May 1st and the US dollar is breaking out. We reported two economic events on this blog for three years. First we reported a correction to the market peak highs would occur in the Spring of 2018. It has occurred and is occurring.

Second. We reported the US dollar would fall by policy and strategy inside a global trade war, where all goods are priced in fact in US dollar terms. In the Spring of 2018 the US dollar would break out and then soar for a new dominant period in currency realities.

Now that the Dollar has broken out in the SPRING to a six month all time high ( say against the second currency measure the pound sterling ) lets look at the economics.

At the end of World War II there were winners, and there were losers and there were middle ground players. The big winner was the USA. Without the USA no assurance the world would not be a Nazis universe can be made.

The US engaged a series of VICTOR SPOIL issues and uncommon generosities. First the USA by agreement of all world parties at the time, created treaties and financial agreements in which the US dollar would become and remain the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY. This meant that the strength of the GNP and debt ratio and growth of the USA and its military domination – would secure that the US dollar would be exclusively used by nations to settle trade.

Said another way – there are not enough Swiss Watch and Knife and money brokers in a total population of less than a single America city to propel its currency to WORLD TRADE STATUS. Nor was there enough CIRCULATION of Russia Ruples ( its cities in shambles ) or the EU nations utterly ravished by wars ) where the only global currency, with enough trust, enough depth, enough in circulation already – to settle one day of say FOOD or energy trading was isn fact the US dollar.

This remains the case today in fact.

So nations settle trade with US dollars. If they have to many dollars they have trouble in their trading accounts. If they are in surplus in trading their dollar accounts rise as with China – imbalanced in trade – where it buys from America one dollar and sells into America 5 to 1. The trade imbalance which generates 3 trillion into the Chinese Dollar trade account surplus.

The Dollar was allowed to drop by 80% due to trading partner wars where they manipulated their currency and we did the unthinkable – we let ours fall artificially. This made US trade goods so cheap and their goods ever more expensive. Trade began to rebalance under the DOLLAR POLICY.

Today the trade with America is rising based on Saudi failed oil policy. In 2014 the US in a trade war with Asia let the dollar free fall – the price of oil is made in dollars. Deals were made to let oil rise to 100 dollars and above to offset the drop in dollar prices.

Today America had the OPEC cartel work to kill off its home grown oil industry in Shale. They brought the price of oil down to almost 30 dollars from 140 dollars in 18 months of time. The US let the dollar stay low and topped it further.

Saudi failed its members as America rose from 14 in oil production in 2014 to # 1 world wide in oil production in 2018.

Today the world is pricing the US dollar against our oil valuation which is soaring. This means the US dollar is rising and will rise for twenty years to be the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY AT ITS STRONGEST IMPACT ever.

Trade goods around the world can drop prices as the dollar rises and remain in the game as the recovery continues.

The US dollar RISING makes US goods more costly to buy in off shore markets – the US is returning to premium value.

Every nation wants dollars again in their pocket.

American tourism goes father as the dollar rises when we travel.

We predicted the Spring of 2018 would complete a market correction long over due followed by a run up to 30,000 DOW. We predicted the dollar would recover steadily starting in the SPRING of 2018. We took a lot of flack for these accurate forecasts in 2015 2016 and even last year in 2017.

Only we were right and precisely correct to the quarter.

Long term readers of this blog rely on this information.

New readers are a bit amazed.

The work behind the research to reach conclusions is impossible to share with our reader community. Our teams are tireless on data and seeking forward predictive indicators for each of you. We do this work for you.

The dollar will drop the cost of oil.

Oil will crash to the 50’s and remain there. Keep our prediction in your file to see if we are right on that item.

The dollar will create a USA influence globally, that returns the prestige and the leverage in deal making as part of the US Treasury strategy now the OPEC has been neutralized as a criminal market force on price – a crime against humanity. The oil market normalizing and the trade deals for fair trade normalizing economic account trade imbalances re-tools the US dollar into generational reliable trade account settlements.

There is no other:

  1. Settlement currency with the digital real time VAM – Velocity Accelerations and Momentums offered by the US dollar in circulation globally.
  2. Currency in circulation at required volumes to manage a day of trade settlements – there is no alternative of any kind.
  3. Stability – the currency resides within the worlds leading and largest economy ( by so far it is untouchable for 100 years into the future ) and the currency enjoys the absolute bedrock floor trust of the majority of all nations to make their trade settlements against.
  4. The dollar as a store of value at zero interest rate for a decade is now already returned to market rates of 3% shifting trillions from risk on equities to store of values in DOLLAR based 3% and rising compound store of value returns traditional from the 1900 period forward globally.
  5. Systemic integrations – within digital soaring valuations of trade goos and all asset classes the settlement currency integrated into digital daily automation is the US dollar WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY. Changing that bedrock foundation trade mechanism would at systemic levels create a global depression and in fact be impossible in any time frame of a generation.

For this reasons the pseudo economists self profiting from doom and gloom about the US dollar failing as a world reserve currency have had their theories shattered to broken glass in 2018. The US dollar is rising through record highs over the past six months…and in our predictions you “an’t seen nothing yet” as we say in the SOUTH.

Warren Buffet suggests in the middle of the US recession – that – it would be an act of extreme foolishness to make bets against AMERICA.

America within its new tax structure is sucking in trillions of new investment to plant – warehouse – assembly and job creation. All in 2018 and you truly an’t seen nothing YET.

America is THE SPACE to invest capital.

America is the market to profit within first.

Wealth building is “own America first as backbone ” and than diversify.

The US Dollar under President Donald Trump and team has in a year moved from a joke at sit coms to the prestige currency of the world every world citizen wants to hold SOME DOLLARS in their own reserve.

Said another way – in 2018 the Treasury can not keep up on US dollar demand investing. The time to normalize is self realizing – although we suggest go moderately and in longer time frames to anchor your growth systemically.

The risk in the world is debt defaulting by nations – looking in Asia and starting with CHINA as highest risk for a currency collapse and economic depression. Italy Span and Portugal make Greece ( endless bail out Greece ) look like a child’s wading pool in economics. Africa nations rise to the risk terror barrier. Defaults can cascade.

Debt default cascading is digital inter-linked to the entire system – and like a under sea earth quake – generate economic wave tsunami’s that make prior contagion seem like chewing bubble gum by comparison.

If central bank policy ( and it is a huge if ) moderates normalization as the EU just signaled they MAY in fact to – and graduate normalization over two decades versus five years – the expansion growth and “work out” of the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE may be manageable in fact.

If central banks profit their shareholder members – keeping in mind the light bulb reality – CENTRAL BANKS ARE PRIVATE NGO PROFIT MAKING SHARE FIRMS OWNED BY THE BANKS AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS THEY ARE CHARTERED BY NATONS TO GOVERN. This conflict is insane economics.


Central Banks in the modern digital interlinked world should have all their processes and procedures MERGED INTO THEIR STATE TREASURY – all debt to them paid off in a new bond class for sovereign nations ( phone Roel Campos at Hughs and Hubbard Washington DC ) – known as SUPER BONDS over 100 year pay backs – so that all nations are in the black and stay in the black economically.

Central Banks are the CAUSE of all global depressions, Super :Crashes and world wars. They and their members profit maximally in the organized chaos. This pattern is insane. This system is the FEW AGAINST THE MANY versus the MANY for the MOST.

Sanity in economics versus insanity.

The crises lay in two areas: Globally:

  1. The crises of social integrity and individual integrity.
  2. The crises of education that perpetuates the crises break down of integrity culturally.

We can fix all of it immediately.

ONE EMERGENCY ACT OF CONGRESS anywhere for any nation in 72 hours MERGES the CENTRAL BANK – say the FED’s 80 page charter ( Obama Care was 8000 pages ) – back into the US Treasury from where congress gave the FED its powers – a huge mistake.

Fix the mistake.

Treasury can run the money supply as it did for 400 years.

THE FED teams – are no accountable and audited. The Fed teams are keeping their siege book and their system models only now real regulation of criminal banks and investment banks takes place.

The world is a better place post merger.

Without that CASCADE of Central Bank Mergers – the historic rise of debt into default cascading for the first time in an AI software digital inter-linked market space – create risk with weapons mankind has never known before.


Sane COOPERATIVE CAPTIALISM systemically is obsessed with improving client customer benefits while making a profit.

Insane competitive communism and capitalism are obsessed with making insider stake holders maximum profits at all costs.

Sanity or insanity?

System reform or on going insanity and greed?

Integrity where systems replace trust or a world of distrust and negation ( the few elites against the many).

IT is simple to fix it all…..but of course given the money at stake it is never easy.

You are receiving a financial economic education on these blog pages no university or school imparts – which sets you free. You are free because you can act in authority and proactive economic wealth building from knowledge. Knowledge is power.

I was mentored by Napoleon Hill himself and by the tribe of the elites in Wall Street and the world economic capitols. I was a master student. I owned a global – publicly traded – investment banking institution that spanned the world. When my father became ill we sold the public institution and took over my fathers global training firm consulting to clients world wide. We in the 1980’s morphed that institution into CEO SPACE such that CEO’s would come to “us” versus our taking their desired work product to them in 27 hour airplane hops around the globe. For over 30 years CEO SPACE has led the industry from top to bottom on CEO currency in leadership – in strategy – alliance building – networking – and B to B success stories.

Our Graduates sign our praises on video as to capital infusions M&A success and IPO legendary outcomes. For decades. Read the blog on CEO SPACE published this same weekend just scroll. It is eye opening if you wish to engage the mentors even you can’t afford only now you can. You should. May 21st. Knowledge is urgent. Knowledge is the priority.

I suggest we do the following.

Lets bet on a long extended financial growth and boom period globally. Lets bet leaders become more sane than insane and cooperation and collaboration replace the insanity of competitive thinking moving forward in a new age of enlightened thinking.

Lets build a SAFE HARBOR from over the horizon economic storm clouds ( from rising central bank now out of control debt spirals in a debt global super spiral that is economically not sustainable ). Lets plan to profit in up or down markets and protect wealth as we go forward together?

Lets make smarter better plans and use a process like CEO SPACE or others you select of equal quality to bring your own leadership current inside a rapidly super changing market space the age of SUPER CHANGEs. To commit to the process you select to prioritize remaining current – keeping plans adjusted to ever more rapidly changing fully globalize market options – where those new options are continually coming into your radar by the process you selected – to BE BROUGHT CURRENT AND TO REMAIN CURRENT as a leader whose stake holders deserve your CURRENCY above all else.

If this all makes sense for you the following took place in our May 1st Weekend Blog 2018 – as we all SPRING FORWARD FINANCIALLY INTO THE LONGEST – RECORD SETTING – EXPANSION of our generation. We helped you to think differently and profit maximally with mind sets that now include:

  1. Your dollar strategy in trade goods now can hedge knowing the dollar is the # 1 oil producer nation petroleum currency and food current and leading GNP of all nations currency.
  2. Your Dollar backed by the full faith and credit of the Untied States ( all of us ) of AMERICA is by far the strongest world reserve economic currency in human history – ever. And so it will remain.
  3. The best managed economic system and the most entrepreneur diversified system on earth.
  4. The envy of the world – outside any press to say otherwise.
  5. Dreams happen everywhere on earth – but dreams happen in less time with less pain with lower cost in AMERICA than any nation – in any history – over 5000 years of human endeavor. DREAMS HAPPEN IN AMERICA AT A PACE NEVER SEEN FOR HUMANS OF ANY CLASS BEFORE OR EVER.

The great experiment of AMERICA is on going – self correcting and evolving to ever improving forms of HERSELF.

With all her great social debates – #metoo and woman full partnership where woman are never to be “prey” with Black Lives Matter where I started with Martin Luther King in my teens – with political economic and privacy on line and off line and rights and human dignity – America the imperfect is always faster than any space always raw open and in public view and accountable – debating how to improve herself. Always.

The pride of AMERICAN’s to simply BE AMERICAN is rising along with our US dollar and its strength and symbol of all the forgoing across the landscape of nations in the world today. America is rising up. American achievements are what the rest of the world is hacking and stealing as they simply can not match or catch up outside the theft as our IP and creation leads the entire world.

Break though upon break though.

Today the report is not about the dollar alone. It is about the soul and the heart space of the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Personally my pride rises most when Alabama beats Auburn but hey I’m a southern Boy at heart.

What is important?

US. We are important. We make the dollar and the strength of the dollar. US.


It is time to walk tall and be proud – no excuses – as we folks lead the free world for a reason of respect and honor. We are not perfect but we open all wounds and we heal them up. WE ARE DESERVING because we do that out front in public and before the entire world.




In AMERICA the pendulum also and always swings BACK as in no other nation upon the earth.

That experiment is on going and personally I remain proud to be a small bit playing contributing partner.

Berny Dohrmann – FOR THE US DOLLAR IN 2018 & BEYOND


PS: My standing ovation to the US TREASURY its Secretary and all the men and woman who make us what we are one dollar at a time.






Many unknowns plague the Spring Market space. These unknowns include:

  1. Economic war outcome of Central Bank normalization policy – too soon and too fast for profits in market to absorb – the disintermediation between BOND YIELDS now soaring and the market declining yields – which may produce a real Spring correction that is lasting.
  2. One Off Inflation – Oil the cost of everything at price war with market dynamics – CARTEL OR SUPPLY DEMAND – tied to Fed policy which creates a future dollar soaring and a summer OIL crash – if that occurs – the forces of Central Bank policy may be offset by tax policy hitting markets and equities return to bull market till 2020. No one knows. No one can predict.
  3. Trade Wars for real – inflation rises which central banks want – and ACCOUNT BALANCES which the US TREASURY called on the IMF this WEEKEND – to moderate – begin to actually moderate from unsustainable trade imbalances between nations to a new post world war II scheme – in which no nation is left behind and FAIR TRADE replaces subsidy trade following the war periods. No one knows. No one can predict.
  4. Debt Default cascade ( our big fear ) due to record debt at consumer corporate and nation levels – with a spiral up in Debt that is so record breaking and historic – the debt avalanche can not sustain refinancing at higher interest rates. This for sure creates SUPER CRASH and world catastrophe in all market spaces due to error in central bank policy on time and graduation modeling in economics – going where no man or system has gone before – AI Globalized software trading which is without mercy for error in policy.
  5. Infrastructure – health care reform – entitlement reform and tax reduction II – if passed following mid year elections going republican – as a moderation to rising interest rates – and a stimulation to replace FED removal of stimulation too early – or if democrats win congress in mid year – NOT SO MUCH and risk on for SUPER CRASH just a matter of when spend to the end policies fail and system crashes.

We have HOPE the mid year election will display BACKLASH. The largest back lash is from the cross over votes on the President having his attorney searched like a KGB at 3 AM versus a due process collection of same information. The police state action has rattled all American’s and miscalculates the following.


The Special Prosecutor has a narrow mandate from the office of the ATTORNEY GENERAL to investigate Russia collision in the Federal elections of the President and Congress.

The Special Prosecutor does not have “legal authority” to now at his own justice abuse of due process and mandate open his investigation to STORMY DANIEL – Election Abuse – or any crimes for say Donald Trump’s attorney. Those outside the SCOPE OF THE OFFICE OF THE SPECIAL PROSECUTOR – whether you hate or love Trump – is wrong. That scope of other issues of law is the purview of the ATTORNEY GENERAL and the department of Justice not the Special Prosecutor. Upon finding NO ABUSE or collision in the election the office of the SPECIAL PROSECUTOR should retire or be retired. The on going “witch hunt” which is today is political – outside mandate of due process – and demonstrating the absolute need for JUSTICE REFORM Hillary and Trump both have stated is defacto urgent for our unborn generation.

This creates as American voters are SMARTER than spin doctors believe and “we all get IT” the real IT is bigger than WHO is in office – we get THAT. BACKLASH is when we vote in a congress of replicants that can govern and give us jobs, peace , infrastructure, and reforms to balance our budget in fact through American 5% Growth. We have done it before and we can do it NOW. Again.

The issue is for the world…..WILL WE DO IT?

The growth of record earnings are not able to sustain stock equity valuation rises, against rising bond market yields, in complex economics, which never lie. As the GNP falls, due to political not economic head winds, as the economy driven by wrong minded FED policy cools too soon too rapidly – the shift of trillions from equities going on now to bond higher safe yields bets ( not taking into account the higher risk of DEBT CASCADING DEFAULTS From ever higher interest ) – the markets are in for a wild ride.

If we had to bet today and we don’t – we would say;

  1. The markets will continue to correct in the SPRING PROIT TAKING from historic record highs to profit accounts with new % of capital moving to bond investing this Spring. Disintermediation of portfolio betting.
  2. The markets will stabilize this summer.
  3. The markets will rise into 2020 to 30,000 DOW and even 50,000 DOW over five to seven years – IF the congress goes Republican and if not – risk on – and these records will not be realized in 2019/2020.
  4. Following a bull summer forward period as the market rebalances the overall market will rise with the wild card of democrats winning and impeaching the President – a time money waste – that blocks legislation until the new President is elected.
  5. A 2019 late or 2020 SUPER CRASH driven by errors in global central bank policy – of tightening and normalizing on a schedule of sixty months that should have been ten years or longer in duration of graduations. The error can drive DEBT DEFAULT CASCADING inside a software AI global market to Liquidity Evaporation Day ( LED ) upon which the system itself freezes all trade stops and the every country for itself creates a system melt down worse than 1929.

We have suggested moving out on peaks to diversified insurance investing is the safe strategy for this period. If you wish to bet in casino capitalism with margin investing your capacity to “lose more than everything” rises in proportion to your strategy.

Today software and 10,000 Super Money pools control all liquidity and capital pricing and market activity. Wealth is consolidation to unsustainable levels. The illusion software moderates trading ranges fails to consider the parameter LIMITS OF SOFTWARE early generational designs, and digital war fare technologies on economics of nations – in which risk-less risk as a theory driving market makers today is a false assumption, as it was in real estate in 2007 – but far worse today. Why?

Leverage. The DECADE of global free money as diluted market diversity within capital pools manipulating prices outside regulatory frame works of nations. Today greed has no accountability by regulations developed for the centuries of paper trading markets versus global software managed markets a – five year shift that the world has never known in economics before.

We have lobbied in our blog, well read by treasury and leaders globally to initiate a G 100 ECONOMIC GLOBAL ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS. To develop a three year – hosted on the BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII most free of politics – an economist reform to GLOBAL TRADING RULES all nations ratify into final treaty over sixty months. Just this work would stabilize all markets. The mission is fair trade and NO NATION LEFT BEHIND within rule based trading.

Transparency and RECIPROCITY TRADE LAWS developed from this Congress of the G 100 World leading nations – defines – automation in all nations adjust MATCHING TARRIFF”s so that any nation inside the EGEC TRADE RULES automatically conforms in the global trading treaty nations. Those who raise tariff’s know everyone else matches those tariff’s – by automated software the TREATY requires of nations signing the new treaty. This way nations by rule of trade – conform to cooperate versus compete.

Further the NEW COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM presented in the Bible on this topic – the publication REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION at Amazon – creates a G 100 that care for one another versus profit and exploit one another. Maximum care and mutual respect under new rule of trade laws in digital space globally – versus todays screw unto others before thou are screwed unto insane trade policies we all inherited from others long dead.

Todays trade laws and regulations are fully obsolete.

We all need to modernize them.

We do this incrementally over enormous time lines.

Or we perish economically and then we do it.

Which way as Alice put her hand in wonderland on her head eating her tiny cake – which way ?

No one knows yet.

Berny Dohrmann – SUNDAY REPORT April 22nd 2018




The SEC is the leading market regulatory body in the world not just the United States. All nations copy eventually SEC rules and structures that  work to provide orderly security markets, capital flows, and regulatory oversight  to moderate pure greed and abuse in  global trading system modeling. The SEC is not looking for fraud – as Fraud from Wells Fargo Bank to major Wall Street Firms is now epidemic – and  is everywhere today and it is digital and on line as never before. The SEC is stressed on regulatory mandate manpower and resources as the burden to regulate is global and soaring in resource consecution without offsetting SEC UPGRADING IN AUTHORITY MANDATES OR BUDGET APPROPRIATE FOR 2020 and beyond.

General Mathis suggests AMERICAN CAN ALWAYS AFFORD SURVIVAL. I believe BEFORE OUR MILITARY our economic system must be protected and the SEC is the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE for this role increasingly made terrifying in the hack world of state sponsored digital terror on our economic institutions – asymmetrical war fare. The SEC is our first line of defense for our Military our way of life and our system – that supports the entire world and we are under increasingly threats as never known before – as it is all digital in only ten years of time.

Since the 1990’s – in only a decade really – the paper trading regulatory frame work – all of it – has become obsolete. The market today is an antique regulatory model T level frame work, evolved from the 1933 security acts after the Great Depression. Firewalls that precludes investment banks with their high risk tolerance from owning banks or banks owning investment banks, worked to insulate your grand mother’s core deposits from highly speculative margin ETF trading. That all came down in 1999 and now bank deposits are like 1929 invested in which way a class of asset may go at leverage never seen before and outside prior regulatory guidance and frame works.

The SEC was IED’d when against their advice  and frankly CEO SPACE advice in 1999 –  the Congress in the last three hours of their last session before Holiday Christmas break – of the Bill Clinton Administration – voted unanimously – yes you heard that right – to destroy over 800 Depression level fire wall laws from 1933. This was led by Greenspan economic theory on deregulations – that CEO SPACE opposed to every congress person we could reach siding with the SEC regulators who saw what was likely to unfold immediately after these effective 70 years of depression fire wall laws protected the core system game down  …and what the SEC only suspected WOULD happen  became far  worse than they anticipated in fact. Or any of us. Because the wealth markets consolidated to less than 10,000 super money pools controlling global trading all by AI SOFTWARE wars no regulatory or CEO SPACE could imagine in those years at that point in time. Who could have seen THAT?

The market free of depression regulations for the first time in 70 years – exploding with speculations and wealth consolidations. The structured assets – new inventions in financial investing, no longer constrained by local blue sky regulation of the Congress in the USA – began to be structured  globally to flash high volume trade in the cloud outside regulations – and in side bets on which way any asset you an name would go – seeking to manipulate price ranges – which the AI software has done and still does – in a spiral of the investment banking SOFTWARE WARS the public and law makers truly do not appreciate yet nor its full on risk to system circulation.

Structured assets – a bit of a write up by itself actually – but lets say the basis of casino capitalism is these elements of the 1999 Mistake in Congressional legislation and the  unintended consequences the Congress lacks resources to predict and remain ahead of and which frankly risk a system global melt down sooner than later – at core: WHY?

  1. Today every asset class – is price range established by structured asset digital trading speculations, where side bets that are not capital flowing into economies – but casino side bets as to  WHICH WAY AN ASSET MAY GO in the future as to price ( in theory in software prescribed trading ranges to effect maximum profits in the least time via massive trading velocities and volumes )  – the very side bets that destroyed all markets in the Great Depression and where then made criminal in 1933 and made LEGAL again in 1999 – are now fully digital – for the first time in human market history and global. A digital Casino with leverage and global volumes of wealth consolidation that makes the 1929 tribe look like a Childs wading pool compared to the deep dive olympic pool we now stand on the board of – hope the water is not drained in digital  minutes  before I dive – into wipe out. Wipe out globally 1929 never imagined was possible even.
  2. All the regulations for todays world  markets are blue Sky local to nations these laws apply to – the trading is digital – and in the cloud – and is outside the trading parameters of the nations  and their regulatory agencies like the SEC. For the first time.
  3. The digital trading volume for global markets has consolidated with leverage 1929 never had by ratio at this debt super spiral – another unwanted feature of digital economic casino realities – where the 1800’s court mandated a trading model was a body of FIDUCIARY GUIDANCE -which  no longer applies in regulatory application – because 10,000 super money pools globally dominated by shadow banking – dark pools – commercial banks – sovereign nation funds and the like – trade by AI SOFTWARE which is so rapidly  evolving and far  too rapidly for present SEC rules and regulations and digital limited resources from Congress –  to moderate and manage under the current antique outdated system of regulations. WORLD WAR III is largely financial and economic and the SEC is not Congressionally empowered to win this war – but they can if Congress gives them the tools authority and budget upgrades the they require and desired to get out front of the digital casino risking world system collapse.
  4. The DIGITAL CASINO MARKET is driven by wild speculations of software trading against software. There is no reasonable regulatory constraint to unwanted speculations or volatility like the markets have never known – nor buffer from digital weapons and attacks to the new digital market a new 2018  wild wild frontier racing for real self aware self learning AI. Look – no humans involved. Mindless unfolding for profits at any cost irrespective of ethics and outcomes – a GREED MACHINE out of any and every prior age of control – OUT OF CONTROL Folks.
  5. The SEC and all security regulator agencies now have the LARGEST NEW BURDEN To re- regulate the global DIGITAL LANDSCAPE a horse race out of the barn after the 2001 9/11 and Dot.Bomb first digital speculations – without NEW LAWS SO BADLY REQUIRED AND NEW BUDGETS SO DESPERATELY REQUIRED to grant the SEC the RE-REGULATORY FRAME WORK the new digital markets require – a NEW SECURITY LAW FRAME WORK WITH A MUCH HIGHER BUDGET TO unwanted wealth consolidation – unwanted speculation and all with a lake of transparency they must RE- REGULATE GLOBALLY.

We have for the past  five years – watching the scale tilt – where trillions moved from human managed trading accounts all over the world – to consolidation of these trillions into less than 10,000 super money pools that trade OUTSIDE regulatory frame works of the past – designed by law markers before TV – the INTERNET – OR DIGITAL TRADING AND COMPUTERS existing in the paper market space of those  1933 laws. The laws have failed to keep pace with the NEW DIGITAL MARKETS which again just like in the 1920’s have become a totally unwanted and super dangerous  casino capitalism. This speculation market now fully digital run by AI SOFTWARE  moves all bank deposits into high velocity trading in wild speculations that are leveraged increasingly to a point that the entire CASINO must end badly. A SUPER CRASH and a wipe out of the current rules based system entirely due to unforeseen circulation evaporations which are permanent. Destroyed the global system utterly.


The SEC requires for the entire world and financial system at core  a CONGRESSIONAL REGULATORY RE-THINK – the most massive updating of SECURITY REGULATIONS to restore fiduciary economics to markets – criminalize once again unwanted speculations that are not capital flowing into real economics – and redirecting capital to the economic development of humanity by law – reducing unwanted system and individual risk – in a fully digital world.

Today the markets are not markets.

The market is a giant casino.

The casino has three new aspects to speculation that the roaring 20’s that bought us bank and system total failure but at leverage and trading velocities the roaring 20’s  did not have in 1929:

  • Digital trading of Velocity Accelerations and Momentums of capital movements in less than one second by AI software – not even imagined in 1933 when security regulations were drafted. VAM.
  • Consolidations – where largely offshore – redistribution of market trading – is controlled in fact by less than 10,000 super money pools and this consolidation is accelerating in time frames never seen before – such that the dog of trading world wide is now software between super money pools in a literal AI software race for profits without constraints – and every quarter repeating what as made criminal in 1933 is now legal and unregulated to moderate greed and system abuse. Regulators are playing catch up and being left faster than farther behind. The tail is stake holder trading buying a bond or stock or any asset class. Side betting now is larger by ratio’s never seen in 1929 bucket shops – manipulating pries in a full on casino capitalism but this time entirely global. As everyone is making SO MUCH PROFIT on top of this house of cards while it lasts no one wants to RE-REGULATRE THE FINANCIAL MARKETS OF THE WORLD. If we don’t however the system fails and world war is the bad process to restart a new system replacing the old one which is simply gone for forever by neglect.
  • Leverage – the SUPER LEVERAGE of the most massive SUPER  DEBT Bubble of all human history – global – digital – rising so fast no one can track it – warning after warning from the IMF who lack digital frame works to regulate the new digital debt  casino – represent a spiral that will as it did in 1929 destroy the very institutions profiting today from their Digital new toys and profit inventions. We have suggested SUPER BOND THEORY to reset this debt Super Bubble where we all  will still have time to thwart a global system  disaster now in full development.

The huge enemy revolves around these forces and influences as we see it. The hugh human weight in agencies and congress of THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT when in economics the VW rabbit is now a warp eight star ship and digital creating casino capitalism which has no regard for VW traffic laws or traffic cops. Without a massive REGULATORY RE THINK the system WILL FAIL and when is the only issue. Neglect of our system upgrading is why – the only reason why.

Next the profits being made by the largest lobby to the law makers – Wall Street IN ALL NATIONS – who buy and sell the law machines – is not about to see RE-REGULATION influence its insanity over their profits any time soon. Feel that pressure as we do.


The leadership of the GREED MACHINE and I know because I was one of them – I headed a public brokerage firm and lived in the Wall Street Tribe a lot of my adult life – and I KNOW the thinking process is more mindless than you realize and profit driven to all other considerations. Oceans of Ivy League MBA’s are justifying the riskless risk theory that the software is moderating risk – is fiduciary – is breeding a new market space of never ending parameters of risk management. In fact profits are software forged today within a new experience in economics humanity has never known in only ten years, and the VAM is accelerating, where in the profit makers are way way behind the market reality of the spiral in SUPER DIGITAL DEBT AND LEVERAGE taking place on system core circulation risk, and the industry has no SYSTEM OR RISK CONVENTION to review the leveraged speculation taking place versus real economic stake holder  investing.

Finally the new digital space, is so far outside old antique SEC regulatory modeling – that the risk is LED or LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY. In Digital velocity and consolidations the trigger being DEBT DEFAULT CASCADES that digitally happen in seconds – trigger software in the digital casino –  to all selling  and all the time – buyers are just gone – and this LED event evaporates market liquidity. The sell orders are too great to liquidate and the global system freezes in time frames unknown before. Further the system freeze bursts the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE INTO FANTASTIC CASCADE NO REGULATORY FRAME WORK TODAY CAN ACCOMMODATE  NOR HAS EVEN MATH MODELING FOR – YET –  big to fail – but they all fail and they fail in hours not weeks or monthas a DEBT CASCADE bankrupts the financial institutions you think are too secure and REGULATED to FAIL but:  – when LED occurs from digital casino  software due to totally unwanted wild 2018 speculations in global markets –  to make mindless profits without software parameters to protect and safeguard  economic circulation – and lack of regulatory frame work to the world digital casino trading making the core market today by %. will system fail in our opinion utterly – and in such a fast time frame.  This shift to digital % controlling all casino  market values by speculations upon all forward asset classes from currency to commodities to stocks and bonds – from structured new asset classes to ever new speculations being invented today like SUPER VIX TRADING – is a shift that occurred in five years – a finger snap to the SEC and world regulatory agencies. Too fast to adapt to. Congress never saw it coming and still does not get it. The SEC is in overwhelm understaffed under budgeted fighting to protect and keep safe the financial system of the world.

THE CONGRESS OF SHAME NEEDS TO FIX THIS BEFORE INFRASTRUCTURE FOLKS – again in our opinion at CEO SPACE representing small business world wide.

The bought and paid for law makers world wide are provided endless studies on how theories like what I and other economists suggest here –  are insane and in fact their digital trading has reduced risk such that a 1929 depression is impossible. In fact the risk is spiraling to a catastrophe far far beyond the 1929 Great Depression. And you know why now.

To SEC REGULATORY UNDER- STAFFING  – compared to no SEC with the 1929 system destruction is for the first time CRASH LIKELY AND  possible globally now and yes again -fully  global today – and is far worse a risk danger  than it was in 1929 and is imminent due to digital software creating a casino capitalism world wide.

The only fix is to RE-REGULATE THE CASINO back to sanity. This will take leadership in congress who understand the single core issue – speculative digital trading in weighted velocities – that risk system circulation and total financial system destruction. They fail to see the risk like they failed to see the sub prime risk we all wrote about here for years prior to 2008.

For the first time digital weapons by sovereign nations can profit from bringing the system down. These weapons have been used and are being used. Nations are using Digital weapons to destabilize our systems and that is far more serious than Russia on Face book Folks. Everyone at DOD and XTREME SOLUTIONS in Atlanta know this and have read as leadership Kevin Freeman’s work  in THE SECRET WEAPON the book on this topic all regulatory agencies must read and study and his sequel update GAME PLAN (telling you why no agency or congress is fixing this core problem )  a proof of how nations are firing  digital weapons at our  DIGITAL CASINO – the Bible on what is really going on out there and Kevin runs a Hedge Fund and knows as a DOD contractor how to report the hard data  on digital attacks by sovereign nations  to the three letter agencies. They know. NO one is fixing this problem made so much worse in 2018 as the digital compression of markets is becoming a death spiral without human capacity to moderate it. The digital nukes and TERMINATOR MOVIE is financial folks it is taking the teeth away from SEC when we moved our markets from paper to digital – without updating the regulatory frame work. I mean really a child gets this on line today.

This is NOT 1929.

This is so much worse a risk of system bank and investment bank total destruction. A restart for the entire world requiring a world war as is historic to get humanity out of the PAIN DRAIN spirally up with AI software and no re-regulation in sight form congress world wide:


  1. Congress in three hours before Christmas Break in the last Bill Clinton session – tore up the Depression Firewall Laws – and brought back the casino – with the best intentions – but totally wrong minded as to where we needed to go. The unintended consequences of these wrong headed laws  leave us with – they don’t want to admit they made a mistake – and the market profiting does not regulations to moderate their greed machine.
  2. This action brought us into casino capitalism which is outside SEC and global regulatory frame work of the past – a digital casino global and fully  in the cloud outside all blue sky law – where we experienced our first almost full system melt down in 2008 which cost us over 20  trillion in wealth in less than 90  days only –  and trillions in tax payer debt to save the TOO BIG TO JAIL AND FAIL – criminal investment bankers now legalized by congress in 1999. In early Feb 2018 in less than 10 days the wealth wipe out was over 6 TRILLION DOLLARS Globally. REGULATION AND SEC EMPOWERMENT would stop all the casino risk taking place and wealth wipes outs.
  3. Today the spiral of leverage -super digital  debt never seen or known before  – and speculation investing by. banks and super money pools – thinking there is RISKLESS RISK from software constructions and “betting modeling” in the new digital  casino – which is truly all software side betting the dog – against the tiny bets of the tail – real acquisition of real asset – betting – AI against AI doing the world side  bets – controls the entire velocity price manipulations and up and downs of trillions upon trillions in capital. LED crashes the markets and liquidity almost crashed the entire system ( again ) as circulation and liquidity are the risk in the new global digital casino for catastrophic outcomes due to neglect to upgrade regulatory frame works.
  4. Volatility that is unwanted in economic systems – is the reason the SEC WAS CREATED to assure fiduciary capital flow structured by legal frame work and  rule based guidance – which has been outdated by old laws for paper trading which can not adapt to digital era trading and a REGULATORY RESET is required with a massive budget increase to the SEC as America can always afford  economic SURVIVAL of the entire global economic system and insure the core system does not fail – which it may before new laws are created by neglect and the influence of greed itself.
  5. Timing the  wobbling of SUPER VOLATILITY CYCLES the market accommodates in casino capitalism as NEW NORMAL is not new normal – it is distress of the core system and liquidity – it is evidence of serious liquidity circulation core risk – that current regulations and nations lack tools and tactics to moderate.

WITHOUT A NEW SEC MANDATE and BUDGET it is my fear – much like the three blind mice of 1929 – who looked at facts and economics like we present in this blog – as crying wolf as crying THE SKY IS FALLING as trillions do not want the GREED MACHINE – that is the way we have always done it ( for only ten years ) – cement to human change or improvement that:

THE ENTIRE GLOBAL ECONOMIC SYSTEM IS AT THE MOST SERIOUS RISK SINCE 1929…. all the while profiting inside the roaring 20’s like boom right up to the free fall off the economic cliff no one ever saw at all……

The SYSTEM can freeze and fail without a recovery option from nations and institutions – in a time frame – 72 hours – never known before – within the new UNREGULATED landscape of digital casino capitalism.

The notion “some one” is on top of this is madness.

The notion some one is out front of the pace of these changes to core global markets – is denial and insane.

The notion we all are in denial upon – some ONE is protecting us – some one – surely – is on top of this – is absolutely FALSE. READ GAME PLAN and we’ll prove it to you by Kevin Freeman and why.

The LARGEST REGULATORY RE-THINK in 70 years is needed to get on top of all this and ideally by agreement of the G 100 as I outlined in the blue print in my own book to  bring  a template to RE- REGULATE the global casino – to save the system available on Amazon is  REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION.

Finally, the idea of competition is the one virus of insanity on human consciousness. Competition is a form of insanity in thought.

Cooperation is the virus removal tool.

Cultures that are cooperative out perform cultures that are competitive always.

Cooperative cultures reside on integrity as their DNA.

Competitieve cultures reside on the lack of integrity as their DNA – screw unto others before thou are screwed unto is a form of final human madness.

Competitive cultures are toxic to humanity and the planet.

Cooperative cultures are replenishing to humanity and the planet.

Competition is the first pollution – mind pollution.

Competition economics leads to total system failure and world war.

Cooperative economics leads to unlimited human prosperity within regulations that moderate competitive greed ( insanity ).

Competitive thought is criminal.

Cooperative thought is sane.

Until new laws are developed to RE-REGULATE global financial markets we can predict the future. It is not an economic happy ending –

The casino will wind up leverage until a liquidity evaporation day LED and then the entire global system will freeze – never to recover – and leadership will say as they do – woe is me – how did this every happen – when in fact they need to hear- ask not for whom that bell tolls for it tolls for thee. Your negligence caused it all. 7 Billion suffering from a few failing to repair system negligence that has gone on too long.

So less than 1,000,000 Super Wealthy, and less than 10,000 super money pools are engaged in insane competitive software AI wars to manipulate digital  casino capital market pricing – to create endless profits they believe with software and new financial structured asset inventions represent truly RISK-LESS RISK. Only that theory model is a total lie.

So that house of cards is going to fall harder than Kevin Spacey folks.

The economics of the first digital casino capital – all controlled by software for the very first time with 10,000 super money pools and their software wars controlling the larger % of all global trading activity is itself an upside down pyramid of PARTICIPATORY INDEX that itself is a disaster in economics of UNWANTED SUPER DEBT LEVERAGE AND WEALTH CONSOLIDATION AGAINST THE ENORMITY OF LEVERAGE SPECULATION AND SIDE BETTING INFLUENCING ALL PRICING TO ALL ASSET CLASSES OUTSIDE ANTIQUE REALITY FRAME WORKS OF THE PAST  -which  is a financial mansion in the world fully on fire and burning to the foundation itself without any fire escapes.

The only way to save  the entire structure is to RE- REGULATE the world market and the SEC is the only body with the brain power – leadership starting with former commissioner ROEL CAMPOS – and others – who appreciate the risk – because they helped save the financial system of the entire world in 2008.

They can RE-REGULATE if Congress will mandate them to DO JUST THAT and provide to the 2018 congress while time remains to save the core system – for SEC recommendations upon new  LEGISLATION GUIDANCE to :




It is my opinion time is running out for the elastic of old laws and rules in the new digital casino to preclude a system failure at core.

We see a wild ride for a time – with a terrific economic boom and growth – just like before 1929 – but sometime in five to seven years we will reach that final cliff within plenty of terror along the way and we do – no power on earth will put that failed system back together again – we will have to start over – and it all is so greed machine driven and not necessary. All preventable.

Today software resides over money circulations at leverage and volumes never experienced inside a digital casino evolving for profit maximization to capital not seeing the super risk being expanded.

We need to return MINDS over MONEY again and RE-REGULATION is the only way to do that task in the evolving digital spiral regulators play catch up against. System risk moderation is the desired outcome.

Presented as a PUBLIC SERVICE to the over stressed regulatory staff in all nations – to impress on law makers of the urgent  need to re-tool the regulatory frame work from 1933 to 2020- in a digital casino capitalism 2018  that needs supervision that is now a core  risk to the entire global economic system due to software freeze ups for  liquidity and circulation – due to unwanted consolidations of trading and unwanted speculation that was in 1999 a crime, but is now legal theft of the wealth of nations institutions and individuals outside all economic frame works desired. Speculative software parameters lack the coding to accommodate LED or liquidity evaporation day as a new class group of world trading – control to all market spaces. THAT IS THE CORE RISK at the moment.







So I hear this news report. Actually one I’ve been waiting to see GET OUT THERE on Sunday September 17th if your time lining date lines. The reporter gave all this data. On public Real Estate Investment Trusts, which have been popular in 2017. Why?

REITS whom my Brother publisher of Institutional Real Estate News that ranks and rates public REITS in Walnut Creek California – if your a REIT buyer look his 30 year Gold Standard publication up and frankly subscribe if your Private Equity Hedge Fund or Sovereign Wealth fund managing. If your PRESS I’d include Geof Dohrmann in any and every story on REITS as the GOD OF REIT data and this fake news did not do that of course.

Oh I had my force field up and firewall up for the private agenda the story represented. So in summary of a long video report on the data the details can be wrapped up into:

  1. Riets Have been great investments returning over 8 a% in 2017 so far.
  2. Riets have massive capital infusion as insulation to a SUPER BOND bubble.
  3. Riets have become bond surrogates for balancing portfolio’s.
  4. However if RIETS see higher interest rates from the Fed in Dec the free money tray stops and RIET return and RIET market price may dip.
  5. Actually she said WILL DIP and then she reported that S&P up 70% this year soon to be 100% – in a single year are you kidding me – earned 11% and are the better investment. Implying before the Fed announcement the conservative bond surrogate investor should rush back to the S&P and its all risk ON fully RISK ON. According the expert.

If you saw the lower third flash by it was up for less than 2 seconds folks only at the end, your firewall and force field sent you a NOTIFICATION on your new IPHONE X because you deserve to know – that hey – this on salary analyst on SALARY with Standard and Pools just did an informercial embed into a world wide news cast on a global channel.

So there are pay opportunities for:

  1. The spot
  2. Advertising contracts for the spot
  3. Features of the challenge at Standard and Poor

In the never ending new model for news – which revolves around:


  • Owner bias mandates known as editorial policy
  • Overrides to editorial policy by owner mandates
  • Making news entertainment using maximum sensation to sell mindless crap to consumers and pay the bills with bonus and shareholder bumps
  • Shackling new to policy as never before to appeal to new propensity base
  • Utter failure to report real news to us – dumbing down the public
  • Fake news misleading the public to desired outcome – buy S&P
  • Profiting from the news skew in new and maximum ways commerically

If you lack a firewall or a force field when digesting news – you need to install one. You need to ask yourself when you review news:

  1. What is the internal bias of the news source – liberal – conservative – other
  2. You need to ask what is the economics of this story – Florida being recent
  3. You need to ask yourself who profits from the story
  4. You need to ask what is shallow reporting and what is deep
  5. You need to ask is this story fair balanced and in integrity or is it a spin.

There are other things you should ask yourself but you install a Fake News Firewall when you add in five to thrive here. Also remove emotion. When a person is vilified  by fact news reviewing five minute commercial break PACKETS to see who is still tuned in – say – that person is nothing like they are saying – there is an entirely other side of the story the full opposite of the story and I”m waiting to find it and deeper dive. America give every other American the benefit of the DOUBT in these times that tar and feathering in media should be a crime and that the real story will come out and the worst folks are better than we see reported. No one is the total of their worst five minutes of decisions. No one. You. Me. Anyone. Human life is bigger than that report of judgement blame and vilification. Own your own firewall and force field to the spin to sell you mindless crap.

Finally electronic media is dying. We are buying our goods at Amazon because it works and we save money and we save time and we enjoy best versus better experiences they – at Amazon are obsessed yesterday was never good ENOUGH. Thanks Jeff for THAT philosophy of your great IP.

If you buy at Best Buy they can’t take on line two credit cards. Now in IT world that is a customer service breach that forcing you into their stores is switch their best steadily to AMAZON for better prices and services. Its like Kodak management trying to preserve hard film markets in a digital Theatrical camera of the higher quality to make movies called IPHONE X. You and tune our and stop anything you desire except progress. The markets will run over the ostrich butts with heads in the holes as far as the eye can see for the massive part of humanity who does not wish to STAY CURRENT. In fact you will pay more – have worse experiences ( lots worse ) and you will be come irrelevant.

So REIT’s own malls and commercial real estate.

Rising interest rates make five year bond refinancing of these commercial spaces in many cases no longer pencils with declining traffic at retail.

A record default is already taking place in 2017 at 100 billion dollars and climbing as the banks become commercial property managers of crap. Next year this number could rise to 500 billion due to re-finance volume world wide. As the banks leaving free money must pay for money finally, they will actually have to charge MORE for loans finally. Only in declining real estate this will sink the commercial space into further gloom and doom in an effect we call CASCADE.

It may be from China to the USA the financial contagion event, will be what Sub prime was to a decade ago to our current investor generation – only the math modeling is much larger in the default space and the recovery of those prices are impossible.

So a bank could: and did:

  1. Legally steal your home in foreclose as your property was upside down – you were paying a mortgage where the sale price of your home was lower than the mortgage. You were GOING BROKE SAFTELY. Millions walk away not even being economists or math majors. They used Calc app on their iPhone and acted by the numbers.
  2. The banks ended up with 60,000 unoccupied homes in 24 months in Tampa Bay alone as one distress city not counting from Sea to Shinning Sea.
  3. The banks could wait – and as home prices recovered – loosing a bit of interest – resell the home to protect their mortgage total – and end up winning on the property pools – making fortunes by legal theft of your property.
  4. The banks put you in the non-economic mortgage ( 100% no money down financing to 90% ) when your credit was well iffy. Second grade school teachers and window washers had five homes and the banks were calling them – more loans – go get more – more loans. The banks wrote the paper than sold it immediately under their new digital model of riskless risk. Which used to be a crime but was now legal. So criminal economics was made legal and off when your largest money pool – deposits from all of us – being used at 50 to 1 leverage ( which used to be illegal ) but is now legal to make mindless profits. See Wells Fargo fabricating millions upon millions of customer phony accounts and reporting that to their regulators as profits. Does anyone go to prison? No. I went to prison for 87,000 dollars based on what I should have known on a junk bond as owner of a. major public brokerage firm five years after the bond defaulted in the 1987 stock market crash. Under that theory of law the board and senior management are in criminal contempt and should be put into jail for the billions they stole from the public making fraud accounts. But no. They factored it all in. Each billion costs a 100 million dollar fine years later and paid over time so that current market value of money and cash make the cost of doing criminal business pay. My court records define I never profited directly or indirectly from the perfectly legal bond sale which later defaulted due to market conditions beyond anyone’s control under new management and ownership. I was retroactively ( under the laws applied ) held responsible solely as owner. Today the management of the too big to jail are not held responsible so the fact is – crime pays – it pays big – and economically systems fail when integrity is so far gone public institutions like Wells Fargo Bank become criminal organizations. I’m sorry? We are moving everyone in CEO SPACE out of Wells Fargo bank which will see the largest decline in profits and customer base deposits in history over the coming year. Unless of course the leadership goes to jail. The fines to the state are too big to create any potential for panic – runs on banks – or economic system interruption – so the fix is in – the deals are made – and you are led by criminal organizations from VW BANK to Japanese Airbag manufactures who make profits killing us with they knew it all the time faulty designed products. Because it simply pays – its profitable to be a fraud and if your a big and larger fraud you never go to jail your way too big to jail. When that happens your system is going to fail folks – and if you don not see that your reading news I’ll need to learn about in your comment section on this blog. Its not the news I’m sharing with you all I label as in a fraud world – THE TRUTH.
  5. The banks have done the sub prime in commercial. The commercial with lower income needs loan roll over’s ever five years at same terms. Only now the free money loan roll overs that kept the afloat with credit like we have never seen it before are returning to market rates. In distress commercial just gives the keys to the mall – strip malls – office parks and says here – you own the this property now lower in value than your mortgage UPSIDE DOWN COMMERCIAL IS SPREADING LIKE A PLAGUE – a multi trillion dollar plague – and the default graph is chilling already this year – by ratio and year to year comparison – and the rate of rising default is accelerating as the interest rates rise up. Price supported commercial is coming to its own sub prime bank default crises or contagion. Remember you head that first HERE.

Now my little younger S&P reporter trying to be a big girl news anchor where she is far from – attempted to sell you – to SELL YOU – on moving from REITS into S&P. Now the S&P if you look at charts goes how far down in normal markets when interest rates rise …again? Easy to look up. But when markets have gone up 100% in a single year in a frenzy SUPER BUBBLE larger than 2007 as the SUPER BUBBLE includes a SUPER BOND BUBBLE a



And these all asset class SUPER BUBBLES all burst at once.

Liquidity is gone in 90 minutes not 90 days. Never possible before.

In real time unregulated digital global markets ( your system today ) the consequence of CONTAGION – CASCADE – AND SUPER BUBBLE SUPER CRASH – is that all orders are sell – and their are no bargain seekers buying. The markets plunge by 100’s and 100s of points. 2200 dow or 6400 dow as I predicted the new bottom. Folks think I’m an idiot at 6400 new high for the DOW.

We will see . We will see.

What will save you?

Easy diversified insurance investing:

  • Annuities are your bonds
  • Index is your market protector
  • Permanent insurance is your bank and liqudity

See an insurance investment professional with a top tier firm that paid our earnings when the BANKS were closed in the depression. Folks who follow this model will preserve their nest egg and under the only rule in economics – buy low and sell high – make fortunes after the CASCADE.

So this education item alerts you to how NEWS is being REPORTED and truly it is no longer fake news – demonizing a target to sell mindless crap – it is now FRAUD NEWS with internal conflict of interest to maximum station revenues against your reliance on true news – integrity editorial policy that ended when John Chancellor Died – the FTC and the FCC were bought off – and we never again heard Good Night Chet…Good Night David – when real news like driving your Chevy to the Levy and you cried….the day that the music died……..

Two men control the news in the USA – Marlon and Murdock. What has the FTC done to preclude consolidation in:

  1. Communication mergers
  2. Hotel mergers – recent Starwood and Marriott
  3. Banks and investment banks

I”m just naming three – but from technology to monopolies the agency to keep market channels with more choice for consumers is no longer the agency that broke up AT&T.

Regulatory failure is a system cost as consolidation – 1% owing more wealth than 99% distorted desired market circulations into the most profitable corrupt form of capitalism regulations – keep out – we call CASINO CAPITALISM.

Casino Capitalims you can scroll and read about in depth in this blog series of the past several weeks only. Current. Data founded. The truth.

CASINO CAPITAL is the market space where 3 trillion is invested in real economic activity and 440 trillion is invested in side bets as to which way any asset may go up or down – manipulating prices and making profits either way. Totally illegal in 1999 fully legal in 2000. When 1% elite super money own more wealth than 99% of “us” in total the system we are living with becomes FATALLY UNSTABLE.

Eventually economic accounts must rebalance.

Today 100 Trillion dollars in the EU is what would be legally labeled on financial statements as delinquent or bad loans. Another 100 Trillion is bad loans in Asia. Financial institutions are exempt legally from fair market accounting. They show these loans as ASSETS for if they had to report them with integrity as crap banks from Italy to Span are fully bankrupt as are their nations – same for China. Fraud creates bankruptcy avoidance even if it is legal government permitted fraud.

Economics must fully rebalance its accounts over time.

That is the LAW no congress can change as they try and manipulate and delay the time line.

There are creative ways out but only our team in DC has them – as far as we can tell talking to everyone at the top. They are slow to adopt the fix because they all making so much profit in the CRIMINALLY PROTECTED CASINO CAPITALISM initiated in the 1980’s as we moved to fully digital market space.

So the facts are economic rebalancing which is a matter of when not if and you can rely on that:

  1. A default on the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE occurs with contagion.
  2. In 90 minutes the market Super Crashes.
  3. The super Crashes goes on to 6400 Dow with some bumps along the path as it becomes every money pool for itself.
  4. There are no buyers there is no liquidity. 90 Minutes liquidity and circulation in the digital system are gone and no tools exist for nations to restore liquidity.
  5. Trade stops. Buying stops. Individuals lose jobs and unemployment is simply massive in a wave that goes on for half a decade. The NEW MUCH WORSE GLOBAL DEPRESSION.
  6. Nations including the USA can’t borrow as they used to for the first time ever as there are NO BUYERS FOR ANY BONDS ANYWHERE. Liquidty freezes.
  7. Nations default on debt in every nation for itself and world war rebalances economic accounts – an insane outcome when options exist to close these imbalances by re-setting the G 100 Regulator Box Top Rules.

Has any leader proposed a process that has the following outline:

  1. A G 100 World ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION to be reconvened due to SUPER CHANGE every 25 years as self correction modeling fail safe’s?
  2. A location like the BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII where economists can work with least politics driving economics as economics drive politics.
  3. A new Global Trading Box Top rule set emerges as an economic constitutions all nations adopt to be in the new collaboration of regulations. Fair, Fully reporting, Fully accountable, Real Time and with zero secrets in the revised system. Full prosperity for all within the largest RE=THINK form the depression ear that relied largely on the pony express for mail delivery and the telegraph for information. The phone and radio where just coming in around 1907.
  4. New Box Top rules that make market side betting which is not hedging – criminal as it was for 60 years. The Casino dies and real investment in economic expansion begins. The 440 trillion goes back to work economically versus inside a legal casino.
  5. Treaties are adopted and nations reset their Sovereign Debts with SUPER BOND THEORY also explained as you scroll in this blog series. The only economic fix in the world is here. Kevin Freeman wrote game plan as my partner in trying to fix America – noting – no leader or agencies will adopt the solution proposed because it is not their mandate it is not their job and frankly who wishes to fly in the face of SUPER MONEY ? I do  because I have growing SUPER MONEY on our team wanting the fix for the unborn generations of the world – never to be born if we repeat past history with super crash – system failure – SO much faster and more global in digital casino capitalism versus paper casino capitalism in 1929 – and world war. The only fix to rebalance economics after system failure.

It is painful to watch present paid off thinkers follow the philosophy of immediate profit into utter system collapse.

Sixty minutes did a a great item on this which I own and may play here for you. It sums it up – but is it every scary.

The good news is that as long as the casino is working for greed you can grow your ventures, profit, and do very well indeed. If you want to build a safe harbor a sea wall around your lifestyle so you will not get blown to shreds when in near term SUPER CRASH HITS – as we are at the end of the end now – I’d attend CEO SPACE Oct 3r or Dec 11th. Check it out

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But if a decision to attend CEO SPACE NO MATTER WHAT is not you – not now – not yet – then read Kevin Freeman’s book GAME PLAN and REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION by ME. The two books are not community re-enforcing – nor the largest download of skill sets in business in your adult like time ( say post graduates of all Ivy League universities you know of – also on line in video testimonials – 2000 hours of them ) – will help you. A lot. Do one or the other is my TIMING suggestion.

So this weekend you see how fake the news is and what conflict of interest is going on. They are selling you not telling you. The old double lines to keep news free of influence into editorial policy are all gone folks. One text away.

FRAUD NEWS is replacing FAKE NEWS.

It is truly criminal fraud news…but today the laws protect the criminal because today in the new casino capitalism dominating all markets since 2007 – a ten year ramp of a new economic the world has never seen before – the first ever SUPER LEVERAGE – SUPER DIGITALLY CONTROLLED GLOBAL SYSTEMIC MARKETS FULLY OUTSIDE REGULATORY OVERSIGHT – criminal planning pays billions and there is no downside by the pay the fine and buy your get of EVERYTHING Free Card.

Plus you know all that and we the people who have integrity can’t truly believe how fast the moral decay ( economic first ) is spirally up into ever new abuse of the core system for greed and profit.

The fact: G 100 Regulations are local and the casino is in the cloud outside regulations. Without he largest G 100 RE-THINK Of Global Digital Systemic Markets resulting a  fresh self correcting to AI – SET OF BOX TOP RULES FOR ALL NATIONS – Casino Capitalism always the final version of speculation greedy madness – will destroy the system we have today and the clock is fast ticking.

The system failure rolls back environment – rolls back all good – because no one can afford it.

For the first five years it all a dance we call the Blame Game – such that the law makers world wide who caused and profited from the casino and their protected elite money never not ever pay for their crimes. With fraud news the will be easier than ever.

As WORLD WAR spirals up – populations are distracted into survival as economic accounts are rebalanced – and no one has learned how to reform the core system into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM ( outlined in the book Redemption ) as the one and the only total system fix on the planet earth today.

My mentors world wide ( the top elites ) all say – Berny your going to be awarded a NOBEL PRIZE but it will be 300 years after your dead – as you are so advanced and ahead of today’s thinking.

Am I?

I think tens of thousands of my readers are right on board with my thinking and if you get it believe me the leadership to do it all – can get it. Waking up from
“thats the way we have always done” is the brain moment that sets us free.

Teachable spirits who understand the new brain capital in every C SUITE is no longer a degree from Whorton and Harvard and Standford – as important as that education is. No. Today the leaders of tomorrow are the educated who:

…can learn……more rapidly…..can unlearn almost instantly….and can re-learn and adapt …in the Age of Super Change …remaining fully current.

Currency is the new whole brain software. The rest is buggy awful outdated  brain software making decisions. 

The worst place to be – is to think – that you are fully current when your are in fact fully obsolete. In your brain software and thinking inside SUPER CHANGE.

So the truth.

That report here is yours to think about so my readers are informed and have better brain software.

We download the best brain software for your future actions across all undertakings that relate to economics in your own life.

Berny Dohrmann – Investment Banker Economist Founder CEO SPACE




The EU nations face 100 trillion of “bad debt” . Italy and Spain make Greece look like a child’s wading pool. None are sustainable. None are resolvable. All must bow out of the EU and move to their own currency and reform their nation debts through defaults. Or SUPER BONDS if they retain me which is what the IMF needs to do soon as time is running out.

Merkel head of the most prosperous GNP in the EU, failing downward for five years and now with cost for immigration of over five million – an enormous city of new culture never to become German, with its costs against sagging GNP – Merkel policy – she may lose her next election despite how it appears today.


That means Trump said – hey you and France the only profitable GNP nations in the EU pay off the 100 trillion dollars of mismanaged legal theft debts, rising like. roller coaster on the way up in 2017 to only fall on the big ride down – without punishing our USA TAX PAYERS.

The UK said in the BRIT EXIT we are OUT of paying that EU 100 trillion dollar debt hemmorage Brussels never lets us do anything but pay more and pay more and pay more. We are DONE. That is BRITT EXIT.

Britain buys 5 times what the English sell into the EU. If the EU with ego and politics punish leaving the EU to their largest trading partner – then the EU the BRITISH who invented diplomacy ( are YOU Kidding ME as an economist ) will move that billions of buying power to the USA and friends and the EU will have more debt unwinding pressure sooner. The Italy vote in 2018 is going to be over whelming to leave the EU. It is economic for Italy. Spain will follow. France and Germany can not support and pay the BAD DEBTS from decades and rising like a Saturn rocket to the moon in 2017 – for these 20 plus member nations holding 100 trillion dollars US in BAD BAD DEBT.

Greece has no deal in June for JULY and its creditors to the billion dollar marks may be in default. No one knows. Greece needs never ending NEW LOANS to maintain the interest on bad debt deadlines for old loans. Everyone knows this is all bad debt but the bond holders want their musical chairs. No one wants to write off these bad loans because they hold them as good performing assets on their balance sheets. If WE DID THAT they would put us into jail for FRAUD. The system is gaming the market. IT IS FRAUD.

The BAD DEBT in ASIA and the EU must work is way into revision. As it does we have a controlled global depression. The defaults and adjustments to banks and financial institutions who hold these debts ripples. Why? Because in 2017 the casino capital market is unregulated as laws don’t accommodated digital deals. SO in a decade the leverage has reached a point where financial fraud when it is adjusted so the bad loans are not asset any more – they are making financial institutions in nations ripple across the globe from profits ( which are frauds ) to reality which is LOSS and for 1000 financial firms and 100’s of banks too big to fail – BANKRUPTCY.

This is what is keeping the FED the IMF and the WORLD BANK and all central banks UP late into the night folks.

I know it.

You in your GUT know it.

And this is THE TRUTH.

Simple Bill Clinton ARITHMETIC.

Time can only bandaids and with economic fraud keep the confidence going so long.

Now America will come out ahead with one caveat. Say the melt down that will come the SUPER CRASH when it hits – creates world war as in 100% of all human history such economic melt downs always no exception have.

Say North Korea hacks down America.

Or they bomb America.

Now consider this fact set:

  1. In 1954 when I war four years old the United States of America tested the world’s most powerful weapon the HYDROGEN BOMB to record its reach.
  2. The bikini island chain ceased to exist five seconds later.
  3. That ONE bomb released more destructive power than the Japan atomic bomb in both cities as well as more destructive power than all ordinance released in all wars in HUMAN HISTORY in less than ONE MINUTE.
  4. They were afraid to test further or release a larger bomb ( both Russia and the USA have 150 times the size of that 1954 weapon. by the THOUSAND aimed at say North Korea today which they well know.
  5. The USA has weapons, EMP weapons, neutron weapons star war weapons nano weapons and bombs the like of which the world has not even a clue. Far ahead of any nation on earth ever.

So if North Korea did anything to threaten the USA really, in 30 minutes there would be no North Korea left for 20,000 years. They know THAT. When you begin to think  about what is real, you see the world differently.

The world is safer than you think because the USA is actually the one and the only SUPER POWER and  Putin knows this. His weapons if used end both nations in less than one hour for sure. No one will do this to THEMSELVES or their people and that reality is non negotiable by the military protection all the people of the planet from global insanity. Politicians in the end run into military who know these facts as ABSOLUTE’s. They know these facts in IRAN and everyone knows these facts.

Now then – World War is likely to be different – and multiple geo skirmishes to divert attention from the politics of financial destruction as nations rebuild.

North Korea is rushing to make a GLOBAL DEAL For TRILLIONS of investment to prosperity like FAT BOY can not in his wildest dreams realize for himself his power and his people. No one wants to do anything but make a deal. The military in North Korea want to rush regional protection so they can secure their borders after the deal and freeze – so until the Deal in 2018 is made they will push the rope is all. Politics will fan the flames. But really – REALLY – what I”m telling you will prove out.

Isis is being destroyed utterly. Bin Laden’s son will be dead soon. Their club will make a political deal because it makes sense to do so. Sanity will trump insanity.

If the GULF was a real threat the USA would take over the gulf. That could take months or an hour depending on weapon choices. Who wants THAT. Not the USA. Which is WHY we are selling SAUDI weapons to secure regional stability. Make money not war.

The outcome is MAKE MONEY NOT WAR.

But in the end the SYSTEM has to reset the bad debt.

The EU can not survive its economic structure and today we are in what bad debt brings economic history – never changes it is all in my BOOK – all of this REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION press, financial institution leadership, national leaders, heads of state, law makers and YOU read – its on Amazon and I would rush it to your door if you want to lead with THE SECRET KNOWLEDGE world leaders like Trump have today.

ORDER REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION its a huge book and an EASY READ folks – not cheap because of its size research and content as the Bible for what is coming.

If this resonates with you as THE TRUTH spread this blog around ro your circle of affection love and community so they have the TRUTH and give the BOOK to best clients customers and this Holiday for a GIFT.

The 5000 year economics look like this:

  1. The failed economic system models with old book top rules that no longer work and never worked create elite’s consolidating wealth between melt downs and wars where elite small super wealth controls MORE WEALTH owning 99% of all world wealth where 1% is owned by the rest of US.
  2. This economic is unstable. IT creates always melt down to the world order as we had in 2008. This always creates distrust and negotiation for the following period the time we are in now as trust and global cooperation were broken by this consolidation a result and consequence of failure to create a BETTER COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM from the failed models we have in all nations today including Kings.
  3. This follows a period of deflation spiral and escalating debt and TRADE WARS leading to SUPER TRADE WAR. Every nation is in it for themselves as Merkel said – this weekend. TRADE WAR is what she is living in which is economic and trumps politics though they try to use politics to give more time out which makes the final day of debt reconciliation and SUPER CRASH so much worse than if we repaired it all once and for all in 2008. But predictably politics trumps economics.
  4. This leads to SUPER CRASH world economic contagion due to debt defaulting which digitally is not slow it happens globally so fast in two weeks or less versus months or years in prior periods of history. Our first DIGITAL SUPER CRASH with all the politicians say and moaning HOW OH HOW could this all have taken place and who is responsible BLAME DANCING. When it is THEY who ARE responsible entirely.
  5. This leads as they can’t take the blame to WORLD WARS which do reset the capital of nations at the and with such insanity in between.

That is our human history economically. Its silly when there ARE solutions is it not?

So think about the cause versus the consequence. Think about the foundational issues versus the politics. Read this type of material on line more than the SIT COM of news trying to sell advertisers by DISTRACTING you for the agenda of the owners which is only PROFIT not truth. Everyone wants to delay Super Crash.

Frankly the leaders and law makers are financially illiterate save for a few like TRUMP. He has all this and more. More on that later.

But as we move step by step to this repeat of history it is a shame. For billions of US the majority of which have never read a blog to educate themselves on the details the economics and to stay ahead of it all.

My last blog told you HOW TO PROTECT YOUR MONEY and SAVINGS. I suggest you print it.

It is Memorial Day Holiday in the USA and we write this item for the men and woman protecting the entire world. You have from the father of a United States Marine Sniper Team Leader two full combat tours in Iraq, four surgeries and a Purple Heart later retired Ltd. Ryan Dohrmann – who is not a good Marine having saved so many of our boys he is a GREAT MARINE. I’m proud of you son and all your community in every branch of the military for all nations world wide – in the USA we salute you with our hearts.

Berny Dohrmann – FATHER AND ECONOMIST SHARING TRUTH TODAY for my readers world wide – share my blog.

PS: Last week I ask a high ranking former Executive of the US FED attending CEO SPACE if my blog on the Fed was accurate. He had tears when he said it is the most accurate he has ever read. I asked a Silver Star winner with the US Military is this blog was accurate. He had tears too. Share what is important with your circle. Its important. Read my blog as a translation of the NEWS which is a SIT COM of special interest to make a profit today.