Soring Correction – you know the one we told you about precisely to the date line for three solid years. Right again.

Is it over.

No one knows that. Despite record earnings stocks are unlink-ing  from everything traditional. When bonds hit higher than 3% now days and weeks away as yield curve the stocks will go down. Bonds will go up. Then stock will de-link from bonds entirely and operate in the new digital casino un-linked from anything but software parameters.

The market today is artificial. No longer moderated by state regulations as the laws are all LOCAL and the trades folks are now in the CLOUD – look ma no regulations apply to US.

10,000 super money pools larger than central bank influences on markets, now control the entire market of price within their software evolving AI – the software wars – taking place across the planet seeking to reduce risk and maximize profit. The problem is the “given”s are a moving target of rule based software – that is much like AI gambling on a Vegas Crap table. Once the proper spin and throw is AI calculated the robot throws but still where she lands no one not even AI can know. Too many unknown factors of air, humidity, crap table resistance, view observation interaction to time and space – and more. Variables the software does not know and was not engineered to calculate.

Now in the larger globally fully dynamic REAL TIME digital market space the AI is taking economics to where no man has traveled before. At VAM – velocity momentum and acceleration no market has ever known before.

Also consider the take over of the human controlled market trading to AI software ( automation trading ) is new – occurring from 2012 to 2018 – a span of five years. The take over – the hostile take over – of all trading price ranges and manipulations to all prices for all goods services commodities everything – is now entrenched into consolidating super money pools lacking diversity of past markets.

Why is this all important?

First as a former CHAIRMAN of a public global investment banking firm myself supported by.armies of stock brokers world wide – where we engineered the most advanced software of that time – we started these wars – and I know as an investment banker economist how the head waters of capital circulations commence and move out. The secret rule books.

There are less than 50 former Chairman CEO’s of significant size publicly trade global investment banking firms around the size of a Smith Barney. Those experts know capital state secrets that are not instructed in any post graduate school in economics in the world. It would require a library to off load it to books. Trust us seems trite but sharing the golden arrow head of the shaft of all the information to the bullseye is what this retired investment banker economist is doing for our readers.


Today driven by fantastic speculation profit making and manipulations that were just in 1999 crimes globally, the 10,000 money pools focus on new AI. The AI of today is not self aware. The AI is self learning based on parameters as brilliant as the program team can think up. But in the digital casino and playing on the digital crap table ( global markets ) no one can program in all the parameters. The unseen unintended consequence of programed investing can exceed program parameters as it did in 2007.

Two years ago billions in ICO offerings were not on the drawing board. Now Super Money pools are buying them up. Billions into pot investing. New markets suck capital from real economics into side bars such as coin speculations. No one can predict which Ponzi scheme will shock the global market into SUPER CRASH – but everyone knows that shock will come – it is when not IF.

Also there is digital warfare weapons. These weapons are state sponsored. Say a state with unlimited sovereign wealth funds – leverages 50 to 1 – and shorts say all our financial institutions. Driving prices down to the floor with illegal massive short selling as the driver. Then the short sellers profiting to a trillion short base line industries like GE irrespective of performance. The AI software which is not intelligent – but evolving self learning code within parameters – new parameters every quarter with updates in the 10,000 money pool software wars with trillions invested in managing all the money of the world – trigger to the state warfare short selling. The entire system cascades and flash trade cascade.


Triggers can exceed software parameters. Human’s trading would know how to BALANCE RAW INFORMATION. Software lacks “awareness” or experience for such balancing. The software protects profits and firewall’s loss at any cost. When all software AI is “triggered” to sell – there is no buy orders to off set the selling. The LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY has arrived in minutes versus weeks and months in old paper systems. In a single day the end of our financial system is a RISK TODAY as there are no longer regulatory controls and safety nets – as planners in 1933 never expected a digital market to exist controlled by AI non humans as it is in 2018.

The spiral of VAM – the VELOCITY THE ACCELERATIONS THE MOMENTUMS of the spiral to consolidate super money pools from 10,0900 to 5000 – whoever owns the better AI software will be the buyer the lower performing software will be the seller.

As the upside down pyramid point – consolidates the stability of the upside down economic modeling – is inherently unstable at its pointy base – upside down – and the pyramid wobbles on the quick sand of DEBT that is its foundation for capital levered into the market from the 5000 money pools.

At this point the RISK to system failure utterly rises to when not if.

We are rapidly approaching WHEN NOT IF.

This blog has provided a template for how to fix this flaw in core economics to nation. We know of no other fix proposed anywhere else in the world that is based on sound economic modeling as a way forward.

Perhaps one adopter nation will engage our firm to consult into a consortium of nations to effect the solution and fix.

If not the GOOFY RIDE at DISNEY LAND with arms in the air as we all scream the GOOFY cry at the top of our widdle voices children – YAAAAA WHOOOO – WHOOOOOO – WHOOOIE….all the way down into the ground 12 feet deep and buried the old system you once knew and enjoyed – as it will be dead and gone.

But that is not today boys and girls.

Today we have the final Spring Correction process. Then the ride back up through the Summer into mid year election. Then if the democrats win and impeachment unfolds a SUPER CRASH and enormous correction we won’t get out of for decades. Or if republicans win a 30,000 DOW and a possible 50,000 DOW.

In time frame if that happens – with four more years of Trump – you will see the GREAT AWAKENING in our opinion – AI will become self aware. The most conscious software will take over all market making and trading in a single quarter. The 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS will be in effect one money pool with self aware AI controlling everything. This Software may many times greater than human intelligence – off set human risks in old model software. We have to wait and see if real AI ushers in the final stability to cooperative capitalism with NO NATON LEFT BEHIND – sanity which AI would be versus insanity which is what humans ARE in fact.

Sanity is celebrating all human diversity.

Insanity is punishing human diversity in any form.

System insanity is competitive without integrity.

System sanity is cooperative which is rule based integrity – sane.

Why do we teach competitive thought – the first expression of human insanity is good wholesome and to be continued.

Why not teach competitive thought is insane – to be identified isolated and removed from human culture?

Why do we not teach cooperation is a 10x power over the weaker force of competition to get anything complete or done – sanity versus insanity?

if we guard and protect insanity are we good?

Are we flawed?

Can we fix ourselves?

Do we even want to fix ourselves?

Interested? In this prime first priority for human thought?

Read REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION and upgrade your home space and work space – to switched on turned on spaces in thirty days or less and spread the book as a gift to others you just cherish. The way forward is removal of the virus of the mind – that holds you back. If you don’t know you have a virus you can never remove any virus. First you must know your brain is infected and it is not your fault. Second you must become aware of the virus infecting your brain. Third you must remove that virus. It is not hard. It is just new.

It is called becoming – awake .

I believe the AI markets will consolidate at a rapid pace from now to 2020. Risk will explode as the consolidation of AI market manipulators accelerates. The markets controlled by ever smarter AI will rise up from the Spring Correction into 30,000 and even 50,000 DOW with record pacing volatility along that journey.

A debt explosion will cascade debt defaulting into highly leveraged and now consolidated only 5000 Super Money pools and LED DAY or Liquidity Evaporation Day will arrive. Daily markets will plunge to 6400 DOW – while no one can liquidate or get out all. More world wealth will be lost as the system implodes than in the entire history of mankind.

Rebuilding will consume generations and require world wars to rebalance population demographic infrastructure and economics globally. All preventable but if not fixed soon – inevitable.

So the ALMANAC – get advice from three licensed brokers and invest at your own risk level. Safest bet in my opinion is diversified insurance investing moving forward. Buy low sell high. Monitor debt and risk when investing. You can lose on LED and margin call day – more than everything. MORE THAN EVERYTHING study that risk carefully. Get three licensed broker opinions and chose the safe bet – the safer bet.

Good Luck and good investing.

When in 2020 they look back at the GOOD TIMES and ask did you take action in 2018 – we hope you say – you bet I did – you just bet I did.




Half a year out of iPhone X and the false expectation and hype of an APPLE Super Cycle – evaporates with this weeks Apple Earnings reporting. What is the crises:

  1. Worst Product release in Apple history.
  2. Erros in stage to a billion watching.
  3. Operating OS worse upgrade ever – six releases to get it fixed over half a year of time
  4. Untold user pain and Tim brand bashing that lingers for unknown time
  5. Inovation anticipatory reduced expectation – does Apple still have IT ?

As a proud user of Apple everything and a Microsoft programer – I’m witness to suggest YES – Apple and their amazing teams – still more than HAVE IT to lead the world.

Still there are financial storm clouds.

Apple made bets on China manufacturing.

Apple gave privacy keys to China based warehousing a great risk to the brand in time.

Trade wars could shift Apple away from China.

China fails to protect Apple IP and favors internal Chinese firms to rip Apple off and try to go by them with their own IP and inventions now trained by Apple for two decades. The Apple IP rights are not only not protected their marketing is ripped of in unrelenting local law favorites to local firms making China far from a level playing field or rule of law.

Apple is going to lead the world in innovation and service into the digital divide of the future.

Buying Apple at $ 165.00 or so in a dip – as it explodes this summer and fall back to 197 and perhaps over 200 is why I own Apple and suggest buy in the dip. Dollar cost average profit.

Typically earnings rising to records is not enough.

The market punishes Apple for its own expectations and not realizing imaginary targets the market has set up – frame in – as digital software profits in short selling Apple and then profits in moving Apple to new records.

The markets are all digital.

The markets are fully manipulated outside regulatory frame work by digital global software and 10,000 super money pools.

They will profit from Apple in trading ranges already digitally defined.

Avoid the fake news.


Buy all of the market with expert licensed advice who knows the digital landscape is able to explain it to you and is able to educate you on options for yourself.

Be informed.

Be better informed.

Expert licensed authorities can help you.

The ON LINE research can help you.


Be better informed.

Than act.

Apple with a now superior IOS totally fixed and leading again  – is BACK.

Out Front in the most complex digital hardware software launch since IPHONE itself as an upgrade last October.

Tim whom I feel mismanaged the launch – and is responsible for the crises – I do tip a hat to – for his calm non public work to fix the crises with minimum damage to the APPLE brand and base. He exists with maximum bonus and history.

The issue for APPLE is now succession. WHO WILL take over from TIM.

That needs to be defined and soon. Just that asset will make buying in the dip a prophetic moment for wealth planning.


That is the answer the market needs next on Apple.



PS: I”m eating some crow here – but Tim – as CEO – job well done 2018 !



As an American I have a citizen regard for the office that leads the # 1 economic nation upon the earth with its responsibilities and visions for the future. The office is more important than any man or woman; who resides inside that office.

The office in the ideal seeks the best candidate versus the current system that seeks the office. The founding Fathers wrote volumes about this one thought.

They also wrote that parties should never control the process of nomination as they do today.

Has the constitution been HIJACKED?

Can constitutional law, safe guards and authorities be returned? Can FREEDOM ROLL BACK IN AMERICA? Answer – of course it can and it must and it should. We can be SAFE as a people without being a fortress as a people. We the people of the global village do not need to reside in fear.

Perhaps one questions is the only question issue of the mid year election.


Which party – democrats or republican – is more likely to roll back freedom – protect your freedom and secure a fire wall from further rights being taken away from sovereign citizens? Elect a congress to freeze up or a congress to rise up ….as this election is one or the other. You voters must decide.

Today what you may feel about PRESIDENT TRUMP does not matter. President Trump is to be respected by a majority ( a wide electoral college majority in our system and model ) voted to send up a MAVERICK non politician to shake the shit out of the establishment as it has been for 70 years.

Trump like him or hate him is doing what his voters asked him to do. No one can say Trump is not trying beyond any convention or norm to shake the shit out of the old guard system model.

The old deep state wishes to get rid of Trump by any and all lawful means possible and some not so lawful means.

For example – the Special Prosecutor was appointed within a double lines of authority. The mandate was to over the past year and some months develop evidence if there was TRUMP TEAM collision on Russia election interference. The evidence has been gathered. The Assistant Attorney General has stated in public record there is no collusion. ZERO.

At this point the office of the SPECIAL PROSECUTOR should be retired by the ATTORNEY GENERAL SESSIONS – as the scope of the mandate is fulfilled.

Today the Office of the Special Prosecutor has expanded on their own ego and power without check and balance – none – authority that resides solely with the ATTORNEY GENERAL not the Special Prosecutor. To investigate crimes – say:

  1. Obstruction of justice – not the mandate
  2. Stormy Danial – not the mandate
  3. Election misuse of funds – not the mandate
  4. Tax irregularities that may or may not be crimes – not the mandate
  5. Other “crimes’ they frame up and invent – not their mandate at all

This rising spiral of un-checked unbridled AUTHORITY to PROSECUTE is a police state violation of rights, law, due process and the constitutional authority between branches of government.

Is the Special Prosecutor now self serving and political – get Trump?

You all must decide when you vote. If you vote republican you backlash the outrage – of US voters to a central government – using its police authority – to break in to private attorney’s of the Presidents home at 3 AM with guns and FBI teams and intimidation – crime taping both office of the attorney and the home of the attorney and removing all client attorney protected by the constitution – ( never happened like this before not ever ) – as GOVERNMENT encroaches on KGB and Nazis in suit activity that is not only NOT AMERICAN DUE PROCESS it is third world Somalia and laws of nations we do not admire for rule of law.

The Special Prosecutor is not a LAW GOD and operates within authority the office of Special Prosecutor has breached. He does not have authority to step outside Russian Collusion. If he finds other suspicions of crimes he can reference these “crime evidence” items to the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL FOR EXPLORATION UNDER LAWFUL AUTHORITY.

Why didn’t he?

The Office of the Special Prosecutor can seek court orders to produce documents respecting the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT.

Why didn’t he?

The Office of the Special Prosecutor and coordinate with Congress to order from Congress documents from the President.

Why didn’t he?

Why did he at 3 am violate the respect customary to any President – disrespecting the OFFICE ITSELF as his new normal – storm in with NAZIS in suits like a third world nation in AMERICA?

Does THAT rise up voters to decide:

  1. Mid year if I am ever more fearful of my own government over my citizen rights – propel congress to FUNCTION and vote even if you hate TRUMP – to republican candidates to run forward laws and revise the old guard system faster.
  2. OR block improvement to the system and vote democrat which will stop congress legislation – rise up impeachment on political reasons – which will fail – and very possibly sweep Trump into four more years anyway.

Which of the 1 and 2 above is better really for AMERICA?

A growing number of democrats are furious with the status quo and the rising removal of RIGHTS to our CITIZEN’s by entrenched deep state leadership lacking integrity in fact.

The crises is not one of leadership.

The crises is one of integrity.

Today it is all about mid year elections and events are PLANNED and unfolding to influence YOU the voter far more than any Russia influence. Is that what you all wish for ?

How would YOU STOP IT?

Well you think.

You think outside politics.

You think about what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

When does Session retire the Office of Special Prosecutor returning authority for side bar investigations to the great staff and men and women in justice work really – versus politicized justice – that is as far from real justice as one can ever get in any nation. Is what your SEEING WITH YOUR OWN eyes ok with you?


The consequence of this united Watergate march by rogue JUSTICE authorities in contest of ego’s – is unhealthy for AMERICA.

My suggestions voters read the tea leaf’s with new glasses.

The issues are one. No issue is anything but bought and paid for spin.


The one issue – is:


Vote to roll back freedom and candidates that will not freeze up congress for years of time.

Boom expansion or recession contraction – politics versus economics.

What if we voted ECONOMICALLY for what is best for a healthy economic outcome to the NATION and none of us thought TRUMP we thought TEAM and we thought BACKLASH from out of control spiral of justice gone down a road we simply as American’s do not wish to travel down at all.


When is enough more than enough?

When does the attorney of the PRESIDENT have rights of due process and respect even if you hate that President personally you insist on the OFFICE OF OUR PRESIDENT – as that office belongs to all of US – we the people of the United States – and we can and we may – just not permit this abuse of our system and constitution.

Vote with your new glasses thinking.s

America should turn our like the mid year is the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION and in record numbers THINKING IT ALL THROUGH.

It is our country not 600 officials in congress or administration but really ours.

If we are pathetic and fail to vote – we give them their future and we release our own.

If we are engaged and thinking and voting – 1 and 2 above and focused on the ONE ISSUE – ROLL BACK FREEDOM AND PROSPERITY – a signal is sent NO POLITICIAN saw coming and none can ignore.

Your sharing this blog message with those your circle can mushroom 30,000 subscribers and 100,000’s of click and peak in viewer readers – to VOTE and change this nation within your signal.

You will decide and it is your choice that will unfold one outcome or another.

Today the constitution is being abused.

Can we fix that

Can we do better?

You bet. After all that is WHAT AMERICA IS ALL ABOUT.

Can we do it now, or in a generation?

Over time we WILL DO IT as in America the pendulum ALWAYS SWINGS BACK.

Personally I do not think one five year old American little girl should have ever lost the freedom to visit her grandmother arriving on an airplane at the gate. We can make our airports safe and maximize freedom in America. Fortress America – the trend – today – ah not so much our future.

Biometrics – gate reviews – how we even walk – we have tools to keep us safe and maximize our freedom. More than enough tools.

A gang of less than 12 terrorist in 9/11 got lucky once a decade ago. Our agencies woke up and coordinated to assure that never happened again. Why did 300 million of US lose so many freedoms then? Put two Air Marshals on every flight and let that grandchild go to the gate. I mean really.

The cost of state controls sucks wealth from our nation and does not make us safe ( er ). WE MAKE OURSELVES SAFE-ER.

Over the past decade TRS has caught what? Passengers have stopped terror who got through TSA time and time again. What a waste to see grandma’s searched or pretty girls as if THEY WERE TERRORIST. Is that the freedom you wish for in your future. Cattle marching to big brother’s spoon fed propaganda to make you monitored in everything – is that our way?

Law enforcement is monitoring everything from burner phones to pairing criminal phones to hear all their crimes. They can bug anything. Monitor everything. They can also have rule of law PROTECT OUR FREEDOM’s MAXIMALLY.

If crashing doors down for the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT and their team in the night and their attorney’s in the night is our new NORMAL and that is what you wish – vote for more of it. GO FOR THAT.

If not.


Vote as if the future of our unborn depended on your vote this year – not next year – not some other time – but right now. A generation to vote to ROLL BACK AND PROTECT FREEDOM and prosperity now unfolding – or to derail that freedom and prosperity for politics.

America is a funny place. Polls can not predict the US in USA.

We come together over the right issues massively.

When we do the law makers shudder because in the end they work for US in this nation.

The US must express our will and vote to firewall the ONE ISSUE – our own freedom – when such a moment arises.

I submit economically not politically just such a moment is upon America in 2018.

The world is watching.

Everyone is predicting and influencing outcome to their own agenda.

I suggest the VOTERS create a non political movement to address the one issue avoiding all others:


If clearly you answer YES to that question – than vote to what you feel will send that message to Washington DC like a BEATS BOOM BOX ON FULL VOLUME as they all will hear your VOTE.

Either way it is going to now be rushing upon you summer to November.

Use your new glasses from this blog and THINK.

Our unborn American’s depend on us folks and this is the year for all of US to show up and vote.

That is what I’m asking you to pledge to…..this year turn out and VOTE and think as you privately in that booth – review the ONE ISSUE QUESTION and vote to protect our freedoms as your heart suggests.

Thank You.

Berny Dohrmann – ON a SOAP BOX FOR AMERICA IN 2018 – I love her so




  1. They learned the USA only grew just over 1% at near recession levels and still stocks are record high, investment classes including bonds all time high, real estate record high, and the SECOND half promises far more growth than the winter effected first half.
  2. The Price of oil is down and will stay down. Opec has lost control and influence and with President Trump taking half of almost 1 trillion in USA oil reserves we so do not need – to help reduce our USA debt – oil is NOT going back up and OPEC is paying a fortune to lose market share. Just as we reported here.
  3. Germany’s Markel from President Trumps Meeting said we can NO LONGER TRUST WE CAN RELY ABSOLUTELY ON POST WAR USA AND UK SUPPORT ( to pay all our bills for us is what she failed to add in ). She said we have to forge a new model ( where Germany and France pay all the bills for the 23 other LOSER in the RED EU bankrupt debt laden nations the USA is done.
  4. The Soviets joined a dozen nations constructing state subsidized aircraft to bring down the USA aircraft industry WE NEED to match subsidies for. It is now as we reported a global trade war – in serious high gear – with every nation so in it for themselves.
  5. North Korea is about to meet President Trump ( trust me say 2018 latest ) and before THAT HAPPENS they are advancing every military option before they freeze and make a deal. So read the news with that in mind.
  6. The Political news at home is a SIT COM without substance all FAKE NEWS and truly an ENTERTAINMENT that has no impact on President Trump his team or the work being down to get real progress for the AMERICAN PEOPLE by both democrats and republicans who outside the high ratings for the SITCOM “DC” – are very serious about outcomes which ARE coming – watch.
  7. The summer markets do not matter. The big money doggies are on vacation on yatches. Software flat lines during the summer as up’s and downs are profit modulations by software against data. After Labor Day when the BIG DOGS come back and take the rudder of 440 trillion dollars of leveraged trading resources against 2.9 trillion of actual market trading – the manipulation will fully return. If the market foundation appears solid a second fools rally executed by software and nothing economic will take place. If not a crash will take place in October.

We believe and have predicted the next crash HIGH RISK point is depending on world events and economics, the SPRING of 2018. This is when a SUPER CRASH could and may effect global market due to debt implosions and contagion. So we invite investors to buy low. sell high ( now and during the summer ) and move those enormous profits into liquid, guaranteed diversified major insurance firm investments. You will play golf and host parties and never care about the SUPER CRASH and it’s effects on the fools because you ACTED on what I’m telling you. What is your risk?

Your risk my greedy readers is that you MISS the distance from Mount Everest Base camp ( where we are NOW on the second longest boom and expansion in recorded history of almost 100 years ) – to the actual SUMMIT a small final blip. If the boom does go to that summit the boom will next summer turn into the longest most exaggerated financial expansion ( built on nothing economic ) in human record record keeping of economics.

The rule is:

  1. The longer the boom
  2. The higher the boom
  3. The greater the correction
  4. The deeper the correction
  5. The longer the correction

You know this. You know THIS. But sometimes it is sane to read it from an an investment banker economist to get you to step out of the trough of the GREED FEEDING FENZY of musical chairs, so you and your money are not left holding the bag as it where.

If you sell now and this summer at the HIGH and invest in diversified insurance investment – you will not lose your nest egg in my opinion in the coming SUPER CRASH ( which is coming just based on historic economics and trade war outcomes – the cause of all depressions globally is being repeated right now like insanity ). – you will preserve your nest egg in seriously high return and guaranteed investing and you will have income – all the income you desire if you work with licensed insurance investment professionals telling them what this advice is trying to do:

  1. Preserve your wealth entirely
  2. High return that wealth
  3. Within a fully no risk investment
  4. That pays the higher outcome with the safer foundation
  5. As a time machine between NOW and when the market bottoms in Super Crash ( when you can buy in again because you alone have the CASH ).

If you don’t …….then you WON’T.

Share this blog with those in your circle you just adore and love who are confused by their broker and advice and news and just FEEL this is about time to protect money versus speculate in a casino capitalism trading account.

Folks the USA economy grew at 1% this last six month.

Why with that near recession level growth has the wealth moved up more than any year since 2008? If you believe this casino capitalism period of wild ass AI and first time in history computer speculation in trading globally – all outside any regulatory frame work – is a REAL MARKET you are in for the parting of your wealth savings and money – like a fool in a fools rally and we are doubling sorry for you and who you share this data with because we have presented the economics to you in blogs over 18 months and for long time readers WE ARE NEVER not EVER wrong. In the end.

Not yet at least.

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Berny Dohrmann – Founder Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL




THOSE THAT DID made fortunes. Why? Opec is LOOSING strategically the MARKET SHARE WARS. OPEC is strategically under an utterly FAILED POLICY paying billions of dollars in lost revenue, at a critical time such revenue is so badly required in all OPEC nations, to PAY to LOSE forever and for EVER – their market share. Customers knowing OPEC wishes to manipulate a plentiful asset into scarcity to CONTROL PRICES via a PRODUCER CARTEL as they have – hurting the prosperity and wealth circulations of the entire world – smashing development nations to the floor boards for decades on COST OF ENERGY.

Today OPEC has falling demand with SOARING absolutely SOARING supplies. Their % of the market is dropping like a down graph you have to see in four color to appreciate. THEY HAVE no CONTROL and they have no INFLUENCE.

They are as we reported in 2015 and 2016 and this year in 2017 – no longer reverent. The market has taken control of PRICE which is AS IT SHOULD BE. Opec requires another model o operate and preserve market share. THEY ARE going to DESTROY themselves by proceeding with THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT.

Also Opec has one final wild car. WAR. Selling the leader of OPEC and the home of all Terror ( it is not Iran folks it is Saudi which Iran is fighting in Syria ) – its SAUDI who did TWIN TOWERS not IRAN – it is SAUDI. Giving them 370 billion can start the REGIONAL WAR that assures SAUDI can destabilize oil entirely which itself is yet another strategy that WILL FAIL if evoked. We hope the younger forward thinking minds influence the OLD THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT THINKERS. Why?

It will no longer work. Today energy can not go up without moving market share to altenratives FOREVER. The market is in charge not OPEC of energy itself.

OPEC does not get it.

Oil investors be very careful of press which is bought and paid for in sound bytes by the big bucks.

The real market is going to shatter OPEC and the members are going to begin to leave OPEC as a failed policy organization as in fact – it is every nation for themselves. Iran and others must make MARKET SHARE DEALS to advance their MARKET SHARE CUSTOMERS and owning market share IS the market today.

Opec has no clue. They are not reading my blog enough – YET.

Why they did not hire me at my rate of one million a year has cost them 100 billion per nation and counting. Smile.

I just wait for the grown ups to stop the bloodbath .

Berny Dohrmann





Long time readers know I repeatedly report the United States Congress should pay ZERO for printing national currency, versus paying its largest bill, the INTEREST on the NATIONAL DEBT to the FED. Why?

The FED is a private contract arranged by Contract with the FIRST NON GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION. The FED was set up to regulate the bank and speculations. The FED “IS” the banks and speculation. So lets look at these fact sets and I hope you will pass this blog around to new folks who would enjoy subscribing and making a favorite they return to often:

  1. The FED “IS” a private stock firm owned since 1900 by the banks and no one knows WHO OWN’s FED Stock as that is part of the DEAL – privacy even from Congress.
  2. The FED has the appearance of political accountability but that is fraud. No one can hold the Fed accountable and no one can fire the FED CHAIRMAN but the Fed shareholders ( the banks ). Press never has reported a FED share holder meeting not EVER not once. Why is that do you think?
  3. The Fed created the housing bubble by allowing credit such that a school teacher could borrow to own ten homes at enormous leverage, say 90% with 10% down. The Fed allowed those bad mortgages BAD or HOT PAPER to be pooled such that banks sold the bad stuff into huge pools, than super pools than super duper pools until the market over leverage created a global financial CRASH.
  4. The Fed has fueled the market RECOVERY with FREE MONEY that their member banks can borrow for zero and lend to all of us at huge profits. In the end that creates a fools rally. Rather than invest in roads highways and damns ( Public works ) to fuel economics – the FED created the largest pile of USA Debt in history, and used the money to pay off the bad bets of its member banks.
  5. Today the Fed is going to raise interest so their member banks can make more money while at the same time they sell 5 trillion dollars of crap back into the world market they bought over the crash years to stabilize the market especially when China and the Gulf stopped buying USA debt – the Treasury bought the debt issued by – yes – the treasury. Making an illusion the USA debt market is A ok.

Meanwhile this week CHINA credit has been downgraded by Moody’s the credit rating agency due to its slowing growth and its massive rising soaring DEBT. Which we reported to you here. That is important because the FED owns a lot of THAT CRAP.

So now the Fed while China can’t and the Gulf won’t buy into the CRAP pile anymore – moves into its greatest experiment. All the while the public has no clue but the FINANCIAL MARKETS know all this and are far from amused. They have used ETF constructions and FREE MONEY to manipulate the PRICE OF EVERY ASSET CLASS via wild speculations that where in 1999 a felony but today the felony is legal due to their lobbies. Again the public paying this enormous cost has no clue. Which is OK because the FED has made a bad bet that will create world inflation as the SUPER SPECULATION BUBBLE AND ETF Market Shorts. The ETF MARKET is the largest opportunity to SHORT and make trillions in the history of modern world finance and many will follow my reports on these terrible market constructions.

So as ETF’s roar along and all the cash of the world pours into them ( except mine and my circles ) the FED is going to tighten monetary policy when:

  1. The market is so weak unlike reports of how all stocks are having record results – the BIG LIE
  2. That FREE MONEY which is making the fools rally as it goes away WILL HAVE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES and this is what KEEPS the FED who know all this UP AT NIGHT.

The Fed operates on confidence. If the illusion is stripped away the world see’s there is no magic there.

I have stated the FED is a criminal legal theft machine that needs to be merged back into the USA TREASURY because A) monetary policy for the largest economy on earth needs real over sight and B) the cost of printing currency should be zero – paying an outside NGO to print it for us and pay them interest is legal theft.

So now the greatest financial experiment in history begins. The Fed will re-sell its crap into the market as it removes FREE MONEY from the market. NO ONE and ESPECIALLY THE FED can predict this will go as intended or smoothly. The market dynamics of this double move at this TIME in the ECONOMICS we feel will create a potential far earlier then we would like for SUPER CRASH a WORLD DEPRESSION and real WORLD WAR due to the global financial collapse. Plus those with nukes will be forever tired of AMERICA fucking over the world system. But it is not America. it is a private gang of criminal bankers – once you see them like that every FED report is like from Tony Soprano’s. If you recall that television show. Tony IS the FED.

So the ability to lie cheat and steal goes on and Congress really is so unaware of the Fed legislation ( less than 100 pages ) and so unaware the FED is a PRIVATE INDEPENDENT STOCK COMPANY a NON GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION created by an act of congress – with autonomy and protection of non reporting or privacy under the idea of INDEPENDENCE which under the Fed we had the Great Depression of 1929 – we had 1907 just before that the crash of 1987, the crash called DOT.BOMB of 2000 and the 2008 Super Crash. The FED CAUSED all of them versus had any positive effect. WE DID SO MUCH BETTER BEFORE Congress contracted the silly idea of paying a third party interest to print our money.

I wish they would give ME THAT contract – I’d only charge 05% because I’m not greedy. But the FED is not only greedy the FED IS THE ULTIMATE GREED MACHINE.

America and China can not feed its own central banks any longer.

Its time to MERGE the FED INTO THE USA TREASURY and balancing the budget and restoring prosperity to America would occur in a single generation. If we don’t we won’t.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the TRUTH held HIGH on the FED

PS: The Fed raising interest and at the same time diluting the markets by introducing 5 trillion dumps of their stuff back into the market is going to jam the breaks on the global speculators. Bam.