mistakes they made.

In our opinion:

BIG OIL needs to announce soft earnings for years while they re-invest in new energy business modeling and elevate cleaner utility of fossil fuel from massive investment in upgrading technology for those DIRTY FUELS…..lead with integrity or SUPER SHORT into integrity…those who wait are way too late to the SUPER SHORT gate .

CHINA needs to make a trade deal with the USA and become the example to the world and if not – China is snot – as trillions run out of China and recovery only occurs on the other side of SUPER CRASH and a revolution no one desires or requires.

Remember I reported all this to you first – and now I”m ringing the bell on the watch tower.

The time has come….




There is SO MUCH news out of China it is like the USA is far far from 50 days to voting in the most important election in 100 years. Will millions upon millions of USA Chinese American’s cast their vote for Democrats to punish Trump for Trade wars? Is there a special prosecutor examining the vote manipulation from China many many times higher standard than anything a rogue did from Russia on Face book I mean really. What political theater requires is INSIGHT and knowledge. Yours.

So Pakistan is the latest nation to put billions and billions of China Silk Road investments into its nation, on hold for a year or longer until they can get “their act” together.


The Romans lent money to keep nations in their United Empire under control. The British perfected the process unwinding their empire which remained entirely economically in tact via trade agreements from Africa to India and fully subjugated colonial debt. The USA never learned the lesson and played a suckers game generally granting money to nations by the trillions with debt we constantly write off. China late to the party and borrowing 300% more than it earns on GNP totals for decades – exist itself in a sink hole of debt as it rises to the largest DEBT PROVIDER nation on earth.

Pakistan suggested that:

  1. The terms were too generous to China
  2. Too many confessions enslave the unborn generations of Pakistan
  3. Too many Chinese imported into their nation from the Debt contracts

Another item of news – so related – is that various provinces in China have closed their FAMILY OFFICES. The birth police to monitor birth. This created an economic demographic that is not sustainable to the Chinese Communist modeling at core economics. Why?

Looking at hard data we have approximate ratio’s for economics that include:

  • Chinese one child policy favored males
  • Woman were often put up for high value adoption – out of nation or killed
  • In sorry numbers of communities the ratio of men to woman is four to one.
  • Aging – China has the highest per 100,000 over age 65 and rising on earth
  • This upside down pyramid fails to provide workers of age to sustain growth
  • China must send its four to one males to find WOMEN in other nations
  • China must import workers and women into China by immigration
  • China is running out of time – it lacks worker bases to grow past a point – NOW
  • Economics driving China under central control economics – is a failed plan

Lending to Enslave nations smiling all the while, is a policy of China from Africa to India. Nations from Australia to South America ( It is not just Pakistan ) are now seeing the DEBT COLONIAL POLICY of China which negotiates:

  1. Mineral Export preferred low prices and no taxes of any kind
  2. Additional tax and in nation concessions
  3. Immigration of massive Chinese into the nation populating policy internally
  4. Maximizing influence with Chinese MONEY LORDS at the top of debt nations
  5. Expanding debt into controls of critical tele com IT manufacturing and power

Defense in nations under China forward asymmetrical warfare with the USA it has won since the 1980’s as battles – is now a war that China is losing with the USA. First the elephant in the room is COLONIZE via DEBT strategy. The USA is illuminating the Policy from Pakistan to Africa with its own experts pointing out the RISK to nations accepting the debt slave contracts.

Further Defense in nations accepting Debt begins to shift to China dependance for materials weapons man power and more. China would like to outsource national defense for nations who are as with Rome – free sovereign states -under Roman law and rule ( China law and rule ). The Debt Model of the Communist is not sustainable economics for the China economy because:

  1. China is bankrupt if current accounts recognized the 100 trillion of paid non performing debts in China accumulated over 70 years of time.
  2. China is driving its economic numbers internally by debt it borrows annually.
  3. China failing to reach a trade agreement with the USA risks SUPER CRASH.
  4. China failing to reach a trade agreement with the USA risks REVOLUTION.
  5. China economics is now in fact having lost the trade war ( really ) – the economics of the down cycle in China – includes debtor nations who with rising interest costs of 100% in only 9 months – will default on China debt creating a SUPER DEBT DEFAULT CASCADE that the IMF and our Blog have warned of – screamed about – for five long years with mega phones in the past 24 months.

All the calls for China to improve and upgrade its model – to advance cooperation and help and support to resolve the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE – the giant pig in the Communist central planner python – have fallen on deaf ears within Communist planners who just can not see the light at the end of their tunnel – is a high speed Trump Train coming at them at 1000 miles an hour and unstoppable ( economically ) unless Trump pulls on the emergency break.

China concluded they could influence the American election investing heavily to do so -influencing outcomes of millions of their USA Chinese voters – to weaken Trump and distract Trump as asymmetrical warfare – economic warfare – that will backfire and not work at all. They mis calculated. They mis understood the core economics. Which our blog has driven home include economically not politically some of the following being played out today:

  1. Pay untold sums to political packs through intermediaries
  2. Use global PR firms to plant fake news against Trump
  3. Seed FEAR on trade wars that is non sense
  4. Use IT under all tables to influence election outcomes
  5. Coordinate and integrate to truly block and stop the TRUMP TRAIN

National policy after all. Why? The matching tariff policy – taxing China just exactly as they unfairly tax the USA – and demanding they cease stealing our IP now attacking them from NSA savagely if they do it – will pay the USA NATIONAL DEBT OFF from China taxes. This accelerates the sinking feeling China warfare planners fail to appreciate as UN-INTENDED CONSEQUENCE.

There are things we know we can’t report taking place in this warfare not public and never to be reported. There are things economically we can report which fall into Comedian Gallagher’s moniker – COMMON DAMN SENSE FOLKS IT IS ALL COMMON DAMN SENSE as he hammers a water Mellon upon the audience.

Always my favorite routine. I never sat in the China “wet section” however.

So China was always known for crap. For 100 years everything from China was crap. Low quality and it broke. Nothing had quality at all. Japan had quality before and after the war. Dr. Demming revised Japan Manufacturing process with TQM modeling. My Father Alan G Dohrmann working in collaboration with Edward Demming revised for Chairman Mao China manufacturing process in the 1950’s and 1960s and by the early 1970’s quality rose in China. Today the rising middle class China income ( not ours by any imagination but far from feet in. a rice patty ) squeeze results so that quality is falling rapidly, prices are rising, and trillions are running our of China before trade war.



The run on China includes untold sinking in economic quick sand, as industry slows but there is so much more in the trade war. The hearts and minds of 10,000 Super Money pools see RISK on now in China melting toward a Super Crash. The IMF multi year caution and offer to help have been largely ignored by Chinese communist central planners as printing money – inflating economics – and borrowing and borrowing to drive forward growth in a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE like no nation on earth ever forged – now is a cliff China is about to fall off of. China needs TIME to reset its debt accounts and rebalance core frame economics. TIME is the missing asset.

A USA trade agreement is the TIME LOCK that China requires. There is no pain to China economic GAIN in a USA trade agreement. The pain is all in the economic DRAIN of not having a USA trade agreement. So what happens without a USA Trade agreement as the trade war insanely progresses because China will not move to:

  1. Be an example to the entire world
  2. Forge a zero tariff open border USA two way trade deal the model for Earth
  3. A no nation left behind policy agreement
  4. Protect IP and ruthlessly punish IP theft at all levels
  5. Stop its RUN ON CHINA which is becoming a whirl pool over the drain



Trillions of capital resources are leaving China ( forever ) because of miscalculations in Trade War strategy in 2018. This includes:

  1. Corporate flight of money plant and orders
  2. Capital outflows from China markets now in a major crash in 2018
  3. Capital outflows from new investments put on hold or blocked or canceled
  4. Movement of plants out of China to easier better markets nearby
  5. Movement of core business back to the USA never to return
  6. Movement of consumers who are by millions refusing to buy made in China
  7. Movement by corporations to suppliers other than China on supply lines

Trillions of 2017-2018 China circulations are now up in smoke by failure of central planners to appreciate the economic consequence of trade war fully. In opaque manipulated data reporting in China – the system lacks transparency to tell President XI accurately how bad the WHIRL POOL on the drain actually has become. Further the force 3 cyclone over the drain has strengthened in 2018 to Force 5 – an economy killer run on China.

Trillions upon trillions were made on this blog reporting the impending Super Crash from speculation in real estate contracts that became a phony commodity in the market. Shorting what could never go down ( a lie ) Real Estate made untold trillions. Fantastically wealthy super money decision makers became even more fantastically wealthier.

The Big short is nothing compared the SUPER SHORT of OIL and China to make more than real estate in 2008. The SUPER DEBT BUBBLE CRASH In China has been a warning from the IMF 12 times now over three years with more frequent warnings from the IMF in 2017 and 2018 because – smarty pants in China know more than the IMF and disregard the warnings to STOP the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE from creating a China Drain WHIRL POOL that risk the fabric of the entire global system.

This risk is real because the debt for China borrowing 300% more than it earns – a phony economy – a phony currency – all manipulated by not free market on price points and all manipulated by Chinese Central planners – whose growth has fallen from 27% annual growth to 6% and is crashing now to zero. Plus all those numbers are lies. Nothing like western audits and reporting nothing even close.

The DEBT SUPER BUBBLE in China is so complex the reality is this:

  1. China has lost control of its data
  2. China does not even know the rising totals of bad and current account debt
  3. China does not have tools to assess the foundational run out of China
  4. Currency controls and stop gap measures always fail whenever applied
  5. The SUPER SHORT of everything China lies ahead and is the ice berg on the China Titanic

Only a USA Trade agreement – timed before the election – 50 days – is likely. If Trump keeps Congress China is toast. If China helps Trump lose congress ( far more meddling by 99% than say Russia on Face book which is a political theater scam anyway ) China is still toast. In fact the consequence from Trumps super money circle could be the acceleration of the SUPER SHORT OF ASIA where trillions get made on the pain.

The sun rose on China in the 1950’s with the great help of my father on manufacturing process. Father helped Chinese coming to the USA like Ah Sams the great Florist in San Francisco when Lincoln and Nelly my Chinese mentors and their children at age 7 taught me China culture and history – while mom and dad ran street carts on the streets of San Francisco. Today untold numbers will visit the Holiday Christmas displays at the largest Florist outlet in Northern California – AH SAMS.

The sun also is SETTING ON CHINA and it is economic twilight today.

China wins with a trade agreement alliance that helps Trump win his congress and support China into the Future as deals with Russia come from the example.

Or not.

Trillions are watching. The Shorts are already taking place on safe bet targets and the run into SUPER SHORTING ASIA is coming as sure as the sunset into the night for China economics. Central planners can not fight 440 trillion of capital flows out of nation it is impossible for any country. Confidence shattered is not an item to return. Momentum lost is so much more painful to restore.

China has the opportunity of its lifetime to trade deal with Trump.

Squandered or mis timed the outcome for China is so much more challenging in economics.

Smarty pants who just KNOW their non reality is REALITY guide nations into sink holes and wars. In China the gradual sinking may become a SUPER CRASH. Real Estate Super Bubble in China – totally not sustainable or right valued to property – will have a 2008 event. Real Estate will SUPER CRASH IN CHINA.

China has invested and manipulated every asset class every commodity to prices that are phony and set by speculation in markets to price ranges AI sets. This first generation of AI is stupid AI and is going to fail to SMART AI that China does not control have or in fact even through theft have the BRAIN CAPACITY to out perform the new massive networks of quantum switching and computational leap frog generationally that the USA is leading today. First in our defense leading the world. Second in our commerce and policies leading the world.

The Information Age China is trying to catch up to is a dead horse on a dry desert path way in the sand. The Communication age where AI packages data packets of vast proportions wrapped in AI Christmas paper so decision makers – can process the highest quality choice and decision on ever higher quality of data packaged for that choice – where the PACKING OF INFORMATION or the HOW INFORMATION IS COMMUNICATED in the new COMMUNICATION AGE led by AI delivering that product quality to decision makers – will lead the world.

The nation that wins in self aware self learning alive as a new specifies of life itself AI – billions of times smarter than human brain capacity – will rule the world. That is not going to be China as it Super Crashes by errors in forward economic policy it has no insight that it has been making and which is accelerating to the SUPER SHORT as we share information this moment. AI is running the show not XI not TRUMP and their modeling to PERSPECTIVE that AI buys and sells within – is the new capital of nations that must be regarded by new economists and thinkers who GET THE SHIFT In core VAM or AI Velocity AI Accelerations and AI Momentum in capital flows – in our out. A first and new economic in the world – AI controls capital movements for 440 trillion in fully leverage capital within ever consolidating from 1.5 million Super Money Pools in the 1980s to only 10,000 Super Money pools today and they are rapidly still consolidating – not a desired stability factor in markets.

The biggest problem is lack fo regulatory frame work to the speculation enormity of capital flows outside any nations auspices. A G 100 Economic Constitutional Congress needs to convene to forge a new REGULATORY FRAME WORK for the AI world we are evolving economics into before a global SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR ends that option. The largest re=think of regulatory frame work – from the 1930’s and Great Depression – where all trades were paper and manual and human – to a market where all trades are super leveraged digital and AI non human controlled is required. Without the upgrade to agencies like the SEC they simply can not manage the systemic speculations manipulating prices and operating on GREED as the only HEED.

Moderating greed is the reason for regulatory oversight.

We have an antique global regulatory frame work wherein all regulations lack digital global enforcement – for the common good – with a no nation left behind policy. Today the failed regulatory system globally has laws applied locally to blue Skys of nations while the actual market trades in the global unregulated cloud. For the first time. A regulatory re-frame is the priority to save the system – but those profiting and stealing from the lack of regulatory frame work do not welcome reduction of their greed through new laws.

The speculation is data reported to for the first time exceed the system abuse of 1929. The SUPER CRASH is inevitable without regulatory reform.

If the FED keeps raising interest too fast – a ten year of accommodation requires normalization over an equal ten years to rebalance system imbalances with TIME. A ten month normalization is sinking most nations, and many debt strapped companies like say Sears – as interest rises 100% in only months of time – the market needs more time to avoid – a super crash globally. The system is more fragile this instant than anytime since 1929 to system wide super debt bubble imposing as all financial institutions world wide go bankrupt and close – with population pain screaming how oh how could this have happened – as everyone puts their heads in a hole in the sand making so much profit – just precisely as they did running up to 1929.

Only now it is so much worse global and digital.

We are running out of TIME itself.


Our teams are working to bring to Italy and debt worse nations with China leading and President XI the Super Bond Option. President XI can explore that option with Roel Campos of Washington DC whom he knows well – as former SEC Commissioner. Super Bonds rebalance debt accounts using a 100 year bond structure invented into the Super Bond economic solution. TIME solves the problem of current accounts for over 100 debt in extreme nations. Can SUPER BONDS get inserted in time. Before OIL crashes and the Gulf Debt nations know real pain or before China implodes from trade war and rising interest rates they just can’t project fast enough to see the end game. We have.

Super Bonds is the wild card. Brought in soon enough Super Bonds resolve the risk to market and the short take away so unchallenged today for say China and Italy. We only offer Super Bonds to the head of state for sovereign nations and their finance ministers. Super Bond theory is exclusive to sovereign nations as a new bond class to rebalance world economics soundly. The one option remaining. Still not a conversation at DAVOS but soon will be the dominating conversation as the only way forward.


China – you can’t control freedom of human spirits – we are all immortal souls. Having a flash bulb human experience. We are all doing the best we know how. We were all terribly abused. We had god awful software with trojans bugs and malware loaded onto our brain computers by those we do not know and can not longer remember. This software is insanity. The software rewards competitive impulse – which makes us culturally insane as our brains compete and PUNISH all human diversity versus virus free brains that CELEBRATE all human diversity.

China is failing in a competitive thought process that economically is failing. A revised thought process is required. For example on failed policy with 1.5 billion spiritual beings:

  1. The UN this week indicted China for human rights violations in the north. Hundreds of millions of Muslims are being suppressed – worship interrupted – incarcerated – threatened – residing and living in a climate of fear where their very choice on faith is not celebrated but is punished.
  2. Protestant worship faiths – 100’s under ground in church – are now having a crack down to wipe out ( socially re-indoctrinate ) thinking to Communist values and punish all other values as not acceptable.
  3. Internet is fire wall controlled so the world of free and open access to human thinking culture and in AI future times frames PERSPECTIVE is the ruling factor – no nation can fire wall free thinking of souls.

China adopting celebration policies displays corrected sane thinking versus insane thinking. Insane thinking leads to ECONOMIC SUPER CRASH and WARS ( revolution internally ). Sane thinking leads to stability China leaders desire and required but their thinking errors will not result in the outcomes they desire.

My work REDEMPTION the COOPERATION REVOLUTION at Amazon defines the blue print for nations as to the way out and the way up and the way forward.

So if China is decades engaged in asymmetrical warfare and they believe they can win such warfare ( a thinking error ) then they will as they are know today perish from the earth. The economics will destroy failed policy and system abuse. No nation has more economic abuse of core economics than CHINA.

China makes a new map and claims the largest ocean territory of all time without firing a bullet. The World Courts and neighbor nations 100% vote such ocean grab is illegal under 400 years of Maritime law. Those who punish diversity claim their rights without regard to the rights of others. Others are not celebrated because the thinking bringing the greed power and ocean grab is insane. The USA and the Western Nations will NOT PERMIT this phony illegal claim to stand. WARS RISE FROM INSANE THINKING as a zero sum game.

China see’s a time when it can win a war and be the dominant economic power. That is insane thinking errors. In fact China is at risk immediately for a SUPER CRASH a Debt Super Bubble Implosion – and the next two quarters will become:

  1. The worst China Downturn economically since World War II or EVER.
  2. The risk of Super Debt Bubble Implosion
  3. The risk of unsustainable real estate SUPER BUBBLE implosion
  4. The risk of commodity from oil to all Super Bubble implosion
  5. The risk of internal revolution with massive system failure coming next
  6. The risk of accelerated runs out of china rising in VAM now to year end
  7. The risk of SUPER SHORTS to everything CHINA creating trillions in profit on China pain due to incorrect thinking on consequence to trade war extension

Trade War is what will SINK CHINA from the SUPER SHORT that failure to make a deal creates next.

Remember you heard it hear first.

Finally – we love China her leadership and her people and want only her prosperity. However no power can offset failed policy that is not corrected…in time.

This white paper on China defines the issues for economic planners who wish to insulate from the IMF warning on systemic global impact of China ‘s looming SUPER CRASH form imbalances in running a nation on debt …which is not sustainable for the USA or any nation….all need to SUPER BOND and rebalance accounts ….to preclude a global system failure and world war risk.

The risk is running out of time and is rising…economics not political theater. So much more important today than say – the news on Woodward’s self enriching political gossip Enquirer far from truth – slander and liable political warfare – boring really if you think.

Today China is upset that the enormous rise in spending for PETS of the new middle class has exploded past their internal models for internal consumption that is sustainable. Here kitty kitty kitty –

Even that angered Chinese central planners today…..as they crack down on religion – internet – free thinking – critique of their policies – currency controls – moving money out of the nation – investing outside the nation – and more ….all failing including the kitty litter. Their Debt Colonial plans are now in full BACKLASH from Africa to Pakistan and that DEBT BACKLASH is just beginning due to failure in their game plan due to perception where their opaque lies are being replaced with the truth.

CHINA is not a nation of integrity but it could still become one – if not – their snot. End game. SUPER SHORT ends them. AI ends them. All occurs without warning. VAM.

Is it time to SUPER SHORT OIL and China and make untold trillions of profit in being ahead of the others and the AI about to SUPER SHORT both markets and their insane economics now failing utterly.


Note: Did the USA appoint a special prosecutor on China election influence? Did our press report one article about China being so much MORE than Russia in a face book post ever was having read Kevin Freemans THE SECRET WEAPON on China asymmetrical warfare – a war game and plan – they have now simply lost but fail to know that loss leaves them at total and absolute risk to failure as a state due to unresolved debt imbalances to their communist account.



If you scroll the TAIL OF TWO FRAUDS – The Fed – and Oil – are data documented as crimes against humanity. So seeking G 200 development nations now sinking into higher priced oil ( artificially manipulated criminally outside regulatory frame works ) and money cost – artificially rising way too fast by the criminal greedy fed and its thrive of thieving bankers – march into stretching fraud to a point that breaks the entire system.

Oil thinks that may give them more time.

Fed thinks that may give them more time.

I suggest time is running out for both.

Lets look at the cost of everything as energy. Oil has meant energy but no more. Technology has made oil obsolete. You don’t see it but its true. You need new 20/20 reading glasses…and the Doctor ( me ) IS IN !!! NO appointment needed just click here.


Oil fraud firms and OPEC lie to you and tell you the following:

  1. Oil is a scare and limited resource we are running scare of. In fact oil is a renewable resource – 200 year old wells are full – the earth farts and shits oil and gas – just like you folks – its ALIVE go figure. They lie its all fraud. The world is drowning in toxic sumps of oil and killer chemical’s oil brings us all to illness suffering and shorter lives.
  2. Oil will not peak for decades as global GNP rises. Fraud as all nations are moving off oil for transportation and electricity and oil peaked forever in 2017 and is plunging down at paces oil investors need to consider. Consider why did my mentor David Rockerfeller sell 100% of his stock in EXXON the empire his own daddy founded….I know why….I’ve told you why plus he read my blog. Oil demand is crashing at a pace all experts are wrong on with the greatest disintermediation of markets in 100 years – OIL CRASHING. Watch.
  3. Oil price is fair. Oil costs on average – deepest wells to straw in the sand in the Gulf oil to 10.67 cents to market. At 39.50 we cover transportation and a 300% triple keystone margin. At 80 dollars a barrel we reach 1000% margin almost and a crime against humanity. Oil is today in 2018:

Food Security for 8 billion hundred humans over 1 billion will die of starvation this year because of OIL CARTEL GREED AND PRCE MANIPULATIONS – a crime against those one billion.

Health Security – is impossible with 1000% criminal margin oil from OPEC and oil firm unholy unity on price manipulation – due to greed and a broken global regulatory frame work on PRICE GUAGING hearings far more urgent an important that the political theater UNJUST hearings on Russia – a total fraud and waste of a billion that could fund a regulatory upgrade on energy.

Economics – the economics of 200 nations are in the toilet an their folks suffer and die and can’t join the G 20 – or the G 100 because – of OIL crimes and FED money crimes. They are potentially going to risk the failure of the banks and system itself.




Oil demand has fallen in 2018 faster farther than anyone ever saw while OPEC buried in debt must keep 70 to 80 dollar oil or its economics fail. The few against the many of us. The elites fighting the wrong way for the wrong cause in a manipulation of a plentiful commodity ( printed money or oil ) that they set price on as criminals. For their own profit and greed. If you illuminate the truth. Woodward is a child reporting on manipulation of gossip – that if he did so on YOU – you would be toast in public opinion. All fraud. For any one who can read.

  • California the largest energy user on earth – using more than 90% of all nations – passed a law to move to NO CARBON FUEL for energy over the shortest period of time – going off oil as state policy.
  • Tesla as the leading electric car firm using oil not made by oil – usually gas wind or solar – and others – where Tesla remains the # 1 the # 2 the # 3 electric car manufacturer in the world – Musk fiorced 100% of the auto makers to move from their unholy union of co investing – from oil – to electric and the customers are going to never get enough for 30 years..not ever. Oil transportation toxic inefficient and polluting is dying forever in 2018 the coffin had all its nails put in.
  • The carbon free power policies of nations world wide are done with criminal cartel BTU and energy pricing.
  • CEOSPACE is supporting the leading HYRDOGEN FUEL PROJECT with the lowest cost Hydrogen ever invented – water is the fuel – no pollution.
  • CEOSPACE is supporting thermal where low cost drilling for oil left us an ability teach at costs not possible before the earth thermal layer to make electricity from the earth where the power is under the feed of us all in every community on earth at the lowest constant BTU Kilowatt cost for power – thermal as economics may oil look like a bar of gold next to a snickers bar for energy cost.

OPEC Priced oil out of the market and now the market will price OPEC out of the cartel business watch.

The time to SHORT OIL has come.

The time to long the US dollar is 2017 to this minute.

The time to short third world development firms is NOW this side of one trade agreement at a time with a NO NATION LEFT BEHIND Policy the Trump necklace of nations will bring you all next.

Hate Trump…ok for many its unusually ferocious. What you hate most though is style and personality and ego – hey he is the first multi multi multi billionaire – as President. If you think he is an idiot and you buy into WOODWARDS Political cartoon hack – in any prior years Woodward’s work would be a peanut cartoon in the paper not real news – so if you hate Trump know this – Trump is truly smart – and Trump is respected by nations he has had dinner with since they were all in office – and Trump’s policies in the world are working and working better than anyone expected and faster.

Most of us are in the middle – don’t love him or hate him.

Still the vote might be out of any party and on WHAT WORKS. A congress of grid lock and dysfunction for another 20 years like the last 20 years that brought us the crash?

Or VOTE PROSPERITY ( no party involved ) Vote your Wallet for what WORKS. I predict it may well be an over-whelming BACK LASH where those that HATE TRUMP vote for Republicans sending the Congress into EFFECTIVE GOVERNANCE UNKNOWN FOR DECADES IN AMERICA –



Like Oil.

So the chart is oil is plunging at a level known before…..and prices must fall to 30 to 50 buck ranges – as the oil supply is going to begin to back up so much oil wells in producer nations will have to close – and those nations need a NEW GAME PLAN.

I’ve been telling them to BUY REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION in the Gulf for years – many have – they are getting a new plan but its slow. We master planned in for the Puppy King but he got distracted to the hand carried real solution with 50 years of Gulf expertise – and wined and dined with the knights of the round table who told the Puppy King only what he wished to hear. Eventually he’ll invite me to the castle and we’ll set their advisers right finally.




The Fed is risking economic stability world wide by at the time of trade war when TIME is required just a little MORE TIME as an economic asset to adjust accounts – and OIL is way to high priced artificially – the COST OF EVERYTHING – and if you now raise the cost of MONEY by the pace of 100% and 100% of % in only 9 months – well you send 200 nations into the toilet and risk CHINA and A SUPER DEBT BUBBLE CRASH within the impossible pressures of economics of:

Soaring cost of money
Soaring cost of oil

TIME is needed to move from ten years of FREE MONEY to normalization over say the same ten years not ten months.

Ten months is not economic POLICY.

Ten months is CRIMINAL THEFT by real criminals the only criminals whose crimes against humanity brought us Depression 1907 and World War I – Depression 1929 and WORLD WAR II – all other crashes and wars to 2008 – all preventable – all easy to avoid – and today they are bringing us DEPRESSION 2020? and WORLD WAR III.


They are insane. How do I know they are insane criminals?

Well if you do the same thing that burned your finger off your hand and you do it over and over – and don’t save your other fingers – your an insane brain. The FED does the same thing over and over to put the MONEY into their mouth regardless their fingers were burned off to the bone.

THEY NEVER GO TO JAIL the criminal oil and money folks at the FED or the bankers who all admit to crimes that made trillions in legal theft – but hey they paid a penny fine on the dollar profit and off they go with their GET OF JAIL FREE CARD that only they get to play and to use.

Which means US JUSTICE is a total fraud unless reformed.

Vote. GRID LOCK and assure America does not work….do it – hatred will do that.

Vote to make AMERICA WORK.

Who will reform justice? The deep state and its phony political special prosecutor wasting too much money to count. A nation where I take all your friends and indict them and if they testify against you they go free – justice. That is justice for Hitler and say Venezuela today. IS that the AMERICA …you want when you vote?


What works?

Who will do it…really?

You know…hate him or not…you know…we all know. What if every voter shared this blog and it went viral….would I be under a special prosecutor for manipulating an election fro my blog…?

You know.

VOTE FOR PROSPERITY the only issue.


So oil fraud and money fraud – create a risk to system collapse as 200 nations tank right now. For no reason at all.

For greed.

The risk is that with the grid lock comes even higher oil prices and money prices and that will sink the economies of the entire world. Super Crash and depression and wars.

Thats my take.

So how important is the election in 55 days?

Well talking to a candidate in Florida in Washington ( he won the primary ) today with their manager – hooking them up with my connections- for endorsements – we agreed this was the most important election in America since the Great Civil War the voters just do not know it.

All the issues bought and paid for media is brain washing both sides with has no value to you or the nation. The one and only issue is:


Vote – Grid Lock Dysfunction and Super Crash

Vote so the real criminals may yet go to JAIL and we get AMERICA back. So for a few years you hate Trump – then we have a new deck of cards don’t we?

I’m just saying……