Today China is taking OPEC weakness we wrote about this last week repeatedly as OPEC falls apart to task. As today trade war is the pre cursor to SUPER CRASH of the Post World War II system – and it could take place faster than everyone thinks – heated up. China the second largest although phony economy and currency – spending 300% more than it makes drowning in debt and soon to absolutely SUPER CRASH – an IMF and World Bank risk to the world order – set forth again and again in 2017 and reported here well – moves to take advantage of OPEC falling apart with a wild card – and set itself with Russia on their endless economic WORLD WAR III which began with a software attack on western markets ( by them ) in 2008. They made over 1 trillion on almost bringing the world order down which is their economic goal in what is known as asymmetrical warfare. All the data on this world war III is presented by DOD contractor consultant and CEO SPACE Faculty and my dear dear personal  friend KEVIN FREEMAN the AUTHORITY ON WORLD WAR III AS ECONOMIC ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE BY THE AXIS OF EVIL AGAINST THE WEST – about to open his own television show – in his global best seller THE SECRET WEAPON. Required reading for my readers by KEVIN FREEMAN on AMAZON and get the sequel GAME PLAN then leave a comment to all readers about your reading those two books as you climb into KNOWING what every agency silo leader with three letters – CIA NSA FBI MOSSAD UK MI6 – who has read these books and the President already know and now you will know.

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So today CHINA noted they will FORCE Saudi – who now can lose all China OIL buying as a bigger buyer than the USA on demand for oil – to pay them in Yuan versus dollars. AT SAUDI’S MOST DESPERATE ECONOMIC HOUR. China is lobbying Saudi RUSSIA and CHINA will SAVE OPEC and move OIL above 60.00 where nothing else can or will if they just betray AMERICA.   What does this mean ? Well it means:

  1. One trillion dollars a year would flow to China not the USA DOLLAR.
  2. Demand for dollar based everything would crash.
  3. Demand for china yuan and everything would soar.
  4. The world reserve currency of the dollar since World WAR II is what China seeks to engineer TO YUAN to save themselves OPEC and RUSSIA as their GAME PLAN – TODAY – so they are the  NEW  world reserve currency where all trade must settle in Yuan. Making their economy # 1 ahead of the USA and financing their massive military expansion for communist global rule.
  5. If this took place America would crash into a third world country and have prosperity options dwindle. The USA can not allow this to unfold of course.

How would Trump and America the key ally of Saudi react to all this?

Make no mistake the Saudi trip to Russia set this in motion with PUTIN.


The Politics driving economics is how much the greed of Saudi would be protected if they leave the DOLLAR and USA umbrella and move to China. At least that is how CHINA plays its own play book to SAUDI and all of OPEC.


The problem is though in this OUT RAGE IN TRADE WAR – that – China is economically dependent on America. If America reacts and depreciates trade with China our wave of adjustment would be a crushing Super Crash for China that could not recover in our lifetime.

So how real is all this engineering. China wants to force SAUDI ( out today ) and all of OPEC to follow to abandon the US dollar and oil is paid for in their phony Ponzi yuan communist currency. That will make oil cheaper for China.

Saudi having made so many policy errors is not stupid to such risk taking.

If they abandon the US dollar the trade war escalates immediately.

The end is a COLLAPSE OF THE CHINESE CURRENCY and Saudi goes bankrupt. Truly utterly bankrupt. Short term gain for terminal pain. As Saudi are 100 year planners I don’t see them taking the short term table bet. Why would they. For starters:

1 The IMF warns this week CHINA is heading to a SUPER CRASH that may destroy the world order downing in an unsustainable pile of debt defaults that will soon DEBT BUBBLE Super Crash. Their currency will be worthless. IS worthless.

2. THE US dollar is the strongest by far world trade asset that assures SAUDI of safe harbor over time to work out of their failed market share policy.

3. If Saudi moves out of the US dollar as oil settlement trading – the USA will take that as an economic act of war. Predicting what America will DO is always historic. Others under-estimate America. China is communist and a failed economy. China is on DEBT life support with phony numbers – using 300% debt rising to 500% debt to pay their bills.

4. America would REACT and FAST to Saudi and OPEC and CHINA. Under-estimating the most powerful nation and economy on earth is a risk so high one wonders will Saudi trust BEJING and RUSSIA and join the AXIS of EVIL in the economic WORLD WAR? If they did so American would move to assure destruction of the Chinese threat to the economic world order and system.

5. As China has no ammo left – and Saudi is panic and desperate as we wrote about this week with OPEC falling apart this political issue is also a negotiating position to get AMERICA to cut back shale production to remain in the dollar club. A blatant financial war game with America.

This is what causes world wars.

The money.

Today is BIG NEWS following the PUTIN trip where all this was for sure discussed. Now CHINA has the green light from PUTIN/SAUDI to proceed and the end game is either – protect cartel pricing at 60 or higher oil or threaten the dollar based system.

The problem with this warfare economic firing is that China and Putin near bankruptcy in their nations – failing as communist in all prosperity and growth really – are ending options. They have to fire what they can fire.

The problem IS this missile is a DUD. It has no pay load as their currency is worthless and oil is worth a lot.

Trading in the most asset backed currency on earth versus the phony pony currency of the communist manipulators ( economics here not politics ) is a choice for OPEC AND CHINESE AND WE THINK RUSSIAN BANKRUPTCY.

If they move on this plan it is WORLD WAR III escalating before your very eyes.

The effect on markets and the world will:

  1. Depend on American economic warfare responses.
  2. The Trump DEAL with Saudi to prevent it.

So China and Russia rolled their desperate economic WORLD WAR III dice on the playing table – and the dice are rolling. How they land craps up of 7/11 and the final bet to pay off are all market unknowns.

The world at the top of nations and finance will divide here along alliances with RUSSIA and CHINA and with AMERICA. The divide will occur within:

  1. Common sense as the China misses is a DUD with worthless yuan.
  2. Everyone knows THAT.
  3. Enermies of the USA.
  4. Fence sitters who could go either way.
  5. Real friends and allies uniting together to protect the world system versus a future unknown.

The RISK game is on HIGH NOW.

We’ll wait and report what the markets and what AMERICA does much of which will be private and not in the news. The State Department and White House are in war room mode on this.

Trump of course gets IT like no other President could or would.

YOU and AMERICA ALLIES can bet on Trump assuring AMERICA FIRST and this will not go down without serious battles to follow.

That iS WHAT IS going on OUT THERE TODAY in case your reading the sick com news instead of the real news today.


PS: If you asked me to BET – I would BET SAUDI’s relationship with TRUMP and AMERICA is super glued at so many levels beyond any offer Putin or China can make. Also Saudi is not a culture that reacts to THREAT well. Finally Saudi knows phony worthless currency for oil versus dollar for oil is simply silly and a end game loser over any time frame for them and their people. That is not the solution or way forward. But OPEC is falling apart now and desperate so never assume others will ACT IN THEIR OWN BEST INTEREST. I would bet on the DOLLAR and AMERICA short or long term as an absolute bet.




Opec in a loose meeting to get consensus for an oil cut back, surveyed members at a recent meeting. The formal OPEC meeting is not until November. It became clear that APPEARANCE was as important as REALITY = for oil threatened to plunge to 30.00 dollars. To avoid such a fall yet another new low, the OPEC players issued a loose agreement that – we will cut back about one million barrels a day in production. Our of 33 being produced and 57 being produced including NON OPEC members.

Now they have not agreed on which nations will cut back what to reach that million. Or if they will ever do it. They have till November to see who agrees to limit their own income and loose customers perhaps forever by saying no.

No one believes OPEC will secure an agreement.

OPEC is so desperate to jack the price of oil up artificially – versus supply and demand – that – they indicates IRAN can pump whatever it wants and would be least effected if effected at all. IRAN wants to raise its three million barrels a day to over 4 million and they are doing just that – and nothing is stopping them starved for years from the market place by sanctions – the OPEC announcement that they had an agreement – is an …SKOKIE DOOH type of moment. AHHH I DON’T THINK SO.

So the price of speculator bought oil shoots up a few bucks – but only that. As the market digest who this was APPEARANCE without any substance, the price is going to fall back down.

More oil than the cut back is coming on line from LYBIA. Other nations from Nigeria to Venuezla are advancing their returns to barrels to the market – collectively way beyond the cut suggested – so it has no value to the lake of over supply.

Oil is plentiful.

Oil is replenishing.

Oil is renewing itself in old wells.

The Earth Farts oil and gas. It is make more all the time.

Oil is not scare.

Oil is not expensive.

Only with ARTIFICIAL MONOPOLY CONTROLS can a hidden tax on all people be created by the FEW against the MANY.

The day of artificial and manipulated tex on energy is over.

The production has in weight and % shifted from the small club of producers who once controlled product sufficiently for a short period of years to rewrite the laws of SUPPLY AND DEMAND – so that the market is returning now to SUPPLY AND DEMAND outside monopoly control.

This adjustment period will be painful for OPEC but the time for IT to control in any way the market space – has passed. My readers will come to see the ripe tide of this market issue will become more and more clear and this blog will become prophetic to those who invest in this sector.


Berny Dohrmann – working to Help Opec Nations transition




If Mohammed where alive, I’m convinced from studying his work for years, that HE WOULD KILL EVERY MEMBER OF ISIS in short order. The mark of the HOLY SPIRIT is pure and true to the word of the book. ISIS is not a religious movement. As Vice President Kerry said today ISIS is a brain washed mis led group cult and gang, following psychopathic monsters worse than HILTER in so many contextual ways. ISIS is a religion of SATAN and is under SATANIC FAVOR for you will know them by their words. Do not be fooled. Do not fall for SATAN using divine work and then distorting that work as SATAN always does so that actually you no longer have the HOLY SPIRIT you have pure evil.

ISIS made the largest mistake of their life. For dividing the world and inspiring a Muslim Christian great war – is now an item where very Muslim who is of God and of the HOLY SPIRIT see’s ISIS as an arm of SATANIC FAVOR and all Muslims of the book now wish to delete ISIS and its insanity from the energy field we call earth.

Those who follow Satan are following the GREAT LIE the GREAT LIAR who is insane – and the result is destruction – suffering and unimaginable betrayal – insanity – which is what ISIS is. AN INSANE ASYLUM. Those following ISIS are insane. The sane will now delete them into the insane asylum God has prepared for them we call HELL. There is only one future for ISIS hell on earth and hell on the other side. HELL is the place you hold insane souls for eternity. PRAY For those who can be saved to flea and leave ISIS as they wake up from the spell of SATAN and satanic influence. That defines ISIS. A state of satanic insanity.

How do you bring every faith together in today’s world? Only ISIS could do it because SATAN is insane and fails to see THE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES. Ultimately Satan is stupid.

Ah. It is not attacking woman and children and slaying by intention the innocent, which those of God only sometimes do by accident, ISIS does by willful intention. No it is not THAT.

The mistake is they slaughtered wonderful French families going to a music concert or to a meal.

No it is not THAT.

They have crossed the one line they can never crawl back from. They committed suicide ! For they intentionally attacked WORLD SOCCER. Two billion of us relate to going to a soccer game and watching these games. THEY ATTACKED that which you may not violate. They attacked the innocent going to a SOCCER GAME FOLKS to a SOCCER GAME ! That is not war that is evil. That is not of God. That is of Satan. Soccer is played in heaven and Satan is not allowed in the stadium. Not today. Not for eternity. His insanity pass prevents it. THOU SHALL NOT PASS.

Now the world IS  fully united. THEY ATTACKED WORLD SOCCER.

Folks even the Muslims are now united – in all sects  – for only SATAN would attack SOCCER. There is no Holy Spirit involved. The HOLY WAR has begun and ISIS committed Suicide last week in France. For every injury and death they will simply be entirely deleted.


It is the only recourse for the children of a divine GOD.

The Holy spirit and its children are sane.

ISIS and the children of Satan are insane.

You shall know them by their works.


Berny Dohrmann

Chairman CEO SPACE – deleting ISIS